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How Carrendar Started

How did it start? Where did it start? Pretty simple really. A bloody big spider…her name, was Lorelei.
On the 30th of November, 2009, the Carrendar Chronicles was born. A place that would be a teaching platform, for T-1, the metarules, and above all, how to roleplay, and have fun.
With Captain277, DarksiedtheLegend, LastRonin, and DrakonMacar, it would grow from small beginnings of about 300 members, to over 1000 now. Spawning Carrendar Dynasty in August of 2010, Lacardis Prime in November 2011, and the community group, Roleplayer’s Bio Central.

To this day…the Legacy continues.

Admin Note.  All works, writings are taken from the Carrendar Dynasty/Chronicles site on IMVU

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“From Russia with Love”

The Gun-Metal Blues. 

Part two


T1Legend: - He had given her instructions on the phone. Find the guy sitting at the bar, he had said. And just how was she to know which guy that was? If his good looks didn’t give it away, he’d be sitting alone with his jacket folded over the chair. There would be a pack of Japo-style cigarettes on the counter. She was supposed to bring a lighter and lay it beside him. She had followed his instructions to the letter, all except for one thing.

“You’re late,” he said, more observational than irate.

Sam reached for the zippo and flipped it open with the snap of his wrist. He held it to his mouth and lit another cigarette. He had dark, messy hair that was long enough to get in his eyes. Sam looked over at her and slides the pack of cigarettes in her direction—zippo on top.
“And wet.” She wasn’t how he had imagined her when they had spoken over the phone. In his mind, he saw with black hair—short, clipped black hair—and brown eyes, with a round face and a hawkish nose. The woman sitting next to him was classically beautiful. She wasn’t how he had imagined, but the voice matched the face.

Sam lifted his arm to wipe away his face with his sleeve, wearing the expression of a man who has just been splattered by a shaggy dog. Funny, it was always sexy when women did that in the vids. In real life, it was only awkward.

“So, tell me the details of this job that couldn’t be said on the phone.” Sam’s voice is low and cool, smooth in the way that aged bourbon is. He looked over to the bartender to order another glass of scotch—something about the way the bartender kept glancing to the door made Sam uneasy. Joe was normally pretty attentive to his customers, the guy worked for tips after all.

Usually it was, “another round, Sam? Can I get you anything else, Sam? Looking tired tonight, Sam. Got yourself a steady girl yet, Sam? Did’ja call ya’ mother, Sam?”

But not tonight.

Joe was sweating, too. A lot. And it wasn’t that hot—as a matter of fact, the temperature was on the chilly side of cool. But Joe’s shirt was damp beneath his arm pits and the gel from his slicked-back hairdo was starting to run down his brow. But the bartender didn’t notice. As a matter of fact, he made a show of /not/ noticing. Sam knew Joe was polishing a glass that had been polished at least three times already—Joe had his entire fist in the thing, spinning the glass round and round fast enough that it squeaked. When the bartender excused himself to the kitchen without pouring a glass of vodka for the girl, Sam knew something was bad was going to happen.

And, because trouble usually had a way of finding him (or he it), Sam was under the distinct impression that something bad was about to happen to /him/ in particular. He reached for his gun and turned his head to look at the door when a firm hand placed itself on his shoulder. From the corner of his eye, he had caught a flash of what had disturbed Joe. The men playing cards weren’t really playing at all; they had suddenly developed an unusual interest in him.

The hand on Sam’s shoulder tightened. But it was the sharp, metal point pressed into his neck that arrested attention. “Put the gun on the table, Sam. Nice and slow like, nobody gets hurt.”

“Sure, sure—mind telling me what this is about?” Sam’s fingers moved delicately across his holster, unfastening his weapon. When it was undone, he began to pull the gun out by the barrel.

“The money you owe our boss. Or have you forgotten about that? Because we sure didn’t.” The knife dug deeper, pricking the skin.

“Oh, /that/ money. I was just about to go see, Vincent, too. The money is in my pock—”

“Don’t even try it, schmuck.” Sam now held his gun in one hand, with the barrel pointed down and the stock facing the man behind him.

“Sure, not trying anything. Here, I’ll just switch the safety on and—”

There is the thunderous boom of gunfire—the safety was not a toggle switch at all. Rather, it was the trigger to a hidden barrel concealed in the butt of the .45; the butt of which was presently facing the knife-wielding man behind Sam. The lightning crack of gunfire is deafening in the enclosed quarters, and it is followed by the much less impressive thump of a full-metal jacket slamming into human flesh at point-blank range. Sam is already falling out of his chair—there is the clang of metal as a knife hits the ground and the groaning OOOF! Of surprise as Sam’s assailant experiences what it is like to have his chest cavity collapse. There is a second clang—this one the sound of Sam’s gun being dropped beside the knife.

“Shit.” No sooner had he uttered the words, the chair he had previously been sitting in disintegrated into wood-pulp and splinters.


CharlotteCarrendar: : Sam was attractive, even in his tousled state, the loosened tie and lipstick stained collar. God knows how long he had been sitting there; however it was safe to say he was annoyed at her tardiness. The clatter of the zippo lighter on the polished wooden bar top alerted him to her presence. The signal given that she was his contact. Still drenched from her trip to the bar, she unceremoniously showered Sam’s side when she gave her head a light flick.

“You’re late,” Course she was late. Natasha had to dispose of two of Nagarda’s agents. With a light shrug of her shoulders, Natasha offered; ”I had zome..unexpected company.” The Russian gestured with her right hand, which had a large scratch mark across her knuckles. Only think was, the graze was not red in colour, but a metallic black. Like her skin had been burnt and metallic residue dribbled across it.

“And wet.” Yeah, he was pissed. But Natasha countered simply with. ”Don’t zay dat too loud. Other menz ‘ere getz ideas, no?” The blonde Russian seemed to have a sense of humor, which was surprising considering she looked like the kinda gal that didn’t pull punches. With contact made, it was time to give out the details for the job.

“So, tell me the details of this job that couldn’t be said on the phone.” 
Natasha licked her top lip as she inhaled a breath, before speaking to Sam, but not actually looking at him.

”There is a man, very well known in the science community. Doctor Wielham Steincroft. He is being held in an underground laboratory. Dhey are…..uhm..making him do…the unthinkable.”
Natasha was about to pull a photograph out from beneath her wet jacket, when she noticed that the barmen didn’t appear to be in a hurry to serve her a shot of vodka. In fact, he was still cleaning out the same glass, and looking past the pair as they sat at the bar. Natasha shot a look over her shoulder and quirked her brow. Something was not right about this. Grey steel eyes then went back to the barmen, as he suddenly walked from behind the bar, and into the kitchen.

”My drinkz? ‘ello?” Natasha’s voice rose slightly, before she did something rather bold, and reached for a bottle of vodka that was just within her reach from behind the bar. There was a stack of napkins to her left, and a bowl of nuts. Typical items you find on any bar top really. Another fumble with her hand over the bar top, and she picked at a shot glass, when there was a gruff voice that came from behind her contact.

. “Put the gun on the table, Sam. Nice and slow like, nobody gets hurt.”

~Great~ The Russian thought to herself. She has hired a man who already is marked as she is. Sam and his assailant start to have a conversation, as the Russian starts to grumble in her own native language, reaching for a napkin and twirling it around in her hand, kinda like twisting it. Maybe she was going to use it to wipe her brow. But…she wasn’t. Keeping one eye on Sam, she takes a swig straight from the bottle, then rests it between her and the counter. A slight of hand, and she stuffs the napkin into the bottle, just enough so the tip of the napkin meets with the clear alcohol. Behind them, is a group of men, that are now getting edgy in their seats, as Sam plays Mr Innocent.

“The money you owe our boss. Or have you forgotten about that? Because we sure didn’t.”

~We? One..two..three.~ Natasha counts the men in her mind, as she reaches for her zippo lighter and plays with the top, flicking it. The tension in the room building.

“Oh, /that/ money. I was just about to go see, Vincent, too. The money is in my pock—”

Natasha lit the flame on the zippo lighter, as a wry grin formed on her pale pink lips.

“Sure, not trying anything. Here, I’ll just switch the safety on and—”

That was when it happened, the thunderous sound of gunfire, and Natasha lit the napkin on the vodka bottle, spinning around as Sam’s chair exploded in a shower of splintered wood. With marksmanship like aim, she hurled the Molotov cocktail at the table of three men, which erupted in a fire ball as it smashed onto the table, lighting up not only their drinks, but the splattered flaming alcohol set them on fire. There was no time to lose, as there may have been more in the bar that were part of the assailant’s gang. Natasha reached for Sam’s hand and screamed at him.


Trying to get him off the floor and out the nearest exit, as the fire sprinklers came on, hosing everyone and everything in the bar. Natasha was not going to be getting dry anytime soon.



The Gun-Metal Blues.

(RP) The Gun-Metal Blues.
February 12, 2014 03:05AM
The Gun-Metal Blues


CharlotteCarrendar: Slivers of steel, glass and light. Littering the skyline with balls of fire emitting from gas pipes that shoot up ever skyward, in a display that is constant throughout the early eve. Flashing neon signs reflect against the dark panes of glass that are streaked by the constant smatter of rain. The moon does not shine, for its rays are blocked by sickening gray clouds that hang over the city; blanketing it as though it was a death shroud. Darting sphere shaped vehicles spirit in a procession past the glittering towers; all following the same set paths, pre-programmed by the manufacturing giant Halesco.

Watching from the tower, that has the orchid symbol upon its tallest peak is the head of the world’s largest conglomerate. In his hand, a glass of whiskey which he holds with just three fingers. The wafting cloud of cigar smoke, curls and dances about his head, while in the back ground, the haunting refrain of Pavarotti’s Nessun dorma is playing through the board room’s speakers. It brings him no solace this night, as two rows of faceless men in grey suits sit and wait for the CEO to have his moment. ~I did all this….so that humanity may go on.~ He thinks to himself, as a light tremor hits his right hand. He dare not let them see, and brings the glass around to be in line with his stomach, as he continues to watch the rain. In the dimly lit conference room, it is hard for one to see tears in the rain. It is good, that he has his back to them.

A few of the faceless men cough, as the song comes to its climactic end, and he knows he must turn to face them. A deal with the devil, and done with such good intent. He releases a light laugh, though almost strangled as it departs his lips. Head bowed, the moment had come. Slowly he pivots, and takes his place at the head of the table, sitting down with two large enforcers standing in behind him. The orchid illuminates the wall under which he sits. Face rising, the sea of suits stare with eyes black…have they no souls?

Setting down his glass, and resting his cigar in the crystal ashtray, he clears his throat, and then speaks; loud enough for all to hear.

“The latest reports are in. Testing on batch 549 – CDK have concluded that the new strain is effective. Doctor Seincroft’s findings after working in our labs has made history. The new era…is about to begin.” At this he holds up what looks to be a microchip, one that is usually put in animals or people. “We commence dispersion at first light.”

Around the table, the faceless men all applauded. It was what they wanted to hear. Of course it was, for they were the ones that commissioned it. The CEO leaned back in his leather high back chair, and simply smiled, but little could they see, the tear that had fallen.

Intro : The Stranger.


T1Legend: - How the hell did a guy like me end up getting involved in an outfit like this, you ask? I guess that’s a fair question. It sure as hell wasn’t a case of bleeding-heart idealism, I can tell you that. Truth be told, I’m not exactly what you’d call the hero type. I spent my entire life avoiding noble causes. No, my code was pretty simple—look out for numero uno. So how did a guy like me get involved? The answer to that is pretty simple, too.

It all started with a girl. Stories like mine always do.

Long legs and tight black pants, golden hair and gun-metal eyes. She wore a leather jacket, and you could tell by looking at her that she was the sort of girl that drank whiskey. A real firecracker that girl—you know the type. I knew she was trouble from the moment I laid eyes on her. And if there’s one thing I never could say no to, well, it’s blue-eyed trouble with an hour glass waist.

And let’s just be clear on one thing. I’m no hero—I ain’t no nice guy.
The bar was crowded but Sam found a place at the counter by his lonesome all the same. There is a crumpled package of Bazun cigarettes next to his glass of whiskey. The cardboard is wet from the rain and the fishing rod emblem has begun to peel. A crooked cancer-stick juts out of the corner of his mouth, lit and glowering angrily in a room that is dimly lit by smoke-clouded neon.

Outside, the dull roar of traffic noise is loud enough to challenge the collective sound of simultaneous conversation—the clink of glass, crude laughs, the whisper that the cocktail waitress’ skirt makes, and the crack of a billiards game. There’s a card game in the center of the room—a man in a baseball cap leans against a jukebox that won’t play and men in suits converse amongst themselves in the corner.

Sam’s cheeks are rough with the prickle of five o’clock shadow; he is hunched over his whiskey and ashtray with his jacket draped the back of his chair. There isn’t a band, but there is a piano in the corner—its notes are light and lilting, like the blue haze that wafts throughout the room. Sam’s tie is undone and his white-button up has lipstick stain on the collar. There is a leather holster beneath his right shoulder, but his .45 doesn’t draw concern in a place like this.

CharlotteCarrendar: - Running. Always running. The statuesque blonde runs out between the bustling city crowds, her arms pumping and pushing people aside as she darts up a back alley. Two foot patrol men; hot on her heel. An over shoulder glance as she rounds the bend. Few venture to this end of town unless desperate to score, or down on their luck. You’d think she would be out of breath by now, but not this girl. She had outrun them before and would do it again. Leaping over piled garbage, and then comes to a dead end. Running up to the steel gates that are pad locked, with two guard dogs on the other side, barking ferociously as the blonde pivots around and faces her enemy. Both have orchid symbols on their lapels. The one on the right sneers, his face barely visible from the dull light of a street lamp. He withdraws a baton and snaps it open, warily starting to approach her, as he utters; “Now we can do this the hard way…or the easy way. Boss doesn’t like to lose his property.” The man on the left reaches for his walkie talkie and then presses the button to communicate with base. “This is Rogue Seven. Yeah, we got her, just bringing her in.” So sure they were that she would simply just give herself up. Steel silver blue hues lock on the guard coming forward, his right hand holding the baton, which he is using as a defensive tactic, as he tries to beckon her with his left. “Come on, just get on your knees, hands behind your back.”

Pink lips slightly parted as she releases a breath, she simply goes. “Fock youz,” The armed guard lunges with his right arm swinging out so as to strike her mid section, but as he does so she goes for a left hand grab of his wrist, spinning so he is caught behind her and she flips him up and over her body so he lands down at her feet awkwardly in front of her. Right hand comes out and rips back the man’s scalp as she takes out a pocket knife, engaging the blade and then slicing it across his throat, blood spilling out on the sidewalk, as he starts to drown in his own blood. Releasing the first guard, she spins back to the second, and grins. Gesturing with her blooded hand she says. “I do youz to, Comrade.” Seeing his partner murdered right before his eyes, he drops the walkie talkie and goes to pull out his service revolver. As he fumbles, the blonde charges at him, lunging as he tries to raises his right arm to fire, but is only knocked off his feet, his gun falling from his grip and discharging. Winded on his back, the blonde leaps onto his chest, and then with a forceful heel stomp, drives her boot heel into his throat, as he flails on the ground, screaming. Damage done, she then jumps off, and makes a run for it, back out of the alley.

Flicking her knife back, though covered in blood, she pockets it. She’s late. The blonde hadn’t expected company, but that was the risk she took. Finally making it to the club, she goes down the dimly lit stairs, and into the underground bar. Stale smoke, urine and booze meets her as she pushes open the frosted glass door. Wiping a streak of blood off her face, she makes her way to the bar, straddling the bar stool as though about to ride off into the sunset. The blonde taps the bar and the bartender wanders over. “Vodka…” She says simply, before glancing sideways at the disheveled stranger. She notices the packet of cigarettes and pulls out a collector zippo lighter, dropping it on the bar. She is still dripping, from running in the rain, and she flicks her hair, which causes a spray of water droplets to fall on our hapless gent beside her.



(RP) The Wedding of Izu Carrendar & Tessa Vescara
February 10, 2014 04:44AM
The Wedding of Izu Carrendar & Tessa Vescara


IzuCarrendar: – Having spent much of the day in his boxers pacing his apartment, then getting his best man from the airport, it was safe to say that Izu was a nervous wreck. Four of his sons were at the family home, taking their time as always. Billy refused to go get ready as he was playing Skyrim on the play station, and Ty along with Orson were battling over who used the shower first. Nigel was still on the phone to his girlfriend, who sadly couldn’t make the wedding, due to being in hospital with a severe case of food poisoning after Tessa’s Tupperware party. Brock was off picking up his new lady friend, Pandora from her apartment, and promised to be at the wedding right on time. Now, Izu was dressed in a specially designed tux and was fixing his tie, as a horn sounded outside. It was three limos to pick up the men to take to the wedding. “Shit..what time is it, Dad?” Billy said, still playing his game, and Orson gripped him by the scruff of the neck and dragged him to get dressed super fast. Izu grabbed a brown paper bag and started blowing into it. “I can’t do this.” He wailed, the bag inflating and deflating rapidly, as Ty came past and popped it. “You’ll be fine, Dad. Come on, let’s get going.” Nigel switched off his cell, and yelled out. “Let’s do this..BOOYAH!” The five Carrendar men and the best man all went down to get in the cars. <3>

LadyBelz: When Brock had passed out the invite to his father’s wedding, Pandora had been stunned at first. Her? At a wedding? In a fancy getup? It just did not seem possible and she had been a hair’s breath away from telling him no until she caught the look in his eyes. It looked as if he were pleading with her to go. She was a sucker for the puppy dog look. With a sigh, knowing she’d probably end up regretting it later, she agreed. When she got home later that morning, she realized that she didn’t have a thing to wear. Everything in her closet was black leather, black lace, tight, revealing and very inappropriate for a wedding. She smacked herself in the head, downed another cup of coffee and headed back out to browse the stores. She was surprised to find what she needed in the first place she looked and had to refrain from decking the clerk when she hinted at the price in a snotty voice…as if Pandora couldn’t afford a stitch on the dress. She had slammed down cold hard cash on the counter with a glare at the shop girl, demanding to speak with a manager. The girl had paled drastically and rang up the dress without another word. A stop at the shoe store and then the hair dresser, a nap and a hot shower later, she considered herself ready. She was pacing back and forth across her apartment, waiting for Brock to arrive, wondering if it was too late to strip naked and hide away for the rest of the day.

IzuCarrendar: In a procession of cars, that looked something like a band about to appear at the Palladium, the Carrendar men are now pulling up in the car park, where many other cars and trucks were parked, along with the caterers and the band. The first limo to stop was of course Orson and Ty, who both jumped out, looking fantastic in Armani suits, with white carnations in their button holes. “We look like gangstas!” Ty said, striking a pose like Pacino, while Orson slapped him in the back of the head. “Cut the shit, Ty.” Billy and Nigel got out of the second car, with Billy playing his iphone and his head down, his glasses slipping down the bridge of his nose. “Billy, put that shit away. Want Dad raging on us before we go in?” Billy coughed and tucked it in his pocket, as his Father got out of the third limo. He looked anxious and did a head count of his boys. “Where’s Brock?” Izu asked, looking high and low. Orson had to remind him. “Picking up his girl…er..Pandora?” Izu finally remembered. “Oh right right.” :: Outside Pandora’s apartment, Brock was about to knock on the door. He had a corsarge in a clear box and flicked back his hair as he then got the courage and knocked. “Hope she’s ready.” He thought to himself. <3>

Monolisa: Monolisa walked up to the address she had gotten from the Empress. What she was doing in a place called the poisoned tongue. She threw the note away as she swung the doors open and walked past the tables of people eating, not giving any indication of notice towards them. Seated over at a table by herself was Tessa. Tapping her fingers as if she was waiting for a meal to be placed at her fingertips. She didn’t have time for this, the wedding was already about to begin. “Holy shit, what are you doing? You’re not supposed to be at this stupid bar waiting for a stupid meal, do you know what day it is woman?” It was obvious she was still waiting for dinner. Monolisa looked down at Tessa’s body, ripe with life and quickly looked over to the one of the customers who was about to dig in to his meal. Wrinkling her nose, Monolisa walked over to the table and grabbed the man’s food. “Excuse me, a pregnant woman is in need of this meal, your money shall be returned to you… When, I have no idea. Good day.” She wrapped up the plate and helped Tessa off the chair who was still slightly refusing to quicken her pace. If the Empress was a lot skinnier it would have been easier to remove her from the Poisoned Tongue, without barging into people or knocking over chairs to get out of the front doors. The limo was still parked on the side street, its back door opened wide so Tessa and Monolisa could easily fit into it. “Eat.” She shoved the food from the plate into the Empress’s mouth as the driver plowed down to highway towards their destination. Somewhere in the process Monolisa had managed to put a tablecloth around her dress, because the napkin was just too small now. <e>

LadyBelz: The knock startled her into a squeak (a sound she would deny making to her dying day) and she took a deep breath to calm herself. She made toward the door before running back to her bedroom mirror to check her hair and makeup. “What the hell was I thinking? Going to a wedding for people I don’t know? He gave you that hanged dog look, that’s what happened.” she muttered to herself, fixing a stray curl. She spritzed on a bit of perfume before she turned and went back to the door. Hang on the knob, she took a couple of deep breaths before she unlocked the door and pulled it open. Brock stood on the threshhold looking very sexy in a black Armani tuxedo. She was tongue-tied for a moment. He cleaned up very nicely. “Hi. I see you found my place okay.” she smiled.

IzuCarrendar; “ GPS didn’t send me to the wrong side of town.” Brock said. And then he remembered the corsage. “Oh…I got this for you.” He said, holding it out for Pandora. Behind him was a hired Porche in black no less. “Your chariot awaits, M’lday.” With a wink, he offered his arm to her, to walk her to the car. “I got the good job, getting to pick you up, and not having to watch my Father have a panic attack.” Brock then walked Pandora to the car, and held the door open for her. <3>

T1Legend: On March 3, 1969, The United States Association of Deacons and Ministers established an elite school for the top 1 percent of best men. Its purpose was to teach the lost art of throwing stag parties, upholding the Bro-Code, and getting a mate over the pre-marital jitters—–to insure that the handful of men who graduated were the /best/ Best Men in the world. They succeeded. Today, the Association of Deacons and Ministers calls it Best Man Training School. The Best Men call it: TOP GUN. George “Jetson” Cobretti revved up the engine, listening to her howling roar. Black Magic—-his aircraft—-was metal under tension, begging him to touch and go. He was heading into twilight and Black Magic spread her wings out into the night; George was jumping off the deck, shoved into overdrive. He had a wedding to go to.

IMrsNote: Evidently she was to play the role of flower girl, with little to no warning, but it hardly mattered to her as Joany ran around in her dress in playful manner. Once she had been helped with her hair and outfit, the small basket thrust into her hands, the small female followed out to the main isle, held back to wait for some sign that she was to go ahead. Wide eyes gazing down the hall to the row of people and seats, listening to the hushed conversation that all muddled into simply noise, she wiggled her nose in contemplation as well as the smell of the flower petals within the small basket in her hands, fidgeting with the gauzy ribbon wrapped around the handle. Joany could not sit still for even the briefest of moments as she messed with her hair, rubbed her free hand over her face and under her nose with a loudish sniff, shifting shiny shoes against the runner and gazing up the isle once more and swinging side to side in dancy dancy manner as energy filled little girl got psyched up to be a temporary center of attention amongst a largeish group of adults. “I’m hungry.” She whispered up to the female beside her, tugging her her skirt lightly only to get promptly shushed. She frumped in a deep set frown, scratching the tip of her nose with her index finger, waiting to be spurned forward to get this done. Idly she played with the petals, gazing at them in contemplating, before eating one. Wrinkling her nose, she instantly decided not to do this again.

IzuCarrendar; – Orson happened to notice the his Dad’s best man wasn’t in the parking lot. He tapped his father on the shoulder, as he was about to ascend the stairs. “Hey Dad, where’s Jeston? Thought you got him from the airport.” Izu glanced around then in his car. “I thought I did. Crap, where is he?” Izu ran around to the other cars, looking for his best man. “JETSON?!” He bellowed. “He has the rings!” Now Izu was starting to get nervous again. <3>

LadyBelz: She didn’t know how he did it, but the flower in the corsage matched the color of her dress perfectly. She took it from him, wondering how to put it on when she saw the pin underneath it. She pinned it to the thin strap of her dress before grabbing up the key to her apartment. She turned away for a brief moment to slip the key into her pantyhose, fixing her dress before she turned back to him. He offered an arm with a wink and she grinned, slipping her arm through. “Well…if he loves the person he’s marrying, and she loves him…shouldn’t be an issue.” she shrugged as he opened the door of the car for her. Gathering the material of the dress (and inadvertently exposing a good amount of leg to Brock’s eyes) so she wouldn’t step on it, she slid into the car, settling in the seat before she pulled on her seatbelt.

Morinehtar: “Pull over you lout! This is it!” shouted a harried looking female. The sudden jerking of a clean black vehicle to the curb outside the establishment announced the arrival of the organ player. “Be here at the hour specified to return me to my hotel. Do. Not. Be late!” With those words, the woman stepped out of the vehicle and stood looking ever inch as if she was not nearly running late and the driver had not become lost in transit. Hand on hip, she ascended the stairs and looked around, giving off a rather regal sort of air. Her short cut black hair contrasted well with her skin. Coupled with the lavender kimono she wore, one would easily figure her to be of Asian descent despite her blue eyes. Kotone took her time examining the area to note the layout for the wedding, including her area of contribution: the organ. Having gathered her bearings, she strode to the instrument and took her seat, watching those around her and awaiting the signal to start- that being the beginning of the wedding procession.
T1Legend: George was in a hurry, so he took the highway—-The Highway to the Danger Zone. The F-35 tore across the sky, leaving behind twin streamers of exhaust that spiraled through the air in a cyclone of jet-fuel-vapor. Jetson was coming in hot—he had no intentions of bugging out—-and he was coming in fast. It appeared as though from nowhere, its underbelly nearly scraping the church steeple. The sound of his flyby could best be described as an ear-bursting cacaphony—–a thunderous cannonade of turbine revolutions. It was a sound to rattle the bowels. The ground shook and vibration permeated the air—-car alamrs went off in rapid succession.

IzuCarrendar: Putting on the seat belt, then sliding a roxy music CD into the stereo in the car dash, Brock started the engine, that literally purred a growl, before he threw it into first, and sped off towards the church. Every so often casting a glance at Pandora’s show of leg. He had to admit, she looked like a knock out and he puffed his chest proudly knowing his brothers were all going to be jealous. With Slave to love playing on the speakers, he cruised along at 60 miles per hour till making it to the gates of the wedding arena. It was already packed with cars and other limos, and Brock managed to find a space before getting out and walking around to help Pandora out of the car. “Here we are, Pan. Might I say you look stunning. Bet you will give the bride a run for her money.” <3>

IzuCarrendar: : Putting on the seat belt, then sliding a roxy music CD into the stereo in the car dash, Brock started the engine, that literally purred a growl, before he threw it into first, and sped off towards the church. Every so often casting a glance at Pandora’s show of leg. He had to admit, she looked like a knock out and he puffed his chest proudly knowing his brothers were all going to be jealous. With Slave to love playing on the speakers, he cruised along at 60 miles per hour till making it to the gates of the wedding arena. It was already packed with cars and other limos, and Brock managed to find a space before getting out and walking around to help Pandora out of the car. “Here we are, Pan. Might I say you look stunning. Bet you will give the bride a run for her money.” <3>
BooScott: -Boo sat in her old room pinning her hair into perfection in the vanity table that sat beside her old bed. In the background soft classical music could be heard as the redhead tied to let it take her, complete her, and hopefully take her nerves with it. Just this morning she had gotten the call from Rhonda all but screaming at her about a wedding and some other things that made no sense to her, between vomiting and the screaming in the background Rhonda had managed to get her voice and thoughts straight enough to let Boo know she would be taking her place at a wedding ceremony. “But Rhonda,” Boo had spoken, “You know I haven’t done this in years, are you sure there is no one else?” The young woman had said not trying to sound whinny but at this point she saw no other way out. “No ONE!” the other had screamed and like that the line went dead letting the woman know there was no way out and she had no choice. So now that is where she found herself, standing Boo disrobed and stepped into her dress pulling it up above her body. She struggled trying to lace herself up with one hand as the other held the dress up, frustrated a growl left her lips but finally she was successful in dressing herself in that blasted thing. Walking across the hall to the room that was at the present bathed in darkness, she bend her head over the bassinet placing a soft kiss over the children that lay there, both infants stared at her with clear purple eyes. “Please be good for mommy, I will be back as soon as I can.” The boy infant let out a laugh and cooed while the girl infant smiled up at her, “Yeah I know, keep him out of trouble I’m counting on you.” The girl infant smiled and cooed melting the woman’s heart, beside the bassinet lay a bed and within a figure whose blonde hair peeked out from underneath the covers. Boo smiled as she approached the bed, within it a woman stirred and Boo’s smiled widened she bend to kiss the other’s soft lips. “I will return soon beautiful, I love you Ro.” She didn’t know if her wife heard her or not, but she hoped she had. An elegant slick black car was already waiting on her ready to take her to wherever it was this ceremony was to be held, slipping in the back seat Boo looked at the driver as she closed the door “Let’s go Rojhe, or else we will never make it and I will never live it down.” They got there in record time but she didn’t expect anything less coming from the driver. As Boo got out of the car she adjusted her skirts and began to walk, back straight head held high. She nodded to some here and there as she walked to the front looking down at her notes ever so often as she waited for everyone to settle and things to get into order her liquid gold eyes looked over everyone there nodding one final time to herself as her inner monologue for today’s events continued. -

IzuCarrendar: – The Best man had always been something of a showman in his day, and well, today was the perfect occasion to give Izu a reminder of just why Jetson got his nickname. The dull roar that grew to such a loud crescendo, had guests and the men of Carrendar all look skyward. “Look…up in the sky….it’s a bird…It’s a plane….” “SHIT IT IS A PLANE!” The boys all cheered and then were nearly knocked off their feet when the plane almost hit the top of the church spire. “God dammit…man.” Izu said, flicking back his hair, as he ran to where his best man landed the plane. Needless to say, dog owners and a few neighbours were going to be pissed off with all the noise. <3>

LadyBelz: Pandora had a panicked look on her face as she looked down at her burgandy-colored dress. “Is this too much? Should I have worn something else? Shit! I knew I should have just stuck to black! What the hell was I thinking?” She covered her hand with her eyes, shaking her head. “God, I’m so embarassed.” she groaned.
IzuCarrendar: Brock looked at Pandora as she fretted about being too overdressed. He placed his arm around her as they walked and said. “Dad’s marrying an Empress…I think. So, she is probably going to be wearing Macy’s front display window. I think you’ll be fine.” <3>

IMrsNote: Tugging on the skirt of the woman beside her who was there to signal her when to walk, she whispered, “Hey…hey…hey…hey…hey…” this went on for several long, looong moments until the woman turned and in hushed hiss, snarled, “What?!” Going wide eyed, Joany stood there for a moment, as if stunned, eyes wide behind small white rimmed glasses, before whispering back, “What are we doing?” One could not contemplate a more miserable adult, most certainly, as the female’s face fell flat in aggrivation. Going over it, yet again, with Joany, who nodded on and off again, once the woman was done explaining once more, she asked, “Why?” “Just do it.” Pouting, the small child licked her fingers then reached up and rubbed her saliva covered hand against the womans elbow and kept doing this until she was swatted at, which only made this worse. If she could have reached, she would have put a different part in the femme’s hair, as she continuously licked fingers and touched the female, waiting for her cue to move on and pointlessly drop flower petals down an isle where a lady in a pretty dress would slowly march down it to have a conversation with a man in front of a large group of people. And people called her silly. She’d just wait and snack on her flower petals in the meantime.

Morinehtar: Some minutes passed before Kotone sighed. She was not, of course, late, and though the area was filling up quickly, it would still be some amount of time before the bride and groom parties were due to arrive. It was hardly fair to deprive those present of her talents during the wait; the wedding planner had not hired the finest (as she believed herself to be) musician in all of New York for nothing. Seating herself delicately on the bench, Kotone lovingly ran her fingers of over the keys and checked the petals assuring herself all was to rights. She played a set of scales to check the organ was in tune. Satisfied, she began playing a light and joyful sort of piece to place everyone in the mindset for the wondrous occurrence at hand. Upon hearing the cacophonous noise of the best man’s vehicle, she would grit her teeth and will her music to drown out the unfortunate sound. Her fingers and feet would continue to tap out various tunes until the appointed persons began walking down the aisle, at which point she would commence playing the fairly standard Cannon in D. ((For your musical enjoyment:

T1Legend: Black and sleek and gleaming, the F-35 came to a (rough) stop in the grass. The cockpit opened and the pilot unclasped his oxygen mask to climb out. He was tall and lean, with his dark hair flecked by bits of silver. ” Did somebody order a best man? ” George unzipped his flightsuit, revealing the tuxedo beneath.

MidnightDarkPhoenix: The night was semi-young and so full of life; the evening stars gave way to a magnificent sight in the sky. A smile crossed Tessa’s face as she slowly thought about the prior months she’d had with her fiancé, and then the moment was ruined by the clanging in the nearby kitchen. Someone in the back must have been really busy and dropped something on their way to deliver her food. Loud clangs were heard from throughout The Poisoned Tongue and different conversations began to arise, one person asking another as to what had happened in the back and a lively couple angrily moving about to the entrance whilst still chewing half their food. “It’s just a little while longer.” Tessa thought to herself as the baby disturbed her peaceful thoughts with kicks against her stomach. She winced and let a small groan escape her lips. “You just love making mommy nervous don’t you?” And just then as Tessa began to relax herself once more, out of her peripheral vision she caught sight of her Advisor. It’d been quite a while since she’d seen her faithful guide and smiled as the woman made her way towards the table; Tessa’s nails continuously rapping against the table as if waiting impatiently for her food. >c<
MidnightDarkPhoenix: “Holy shit, what are you doing? Monolisa had exclaimed with a somewhat surprised look to her face. Tessa raised a brow at the woman before then trying to speak and failing from interruption. “You’re not supposed to be at this stupid bar waiting for a stupid meal, do you know what day it is woman?” Monolisa, stern with hand on hip eyed her and popped her lips before then raising her own brow at the Empress. “Well, I’d like to say it’s dinner time, but it looks like that wouldn’t be the right answer, seeing as how you know?, I’m in a frickin’ wedding dress.” Tessa smiled before then looking on as her advisor moved about tables and took a tray from a man whilst ignoring the words Tessa had just spoken. “Are you serious, Mona, you can’t just take that man’s food; irregardless if I’m feeding for two or not.” As Tessa was yanked from her seat with ease and grace she looked back at the man and dropped some money on the table. >c<

IzuCarrendar: Izu was pretty much blown away by his best mate and best man’s entrance. Izu’s finely combed back hair, now looked something more akin to Ozzy Ozbourne after a drunken party. “You!.* he pointed squarely at George, as a large straggle lock of hair fell before his eyes…”You can be my wing man any time. And about now would be good. Come on, before Tessa’s mother clocks me or something worse.” The boys all came around and were saying hello and admiring George’s plane, instead of getting into the church. Izu tried to hurry them up, while Billy had put on his head set to drown out his father, listening to Fat man slim. (Funk Soul brother….)


IMrsNote: Gazing around in bordom, she stood there idly picking her nose, wide eyes staring unblinkingly from behind her glasses. “I’m tired. I’m hungry. It smells funny here. When can I go play?” The female answered her consistantly with aggrivation in attempts of calm facade which was hardly masked by her severe annoyance, “Do penguins dream? Where’s mommy? Why are we doing this? I don’t like this music. You’re dumb. Can I go play now? Are there any other kids here? This is boring. I want my mommy.” Her nannie was nearly on the verge of tears at this point, frustrated, and not even reacting as Joany pulled her finger from her nose, studied it, then wiped it on her nannie’s dress beside her. “Who’s that lady? And that one? And that one? Who’s he? And him? This dress is itchy.” Setting down the basket, she went about scratching against the cloth, grunting and whining in aggrivation. “My shoes hurt. Your face smells. Can I go play yet?”

T1Legend: ” Bullshit! You can be mine. ” George seemed to be impervious to helmet-hair—-or maybe helmet-hair looked good on him. Izu’s hair was less….accomodating. Jetson pulled a comb out of his back pocket—he had brought it in case of emergency—and gave his best friend a quick once over with the comb. ” Like a million bucks. Let’s go get you hitched. “

Morinehtar: Kotone was lost in the music. The devilish rumble (from George’s plane) had subsided, and now, the air was filled with nothing but lovely music. She was so into her task that her eyes were nearly shut and her shoulders moved about as if the woman thought she were flying. That is, until the irksome voice of a three foot tiny terror took hold in her ear and marred her focus. She did not cease playing, but she turned to look at the child who stood some feet away with a woman who’s face said she was near to tears with frustration. Commenting on the girl’s behavior, Kotone exclaimed, “What a horrible child!” to no one in particular. Said child probably heard it.

IzuCarrendar: – And so the Carrendar men, Ty, Orson, Nigel, a head bobbing Billy, and their Father along with George, all started for the stairs, and made their way up into the church, which was elaborately decorated. Orson’s mouth fell open and said. “Shit, I think Interflora exploded in here.” At the sight of all the flowers. The young men all went to line up at the front of the church as groomsmen, while Izu with his freshly combed do, nervously went to stand at the front of the church, looking about at those he knew, those he didn’t. He spied Brock and his date, and nodded politely, before pulling hard on his collar, and coughing. He then took a very solid stance and was ready for his bride. <3>

IMrsNote: Rolling around on her back in the isle, she scratched at the itchy taffetta dress, grumbling and grunting. Her nannie finally snapped out of her escapey day dreams, turned and saw what Joany was doing, and instantly went red with humiliation. “Get up!” She whispered, motioning erratically with her hands, “Hold on…it’s…I’ve almost…” she rasped out, itching wildly at her own dress covered butt. The nannie reached down and took her hand, pulling her up by it, only to have Joany go dead weight. “I said get up or so help me I will tell your father.” Gasping, she stared up to her challenged. Dirty pull, lady. Gazing over towards the female who called her horrible, she responded with waving her hand over her head in greeting, and calling out loudly, “HI!” her voice echoing in the large area with the volume of an explosing in a mausoleum, as several shushed her. She ‘oopsed’ then giggled hushedly, putting her finger up to her lips and went back to reaching up, grabbing her nannie’s hand and swinging from it, humming softly to herself.

IzuCarrendar: “I’m surprised Dad didn’t bring a hip flask of whiskey. Gee, can you see the beads of sweat?” Brock whispered to Pandora, as he faked a grin to his father.

LadyBelz: Pandora looked at Brock’s father, and sure enough, the man looked like he could use a stiffy. “Should have brought a bottle for a wedding gift.” she nodded. “Or a towel. Think it’s too late to get either?” she chuckled.

Monolisa: As Monolisa and the Empress reached their destination, she noticed that Tessa had eaten most of her dinner. Everything but the healthy food. The Brussels Sprouts were no longer edible and the plate ended up being throw in the trash. She found herself tending to Tessa’s hair before the screeching of wheels met the asphalt that made the bitumen road. The door opened almost instantaneously as Monolisa’s ears was greeted with the loud sound of a plane coming in to land. Geez, what could go wrong? The Empress said. There was a million things that could happen. She didn’t even seem to have a care in the world. “Right, well since you seem to be primp and prepared for a night dressed like the Queen of England, shall we go in?” Luckily there was no rain clouds in the night sky, and her make-up would stay plastered on perfectly for several more hours. Monolisa felt like she was wearing a mask, she never dressed up so much in her life, not even for weddings. However being the Maid of Honor to an Empress was indeed exactly that, a great Honor. Tessa’s gown had to be lifted slightly, so the soft and silky texture wouldn’t rip against her flawless glass slippers as she exited the limousine. The wedding bells signaled that it was about to begin, everyone else had already arrived, and all that there was left to do was walk up the grand stairs, and get this night over with. The moon was almost at it’s peak and Mona’s wedding gift to the Empress was indeed going to need to be given to her soon enough. “Now, remember not to trip over on your dress, big smiles and for heaven’s sake, try not to drop the ring before putting it on your lover’s finger, this dress was not designed for flexibility.” Mona picked a tiny bit of lettuce off Tessa’s shoulder before her eyes assessed the ‘Queen of England.’ Nodding to herself she turned around, walking into the church. <e>

Re: (RP) The Wedding of Izu Carrendar & Tessa Vescara
February 10, 2014 04:45AM
The Wedding of Izu Carrendar & Tessa Vescara

(Part two)

MidnightDarkPhoenix: Sebastian having been one of the main people the Empress contacted for the occasion took the liberty of counting every single seat, and every single flower and petal upon them. The words of the Empress ringing in his ears as he slowly moved his way into entrance and up the grand elegant staircase. “Sebastian… I honestly don’t see why you can’t just do all of this for me?” And as requested per her orders, it was done. In precise detail of her liking, given she gave no specifications. And not long after taking a head count of everyone his feet moved about the long aisle, inching through rows of random people who he’d never met, his body skimming forward and swiftly making its way towards the altar where he stood idly by waiting for the Empress and her advisor.
MidnightDarkPhoenix: Meanwhile Tessa and Mona were nearing their destination and they both grew impatient as the night dragged on. Before too long they’d arrived. “Goodness, we got here fast.” Mona winked at the Empress playfully before then assuming a position of royal stature and grace. “Right, well since you seem to be primp and prepared for a night dressed like the Queen of England, shall we go in?” Mona looked on at her and then began to grow even more impatient with the pregnant woman before finally hearing her words. “Yes, yes, please. I am ready.” Tessa smiled and slowly took Mona’s hand and began to exit the vehicle before then gazing up at the stars again and moving with rapid speed towards the elegant staircase before them. Mona smirked and waved it off before picking up Tessa’s gown, the silky soft texture gracing her fingers as they both moved up the stairs and towards the entrance. “Sebastian really did outdo himself, didn’t he?” She’d asked Mona as they finally made it just outside the doors. “Yes, yes, wonderful. Now, remember not to trip over on your dress, big smiles and for heaven’s sake, try not to drop the ring before putting it on your lover’s finger, this dress was not designed for flexibility.” Tessa giggled and slowly felt the tears swell in her eyes before then turning to the doors and looking behind her, then forward to her Advisor once more. “Thank you… for everything, and for always being here for me. I honestly don’t deserve as good of a friend as you.” >e<

Morinehtar: At last! The bride had arrived. Kotone had ignored the flower girl’s wave as she had the rest of her antics. The groom and party, one of which looked rather more slick than was appropriate for the night to her mind, had soon after trekked in. All the while, Kotone had played, ever so often glancing back over her shoulder to see if the bride had made her appearance. Now that the woman had, Kotone quickly but beautifully ended the piece she had been keying and transitioned into Cannon in D so that the bride could walk up the isle to her awaiting groom.

IzuCarrendar:- The Boys all stood in a straight line, as the organist heralded her arrival. Each standing to attention, and Billy quickly put away his headphones, after a foul look from his father. Grinning, he stuffed them in his pocket, and pushed his glasses up his nose. Izu glanced down the aisle at his beloved Tessa and you could see the tears welling in his eyes. Tessa looked stunning, and every bit the blushing bride. <3>

IMrsNote: She ooohed as the pretty lady arrived, being placed in the center at the very end of the isle as her nannie went to the side, watching her like a hawk. She darted two fingers towards her own eyes, then pointed them at the little girl, who stared up to her in confusion for a moment before looking back down to the isle. Once the music rose, and qued her to continue on, the little girl clammed up slightly, face going red as she realized she was being looked at. “Go on.” Her nannie whispered to her, smiling now. Looking back towards the isle unsure, she began walking at slowish speed up the isle, dropping handfulls of petals here and there as her wide eyed expression darted from face to face, looking around in unsurity. Every now and then she’d smile and wave at any patron that might smile to her first, but otherwise her antics were at a standstill as she dropped the petals appropriately on the runner, making her way up the aisle. Once up there, her nannie picked her up, “I’m so proud of you.” Kissed her cheek and brought her to sit her in her lap to the side.

Monolisa: Indeed Sebastian has outdone himself, Mona noticed as she walked the Empress down the aisle, towards where Izu was now standing along with his best man. The words that Tessa spoke were almost muzzled, mixed in with a hint of rasp in her voice but were quickly quieted by the beautiful melodies of Canon in D echoing throughout the room. “You have no need to thank me, this is YOUR day, or well…” Mona smiled and closed her eyes. “Night.” The moon was in succession and Mona’s gift would be given momentarily. The runner was as elegant and beautiful as everything else. Each step was concentrated, slow and focused and in tune with every key of the organ. The groom now too had tears in his eyes, clear at this point he was as happy as the Empress. The stepped across fresh petals that had been just placed on the runner, a beautiful canopy of fragrance and color lit up the air, and apparently the Empress’ cheeks as well. HA! So there was something that Tessa was not always confident in, it seemed only now she was embarrassed? Bashful? Who knew the correct word that endeared the woman’s facial expression, but with perfect clarity anyone could tell she was happily ready to be married one last time. Mona’s lips parted slightly as she reached the end of the runner and handed her over to the groom. Silently mouthing words into the air, waiting for the magical essence to consume her. It was indeed the right time to cast the incantation of her gift. Soon enough her family would get to see her again. <e>

T1Legend: Cobretti took his place as best man, the rings secure in his posession. He stood there quietly, eyes surveying the bridesmaids—–trying to get a lock, you understand. The pilot couldn’t make up his mind, and who could ever just choose one? His facial muscles contorted into a lopsided grin—-not that long ago, Izu would have been right there beside him as his wingman. But Izu was getting married; those days were over. That was okay—he could fly solo just fine. And besides, he was happy for his friend.

IzuCarrendar: Brock squeezed Pandora’s hand tightly, and then looked on as his future step mother came up the aisle. She really did look very beautiful, and he could see why his Father was so smitten. He tried to keep quiet, and then remembered he had a packet of menthos in his pocket. Slight of hand, he took it out and then popped the top end and offered it to Pandora. “Sweety?”

LadyBelz: Pandora didn’t dare move as Brock squeezed her hand. She hadn’t even been aware of the fact he was still holding it as she watched the bride walk up the aisle. She was eying the very expensive dress the woman was wearing. She leaned toward Brock. “Bet the price of that dress could feed a third world country for at least 50 years.” she chuckled. Her head snapped around when he said “Sweety” and she very nearly grabbed his ear in warning. Until she saw that he was holding out a packet of mints. She smirked at him and took a mint, popping it into her mouth and suckling at the cool. minty taste. She winked at him, but for a moment, her heart had stopped when she had assumed he was calling her by that sappy nickname.

BooScott: – Twisting her own wedding ring Boo let the soft breeze play with her hair, the night was beautiful, not chilly but not overly warm just perfect for such an event. Standing in her spot Boo watched a series of events unfold and wondered how these people had not gotten their own sitcom yet. At one point the redhead began to hum a none-existent song to herself, she smiled to anyone who glanced her way her head bending in acknowledgement to them. Before long she heard the procession begin, it was time, as if snapped by a rubber band everyone stood in their places completely perfect as if just a few minutes ago this place hadn’t been a completely chaotic zoo. The music took a sweeter tempo that played beautifully to the ears, a little girl began to walk down the aisle looked every bit an angel. Just then the cords in the music changed, and a figure began to move towards them. The air around them changed became thick with emotion as everyone tried to hold it together, she wanted to mention they were failing miserably , but it wasn’t her place so Boo let her small smile become a full grin as the bride came forth. And just like that she was there, the love that shone in her eyes as well as the grooms could be felt in the very air itself, licking her lips Boo cleared her throat getting everyone’s attention. Eyes momentarily on her, well some at least, her arms extended as her voice was loud enough to travel to everyone there, but soft enough for them to be captured by the moment. “Welcome everyone! We are all here today to celebrate the relationship of Tessa Dawn Vescara and Izu Carrendar and to be witnesses and supporters as they proclaim their love to one another. Together we are a group of the most important people in their lives and they’ve brought us here to publically recognize that we’ve all played some special part in the love they share.”

IMrsNote: She swung her small feet back and forth, softly bouncing the spongey heels off of her nannie’s shins, and fidgeting as well as scratching due to the dress, but otherwise she was a bit more well behaved for the time being since everyone was so quiet. Turning sideways in nannie’s lap, she hugged up against her, resting her head on her shoulder. The female rocked back and forth lightly, patting her back, watching the couple whom warranted all eyes. “Lupe, can I go play now?” She whispered very softly, which warranted a gentle shush from the nannie, silencing her for the time being. Playing with the buckles of her shoes in thought she looked back up to the bride and groom, before asking her nannie, “Why are they looking at each other that way?” Lupe gently placed a finger over Joany’s lips to silence her, looking around apologetically. Glancing over Lupe’s shoulder, she spotted the female and male with the mints, and perked up, thinking they had candy, though did not say anything just yet. Charismatic to a slight degree, Joany whispered softly to Pandora, ignoring the shushes, “You’re pretty.” Smiling happily to her in cheeky grin.

MidnightDarkPhoenix: Sebastian having been one of the main people the Empress contacted for the occasion took the liberty of counting every single seat, and every single flower and petal upon them. The words of the Empress ringing in his ears as he slowly moved his way into entrance and up the grand elegant staircase. “Sebastian… I honestly don’t see why you can’t just do all of this for me?” And as requested per her orders, it was done. In precise detail of her liking, given she gave no specifications. And not long after taking a head count of everyone his feet moved about the long aisle, inching through rows of random people who he’d never met, his body skimming forward and swiftly making its way towards the altar where he stood idly by waiting for the Empress and her advisor.

MidnightDarkPhoenix: Having finally made it to the sight of the wedding Sebastian took his handkerchief from his side pocket and ran it to the side of him, allowing it to catch the breeze of random air that whooshed by. No sooner after doing so he removed his glasses and began to contact the fabric to the glass and slowly began to rub it in every which way he could, so much as to clean it before then placing his handkerchief in his pocket once more and doing the same with his glasses in their rightful place. “And as usual, she is late. Or rather in her eyes; early.” He sighed and shook his head before then moving to the side and standing behind everyone at the front of the entrance in a single blink of an eye. He was fast paced in his movements and made sure no one had seen him move just then, but sooner or later someone was bound to notice something. But then again, it’s not like this was a normal wedding after all. >c<

MidnightDarkPhoenix: “You have no need to thank me, this is YOUR day, or well…” Mona looked about the night sky and corrected herself then. “Night.” It was indeed a special night for her, and while the moon slowly rose overhead she couldn’t help but think how her beloved daughter and brother were doing on The Other Side. Instantly her thoughts shifted into focus as she then felt her train fall against the floor and the two of them both walked slowly down the aisle. The melody played on the organ flowed through the night air and instantly she could feel the tears slowly want to fall down her face. But instead of doing so, they remained where they were and she then looked on at her fiancé and smiled brightly. He was a handsome sight indeed, and this night among many others was one of the best nights she’d had in ages. The freshly thrown petals merged with the aisles rug and Tessa looked about them before moving her head, as if to hide from sight, the blush she’d had slowly rising from embarrassment. But as she did so, she caught the eye of her fiancé, so certain and happy did he look that she knew she had to as well. And she blinked and swallowed what last bit of courage she had and extended her hand to her fiancé before looking towards the crowd and nodding in thanks to her Advisor; kiss upon her cheek as she then stood behind as her Maid of honor. The sound of the priestess booming through the air of the night as she began to speak. “Welcome everyone! We are all here today to celebrate the relationship of Tessa Dawn Vescara and Izu Carrendar and to be witnesses and supporters as they proclaim their love to one another. Together we are a group of the most important people in their lives and they’ve brought us here to publically recognize that we’ve all played some special part in the love they share.” It was at this time Tessa squeezed Izu’s hand and then turned to look at the woman who much so resembled her mother. >e<

Morinehtar: She watched those as they moved up the aisle with a pleased grin on her face. Things were going perfectly, and her music was having the desired effect she was sure! Kotone kept the tempo smooth, finishing the song as Tessa took her place in front of Izu. Pleased with her performance, the woman then ceased playing and observed the vows from her seat.

IzuCarrendar: Izu was simply captivated by Tessa’s beauty. To him there was no one else in the room, only his blushing bride, who looked radiant in her gown. Izu was not normally one for suits and formality, and his boys..well they were happier to be in flight gear, but on this special occasion, all rose to the challenge of the day, and were ready to celebrate the union of Tessa and Izu. Izu ran his fingers over Tessa’s before swallowing hard, as he mentally tried to keep his cool, and not get all teary. Nothing worse than seeing a man cry on his wedding day. When the priestess announced to all that they were ready to begin, he quickly shot a look at his best man George, and hoped to God he had the rings. This day would have been made all the more special if his siblings Charlotte, Taru and Sora were able to attend, but each had such busy lives, it was not to be. His sons however came out in force, and the family was united, as they were about to welcome Tessa into the fold. <3>

T1Legend: Of course he had the rings. What kind of best friend—-or best man—-would he be if he had forgotten them? He leaned forward so that Izu would notice him and spoke low, so that the assembly could not overhear him. ” Pst. Buzz—5 O’Clock.” Should Izu be so inclined to turn his head, he’d see a glittering flash of gold peeking out of George’s pocket. Jetson winked as though to say, ‘ Relax, I got this ‘.

Monolisa: The moon was now in perfect position, the incantation slowly oozing into the air as the night embraced each word. Ethereal mist began to climb up from underneath the Earth’s surface, yet even though it was a gloomy thing, it was also very superlative. The wedding had proceeded to go on and everyone now shed some sort of liquid from their cheeks. The music had quieted down as more words began to be spoken from the priestess. It would be only several minutes now before the gate towards the Other side would open, and the invitation for Chanel and Lucius to enter. No longer needed at Tessa’s side, Mona placed a hand on her shoulder and stepped back slowly, not getting in anyone’s road as she walked over toward the entry. In the shadows she saw Sebastian observing everyone, watching as they all admired his work. “Well, I don’t think you want to be alone, hiding at a wedding.” Mona’s words were discreet as she looked over to the people continuing to support the wedding. <e>

IzuCarrendar: – Izu let out a sigh of relief, as he saw the flash of gold that was peeking out of George’s pocket. Thank Fuck. Izu thought to himself, and would have done a thumbs up, only not in front of the soon to be wife. Instead he looked expectantly towards the priestess so she could get this show on the road. <3>

LadyBelz: Pandora looked at the little girl in front of her and gave her a smile. “Thanks. You’re pretty too.” Then she leaned in closer. “Wanna see a trick?” She would wait for the little girl to nod before she held up her hand. Quick as a wink and with barely a thought, she flicked her thumb and the tip of her fingernail lit up with fire. Another flick later and the fire was gone, the tip of her finger not even burnt. She winked at the little girl and placed her finger at her lips in a shushing gesture. Their secret. Pandora sat back in her seat, very aware of Brock’s arm across her shoulders and turned her attention back to the wedding.

BooScott: -Everyone’s attention was on her, with a quick look at the bride and groom Boo’s focus went to the room. She smiled at the happy couple and cleared her throat, ” I know that Tessa and Izu thank you all for being here and to recognize how important each and every one of you are to their relationship. They would also like to recognize all of those who couldn’t make it here today as they are certainly missed but not forgotten on this day of celebration. Speaking of important people, there were none more important in influencing the lives of Tessa and Izu than their family and friends. With that being said, who gives Tessa away to be married to this man?” She paused eyes darting to the crowd as she waited for someone to step forward, taking the great honor of giving the bride to be married.-

IMrsNote: Joany beamed brightly to the female, at the compliment, then watched as the female did her trick. Eyes snap open wide, she stated a bit too loudly, “Woooooooooooooow!” Then clapped her hands, drawing the attention of her nannie. Wriggling away from Lupe, Joany hopped down and went to sit beside Pandora, reaching to look at her finger and around her hand, “Do it again!” She stated, but softer now in a whisper after several people shushed her. Smiling happily up to the female, she now centered her focus on the most fascinating person, to her, in the room.

LadyBelz: Pandora chuckled at the little bundle of energy. “If you can behave until it’s time to go eat, I’ll show you another trick. Think you can be a good girl until then?” she whispered.

MidnightDarkPhoenix: Sebastian opened his eyes from his resting position against the far back wall near the entrance and then turned his head to look at the woman. “Mona, I presume. And don’t mind me. I enjoy these events; it is all in a days work.”

IMrsNote: Her eyes went wide behind her glasses, Lupe glancing over her shoulder in amusement and waiting for the answer, believing this would never work. Joany thought about this for a few moments, then sucked in her bottom lip in thought. After a few seconds, she chirped happily, “Okay.” Her voice soft, as she stayed sitting beside Pandora quietly, no longer speaking.

Monolisa: “I believe that I am needed, do try to mingle Sebastian, this is a wedding after all, not a funeral.” Mona smiled and walked back behind Tessa, not convinced that he was enjoying himself as much as he said. Mona quickly looked over the Empress and nodded to the priestess. “I know I am no father, or mother, and that they are the true people who should be giving away such a prize to such an outstanding gentleman, but in recognition of everything, I am honored to give the Empress away.” The Maid of Honor flicked a tear away from her eyes as she held Tessa and moved her closer to the groom. “I have a gift for you as well, but I am afraid it’s only going to last a few seconds.” Mona smiled and pointed over the runner, towards where she was speaking with Sebastian. In the hint of the moonlight stood Chanel and Lucius, their physical link from the astral plane as solid as rock embedded in soil. It was as if they were actually here, but soon after they returned to the world of meta-physics, along with everyone else back on the other side. Chanel had waved and blew her a kiss for her mother, the very kiss almost real as the air blew it towards Tessa. Lucius had only crossed his arms and nodded as if to say “Well done Sis.” But his fiery blue eyes of phoenix fire showed something much deeper. It was the only thing Mona could think of that would be a gift worth memory. <e>

BooScott: -What happened before her was amazing, Boo was no stranger to weird things in her life, but this so far took the cake. Such pride and joy passed through her when she saw what happened before her, unable to understand why her first thought was that it was due to the emotion around her was intoxicating, she had to remind herself to continue.- “Thank you, very well. Marriage gives permanence and structure to a couple’s love. It’s a way to tell one another that no matter how much you snore or how much you spent while out at the shopping mall, we’re still in this together. It’s more permanent than the weird tattoo. Marriage is telling the person you love that you’re not going anywhere and that’s a powerful commitment for two people to make to one another.” Taking a deep breath her focus came to the couple as she spoke the words she knew from experience. “A good marriage must be built on the foundation of this commitment. In marriage the “little” things are the big things. It is never being too old to hold hands. It is remembering to say, “I love you” at least once a day. It is never going to sleep angry. It is standing together and facing the world. It is speaking words of appreciation, and demonstrating gratitude in thoughtful ways. It is having the capacity to forgive and forget. It is giving each other an atmosphere in which each can grow. It is a common search for the good and the beautiful. It is not only marrying the right partner — it is being the right partner . Now before we proceed, there is something I must ask. If ANYONE in this room has any objection as to why these two should not be wedded on this day, come forth and speak now, or forever hold your piece” Boo’s eyes narrowed instinctively as she watched everyone thinking why would anyone want to stop such a beautiful couple form marrying, she made a mental note to remove that portion from the ceremonies for it was truly preposterous to have it.-

T1Legend: He continued to stand off to the side with his front facing the assembly, and George’s hands disappeared about behind his back as though he were clasping them together. The distinctive sound of a pistol-slide being pulled into place is clearly audible. Cobretti was holding his ‘piece’, alright. Any objections?

Morinehtar: The priestess marrying the two continued with the typical wedding steps, and Kotone approved of every moment, though she found it strange that the maid of honor gave away the bride. However, it was not her place to comment on such things. She could do little more than announce how delicately arranged the furniture and flowers were, or on how delinquent the flower girl was, but even that must be done in a way that did not speak ill of the wedding parties. Her musings were interrupted by yet another oddity: the maid of honor announcing a gift in the middle of the ceremony. In a flash a pair of people, a male and a female, stood in the aisle looking toward the bride. Kotone could make out only their profiles, but she was ignorant as to whom they were. The man nodded and the female blew a kiss. Whoever the pair were, they must be important. Were they real of some sort of hologram? Kotone was of course completely ignorant as to the family details of Tessa and Izu. Of course, there were no objections.

IzuCarrendar: Izu himself heard the cocking of the revolver, and looked set to have a fit. All his sons heard it as well, and you could not hear a pin drop from any of them. George, was really good at this Best man shit. <3>

IMrsNote: Joany sat quietly beside the female from before, fidgety but if that was the worst of it then they could consider themselves lucky. She did not speak again, but she did not pay attention either, though every now and then she’d look up to the couple in front curiously, swinging feet back and forth and watching in silence.

IzuCarrendar: – Brock noticed the girl in behind them, swinging her feet back and forth, becoming restless, which was to be expected at these shindigs. He was not as clever as Panny with her fire tricks, but he did have something else. He took out the packet of Menthos, and handed them to the flower girl. “Suck on those.” He said, beaming, before going back to watch the ceremony. <3>

BooScott: -Boo waited the amount of time that was required when nothing came, not a beep from the crowd and this made her smile return as if it had never been gone. “Alright! Now there are verses that speak of love, some of the more well known tell us that: Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. Tessa and Izu, these vows that you are about to make are a way to share your love and commitment to each other in your own words. Whenever you are ready Izu, you may begin.” Boo encouraged the groom and stepped back just a slim step giving the floor to the groom.-

IMrsNote: Looking up to the male as he spoke, she spotted the mints, and reached forward, small fingers wriggling hopefully. Accepting them, she whispered softly, “Thank you.” She may have been a delinquent, but the five year old at least knew when to be polite, especially when getting candy. She popped one in her mouth, and continued her silence.
MidnightDarkPhoenix: Tessa smiled up at her fiancé and then looked on at the awkward patterns in the sky, her maid of honor now approaching beside her and speaking in turn to the priestess who again so much resembled that of Tessa’s mother. “I know I am no father, or mother, and that they are the true people who should be giving away such a prize to such an outstanding gentleman, but in recognition of everything, I am honored to give the Empress away.” A simple nod and smile towards her loving Advisor and she was all but in tears. The woman had brushed a tear aside and instantly stepped back towards the entrance to where Sebastian had been and spoken once more, ensuring the Empress she’d had a gift. Her eyes flicked in the light of the stars and candles before she saw the glowing lights of The Other Side opening and giving way. Not one, but two figures spawned forth from the light and instantly the flowers Tessa held fell to the ground, her eyes shimmering in the light again and tears pushing passed the gates of her lids to then fall forth down her face. A simple kiss that had meant so much more from her loving daughter, and an accepting… no approving nod from her arrogant brother, and they were both gone. The overjoy she suddenly felt during this night was more she could ever ask for, and it took everything in her power not to run towards her advisor and envelop her in a hug. The rest of the ceremony moving forward moments after having given the Empress time to recoup; no objections were made at the time the priestess had asked and again on the ceremony continued to proceed; the priestess again filling the room with her words. “Alright! Now there are verses that speak of love, some of the more well-known tell us that: Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love never fails. Tessa and Izu, these vows that you are about to make are a way to share your love and commitment to each other in your own words. Whenever you are ready Izu, you may begin.” Again by this time Tessa had gathered the bouquet in hand and turned to her loving fiancé while then waiting to hear his vows. >e<
IzuCarrendar: Keeping Tessa’s hand in his, he knew it was time to say his vows, which he had recited in the bathroom mirror over and over again for the past couple of weeks. Now was the time, to say them to the woman he wrote them for. “Tessa. You came into my life at a time when I thought that love would not come my way again. I’ve been a widower now for over twenty long years, and while I have been privileged to have my sons in my life, there was part of me that felt there was something missing. You filled the void that I never thought possible. You’re warmth and caring, and your understanding, drew me in to you. You’re my waking breath and my night time’s rest. The stars do not even begin to compare, for when you smile you are far more radiant than any star lit sky. I feel now, my life is complete and the journey we take together from this day on will be one filled with love and happiness, but no doubt we will have our moments. But I assure you, as I stand here today, no matter what is said, or who is right or wrong, I shall never go to bed holding anger, but work on our love. You’re my everything…and always will be.” <3>

BooScott: -The Grooms words brought a slight tear to Boo’s eyes, she fought to keep her composure in check. Boo turned to face the bride, gazing at her a certain pride crossed her unable to explain it the woman brushed it aside and nodded. “Tessa it is your turn, the floor is yours”-

MidnightDarkPhoenix: After having heard Izu’s vows she felt the oncoming wave of tears but held her composure for her fiancé and smiled brightly while then waiting for her turn to renounce her vows.“Izu…” Tessa had turned to look at her loving fiancé in front of all her family and friends. The tears that lay at her lids threatening to flow like a waterfall down her face as she slowly inhaled sharply before smiling wide at the love her life and began to speak her vows. “Tonight it is just you and I marrying the moment of illuminating the night. And I believe with all that is in me, that the stars we fell in love with watching; are now gazing in awe of us.” Her now glistening smile continued and she could only imagine the way he must have felt as she spoke on. “You came into my life, just shortly after my child died. I was filled with so much sorrow and grief I’d wanted to end my reign. But when you came into my council and presented yourself forth with your sister, it was then I knew… something that you had inside of you I could never have asked for filled me. Like a candle to the dark, you now light my way. I vow to help you love life, to always hold you with tenderness and to have the patience that love demands,” Her voice cleared up as she spoke firmly and lovingly with her continued vow. “To speak when words are needed and to share the silence when they are not, to agree to disagree on red velvet cake and the like, and to live within the warmth of your heart and always call it home; for you my love are just the start to my happily ever after.”

BooScott: -There wasn’t a dry eye in the room after the bride and groom had exchange their vows. The love they felt for one another was not only shows through their eyes, felt by everyone around them, but also heard by the words they had spoken to one another. Clearing her throat Boo whipped a tear from her eyes and nodded to the happy couple as she began to speak once again. “The bride and groom will now exchange rings. Izu please take Tessa’s hand in yours and repeat after me. I Izu give you Tessa this ring, as a symbol of my love, for today and tomorrow, and for all the days to come. Wear it as a sign of what we have promised on this day, for it represents the love we share, and know that my love is always present, even when I am not by your side. “-

T1Legend: ” Guess that’s my cue “, he said and stepped forward. For a moment, he caught a glimspe of Izu that made him look 20 years younger—-he remembered how happy he had been on that day 20 years ago. And he remembered how his first wife’s death had affected him, too. Buzz had gone down into a tailspin that Cobretti didn’t think he could pull out of—-it was like a part of him had died along with Desiree. But standing there, looking at him now, George could see that old spark of life in his old friend. He had the same twinkle in his eye now that he had in it on that day 20 years ago. Hell, George “Jetson” Cobretti felt 20 years younger just looking at him. Silently, the pilot reached into his pocket and handed Izu the ring.

IzuCarrendar: – Izu glanced at his best friend fondly, and took the ring that he gave him. Words were not needed, for their expressions said so much of what was felt. Through all the years of war and peace, the death of Desiree and the raising of the Carrendar sons, George had been Izu’s right hand, and now was here to witness Izu find love once again. Some say we are blessed in life to find love once, but twice means that you are doubly blessed. For a moment, time had reversed, and the two pilots now were like the young men of their twenties. Accepting the ring, he held Tessa’s hand gracefully, and repeated the Priestess’s words. “I Izu give you Tessa this ring, as a symbol of my love, for today and tomorrow, and for all the days to come. Wear it as a sign of what we have promised on this day, for it represents the love we share, and know that my love is always present, even when I am not by your side. ” He then slipped the ring on her finger, before bringing her hand up to his lips to kiss softly. <3>

BooScott: -When he was done Boo nodded at Tessa when she turned towards her her smile brightened a tad.” Tessa please take Izu’s hang in yours and repeat after me.I give you this ring, as a symbol of my love, for today and tomorrow, and for all the days to come.Wear it as a sign of what we have promised on this day, for it represents the love we share, and know that my love is always present,even when I am not by your side.”-

MidnightDarkPhoenix: The night air grew cold and Sebastian had fallen asleep in a corner. Tessa viewed the people around once more before smiling at her fiancé as he slipped the ring onto her ring finger and repeated what the priestess had said. In doing so she then turned to the priestess and listened to her repeat the same thing to her, asking Tessa to do the same. A nod and a smile and instantly Tessa’s fingers locked around the wedding band she’d held. Her eyes then looking towards Izu as she repeated the words slowly. I Tessa, give you Izu this ring, as a symbol of my love, for today and tomorrow, and for all the days to come. Wear it as a sign of what we have promised on this day, for it represents the love we share, and know that my love is always present, even when I am not by your side. ” She then placed the ring over his finger and slipped it on before again looking at his face and whispering ‘I love you’ to him.

IzuCarrendar:- When Tessa whispered that she loved him, he wasn’t about to follow protocol anymore. He simply cradled her face, in front of an astonished audience, and kissed her. Not some simple peck…he REALLY kissed her. The kind of kiss, that makes a woman kick up her heel, the kind when the war is over and the sailor grabs a nurse in the street. It was the kiss of love…everlasting. When he broke the kiss he said simply…”Ditto.” <3>

T1Legend: Cobretti jammed a pair of fingers into the corners of his mouth and let out with a wolf-whistle. The kiss meant the party could start now, right?

BooScott: “Well ok then, you don’t need me here anymore” Boo laughed as she glanced at the two of them” By sharing your vows and exchanging rings here today you both have decided to share the rest of your lives together. You are no longer two separate people but one couple together, two souls joined as one

BooScott: By the power vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife.” Boo Looked from one to the other then at everyone present her hands extending to the happy couple ” It’s my great honor and privilege to be the first to present to you Mr. and Mrs. Izu Carrendar.”!/image/3809025339.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_640/3809025339.jpg

Monolisa: Mona looked over to the exchanging of rings and smiled, she had given away the Empress to a man no better fitting for her. She then looked around the room towards the people who were still witnessing the wedding that went on longer than any normal wedding, it just meant that this wedding was that much more special. A grin was found upon Monolisa’s lips as she walked over the chair where Sebastian had fallen sleep due to lack of energy. He had done so much already for the Empress, but he would kill himself for missing the groom and bride kiss. She jumped a little startled when she heard a whistle, a noticed that Sebastian too had awoken. “Aww snap Sabby, you missed the kiss” <e>

IzuCarrendar: – Izu’s boys all applauded, with Orson doing a huge wolf whistle. Billy got out his box of rice and started pegging it at his dad. “Woohooo…Go Dad!”

Morinehtar: The organ player’s head was tilted slightly to the side with her hands folded in her ap. The pair had given such tender vows, a thing to be appreciated regardless of whether or not you knew them. The bride had just finished hers. Kotone expected the usual “you may now” statement from the priestess, but the groom was apparently impatient, for he drew the woman to him and kissed her as if their lives depended on it before the priestess could open her mouth. Well, a thing like that could be over looked given the situation. The best man’s most inappropriate whistle, on the other hand, could not and resulted in a thoroughly disproving frown upon the musician’s pink lips. She quickly wiped it away and began playing again as the pronunciation was made and the party began departing down the aisle.

IzuCarrendar: Izu picked up his wife, as he was rather athletic and started to walk her down the aisle, much to the amusement of many. His sons followed along behind, along with Pandora and Brock, who were keen to see them get in the honeymoon car, which the boys had covered in cream, condoms and vegemite in the tail pipe. There was toilet paper hanging off it like streamers and a big blow up doll on the back. Izu turned around and set down his bride, only to eye his sons. “Okay…which one of you did that?” But then from around the corner, Taru and Charlotte stepped out, Char holding the can of cream and Taru with a box of condoms. “We did. Have a great honeymoon Bro!” Charlotte winked at Tessa as Taru couldn’t stop laughing. <3>

MidnightDarkPhoenix: And there it was, before too long Izu moved forward and cradled her face. An astonished crowd now gasping in awe and shock at the sudden fact he’d kissed her. She inched forward as he did and kissed him hard and lovingly before then listening to the words of the priestess a final time. “By sharing your vows and exchanging rings here today you both have decided to share the rest of your lives together. You are no longer two separate people but one couple together, two souls joined as one.” She continued on. By the power vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife.” Boo Looked from one to the other then at everyone present her hands extending to the happy couple “It’s my great honor and privilege to be the first to present to you Mr. and Mrs. Izu Carrendar.” A smile crossed Tessa’s face and instantly she began to cry once more as she then stood and then was thrown into her now loving husbands arms. A yelp escaping her lips as their sons along with Brock and Pandora followed soon after. The crowd cheered, threw rice and instantly everything became a lot more merry than when the wedding started. Upon approaching the wedding vehicle Tessa had noticed it was covered in cream, condoms and vegemite. A simple shake of her head and a smile was all it took for her to finally let herself calm. And minutes later Charlotte and Taru had both emerged after hearing Izu ask who’d done the deed. “We did. Have a great honeymoon Bro!”Charlotte then winked at her, and she saluted and lifted off while then entering the car and pulling her husband inside to head on their merry way to their honeymoon. >e<

The End.


The Dark Towers Journals (2) – Carrendar Dynasty.


Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
October 17, 2013 01:19AM
Inside The Capitol Building

Ts-zak followed the pathways easily he now heard this incessant buzzing in his head. A voice seemed to keep talking to him.
It kept telling him to turn right or turn left. He would have argued with it yet it seemed to always be right.
He found it oddly amusing yet at the same time infuriating he didnt like feeling so at war with himself. He was going to have to have a talk with this KinKaid fellow. He thought to himself he must have something to do with these strange happenings.
He had been at peace with his fellow monks. A quiet order was now destroyed to a man. He was angry, no longer at peace. the vows he had believed in no longer held meaning to him. He felt as if he lacked definition.
Yet at the same time he felt newly defined, his form now more truly one with the energy of life. his chi was now connected to the world itself. He could pull in vast amounts of energy. He was almost scared at the amounts he could draw into himself. He had to level himself for fear of melting objects as he moved.

As he came up the escalator there were marks made in the sides of the handles and ground where the track caught. It became immobile and he tried to be inconspicuous about it. He walked forward being more cautious so as not to scare the guards or others. He asked carefully after this KinKaid Fellow. He had to find the scientist before it was too late. The guards luckily did not notice the damage he had done to the escalator and allowed him through.

He made his way into the main compound. As he came into the main chamber he noticed several people. His body resonated energy and he tried his best not to alarm anyone but he realized quickly that these people would probably be freaking out before he could say much so he said quickly, ” Mr. KinKaid, I was told to see you and that it was very urgent as you can see. “

As he said this the energy off him was crackling and it became apparent to everyone in the room that he was barely able to control the energy spikes within him.

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
October 17, 2013 06:31AM
“I’m Luka…and I’m with her.” The twelve year old boy gestured towards the statuesque blonde russian, who had become transfixed by the many screens, that were showing a variety of images of her home world. Snap shots, that kept changing. Her focus was on the screens, and not on the boy interacting with Slappy.

“Hey kid. There’s doughnuts over by the coffee pot. Go ahead & grab one.” 

“Gee thanks, Mister.” The boy said, going off to find a plate and heap as many donuts on it as was possible. Daneeka caught sight of the boy out of the corner of her eye, and muttered. “Don’tz eat do many…dhey makes you zick.” Almost speaking like a mother would to the boy. Lukas laughed and stacked up at least four donuts, and then went to sit on one of the large leather control chairs, that had been vacated by one of the leading hands in the room.

Daneeka approached one of the holographic screens and reached up, flicking it with her finger, and the oddest thing happened. The same satellite like images of a town in the west of Nemaues, went from being populated and standing tall, to then ruined by war, and a smoldering ruin. Then it would change back with a static like interference. It was like someone was changing stations, but this was the same place. It looked so real, and the truth was…it was real.

“It shouldn’t bez like dat.” Daneeka uttered, her fingers flicking it back and forth, the same repetition of the change in the scene happening over and over. The Russian turned her head to Slappy, then a large video shot of Lorewall appeared. It was in the middle of a terrible war, a fight between the vast armies of the Krieg, and the national Nemauen forces. Sky castle had been downed, and had taken out a good quarter of the city.

“Oh noez.” Daneeka cried, her hand moving up to clamp over her mouth, to stifle her shock, when all of a sudden, the images changed, and the city looked perfectly normal. No sign at all of the war, in fact….it looked to be booming with prosperity and wealth. Daneeka’s eyes brimmed with tears, as she hoarsely whispered. “What iz goingz on?”

Rounding on Slappy, she now thought this was some sort of sick joke. “Why are the zcreenz showing up it changingz? It iz my home vorldz? Iz your machinez faulty?” By looking at the constant changing images, it was like they were looking at the same world, but in two different realities. The question was, which was real to her, and which was another time in space?

Lukas came up to Daneeka and offered her half a donut. “Sweet things always cheer me up, D” he said, and she looked down at him again. Why was this kid so attached to her? As she was not looking at the screen, the images of the West showed up, and if only Daneeka had looked, there was a shot of M.E.R.C.Y with a twelve year old boy with a cybernetic leg, pushing a cart. The image then flickered and the boy and the cyborg dissapeared, the city becoming new once more.


Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
November 03, 2013 10:08PM
Miirik was pleasantly surprised by how hospitable this Kinkaid fellow was being. He was confused as to why he was being reffered to as the other darker skinned man’s “twin” however, for they had no relation that he was aware of. “We were summoned to seek you out & to gain your aid in addressing this matter with Roland of Mid World & his repeating quest for the Dark Tower. The man whom had comissioned us for this task also requested that I bring this to you.” Miirik said as he brought the large wooden box out from beneath his robes. He opened it to reveal a stack of several books. “He told us that the information contained in these pages, along with your own personal knowledge will help us formulate a plan of action & solution to this problem. It is a mater of urgency that we address this straight away. Time is short. I have traveled many miles, my companion has traveled even further.”

Viktor looked back towards the door as Miirik spoke with Slappy & noticed another man enter seeking Slappy. “The third draws near.” He said, in his heavy accent. The man looked like a walking electrical storm.

Miirik looked over to the newcomer as well & nodded. Everything was beginning to fall into place nicely.

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
November 03, 2013 10:32PM
+-Slappy stood sipping his coffee & listened to Miirik talk about his & his overly roided looking friend’s quest to find him & pick his brain about the Dark Tower. Slappy wasn’t quite sure exactly what kind of info he was supposed to have for them, & really didn’t have the time for it either, considering the pressing matters of his own that he was already in the middle of dealing with.

“Well that’s all real fascinating & such, but as you can see, we are already in the middle of trying to figure out a more imminent crisis which needs our full attention at the moment. You can feel free to make yourselves at home here though & I will do the best I can to speak with you when I have some free time.”

As Slappy was speaking, Miirik presented him with the box of books. A bunch of novels written by some guy named King. He took the box & set it aside, “Ok well I tell you what. I’ll read them when I have time & get back to you, But we really do need to focus on this matter. Make yourselves comfortable, I’ll check back with you in–FUCKING SHIT!” He yelled as Daneeka started yelling at him, demanding to know if this was some sort of prank.

He wheeled around & turned his attention towards her, He was already in a less than chipper mood having to be up so damn early, & her jibber jabber wasn’t helping any. “Yeah ya got us. I guess your too fucking clever for us to pull one over on you huh? Yeah Rostov. It’s AAALLLLLL a BIG fucking practical joke to fuck with your head. We deliberately fucked with national security systems & dragged ourselves down here at 5 in the fucking morning just to play a fucking prank on you.” He said sarcastically. “Now could you cut the fucking bullshit & stop fucking around please? Thanks. We need to figure this shit out before it becomes a major problem. So can you help or not?”

Slappy started to turn his attention back to Miirik & Viktor when a third man looking like a walking Tesla coil walked in. “SERIOUSLY, WHO IS LETTING ALL THESE FUCKING PEOPLE IN HERE?” He asked exasperatedly. The man was causing lights to flicker as he walked under them & caused the microwave by the coffee machine to blow up as he walked past it.

Slappy pointed at the man. “Nope. I don’t think so pal. We have expensive & delicate electronics in here. You just go wait outside. Someone will be out there shortly.”

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
November 03, 2013 10:44PM
Garrock was not in the least amused by Slappy’s “twin” comment. “Ah ha ha ha ha ha. I get it. He’s my twin cause my skin is dark bluish gray from my argyria, (A skin discoloration caused by thesla use of colloidal silver), & I have gray hair. & he has white hair & black skin. ha ha ha ha super funny. Jackass.” He said dryly.

Slappy didn’t seem to notice, as he was talking to the newcomers. He turned his focus back to the monitors, trying to figure out what exactly was going on. He had been staring at the monitors for a few minutes when he heard Slappy going off on Daneeka. “Hey”. He said to her after Slappy had finished his ranting. He gestured for her to come over to him. “Look, let’s just focus our attention on trying to sort this mess out. No one here is playing any kinds of pranks. So, do you have any ideas whatsoever as to what might be going on here?”

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
November 05, 2013 12:35PM
Inside the Capitol Building

Ts-zak realized his body was creating an issue for the control room when he heard Mr. Kinkaid say…

“Nope. I don’t think so pal. We have expensive & delicate electronics in here. You just go wait outside. Someone will be out there shortly.” 

He realized there were many answers to his questions here and didnt want to destroy them with his body. Trying his best to maintain his structure he began to focus and using mediation found a quiet place to still his mind. Nodding in acquientcience and understanding before he sought a place to do so.

Having found a suitable seat outside the control room, a small metal chair. He went into his mind picturing a lake that was once near the monastery. Seeing each ripple unfold as if it was part of himself he let it flow through himself within. Trying to keep the energy contained.

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
November 05, 2013 10:14PM
Garrock seemed to be the only one that wasn’t going to come down on Daneeka like a tonne of bricks. Slappy was his usual morning self, and read her the riot act just for appearing. She was this close to just spinning on her heel and offering the single finger salute, when Garrock acted like a gentleman, and not a caveman.

“Look, let’s just focus our attention on trying to sort this mess out. No one here is playing any kinds of pranks. So, do you have any ideas whatsoever as to what might be going on here?””

Daneeka huffed, and brushed off Lukas attempt to give her the half eaten donut. Lukas lowered his arm slowly, defeated for now, but kept close to Daneeka regardless. They had an unusual bond, and one that could not easily be explained, especially now. Focusing on the screens, which showed images of various parts of Nemaues as it should be, she then started to see a flicker pattern, that was consistent in each frame. From the North, to the West to the South and the Captial. Her eyes darted, from one to the next, recognizing places as she remembered them. But one place…one image that captured her attention…was…

“Vait…dat cannot bez. Malathos point…vas destroyed.”

Again, the image flickered from a fully built town…to a snowfield. She recognized the buildings, from her time there as the borg. Then she looked at Lorewall. Everything was fine…then the next minute…the screen flickered and it was a battle between Nemauen forces and the Krieg. The men from the stars were fighting the national forces on the streets. Daneeka’s eyes were set to bulge, as the image reverted back to a peaceful city. She fell back slightly, as the enormity of what she was seeing was too great to comprehend. She looked at Garrock and Slappy.

“Can’t you see it? The break in time. That is not one planetz….it is dwo. It’s like one world iz runningz…err…how you say…parallel to the other. One..iz at war….otherz notz.”

Lukas dropped his donut, as he started to see the same pattern emerging. “You mean, time has been spliced?’

Daneeka nodded slowly. “I am notz an expert….but itz vhat it zeemz to bez.” She looked at Slappy and shrugged. “Do you havez a betterz idea?”


Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
November 08, 2013 04:29AM
(Posting for both Slappy & Garrock cause there’s dialogue & shiz)

After the 3rd newcomer left, the one that looked like he had licked a few too many batteries, Slappy returned his attention back to the more pressing domestic issues. Walking back over to where Daneeka & Garrock were standing, he heard her commenting on some kind of timeline split.

“So what you’re saying is there are 2 Lisegas? Great. Just what we need. Clones of that place. So what are the implications here? How is this going to affect us? Is it just going to keep flipping back & forth from our visual standpoint, or is this going to meltdown into some shit?” Slappy asked the both of them.

“No way of knowing for sure. Daneeka, Jenson & I will keep working on this, You go deal with your new fan club over there.” Garrock said nodding his head towards Miirik & Viktor.

Slappy was more interested in getting to the bottom of the current mess, but he agreed. After all, it would just be poor manners to keep their uninvited guests waiting. “I’ll be with the 2 of you in just a few moments.” Slappy said to them as he walked back to the monitoring center’s door. He stepped outside & looked around for the other visitor, where he soon found him sitting in a metal chair out in the lobby. “Well that’s new. When did we get metal equipment?” He thought to himself. He looked around & noticed as well ne of the escalators was out of order & looked warped & half melted. Likely the cause of that guy as well. He walked over to where the man sat. “Holy shit sparky. You gotta get whatever overcharged battery you have going there under wraps before you trash the whole damn building. So anyway, what can I do for you?”

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
November 08, 2013 01:06PM
Outside Control Room


Ts-zak tried the calm and it helped a bit. the storm seemed to be easier to control within him but it was still a challenge. It was as if he was fused with too much energy. He had trouble holding it all in. The man had asked him to leave then come out to speak with him. Kinkaid stood before him saying… “Holy shit sparky. You gotta get whatever overcharged battery you have going there under wraps before you trash the whole damn building. So anyway, what can I do for you?” 

” I sought one called Kinkaid. If you be him then it is well. I travel from far to the North, what your people call the tundra was my home. my people were part of an order. We ran a large monastery. Protected those throughout the North from the wild and kept out any who might accidentally venture to their peril. It is a harsh place there. Most cannot live there easily. Our people adapted through our tattoos, each has its own power. The gifts we learned made us protectors. However I saw as I was scouting even our best warriors killed to a man by dark beings coming out of holes in the air. The whole of the monastery was destroyed by them and overrun as they maniacly took all of their life force into them. When they left as I knew I could not aid them I became aware of a new power within me and a new tattoo wrote itself upon me. We are usually marked by others. The magic itself marked me with a door. As it did I began to travel south and became aware of energy. Feeling the power of the world rather than just my own chi. It was as if, I could now touch the own worlds energy. I dont know what i am. But I must find the meaning behind the door and I think you are one of the only people that may help me. I blew apart trees on my way here and partially melted one of your escalators on the way up. I apologize Mr. Kinkaid. I am doing my best to control these abilities but they are new to me. ” 

Thinking of his masters and teachers he knew they would be in his heart, always.

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
November 13, 2013 01:00AM
Control Room

Lukas was sitting in one of the large control chairs, nomming on a donut, when one of the screens showed the West again. But it was fine, and Lukas sat forward in his chair a moment. The icing of the donut settled on his pants, as the boy’s gaze narrowed, and he then rubbed his temple. As he did this…the screen flickered and changed to the apocalyptic scene…featuring two beings walking together, a boy of twelve pushing a rickety cart, and a tall blonde Russian. On closer inspection, the boy looked exactly like Lukas, with only one difference. He walked with a cybernetic leg. This was plan to see, as he hobbled along awkwardly.

“Daneeka?” Lukas whispered, while she was too busy listening to Slappy and Garrock discuss the fact there were two Lisegas. As she looked back over her shoulder at the boy, he pointed to the screen, only to see it falter and then change back to a normal city again. “Vhat?” Daneeka asked, looking at where the boy was pointing. Course, he looked back and saw that the beings were gone. Lukas started coughing, and rose to standing…the realization hitting him.

“It’s not just two planets, Slappy…it’s two realities. Like…two of everything running in different directions and…in different places.” The boy had twigged, but then he came to think of another frightening prospect. “What happens if the two collide? What if…what if….this is more than a break in time…what if time itself, has been damaged?”

Daneeka heard the boy speak, and was having trouble comprehending it all.


Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
November 18, 2013 12:04AM
Garrock looked at Slappy from the corner of his eye as he turned he went off to deal with the other newcomer who wa now waiting outside/ Looking back to Daneeka, as she was watching the monitors he exhaled a tired sigh.

“Sorry for his temper.” He said referring to Slappy. “We are all very stressed out by these issues as of late. It’s taken a toll on our tempers.”

He walked back over by the monitors & narrowed his eyes, squinting at the imagery popping up here & there. “That being said,” He continued, “I think you should consider what effect suggesting that all this might be just a prank might have on ones temperment had you been in his shoes.” He turned his head to look back at her again. “Mind you, I am not speaking so as to justify his words any. I’m just saying that you’re own temperment & how you present your own self might have a signifficant effect on getting more favorable response from him.”

He paused in silence again for a bit continuing to look at the monitors while Lukas climbed into one of the chairs. “That’s delicate equipment there son, Don’t go getting any crumbs on it.”

Returning his attention to the monitors he rolled Daneeka’s comment over in his mind. 2 planets? Nah, that can’t be right. If there was another planet there, they would have picked up on it & it would have registered as a totally different thing entirely..

He was just about to vocalize his thoughts when Lukas suddenly commented:
“”It’s not just two planets, Slappy…it’s two realities. Like…two of everything running in different directions and…in different places.” The boy had twigged, but then he came to think of another frightening prospect. “What happens if the two collide? What if…what if….this is more than a break in time…what if time itself, has been damaged?”

Garrock looked at the kid then back at the monitors. “well for one thing, Slappy went outside.” He said pointing with his thumb towards the door, “& 2, if they do collide, or if there is some break in time itself, then we might all be thoroughly fucked.”

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
November 18, 2013 03:50AM
Miirik sat quietly observing the excange between Kinkaid, the oddly colored man & the Russian woman as they bantered about. Viktor sat silently beside him & stared straight forward. “What do you make of them?” Miirik asked Viktor. Miirik observed the manner of urgency to other matters with which they seemed to be so swept up in.

“Their affairs are of little concern to me. We need only to concern ourselves with the task that we have been sent here to undertake.” Viktor replied huskily. “They can see to their own matters.”

Mirrik nodded & watched as Slappy left to address the newcomer as he waited outside. Quietly, he rose to his feet & followed behind so as not to distract or disrupt Kinkaid as he went.

He stood listening to the exchange between the 2 men outside the monitoring center. He listened as the man spoke of the creatures infesting his home & attacking his people, & of his journey south to their present location.

Miirik stepped forward as they spoke. “I believe I may be able to provide some insight for you.” Turning his attention back to Kinkaid, “as for your current state of affairs, I believe we may be able to assist there as well. Perhaps we can sit down & discuss these matters?”

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
November 18, 2013 04:38AM
Slappy listened to the electrified man & was about to respond when Miirik spoke from behind him. “Sneaking up on people around here is a good way to get yourself hurt pal. & just bad manners. Just a friendly heads up.” He snapped, startled at the sudden intrusion.

Slappy paused for a moment, regaining his composure. “My apologies, I don’t mean to be hostile. We are dealing with a very stressful matter, as I am sure you can see, & stress makes me irritable.” He said to them both. “Fine. We can discuss these matters soon. Go gather your friend,” Slappy said to Miirik, pointing back at the monitoring center, “& the 3 of you go wait in my office. Since you knew your way here, I presume you know your way there as well. I will be there shortly.”

Slappy then turned & walked back towards the monitoring center. As he went, he pulled his cell phone from his pocket, punched in a number, & listened to the monotone buzzing sound that indicates the phone on the other end of the line is ringing.

“Yeah?” He heard Jules say from the other end. “Get Cuthbert & the both of you meet me at my office. We have visitors who want to talk to us.” Slappy said. “Bout what?” replied Jules. “Apparently they need to ask us about our time with Roland. I don’t know much else than that, But I’m sure we will find out.”

He heard Jules groan. “Fine. We’ll be there in about an hour. This is some bullshit waking me up this early for this shit.”
“Tell me about it. We also need to prepare to make another trip over to Lisega. Some serious shit going on there. & this time, we’re gonna need some heavy artillery. We might be walking into a war zone”
“I’ll make the preparations, but you can go over on your own. I spent enough time there already.” Jules said. Slappy started to reply, but the line clicked as Jules ended the call.

“well fuck you too” Slappy muttered as he went back into the monitoring center.

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
November 18, 2013 10:13AM

Ts-zak listened intently to them discuss matters of time with his acute awareness. He could hear all of it. Even from outside his hearing was highly acute. His perceptions had been much altered since the changes in him had taken place. He knew there was much more to know. Time being damaged? that was perhaps a explanation. If worlds were colliding, and this was the result what had come through the gate was something quite powerful and not of this world. He did know one thing. As he sat there he knew he could now draw a doorway with the power of the tattoo on his arm and enter their world. How he was not sure he could rightly explain. It was more like he could feel it. The power flowed through him like water does a stream.He did not feel for certain how to explain it to these men or whether it was going to help them. Time being damaged he felt there must be something done to repair it. But what? and how should it be done?
The man came towards him offering guidance. He spoke plainly.

” Perhaps this Doorway rune has something to do with it? It marked itself on me shortly after the incident and my powers manifested. I feel i can use it to open a door. The more I have gazed on it it the more I realize it will allow me to travel to where the dark beings came from. I just couldn’t when I began. My powers were beginning. They are too strong here so close to the source of the damage I think. Or maybe it is because of the anger I feel. The more angry I get the stronger my power becomes. I have to find calm to keep my power in check. I dont have all the answers either but those are my thoughts.”

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
November 18, 2013 10:18PM
Monitoring Centre

Garrock seemed to be the only paying heed to Lukas’s ideas on what was really happening on the monitors. Slappy was outside, dealing with some others; probably outer worlders by the way they were dressed and the colour of their skin. Daneeka still seemed to be transfixed by the screen, and something about the constant image flicker to show the cyborg had her perplexed. Lukas watched her expression change, and then he too looked at the screen. He furrowed his brow, and then looked even closer, as the flickering kept changing back and forth, back and forth. The Russian stepped back, and then turned away from the screens, making her way to the back of the room, and Lukas did a double take, before following her. When she reached the very corner of the room, you could hear a quiet sob, and this made him raise his hand to her back, patting it lightly.

“It’s okay…you can talk to me, D”

“Noez…it’z notz okay.” She mumbled, wiping away a tear and hoping to God that Slappy and his crew couldn’t see. Lukas stepped around her and then faced her front on.

“You feel it too, don’t you?”

Slowly, Daneeka nodded and Lukas sighed outwardly. “I knew it as soon as I saw them and recognized it.”

For a moment the pair stood together, both looking at the flickering screen then back at each other.

“That’s us. Well, the other us.” Lukas said without a doubt in his mind. “Question is…how did they get you out of her?”Lukas asked, rubbing his temple, like this was starting to make him have a headache. Daneeka leaned back and then admitted the truth. “Zome how…dhe broke the cyborg, you could zay. But she obviously rebuilt.” This was true, and happened sometime ago. As for Lukas…how he came to be in this world and yet was from Lisega….was a mystery.

“It’s how I know you, D. Should we tell them?”

Stony faced, Daneeka shook her head. “No.”


Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
November 29, 2013 06:31PM
Slappy listened to Ts-Zak talking about his theory about his rune tattoos with a mix of confusion & skepticism. “So let me see if I am understanding you correctly.You are telling me that this tattoo drew itself on your arm, & that we are supposed to be able to travel to different worlds & such through a tattoo of a door… on your arm. right?” Slappy said to Ts-Zak. “That is just fascinating.” Slappy then opened the door back into the monitoring center & yelled in “HEY CAN WE GET A DRUG TEST KIT HERE? THIS GUY IS ON SOME SERIOUS SHIT!” HE laughed to himself then patted Ts-Zak on the arm. “Kidding pal. It’s a joke. Anyway, follow the other wierd looking dudes, we’ll talk in a bit.”

Slappy walked back into the monitoring center & plopped himself down in the chair which had previously been occupied by Mirrik, next to Viktor, He slouched tiredly in the chair, thinking to himself how nice a nap would be right about now.

“Your friend is outside waiting on you.” He said to Viktor, Jerking his thumb in the direction of the door. He then looked lazily over at the box that Miirik had brought with him. He reached over & picked one of the books out of the box & thumbed through it. The title of the book was “The Gunslinger”. He felt an odd sense of displacement as he thumbed through various pages of the book, realizing that the books within that box were a novelized retelling of some alternate version of Roland’s time in the Mohine Desert. This came as no real surprise to him, after all, he remembered seeing the same kind of book written by the same guy about Callahan back in that Calvin tower guy’s book collection. He laughed a bit as he remembered at how freaked out Callahan was by it.

The interesting thing was that Slappy wasn’t in this retelling. It was just Roland, up until the Way station, then just him & the boy Jake. & the events of the book seemed to differ quite a bit. For example, he didn’t remember Jake being so fucking morose. & it kept making references to Jake knowing that Roland would let him die. He read along towards the book’s epilogue, & felt a pang of anger as he read the retelling of Jake’s fate. No wonder the kid was so damn sad all the time. Apparently, without Slappy being there, Roland just left the kid to die. When Slappy thought back to his own memories of his experience with them,

He remembered the man in Black calling out to them at the end of that dark underground chasm & the railway tracks beginning to buckle. He remembered Jake falling & clinging to the rail calling out for help.

“Come now, gunslinger. Or catch me never!” The man in black said, mocking Roland. “Do I go?”

Slappy stood just out of reach of Jake, blocked off only by the gunslinger himself as he stood in indecision as to what his next move should be. “Are you fucking serious right now? either pull the kid up or move your stupid ass so I can.”

“Then I shall leave you.” Said the man in Black. “NO!” Roland yelled. The instant Roland went bounding off after the man in Black, Slappy lunged forward & clamped his hand on Jake’s forearm, clamping it in a vice-like grip & hauling him back on the tracks. “RUN KID!” Slappy yelled at Jake as they scrambled after the gunslinger.

Once they were outside the hole at the end, back in the open air, Slappy saw Roland staring off into space. Seething with anger, he walked over to where Roalnd stood & shoved him to the ground. “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT SHIT HUH? WERE YOU SERIOUSLY GOING TO JUST LET THAT KID DIE?” Slappy roared at him. Slappy kicked Roland square in the stomach as he lay on the ground. Roland lost his breath in a whooshing grunt.
Slappy’s parent’s had always told him “never kick a man when he was down”, but in this case, he presumed an exception could be made. Roland curled into a fetal position holding his stomach.

Slappy walked a few steps away, panting from rage & exhaustion. He looked back at Roland who was starting to get his air back & was beginning to stand up. “If you ever pull shit like that again, I swear. I will bash your fucking skull in & make you eat what drips out. DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND?”

Roland just stared back at Slappy. “You best get your priorities straight real fucking fast old man,” Slappy said. “or I will straighten them for you.”

“So!” the man in black cried from down the hill. “Not an end, but the end of the beginning, eh? You progress, gunslinger! You progress! Oh, how I admire you!”

The gunslinger spun oh his heels & drew with blinding speed and fired twelve times. The gun-flashes dimmed the sun itself, and the pounding of the explosions slammed back from the rock-faced escarpments behind them.

Slappy smacked Roland in the back of the head as the gunslingers revolvers clicked empty. “Good job wasting ammo dumbass. You sure are a real thinker huh?”

Slappy began walking down the hill towards the man in Black. “Stop” the man said. “I told you earlier that I would only hold palavar with him.” he said, pointing to Roland.

“& I’m telling you that I don’t give a flying fuck what you said. His business is just as much our business. So your dealing with all three of us. Don’t like it? Too fucking bad”

The man in black stood with a shocked expression on his face for a moment. Then he smiled a sly grin. “Very well then, Come, come come.” He said as the three of them followed the man in Black to whatever meeting place he had arranged.”

Slappy closed the book & set it aside, disgusted. He sat wondering how many other variations of this story there might have been? & how varied the outcomes may have been.

“Mr. Kinkaid, Mr. Allgood & Mr. Winnfield are here.” the security guard said to him. He nodded as he stood up. “thanks” he said to the guard. Then turning his head towards where Daneeka & Garrock were still talking he yelled, “ROSTOV! We have a meeting to attend to. Let’s go!”

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
December 06, 2013 04:35PM
Daneeka and Lukas held each other’s gaze a moment, locked in some silent agreement you could say. She was not prepared to explain to Slappy anything more about what she believed to be true. Lukas wasn’t so sure that was wise under the circumstance, but placed a hand on her arm, as though to offer her some comfort. Sighing, he lowered his hand, knowing that probably wouldn’t help her. She was such a cold fish at times. Like a square peg in a round hole. Purpose yet to be defined, and clearly even more lost now, knowing M.E.R.C.Y was down there on that world….but doing what? That remained to be seen.
Looking at the monitors flicker one last time, she rose from her chair, as Slappy now fixed his attention on them, and barked like some junk yard dog.

“ROSTOV! We have a meeting to attend to. Let’s go!”

“Comingz…” she said with lack of effort in her voice, almost lazily sauntering after him, with the young lad stealing one last donut and chasing after Daneeka. He was not going to be left behind…not now. For some strange reason he felt he needed to stay close to Daneeka. He was now a piece of the puzzle, both in this world and the other. But would anyone else care to notice the boy? No, the adults seemed to be concentrating on other things, not a donut stealing thief.

Heading out into the corridor, the flourescent hue of the lighting radiated off Daneeka’s skin, giving it an unnatural glow. Her body seemed to slouch in an unnatural way, and she shoved her hands in her pockets as she swaggered along. She gave the security guard a dirty look and pushed past him. Lukas held his hands up as though he didn’t want to suddenly get the blame and mouthed.

“Time of the month?” As a clue to her behavior.


Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
December 10, 2013 05:19PM
Garrock stood staring at the monitors as Daneeka & Lukas talked to each other. He also had noticed that they seemed to have doubles of some sort over on that other world. He wondered to himself if there were doubles of everyone in all different worlds & dimensions. Man that would be weird. Would be nice to have a double every now & then though. Just to do his job for a few weeks, so he can take a vacation without anybody else knowing. Man that would be sweeet.

His train of thought was disturbed as he saw Daneeka & Lukas walking away. “I wonder if they know that I could hear everything they were saying.” He said. Then he looked around & noticed that no one else was standing nearby to hear him. “Ah so I’m just talking to myself again. Go me.” He muttered.

He walked over to a soda vending machine & dropped in a couple of quarters. After punching a button & grabbing his carbonated beverage of choice, (which is being left vague because copyrights suck balls. FUCK YOU PEPSI & COKE!), & walked back over to where Jensen was standing. “So what do you make of this whole mes-” POW! The soda can exploded all over the place as he tried popping the tab at the top.


“SHUT UP!” Garrock yelled back. His phone then rang. He answered it & yelled “IT WASN’T MY WEINER!” There was a moment of silence from the other end, then Jules said. “Kay, good to know. Super awkward. Anyway, I just got off the phone with Slappy. He’s preparing a transport over to Lisega again. So you need to make sure the guys at the lab have their stuff ready to load set up.”

“Kay” Garrock said. He then hung up the phone & went on his way back to the bio-tech research facility.

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
December 20, 2013 12:18AM
Slappy waited in the hallway as Daneeka & her friend slowly strolled along after him. He had noticed that ever since she had shown up, she always seemed to have a real dour, depressed & oppositional attitude. To some degree he could understand why, She was completely uprooted from her home in Russia, & at a rather young age no less, just like he was pulled from his life. But at least he & the others that had lives of their own before they came here, they at least adapted to their new circumstances & made a new life for themselves.

“Ok, we need to talk real quick”. He said as she drew near. “What is the deal with you huh? Every time I see you, you’re always in a foul mood. I mean I don’t expect you to be cheerful & happy & shit all the time, but fuck man, you would think someone just died all the time with you. So what’s the deal?”

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
January 01, 2014 02:24AM
“What if I was already deadz?” Daneeka said, as Lukas tried not to eaves drop and walked around them following Garrock to a point, then stopping and looking back at the blonde russian and Slappy. They were standing close to each other, as Slappy tried to get a clue in as to why Daneeka acted as she did.

Folding her arms defensively, her head cocked slightly to the right, she continued. “You pulled me outz of the machinez, Zlappy. Zurely you knew what I vas likez before?”But did he really? And how could he blame her, considering that her childhood ended prematurely so long ago. She shook her head, lowering it slightly.

“Ever vonder vhere ‘ome iz? Ever vonder aboutz family? Friendz…a life? I do notz callz thiz living. Itz a valking dead to mez.” The blonde russian said, as others passed them in the corridor.

“You bez ‘appy if I playz de fool. Smilez and laugh and be…er…’ow you zay…gay all dhe vucking time? Liez? Hmm?” She asked, her eyes drilling his now.


Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
July 27, 2013 09:33PM
Journal of Garrock Henderson

Entry 1

So I’ve finally gotten the hang of these new limbs, well kinda. I snapped 5 pencils just trying to write this so far. Which reminds me, I really need to talk to my staff about learning some tact. The 1st thing that someone hears after they just woke from a coma & found that their arms are not the same as when you last took inventory of them should not be “You might want to practice on a hot dog for a while, otherwise you will rip your dick off.” Good advice I suppose, but still a bit tacky.

That Daneeka chick that Slappy brought back with him is odd. She is always brooding & spending her time in the cellar & shit. Fuckin emo bullshit. Whatever though, It’s not my problem.

She pisses & moans about us tinkering with science all the time too. What the fuck? It’s called progress. Eh, whatever. Anyway, we have made some breakthroughs on on converting dead tissue back to stem cells for cloning new tissue. This could come in very handy soon. I’ll record progress as it goes along.

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
August 19, 2013 05:05AM
Deep within the protective canopy of trees that is the Elurian forrests, Far to the east of the territories that make up the Kinkaid Republic, Mirrik sits in his hut closely examining old parchments & tomes. He, like his fellow Ioka live isolated from the rest of the world in their own society. Although well hidden from the eyes of the outside world, they have created a network of cities & villiages within the depths of the forrest where few outsiders roam. His is a society that has spent their lives dedicating themselves to studying the mysteries of the multiverse, seeking to discover the secrets of the fabric of existance itself. They are an odd bunch to say the least. An offshoot of an order of monks from the northeastern plains of Panetova, they migrated into the forrests to establish their monestary centuries ago. Over time, they seem to have managed to stop aging altogether. It is unknown as to whether they somehow achieved this feat through their studies, or if it is some form of effect from the forrest they inhabit, but they have not appeared to have aged a single day since they settled. Another oddity is the effect their surroundings have had on their physical appearance. Their skin has darkened to a charcoal grey tone, & their hair has turned almost bleach white. One would think that maybe so much time out in the elements, particularly the sun without any sunblock would be a likely cause, but lets face it. We have seen what tanning on crack looks like. & that aint it.
MiirikDiLowan: What is known of these strange people is not nearly as interesting as what is NOT known. They are very secretive. in fact the only things we do know about them is what can be pieced together from the accounts of random travelers who have happened upon their sanctuary. They are a lot like bigfoot in that sense, except less hairy & with less dried feces matted to their backsides.
MiirikDiLowan: On this particular day Mirrik is closely examining some odd parchment, Of what & where he got it from I have no idea. I’m just the narrator. Ask him, get off my back already. Where was I? Oh yes. He was looking it over & musing over the odd weather events that had been occurring over the far northwestern Ice shelf. North of where those outsiders, (The Kinkaid Republic) had settled a few decades ago when he gazed out his window & saw a strange cloaked figure approaching his hut.

The cloaked stranger made his way through the thick under brush carpeting the forest floor. As the old man made his way along, he pondered on how exactly he was supposed to keep from interfering in matters down on… this level. But shit, something needs to be done. The cycle just keeps looping over & over & over again & even though the reset button might get punched each time for some, it doesn’t’t for everyone else. Time is running out. If something isn’t done to break the cycle soon, everything is just going to come crashing to the ground. The fact is, sitting back on the sidelines just is NOT an option any more. They couldn’t just watch & wait for these issues to resolve themselves.

Hopefully, after he finishes here, they won’t have to involve themselves directly any further. Those lower level morons just don’t seem to know how to follow directions though. They made contact 10 years ago & they have done nothing. It’s a wonder they manage to get anything done at all. At least that old fart Roberts was able to do his job. Granted he needed his damn hand held the whole way, but the fucker at least got it done.

The old haggard man stepped out of the thick brush & into the clearing, making his way through the various huts & makeshift shacks of a small Ioken village. He saw the face of man he came to visit peering out the window of his hut as he approached. He took a deep breath & walked to the door thinking to himself “well here goes nothing”.

Miirik opened the door as the cloaked figure reached it. He stood there watching the man. The cloaked figure looked back at Miirik. They both stood motionless for a few moments. Miirik took a step backwards & gestured for the figure to come in. The man stepped past Mirrik & into the living room space of Miiriks home. The room was rather plain, wooden walls, floor & ceiling. There was a hand made wooden table sitting to one side. Well made with interesting carvings along the table legs & the sides of it, 2 wooden chairs on either side, the top of the table was scattered with assorted parchment scraps, a few old books & a small lamp. There was a large bookcase on the wall opposite to the door, & on the Northern wall of the hut was an archway leading to what appeared to be his bedroom.

Miirik gestured to the one of the seats at the table as he sat in the other one. The cloaked figure sat down as well. Miirik placed his hands on the table & looked steadily at the drawn, aged face of the stranger. (Miirik) “we don’t get many visitors here. You must have come a long way.” (stranger) “not as far as you would think, & still farther than you can imagine.” (Mirrik) “You speak in riddles?” He asked, raising an eyebrow slightly, bemused at the visitors reply. (Miirik) “Would you like some water to drink? I am sure you must be thirsty.” (stranger) “no. Thank you though. I am here to ask for your assistance in a very important matter.” (Miirik) “Ah. I see. What is the nature of this matter you speak of?” (stranger) “It is a matter that, if left unresolved, will mean the end of everything. Not just for this world, but all worlds.”
Miiriks eyes widened. He did not know what to make of this man. Did his words have some merit, or was he just a delusional fool? (mirrik) “Please. Tell me more. What is this threat to all the worlds as you put it.”
The stranger rubbed his hand along the side of his face, looking both tired & as though he was searching for a way to articulate his thoughts. (stranger) “You are aware of the multiverse correct? Not just of different worlds out in the cosmos, but different dimensions, different planes of reality, yes?” Miirik nodded. (stranger) “Ok. Well all of existance in the orderly world, rotates on a central axis. Some cultures have theorized that this axis rests on the back of a giant turtle, but that is just a fable. This axis is the center point that holds all of existance in place. At the hub of that axis, there is one particular world that holds a physical manifestation of the axis in the form of a tall soot gray tower. Do you still follow me?” Miirik nodded once again. He had heard & learned uch of other dimensions & parallel worlds, He had even traversed betwee worlds as he learned to plane shift. He was not familliar with this tower that this man spoke of though. (stranger) “Now this tower is held up by these channels of energy that the people of that world call ‘beams’. Although they may not be physical objects that can be cut down with a saw or any other tool, they can be disrupted, which results in an enormous earthquake, almost like a large deeply buried cable was suddenly ripped from the ground. These beams act as the support structure for this tower. They are the only thing holding the tower in place. If the tower falls, then the entire axis falls to peices & everything will be plunged into a chaotic nightmare where logic, order, everything ceases to be. All would descend into a chaotic void where whatever still remains would be a hellish landscape that to live upon would make death seem blissful by comparison.”
Miirik nodded. He understood what the man was telling him, but he could not understand why this tower would be such a critical feature. (Mirrik) “So tell me this. If this tower is so vital to the survival of all of existance, why is it designed in such a seemingly easy to destroy manner?” The stranger looked exasperated. (stranger) “Because the architects did not plan very well. Part of the problem was that they made a set of rules which they hold themselves to at all costs. One of which is, once the creation is made, it is to be set in motion & is not to be meddled with. They insist that they let their creation manage itself, rather than have to play nanny to it constantly. So the only way for them to fix the problem would be a total wipe out & to start over from scratch. That also is not an option sadly, as there are forces at work who will not let that happen. They seek the end of the tower in order to bring about total anniahlation & to rule over whatever remains. Despite that, we still have had to interfere at times in order to avoid total collapse, however even when we get the chance to do so, we are severely restricted in what we can do. One of the permitted measures was creating the bloodline on that world of a folklore hero by the name of Arthur Eld. We did this after the last time that world nearly destroyed itself. This bloodline of Eld was to operate in a boron like manner keeping the lands society in order. Unfortunately, as time went on, the descendants of Eld became increasingly dumber & dumber. The second to last in the bloodline let society itself fall, & the last is caught in an endless trap set by those forces that I spoke of, where he spends decade upon decade on a quest to reach the tower, to climb to its top in the hopes of somehow reversing the damage to his world, or at least facing whomever he feels is in charge, & all he gets every single time is sucked through a time loop that resets him back to a random point in his journey, where he starts all over again from that point. & while he goes through this constant loop, time for the rest of us still moves on. When he started his quest, there were still 4 of the original 6 beams still in place, & the 2 that had broen were starting to restore themselves. Now there is only 2 left.” Miirik nodded again & sat deep in thought. (Miirik, What I don’t understand is this. If this tower is on this whole other world, what is it you want with me? What am I to do to stop this?” (stranger) “you have the ability to travel to that world. Not only that, but not more than 500 miles from where we sit now, there is a group of people who have been to that world, & have crossed paths with that man. One is even a native from there & was a childhood friend of this man. Go to the west & seek out a man named Slappy Kinkaid. You are to gain what knowlege you can from him & then travel to that world to aid the man in ending his loop. The only chance we have in saving everything rests on you.”
Miirik was taken aback. Although he had travelled to other worlds before, it was a very tiring process. & even when he did that, the amount of times he had been outside the recluse of the forest he could count on both hands. So this was a rather monumental undertaking that was being asked of him. (Miirik) “Is there no other way?” The stranger shook his head slowly. This is sheer lunacy Miirik thought to himself. He began stammering & trying to think of some explanation as to why he cannot do this. The stranger 1st began looking annoyed, & then outright frustrated. The strangers arms shot across the table & clamped down on Miiriks head. Miirik began to spasm violently & became rigid. the veins on his neck & forehead bulged outward as though they would burst. the strangers eyes glowed with a bright fiery light. & then, as fast as it had began, it was over. The stranger released Miiriks head & placed his hands back on the table. Miirik was coughing & wheezing. Sweat was pouring from his face as he struggled to regain his composure. Once Miirik had caught his breath he sat exhausted in his chair. (Miirik) “I understand now.” The stranger nodded. He then reached into his cloak & pulled out a long wooden box. He placed the box on the table. “Take this to Kinkaid. He will know what to do. Once he has finished, you and he are to formulate a plan, & then you are to set off to All World.” Miirik nodded his head again. (Miirik) Very well. I will rest & then begin first thing in the morning.” The stranger nodded & then rose to get up. Miirik attempted to stand, but was too drained from their discussion & slumped back into his chair. The stranger walked to the door, opened it & then stepped out. (stranger) “Remember. Everything is resting on your shoulders. You MUST complete this task.” HE then closed the door behind him & began making his way back into the woods at the far end of the clearing.

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August 23, 2013 05:43PM
Journal Entry of Daneeka Rostov

Entry 2

What kind of world can be so clinical, to the point that everything is perfection? Gleaming skyscrapers, and sidewalks that are free of litter. There are no homeless, not a soul goes without. Is it wrong of me to feel so out of place? In the world I remember, it was the diamonds in the rough, that made society so diverse, yet here it is a sea of grey.

I have been outside. The technology is beyond astounding. Hundreds of years ahead of the time of mankind. They use hover cars and bikes. Has the wheel been replaced by electromagnetic pulse technology? What is this reliance on machines to do everything? Street sweepers, that are automated. I had one almost fly up the back of me. I have ridden in those flying vehicles. I was so sick, when it took off and then made a hard right turn, barely no time to catch my breath. They even have these A1′s that can be a woman’s best friend, if you get what I mean. Why would I want to lay with Tin man? The old days, you just bought a battery operated toy, now they talk to you and more. So wrong.

I know, that my attitude does not fit in well with the others. I have seen the looks that Garrock gives me. Probably thinks I am too broody, not appreciative of the splendors that this world offers. But I am an alien here. I don’t belong. Like a square peg in a round hole. I look to the sky….I see the old world in the back of my mind….and I want to go home. But where is home now? I have my mission, I accept that, but at the cost of all I hold dear? Soon..they will come for me, and it starts again…..


Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
September 03, 2013 12:17AM
The Northern Tundra
The sprawling compound was reminiscent of a cold frozen pyramid from a distance. Smoke billowed from the top of the main chambers and many lower huts that could be seen from the countryside. It was known to be a place of learning safety and vigilance. The monks of the Order lived peacefully in the Temple of Drakkeri. The Temple lie hidden to most of Estrion only because those in the Tundra that did survive did not wish for outside interference, and most that did travel that way died soon from the many dangers in the Northern Expanse and the severe cold there. They called them Downworlders anyone outside of the Tundra.

Ts-zak was recently given the higher tattoos of the order. He now had some of the highest knowledge that could be understood. They served no-one but themselves and their purpose. They had high ideals but served no man or god. Covered almost head to toe in tattoos each monk could call upon various powers and abilities. Ts-zak donned his cloak as he had been given his first mission to scout ahead as there had been many omens of late. The border tribes were warring again and the moon had risen in blood. He had left the temple monastery for near a fortnight…

Traveling back soundlessly he sees the first of the rifts appear..
Black beings appearing through holes in the air. They have bodies like beetles and armor and limbs which are like swords themselves. Obsidian and Onyx-like chitin bodies. He cannot discern their nature but seeing his brothers rent and the temple desecrated he realizes even if he reaches them it would be a futile effort. The masters of the order themselves cannot stop them. They are cut down utterly. The temple is razed to the ground for no purpose. and the village burned as well. The beings he watches for a time from a nearby cliff. They finally open more doors through the air and disappear. He realizes somewhere inside these things have a name, rifts. Hes not sure where the knowledge comes from but a slow understanding comes over him and a tattoo begins to draw itself on him, in the shape of a door. He realizes it is only partially complete and hasnt truly ascertained the meaning of it. He knows in his heart that its profound, its part of an answer to many deaths. He is deeply angered by this loss of life. Although he took a vow not to kill unecessarily he believes it truly necessary to eradicate these beings.

He sets off grimly into the night to find answers, robe tight about him covered in furs.

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October 03, 2013 03:02AM
“You going to the Figure Four show on Saturday man?” Johnny asked Slappy. “They always put on a sick show man.” Slappy laughed & nodded. He pretty much went to almost every show that was booked in the small handful of venues he liked to frequent. His friends Johnny, Gus & himself were hanging outside the Rat, a small venue on Lansdowne St just a little off Kenmore Square. “Yeah, better than the set done by these douchebags.” Gus said, referring to the opening band that was currently playing inside. Some talentless group of guys from eastern WA, some city in the middle of nowhere full of rednecks & meth heads. that jumped on a tour of some shitty Seattle band.

“Let’s get out of here. These guys suck.” Gus said. Slappy & Johnny were more than happy to agree. They headed off towards Kenmore Square, planning on seeing what might be going on at the Roxy. “Hey you need to wake up. Something’s going on.” Johnny said to Slappy. “What?” Slappy said. “I am awake.” Johnny didn’t seem to notice. “Dad, you need to wake up.” Slappy didn’t understand what the hell Johnny was talking about. & why was he calling him dad? He looked at Gus as if to say ‘you seein this shit?’

“DAD!” Slappy suddenly snapped awake & was sitting bolt upright in his bed. He looked around for a moment, bewildered at the sudden change of scenery. It took him a moment to mentally wake up. His son Frank, who insisted on being called Ezio, was standing in the bedroom doorway. “Fuck.” Slappy said rubbing at his eyes & looking out the window. “What time is it?” “It is about 5am.” Frank said. “Well what the fuck Frank? Why are you waking me up at this hour for then? The fucking sun isn’t even up yet.” Frank looked annoyed. “I told you, my name is Ezio.” Slappy looked back equally annoyed. “Anyway FRANK, Why the hell are you waking me up?” Frank held out the phone he was holding. “It’s some guy asking for you. He says it’s urgent.” Slappy gestured for Frank to give him the phone, Frank walked over to Slappy’s bedside & handed it over. “This better be a damn emergency.” He barked into the phone. “Sorry to wake you, but we need you down here at the capitol building immediately. There is some bizarre stuff going on with the monitoring we have been doing on that Carrendar world. & it seems to be causing things to go haywire up on the northern ice shelf of our planet.” Slappy groaned. Just how he wanted to start his day. 4 hours early, tired & dealing with some sort of crisis. “Fine. I’m on my way. Have someone dig up that Rostov chick too. Seeing as how that is her world, she might be of some use. Plus I doubt she really has a lot filling up her schedule at the moment.”

He pressed the end button on the phone handset debating whether he should just snooze for a few more minutes, you know, to kind of ease into the day, or just get up & get it over with. He went with the latter option. Fuck it. Those last few minutes of sleep really don’t help any anyway. He tossed on some clothes, & headed off to the Capitol building, half wondering what the mess is & half wondering when he can take a damn nap. Mornings suck.

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
October 06, 2013 04:13PM
The Northern Tundra

Ts-zak traveled south for sometime. Without a word he had soundlessly moved through the expanse of the tundra towards the larger city to the south. As he walked he learned of the powers that lurked there. Seems little was known of the North. He was looked at with a little awe and wonder as he came from there. He spoke less and listened more as was his want, always scouting ahead and looking of signs of these raiders. He needed information more than anything. As he traveled he felt he was being watched many times. Though his perceptions were enhanced he could not detect the presence.
It was something truly otherworldly. The new tattoo burned upon him and at times he felt a fever deepen upon him. He would awake to chills in the night beside the campfires he built. Resting longer than he was want to, but knowing the limits of his own body and endurance. He was human after all.

Ts-zak continued traveling looking for signs hoping to come upon someone on this desolate road. He had a feeling that there was something leading him ahead. The door burned hotter the further south he moved, like it was taking him somewhere. But to where, he did not know….

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
October 09, 2013 06:46AM
The morning after Miirik’s visit from the cloaked stranger, he awoke, packed & prepared for his long journey west. He was just about finished when he heard a knock at his door. Crossing the floor of his hut, from his small bedroom area, he opened the door to find a large muscular man, bald save for a long bushy beard standing in his doorstep. He had never seen, nor met this man before in his long life, in fact, truth be told, aside from his visitor the day prior, he hadn’t had contact with anyone outside the seclusion of the Elurian Forrest for decades. Yet he knew this man would be coming, just as the man surely knew Miirik. The vision thrust upon him from that cloaked figure told him all he needed to know.
The man was named Viktor Zdislav Reznik. Like Miirik himself, he lived in seclusion in a monestary in the Kazik mountain range to the far eastern reaches of Panetova. He was of an order of monks that worshiped a slew of mysterious deities & spent their lives either in deep meditation or honing their combat abilities, which over their lifetimes, they gain an almost incomprehensible mastery of.

Viktor stood silently in the doorway looking at Miirik. Miirik silently looked back. “It is time” Viktor said, his voice thick with a heavy Eastern accent, (simillar to that of an Eastern European accent). Miirki nodded. “I have been awaiting your arrival. There is a third who is to join us when we arrive at the lands of the Kinkaids. He is traveling from the far reaches of the frozen north.” Viktor nodded. “Let us be off then”.

After 2 weeks of uneventful travel, they enter the province of New Cambridge. Little conversation was exchanged between the 2 of them. little to none was needed. the cloaked stranger saw to that. Viktor’s encounter with him was much the same as Miirik’s. They were both deep in thought, pondering the task laid before them. The 2 of them, plus the third from the north were to meet with this Kinkaid man, & with whatever information they gained from him, were to travel to this far off world to break a cycle that had been running for centuries. Truly a daunting task, but one that they had no escape from.

Many gave them odd glances as they walked along, making their way west. They were indeed the odd pair. A tall robed man with jet black skin & stark white hair, & the other a hulking bald, bearded mass that looked more at home in a brawl than anywhere else. But none bothered them.

Miirik pointed ahead as they walked down a busy urban street at a large structure down the road. “There it is.” he said, pointing to the Capitol building of New Cambridge. “It is there that we are to meet this Kinkaid man.” Viktor nodded. They then moved silently on towards their destination.

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
October 09, 2013 07:24AM
Garrock was always an early riser. He never even needed an alarm clock. 4am he was up, awake & alert every morning. HE decided to get an early jump on the day, & was down at the Capitol building filing some research reports on the tissue cloning experimentation being done at the labs when he decided to drop in on the interdimensional monitoring center & see whats new in the world of space age 1984.

“Hello Jensen, whats the word?” He said cheerfuly to a man that was staring at the bank of large screen monitors canvasing the wall. Jensen was the on shift supervisor for the night shift & an old friend of Garrocks. They were sitting in adjoining seats on the ill fated airline that brought them both here those many years ago. Jensen was a good enough old guy, well old if you consider middle age to be old. He had long since developed a bit of a pot belly, his hairline had long since said adios, bit was otherwise in reasonably good shape. He grew up in Tennessee, rural kid like Garrock was, served 15 years in the Army, then retired to work in security after moving back home. Garrock & Jenson became pretty close after they came to this world, mainly because people from the US on earth was a rarity. People from the south was even more rare.

“Hm? Oh hi Garrock” Jenson said distractedly. He was staring bemusedly at the monitors as though he was trying to piece together a puzzle of a not so clear picture. “You alright?” Garrock asked him. “Yeah” Jenson said. “It’s just I can’t make heads or tails of this. Take a look up there.” Jenson said pointing at the screen fartest to the right. The one that displays activity going on in the world ran by the Carrendars. “it just doesn’t make sense. I mean one moment, things seem to be about as normal as can be expected from them, but every few minutes it looks like the place is a full on warzone in full riot mode. then the next, it’s back to the way it was before. It’s like looking at a world where a totally separate one keeps trying to poke up from underneath or something. I tell ya, it don’t make a lick of sense to me. & take a look over there at our planet. Now there is what looks like a serious radiation pocket right up north, right about the same proximity for us as that big meltdown in Malthos point in the Carrendars world. I mean we’re talkin Nuclear bomb testing site in New Mexico radioactive. & look way further up.” Jensen said pointing way up on the frozen ice shelf, which is mostly just tundra & glaciers. “There seems to be something wacky goin on there, but I can’t quite figure it out. Shit I didn’t even know anything even lived up there. I mean I suppose if northern Alaska has people living there, then there would be no reason to assume no one would live in those kind of conditions here, but shit man.”

Garrock didn’t really catch much of the latter half of what Jensen was saying because his attention was fixed solidly on the monitors. Jensen wasn’t exagerating. On the monitor showing the home planet of the Carrendars, things seemed fine & normal, then all of a sudden it was an explosion of war, then back to that it was before. That alone looked alarming, not to mention the shit up north.

“Get Slappy on the phone. He needs to get down here now.” He said to Jensen. He barely heard Jensen explaining to whoever answered, probably that dumbass son of his who thinks he is in a video game, that he needs to talk to slappy right away. His attention was rivited back on the monitors.

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
October 10, 2013 06:04AM
Capitol building


Daneeka was half asleep when she got the call that Slappy wanted to have her meet with the others at Capitol building, to discuss issues concerning the Carrendar world where she was from. Groaning, she righted herself, tossing the cell phone down the side of the bed, before throwing her legs over the side of her bed, and rubbing her eyes. Her blonde hair was tousled, much as you would expect from someone that had just woken up. With dark circles under her eyes, it was easy to say she had not been able to get much sleep. In the back of her mind, something was eating away at her, but she couldn’t put her finger on what that was exactly. Pushing herself up to standing, Daneeka stretched out fully, then slouched, as she went to hunt for something suitable to wear in her small closet. A checkered shirt, jeans and boots, were the order of the day, and she got dressed fairly quickly, then searched for a brush to tidy up her blonde mop of hair. A small black tie, and she had her hair up in a pony tail, now looking fairly decent. Daneeka went to the basin in her bathroom, and splashed cold water on her face, in an aid to wake herself up further. It was going to be one of those rushed mornings, with no time for breakfast or coffee. Damn. That was not going to improve her mood.

Leaving her apartment, the streamlined city that welcomed her gaze was always a sobering reminder of where she had come to end up with her journey with Slappy and his gang. Not that she didn’t appreciate being unlocked from the prison of the cyborg, she just was a long way to finding her true self, if she ever did. Walking with a strut, she passed by many pedestrians and city folk, going about their ritual morning routines. A sea of nameless faces. None she knew, their lives alien to her. A good half hour by foot and she had reached the Capitol building. So this was it. Daneeka stood before it with her hands on her hips.

Glancing around, she half expected Slappy to rock on up behind her and try to scare her silly with his off the cuff remarks. She knew she wasn’t on his list of friends, more like this nuisance he picked up for the Carrendar world. Daneeka could be useful of course, when it came down to it. She knew more about Lisega than Slappy did, and if that was what this meeting was about, then Slappy might need her brain after all. Exhaling she was about to head inside, when a young boy ran up to her.

“Daneeka? Is it really you?” The boy must have been all of twelve years old, with a shock of wavy blonde hair and the bluest eyes you ever did see. He was dressed of this world, and his face was fresh and clean. Odd.

“Howz do you knowz my namez?” The Russian asked with a quirk of her brow. Clearly this kid caught her off guard, for she had not recollection of him at all. The boy placed his hand on his chest and then said loudly.

“It’s me, Luka. Don’t play that game of ‘you can’t remember”” he said, giving her a nudge in the ribs. This didn’t go all that well, and she shoved him back. “Your Mother never teachz you mannerz?” she said, starting to get aggravated. The boy let out a laugh, and then rubbed his side, since Daneeka wasn’t exactly a soft touch. “Come on…you have been more like a mother to me than my real one.”

This had Daneeka wondering if she was still dreaming. She started to pinch herself just to be sure. Daneeka made an ow face and then realized she really was awake. The boy then moved in and wrapped his arms around her, hugging her tight.

“Now I found you, I am never letting you go.” The boy cried, burying his face into her chest. Daneeka stood there, not sure if she should pat the boy or kick him to the curb. Other pedestrians were watching and she cringed at what they were thinking.

Better yet, what would Slappy think?


Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
October 10, 2013 05:07PM
Nearing Capitol

Ts-zak’s fever burned out finally but as it did the door in his mind seemed to solidify. As it did there were certian things he seem to become aware of energies around people became apparent. As did the energy of the world itself. He felt as if he could actually draw energy from the ground. Though he wasn’t sure yet how to control it. He felt it could be directed. He knew the door was part of it. That these creatures weren’t of this world they were behind that door. He continued to travel ever southward. The dreams visited him even in a state of wakefulness. Mumbling to himself various people on the road shied away from him worried that the man might stike him as he was fearsome and foreboding. He kept to himself and said little despite his mumblings…

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
October 15, 2013 04:52AM
Upon arrival at the Capitol building, Slappy went straight to the interdimensional monitoring center to see what the big emergency was. He never was much of a morning person, so he wasn’t exactly in the most cheerful mood.

HE made his way into the monitoring center, made a beeline straight to the coffee pot. He grumbled a bit under his breath while pouring himself a cup of joe. From there, he walked to the large bank of monitors at the far wall. Jensen, the one who called him in was standing talking with Garrock at the bank of monitors at the far end. Slappy walked over to them sipping at his coffee & squinting at the monitors as he approached.

“Ok guys, what’s the crisis here?” He asked them. Jensen filled him in on the same details he had previously discussed with Garrock. Slappy peered at the monitors as Jensen spoke, listening closely. “So what do you think Garrock? What’s your take on this mess?”

Garrock thought for a moment. “Well I don’t know what to make of the situation going on on that other planet, or that stuff way up north, but that stuff going on right there…” he said pointing to the area of the radiation anomalies, “I would be willing to bet is some sort of post fallout bleed over effect from that big incident at that Malthos point place back on their world, back some, what was it? 10 years ago?”

Slappy nodded. “Might be. That Rostov chick will be here soon. She might be able to give us some insight on it.” Slappy had no issues with Daneeka Rostov. She seemed nice enough, although really a downer with her constant gloomy attitude. He knew that she was somehow part of that creature that Jules got in a shooting match with at the meeting hall in Lorewall way back when, & that both he & she were instructed to bring her back here. But shit, that was 10 years ago & neither of them got any sort of directions on what the damn purpose for it was. & shit like that bugged him. Made him nervous.

Garrock smirked & chuckled. “Good. Maybe giving her something to do will give her a break from brooding all the time.”

“I hate to break up the morning gossip session gentlemen, but can we focus on the more pressing matter here if you don’t mind?” Jensen cut in, looking slightly annoyed. “We need to figure out just exactly how to address this issue, & I do believe that time is a factor here.”

“Sorry” Slappy said. “Do continue”. Jensen shook his head a bit. “Well whatever is going on over there, we need to figure out a way to curb any of it spilling over because if that mess up there…” again pointing to the area of the radiation spike, “is the result of things going on over there, if this big ol war going on over there bleeds over, we’re in for a whole mess of shit.”

Slappy nodded again. “Alright, once Rostov is here, we can start figuring out what to do next.”

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
October 15, 2013 05:42AM
Inter dimensional Monitoring Centre

Using her special security pass, Daneeka managed to convince the guard on the duty door, that she could let the young boy, Luka enter the building with her. The guard used a special screening hand tool, to wave over both of them for signs of the chip, but both came up blank. He grumbled something under his breath, as the key pass that Daneeka had been given by Slappy to turn the activation panel to green.

“See…toldz you.” Daneeka said with her rich russian accent. She flicked back her blonde bob, while Lukas was smirking at the rotund guard, who looked like he had enjoyed one too many donuts. He lowered the screener, and then let the pair through. Daneeka and Lukas walked past a lot of the plain dressed workers in the building, all had special insignia’s on their shirt collars. Daneeka and Lukas both stood out like sore thumbs in this corporate world. Reaching the row of lifts, Daneeka stopped then pressed the up button, before standing back, to stare up at each of the lift directional panels. Lukas took out a hand held game and started to play it, with its chiming musical theme repeating over and over like a broken record. Daneeka frowned, not enjoying suddenly becoming a surrogate to a twelve year old boy.

“Mustz you?” Daneeka said, just as their was a ping, and a light arrow on the third lift pointing up. She gestured for Luka to follow her, and they both entered the lift, where there was even more nauseating music playing. It was like there was no place on this world where you had perfect silence. Just constant techo musical babble. Her mood just wasn’t getting any better, and this was sure to annoy the crap out of Slappy.

Reaching the floor of the inter dimensional monitoring center, Daneeka could see by the frenzy of activity, the rise of voices and of course, Slappy and Garrock in the thick of it, that something big was going on. Daneeka got a whiff of the smell of coffee, and she couldn’t help but go pour herself a cup, while Luka was captivated by the walls of screens, that showed images of a planet far from their own. “Woah.” The young boy said, as Daneeka returned to his side, coffee cup in hand. She took a sip, then when she focused clearly on the images, her face suddenly became drawn. It was her world, or…what looked to be her world. At first she was confused as to why the focus would be on it, and she then chose that moment to approach Slappy, who was speaking to Jensen. Luka followed closely behind, pocketing his gaming device, as the mood appeared to be serious. No time for toys.

Daneeka was not about to beat about the bush. She jumped straight in on seeing her home world.

“Someone want to tellz me vhat iz going on?”


Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
October 15, 2013 06:39PM
Gates of the Capital 

Ts-zak’s fever had continued burning unabated. And now his body had somehow adapted. He no longer felt hot or cold it was as if temperature itself did not matter. Though he was sure that he was very hot as passersby remarked at how hot he must be and he could see steam rising off his form. He now could see energy off of the different beings around him almost like their heat but he knew from his training it was their Chi or life energy. He could see it off the plants too. He no longer felt crazy, he could actually draw the enrgy into himself and manipulate it/ As he moved he gathered it in balls and spun it around. The first time he did it near a bridge about 10 miles from the capital he destroyed nearly a grove of trees with the concussive force he detonated. He decided it best to keep the energy small and focused. What had happened to him? As he traced the door shaped rune on his arm he knew now what it meant but he did not want to test it. He did not understand yet what he was or why this had happened.

Along the way he had heard of this scientist a man named Kinkaid from the travelers. He was said to know of other worlds.

Even other times and places. He wondered what else he might know. He heard he was within the capitol and made a decision to seek him there. Resolving to find him he began his search. As he crossed the final bridge into the capital proper he began to feel the energy of a odd sort coming from a central location and headed towards it. perhaps this Kinkaid could be found there.

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
October 16, 2013 11:46PM
Garrock stood watching the monitors while waiting for Slappy to arrive.Every few minutes or so, the Carrendar planet, Lisega or whatever it was called seemed to go through a Silent hill like shift where it flipped between it’s normal reletively scummy self to a full on war zone. The last time that they had a huge war like that, a large land mass, (oddly the same dimensions of Lacardis) about 1000 miles off the southwestern tip of Panetova was swallowed by the sea. So it goes without saying that this was somw serious shit.

Slappy walked in about 30 minutes later, getting his caffene fix.
(repeat from Slappy’s post)
“Ok guys, what’s the crisis here?” He asked them. Jensen filled him in on the same details he had previously discussed with Garrock. Slappy peered at the monitors as Jensen spoke, listening closely. “So what do you think Garrock? What’s your take on this mess?”

Garrock thought for a moment. “Well I don’t know what to make of the situation going on on that other planet, or that stuff way up north, but that stuff going on right there…” he said pointing to the area of the radiation anomalies, “I would be willing to bet is some sort of post fallout bleed over effect from that big incident at that Malthos point place back on their world, back some, what was it? 10 years ago?”

Slappy nodded. “Might be. That Rostov chick will be here soon. She might be able to give us some insight on it.” Slappy had no issues with Daneeka Rostov. She seemed nice enough, although really a downer with her constant gloomy attitude. He knew that she was somehow part of that creature that Jules got in a shooting match with at the meeting hall in Lorewall way back when, & that both he & she were instructed to bring her back here. But shit, that was 10 years ago & neither of them got any sort of directions on what the damn purpose for it was. & shit like that bugged him. Made him nervous.

Garrock smirked & chuckled. “Good. Maybe giving her something to do will give her a break from brooding all the time.”

Not long after, Daneeka came in with some kid following in tow wanting to know what is going on. “Well we were hoping you could answer that for us. You know that place better than we do. Any ideas?”

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
October 17, 2013 12:14AM
Miirik & Viktor arrived at the capitol building. They made their way effortlessly through the maze of hallways & offices as they knew precisely where to go, thanks to the stranger whom had previously visited them.

Approaching a bay of elevator doors, they stood in silence as they waited for the elevator to arrive. Neither of them had ever seen such a place as this building, nor anything they found in the lands of the Kinkaid Republic in thier lives. Miirik had never even left the secluded canopy of the Elurian Forest before, & Viktor had never left the recluses of the Kazik mountains. Had the cloaked visitor not crammed all this knowledge into their heads, they would have been lost in a mixture of amazement, wonder, total alienation & fear at the things they encounterd. Even with that knowledge, they still found themselves marveling at all they saw, much like passers by likely thought of them.

A bell dinged & the doors opened. They then entered & stood motionless waiting for their floor. “Vut is that noise?” Viktor asked, as the sound of shitty techno muzak piped out of the elevators speakers. “It sounds terrible.”

Miirik nooded in agreement, but remained silent. There was no arguing though, if this is what passed for music in this culture, they must be beyond tone deaf.

Once the elevator reached their floor, they walked down the hall to a security guard standing next to the door for the monitoring center. The guard’s eyes went wide with amazement looking at the pair of them.

“Hello. We wish to speak with the man known as Slappy Kinkaid. We were told to find him here.

The guard seemed as though he was about to object, but then shook his head & passed his security card over the access panel by the door. “Go for it.” He said.

As Miirik & Viktor passed through the door, they heard the guard muttering about how with all the wierd shit going on this moring it wouldnt matter anyway, not only that, but Kinkaid would do a better job fending for himself than he could do, & he wasn’t paid enough to deal with freaks like that & yadda yadda.

They emerged into a room with an amazing amount of surveilance equipment, & foreign gadgetry everywhere. They saw the man they came to speak with talking with some woman with a child at her heel, & 2 other men. They approached them & paitently awaited being addressed.

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
October 17, 2013 12:26AM
Slappy stood watching & sipping at his coffee as Daneeka was talking with Garrock about the Lisega hijinks. “Well Daneeka, you are from there. Maybe there is something that you can see that we can’t.” He said. He then noticed the kid with her & gestured to him with the hand he was holding his mug with. “Who’s the fan club?” he asked. “Hey kid. There’s doughnuts over by the coffee pot. Go ahead & grab one.”

He then went to return his attention to the discussion with Rostov & Garrock when he saw 2 weird looking dudes walking over. He looked them both over for a moment. “Hey Garrock. Look” he said, motioning to Miirik. “It’s your twin.” He said & chuckled to himself.

Looking back at the visitors, he wasn’t going to even ask how they got past security. Those guys were next to useless, but technically a necessity.

“So what can I do for you two?” Slappy asked them.


Kroza’s Story – by SoraCarrendar.

Kroza’s Story

by SoraCarrendar

The sounds of a hooves thundering through the forest resounded through the air as a quartet of rider’s raced away from the countless demons and humans chasing them. Each horse was being driven hard towards the clearing that rapidly approached before long the quartet of rider’s blasted out of the forest and across the clearing. As the quartet raced across the clearing the one in the rearmost position would peel away and dismount his steed, this caused the other three to stop and look back questioningly. At this stop the fourth rider bellowed “GO!! Let me buy you time my dear family.!!” Almost as one the other three rider’s nodded their heads and took off across the clearing once more. The fourth rider was wearing a black cloak that had its hood pulled up over his face to conceal his features before the rider reached up and pulled it down to reveal the features of Kroza Blackburn the demon of the west. Kroza sighed gently to himself knowing that in this delaying act he would be killed but it was worth it for the lives of his mother and two younger siblings.

The demonic warrior was armed with a pair of hellsworn swords meaning they possessed the ability to drain the souls of those they killed with ease, along with the hellsworn swords was a single scythe that measured six feet long with a vicious two foot curved blade. Kroza himself stood at eight feet three inch’s tall and bore the trappings of a souleater. What was a souleater one may ask? A souleater was a demon that devoured the souls of those it killed to gain their knowledge while also being able to tap into the slain one’s powers. Since Kroza was over a century old he had slain countless warriors in battle and consumed their souls to be used as his own. This meant that Kroza had the power to manipulate the elements with ease along with breathing gouts of fire and ice along with bolts of lightning. Kroza also had mastered every martial art known to man along with some forbidden arts that few even remembered. The demonic warrior sighed to himself as he closed his eyes shutting out the sense of sight which in turn brought his remaining sense’s upto near unheard of levels. His nose was able to detect the barest traces of the fear pheramones as the horde broke into the clearing before coming to a complete halt upon seeing the demon of the west waiting for them. The pause was all the three remaining rider’s needed to get away to the other side of the clearing and across the bridge that spanned the ravine.

This pause brought one of the overseers forward who chuckled softly upon seeing the single demon causing such fear from his men. “You whelps are all afraid of a lone demon? Oh c’mon now how hard can it be to dispatch a single demon barely into his adulthood??” Kroza snorted as he opened his eyes which where blazing with power that he had begun to accumulate as the overseer went on his tyrade. “Perhaps you don’t know who your dealing with….and they do…now would you like your death quick and painless or slow and agonizing? Oh wait you don’t have a choice in your death….” Kroza spat out at the overseer while the earth began to rumble and shift before a pair of stone slabs each weighing two and a half tons came up on either side of the overseer before slamming together with a loud crack turning the once mighty overseer into nothing more then a smear of blood on the ground. As soon as the overseer was killed by Kroza the horde would rush forward towards the lone demon who shrugged and fell to his knee’s with his hands on the ground before a gaping fissure opened up beneath the horde and dropped them straight into the earth’s core. Of course those dropped into the earth’s core where incinerated instantly before the fissure closed and Kroza slowly stood up with a lopsided grin. Then with a howl Kroza fell forward with a blade jutting from his spinal column seeming as if he had been killed by the thrown knife. However the second the body hit the ground a plume of smoke rose and revealed the slain Kroza to be a mere log with the real Kroza nowhere in sight.

The demonic warrior had in fact become one with the earth thanks to one of the older techniques he had learned from his mother who was an earth demon herself. As Kroza remained hidden within the earth itself he would grin before moving through the earth at breakneck speeds towards the gathering mob. Once he was in the center of the gathered mob of warriors he would erupt from the earth and lash out with his scythe easily cleaving through eight warriors before they even knew what happened. The second Kroza landed a dozen blades where arcing towards him all once before they collided with the haft of his scythe causing each of the blades to shatter upon contact with the cursed weapon.   As the blades shattered against the haft of the cursed weapon the warriors weilding them would growl in annoyance before falling upon the crouched demon in a flurry of fists and spouted obscenities. Althought they outnumbered him Kroza was not afraid as he had always been taught to never surrender. He grunted as fist after fist connected with his body and battered him further into a crouch as he bid his time for the moment. The second the chance arose which was a mere minute later Kroza would spin the scythe around his body cleaving all twelve warriors in half at the stomach causing each of the bodies to hit the ground with a thump as blood pooled outwards from their corpses. For hours this fight raged between the demon of the west and the endless hoards of the warlord wanting his family dead for daring to defy him.

Day turned to night as the forces of the warlord who had yet to be named or identified retreated to their camp for the night. Worn and battered Kroza sat down and groaned as his eyes fluttered shut for the night while a barrier of earth slowly rose to protect him till he woke. It was clear that the famed demon of the west was fighting as his namesake instilling fear and respect in the warriors he fought however the wounds he had suffered where numerous and not even mother earth could entirely mend his body as he had suffered every type of injury throught possible aside from losing a limb or anything of that sort. After sleeping the night away Kroza awoke to the sounds of the camps readying for the days coming battle. While Kroza readied himself he remained silent as a wraith with the only noise he made being the rustling of his weapons and the near inaudible whisper of the winds. As soon as Kroza was ready the earthen barrier slowly faded into the earth which allowed a searing wall of flames to erupt in a growing circle until it had incinerated every warrior who had encircled the small encampment he had made for the night. With the most immidiate threat dealt with Kroza would sigh to himself before leaping to the left to avoid a flurry of arrows that whizzed passed him and exploded upon contact with a tree at the edge of the clearing. Kroza paid the explosive arrow no heed as he walked forward towards the battlelines of the warlord with a calm even pace. Once he had closed the distance he would slowly slaughter his way through the lines of countless warriors heading towards the camp of the warlord himself. Through hours of fighting and numerous cuts and gashs inflicted to his body Kroza had fought his way to the warlord’s tent which brought a grin to his face.  With the Warlords tent in plain sight Kroza would chuckle to himself before grunting in pain as an arrow embedded itself in his right shoulder which he soon tore from his flesh causing it to take a small chunk of meaty flesh from his body.  No sooner had the arrow been removed from his body a decent sized fireball would slam into Kroza’s chest coating his chest in searing flames which burned his skin to the third  degree. As his skin was burned away Kroza would shriek in pain and torment before slowly staggering back to his feet as the impact of the fireball had knocked him flat on his ass. While staggering back to his feet the warlord was seen slowly walking towards the now crippled warrior known as Kroza. Kroza would look fearlessly into the warlords eyes before mustering enough strength to swing his scythe around in a blistering arc.  The warlord would sneer at kroza before blocking the blow with his forearm despite the bone breaking upon contact with the cursed haft of the scythe. This warlord was not a human but a greater demon of wrath who howled a warcry before lunging towards Kroza in a fury. Kroza on the other hand knew his life was drawing to a close but refused to go down without a fight. As the warlord rushed him Kroza would chuckle softly before a spire of earth shot up into the warlords gut ripping through his heavy plate armor. However the warlords momentum was enough to break the tip off and leave it embedded in his gut as he continued towards Kroza with murder in his abyssal eyes. The warlord would swing his left hand around which held a single long sword in it’s grasp.

It was clear to kroza that this would be the killing blow and end his life with the cold caress of steel ripping through his heart and chest cavity so he chuckled to himself and readied a massive fireball before hurling it at the warlord as he screamed defiantly. “IF I DIE YOU DIE WITH ME!!!!!” The warlord’s blade came swiftly ripping through Kroza’s chest and slicing his Aorta open leaving him to bleed out as the fireball consumed the warlord’s head turning it into a pile of ashs. The last things Kroza ever saw or thought about was that he had given his family enough time to escape the warlord’s horde’s at the cost of his own life.  The bodies of the two warrior lay right beside each other as the day went on heedless of the loss of two lives within hours of the day starting.  ~Six months later~  “This is the dawn of a new era ushered in by Kroza’s sacrifice. He alone allowed us to escape if he hadn’t sacrificed himself we would all be dead” A femine voice said laden with greif at the loss of her eldest son.  The women then stood up slowly and closed the book she had written about her son’s courageous activities that fateful day six months ago to the day. She then looked down at her growing family with a soft smile before speaking again. “Perhaps one day you will all be as great as your late brother was my lovelies… time for bed” A chorus of groans echoed the room before the pitter patter of young feet faded away as the kids ran to their room after hearing their favorite story of their heroic eldest brother Kroza. With the children gone Esmeralda would lower her head and begin to cry as she still mourned the loss of her eldest son and refused to believe he was dead before after a few moments of crying she straightened herself and headed to bed as well vowing not to let her son’s sacrifice be in vain……

“The Dark Ages”
“Old Scars and New Scars”
-Charlotte had returned to the real world still in the same spot she was in before. Arren was away for the moment as a small young Chichiagwa was walking down to her with a tray of food. On this tray of food there was a feast of a balanced meal having a piece of elk steak prepared medium rare with mashed potatoes that seemed to seasoned with garlic along with some peaches. For beverages she had Coffee black it was steaming hot you could see the vapors coming off the tops along with some orange juice and water. The young little Chichiagwa placed the tray on the stone table which was empty now other than the try that was there before. The small wolf pointed to the tray as she said.- “Lord Arren would want you too eat. Your must be really tired and hungry after your visit. I am sure you wanted to stay longer.” -She bow lowly as he looked back up while tilting her head.- “Are there any questions you have Miss?” -she waited for an answers from Charlotte.–Mean while Arren prepared Jalal and Imay. Arren was looking at them with honesty as he walked forward nodding to both of them.- “Let us get ready Imay. We may have little time.” -Arren smirked knowing this being had the right idea however it seemed Imayaruk his own nephew seemed to not understand with the requests.- “Oh and if you are able, would you mind opening a portal to the hatchery cave back on the old home world, uncle? We might need Nesuki’s help for this.” -Arren frowned as he knew that was not possible since this body was only a construct not the entire being. Opening the portal the home world could drain this body of its life force as he shook his head. It would be best if he didn’t bring his goddaughter into this.- “That wouldnt be the best idea. For one this body is merely a construct, I have limited power and limited amount of energy. Opening that portal would drain this body. It would take me longer to bring another form of myself to this world. As well you need to remember you do not want to draw attention to yourself with your goddaughter. This is not the place to endanger your loved ones my Nephew.” -he walked towards them as he sighed opening his left paw only to reveal he had two pendants. These pendants were something different than they would know it was the wolf head that was pure silver its detail was off the wall very laid out. Along with detail of the howling towards something in the air. Arren looked to both of them as he nodded for them to take them.- “These are pendants they are keys to the gate way from here to Lorewall and it can also bring you back. All you must do is say the words on the back with your hand touching the pendant. It will open the portal as soon as you do. The words are pronounced Saundo-fu himizu.” -he tapped his staff on the ground as smiled continuing.- “You both are going to be finding some people in the Lorewall. Sarah, Anya and young Volfen who prayered to me named Gabriel have surfaced and it seems they are of importance to the ones who attacked Conan and the others. I need to you Imayaruk being that you are of the Gorya bloodline you should be able to sense Both of their energy. However It goes without saying how important this is for you to bring them back alive. Anyone else who is able or even of importance bring them as well. I cannot see where this is going. As far as we know the enemy could be planning to use them as weapons of mass destruction. If you find trouble try not to engage unless push comes to shove. I am entrusting this to both of you since my Son in law cannot fight as well Charlotte is exhausted. Please be careful and make haste. As well Imayaruk, Jalal, Do not carry a big group if you need to have Jalal bring people back while you search for the other. I am sure you understand what I am be this.” -Arren waited for them to take off while he stood there he was after all entrusting them with a task that time is of importance.-

-Sarah may had been out cold but she could feel herself being cold. As the priestess was brushing her hair she could feel warmth from her. In the attempt of trying to sleep as well as keep warm she turned over only to curl into her. She was groaned feeling hungry and tried she was too weak to even open her eyes as she called out for the one she called father.- “Daddy please save me.” -she started to cry latching on the skirt of the priestess dress tugging on it.-

Sarah was in a never ending nightmare that will never end for her or her sister. This was the day of the black sun.

Opening her eyes, still upset from being dragged back from the afterlife, Charlotte came to her senses, and saw where she was. It was over. She had been pulled back to reality by Arren no doubt, even though she had begged and pleaded for more time. Slowly lowering her hands to her sides, she realized she was not alone. A small young Chichiagwa was coming towards her, carrying a tray of food. All of which smelt delicious of course, and the Chichiagwa told her that Arren felt she would be hungry after her journey and this meal would be good for her.Arren must have known she was back, and watching from somewhere hidden. Charlotte sank to her knees, and then gestured for the tray to be placed on the ground before her. It was a sumptuous feast, but the one thing that caught her eye…was the coffee. Maybe this would help calm her nerves. She took up the cup with both hands, and blew away the steam that was rising from the black fluid. Charlotte had swore, she was never drinking tea again, after all that had happened, and as she took a sip of the coffee, she felt its antioxidants race through her system.

Sighing, she set the cup down, and then played with her food with her head bowed, lost in her thoughts on Shadow.


-Jalal listened with rapt attention as Arren spoke. He seemed quite wise. Explaining he was a construct explained much to Jalal. He was not truly in this realm but acting in a partial form. That was much like the intelligences did though he had never heard of any but the evil energies doing so. This was indeed a first. He would gladly help Arren he thought. Taking the pendant he understood what he meant when he said he must take care about the size of the group, that was indeed important. He could create larger rifts if need be, but the larger he made the more attention he might create and there was a necromancer about in Lorewall. If they needed to save others that was of paramount importance. All other things would have to be put aside to complete the task, even if one might wish otherwise. Jalal packed light as he already had fresh food and water and the pendant with him as well as his bag containing the pyramid and various other supplies. He was ready to move. Looking with a quiet look to Imay to make sure he was also ready he moved out to make sure there was room for both of them then reading the back of the pendant he read the inscription aloud knowing in this place the nexus’s energy would create its own portal…” Saundo-fu himizu” Jalal said in a loud drone.
As he did he was cast into a portal being transported to Lorewall….-

- Imay Listened to his uncle carefully, and could understand the drains using a construct body, having a history with them from before he ever knew of the Gorya. ” I understand Uncle that is why i said ‘if you are able’. To behonest I figured she could give me another set of eyes but that was hopeful.” Imay said calmly as he took the second amulet, “I think i can handle with just Jalal thanks to my bag of tricks, though it might be best to have any of the Volfen that can still fight waiting on this side of the portal just in case”. Imay’s heart stopped hearing the name “Sarah”. As soon as the portal was open Imay bolted through the portal, yelling to Jalal to keep close.

Gabriel gasped almost silently at the movements of Sarah, taken by surprise as she maneuvered around to not wake up the sleeping child. She sat on the ground indian style, pulling Sarah close to let her feel her warmth and made an effort to make her feel safe and comfort. While Gabriel held the child, she stared into the darkness of the shadows that were being casted but on-coming lights. She did not know what to think of the words she heard Sarah say in her slumber, “Daddy please save me.” and began to think about her own family who have been taken from her. She inhaled a slight painful breath, trying to forget that horrible night that she had witnessed and Gabriel was holding back tears of sorrow.
-While Charlotte drank her coffee and ate some of her food Arren had left knowing that the others had taken to Lorewall. He walked back from the Gardens to see her depressed and down. She seemed to be still upset over the loss of her friend. The Chichiagwa had taken her leave with Arren coming back to check on her. He knew of her pain and as well knew she would have loved to stayed longer however he couldn’t allow her to stay any longer than he did. He made his way back to the table as he sat down slowly. Arren’s eyes looked at her tray of food only to see most of her food was still on her plate, he gazed up at her as he asked.- “Wishing you could have stayed longer Charlotte? Or are you wondering why you were the one sent there to speak with your best friend?” -he placed his bo staff next to him as waited for her response.–As both Jalal and Imayaruk traveled through the portal they would in fact travel to Lorewall instead of coming in the estate of the industrial the ended up porting in mid-air right above Charlotte’s penthouse as the only place to land was the balcony as they would enter.-

-Anya sat next to Luna closely holding on to her arm as she had been all day. Luna had been keeping everything off her mind as a close friend. It was like she was her sister in a way. They both were on the couch as Anya tried to keep her head up as she was falling asleep. It seemed something was coming which in a split second her head shot straight back up looking over at the window. She leaned over to Luna as she asked.- “Did you hear something?” -if anyone else heard it the sound was like a low tone “ZOOM!” that had left as quick as it came Anya sat there trying to think of what it could.-

-Mean while as Sarah was asleep her night seemed to have left her as the woman had been holding her. She became very quiet and groaned in her sleep as she was finally quieting down. It seemed the danger had left the two young ladies for the moment. Were they truly safe?-

~Back to reality…in the living years~

Charlotte glanced up as she pushed her fork around the plate listlessly. She had to find it in herself to say what was in her heart, but feared all that emotion would just bubble to the surface and she would fall back into the well of sorrow. Placing down her fork, and then shifting her coffee cup along, she drew her hands back to her lap, and pursed her lips. Looking ready to speak. Course Arren must have known what occurred there. He was the one that had pulled her back from the afterlife when the clock finished chiming.

“You know I wished to stay longer, Arren. No doubt you heard my screams of protest.” Charlotte said, pushing herself to standing and then turning her back on him for a moment, madly wiping at her eyes, and trying to regain her composure. Her wit was something she relied on to act as a shield against getting hurt, but that had left her it seemed, and she couldn’t string the right words together.

“I know perfectly well why I was sent. He was my best and dearest friend.” At this point she turned around, and there was something odd in her appearance. A fine grey lock of hair, which ran down the full length of her hair had appeared, like a silver streak, but it was connected to her time in the after life. Course, she couldn’t see it, but Arren would be able too. Brushing her hair back behind her ear, she said. “They say knowledge is power…I believe this. What I also know is that my children are in danger from the same man that killed Shadow. I understand his children’s roles in all this.” She approached Arren and said.

“Now take me to Conan…we are going to need to get him well, in order to continue this quest, or all will be lost.”,woman,asian,costume,fairytale,fantasy-2387cc63f567e5a333e331c10173dbbd_h.jpg


Luna stirred and then she was woken by Anya, who spoke about some sound she heard. Like a low flying jet. Luna sat up with her eyes closed, grabbed the TV remote and pressed a few buttons till the cartoon channel came on.

“Probably…a news helicopter. Watch Teen Titans…or something. I wouldn’t worry about it.” At this she tossed the remote, grabbed a pillow and covered her face before snoring again.


-Jalal felt a spinning sensation as always when traveling through an unstable gateway. This one was from a prime nexus and was leading to a point that held no stasis. He knew as it moved it was not another intersect or it wouldnt have been so choppy a course. As the journey ended it was rather abrupt, he found himself deposited nearly headfirst on a balcony in Lorewall.
He didnt know the place and began to dust himself when from behind him came Imay knocking him forward… “Gah, man. Luckily I wasnt holding a weapon. Who knows where Arren dropped us? ”

Jalal quickly managed to get up and offering a hand to his friend said,

” This looks like Lorewall, though I am not sure exactly where we are. ”

- Imay was sailing through the portal with ease as he had to deal with methods of travel like this quiet frequently. As Imay exited he landed on a balcony with a loud thumb, from his armor around his knees, right hand, and feet hitting the floor. Imay felt Jalal run into him from behind as he wasn’t use to the portals. “Shhh something isn’t right.” Imay said back in a hushed tone at Jalal’s small joke, feeling something off. He knew Sarah was somewhere in Lorewall but it felt like Anya was near. His eyes flew wide as he quickly opened the balcony door and rushed in side. After a few steps into the actual apartment Imay called out in a loud but joking tone, “HEY TROUBLE! YOU IN HERE KID!”, he knew it had to be her but couldn’t understand why his uncle didn’t mention her in the mission. ‘Come on kid answer me I know its you, no one else feels this way.’ Imay thought as he started to pace around the apartment searching for her.
Gabriel looked down at the sleeping child in her lap, smiling ever so gently as she kept an eye on her so she could stay safe. With the breeze blowing in their direction, she sniffed the air, smelling an unfamiliar scent which caused her to snap her head up and look around, wanting to know who or what was near them. She scooped up Sarah even closer to her warm frame, letting out a soft snarl as she was now getting a strange feeling from the atmosphere.
-Arren listened to Charlotte as he sighed crossing his arms as he knew she did want to stay longer in the afterlife however this was something he couldn’t allow knowing full well the risks of traveling from both places as he say the section of hair that turned silver.- “You know I wished to stay longer, Arren. No doubt you heard my screams of protest” -Arren chuckled as he said.- “Two hours was the max I could allow a woman of your age allow to stay. If you hadn’t noticed your exhausted as well you aged two years in your time there. If I would have let you stay any longer the risk would have been higher. Every hour is double in years another hour in the afterlife and you would have aged four years in total.” -he pointed to the tiny section of hair that had turned silver as he continued.- “You want proof just look at your hair. For now you must rest and think on everything.”“They say knowledge is power…I believe this. What I also know is that my children are in danger from the same man that killed Shadow. I understand his children’s roles in all this.”

-He Arren nodded as he sighed thinking to himself that it was the best thing for him to send Jalal and Imayaruk after Anya and Sarah. This was now the task of what could be the most dangerous. Though bringing them hear could be worse than anything. Arren was pondering this idea and his theories it could just give them enough time to prepare for this.- “The reason why I sent Jalal and Imayaruk after both Anya and Sarah. I knew with here and not in Shadow’s home world that this could have been the best choice. I know my nephew’s judgment all to well. He will bring your kids that are with Anya. I will be able to protect them for the time being.” -he looked up at Charlotte noticing she was approaching him further as he sighed.-

“Now take me to Conan…we are going to need to get him well, in order to continue this quest, or all will be lost.”

-Arren’s ear twitched as he heard the sounds go Gonzu talking to someone. As he the giant earth wolf said.- “Conan you must rest. Getting up at this point could cause more damage!” -after the remark was made the sounds of loud bang was heard. The earth wolf flew through the doors breaking them off the rails.- “CRASH!” -the room was wide open as Gonzu rolled across the wooden floors and past the zen garden the sand was instantly lifted in the air when sliding across it. He didn’t land until he made it to the other side where the next wooden floor landing was. As he was laying on his back. The sounds of foots steps were heard as Conan walked out in his kinmo in hand was a pack of cigarettes and his light. The pack of cigarettes were a gift form Charlotte her self as he brought the open pack to his mouth pulling one out as he flicked the lighter open.- “Bullshit! You touch me again Gonzu and I swear I will fucking rip your arm off. Then I will beat you with it.” -Conan pressed down on the flint of the zippo as he lit the cigarette taking an inhale. He brought his arms up trying to stretch only to feel the sharp pain in his chest. He made an expression of pain placing his hand on where he had been stabbed exhaling as he did so.- “Fuck that hurt….” -he walked forward only to see Charlotte and Arren as his eye twitched. He looked directly into Charlotte’s eyes as he said.- “So Spider monkey what did I miss?” -he made a joke to let Charlotte know he was ok for the most part and now into a joking mood.-

-Anya was still hearing things as Luna lifted her head and turned on the T.V. Saying to Anya.-
“Probably…a news helicopter. Watch Teen Titans…or something. I wouldn’t worry about it.” -Anya made a face at Luna that was saying “Seriously?” she heard another sound one of that. The moment she heard she disappeared into the shadows only to move silently looking seeing two figures it was really dark hard to see faces seeing one of them she looked at them being hidden. She moved quickly behind them seeing the one called Jalal. She brought forth her vector’s behind them quickly as the formed a giant hammer that was bigger than the twelve year old girl. The girlish hand moved out from the shadow’s behind the man not making a single noise within her power of control. grabbing the hammer, Anya appeared as she thought. “just some house robbers I can handle them.” her school uniform’s skirt waved for a moment as she jumped into the air yelling as she brought the hammer back and over her shoulder.- “ANYA SMASH!” -the hammer came down in an attempt to strike Jalal it wouldn’t harm him that much but it would surprise him greatly. In the motion of her attempting to strike she heard Imayaruk speak.- ”HEY TROUBLE! YOU IN HERE KID!” -She heard the familiar voice as she said.- “Imay?” -she didn’t stop however as she still as coming down at that moment.-

-Sarah was still asleep only to feel herself pulled in to the woman still tired and sleepy as she mumbled.- “Conan…….” -she went back to sleep. Yet the young Volfen seemed to be very aware of her surroundings as she could smell something. What she was smelling was something evil it would reek of death and rotting flesh as a sound made as figure hissed in the darkness at her. As it moved out of the shadows it revealed itself as a mangled hound in fact it was Doberman breed it growled in the moment it was seen its skin was completely mangled seeing bone and muscle tissue. It braked at her only to have five more move out the shadows looking at her growling. The one that first seen lunged at both of Sarah and Gabriel. As it lunged the seal on the barrier activated as when the dog came into contact with it. The skinless dog was hurled backwards as it whimpered in pain. The other dog barked at the barrier growling as blood was dripping from their mouths. It seemed that these two were trapped in one way and completely surrounded in another. The dogs circled them watching for an opening within the barrier as they barked every so often during the growls. The smell of their flesh was horrid it seemed that they would not leave as they waited for the prey to come out and play.-

“Two hours was the max I could allow a woman of your age allow to stay. If you hadn’t noticed your exhausted as well you aged two years in your time there. If I would have let you stay any longer the risk would have been higher.”Charlotte turned her head side on to Arren, and if looks could kill. “My age? Are you saying..I’m old?” No woman liked to be told something like that, but it only got worse when he told her to take a look at her hair. There was a small pond nearby, and she was going to see if she could spot her reflection and find out what was up with her hair. Sure enough, when Charlotte leaned forward, she saw the large grey sliver of hair that mixed in with the black. “Eek. My hair!” She drew her fingers through it, and saw it was very real. Just then she remembered her children, being back in Lorewall with Anya and she asked if they were going to be safe. Arren had his response, but it didn’t help her feel any better.

“The reason why I sent Jalal and Imayaruk after both Anya and Sarah. I knew with here and not in Shadow’s home world that this could have been the best choice. I know my nephew’s judgment all to well. He will bring your kids that are with Anya. I will be able to protect them for the time being.”

Chalotte was trying to remember who Jalal and Imayaruk were, and she shook her head. “You really trust those two?…these are my children, and Shadow’s. If anything happened to them…” her voice trailed off, not wanting to finish the sentence. Her worst nightmare was that something would happen and she was too far away to stop it. At that moment, she realized how much she needed Conan. And oddly enough, who should throw Gonzu out of that medical room? Oh he was mad, and in need of a cigarette, which he had and took a puff relaxing, after berating Gonzo and anyone else who would listen in that room. Approaching Charlotte, he took a different tack.

“So Spider monkey what did I miss?”

“Whatever you do…don’t drink the tea. I did…and now, look at my hair.” She didn’t think he would be ready to hear, she went to the afterlife to see Shadow. Not yet anyways, with his temper. He had groaned in pain from trying to stretch, and Charlotte whispered. “No yoga classes for at least a week.”



“Yes…now let me sleep.

Anya was not ready to sleep or watch tv after she heard that same noise again. From the bed, Anya moved into the shadows, and kept her ears open, to hear what was coming, while she remained hidden.
Course, Jalal and Imay had come to find the children, and Anya decided she was going to make some noise, and bust some ass. Luna was happily tucked in her bed, unaware of the madness happening, till she heard.

“ANYA SMASH!” Did she think she was the Hulk? another voice…oh there were more people in the room. What would her Mother say? Instead of yelling out, she tossed pillows and cushions at the Scene, and cried out. “Tell them…to go away. This room has become too noisy.” Luna buried herself under the blankets and hoped it would all go away.


Balcony in Lorewall -Jalal had just managed to get up and was speaking to Imay saying…

” This looks like Lorewall, though I am not sure exactly where we are. ”

That was when he got smashed in the head by a random child with a HAMMER!

“OWWW! What was that for?” He said,

Totally bewildered he hears Imay calling out,


Not hurt by the attack due to his armor rune, Jalal was more stunned than anything. He was on his knees trying to figure out

who had just attacked him and who exactly Imay was calling out to…

- Imay’s expression of concern instintly turned to pure joy hearing Anya yell from behind, “Anya Smash”, there was the little trouble maker he loved. He quickly turned around just in time to see Anya beat Jalal with her hammer. “Easy skirt he is with me.” Imay playfully chidded, “Now Anya Uncle Arren sent me and Jalal here to come get you. Are you alone here”? Imay’s face went very serious as he bent down in front of her before stretching out his arms ready to hug her. While he waited for Anya to hug him Imay heard a young girl yell to Anya get everyone one to quiet down, “Oh and skirt you might need to say goodbye to your little friend since Conan and Arren are waiting for us.
Gabriel looked down at Sarah as she heard the name, Conan slip from her lips for she had recognized the name but she did not know how and where she heard his name from. She pondered for a bit but then cringed at the smell of rotten flesh that reeked of death and decay. She snapped her head towards the direction of the hiss that was obviously directed at her which only caused her to cling the child closer to protect her. Once she saw what she witness crawl out of the shadows, she snarled in disgust at the sight of a mangled Doberman whose skin was peeling off in many different places throughout the body and the sight of looking at the bone and muscle tissue was just revolting to the normal eye but the sight did not phase her not one bit. She growled in response to its infernal barking then narrowed her eyes as she saw five more rolling out of the shadows. She grabbed her wakizashi to defend Sarah and her but was taken surprise at the now activated barrier that seemed to have activated when the first mangled mutt decided to lunge at the two to capture them. She gave a soft, emotionless laugh as she saw the beast hurl backwards as it whimpered in searing pain from the barrier. Though the other dog who had barked made Gabriel turn her head as she realized that all of the beasts had blood dripping from their growling maws. She instantly tensed back up, drawing her weapon just in case the mangled dogs found a way into the barrier since she now saw them surrounding the area that Sarah and Gabriel were sitting it though they were protected but unknown magic. The scent of their rotting flesh burnt the hairs in Gabriel’s nose but she had found a way to withstand the horrid scent that seemed to scare all forms of life. She questioned herself, “Who or what had sent these horrid creatures after Sarah and I? What does this being want?” Many questions were running through her seeking mind but she pushed them to the side to keep her focus on one thing, which was to protect Sarah from all danger.

-Arren sighed as he watched Charlotte freak out then she had directed her attention on who he sent after Anya and Sarah as he nodded hearing her words.- “You really trust those two?…these are my children, and Shadow’s. If anything happened to them…” -He looked directly in her eyes as he knew she was worried and knew that she thought that something would happen to them as he interrupted her before she could finish.- “Imayaruk is Shadow’s brother, You should know Shadow’s family has a long line of oaths making them for the benefit of others. Once a Gorya has accepted a task they will succeed or die trying. This is an honor for Imayaruk, He will do this to the best of his ability. He won’t fail I know he won’t for he is the wielder of a reforged weapon that I once wielded when I was just a living deity. As for Jalal he seems to be strong enough to be able to hold his own. As my own theory as to what is at work here. He has the power to dispel dark magic. Even in the end I have instructed them and given them the means to escort properly. If I am wrong about the both of them. I am to blame.” -He heard the explosion of sound as he directed his attention to Conan smirking at Gonzu who was thrown.–Conan smirked as he inhaled and exhaled the drag he took as he listened- “Whatever you do…don’t drink the tea. I did…and now, look at my hair.” -he could smell her scent off her with his noise as he back off for a moment as he asked her.- “Ok you either rolled in something dead or have jump into the afterlife and back, Either those or the tea made you smell a bit Charlotte” -he backed off a bit as he started to blow smoke around her trying to get rid of the smell. Then hearing her tell him.- “No yoga classes for at least a week.” =he smirked as he patted her back saying to her.- “well at least im standing now. Just have to pass on you watching your Yoga instructor teach you how to do a move.” -he stuck his tongue out at her giving a bit of a smart ass remark.-


-Anya looked at the man that had fallen to his knees and then heard Imayaruk as she started to tear up instantly only to hear him say.- “Now Anya Uncle Arren sent me and Jalal here to come get you. Are you alone here?” -She shook her heard only to answer him letting the Shadow hammer disappear.- “I am with Charlotte’s kids. Luna is really nice her and I have been sleeping in the same bed together.” -she made the remark getting excited only to have it smashed in a moments notice with what imayaruk said right after his other.- “Oh and skirt you might need to say goodbye to your little friend since Conan and Arren are waiting for us.” -she looked at him with a serious look as she shook her head saying.- “No, I am not going anywhere without Luna and Seven. Conan told me to stay with them till him and Charlotte got back. They are either coming with us or I am staying till they come and get me.” -she crossed her arms putting her chin up in a second giving a serious face not taking no for and answer.-

-Gabriel and Sarah may be protected but however the sounds of the dogs growls were muffled at the sound of a diesel engine in seconds as it rolled by slowly as it honked its horn. The driver in the truck looked out his window to see both the girls in the dark and the dogs around them. As he stopped his vehicle only to open his door holding a six shot smith & wesson 357. mag. In his hand yelling out the Sarah and Gabriel as he said.- “Hang on Im coming to help yall.” -he was just human as the man stepped down the skinless hounds turned around looking at the man with gun. Growling and bark as the man stopped mid way only to them all notice him. He cocked the hammer on the back of the gun taking aim. In that moment the man did not see the dog that was laying on the ground that had been hurled. The bloody hound got up slowly only to run at the man as he bite the man’s arm forcing the gun out of his hand. The other hands quickly ran up to the man instantly starting to have a great feast they had been delivered the first meal. As one of the dogs bite down on the mans face pulling as hard it as it could the man was now screaming in agonizing pain. It seemed that the worst nightmare for this man was here. He was being eaten alive as he screamed another dog started to rip open the mans guts pulling out intestines biting down as blood poured out on the floor. It was a bloody mess the dog that had a hold of the mans face quickly jerked with its jaw locked ripping off the skin and cartilage in the mans noise you could hear the snap of the broken cartilage this man was seriously bleeding out. the dogs started to feast on entrails it truly was a meal for them as the mans screams of the agonizing pain had stopped the blood lose had become to great with vital organs being torn open. As well as the massive bleeding this man was dead in only seconds of two vital areas being opened. The 5 liters of blood within this man was now all over the sidewalk. They sounds of hunger hounds was all that could be heard for the moment this night has now turned into a nightmare for the living.-

Was Charlotte always this vain about her appearance, or was it that she hadn’t really drunk her coffee? The emotions she felt could be described as being like a roller coaster, a ride that when she got thrown off, in effect, she wasn’t too happy about. The matter of her children however, she was serious about. Already with many still in Lorewall in the Spire of Arachnea, she had yet to even go see them, let alone check in on Anya with the twins; Luna and Seven. Arren’s words to comfort her or reassure her that the two he sent to get the kids, were more than capable and if they failed in their duty of care, that Charlotte could blame him. But, did he even know her kids? Hell, Conan had one hell of a time with Seven, everyone did. He had hit that age, where he believed either he was right, the adults were wrong, or he simply would not pay heed to authority figures. Charlotte stopped a moment, from toying with her new silver streak, to listen with her head tilted with an unsure look as he explained himself.Imay was Shadow’s brother and that alone should carry enough wait in an argument, that he would do his best to ensure the children’s safety, especially since Anya was family to him. Jalal, was strong with the dark arts, and could hold his own in the face of the fight. But these were her children…and to top it off, undeveloped Bebilith with attitude. Charlotte raised her eyes to the sky, just fearing the kinds of things Seven would be saying…or doing for that matter.

“Oi vey.

Right on cue, Conan made his appearance before Arren and Charlotte, and it seemed his comedic wit had also returned, along with his love of his cigarettes.

“Ok you either rolled in something dead or have jump into the afterlife and back, Either those or the tea made you smell a bit Charlotte”

“I DO NOT SMELL!” Charlotte argued, then raised her arm and sniffed her armpit, just to be sure. Glaring at him the next thing she knew he was blowing smoke at her, to kill whatever it was on her that smelt so bad. Coughing, she waved her hand in front of her face. “Must…you do that. I don’t smoke, but now you are making me smell like a smoker.” Oh this was magical. Why was it, men were pissing her off so much today? Could it get any worse? She thought to herself, as Conan poked his tongue out at her. He joked with her about not getting any lookey for now at least at watching any fancy yoga moves, and she rolled her eyes. “Some days…I wish I were a lesbian.”


All the commotion and excitement, along with the two strange men in her room, had Luna sit up in bed….and…

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Rather loudly too. This…brought her twin, Seven running from his room, only to see Anya cuddling a bloke and another one looking…a bit lost. Instantly, Seven went on the defensive.

“Oi..What you two doing in MY sister’s room….and get your hands off Anya…You don’t know where she has been?”

He then started to do some karate kid movie like moves, while Luna hid under her cover.

“Mum said never talk to strangers…She never said they could COME into your room!”


-Jalal had fallen back dazed, having been hit with a hammer, when several different voices started to speak to him.
His reaction caused them all to clammor towards the two of them though Imay seemed to handle the situation rather promptly by talking to one of them, the one with the hammer, saying… “Easy skirt he is with me.”
Jalal didnt argue but simply stood erect and dusted himself off. Making no untoward moves he simply said..
” Arren sent both of us to fetch Charlottes kids, if that’s you then you must come with us as Imay has bid you. We dont have much time. Nice swing by the way, you got a good arm. ”
Looking towards Imay he saw the others gather in yelling as well but paid them no mind he had said his peace.-

- Imay looked at Anya in the eyes and smiled as he said, “Ok squirt though your leaving without me”. Imay’s shoulders tensed slightly hearing Luna screem and saw a young boy rush into the room.’”Oi..What you two doing in MY sister’s room….and get your hands off Anya…You don’t know where she has been?”, Imay couldn’t help but blink before he he started laughing almost as joyously as Santa. “Wow ok kid sorry didn’t realize it was your sisters room, and unless your a midget dragon slayer I will not let go of my favorite niece.” Imay finally managed to say after he finished laughing. “Jalal open up the portal you are going through with them then come back.” As Imay started to give orders to Jalal he dug into his pouch at his left hip pulling out a vile of flaiming blood and held them towards Anya, “Squirt dump half the vile and throw that out the window. He then turned to the the girl that had screemed bloody murder, “I assume your Luna. You and your brother need to gather up your things and go with Jalal. Arren and your mother will be on the other side of the portal. Imay then drew out another orb of black obsidian and a vile of blood just as dark. He then set the stone down on the floor and poured a small amount of blood on it. As soon as the blood hit the stone it shown a gentle purple before the stone was replaced with a dark skinned woman with a slender build. “Kuria get into the shadows and start looking for Sarah, I’m sure she is hidding out somewhere with this Gabriel person Arren sent us to get.”
With the gruesome sight that Gabriel just had witnessed, she winced at the unimaginable pain that the human man must be in when he was getting eaten alive by these dogs. She still held onto Sarah with dear life as her hand reached back to only take covers off the kusarigama blades then untied them with ease. She unwrapped the chain from her hip. grabbing both handles of her weapon with on hand, getting prepared for anything possible that may come true. She looked down at the sleeping Sarah, wondering when she will wake up though she had a feeling that she might wake up soon. Gabriel looked back up to only see the man get even more devoured and to hear bones and cartilage breaking from the man’s body. Gabriel shook in her place, not liking the fact that she was a human being being eaten alive right in front of her eyes as she had devoted her life to protect humans but she could not do anything since she was prevented to do her duty by the protection of the barrier that was placed around both Sarah and her. Was she deemed to die by the mouths of these mutts or was Arren’s help going to come and help Sarah and Gabriel get to safety? She did not know when the help arrive though she kept praying in hopes of Arren’s helping group.

-Conan laughed as she started bark at him as he inhaled the last drag of his cigarette only to through it in the Zen garden as he listened to Charlotte’s words.- “I DO NOT SMELL!” -he sighed as he looked over to Arren seeing that he was calm yet he could almost read his god like anything else. Only to feel and sense what had happened. He looked at Charlotte as he heard- “Must…you do that. I don’t smoke, but now you are making me smell like a smoker.” -he smirked as he said.- “its better to smell like smoke then death itself.” -As Conan looked back at Arren it was almost if they were in a mind link with each other more information being thrown back and forth. Perhaps this was from wolf like characteristics or perhaps it was that Conan had a link with Arren from creation and being his Time ward for so long. Conan clinched his jaw as he heard Charlotte’s phrase about the instructor from yoga.- “Some days…I wish I were a lesbian.” -he looked back at Charlotte making a smart ass remark.- “Isn’t that by choice Charlotte? You could always just change your sexuality, Some girls are into the carpet munching.” -he grinned with a slight chuckle only to looked back at Arren. Still reading everything from him. Conan wasn’t happy as he make a gesture with his hand to Arren as he looked to Charlotte only to say.- “I know everything Charlotte. I know that you went to see Shadow. As well it would explain the smell. It seems that Arren has more on plate than I thought. I need a walk to clear my damn head.” -he turned around as he cracked his neck still giving a slight gasp of pain in his voice as he said to Arren.- “You fucking lair, you knew more than I thought. It seems even to your own son in law you hide things that you think will better them. I see that all you did was hide that my brother didn’t die. He just simply walked away from you as a worshiper. I thought even a god would understand the feelings. I maybe just a Volfen but remember one thing Arren, I am no longer your Time ward. These other Volfen’s of the other clans may love you as a God. In the end your just a God who didn’t want to tell the truth.” -he started walking off only to get a few steps in towards the walkway.–Arren spoke out in a remark.- “Just like you did to the ones you swore an oath to Conan? We all lie for the reasons we have. I lied because I never knew how to tell you.” -Conan stopped as he clinched his jaw yet again only to turn around as he yelled.- “Yea I lied. My oaths that were founded by your code. The oath that made me lie might as well been said out loud. I LIED TO HELP PROTECT THOSE I SWORE MY SWORD TO YOU KNOW NOTHING OF YOUR OWN CODE!” -Arren didn’t react in hard words to Conan as he nodded only to say.- “And yet you follow that code as if you wrote it, Conan I lied because you were not ready for that truth. Even more so I did not bring you here to bring up past actions I brought you here to help a world that is on the brink of an apocalypse. I have told you in the past that somethings need to be brought forth when the time is right.” -Arren watched Conan walk out towards the temple ground only to here him muttering. Arren looked over to Charlotte as he smiled only to tell her- “Let him be Charlotte. He needs time to think on what he has learned. Sadly I can no longer keep things from him. He has grown into a fine man and a powerful warrior.” -he offered for her to sit down as he sighed only say to her.- “Please sit down. I have something for you, that entails a bit of your family. A gift from someone that sought me out when I just a young wolf.” -he lifted the box that was on his left it seemed to be heavy and was about 28 inches long and only 2 inches wide as he placed the box on the table only to wait for Charlotte’s reaction.-


-Anya covered her ears as Luna screamed letting go of Imayaruk for a moment screaming at Luna.- “ENOUGH!” -the loud sound sent a vibration through the floor as he looked at Seven and Luna.- “Relax he is family guys”- she smiled until she heard the words- ” Arren sent both of us to fetch Charlottes kids, if that’s you then you must come with us as Imay has bid you. We dont have much time. Nice swing by the way, you got a good arm. “ -Jalal spoke saying she had a nice arm only to rub the back of her head as she smarted off.- “Well that was only a tap compared to what I can truly do. Ask Imay he knows” – Imay started talking to her as she turned around only to have him offer her a vial of flaming blood that seemed to glow like hot lava. As she took it in her hand only to hear him tell her.- “Squirt dump half the vile and throw that out the window. “ -she pulled the cork form the vial as she poured it out and through it out the window hearing it smash against the concrete outside still wondering what it would do looking at the others wondering if something was going to happen.-

-The hounds feasted on the mans body as the sounds of foots steps were slowly sounding from the walk way as the hounds looked up in the direction from the left as the blood dripped from their muzzles in silence only to hear a strong sounding German voice speaking in his natural tongue. “Es scheint, meine Welpen fanden sich einen Snack i hoffe Ihr seit immer noch hungrig Vatis hier, um Ihnen das Hauptgericht “ (translation: It seems my puppies found themselves a snack i hope your still hungry since Daddy’s here to bring you the main course) -the man walked around the brick wall only to be wearing a lab coat that had dirt and blood covering the entire coat it was if he had been through surgeries and had been digging into the dirt. His white gloves that he had on were slightly covered as well. His face was pale with his eyes were blue green that seemed to have bags under his sockets that seemed to be the sign of jaundice from the lack of sleep or could have been from being in low light rooms. The signs were not clear to see what it had been from. He stood there holding a a scythe like Cleaver in his left hand as he brought his right hand to his lips looking over to the two girls saying with his green lipstick colored mouth.- “Hörst du die Toten Gefolge?“ (translation: Do you hear the dead wake?) -he had wondered if she could even understand him as he smiled looking devilishly.-

Conan was perceptive to everything that Charlotte had done. Sure he joked about the fact she smelt like death, but when he realized just where she went and who she went to see, it was clear that Arren had not exactly been forth coming about all that he knew, in fact, he had lied. Charlotte quietened on the words that she smelt like death. So this is what death smelt like. Charlotte sniffed herself again, and mumbled something incoherently, while Shadow told her that being gay was a lifestyle choice and didn’t knock the fact she should try it. Again, Charlotte didn’t have an answer for that. Mainly due to the fact that he could sense a rising tension between Arren and Conan that was about to come to a head.And it did. Conan let rip, about the fact he had been lied too, and stormed off in a huff, leaving Charlotte standing there with Arren, who told her not to go after him, just yet, he needed to cool his head. It was odd, since Charlotte had never seen Conan this mad before. Part of her wanted to go after him, but then Arren said he had something for her, that was in a box, shaped about 28 inches long and only 2 inches wide. Sitting on a table next to her, she reached over to pick it up, and then opened the lid.

“What is it?


Seven was still doing some funky karate moves, when Anya let them all know her feelings about her uncle coming. “ENOUGH! – Relax he is family guys”-” At this Seven stopped his carry on and Luna stopped screaming. “Why didn’t you say so?’ Seven said with an indignant look on his face. Luna actually got out of bed, and stood beside her brother, wanting a better explanation.

” Arren sent both of us to fetch Charlotte’s kids, if that’s you then you must come with us as Imay has bid you. We dont have much time. Nice swing by the way, you got a good arm. “ -Jalal said, obviously having more of a relationship with Anya than the kids knew. The kids watched as Anya undid a vial and poured it out the window, and wondered what they were supposed to do, to follow the others back to Charlotte and Arren.


BalconyHearing Imay’s direction, Jalal simply nodded. Making some space towards the back of the room he began a series of gestures which drew upon an existing ley line which bordered the outside of the town. As they had recently portaled the rift he was creating was easy to create. Using the stone to make a bridge within his mind he pictured the location he wished to arrive in within his mind allowing it to float and form as if a ripple upon the water. The portal began to coalesce in the room freely forming in front of them. The portal was a full 8 feet in diameter and round allowing for easy passage.

Looking towards the girls he called to them.

“Let’s be off. Your mother awaits. I will be right back Imay. “

- Imay lifted his hand towards Jalal to acknowledge what he said. As the blood hit the stone flying out the window it make a crunching sound like hitting concrete, though the stone actually was starting to burn and explode with a very small amount of force. In its wake the woman clothed in living flames emerged once again though without as much radiance to her. Kuria had smiled softly at the little kids and stated in a playful mocking tone before disappearing in shadows, “Wow they remind me of a little you Imay”. Imay sighed deeply focusing his efforts to get Kuria to start checking south of where they were and Flain, the fiery woman, to start checking the north as they both knew Sarah’s energy almost intimately through Imay. Imay sat down on the floor while he waited for Jalal to return, His skin started to flush a deep crimson and dry out into a scaly hide in a matter of minutes as two bulges started to press up from the back of his armor.

Gabriel would blink at the sound of the dogs stop feasting then looked toward the direction of someone speaking his or her native tongue and the words sounded like they rolled off this person’s tongue. She only looked at the man up and down, assuming only that he was doing some sort of sadistic endeavors before showing up in the strange alley way. Gabriel moved her gaze over his frame, taking in ever detail and trying to observe him from a distance then eyed the weapon he was holding, wondering what he was going to do with such a weapon like that. She tilted her head at the words that escaped his lipstick covered mouth, having not any clue what he had said or even asked since she did not understand the German language for it was not part of her knowledge of languages. Gabriel clung to Sarah even more, giving a soft snarl like a mother wolf would do if her cub was in danger.”Who are you? What do you want with this child?” she asked him, her tone of voice had a firm sound to it as she glared at the unknown man.

-Arren watched as Conan had disappeared as Charlotte sat down seeing the box being pulled towards her. She had opened the box only to reveal a katana that was black and old the handle was in very old bindings. It seemed to have a very grand look about it the scabbard was black but shiny and hand a brand on the side of it in white. It was that a of the symbol of the white web a spider that was with this legs pushed out in a sprawl. The blade was ancient in its own right. As the blade sat in its box and sheath spoke out to Charlotte through mind link only to speak in the natural tongue of the Bebilith.- “O Pollyfkol, Qeydk ty ofk uai zwodd nfaq odd swos e nfaq. Uai zwodd nfaq qwa e ot.” (translation:A Carrendar, Wield me and you shall know all that i know. You shall know who i am.) -As Arren gazed at Charlotte he said to her only to push the box forward towards her more.- “It’s the White widow. A blade created from an Ancestors of the Carrendar family. All I know is that the Bebilith who created it tied his blood into the Sword. His name was Randall Carrendar, He was one of the Ancients of your family. His history is a story within itself. I myself could not wield this blade. Even time I attempted to hold it, I became very ill with its information seemed to be poison to me. I do know he was the one who brought forth peace to the land. It was wrapped in the terror of the king. That is all know Charlotte.” -he lifted up his paw showing her the marks on the inside as they looked like bites from sort of insect. He sighed as he looked at the blade only to say.- “My theory came to believe that the traveler who gave this too me when I was just a traveling deity was family to this Bebilith. I believe that only a Carrednar will know the truth behind it.”-he took his cup bringing it too his lips hopping she might knowing something to this.–Conan had walked off only to find himself at the Sound temple as he looked up seeing the statue of his ancestor. He tighten his fist walking into the temple grounds. He could feel that natural sound vibrations from the temple itself. The chimes of the temple were on a low vibration as he pulled another cigarette out of his pack lighting it thinking of what he had just learned. As he took a inhale he could sense the presence of others behind him only to say.- “If your going to hide your not very good at it. Shikia and Danzo” -as he exhaled they walked out from behind the pillars of the with their weapons now that Danzo was in clothes and seemed to be doing better than last time he was seen he still had his blade in his hand only to stare. Shikia had her spear on her shoulder as they both seemed to watching him with keen eyes. As Conan smoked his cigarette he wondered why they were there as he asked.- “So what do the two of you want? I seriously am not in the mood to deal with you too at this time.” -Shikia tighten the grip on her spear handle clinching her jaw as Danzo snapped at Conan.- “And who do you think you are to tell us you have no time for us? You disrespected Arren in this world face to face with him. You should show more respect to your creator. Your god! Go apologize to him now!” -Conan ignored his talk as he just brushed it off only to stay quiet. Danzo tighten his grip on his sword only to move his finger shifting the air moisture within the area creating enough compression to create a small enough amount of water as he said.- “DON T INGORE ME!” -his moved the small amount of water around Conan’s face cutting the cigarette in half. Conan’s eye twitched as the Cigarette was cut in hal in mid drag as his shoulders tensed up.-


-Anya smiled as she looked at Luna and Seven jumping up and down only to say.- “Well lets go guys lets go seen your mom and Conan” -She giggled getting excited seeing the portal only to wonder how it works only to jump and down. She couldn’t help it with her uncle here and the fact she was going to get her she still could figure out why she didn’t tell them that it was her uncle. Looking at Luna as she ran over and jumped on the bed as she asked.- “Aren’t you excited? We get to see Charlotte. Oo and the small puppies” -she smiled big acting like a little kid again waiting for Seven and Luna to get ready.-

-The man in the lab coat and his giant scythe that was like a hacking cleaver. He cocked his eye brow as he laughed a bit at her growl soon to figure out she couldn’t understand him. “Who are you? What do you want with this child?” -he chuckled a bit only to pet one of his hounds saying in a strong German accent.- “sorry about that I am speak more German! We want the child to bring about a new Salvation to this world. To cleanse all tainted souls!” -she grinned throwing his hands out the to his sides as his lab coat opened revealing a chained skeleton that hung from his left arm as he said.- “I am Johann George Faust VIII! I am part of the Knights of Salvation. 3rd knight of the bone yard! If you would just hand her over I promise I wont kill you.” -he laughed as he stabbed the end of the scythe cleaver in the ground bringing his hand to the skeleton kissing the cheek bone running his hand across its jaw as he asked.- “Isn’t that right my dear sweet Eliza. All we ask is for her to listen to us.” -he kissed the skeleton again only to run his tongue across her teeth as if he was making out getting completely off the skeleton’s taste.-

~The White Spider~

All her life, Charlotte had been fascinated by swords, in particular katanas. For as long as she could remember, and then in her teachings with Raziel, she had a natural infinity, that went on through her youth to adulthood. She never tried to explain it to anyone, and it was kept deep in her subconscious. Feeling the draw of the box, she couldn’t understand at first what was happening, not till she opened it and viewed it with her own eyes. ~The White Spider~ The katana of Randall Carrendar. A relic from days long gone. Even she had not heard of him, and creased her brow. The blade even spoke to her, for it contained the blood of her kin. She was of course the descendant of Lore, and a true Carrendar. So she took it out from the box. It’s poisons did not even cause a reaction on her skin, for she was naturally immune.

Charlotte stepped back from Arren, and then went into a number of moves, that she had been taught by her Sword master, back in the lost days of the Eastern province. The sound of the blade cutting the air, had a song to it, all of its own. Sword and wielder became one, in a ritual like dance, which showed a side to Charlotte few ever bared witness. Finally finishing, the dance at an end, she set the blade down in the box, and covered it.

“Well, Arren…that blade knows me. I could feel it in my veins.”


“Should I go pack a bag? I be damned if I am leaving stuff behind again.” Seven said, but then waved them all off and ducked into his room, where you could hear the sounds of trunks opening and closing, a lot of cursing, the odd thump, and then he charged back in with his Pokemon back pack. “Okay…ready. Sis? You bringing your bag?” Luna simply shook her head.

“Mum will take care of what I need. You’re the one with a game fetish.” She said, poking out her tongue from the corner of her mouth. Seven shrugged and took Luna’s hand. “I always wanted to dive off the building. Okay…on my mark. ONE..TWO…THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

The twins then leapt off the window railing and sailed down for the portal…and to Conan and their mum.


-Jalal followed through the portal to ensure their safe arrival. as he made his way through the portal he felt a more solif connection as he had established the portal using the ley lines own power this time and then connected it through Arren’s own pendant bridging the connection and power between the realms. He arrived in only a moment on solid footing right behind the children. Pointing ahead towards where they must go he began to lead them to where their mother Charlotte, Conan and Arren awaited.

” Come on kids, they are just ahead. “

Knowing he must hurry he began to move quickly. He didnt have time to dally. He must get back and quickly.

After he saw that the kids had caught sight of them he turned and said, tell them ” Tell Arren, Jalal went back for Imay. ”

With that he began a new incantation using the bridge again to reach the earlier destination, opening the portal again on the balcony…

As he traveled the return trip became more rocky. It seemed there was trouble afoot. Jalal did not know what was going on but knew time was of the essence. Something was wrong… He was flung far off out of time and out of space to where he knew not…

- Imay felt something go wrong in the ways between worlds. ‘It seems the Atlantean is lost to us.’ Imay thought to himself as he stood up and walked over to the balcony. With a soft Sigh Imay stepped off the ledge and went into a nose dive. He was falling towards the street below at an incredible rate as his armor continued to bulge. At about twenty feet from the street a pair of dark crimson scaled wings erupted from his armor and cause him to quickly level out. He was sailing through the air towards the industrial area, following a very wrong smell that hung faintly in the wind originating from that direction. Thinking very calmly Imay willed Kuria, and Flain, both now external parts of himself, to start searching near him. It took only a minute for him to see Flain soaring through the area with him and he could tell Kuria was lurking in a shadow somewhere on the ground in there hunt for Sarah and Gabriel.
Gabriel raised a brow when this Faust figure spoke with a thick and strong German accent and she did not enjoy the idea of cleansing all tainted souls for some are pure and innocent. She inhaled at the sight of the skeleton being reveal from the inside of his lab coat. She thought, “He must be crazy to carry such thing around with him.” With him mentioning the Knights of Salvation, she gripped the hilts of the kusarigama and shifted the weapon’s chain to be balled up beside her, to make sure that she had enough range to protect her and Sarah. Gabriel cringed at the site of him making out with the skeleton, knowing that he was most likely getting off the skeleton’s taste. She thought he was weird for trying to make out with the corpse of bones he apparently name Eliza.
-They say the warrior choose the weapon. However the tale is false the word choose the wielder if the swords soul does not will the user it will not bond well. Charlotte proved this theory as she took the sword in hand immune to its own poison it seemed. She drew the sword from its scabbard and danced with it in blissful beautiful harmony. It was if her and the blade were meant to be as Arren watched closely. She was a student of the sword and an expert in it too boot. Too him she had the marks of what could be a true sword wielder. As she continued to dance with the blades calling this was although to perfect in most beings. He could only wonder if the blade was meant for her perhaps her ancestors perceived this to be. After the dance she sheathed it as if she respected the blade for what it was and respected its body and soul. She had placed it in the box covering it.-“Well, Arren…that blade knows me. I could feel it in my veins.”

-He smirked as he placed his tea on the stone table pushing the box closer to her as he said.- “it is yours then to keep. Perhaps this was something that was placed in my care to give to you. I can see that the sword has chosen you as its wielder.” -he took his hand from the box as he looked at Charlotte smiling as he was happy that she had found something that could help her in learning of her family.- “If you would like Charlotte. Communing the swords spirit is possible you might be able to meet your Ancestor. Though meditation of course, The best place would be the temple of spirit, Sadly with only one person who knows how to commune with the spirits of the temple you will have to track him down to help you.” -he picked up his cup placing it towards his lips as he took a good sip of it as he looked straight back at her again placing the cup down only to point to her food.- “i suggest you eat and rest before making that journey Charlotte. You have had a long day, I am sure your strength is not where it is at after the trip to the afterlife.” -he look over at one of the Chichagwa’s walking around the broken door trying to put it back up on the slider.-

Rika’s Quarter’s Garden area

-The twins and Anya did jump into the portal only to hear the loud sounds of winds barely able to hear Jalal Anya looked over to see Jalal as he yelled out she couldn’t hear him yet she felt nauseous as they kept moving through the portal. They would end up falling through the portal into a room that had someone inside Anya was getting too sick to notice her surrounding as of yet.-

-Rika had seen the portal she was slowly sipping her as She watched the kids fall through her eyes shot up open seeing Charlotte’s children yet she had no idea who they were. She was more surprised that some kids appeared in her quarter since she was supposed to be relaxing. Rika started shaking looking at all three of them dropping her tea cup to the floor jaw wide open as she watched them. The room they were in was simple it had four walls and sliding Japanese styled doors with one small table and a small bed. You could see the Gardens from the open door.-


-Faust frowned as she didn’t answer him as he wasn’t one to be ignored he looked at her with cold eyes saying in a very stern voice.- “Very well I guess I will have to dispose of you as well.” -He brought his beloved skeleton closer as he placed his hand on it only to speak to it as his hand started to glow in a very dark purplish green aura.- “Black is the colour of womb and tomb” -the skeleton started to chatter a bit from the jaw only to see the aura from his hands started to engulf the bones as he continued his chant.- “We meet at night on the dark of the moon” -the bones of the skeletons started to rattle as jointed seemed to start to pop and crackle as they moved around his chant was going on the aura started to become very intense as he grinned in a psychotic personality.-“White is the colour of bone and ash” -His words almost seemed to be bringing the skeleton to life as he took his hands away letting the chain on his arm lose from its bindings the skeleton seemed to be standing all on its own as he was still chanting.- “To speak to the dead we bathe and fast” -the skeleton that was now standing was looking around still chattering from the jaw. It’s own body seemed to move as a living thing and was growing into something dark and vile the smell of rioting flesh started to come from Faust as he chanted in more feeling seeing the muscle and natural tissue of the skeleton start to form. His voice got louder only to widen his eyes the skies were turning black and green as he continued on.- “Red is the colour of blood and death” -Faust threw up his hands into the air as the skeleton was starting to look more like something that was out of a horror book. The body started to grow skin quickly only to appear as a young woman with long blonde that curled down to her back, she grew clothes from the skin that had formed as wearing a pink German nurses outfit her aura now green. The woman corpse grabbed the scythe from the ground only to wait for the rest of the chant.- “We rub the bones and give them breath!” -as soon as he said that he turned to the corpse only to force her head towards him. His tongue stretched out from his mouth as he kiss completely full on made out with the corpse. The corpse woman’s eyes glowed out into a deep green as Faust kissed his beloved pulling away from her as he yelled out in a war cry.- “SHE LIVES MY BELOVED ELIZA LIVES!” -he grinned only to look over to her placing his arm around her as he seemed to be in sweet lustful bliss looking at his Eliza. – “I am Counting on you Eliza” -Eliza smiled only to looked at Faust as she said.- “of course my Master I Shall feast on your enemies bones and flesh as I enjoy your presents. I live by your will Master.” -Yes it was true Faust just raised the dead he brought back living life from beyond the grave. It seemed this Faust was something more than anyone could possibly imagine.-

Through out the ages, there have been those that have had swords, that have brought them fame and glory, power and respect, others have sadly fallen on their swords, and died with them by their sides. Legends like Excalibur, and of course the legendary singing blades of Lore, which to this day remain lost somewhere in the dead nation of Lacardis. But now it seemed a sword has emerged, that’s power is such that Charlotte could not have possibly understood its significance.A sword, that was fused with the blood of an ancestor, a sword that can only be wielded by a descendant. In all her years, leading up till now, the journey traveled was one that is a path to completion of a prophecy. This was not just fate, this was destiny, that brought the bebilith to be now holding the prized sword of Randall; The White spider.

Charlotte felt the sing in the sword, the very blood moving throughout it, and marrying with her own. She held it with a natural affinity, and wielded it as though it was one with her, part of her own body. How to get a better understanding, to communicate with the sword on a higher level would require her to seek solace in the Temple. This was not to be trivialized, and after Charlotte had been to the afterlife, she was still weak, and needed nourishment, of the body, and to cleanse herself from the seeping decay of death, that had left a residual mark upon her vessel.

Rising to her feet, she bowed before Arren, before taking the box, and heading inside, first to bathe, and redress then eat something provided by the servants of this realm. She would not disobey the instructions, for this would led her to a time, of quiet reflection and peace, where she could be better attuned to speaking with her dead elder, and harmonize with the sword’s untapped power.

Rika’s Quarter’s Garden area

Charlotte’s children all arrived with a loud thump, hitting the floor and then being entangled with the other. Seven rubbed his head, then his ass, and smirked at Luna for breaking his fall. “You’re fun to land on.” he joked, as Luna sat up dazed. “Ooooo what a pretty place. Eek…dog person, two o’clock. Have we entered the world of the fluffies?’ she whispered to Anya, who may well hold all the answers.


- Slowly the shadows below the raised dogs started to boil soundlessly, while Faust had resurrected what was clearly his favorite corpse. “Now now little death caller, is this little girl so important?” A calm almost joking female voice echoed from the shadows. Soon a woman of dark skin and crimson eyes stepped out of a shadow just behind Sarah and Gabriel. She wore a simple black dress as dark as the shadow she emerged from, and the scent of a demon hung in the air for those that had dealt with such beings before. “I mean really de you expect salvation from taking a small girl watched by demons, or do you not know of the great beasts that watch over her?” the woman asked playfully as she kept an eye on Faust and the female corpse. While Kuria had shown herself to the Faust, and the girls, Imay was closing in on her spot. Just as she finished her couple of question Imay had landed behind Faust in the open street. Instead of the old man Imay was normally seen as he looked like he was stained in blood and covered with scales that had small patches that looked black instead, as massive wings easily as wide as he was tall were fanned out. “ Beasts of the underworld, and Beasts of Nature’s most primal essence” Imay said in the exact moment Kuria had stopped speaking.

Gabriel snarled at the mysterious dark purplish green aura that seeped from his body, causing her to only tense though she did not know what was going to happen. Once she heard Faust spoke a strange chant, her gaze moved to the corpse of bones he had dangling off of a chain that was wrapped around his wrist. She only cocked her head to the side as she heard the sound of chittering jaw shaking but then inhaled once she saw the whole skeleton start to re-animate with just the chant Faust spoke through his lips. Gabriel winced and cringed at the sight and the sound of bones and joints popping out of place and break to only snap back into place. She growled deeply at the sight of him releasing the skeleton from his grasp as she narrowed her eyes at the fact that it was standing on its own with no aid to help it stand up. It was standing on its own and it startled her at most but she pushed her shock to the side of her mind and kept her eye on the re-animating corpse before her. The smell of rotting flesh crawled up her nose and made her gag in reaction as she covered her mouth with the back of her hand. It smelled retched now. How much longer will she deal with this digusting, vomitting inducing stench that pollutes the air? Gabriel looked away since she could not take the sight into her mind any longer, hiding her face with the sleeve of her dirtied kimono. Then with the loud booming voice she heard from Faust, she lowered er arm down as she witnesse a woman wearing a pink nurse’s outfit and saw the same aura around her. She grabbed her weapons’ hilt, prepared to defend herself if need be as she coughed in disgust at the sight of him making out with this Eliza corpse as if he was giving her life to move around. She snarled once more, watching him pulled away from his dead girlfriend and pulled her close to his petite frame.Gabriel looked down at Sarah, whispering in a gentle tone, “Please wake up soon, my dear,” she looked back up to be only taken by surprise bu the dark skinned woman that appeared behind her as she snapped her head back to only look up at her with her bright blue eyes yet another snarl escaped from her lips as she felt an odd presence about this woman but she had a feeling that she was there to aid her and Sarah in attempt of escaping this horrid area. Gabriel heard the sound of flapping wings within the wind as she looked around to see what was approaching them then looked straight like she was looking at Faust and Eliza but in reality, she was looking at the creature who landed behind Faust and Eliza. Her snarling and growling seized as she waited for something to happen to allow her to escape the scene that is threatening to unfold before her

-Arren watched as Charlotte understood his words entirely. She needed to rest before she embarked on such a journey to find her path. She stood up and bowed to him right before his eyes as he bowed his to her in acknowledgment as he sipped his tea watching her heading to her room to get settled in. She had a lot to think about since her time to the after life. Arren stood up placing his tea on the stone table as he pulled his bo staff close to him as he looked towards the hall way towards the garden’s walking down the hall stepping up off the sand garden so much has happened yet he was burdened by a lot of it as he thought to himself trying to ponder all he knows. A small little chichagwa came forth to Arren as the girl bowed to him as she asked.- “what shall I get the lady?” -Arren smiled at the willing actions of the young Chichagwa as he said.- “Run her a bath, then bring her what she pleases for food. I shall go get something to make her happier in her time here.” -The chichagwa smiled as she ran off towards the bath house part of the complex disappearing from Arren’s sight. He walked towards the garden hearing in reaction as he made it into the gardens as he saw the flowers were beginning to bloom . He could hear the chatter in the house in the back it was Rika’s quarters he stood outside in the garden’s waiting for Rika to come screaming if that’s what was going to happen.–Anya was still staggering as she looked up seeing Rika only to hear.- “Ooooo what a pretty place. Eek…dog person, two o’clock. Have we entered the world of the fluffies?” -she rubbed her eyes trying to see Rika clearly as she noticed that Rika was a Chichagwa this puzzled her since she had only been told about them by her father/creator. She sat up looking at Luna only to say still rubbing her eyes.- “It’s a Chichagawa. A created race that predates Conan’s race. Yea they are small wolf like race that’s a permanent child form due to a flaw in them. All I know they are literately harmless.” -She yawned looking over at Rika again it seemed the portal made her extra tired. Perhaps it was due to how she was created.-

-Rika looked at Luna, Seven and Anya standing up backing up a little bit as she said the only thing her voice box would let her.- “ni-pon…” -she started backing up only to notice that she touched the back of the room. Still wondering what these kids were going to do to her.-

-The small Chichagwa that had approached Arren came into Charlotte’s room opening the door quietly walking in with a set of towels as she said in a small voice.- “Hello? Miss? I brought towels for you and ran your bath for you.” -she looked at Charlotte still a bowed stance as she asked her in a graceful tone.- “is there something special from the kitchen you want to eat? Arren sent me to help you with anything you need.” -the small Chichagwa was a bit nervous shaking from her own body standing there a bit unsure what Charlotte would say to her.-


-Faust was enjoying calling on his dear Eliza as he was interupted in mid excitement by a woman in the shadows.- “Now now little death caller, is this little girl so important?” -he smriked only to hear out everything that was said as this was only setting more of an example of why he must take the girl as he grinned.- “I mean really do you expect salvation from taking a small girl watched by demons, or do you not know of the great beasts that watch over her?” -Faust laughed at both of the beings as they appeared only to yell in such a sadistic tone.- “WELL THEN LETS HAVE A PARTY!”- he let go of Eliza as he clapped his hands together as he said a chant.- “The time has come to fight for darkness! Raise fallen heroes and warriors and serve your lord Johann George Faust VIII!” -the ground quickly started to shake he had not channeled any aura around him. This was not normal magic just simply a low level call of his minons. The ground was really shaking as the concrete started to crack and break apart as in this moment you could smell the stench of the underworld. As was creeped and crawled from the ground for countless city blocks as far as the eyes could see. Was in fact an army of undead as Faust laughed psychotically as the ground shook bringing forther an army that seemed never end. He looked at the woman and the demon as he said.- “you wont stop me from my mission. I have my orders I shall not fail.” -Eliza giggled as she twirled around seeing the undead as she said.- “Master you are the greatest. You brought my friends to have fun along with me” -Faust grinned pulling Eliza close to his body again as his tongue slide across her neck only to whisper in her ear.- “only for you my dear Eliza.” -they looked at the rest of the group as they wonder what they would do in this sitution.-

Charlotte could hear the pattering of the little chichagwa pawed feet darting over to the bathhouse end of the complex to prepare a bath for her after her ordeal in the afterlife. It was not like the Bebilith was going to knock something like this back. Yes, she smelt like death, and that kind of stench does not easily come off one’s person. Setting down the boxed katana of the White spider in her room, she gathered up a red satin robe, and a few towels, before slipping off her boots, and making her way down to the bathhouse, where she presumed paradise awaits.

Her bare feet padded along the timber board walkway that led from her room, down a walkway and to the larger bath house complex, that had a high ceiling roof, and many shutter windows, to let out the steam of the waters. Fuelled by under ground furnaces that were kept alive with coal and billows, the waters had a natural property to help heal the skin as well as revitalize those that sink beneath the tepid waters.

Pulling open the rice paper door, she saw the small little chichagwa already busying herself with Arren’s orders, and bowed politely as Charlotte entered. Charlotte was of course much taller than the chichagwa, and might have seemed intimidating to the minute creature. “Master said to bring you what ever kind of food you wish, Miss Charlotte.” Her voice had a musical like quality as she turned off the large faucet and then tossed a bag full of special scented oil bombs into the waters.

Charlotte thought for a moment. “Can I get…crab cakes? I haven’t had them in forever.” Charlotte asked, with her mouth watering at the prospect. The little chichagwa nodded profusely, and skipped out of the bath house room, closing the rice paper door behind her. The Spider demon let out a sigh of relief, and untied her hair, then started to disrobe out of her safari kit that she had been wearing for oh so long. Folding everything neatly, she then dipped a toe into the waters, before entering fully, resting her head against the side, with a small towel pillow behind her. “I think…I found heaven.” Charlotte mused, her hand gliding across the waters, before sinking below. She closed her eyes, and simply soaked her cares away.

Rika’s Quarter’s Garden area

“ni-pon…” Rika squeaked, as she backed up, with the taller Carrendar children rounding on her. “Soooo fluffy. Can we keep her?” Luna said, making grabby hands for her, and Seven tilted his head and said. “Are they house trained? Don’t want something that big inside making that big a mess. Mum would freak.” Luna didn’t seem to care, she just wanted to hug the stuffing out of her. “Ni….PON! Gosh you are fluffy….do they make your kind in pink?”


- Imay felt the subtle power in the man’s call, and new trouble was on it’s way causing Imay to smirk. “Well now an army for a dragon, a demon, and a phoenix, either you plan for overkill or scared that you will be devoured.” Imay called out in a half mocking tone as he grab the pendent Arren had given him. He quickly tossed behind him at Gabriel knowing it would pass through the barrier he felt around her and Sarah, as he called knowingly, “If things get to hot recite the words on the back little wolf and you shall see your god.” As the sound of the un-dead Faust summoned grew louder Imay took up Sound Strike and spun it above his head in a circular motion while pouring energy into it. “Reasounece of Flame”, at Imay’s words the energy started to burn forth from the blade in an interesting mix of hellfire and soulfire, Imay’s most trusted magic. Meanwhile as Imay had started to build of power into Sound Strike, Kuria was drew up the shadows from beneath the hounds that would swallow them up in a empty void shadows, while for the first time to Gabriel and Faust Flain dived through the ally leaving a small trail of flames that hung safely over all except Imay as it quickly started to blend in with the soul and hell fires. “May heaven show mercy, Hell be swift, and life be reborn.” Imay said almost reverently casting the Sound Strike downwards and unleashed a wall of the three flames, eight feet high and as wide as the ally towards Faust and Eliza

Gabriel only clung to Sarah even more as she felt the ground quake beneath her and witnessed the ground crack and split to only let an army of undead rise up and come server their “Master.” The stench of the Underworld crept up into her nose and caused her to gag once again while she covered her mouth with her bare hand. She found these creatures really vulgar. Gabriel only snarled as she decided to take of her top of her kimono, making it into a pillow to only lay Sarah’s head upon the fabric. She was now wearing white bandages and the material covered her breasts and part of her stomach. Though with her back turned to Kuria, she could see the clan mark of Silverfang, silver cross swords behind a wolf head. Gabriel glare at Faust then shifted her glare at Eliza, figuring out that she was his weakness though he used his dead girlfriend to his advantage. Gabriel saw something fly into the barrier and caught it, its chain wrapping around her fingers and she looked down at it object that she was given. It was clearly a pendant of some sort of magical ability that she was not aware of.She looked towards the one who gave it to her, speaking in a gentle but firm tone, “You would need to get back to where-ever you came from, kind one. I just don’t want to leave you hear all by yourself to fight of this army of undead,” she was worried that he would get hurt and not survive this fight. Gabriel did not want to leave anyone behind with this evil monster who was named Faust. She stood there in awe of the power that Imay had displayed for she did not see such power before her.

She thought to herself, “What did I do earlier? Was using sound part of my abilities? I want to know more for I am even more curious about myself.”

A small 3 foot tall fuzzy calico female Kilargwa comes walking threw a door into the gardens headed for Arren dragging a black cloaked form with criss crossed ropes wrapping it. It is oviously a body of some sort, a 4 foot peice of rope goes from the shoulders to the Kilargwa’s hands. She walks sideways tugging it along, she is completely disheveled. Her kimono is torn and dirty. Her staff; which is as tall as her and has a dark red orb on top swirling and once in awhile you see a ghostly face, is broke at the top one of the four fingers clearly broke off. The red swirling orb has a small crack in it and in much need of repair. She holds it in the crook of her right arm as she tugs the body along. She has a small satchel on her side with alot of stuff poking out; paint brushes, paper, beads, and ink bottles. She then speaks in a horse small voice that sounds like a purr but still very child like. “Emushere back Arren, took a year but Emushere back… Emushere lost pendant, had to search for Arren’s presence to find home. Good news got him, bad new all others are gone… They all gone…” Emushere would begin to cry a year alone after all others disapeered. She kept tugging the body along towards Arren, but then she caught her foot on her torn kimono. Tripping and falling her staff smacks the ground the orb pops out and rolls fast across the ground. The orb rolls onto the sand and right for a rock. “OH NO! NO! NO! NO!” When the orb hits the rock it vibrates and a red mist escapes from the crack. This mist has a ghostly face that begins to form a skull. The mist starts forming bones and wings. Then muscles, tendons, and ligaments form over it. Finally skin form and a dark black, naked and pissed off winged demon roars shaking the room. Emushere covers her tiny ears and whispers “No no not agian, Emushere lost another one… Must have Arren fix my staff and orb.”
Garden of Den Lira-Arren stood outside in the gardens only to be greeted by his long old friend who had been go for so long. She dragged the body bag as she spoke to him.- “Emushere back Arren, took a year but Emushere back… Emushere lost pendant, had to search for Arren’s presence to find home. Good news got him, bad new all others are gone… They all gone…” -He had turned to smiling as he said.- “Well hello Emushere it has been a long time. I am glad you have returned.” -he was a bit upset that she had too so long as her continued.- “I knew this was going to take sometime Emushere, You know I wouldn’t have trusted this task to anyone else but you. I am glad to see you are alright.” -he brought his paw to her head patting her, she was in fact beat she had been through hell in back for such a cause. It seemed she was inneed of some rest. As he was about t speak she had tripped over her own clothing. The a loud “SMASH!” the crystal orb broke from the staff as a large demonic began to form as Arren growled as it tainted that garden with its scentch. Arren lifted his bo staff only to slam it on the grass sending a shock wave of light through the ground and into the air as it would engulf the demon entirely. The blinding light was in fact as a purifying light that would destory the demon and banish it from the gardens entirely. After all this was his own creation to be in for the time being.-

-Arren looked over Emushere as he was not upset at her as he said.- “Now you need to be more careful next time. You need to rest I shall I have the Chichagwa’s come and grab the body for now. I know this was a task that I could trust you with. However you need to pay more attention to things that will make it quickier.” -he snapped his fingers as ten Chichagwa’s came running out trying to take the body away from Emushere as they rustled with the body trying very hard not to damage it. As they left as quickly as they came halling off the body into another area to seemed they were talking amoungest themselves. All you could here were whispers.- “Now You do need a bath Emushere, I believe there is hot water already running.”

-Rika who was in the small house was now being squeezed to death by Luna’s death hug as she could hear them talk about her.- Soooo fluffy. Can we keep her?” -she was trying to get away before she was grabbed as she could only hear luna’s last phrase.- “Ni….PON! Gosh you are fluffy….do they make your kind in pink?” -only to have Rika yelp out saying loudly.- “NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!” -she was getting her lungs crush by the girl.-

-Anya finally started to get herself together hearing Seven’s comment about Rika.- “Are they house trained? Don’t want something that big inside making that big a mess. Mum would freak.” -Anya’s eye twitched as she was balled her fist tightly thinking about how wrong that sounded. She stood up bringing her arm back cocking it over her shoulder. The fire was burning in her eyes as she said.- “THEY ARE LIVING BEINGS! WHY ELSE WOULD THEY WEAR CLOTHES!” -she swung forward aiming for the back of Seven’s head hopping to come in contact with him trying to make him think properly.-

Sound Temple

-Conan had in fact been angry as Danzo knew it. Conan quickly lunged at Danzo with full force moving at an accelerated speed. Danzo quickly attempted to draw his sword only to have Conan grab him by the throat with one sweep. Conan had him by the neck as he lifted him up into the air as Conan lashed out in a blind rage.- “YOU THINK YOU GOT BALLS DO YEA? GO AHEAD DRAW YOUR SWORD!” -Shikia covered her mouth feeling the rage of an Alpha as she could feel the urge to submit and shy away she dropped her spear only to fall to her knees watching Danzo hanging in the air. Danzo was shocked at Conan’s speed however he too could feel the urge to submit as he said choking on his own words.- “You maybe an Alpha, However you are nothing but a coward, You couldn’t even see your own daughter was undead. You shame your clan with your actions. Taken down by a five year old.” -he coughed gasping for air as Conan clintched his jaw only to tighten his grip on Danzo’s wind pipe as he growled. He was now seeing red for the first time since he was a boy as he said.- “i will show you shame” -In the moment those words came out Conan quickly shifted his arms grabing Danzo by the belt as he brought him up over his head. Sound around him began to vibrate rapibly. The sound was being channled through Conan as he planted Danzo flat on his back the sound was not hard to miss from the impact as Danzo’s back came into contact with the stone stairs the speed he was thrown at cause a clash of sound creating a shock wave of sound all the way to the bathhouse.- “BOOM!” -the wind would soon follow as it blew past the bathhouse. Danzo gave a loud choking cough as he was slammed to the ground spitting out blood from the blast. Conan looked into his eyes as the stairs were completely destory Shikia had been blown back with the impact now laying out cold at the temple shrine. Conan said one thing to Danzo.- “You know nothing of me or even know me. Dont ever talk about my family ever again or so help me your back will be the least of your worries.”


-Faust turned his head as he heard the words of the man behind him.- “Well now an army for a dragon, a demon, and a phoenix, either you plan for overkill or scared that you will be devoured.” -Faust was unimpressed with his taunts of power only to luahg as an insane man would. The undead army surrround him creating a distance between them. As Imayaruk seemed to be summoning forth something that he thought would in fact challenge Faust to his death as he smirked as he spoke an chant.- “Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, and demonic Spirit, protect me from harm” -the words seemed to bring forth a power that seemed to create a large sheild behind Faust as imayaruk spoke to him again.- “May heaven show mercy, Hell be swift, and life be reborn.” -Faust grinned as he said.- “Thats if you can hit me.” -the fire tore straight through the lines of the undead and straight towards Faust as the natural forces of his sheild of Spirit protected him. As soon as the fire came into contact to the sheild it was quickly negated from the magical source as Faust felt the heat only to turn around seeing the flames disappearing as he grinned saying to his sweet dear Eliza.- “My dear you can handle the girl for me. I think im going to have fun with this man.” -he started laughing as Eliza giggled along with his luahg. Eliza picked up scythe cleaver as she walked forward towards the Gabriel as she started to run quikcly moving at an unnatural speed, She leaped into the air pulling back the scythe and using it full length to come down on the sheild as the talsmen broke as the sheild shattered Eliza still coming down in the attempt to cut the woman in half her eyes completely emotionless hopping to kill her so she could claim the pize. Faust was still looking at Imayaruk as he pulled a small dagger from his belt brandishing it as he laughed . Grabbing one of the undead monsters he summoned he plunged the dagger directly into the creatures back as he said a chant.- “O darkness, prevail, unto this blade, soul of the damned, go forth, and when this blade should find flesh, you shall find retribution, go on unto the cold iron, and there stay until it pierces skin.” -the body of the creature started to rot quickly turning into ash as the dagger started to extend becoming large in length and width only to be surround in black fire as faust weilded the blade in his right hand. He looked at Imayaruk directly seeing through his very being. He laughed as he said.- “Rise Darkness Enternal. I weild you out burning blade of death. Now let me have my fun and bring forth the will of my Teacher. All Hail Yen!” -he waited for Imayaruk to make the first move if he even dared to come at him.-

The Bath house

One cannot describe the feeling that you get, when you are able to bathe in the revitalizing waters of this quaint little bathhouse. Charlotte virtually disappeared beneath the surface of the heated waters, only to reemerge with her fine black hair plastered to her head. Eyes closed she tilted her head back to the side of the tub, and then brought her toes up out of the water on the other side, wiggling them slowly. Last time she could recall using a bathhouse, was of course Madame Ming Ru’s back in Lorewall. Charlotte opened her eyes slowly, though she had a glazed expression. Why you may wonder? The bathhouse of Lorewall was where she first met Fung Le, the sun dragon master, who gave his own life for all at the end of their Trek. It felt like a lifetime ago, and the lapping of the waters along with the musical chimes that could be heard in the background, only made her remember…everything.

~Taken from the COL – CD April 16, 2012~

The Bathhouse of Ming Ru was one that had several floors, and far below was where the furnaces would super heat the waters that would be funnelled up to the separate rooms, on the second and third floors. Shoes off, and now being escorted through the foyer, they would find a team assembled, all in traditional Chinese robes, and carrying with them woven baskets. Madame Wong spoke very quickly in Chinese to her staff, to gather the correct oils and towels, for each guest, along with golden tokens, that are used to be sent down through tubes, to the furnace room, so the keeper of flames, knew how much water was needed and how hot. As each girl was assigned a customer, they took the correct number of tokens that would fill baths for each of them. Laguna would have his own little wash girl, who bowed over and over and then kept grabbing more and more tokens, followed with another two towels. She gestured towards the bathing rooms,and shuffled ahead of him, as the doors were pulled open to allow them through. Thorn too, would have her own bath house maid, and she was keen to wash Thorn’s tail and ears, grabbing special tubes of lotions and brushes. (Thorn’s bath girl)”Come..please.”
Finally, Charlotte had her bath girl come to her and the girl was somewhat fearful of Charlotte, hesitant of what oils to gather, and snatched up a handful without looking, so keen to get this over with. Charlotte became embarrassed, her cheeks flaming, but followed the petite girl along, and wouldn’t you know it, her bathing room was right beside Laguna’s. (Char’s bath girl)”Please, take off travel clothes and I gets towels.”- Charlotte turned away from the girl, a little self conscious, The screen between the rooms, allowed for Laguna to see Charlotte’s silhouette, and the closeness would also make it possible to hear what the bath house girl was saying. But it was when Charlotte took off her shirt, the young girl screamed and dropped the basket of oils and towels. (Char’s bath girl)”THE MARK OF ZHU!…..MADAME WONG!!…THE MARK OF THE SPIDER WARRIOR!!!”- Charlotte froze and tried to look over her shoulder, wondering what the girl was screaming about. (Charlotte)”Huh?” Charlotte did have a mark, the symbol of the Spider clan of the ‘Dongyi’ of the Shandong, only thing was, Charlotte had no idea what this meant. <e>

~End of reflection~

Charlotte glanced over her shoulder, as water trickled down her back, and her slender digits reached to caress the mark, that had caused all the commotion that day in the bathhouse. Sighing, she wanted to put the memory out of her head, when the little Chichagwa that had been attending her, came in with the small tray of crab cakes. Setting them down, the young pup like Chichagwa asked. “Is everything alright?” Perhaps it was the look on her face that gave her away, but Charlotte was not about to reveal her real reasons. “I was just hungry, thank you for bringing me such delicious smelling delicacies.” Charlotte said with a light smile, then reached for one and taking a bit. “Oh…this is good.”

Rika’s quarters

Luna loved how noisy Rika was being, so every time she screamed Ni, Luna squeezed her tighter. “She is better than Tickle me Elmo!” Luna enthused before finally setting the Chichagwa down. “Still think she should be pink though. Would match my hair better.” Luna said with a chuckle, patting her own hair. Course, by this stage, she noticed that Anya seemed enraged about…well Seven’t comment about house training the creatures. Anya had her fist raised in anger, the power of all hell behind it, and Seven could not see it coming, but Luna could. “Anya…don’t be a meanie. Put your arm down.” This remark gave Seven the chance to react as he spun on his heel, then ducked backwards, going into a fancy breakdance move, like in those old 80′s movies. Needless to say, if Anya went through with her punch, she may well be sent spinning, as Seven was spinning on the ground.


-Imay watched as the fire consumed Faust’s minions and be dispelled by the shield. The fact his attack was stopped didn’t bug Imay all that much since it was more of a flashy move then an effective one to begin with. Imay tensed slightly as Eliza quickly speed past him towards the girls but kept his focus on Faust. ‘O darkness, prevail, unto this blade, soul of the damned, go forth, and when this blade should find flesh, you shall find retribution, go on unto the cold iron, and there stay until it pierces skin.’ this chant started to make Imay worried the flame of death was nothing but a concept to him. ‘Shit I couldn’t have found this guy after I reclaimed Soul Rend?’ Imay thought to himself as the small dagger grew to the size of a decent weapon wreathed in black flames. “Resonating Harmony” at Imay’s words a soft note started to cling to Sound Strikes blade, and Imay started to push part of his already draining energy into the blade. As the energy would begin to build fire started to manifest slowly along the full length of Sound Strike starting with the blade and slowly working its way down towards the butt of the staff. Mean while as Imay was preparing to receive an attack from Faust, Kuria had let the shadows consume the dogs that had been missed by the flames, and saw Eliza smash through the barrier and continue through to try and cleave Gabriel in half. There wan’t anytime for a spell to stop Eliza so Kuria had Transposed herself between Gabriel and the blade of the cleaver. “GET HER OUT OF HERE!” Kuria had cried out in pain as the blade would Cut through her body and destroy the blood doll that kept the construct together.

Gabriel watched Eliza nodded to Faust’s command and giggle with his insane laugh that just echoed through the stench filled air that she only learned to tune out from her heightened sense of smell. Her eyes watch the necrobane pick up the scythe cleaver as she began to walk towards Sarah and Gabriel though she knew that instant that she was going to attack. She placed her footing shoulder with apart while letting one side of her kusarigama weapon slip from her hand but soon gripped it once she got some decent length on the chain so she could swing the weapon to throw it at Eliza but before she could defend herself, the dark-skinned woman had stepped in the way while shouting, “GET HER OUT OF HERE!” and with that, she knew that she had to get Sarah out of there as she wrapped her weapons around her and placed them over her shoulder. Gabriel bent down and picked up Sarah and the top of her kimono to only look at the back of the pendant.Gabriel first read the words that were some sort of spell to cast a portal then once she got used to pronouncing the words in such a short time, Gabriel started to recite the words that were carved on the back of the pendant, to only have a portal open next to her as she turned to Imay, “Dragon warrior, you must come with me! You must come with me in order to survive!” she yelled out to Imay, in hopes that he would hear her eager plea for him to follow her then she stepped into the portal and she starts to get flung to where ever her god might be as her arms held Sarah close to her for dear life.

Emushere got up, dusted herself off and went to gather the red orb. She picked it up got in her satchel grabbing the finger of the staff that had broke off not paying much attention to what was going on knowing Arren had everything under control. She held up the staff, orb, and broken off finger at Arren then heard “Now You do need a bath Emushere, I believe there is hot water already running.” Her pale blue eyes went wide, her ears perked up, her long fluffy tail fuzzed up and her long fur on her head stood on end making her look like a duster of some sort.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” She took off hearing the rustle Chichagwas coming for her once again, she remembered the last time this happened when she was just a kit and had mud thrown in her long fur. She knew she was nasty and her fur matted but a bath was not what she wanted. Emushere dropped the staff, orb, and broken off finger stuck out her front paws, screamed at the top of her lungs and ran in the opposite direction of the bath house. She got cut off at the door by two Chichagwas, she turned around to see two more running at her with bath towels. “NO NO NO NO!” She shot out her claws and growled, “Not this time you buggars. Emushere is not getting in water!” She ran to the side but once again tripped on the torn kimono, the two Chichagwas with towels tackled her and wrapped her up the other two tied her with string. With four long strings coming out the Chichagwas began dragging her off towards the bath house only her head could be seen. As a bundled up Kilargwa looking like a uncut roll of sushi she kept protesting shaking her head. “NO BATH, NO BATH, NO BATH!” As the Chichagwas drug her towards the bath house the complaints faded but could still be heard. “NO BATH, NO Bath, No Bath, No bath, no bath, no…”
Bathhouse-Emushere was in fact being dragged away by the chichagwa’s as you could hear the frantic “NO BATH” chant as they dragged her down the halls. They grew closer and closer as they had her tucked in those towels tightly. They finally appeared at the bathhouse only to open the door since there were two baths in the woman’s side of the bathhouse Charlotte would see Emushere being brought in as the Chichagwa’s opened the door saying to Charlotte.- “Our apologies for any problems we may cause. This one needs a bath.” -they continued to drag the Kilargawa called Emushere as she kept crying out as they pulled her to the fall bath only to drop her into the bath. Two chichagwa’s had long scrub brushes as they started to scrub her head. The other three had polls to keep her in the bath so she wouldn’t start trying to climb out.-

Gardens of Den Lira

-Anya had heard Luna yell at her as she looked over at her. “Anya…don’t be a meanie. Put your arm down.” Anya was about to move forward with swing instead she did not even move she placed her arm down only to say.- “Seven you look like a fool right now.” -she heard a high pitched frequency coming from outside and the loud explosion of Arren destroying a demon. She thought to herself at the sight of Arren how long it had been she didn’t want to think about what he was going to make her do as she stood there silent knowing he would soon make her show her demons.-

-the portal to which Gabriel and Sarah had traveled through had in fact landed them in the same place as Anya and the twins as the portal opened behind the little ones. It show both the Volfen and the little girl walking coming through only to have the high frequency sounds be heard.-

-Arren watched this unravel only as he stood there staring at them only to walk forward hearing the cry’s of Rika. His bo staff was heard pounding against the ground as he spoke.- “Let Rika go young one. I can see you like soft stuff animals however. Rika is a living being, She must be handled with care.” -Arren stepped on the wooden flooring opening the door as he looked down upon Luna for a moment his figure might scare the children or it might interest them. He looked to Seven dancing as he cock his brow upwards towards the boy. As he saw Anya staying quiet as he said again to both of the twins.- “You must be Charlotte’s children. I must say I visioned you would be small than what I thought.” -he smiled at both of them as he continued.- “I am sure the portal ride didn’t keep you from wanting something to drink.” -his ear flicked a little as his eyes gaze upon them with interest as he made a statement to them as a welcome.- “Welcome to Den Lira, one of the many homes that I created. A original training ground to someone you may know. I believe I recall you call him Mister Conan” -Arren pushed the door open further as he stepped out on to the oning hoping them would come out to see the Garden.-

Sound Temple

-Danzo was out cold as well as Shikia Conan stood up releasing Danzo from his grip he wasn’t in the mood anymore to stay here. He quickly started walking towards the Den again. He brought out another Cigarette as he said. While lighting it- “Don t ever do that again.” -he walked towards the Den and into the Gardens he went it would take him sometime before he would appear in the Gardens. Conan was needing to see the den for what it once was. In the past it was place of knowledge to him and more of beauty. He left the sound temple.-


-Eliza had missed her target and smashed straight into the blood doll that was speaking as it crumbled only to smirk as she said.- “You were no match for my Master’s recreation” -Faust was in fact grinning heard the woman call to Imayaruk. “Dragon warrior, you must come with me! You must come with me in order to survive!” Faust gave no chance for retreat as he yelled out.- “Oh no you don’t your going top stay blood stained boy!” -he charged Imayaruk as he brought the blade back and swung across in an upward diagonal formation to targets left as gave insane howl of laughter. If the touched or clashed with his blade the effect of rotting or rusting would activate his blade was able to rot bodies and age blades with the force of its magic. Faust knew this as well knew it would make it hard to dodge. He was taking advantage of this. Eliza pulled her weapon out of the blood doll turning around waiting for a time she could jump in. The undead solider s behind Imayaruk quickly started to move into position as they were attempting to attack him behind as they all pinpointed behind him. As the others came from both sides as they all were screaming.- “DIEEEEEEEEEEEEE! WE LIVE FOR FAUST!” -they had surrounded him trying to over take him they hopped to do damage to the man.-

Having enjoyed the tempting delights of the crab cakes and assorted condiments, Charlotte placed a cucumber slice over each eyelid and then rested her head back against the tub, letting the revitalizing waters wash away her cares, and her troubles. Memories that had been reawakened so far as she soaked, gave her insight to her past, and to her true identity. This was something she had not truly thought about in a long time, and so it gave her comfort, which she so badly needed after her meeting with Shadow in the afterlife.

But that zen feeling, the ambiance and quiet of the bathhouse was to be sorely disrupted, when the screeching cry of what can only be described as a feline creature, was screaming on the top of her lungs.

“NO BATH, NO Bath, No Bath, No bath, no bath, no…”

Lifting off one of the cucumber slices, she peered with one eye, as her head tilted, to see the doors opened and a number of Chichagwa dragging a very upset creature into the bathhouse.

“Our apologies for any problems we may cause. This one needs a bath.”

“But I thought this was a private…..oh.” Charlotte could see what the Chichagwa meant, and of course before Charlotte could utter another word, the feline creature, who was still causing a ruckus, was unceremoniously dumped into the falls bath. Taking her cucumber slice, she popped it in her mouth and chewed as she watched the unlucky cat creature get scrubbed down. It really wasn’t that cat’s day. Clearly, the idea of a soak in restful surrounds was over for Charlotte, and she decided now was as good a time to get out and find a robe. She rose to standing, then stepped out of the bath onto a wooden stand, and reached for a towel, to pat herself dry.

Gardens of Den Lira

“Seven you look like a fool right now.”

“Better to look a fool, then be king hit by you, Anya.” Seven said, as he came to the end of his break dancing, and leapt up to standing, popping his neck and rolling his shoulders. Seven grinned at Luna and said. “Thanks for the heads up.” Luna was of course still cradling Rika awkwardly, and this was when Arren made his appearance. Course, he wasn’t too pleased to catch Luna being overfriendly with Rika.

“Let Rika go young one. I can see you like soft stuff animals however. Rika is a living being, She must be handled with care.”

“Awwwe. I was being careful, honest.” Luna said with a firm nod, before setting down Rika and then patting her head. She then stood back and shrugged her shoulders. “I’m a plushie-a-holic. Collect em and hug them to death. I think I get it from my mum, only she collects men.” At this, Seven burst out laughing. “Ahahahaa, yeah sounds about right.”

Arren spoke of how he was surprised that they were Charlotte’s children, since he expected them to be smaller, though they were nearly 13 years old now. The ripe time for growth spurts. The children shrugged as if to agree, but when he mentioned Mister Conan, both perked up.

“He’s here?” Seven asked, as Luna started bouncing. “Where where?” That was a good question. Neither seemed to want a drink, more like they wanted to know what had happened to Mister Conan. Both children followed Arren out to the garden, hoping he would led them to Conan, or their mother. Either would do.


- Imay grimaced deeply as Kuria crumbled away while Eliza mocked her, “You were no match for my Master’s recreation”. “Well of course they are easier to brake they don’t have a real body Nurse Hotstuff.” Imay said with an insulted tone over he shoulder while Faust had claimed Imay will stay there, only really catching the the howling laughter as Faust charged forward and slashed at Imay in a diagonal strike. Imay saw this with only enough time to hop back a few feet as the blade came across his chest plate leaving a very neat line of rust where the blade would have met flesh if Imay was a little slower. Before Imay could even look at his armor to see the rust subtle expanding along the cut, he bound backwards to land on the ledge of a windowsill. From his little window Imay saw the rust starting to grow and new the breastplate was going to be useless, and quickly removed it as his crimson scaled skin started to revert back to looking a slight tan color though his face gained a much older appearance as his hair slowly turned a silvery gray of an older man. As Imay had dodged Faust and cleared himself of the minions for a moment Flain turned back towards the horde she had flown over facing Imay directly. With a smirk Flain dove straight for Imay that would strike him dead center of his now bare chest. As Flain came two feet from Imay he spoke two words filled with the power he had been building up, “ Qanescir Suzaku”, which set the fire to engulf his body completely as Flain quickly disappated to a burning stone orb that planted itself into Imay’s chest. Once the stone embbeded itself into Imay, the skin of his bare chest, wings, and the armor along his arms seemed to chare and flake before it cracked loose to take on the form of black feathers. As he changed all Imay could do was grind his teeth from the only transformation that has really been painful, tell it was over. Now on the window stood a great black phoenix wreathed in the flame of rebirth, that had the ocassional rainbow hue. “Well now my little necrophilic, You claim to have the flame of death in your hand. But I hold the Flame of rebirth in ever part of my being. What do you think will happen to your army or your very pretty pet if it consumes them? What don’t we find out?” Imay said sounding truly curious though he had a few ideas about the results. He would then jump down from the window landing in a more open spot of the horde before swinging his free hand towards the few with there backs to him sending out a small wave of condensed fire as thick as his hand and about four feet wide before bounding to the side of another building and repeating the same move again without seeing what would happen to the bodies in the way of the first attack and bringing Sound Strike to bare in both hands eyeing Faust and the horde mischievously as he turned slowly away from his second set of targets and keeping an eye on what was left still around him.

Gabriel let out a soft snarl for the fact that Imay did not follow since she did not see him behind them as the blades of her mid-ranged weapon clunged together like a wind chime dancing in fierce wind. Her arms were slowly becoming heavy from the weight of Sarah’s body and she growled once more.Within the next few moments, Gabriel and Sarah came crashing through the portal as the entrance portal closed with a sound of a jet flying by. With a loud crash into the boards of the floor, the exit side of the portal closed in a rush and Gabriel had landed on her back and that caused her to gasp out in pain though she did not break any bones while using herself as a cushion for Sarah since she was still asleep. Gabriel looked around at the new environment and was a bit shocked to see a zen themed room within her line of view.

“Wh….where am I?” She asked herself out loud, not knowing that there was anyone there, living in the room she had apparently landed in.

As Emushere was being dragged off by Chichagwas she sees another person threw a door. “HELP EMUSHERE!” Then she was dunked the towels and string fell off; her kimono practically dissolved and she was being scrubbed and hard while being poked and prodded by poles to keep her in. Soon the Chichagwas were pouring warm water over her head while still using the poles to keep her in. The Chichagwa to her left turned for a moment to grab something leaving a space, taking advantage she dashed fully nude towards the last place she knew Arren to be.
She kept running her calico long fur stuck to her body making her look like a hair ball and not a Kilargwa.
She hit the Zen Garden and screamed out “ARREN!” She streaked across the sand leaving paw prints threw the perfectly landscaped sand art. She stopped mid way and climbed up a rock and panted looking around and began crying. “Where’s Arren, Arren where are you? Emushere wet, cold, and scared….” She’d looked down and half noticed but not really that she was naked and just keep making a ruckus about finding Arren. Water dripped off her going down the rock. She shook like any cat or dog would do spraying the area with water and continued panting and began whispering to herself. “Emushere alone again where should she go? Many many doors which to pick?” She sniffed the air trying to trace any sign of anything familiar but all she smelt was soap. She looked down and saw her staff, orb and broken off finger still laying on the ground she jumped off the rock making more of a mess of the sand and grabbed them and ran for the closest door. “ARREN!”
Bathhouse-The chichagwa’s were hard at work trying to get Emushere clean as they could. However it seemed that she was too fast for them to catch. As she darted after they had rinsed her off she would smell like a lavender. The little Kilargwa streaked through the bathhouse and the rest of the house as she screamed for Arren. She would run through smelling around trying to find him. The door she came too was not the passage to the Garden. As the door opened she would see none other than Conan as he was still in his Kendo uniform as he looked down to see the soaking wet Kilargwa. He hadn’t seen one for so long he almost forgot about them. He reached down grabbing Emushere by the scruff lifting her off the ground as he said.- “Ok, Kilargwa why are you wet?as well why are naked? I mean I thought I told you all last time to dress just like the chichagwa’s.” -he looked into Emushere’s eyes not knowing it was her as it had been centuries since he saw her. He couldn’t tell it was her entirely. Charlotte was in fact walking by in a robe it seemed like to him as he said to Charlotte.- “OI! Charlotte. You seen Arren? I think we need to talk with him a bit. I mean I think its nothing but I want to see about getting Seven and Luna to see if they are alright.” -he didn’t know if she had heard or not knowing she was still looking around for things.-

Gardens of Den Lira

-Arren smiled as he heard Luna speak she had a voice of a small angel compared to most girls her age. “I’m a plushie-a-holic. Collect em and hug them to death. I think I get it from my mum, only she collects men.” he nodded at her smiling walking backwards as they came out into the Gardens as they wondered where Conan was. Arren gaze upon Luna in more detail of the lighting present he was in a bit of shock for the moment. She looked exactly like Iris he choked for a second as he said.- “You look exactly like my grand daughter. I must say I didn’t expect you to look so close to her.” -he nodded as he looked at seven he was in what Arren thought he was a bit of a child of course from his personality however he was still just a boy. Arren’s ears perked as seven spoke about Conan.“He’s here?” he looked back at Luna who was bouncing as he said to both of them.- “Yes Conan is here.” – soon after that asking the next question. “Where where?” -Arren couldn’t help but smile bigger from the mind of a child. It seemed the children saw Conan as a hero they looked up too. As he thought to himself and tried to pin point where Conan was. He was surprised that Conan would be on his way to the Gardens. Arren said to both of the children.- “well I believe he maybe coming back from the sound Temple perhaps he is with your mother right now.” -he did not know exactly as he thought to himself.

-Anya was still in the small house as a woman came forth holding Sarah. She was still quiet as hearing the growl form the woman. As Anya had shot her eyes open as Gabriel spoke. “Wh….where am I?” she shivered a bit as she said to Gabriel.- “Your in Den Lira one of Arren’s many different places he created as a sanctuary for those who know him.” -she looked closely as Sarah groaned in her sleep on Gabriel’s back as she opened her eyes to see her sister Anya. Anya gave a blood boiling yell as she said.- “SARAH! OH MY GOD ARE YOU OK!?” -she ran over to Sarah pulling her off Gabriel . Sarah slowly was opening her eyes looking up at Anya as she waited for a split second before reacting as she reached up grabbing her sister into a tight hug as she said.- “Anya thank goodness your alive. When we got split up I didn’t know where to find you.”- Anya giggled as she returned the hug as she said. To Sarah in such a joking tone.- “At least I didn’t have to use the hammer to much Sarah but you look like you haven’t eaten in days.” -Sarah looked over to Gabriel as she said to her sister.- “i haven’t eaten since they day we got here. I couldn’t find the place Father talked about.” -Anya looked over to Gabriel as she asked her a deep question.- “did you save my sister? If you did I thank you. Since we can’t use our power very good in the state we are in. it’s hard to survive” -she frowned as Sarah placed her hand on Anya’s face saying.- “hush Anya. We can it’s just harder.”


-Faust was impressed by the way Imayaruk was able to move out of the way in just the right time. As his blade touched his armor piece as watching something interesting take place. As the man quickly was engulfed in flames from an orb that implanted into his chest as he was higher than the rest of his horde and him. As he heard the man’s words. “Well now my little necrophiliac, You claim to have the flame of death in your hand. But I hold the Flame of rebirth in ever part of my being. What do you think will happen to your army or your very pretty pet if it consumes them? What don’t we find out?” the insult towards his dear sweet Eliza sent Faust into a rage as he yelled out towards the man.- “PET?! YOU DON’T SPEAK ABOUT MY DEAR EILZA THAT WAY YOU WILL DIE HERE!” – watched as the man moved down from the window as he started burning through the minions turning them to nothing but ash. Faust watched this go on as he was only becoming more anger with Imayaruk. He disrespect his lost love and his. Faust was truly angry as he pulled his blade closer to him as he said.- “Eliza come here.” -Eliza moved towards him running behind her Master as she was ready holding her scythe as she said.- “Yes Master I shall be your eyes from behind you.” -Faust grinned as he started to chant loudly.- [b] “I call forth the darkness,….” -Faust was quickly interrupted as Eliza pulled him backwards seeing a bolt of lightning blaze past where he was standing as he said.- “What the fuck?” -Faust looked down to his left of the whole that was open seeing a man in the distance.-

epic enterance music

-The man was still cloaked as he had his out pointed down the center whole of the horde as he brought his left hand up to his chest grabbing hold of the cloak pulling it off to reveal his identity. This would a man Imayaruk would remember. His hair was blackish blue coming down to the back of his shoulders. He was a bit pale however he had a light tan down his arms. Coming with gloves on his arms the broke off at the fore arm. As his jacket cloaked down behind him with an open from the chest showing a black under armor. The sleeves of the jacket came down to mid length of his upper arm. His left hand had a belt wrapped around it as he pulled out his straight Kanai which was known for its double sided katana styled blade. The belt on his hand was handing down below his hand as his pants were tight as if he was wearing skinny jeans that were made of leather as his boots were combat styled more looking like a military black. His eyes were glowing a very deep red as he said.- “Sorry can’t tell you go any further with that spell Faust. Ben watching this fight for a little while. As well my promise to Shadow I can’t tell you belittle Imayaruk.” -he stepped forward as even the undead minions started backing away from him. He looked over to Imayaruk as he smirked.- “what has it been a few hundred years Imayaruk? – stood there gazing at the young prince as he turned his head towards Faust still wondering if he was ready for battle.-

-Faust stood up as he grinned looking at both of them as he said in a grand yell.- “YOU KEEP GIVING ME PEOPLE TO KILL! LETS START THIS PARTY!” -he brought his sword around ready for them to attack as Eliza prepared herself as well.-

-The grand battle was about to begin on this night as the Dark age of this era had begun. What was in store for not just these warriors but ones who were resting in the Den of lira.- <3>

Grounds outside Bath houseCharlotte had left behind the squealing cat creature to her fate in the bath house, or…so she thought. No sooner had Charlotte gotten a few yards up the path, a very wet and very upset Kilargwa was streaking through the bath house and grounds. This would have greatly annoyed the chichagwa’s that had been trying to wash her clean. The air now had the scent of lavender, and…wet fur permeating through the air, and Charlotte raised a brow, when she suddenly heard Conan sing out to her.

“OI! Charlotte. You seen Arren? I think we need to talk with him a bit. I mean I think its nothing but I want to see about getting Seven and Luna to see if they are alright.”

Charlotte turned to see Conan holding the Kilargwa by the scruff of the neck, and could see a small puddle forming underneath the dripping feline. So that is where she ended up. Charlotte clutched the top lapel of her robe and drew it together, so she was not being to revealing, and padded over to where Conan was standing.

“I saw him earlier in the Gardens of Den Lira, perhaps he is still there.” She replied, looking down at the wet cat thing, and then her eyes raising back up to Conan asking. “You are going to have THAT dressed before we go see the children. I imagine if my kids are anywhere, they are with Arren. I think its how this place works.” Charlotte said with some assurance. Leaning to Conan, she did ask “Though, I would rather see my children when I was wearing a bit more than a robe. If I turn up with you, that soaked cat and me in this flimsy robe….god knows what my kids are going to think.”

She had a point.

Gardens of Den Lira

Arren was taken aback by how much Luna looked like his grand daughter; Iris. Luna found this all a bit embarrassing, having never been compared to anyone before in her life. There were very few children with lilac coloured hair. “Do I? Do I really?” she said with a bright blush to her cheeks. She twirled her right toe in the floor, and shook her shoulders from side to side, fluttering her tiny lashes. Seven thought she was being daft. “He’s just saying that. No one could look like you. I’m your twin, and I look nothing like you. Thank goodness for that too. Fancy me with purple hair. Eww.” Luna poked out her tongue at Seven, for being a precocious brat.

News that did garner the kids attention was that Conan was here, somewhere and on his way over, probably with the kid’s mother. Course when he said that to the kids, they both looked at each other and went…


- Imay heard the anger in Faust’s voice as he shouted “PET?! YOU DON’T SPEAK ABOUT MY DEAR EILZA THAT WAY YOU WILL DIE HERE!”, oh this was getting fun for once Imay wasn’t the one loosing his temper in a fight. “So Slave then, or do you not like being called Master by woman that would submit to you? Either way she clearly is a bigger threat then you human.” Imay called back to Faust mockingly. ‘oh wonder if i can break him then again i really should be getting out of here, though need to get this army out of the city first.” Imay thought to himself only to have his train of thought inturpted by Faust starting to chant another spell only to have it cut short thanks to a bolt of lightning. Imay had then turned back towards Faust and Eliza only to see a man just beyond them who was removing his cloak. “what has it been a few hundred years Imayaruk?” the man had called out to Imay. “Nay feels like half an eon then again you know how screwy time can be traveling the worlds Apprentice.” Imay called out with a playful smile on his face, as he watched Faust;s angry expression turn to something of a twisted form of joy, “YOU KEEP GIVING ME PEOPLE TO KILL! LETS START THIS PARTY!”. As Faust had yelled Imay took the time to send a few more waves of fire towards the horde that was partially distracted from him calling back out to the new man, “Well it seems you made the freaks day So how about you take his ghastly girlfriend while i handle the Moron, sound good Apprentice?”

Gabriel would sit up as she rubbed her back, her finger tips caressing the bandages that were wrapped around her torso though her back was facing towards Anya and Sarah, the two sisters reunited. For a short while, Anya got a glimpse of the Silverfang crest upon her back though it may be only a small portion of the top. Gabriel turned around and watched the two hug each other like they have no seen each other in centuries. She listened to them converse a bit and gave a soft chuckle to Anya’s joking tone then locked eyes with Sarah for only a few moments before she looked back at her sister.When Anya asked if Gabriel saved her sister, she gave a nod to Anya before letting her thought roll off her tongue, “Yes I did save her. And you are most welcome, Ma’am. I would of done anything to keep your sister, safe,” Gabriel stood up and brushed off debris off her kimono, trying to get it clean to the best of her ability as one hand strapped her mid-ranged weapon to her hip then placed covers n the twin blades to prevent them from cutting everything.

While running Emushere was suddenly lifted off the gound she dropped yet agian the orb staff and broken finger with some grumbling she looked up. “Ok, Kilargwa why are you wet?as well why are naked? I mean I thought I told you all last time to dress just like the chichagwa’s.” “EMUSHERE IS NORMALLY DRESSED!” She screamed at the man while looking him over. “Emushere was taken by Chichagwas for a bath, Emushere no like baths…” She looked deep into his eyes, then her ears perked and a bright cat smile crossed her lips. Before she could say anything the women from the bath house stepped in. “OI! Charlotte. You seen Arren? I think we need to talk with him a bit. I mean I think its nothing but I want to see about getting Seven and Luna to see if they are alright.” The man asked her. The women responded “I saw him earlier in the Gardens of Den Lira, perhaps he is still there. You are going to have THAT dressed before we go see the children. I imagine if my kids are anywhere, they are with Arren. I think its how this place works. Though, I would rather see my children when I was wearing a bit more than a robe. If I turn up with you, that soaked cat and me in this flimsy robe….god knows what my kids are going to think.” She began to chuckle. “Emushere know you, yes she does! You’re Conan, Emushere has not seen Conan in ages. Emushere missed Conan.” Emushere turned to the lady, “You know Conan named Emushere? We were in Egypt quite a long time ago Conan got tired of calling Emushere Kilargwa so being Conan he named Emushere Emushere which in Egyptian mean kitten.” Then she began to swing her legs as much as she could, till her wet skin began to slide from Conan grip with a loud rip and thumb a chunk of her hair ripped out and she landed on the floor. While dashing for the staff orb and broken finger she politely said “Emushere learned long time ago how to get out of your grip Conan, now off to Gardens of Den Lira!” With an awkward laugh she took off agian now holding the peices to the staff. Sprinting around the corner to the garden she screamed. “ARREN!” But then came to a hault seeing 5 young people and a Chichagwa with Arren. She slowly walked over to Arren and held up the staff orb and broken finger clearing her throat several times blushing under her thick soaking wet fur she said. “Arren fix now?” Then just stood there frozen holding up the pieces.

-Conan looked at the little Kilargwa as he opened his eyes seeing it was Emushere. He sighed in the moment knowing she was completely out of her mind. He did think it was good to see her for once. Though something was off about her. Charlotte answered him which he was happy about.-“I saw him earlier in the Gardens of Den Lira, perhaps he is still there.”
You are going to have THAT dressed before we go see the children. I imagine if my kids are anywhere, they are with Arren. I think its how this place works.”

-Emushere was of course offend in all rights she normally was dressed as she quickly gave out a response to Charlotte in a loud yell that made Conan’s ears ring.-

Emushere know you, yes she does! You’re Conan, Emushere has not seen Conan in ages. Emushere missed Conan.”

-Conan gave a face towards her as she continued to ramble only making annoyed at the fact he knew her. She used to be so laid back in the past he wondered why she kept going as if she had lost her mind entirely. He didnt understand why this little Kilargwa had become so mad in her language. He cocked up his eye brow at her when she looked over to the lady asking her the question.-

“You know Conan named Emushere? We were in Egypt quite a long time ago Conan got tired of calling Emushere Kilargwa so being Conan he named Emushere Emushere which in Egyptian mean kitten.”

-The noble warrior that walked the path of a very old code could only do one thing at this point hearing this as he placed his hand on his forehead only to say.- “You have totally lost your mind you damn Cat!” -he couldn’t help but say it. She truly was out of it this was no longer the Emushere he knew so long ago. As he finally noticed Charlotte was leaning over to him he perked his head out of his hand as he listened to what Charlotte was trying to tell him.-

Though, I would rather see my children when I was wearing a bit more than a robe. If I turn up with you, that soaked cat and me in this flimsy robe….god knows what my kids are going to think.”

-She had a very good point to make. Even so Conan was still in bandages with the kendo uniform it was kind of odd for him to be in. He knew that bandages would only worry the kids in this case. Conan nodded towards her as he was about to say something. Until, the small little Kilargwa decided to make a break for it say to him as she bolted down the hall.-

“Emushere learned long time ago how to get out of your grip Conan, now off to Gardens of Den Lira!”
-Conan did it again he took the palm of his hand and planted it right in his forehead as he said in aggressive tone.- “DAMNIT!” -he turned back to Charlotte as he sighed thinking to himself on this. He could the robe that Charlotte had on was not really in the best taste to be walking in front of her children. He said to her as he pointed towards a room.- “I think our clothes might be in there. If anything Charlotte we could in fact just find a kimono for you to wear instead of the robe.” -he was in fact still in a daze at Emushere he knew that it was due anytime next thing we needed was a bag of catnip.-

-Conan and Charlotte would notice the Chichagwa’s running from the bathhouse with towels and a kimono as they started running after Emushere yelling.- “NO EMUSHERE YOUR NOT DRY YET!!!” -the four chichagwa’s kept running as if they were moving in a pack formation ready pounce her. As they too vanished into the Garden’s of Den Lira.-

Garden of Den Lira

-Arren stood there as he heard Seven speak about his sister only to reach into his kimono pulling out a picture of Iris as he waited for Seven to finish his statement.- “He’s just saying that. No one could look like you. I’m your twin, and I look nothing like you. Thank goodness for that too. Fancy me with purple hair. Eww.” -Arren’s ear flickered for a second. Only to for him to offer the picture to Luna as he said.- “you look exactly like Iris my Granddaughter. Other than she had blonde hair and blue eyes like her father. I think you have already seen this picture before.” -The picture was the same of the one that was seen in trek. In the picture there are two people behind a small girl looking to be about 5 years old. With the two older people looking both exactly like Conan in a younger age he looked happy from his smile and him dressed in his Kimono that was black. The woman next to him was of his wife Sirah who had blonde hair and green eyes she looked so beautiful in his light teal kimono her figure was definitely something to talk about. As the little girl was in the picture was something else. Even at her age of looking about five years old she looked a lot like luna other than height. All the facial features were the same other than the hair and eyes. While Luna had Purple hair the girl hand blonde hair. The girls eyes were blue exactly like Conan’s eyes. She had features from both the mother and father.-

-As Arren displayed the picture to both of the twins he heard a noise of the small Kilargwa coming forth behind him running with her staff that was broken. He left the picture in Luna’s care for her to examine only to turn around seeing that Emushere was still wet, not just wet completely soaked as she said to him.- “Arren fix now?” -trying to offer him the staff and orb as he sighed taking orb and the staff looking at it with seeing it had a finger missing from the holster for the orb to sit on. Only to place it together. As he placed the finger on the staff the material instantly started to seal itself back together as the orb was placed back on top of the fingers.-

-As Arren started to work on her staff the chichagwa’s were not far behind her as they yelled again.- “EMUSHERE YOUR NOT DONE!” -They came at her full blast as it sounded like small stamp-peed coming towards her. The Chichagwa made the turn into the gardens two with towels ready to pounce on her. As they jumped on top of her hopping to dry her off in the process of the other two with her kimono struggling to get it on her rolling around with her like a funny cartoon brawl breaking out.-

-Hopefully the Chichagwa’s were successful in doing this since she was naked and she could get a major cold being as soaking wet as she was. The Chichagwa’s struggled during this and if they did do it right they would jump back running away with the towels into the house leaving Emushere completely clean and dressed in her Kimono. They left one tiny detail left on her they did her hair giving her nice pink bow on her head. She looked adorable with it between her ears even if it was over sized for her.-

-While the Chichagwa’s were working on Emushere to get her dressed Arren had finished her staff only to hand it too her as they finished saying to her.- “done now don’t go breaking it again Emushere. I cant always be fixing it.” -Arren looked towards the kids as he said.- “Emushere please meet Charlotte’s Children Seven and Luna. They came to Den Lira to see both Conan and Charlotte.” -he pointed to the twins as he wondered if Anya and Sarah alone with the other girl would come out of the house. As he said to them.- “Anya, Sarah and the woman in the house please come out and join us in the Garden. I am sure everyone would like to see who is all here while we wait for Charlotte and the other.” -he stood there with his staff close to him leaning on it. Waiting for everyone to appear.-

-Rika who was finally let go and had regained herself after being squeezed by Luna she started to slowly sneak away seeing she had not finished her noddles only to get up slowly creeping away. As she looked over to the Twins before bolting to the other side of the Garden hiding behind some rose bushes hopping she could finally find the peace and quiet she needed.-

-Anya heard Gabriel’s answer as she blinked a few times.- “Yes I did save her. And you are most welcome, Ma’am. I would of done anything to keep your sister, safe,” -Anya smiled as she said looking to her sister Sarah saying in a very polite tone.- “Thank you.” -Anya had seen the Silverfang symbol on her back shrugging it off since she had seen the sign before but couldn’t place it anywhere since she was more worried about Sarah. Both of the girls looked up as they figured he would want them outside as Anya helped her sister to her feet as she said.- “Well time to see Arren again. Lets hope we don’t have to transform here.” -Both Anya and Sarah walked outside the small house seeing the Garden of Den Lira as they both couldn’t believe that the flowers were so grand it remind them so much of home even though it had been a year since they had seen the planets of the Magellanic Galaxy . Even though the Gorya Empire they more about was the one ruled by Shadow himself. Void was a beautiful planet and had Gardens that they used to play in so many years ago. It seemed to make them tear up as the Garden so Den Lira were a mirror image of the Gardens that their Creator had once made for them.-


-Faust was getting angry till he noticed thhat Imayaruk was trying to get him off his game. Faust laughed hearing the next phrase of the man’s statement.- “So Slave then, or do you not like being called Master by woman that would submit to you? Either way she clearly is a bigger threat then you human.” -Faust couldn’t help but laugh as he said in such a joking tone.- “You don’t understand who I am do you? I am one of the Necromancer’s that helped take down the great Shadow Eris Gorya!” -he grinned as he placed his hand on his blade only to say.- “Yes I may not have given the final blow to that man. But I was the one that helped my Teacher defeat him.” -he laughed as he pointed at Imayaruk saying to him in such a tone.- “You have no right to talk boy! By your moves and by your own clothing I can see That man was your brother. Your the youngest of the Goryan prince!” -he laughed only to hear everything that was going between Daren and Imayaruk.-

-Daren smirked hearing Faust and Imayaruk but soon to frown hearing the entire statement.-“Nay feels like half an eon then again you know how screwy time can be traveling the worlds Apprentice.” “Well it seems you made the freaks day So how about you take his ghastly girlfriend while i handle the Moron, sound good Apprentice?” -Daren said to Imayaruk in a serious tone. Wielding his blade out from his body placing his hand on the hilt.- “Imayaruk you know my name. I maybe the Apprentice of your brother but you need take learn to know that your choices are not ideal. You always seem to take on things that you may not over come. In this choice I am going to say No.” -he saw Faust was starting to catch on to their plans quickly. As Daren brought his blade to the left side of him looking to preform Bukdo- justu known for being used as a drawing kanai technique waiting for Faust to make his move.-

-Faust quickly looked at Daren as he started laughing as he said.- “So your the apprentice of the great Shadow Eris Gorya! Well then Daren Telreckic! WE SHALL SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO! ELIZA GO PLAY WITH THE YOUNG PRINCE FOR A WHILE!” -Eliza jumped into the air quickly moving at an accelerated speeds faster than she was before. She had been waiting to build up her power aiming straight towards him. As her Cleaver-scythe slowly started to produce black flames just like her Master’s did as well. How was this possible could it have been from that fact she had taken Kuria’s life as a blood doll? Or was it connected to Faust as well it was seeming to be unknown by the naked eye. As she sudden was above Imayaruk swinging down in a straight vertical pattern hopping to slice Imayaruk in half. Faust looked back at Daren as he quickly darted towards him wielding his as he swung in the same diagonal direction before towards Imayaruk hopping to cut him in half.-

-Daren saw straight through this attack and quickly pulled out his blade as the wind instantly picked around him channeling his own energy through the kanai as he clashed with Faust’s blade only to say in such a emotionless tone.- “Your flames will not touch me Faust and for this I will not let you go any further.” -Daren’s blade would not rot or rust as in the fine line of millimeters there was a gape between the blades that if you paid attention you could seen. Daren saw Eliza above Imayaruk as he yelled out.- “IMAYARUK ABOVE YOU!” -he turned back his focus towards Faust again as he was waiting for the moment to break Faust’s guard.-

-It seems that the battle has just begun for both Daren and Imayaruk. Only the Destiny’s fate will guide them through this never ending battle between the Darkness and the Light. Shall we seen what is in story for them. very soon a great Evil will enter the streets of Lorewall-

BathhouseTraditionally, a bathhouse is a tranquil place, for relaxation and reflection; of cleansing, and above all, its to wash your cares away. That being said, the mad antics of Emushere had made it anything but. From driving Conan to distraction and upsetting hordes of Chichagwa that were just trying to do their job; Charlotte had had enough. Blinking rapidly from the incessant chatter of the deranged cat creature, Charlotte rejected Conan’s advice that she should dress in a kimono, since anyone who is anyone knows how long they take to put on, and not only that, Charlotte was keen to see her twins; Luna and Seven. Not only did she miss them, but she knew the antics those two could get up to unsupervised. Patting Conan’s arm lightly, she said.

“I think I will go find something a little easier to wear, like a silken twin set, but thanks for the advice.”

Finding a small change room, she asked one of the Chichagwa, if they could find her a twin set, preferably with pants, as opposed to a skirt, and thankfully the Chichagwa obliged her with a black silken shirt and pants, with silver thread trim. Putting it on and discarding her robe, she swept her hair up behind her into a loose bun, and when happy with her appearance, she rejoined Conan to go meet with her children in the Garden of Den Lira.

Garden of Den Lira

Having been shown the picture of Arren’s granddaughter, it was plain as day to see the resemblance between Luna and Iris, who had blonde hair instead of the lilac which Luna bore. Luna held the photograph, admiring it, while sure enough the Kilargwa had finally reached the garden, with of course the Chichagwa in hot pursuit. The noise was terrific, and even Seven couldn’t hold back the laughter when the Chichagwa and the Kilagwa got into a massive brawl. It really was the silliest thing he had seen, but the end result would have her dressed. Thankfully. Charlotte and Conan would not far behind, and naturally both the children were keen to see their mother again

The Children weren’t too keen on the wild Kilargwa, even Seven holding back from his usual childish antics and phrases. Something about this creature was unsettling. Maybe with its staff fixed, she might behave.


- Imay listened as Faust started boasting “You don’t understand who I am do you? I am one of the Necromancer’s that helped take down the great Shadow Eris Gorya!. Yes I may not have given the final blow to that man. But I was the one that helped my Teacher defeat him.”. “Well i guess that makes you a lucky coward since gods brave enough to face Shadow alone ended up six feet under. Though to be honest I’m surprised my brother didn’t kill you first your mouth is worse then mine and he has almost killed me for that.” Imay taunted before he heard Daren interrupt his train of thought, “Imayaruk you know my name. I maybe the Apprentice of your brother but you need take learn to know that your choices are not ideal. You always seem to take on things that you may not over come. In this choice I am going to say No.”, “True though i was hoping to throw them off by you quickly removing the bitch’es head before he figured you out. Then again slaves need to be taught some manors in front of Nobles.” As Imay finished speaking he heard Faust order Eliza to attack him as he saw Faust try to clash with Daren. Imay was already aware of Eliza in the air before as Daren shouted his warning. ‘Huh either this bitch is stupid or this is a trap.’ Imay thought to himself briefly while seeing Eliza come down with a strike clearly meant to to cleave him in two. He quickly reversed his grip and thrust the butt of Sound Strike right at Eliza’s belly only to bring it down in a sideways motion has he stepped out of the path hoping to throw Eliza on her side if he connected before using the momentum of the spin to reverse his grip again so the blade was pointed at Eliza. As Imay waited to see Eliza’s next move he started to focus on the air around the blade of Sound strike letting it build into a dense sphere around the blade with a mad smirk that would have been right at home in wonderland.

Gabriel only turned after hearing Arren speak to Anya, Sarah, and her then gave a soft nod, walking out of the room with the top of her kimono in hand. She slipped her arms through the sleeves of her kimono and overlapping the extra fabric to cover the bandages wrapped around her chest.

Gabriel looked over to Arren then moved to look at the others who were just standing in the hallway of the Japanese style home that felt very comforting to her. Her eyes lowered down to the Kilargwa who wore a big pink bow on top of her head with a scent of lavandar hitting her nose. She gave a chuckle, figuring out that this creature just had a bath, looking up to see the twins as well as she crossed her arms, trying to get comfortable.

Emushere looked up at the bow after the brawl looked down and steam almost came out her ears she was so mad. She then proceeded to remove the bow and shove it in the nearest Chchagwa’s mouth. “Here Emushere think that better spot for big bow you bully!” She then stalked over to Arren gently took her repaired staff and looked at the orb. “Um Arren Sir? You forgot to cleanse the orb.” The orb still glew a blood red with ghastly faces in it but no crack could be seen anymore after it had been returned to its proper place on the pure white staff. She then felt eyes on her and turned to see two very young children and a barely adult women looking upon her and she ducked behind Arren. Realizing she had been laughed at by one child she peeked out and peered upon him looking him over to see if he was any threat, but decided otherwise. Now the adult girl might be different… She had a certain smell about her that was familiar but not. She then looked down at herself to see if atleast the Kimono was suitable, it was but she didn’t understand the clashing pink bow?
Emushere tugged at Arrens Kimono and held up the staff once more, all the while keeping an eye on the children and others. She had been alone for so long she was untrusting of anything including Arren. In her mind even Arren wasn’t trustworthy cause he was just a constuct if he was the real Arren it wouldn’t of taken her a year to return home after finding the body…

Wolf Spider – Lacardis Prime.

Re: (RP) “Lacardis Prime”
December 02, 2013 08:04AM
Role play Live : Lacardis Prime : Carrendar Dynasty

Wolf Spider


shadowbowromana2: “Agh, I hate the damn snow, I hate the damn sun, I hate sand, earth, stone, water….everything…and winter…just…agh…”A man spoke, in a light tone, followed by his abyssal steps into the thick snow, he hated the winter, it was mostly the hatred for cold, which weirdly always had some sexual arousing effect. But days after travel in the snow, and ground, he had arrived to the calm lands, which had no more snow. Following the forestial paths, he had arrived to the flat grounds of the shapelands. The most common lands for taverns for travels, which gave him hope of finding a tavern to stay at. John was the name of the travelling man, John Blackspade. He wore a brown leather trench coat, along with a few pathches,, black leather pantings, and buckle strapped boots. On his upide of the body, he wore a black round hat with a black “Valkyra” feather. The face of jogn was a rather commonly and roundable face, along with only soft cheeks on both front ends, and blue pupiled eyes, with slight short cut facial hair growing under his ment, and black hair on a short cut, along with som red stripes for the blood attached to his hair. He had a black angel fending as a tattoo on his chest, along with a rosary, black un crossed. Taking his travel forward, John had seen a tavernj in the distance, or some kind of building untill he had reached further knowledge by coming closer. Outside there seemed to be an arena, and horse stable, and a well, along with two buildings. John had to choose which, and so he went further, opening the door, and saluting, qafter having reached the tavern. Having reached, and entered the tavern, he took a seat at the stool ordering.”A whiskey M’am….and leave the bottle.”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Mary Muggins was a fabled innkeeper of these parts of the Emerald mountains, and no one kept a cleaner boarding house than she. Walking through the downstairs of her establishment, which was already rife with travellers, traders and the odd farmer, she spied a traveller who entered the Ox via the large oak door, which creaked on its rusty hinges. “A whiskey M’am…and leave the bottle.” The tall chap said, as he took a seat at the bar on one of the rickety stools. Setting down the blankets for one of the guest rooms, she wiped her hands on her apron, then scooted around the bar, reaching for one of the local bottles of whiskey. A fine drop it was too, from Arachnea winery and distillery. She blew off the dust, and gave the outside of the bottle a wipe down, before taking up a mug and then ambling back around toward her guest. Her long green skirts rustled along the floor boards, as she treaded lightly. Placing down the bottle and mug, she offered a wide smile, before placing her hands on well shaped hips. “Not a finer whiskey in these parts, I be tellin’ you. Bottle too. If ya be needin’ a good meal, I can have Cookie serve you a delicious rabbit stew.” Many travellers preferred the sour dough and sweet meats that were usually on offer, but it seemed Cookie was trying a new dish. You could hear the rise of voices, as the card games continued, and a few traders were showing off their wares to the usual patrons. No one seemed to notice the door to the tavern open again, as a red haired woman appeared, followed closely by her faithful Baldrick. Seemed the Prime Minister was on another one of her trips from the capital, and she favoured this inn for its good food and ale. Lorelei and Baldrick were removing their cloaks, and surveying those that were in the down stairs of the inn. One could never be too cautious. <3>

shadowbowromana2: “Aye, It’ll be a good drunken slabbert M’am, be ye thankful.”He nodded, in gratefulness, and then pulled out five coopers, placing them onto the table board, and turned towards the door, nodding, and then looking,”Aye, a fine madam in my eyes..heh, rare to see these type of travellers around ye know…”He spoke softly towards the maiden who had given him the Whiskey, and then turned again.”Mind telling me who this beautiful maiden is? I’d be glad to meet her…and…I’d pay ye extra…”He laughed lightly, and then looked at the woman’s breast, face, and legs…he was rather amused, but also like the body figure of the woman, smiling when he turned, and then stood up from his stool, awaiting the response of the maiden.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- With her black hood being drawn down, and then unclasped, so she could swing the cape off easily, the shock of blood red hair only highlighted the alabaster skin of the maiden to enter the tavern. Eyes the colour of jade continued to take in all around her, as she seemed to speak in a whisper to her advisor, who simply nodded and then went back out to the stable to check on their horses. The stable hands needed to be paid well, to ensure the horses were fed and their shoes seen to by the blacksmith. With Baldrick outside, the maiden made her way to the stairs, climbing slowly. The metal buckles on her boots clinked in time with each step until she reached the top of the landing, where the bar was situated. It did not go unnoticed that she had caught the man’s attention, and she offered a simple nod of the head, before taking a seat at the far end of the bar. Mary Muggins, watched all this with a raised eyebrow, then leaned forward to the traveller. “That be Lady Carrendar, Sir. She sometimes comes down here, I hear she has an estate near Twisted wood, and this be the last tavern on the way there. I can introduce you, but you keep your coppers.”- She said with a smile, before making her way down to the bar. Lorelei ordered a local ale, and when she did this, the barmaid gestured towards John, before cocking her head, as though Lorelei should join him. Lorelei turned her head to see this man for herself, her brow knitting, like she was trying to remember if she had seen him somewhere before. Not thinking it could do no harm, she took her mug of ale, and made her way over to where John was standing. “I don’t believe I have had the pleasure. I’m Lady Carrendar…and you are?” <3>

shadowbowromana2: ~Looking over at the maiden who gave the orders, he nodded, and smiled, and then turned, somewhat in surprise.”Lady Carrendar…that Charlotte Carrendar…you must be her mother?”He smiled, and then put his whiskey back to the counter, sitting back down, observing her hips, and then going back to her face. Fact was, that he was a sucker for red heads. But he had met the daughter of the woman, and for that he had somewhat a knowledge on who they were.”An ale for this woman, and hey you! yes you guy with the flowers!”.”Hm? yes?” A man bringing up roses responded, while looking at john.”Tell ya a deal..I’ll cut on ten gold coins, and you hand me the flowers aye?” .”Aye..sounds good, here..have the rose buoquet.” He nodded, and then took the five gold coins, and handed john the buoquet, which was then handed to the lady across his side”For you M’am.”<3))

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- At first Lorelei looked bewildered when the man in the dark hat, mentioned Charlotte Carrendar. The firey red head thought for a moment, then remembered the time that Captain had brought a dark haired woman to the castle in Arachnea, claiming it was her daughter from another time. She had almost forgotten that meeting, but nether the less it left her unsettled. The man was at ease, offering a warm and inviting smile, and Lorelei was quick to regain her composure and said in a velvety tone. “I’d say that is correct. But that still doesn’t tell me who you are.” Lorelei’s eyes followed John’s as he let them wander up and down her form, taking in her feminine curves no doubt. He also took the liberty to order her an ale and then handed a bouquet of roses to Lorelei with the words “For you.” Lorelei accepted them graciously, raising the bouquet to her nose and inhaling its scent. Roses are a favourite of the spider maiden, who uttered. “You are most kind. I can’t remember the last time someone gave me roses.” Mary Muggin offered to put them in some water, to which Lorelei politely accepted. Lorelei took a seat near where John had been sitting, and she asked “So what brings you through these parts? Are you a trader, or a traveller, off to discover new worlds?” she was keen to know about this man, for he dressed well and unlike so many that passed through this way. <3>

shadowbowromana2: “Aye..well, name’s John..John Blackspade…a knowledge of your daughter is what I have miss.”He answered lightly, and chuckled lightly, looking at the woman, with a warming smile, and then put the cooper coins to the board table, for the ale that he had ordered for the woman.”Kindness does not say anything..what you reach by doing is what counts..for what we do in for eternity…and me? I am just a common pistol flinging world connector..I connect dimensions..I connect minds..and I bring few changes here and for you..what is it that you do my lady?” He asked lightly, and then turned his face towards her’s , and then put his fingers along with the board table, ratlinging them towards the woman’s body softly, and slowly, approaching her with his fingers, almost as the sneaky bastardous pervert that he was at times. Man could never know what was approaching them, now could they. <3

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – So, the man’s name was John Blackspade. He mentioned her daughter again, and this she seemed to shrug off. The last meeting she had with the raven haired girl left her with more questions than answers, and a bad taste in her mouth. But that aside, the man was inviting in his gestures, and his face showed no hint of malice. Lorelei was always quick to judge others, and though this sometimes brought her more trouble than it was worth, she was usually pretty accurate. John regarded himself as a pistol flinging world connector. Now this was interesting. The Captain was known in Lore as the Father of the Sun, and yet this man was able to connect worlds. What a great power that must be to wield, however she imagined it came with a great amount of responsibility. John asked what she did and Lorelei glanced at Mary Muggins who was trying not to eaves drop, but simply couldn’t help herself. “I…am the Prime Minister of this nation, Lacardis. I’m actually on my way up to Twisted Wood, a small village just fifty miles up the road. You could say I am taking a small vacation from political life. The last battle on the wharf left us all a bit frazzled.” She wondered if he had heard of the great sea battle where Lacardis lost two of its fleet. As she roused back to full attention, she noticed the man’s fingers approaching her across the table, and she had to admit, this was amusing. <3>

shadowbowromana2: “Well, Lacardis…aye…well I’ve heard about the sea battle…two ships lost to the abyss of the sea..”He chuckled lightly, his fingers reaching her hand, and touching it lightly.”So, you are the Prime Minister aye? and you need a worthless guard like that?…well if you need help between your travels..or need someone to accompany you to your manor..I’d be glad toi help.” Yeah, john was pretty much trying to do it..he was always planning something.Looking at her face, he pulled his fingers along with hers, softly trying to get into her territory, trying to get her into bed with him if he had gotten the challenge to his own side. Well, john was pretty much a flirting bastard, without further notice, you would be getting trapped between bastards, and cash. <3

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- The tale of the Battle of the Wharf must have reached across the seas and beyond it seemed. Not something she was overly proud of, but the might of the naval forces had been tested, and shown to come up well against the foe of the day. Yes, two ships were lost to the abyss of the sea, but lessons had been learnt, and there would be no mistakes next time. Lorelei offered a nod when he gathered she was the Prime Minster. The fact he thought Baldrick was a guard left her chuckling. “Oh no, he is my advisor, not a guard. I don’t normally travel with one, to be honest.” Lorelei said taking a sip of her ale, but out of the corner of her eyes, watching the even encroaching fingers of his hand. Soon as it reached hers, he used his fingers to draw her hand towards him. A bold move indeed, and considering he had just met her, he was taking liberties, afforded to no man. Lorelei showed a wry smile and inched closer towards him, so he could get a good look at her ample cleavage. “So, you are offering your services to protect me, on my way to the manor…or did you want something more, like the key to my bed chambers?” Her green eyes shone as she waited to gauge his reaction. <3>

shadowbowromana2: “Heh..well depends on your choice of mind..I’m someone..who offers anything as long as permitted.”He said lightly, chuckling, and then looked towards Lorelei, looking at her lips, yeah they would fit perfectly for something else as long as she permitted. her was lingering of a nice feeling for him, mostly arousing, and he liked that.”Well, your choice is up ahead lorelei.”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – At this point the door to the tavern opened once again, only it was Baldrick returning from the stables. He was wiping his hands down his jacket, and then brought them up to his nose to smell. “Ugh…horses.” Clearly not one for dealing with the horses this time, he was keen to wash up and glanced about as Mary Muggins passed him on her way to one of the guest rooms. “Excuse me…Madame>” He asked politely, as she stopped in her tracks. “Yes, Sir…what can I get you?” He held up his hands and mouthed. “I need to wash.” Smiling at his honesty, and the fact he did smell a bit, she directed him to the side wash room, where Daisy, the wash girl was waiting. “A full bath, Sir?” Daisy asked, as Baldrick shook his hands. “Lord no, just need to wash my hands and face.” She gestured for him to enter the wash room, while upstairs, there was a small commotion, as many at the bar were watching John’s antics, in trying to get to know Lorelei better. “You, offer anything? Anything…at all?” Lorelei asked, her smile widening, as the other punters at the bar started to take bets. This was getting interesting. <3>

ArethusaSliver: Arethusa rode upon the black stallion wearing almost nothing but a mere rag draped over her body. She was a pretty young woman, although no one would really see it, as her face was covered with dirt and bruises. Her whole body had been beaten and whipped. On the back of her neck was a small triangle with a circle in the middle of it. A mark created by a hot iron, however cleverly covered by her hair. Concealed on her right thigh was a dagger, still covered in blood. She rode though the field before finally seeing the small shack. She halted her horse making him stop in his track. She sat on the horse for a moment just staring at the building before her.

shadowbowromana2: “Well, it want me to be paid? or can I do it all for your “Needs” eh?” He Chuckled lightly, moving his hand further, and then putting his second hand closer to the woman’s leg, yeah he was wanting it, he was very much lusting.”As long as you ask…I’ll do it…I dare say so..”He smirked, and then smiled upon her, his fingers moving towards her leg softly, creeping onto her, slowly, and rather furtive. Trying to get his hands on her, he pulled his leg towards her, trying to challenge her for her pleasures. Imagination had gotten him further than he wanted, and then pushed forth, the agony of a perverted commander, yeah that was pretty much the perverts card, not that she wasn’t warned. <3

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Baldrick emerged from the wash room, with a cleaned face, and a happy expression. Daisy had been more than helpful of ridding him of the foul stench on his hands, and he was now refreshed and able to join Lorelei up at the bar. Only as he mounted the stairs, he could see that she was already being entertained. Baldrick frowned, and stomped past the pair angrily, making his way up to the bar, where Mary Muggins was wiping the bar slowly with her damp cloth. She could see Baldrick was not that happy with the goings on, and she leaned towards him as he rested his elbows on the oak bar top. “He has no idea what she is, does he?” the Inn keeper said, with something of a curl to her lips. Baldrick rolled his eyes, and blew out his mouth in exasperation. “Clearly no. Is he seriously running his hand up her leg? God help him. Give us an ale so I can keep myself occupied. I don’t want to look.” He mumbled, as Mary fetched him a drink. Back at the table, Lorelei was rather enjoying this man’s forward behaviour. In fact, she showed a slight blush to her cheeks, and then said. “ I can pay you to do both, you know.” Lorelei then chewed her bottom lip and said. “So many dangerous things out there…you know…murderers, rapists….evil evil..sick and twisted beings. Sure you got what it takes to protect me. I mean, what do you wield besides a pistol?” <3>

shadowbowromana2: : “Heh….And he thinks I don’t know..what can he know from a dimension breaker..”He had thought to himself, yet he had the power of being resistant to any succubi, or poisonous creatures, like spiders mostly. Looking back, he looked at her blushing, and thought to himself “ I really wanting know what…fuck it…I’m going all in.”. Thinking after that, he looked back at the woman. smiling mischievously.”I have my hands…And I do not need anything else my lady.” He smirked, and then created a flame, along with fire, making a flaming tornado heart.”I have my uses you know..”

shadowbowromana2: -As Ryo walks throughout the realms, he spots the Ox and Cart Inn off in the distance. Decideding that he could do with a drink, and the possibility or some favorable company, he makes his way to it. He reached into his short pockets and pulled out the coverings or his knuckle spikes and absently affixed them into place as he walked in a straight line, without bouncing up and down as he had seen some do in this day and age. He had a 5.5 foot broadsword that in many ways looked similar to the Celtic Ulfbert, and sets it against his throne. When he had been a part of his last family, it had been given to him in commemoration of becoming a pureblood when his queen had given him some of her blood, 4.5 millon years ago. It had a phrase along the indention along one side of the blade, reading “Humans are but cattle, ripe for the slaughter.” On either side of the crossguard, there were hummingbirds set in flight, with the wingtips of one touching the other’s, creating an openended handguard. In the center of the pommel, at the bottom of the handgrip, the letters “LRP” wrre emblazened upon it. He wore it straped to his back, and as it slipped off of his shoulder, he readjusted it, and tightend the leather strap to help keep it in place. Nearing the front door, he straightened his clothes and pulled his hair back and into a ponytail, not letting any loose hair fall back down around his face and obscure his vision. He opene the door and stepped inside, closing the door silently behind him. He then took a look around to see what manner of patrons were there, and gave them a nod of the head in greeting as he walksed over to the bar. Ryo sat in one of the stools, and looked to the bartender, Mary Muggins, and ordered a glass of bloodwine. Once she returned with his drink, he slid the correct currency onto the table with a thank you. He picked up his drink and took a sip of it, sliding it around in his mouth, savoring the taste before swallowing it down his throat and turning back around and standing up. He then walked over to one of the empty tables and took a seat.-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Lorelei was taken aback by this sudden show of flame, that turned into a tornado heart. Clearly John was talented, and the heat from the heart was proof of this. Lorelei even went back in her seat slightly, for she marvelled at his skill. “You have skilful hands, I will grant you that, John.” She used his first name almost casually, and found his humor to be witty. As she took another sip of her ale, she noticed another traveller enter the bar and order a drink from Mary Muggins. He was certainly dressed differently from the other patrons, and Lorelei had to ask. “Do you know him?” in a low tone, not trying to draw attention to herself. One could never be too careful to upset others especially those that were armed. Glancing back at John she said. “Alright, if you feel that you can put up with me, you can travel with me to Twisted Wood. But for now, I am happy to enjoy the amenities here. And find out more about you. Do you have family at all?” <3>

shadowbowromana2: “Hah…Well, alright then….well, there isn’t much to say…I…Ahh…nevermind…I have no family at all…”He spoke lightly, but the question had hit him, which he couldn’t answer. John wasn’t one for revealing sadness and sorrow, so he just smiled, and accepted her terms. The family of john wasn’t exactly alive..most of them were dead, and he was always rejected. Talking slightly, he would put a smirk on his face and then think “I’ve hit gold..heh” . And to think that between an aracnia and dimension manipuilater there could be a story, it was a rare thing indeed . Though to pull out anything of his own history was a challenge, a rather hard one. <3

LordRyoPulizzi: -As he listens to the two others in the inn speak to each other, he takes not that the male’s names was John. He continued to listen to them, smirking a little bit when the woman asked John if he knew him. He continued to listen to them converse as he took a sip. He silently stood up and took off his weapon, setting it next to him, with the pommel facing away from him. He was not really one who really enjoyed unprovoked violence, it did not suit him, but he was always ready, just in case. He decided to speak up then, keeping in a nonthreatening tone- “No, I have not seemed to have met either of you before, you may call me Ryo.” He thought to himself, and decided to be polite. “What are your names, if I might ask?”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Watching the man disarm, but place the weapon within reach, she noted he had been listening to their conversation the whole time. She had mentioned John’s name, but not her own, and she responded in kind. “Lady Carrendar, but my friends call me Lore or Lorey.” Looking over at John, she gave a little shrug, as she truly had no clue who the other man was. “Guess we talk about your lack of family later.” She wasn’t meaning to be rude, but she felt there was more to this story than met the eye, and she preferred somewhere a little private to hear it. Preferably; her chambers in Twisted Wood. Lorelei also was aware that John had his hand on her leg, and she asked. “How far are you willing to go, in public, John?” <3>

shadowbowromana2: “Huh? name?….for you..I have no name..and shall not say either..a broken shattered glass is all I am for you…but we seem to have met at the Gifted Goblin..and for that…”He smirked, but then had a cutting smile, a stiking anger of pain only between seconds, and then turned back to Lorelei.”Private chambers? seems better in a deserted forest my dear.”He spoke softly, and then put his hands closer.”How far? maybe I’d go all the way? it all depends on your allowance..”He laughed lightly, and then looked at the weapon being disarmed, and then back to the woman.”I know him..but slightly…don’t worry..”He looked back at her, and then grabbed for his whiskey, taking a slight sip, revealing his trembling eyes for only a few seconds, and then put his bottle down, looking back at lorelei.”Now..tell me about yourself..”He had spoken, and pulled his card. Wolfs bite, but do also bark when visitors unwanted arrive. <3

LordRyoPulizzi: -He listened to the woman, Lore, as she spoke to him, taking note of her appearance. He raised his glass to her and bowed his head slightly.- “Pleasure to meet you then, Lore.” -He spoke her name with an air of respect. He turned his head to the man, listening to what he said and hid that he did not like what he was hearing.- “Well, John…I am not like others, I drink from those who are willing, or get my fixes from simple blood wine.” -He stood up and walked over to the fire to stare into it for a few seconds before turning back around to face them, still holding his drink.-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Lorelei allowed only so far in the company of those in the inn. Her eyes were a vivid green shade and she placed her hand over his and then said in a low tone. “I’ve never really been one for attracting that kind of attention, however my chambers in Twisted wood, you can go as far as you dare.” She said, taking the bait in this challenge of wills. But for now, she was interested in the one known as Ryo, who had shown her a level of respect that she found pleasing. On hearing that John had encountered Ryo before at a place known as the Gifted Goblin, she seemed to wrinkle up her nose. “Goblins? Aren’t they ugly?…*shudders*..never really been attracted to them.” She had never been to the inn in question, but it sounded like a social place. Voices were being raised around them, as others entered the inn to get a drink or one of Cookies meals. John had asked Lorelei about herself, and she chuckled. “What is there to say? I have been known to spin a web or two. It’s kind of how I like to catch the things that interest me. Like…you for example.” She said, batting her lashes. <3>

shadowbowromana2: “An aracnias little web..heh..”He smirked, and then looked back at her eyes, seeing how she responded.”Then…goblins eh? well, I’ve never liked them anyway..the Gifted Goblin was a tavern my dear..I hunted a bear..paid with his pelt..poor beast went for my I killed it.”He said lightly, and then looked at Ryo.”Aye, ye would want to fix youserlf a virgin for blood..that way you will get yourself some fine blood…ahaha..”He smirked, and then looked back at Lorelei.”Then I am nothing less than a lone wolf hunting for his survival and his pleasures.” He smirked lightly, and then smiled warmly. <3

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Lorelei nodded gamefully, as John said “An aracnias little web..heh” It was a pretty accurate description for her, though in truth, she was anything but little when it came down to it. Lorelei downed her ale and set down the glass neatly upon the table before her. She listened politely how the Gifted Goblin was some wayward Tavern, and though it sounded interesting, she had always preferred the Ox and cart. Rising to standing, she smoothed out her dress, and smiled down at John, offering him her hand. “Why not join me in one of the guest rooms here, and we can get to know each other better. You can tell me more about your..lack of family, and I can show you a much darker side to me.” Would he take the bait? <3>

LordRyoPulizzi: “Again, I only drink from the willing living. I have accustomed myself to need less and less, until now, where I need only this glass before I am fine for the night. But you go ahead and think what you will. Frankly, I could care less.” -He takes another sip as he goes to sit back down in his chair.-

shadowbowromana2: “Me?…I’d rather wait here instead of going into private rooms…I’d rather not get into your spindling little web my dear.”.”You asshole, why did you just say that! you could have had her in your bed!” He thought after saying his words, but didn’t exactly regret them, since he didn’t want to get spindled into a web and get eaten.”You should get some rest before the travel..I assure you with me it will not be easy.”.”Yeah, like that is going to convince her..”Again he thought, and then looked back. A wolf was rather protective instead of a bedling. <3

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – At first, Lorelei could barely believe what she was hearing. First, he practically ran his hand up her leg in search of her…and then when she finally caved and offered to take him to a private room for sex…..he then bawked at it, saying that he didn’t want to get into her spindling web. “What?” Lorelei’s face was one of shock, and you could hear the groan coming from the bar, as he knew Lorelei did not take rejection at all well. But the follow up. Oh give the man a shovel. He told her she needed rest. What? Did she look old and tired too? She made a funny sound as she placed her hand up to her cheek. You could see the quiver of her chin and she pulled back from this man….John. “Well…I never!” she growled, and turned on her heel. “BBBAAAAAAAAAAAALDRICK. Guest room…NOOOWWWW!” Oh she was pissed, and stormed down the stairs, as Baldrick went to follow her. “Thanks mate…now she is going to beat me black and blue for what you just said. She nearly broke my willy last time. Thanks a bloody lot.” With that he quickly followed after Lore who took the guest room on the left to the front door of the tavern and slammed it shut. <3>

LordRyoPulizzi: “Whatever you say, I do not need to justify myself with you.” -He takes another sip before looking back to the woman.- “I apologise, it was not my intention to dampen the mood here.” -He then turns around in his seat so that his back was to them, and rolled the bottom of the glass on the tabletop.



Re: The simple pleasures in life; Dix’s and Demetrios’ daily stories.
November 29, 2013 04:37AM
Role play Group : The Death Club

The Dixie Diaries

When it rains,art,bw,couple,female,male-4618f5b028df9d071897864036568092_h_large.jpg

The number 33 bus pulled up just up the road from the tattoo shop, where Tito was leaning against the door frame, enjoying a cigarette as the night’s trade drew to a close. He had been run off his feet all day, and now he was able to enjoy this simple moment, as he stared out at the rain as it fell heavily onto the street. The bus’s brakes whined and whistled, before the doors opened to reveal the passengers to get off, one of which was a very bedraggled and heavily pregnant Dixie. She was carrying a right load; her art school bag, plus groceries and her hand bag. All looked to be weighing her down. Her black locks were plastered to her head, for she obviously got caught up in the downpour before making it onto the bus. Tito looked totally surprised to see her like this. He was about to call out, but the bus engine roared as it pulled out from the curb, and Dixie vanished down the alley beside the shop, to head to where she did at the garage at the back.

“Hey Dixie…Hey.” Tito sung out, but she mustn’t have been able to hear him, due to the heavy sound the rain made as it continued to pour. Flicking his cigarette out the doorway, he fumbled to get his keys out his pocket and quickly locked the front door to the tattoo shop and then ran around the corner, to see where Dixie ended up. She at this point was struggling with her bags, and trying to unlock the garage door. Splashing through the puddles, that now lined the driveway, Tito finally caught her up, only to give her a fright when he placed his hand on her wet shoulder.

~Gasp~ “Tito…you scared me.”

“Dixie…whatta you doin’ out in this rain? Come let me help you.” Tito took the keys from her hand and then unlocked the garage door, before reaching for some of her grocery bags and helping her inside. The garage really hadn’t changed much in the past few weeks. Still a real guy’s place, the only thing noticeable was the art work that lined the walls near the bed. They were pictures of Dem. Taken from her memories and then drawn from the heart. It was probably the only thing that kept her sane.

Tito took the wet groceries bags to the bench in the small kitchenette, but kept looking back at Dixie, who had set down her art bags and looked forlorn that they had gotten so drenched.

“I knew I shouldn’t have taken so long in town….now everything is wet.” Dixie said with a sad tone to her voice. Peeling back the leather satchel, sure enough her art books were damaged. She pulled them out one by one, and you could hear the audible sigh as she slapped them onto the small table. Dixie even held up the now empty bag, and you could see the small trickle of water that was coming from it.

In the small kitchenette, Tito was going through Dixie’s wet ingredients, seeing what was salvageable and most of it was, though she had bought some strange things, like pickles and ice cream. Must be that pregnancy kick where women like to eat certain foods. By looking at what she had already in the small pantry and the latest ingredients, Tito couldn’t see how she was going to get a decent feed from it. This started to concern him, as he glanced over and saw her slender frame, with the baby bulge that stuck out predominantly. Was she even taking care of herself? There was no one there to do it for her, and this had Tito worried. Pursing his lips as he put away the wet shopping bags, he said.

“Dixie…go have a shower, huh? I look after dinner. You …need to eat proper food, like my Mumma makes. Is good for you…good for baby. Go on…you dripping on the floor and catcha cold.” Tito actually sounded like a mother hen, or even a bit like his own mother. A frightening thought, but at least Dixie listened. She was starting to get a chill from being wet for so long.

“Tito…don’t you need to close the shop?”

“Eh…I lock the door, no one can get in. I can turn off da lights when I go home. But you…you need to shower and get warm.” He pointed at her bathroom, and had a stern look on his face, like he wasn’t going to take no for an answer. Dixie held both hands up in surrender, and padded towards the bathroom, picking up a towel on the rail near the door. Tito had something of a half smile of victory as she closed the door, and you could hear the tell tale signs that she had turned on the shower and was doing as she was told. Tito always had a soft spot for Dixie and truth be told, he watched her every night as she got off that bus from town, where she had her art classes and caught up with her friends from the Death Club.

Thinking on his feet, he pulled out his cellphone and rang the local Italian pizza pasta take out store, and put an order in to have delivered to the garage. Probably not the best food to be giving a pregnant girl, but he thought it was a lot better than pickles and ice cream. Looking over at the table where her wet drawing books were, and her bag, Tito went over and attempted to clean it up. One was hanging up her bag on a wire that was used sometimes for clothes inside, and then the books, well, they were beyond saving. Tito knew she would have to get new ones, which was a shame for all the drawings that were ruined.


Dixie simply leaned against the tiled wall, letting the hot spray hit her and roll down her body in a torrent. Her belly was swollen with the tiny baby within kicking up a fuss, like it usually did this time of night. Dixie was still incredibly active, or tried to be, to keep herself from worrying about Dem, but she simply couldn’t help it. Her friends kept reassuring her that he would be fine, and come back safe and sound to her. Dixie also knew about these people that had taken Mia, and that they would not give her back without a fight. As much as she wanted her best friend back, the cost of this rescue was putting many people’s lives in danger. To Dixie, it just wasn’t fair.

Night after night she came home to an empty garage, and an empty bed. The only thing she had was Dem’s pillow, that held his scent, and she cradled it every night to her. Closing her eyes and just inhaling the scent, imagining he was there laying beside her. Dixie often cried through the night or sat up and drew his picture as her way of dealing with the loneliness and separation from her soul mate.

Absently, Dixie washed herself and then her hair. Going through the motions, like she was almost a zombie. The only thing that jerked her back to reality was the baby kicking again. Clearly, the baby was hungry, and in fact so was she. Turning off the taps, she stepped out of the shower and patted herself dry, rubbing her hair with the towel, and then putting on one of Dem’s large shirts and her briefs. She was nice and clean, warm and dry.

Opening the bathroom door, she could suddenly smell the wonderful aroma of pizza and pasta. There was salad and a garlic bread, as well as juice and a big bottle of water, all set up on the small dining table that Dem and Dixie use. Tito was already seated and tucking a napkin into his collar.

“Tito…what is all this?”

“This….is real good and healthy food. Now come sit and enjoy!” Tito said, waving his hand across the fare and laughing. Maybe it was cause Dixie’s eyes were about to fall out of her head. “I haven’t seen a spread this good of italian food since I was in St Kilda.” You could hear the change in Dixie’s voice as she waddled over and pulled out a chair, holding her pregnant belly. Tito smirked and then pointed a fork towards her belly. “Let me guessa….baby been a kicking and is a hungry?’Dixie was shocked since, he was right. “How did you know that?” This only brought more laughter from Tito. “My Mumma…she tella me I do that to her, and that she thought I would be a great football a player. I was very good kicker in her ribs!”

Tito poured Dixie a glass of water and then held up his glass to hers.

“To the beautiful Dixie and her bambino. May they be a happy and a healthy.”

Dixie took up her glass of water and tapped it to his, as the sweet red candle on the table shone its light on both of them. This was probably the best meal Dixie had had in forever, and something she sorely needed. It was just nice to be taken care again. This was something Dem would have done had he been there.

The very first bite from her Fettuccine Mona Lisa, which was sun dried tomatoes, bacon, pine nuts and spinach all tossed in a tomato sauce, had her practically have a mouth orgasm. She closed her eyes, and you could see the pleasure written all over her face. To see Dixie happy again, only warmed Tito’s heart and he then decided to mention that they had gelato ice cream for afterwards.

“You shouldn’t have.” Dixie said, starting to get emotional at all of this. The food and the company. Maybe her hormones were out of whack, but she had to take her napkin to dab her eyes. Tito got up from his chair, and then pulled her to standing, enveloping the young Aussie in a hug, as she couldn’t help but cry happy tears.

But it was as he held her, he kissed the top of her head, and you could see a look on his face….one that she couldn’t see. He wasn’t just doing this because he was her friend. He was doing this…because as he watched her, day after day…he found himself becoming more and more entranced by her. Now here he was holding her in his arms. And he had made her smile and cry.

Tito wanted to do so much more…..

“It be..okay my Dixie….I have you safe now.” He whispered softly.




The Dark Ages -Carrendar Dynasty

“The Dark Ages”
“The Words of a Fallen Hero”


Carrendar Dynasty Time Lord Seal - Carrendar Dynasty Time Lord Seal 2 - Carrendar Dynasty DM Gorya Empire  Sir Daviborn Time Lord Seal 3 - Carrendar Dynasty Time Lord Seal 4 - Carrendar Dynasty Gorya Product Designs Badge
Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 23, 2013 03:47PM heard Charlotte’s insult and knew right away she wouldn’t believe him. He knew to ingore her insults as he said to her.- “I understand that you don’t believe me. My power is limited since the body you see me as now is only a construct of myself. I created Conan’s race. The volfen’s have been around since before you were born. I didn’t create Conan in particular he born naturally for my daughter’s sake. He asked for her hand in marriage.” -Arren looked over Conan one last time as he placed his paw on his chest as he spoke to him as if he was awake.- “Rest easy Conan. Your like a blood son to me.” -he pulled his paw back from Conan’s body as he looked at Charlotte.- “If you want truth then I will give it too you. However I feel it would be best we talk else where. I do not care if you believe me or not. What I have to tell you is a concern of you and your family.” -Arren started walking towards the door using his bo staff to keep balance as it tapped to the floor. He seemed not annoyed of her words but more of the damage of things that have taken its toll this far. He got to the end of the door way as he turned around back to Charlotte.- “If you want answers I will be in the centers stone of the zen garden. You passed it as you came in.” -he pointed to the center stone that was in center of the sand garden that they had passed before. Arren began to walk towards the stone was he disappeared from sight.-

-Mean while in Lorewall in the industrial estate Sarah walked around searching for her sister. It was getting dark for the night the night it seemed to be about 7:50pm, her bright golden hair was now starting to stick up form the lack of care to it as well she had not been able to groom in so long. Sarah’s beautiful white dress was now just a filthy dark white that had dirt all over it, she hated how she felt it was almost like she was an untouchable to everyone in the city. She sighed as she was starting to get hungry hearing her stomach grow. The twelve year old looking girl couldn’t help but feel helpless now that her creator was gone. She finally passed an alleyway where had turned too hopping to find a place of shelter not knowing she was being followed by someone of evil intent. Going behind the dumpster that was there she quickly find a cardboard box to wrap herself in trying to see if she warm herself as she said.- “Father. You were my creator yet why did you leave us with nothing to survive. Did you think so little of my and anya? Where we just your tools? You made us from your own being yet you did not plan for what would happen after your death.” -tears were falling from her eyes as she said this trying to think as why Shadow could not have done something to help them more. Countless worlds from her home she couldn’t think of how to find the one name Charlotte the one who her father trusted. She was lost in a city that she knew nothing about.-

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 24, 2013 08:36AM
“It’s not a matter of whether I believe you or not, Arren. Though you take my words as insults no doubt. Let’s just say I have my reasons.” Charlotte nodded, thinking of the one she once called Father. Though he was now long gone from the world, he was seen as the creator, the Father of the Sun. It brought a rise of colour to her cheeks, and she swallowed a rising ball in her throat. No, she would not get emotional, but instead watched on as Arren regarded Conan like a son, which in a manner of speaking he was. Charlotte was not sure how she felt about this relationship between Conan and Arren. Secretly she wished Conan could wake up, right now and explain what was going on.“If you want truth then I will give it too you. However I feel it would be best we talk else where. I do not care if you believe me or not. What I have to tell you is a concern of you and your family.”

At these word, Charlotte hurried after Arren, looking back at the rock he mentioned and going towards the door.

“Wait…don’t mention my family like that and walk away from me.”

But as soon as he mentioned the stone, he disappeared from sight.

“ARREN!…This isn’t a game. Show yourself.” Charlotte was now frantic, and wanted to know what that stone had to do with everything. Was it a portal device? Or something more sinister?

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 24, 2013 08:58AM
- ” I truly don’t need much Jalal replied. ” He motioned over one of these chicawaga to refill his canteens and asked for a small food pack for their journey letting him know that it must be compact as he always traveled light. ” I have quite simple needs and very few wants in the world.” He walked out around the garden marveling at the beauty of it. It was a very strange place and wonderous. Sipping his tea quietly he took a short walk before returning and taking his seat yet again to wait on the rest of the party.-
Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 24, 2013 01:20PM
- Imay had quickly carved a simple circle with a line bisecting it straight down the middle into the river stone and set it aside. He had started working on the obsidian and granet stones at the same time quickly feeling them both with near identical runes.
Imay was a little surpised at how fast his work on the stones was going, though he figured it had to do with this area his uncle Arren controled. “Oh this had to be the one fight you couldn’t make it to brother” he said quietly to himself as he picked up the marble stone worried about what might happen next. When Jalal returned from his walk Imay had placed a small pouch, marked with a dragon, on the table where Jalal had been. “Oh Jalal you might find some usefull tools in there.” Imay said criptictly as he pointed to the pouch. “Can’t tell you how much draconic material i’ve saved in that but it should be enough.”

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 24, 2013 03:40PM
The sun was slowly setting on Lorwall, an industrious city that stood silent as if it was asleep while a soft breeze ran through the city’s dampened streets though there was spots and secluded areas that were dry as a desert on a hot day. The sky above began to have pinks, reds, oranges, yellow, and even a small bit of sky blue colour still remained while night fall was slowly taking its reins for the time being. Stars, bright and dull had begun to slowly crawl their way into the darkening world.

At the entrance gate of Lorwall, a woman in white and red robes whose hair was the shade of rusty metal, long auburn hair with a slightly shine to it since she was caught in the soft drizzle though she could not have predicted weather for it was not her talent. This fair toned woman was really 5’6″ but with the wooden sandals she wore on her sock covered feet only rose her height about an inch. Her hair moved in front of her eyes to conceal the brightness they seem to hold in the growing darkness but on her hips was a Wakizashi, its entire length nineteen inches long and its casing was beautifully decorated with painted traditional Chinese dragons of green, blue, red and white. Thought there was Japanese calligraphy in the center but to those who can read the language, the characters that were carved into the sheath was her name, Gabriel Silverfang. On the side of her hip was a mid-ranged weapon called Kusarigama and Gabriel was smart about covering the blades since she was trying to prevent her robes from being torn by the weapon’s sharpness though she had tied the hilts of the weapons together with thin rope. There was a metal Yami on her back though it was lightweight so it would be good for Gabriel to maneuver around on her travels as she contained a rather large quiver of metal arrows that was made for her and her bow.

As soon as Gabriel turned down a street, she saw a child who look just about twelve years old disappear into an alleyway then turned to see a a being who had looked to have some evil intent hidden in its facial features. A soft growl had escaped from her lips as her body crouched slightly, swinging her hand back to grip the cloth covered hilt of her katana, her fingers tightening around it as she slipped into the shadows to conceal her presence, tracking the evil one who, in her opinion looked like it was going to do something rather wretched to the poor little girl who was all alone and homeless.

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 24, 2013 05:43PM
-as much as Arren disappeared he wasn’t gone for long the instant Charlotte called his name a flash of lighting came form within the house itself in the zen garden creating a flash. If you blink you would miss the movement of the Arren moving to the stone as he had three wooden cups they were steaming with something in them perhaps tea. However one of the liquids in the cup to his left was filled with a crimson red styled tea. He sipped his cup that was planted firmly in his paw as he spoke.- “This is no game. I simply need somethings before we discussed. As well I offer two solutions to you.” -Arren swiftly pointed to the seat across from him as he was only to stay seating. If Charlotte was to sit down she would notice a box that is on the right side of Arrren only to have him wait for her as he said in his last comment.- “please take a seat before you have tea I will ask you a very important question. The choice is yours Charlotte Carrendar. In my own knowledge I know as much about you as my son in law does. I need not explain how or whether you understand.” -his face completely emotionless in all reality. The expression that he was giving was that of one who meant business as if he was getting ready to give a person another path to walk down.–Sarah who was now still staying covered in the card broad box he could something crawling her way as she started to tremble in fear. Knowing she had no where to go. The creature came out form the shadow’s of the ally way as it said in a low tone.- “It seems we have found you. It’s time we stop this game of chasing you.” -Sarah heard the voice as she thought to herself about what he was talking about. Suddenly her trembling stopped only to push the card board off her. She looked to a tall man standing in her way. His hair was silver, his eyes were that of pure white as if he might be blind. He was wearing a black trench coat while everything else seemed to be to dark to see. She looked at him with an expression would not expect any less from the strongest being ever wield under her creator. She spoke.- “so your going to take me? YOU AND WHAT ARMY!” -Sarah brought her left hand up in the air as she released her aura only to reveal a bright blighting light form her being. She inhaled only to show in her left hand had started to spark little y little as she started to create friction by moving the particles in the air and started to ionize the air to create the correct temperature. The man laughed as he could only say.- “Your attack will not reach me young one.” -Sarah grinned as an electrical current began to surge through her left hand only to say while she trusts her the electrical current towards him only to release a lightning blast in his direction.- “OH YEA IM SARAH DAYBREAKER YOUR NOT TAKING ME WITHOUT A FIGHT!” -at the moment the lightning blasted towards the man something came in between the man and Sarah a giant sword that extend from the roof top. The lightning instant became discharged and was ground from the sword. As a small young voice that sound about the age of eight years old.- “Well I don’t think that was very nice. As Mister Yen says its best to behave other wise its a Ladies job to put you in your place.”-Sarah looked up only to see a little girl that was half her size. With ready hair that seemed to be able to wield a giant sword. The girl had blue eyes with orange hair that seemed to be tight into a small pony take. Her dress was a bright pink with a skull broach on the center of her dresses. She had a devilish smile on her face. Sarah could only help to think and say.- “Who the hell are you two” -The man placed his hand on the cross he was on his jacket as he said- “We are the Knight’s of salvation. I am Relic Norman 5th Knight. Knight of blood stained moon.” -he bowed his head only to grin. As the little girl giggled as she said.- “I am Coraline Daimen 6th knight. Knight of of silence chants.” -they bow looked at her with devilish grins. Sarah was at a disadvantage if she couldn’t possibly use her powers against them she was defenseless. Was there anyone who could possibly assist her?
Relic Norman

Coraline Daimen

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October 24, 2013 05:54PM
Charlotte spun around as from within the house there was a blue flash of light like lightning. The intensity so great she had to shield her eyes from its glare. What manner of creature can turn to blue electricity, the bebilith thought to herself, her black locks whipping around her till settling upon her back as she came to a sudden stop. There he was…right near the rock. Damn had she blinked and missed that moment in time that he shifted planes….or had he?“I can do that trick to you know?’ Charlotte said with something of a sneer. Why was she being so testy? Perhaps it was the mention of her family that had her riled. The last thing she hated was games and puzzles. Riddles were for children in her mind, not adults. She wanted cold hard facts, not to be led dancing and singing around some rock like a looney. Arms folded she narrowed her gaze and stood defensively. All this calm…Feng shui shit was getting on her nerves.

He had with him three steaming cups, one of which he drank from and urged her to sit, for he had and was ready to part.

“This is no game. I simply need somethings before we discussed. As well I offer two solutions to you.”

“Solutions? Wait..what are you talking about? You refer to my family like you know me that well. What did you do? Mind link to Conan and eaves drop?” Charlotte sat indignantly and continued to look fierce. The box beside her caught her attention, but she figured that was not of importance.

In my own knowledge I know as much about you as my son in law does. I need not explain how or whether you understand.”

Charlotte looked at the steaming cup of tea and made a face.

“I rather coffee…cream with sugar…THEN you can lay it all out on me…okay?’


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October 24, 2013 07:08PM
- Upon returning to the table Imay had handed him a small pouch, telling him…. “Oh Jalal you might find some usefull tools in there. Can’t tell you how much draconic material i’ve saved in that but it should be enough.”

Jalal thought to himself that this material would make an excellent pyramid device. He could use this to create a draconic calling device. They had not been able to find material in many years that had been unsullied left of the dragons. The splugorth had taken all of it or spoiled it with their touch. He could do much with this. If he could but call a true dragon to the realm he might be able to be granted a wish or a similiar ability. He had heard tale of how the dragons taught the first Atlanteans the power of crafting the tattoos. He did not know if he would be able to be granted such a boon, but he was in both shock and awe at Imay’s gift. He had given it to him as if it were refuse. To him this was beyond treasure!

Thank you Imay! I will do much with this!

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October 24, 2013 07:45PM
-Imay looked up from his work for a moment seeing Jalal’s mind race with possibilities Imay couldn’t be sure of. “Oh and before I forget careful with any crimson skin, or scales in their it has a touch of demonic energy. Though that is because the dragon they come from had demonic blood running through his viens.” Imay then set down his tools and reached into his normally sealed pouch to draw out a small crystal orb. Imay placed the orb in between them and focused on the image of his god-daughter Nesuki. In the center of the crystal a young looking woman of average complexion, very long golden bloned hair, and a pure white and gold trimmed dress with a golden scaled tail wraping slightly towards her bare toes. “The rest like this crystal come from her, my god-daughter. She is a very potent psychic and her power still resonates with the bits she has donated.”
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October 24, 2013 09:12PM
Gabriel soon reached the building that was helping create the alley way as her body pressed itself against the tough brick, listening in on the conversation between the child and the man. One of her hands still rest upon the hilt of her katana, waiting for the right moment to strike the two who was intending to hurt the lonely little one who name was Sarah. The way that the man taunted her made her even the more angry than she had been in her existence since it really takes a large amount to make her this pissed. Her lips curled back even more then decided to look into the alley way to only see Sarah throw the lightning at Relic but she blinked at the power that the child had displayed before her. She was now curious about her and what she was. But her thoughts were stopped by the sound of a giant sword extending and digging into the blacktop of the alley way. Her eyes trailed up the sword to see an even smaller girl on the roof top then jump down from the high height and land perfectly unharmed. Gabriel tilted her head to listen closer to the conversation.So Relic and Coraline are their names, eh? Well they just have ticked off someone who fights demons for a living. With that said in Gabriel’s mind, she inhaled and pushed off the wall she was standing against but before she took a step to enter the alley way, she froze in place, her eyes widened as foreign memories began to flash right before her eyes. A memory of a tournament came to light with a lot of competitors going against each other at the same time but the vision was confusing to her but the only words she heard from this vision/memory was a name, Dao Tsu Arren. She blinked multiple times then shook her head almost violently to clear her mind. Once that was done, she had the strangest urge to pray to this Arren and she did not understand why this urge came up from out of no where. Though she did not have enough options to choose, she decided to pray to him.

“Dao Tsu Arren, I know I have not prayed to you before but please hear my eager plea. I need your help to guide me in the fight that is about to unfold before me for these two oponents look like they will be difficult to face. So please, guide me as to do what is right for I have not fought against Knights of their power magnitude.” she whispered to herself then inhaled sharply then exhaling silently, now ready to fight a fierce battle.

She held her head up high and turned down the alley way, slowly drawing her katana from its sheath, “You two Knights, step away from the little girl and let her go!” she yelled, her voice being louder than normal from the anger she had held back. Her bright blue eyes seemingly piercing straight into their eyes, her lips pulling back to let out a louder growl from earlier. She positioned her right foot and leg in front while the left helped keep her balance, finally drawing her katana out, now placing her free hand on the bottom of the hilt and prepared herself for battle.

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October 25, 2013 10:35AM
-Arren waste playing games nore was he getting her coffee as he looked into her eyes as he spoke.- “The Tea is not here for looks or is it going to be waster Charlotte. The Tea you see before you are two choices. You can choose to either know the truth or simply walk away from all this chaos.” -he pointed to the Tea cup to his left and then to his right.- “left is red which is filled with an power full magic that will allow you ask questions in full no lies, no judgment, no deception. To my right is a normal tea that is filled with a direct drug that will let you forget everything that you have known with Conan. He will vanish from your mind. Once you choose all questions will be answered.” -he waited for her to choose as sat there with his hands down on the stone.–It seemed that the knight’s were being watched as they turned around only to direct there attention to Gabriel. They both were questioning her look as Relic said to her.- “Why doesn’t the priestess move along before she gets hurt.” -he brought his finger to his mouth only to bit the skin off tip of it as he started to bleed. The blood from his finger started to move like a whip as he was controlling his own blood. Using it like he whip he motioned his hand forward only to have his blood harden. The blood was moving towards Gabriel like a dart about ready to strike her aiming from her neck right on the vital point with no intentions of backing down. It seemed Sarah was in shock form the lady trying to help her, as the other girl stood there laughing sadistically as Relic attempted to strike her.-

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October 25, 2013 10:45AM
Raising a well shaped brow, Charlotte realized that this was not an ordinary tea he was talking about. As much as she preferred coffee, he wasn’t about to get her any. He explained that she had to chose, between the two offered cups. One, would be filled with a powerful magic, that allowed her to ask questions in full with no lies, judgement or deception. The other would erase her mind of Conan, and he would simply vanish.“So you are asking me, to chose between gaining knowledge and losing my memory of Conan. I can’t simply afford to forget him. Not after everything he has been through with me and the children.”

That said, she reached for the cup of tea, the red one, that was on his left. She held it up to her lips, staring at Arren suspiciously, then started to drink the tea, finishing it in one go and setting the empty cup down beside her. For measure, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

“There…I drank it. Okay…why..why do I feel funny?” Charlotte said, as the view from her eyes started to blur. She raised her hand in front of her face, and it was like there was two of them. “Woooooo.”


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October 25, 2013 06:26PM
- Jalal began to make a complex device. He nodded to Imay but seemed already lost in what he was doing. He knew the design would be a pyramid. At it’s purest form the pyramid was the easiest and most pure way for any shape to call forth any being or spirit. If he were to be able to call any of them with this it would need to be with the pyramid spell form. Imay mentioned…
“Oh and before I forget careful with any crimson skin, or scales in their it has a touch of demonic energy.” Jalal had never heard of a pairing of demons and dragon kind as far as he had known such was impossible. Especially given their natures. Demons were beings of chaos and sought to constantly destroy anything that created, Dragons were those who came from dreams as he had been taught. He did not understand why any Dragon would have submitted to that or how a offspring could have even come to be. His mind spun with questions, this spell might very well backfire when he made this as if any of the crimson material was used it would end up allowing the demonic blood to taint the spell form. He was not sure what would happen if that occured. A rift like that could even call the Splugorth into this world, It could be a curse rather than a gift.

Jalal’s demeanor changed vastly as he cleaned away every bit of red material, placing it into a seperate container. His enhance vision allowed him to inspect every inch of the material and seperate all of it carefully. He offered a silent prayer as he began working it into a tiny pyramid Speaking in true Atlantean of the names of the first Dragons…

” Siksta Svant Ith, Thurkear Welun Jaxo” he said in solemnly

He finally finished the carving chanting the power of the ley lines themselves into the object. As he did he began to glow and the power of the nearby lines began to intersect within him and draw into him and through him flowing into the object of his creation forming into a small pyramid..

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October 25, 2013 09:10PM
-Imay looked up from his crystal as he heard Jalal speak in Atlantean, and felt power start to build in the room. Imay was looking at the pyramid with worry. “Um before you finish you might want to think where you are right now.” Imay said hesitantly, and walked over to where Jalal put the crimson parts. “And is there a reason you passed up the crimson half of that bag?” Imay had then asked truly curious knowing that half was actually more potent in magical application.

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October 25, 2013 10:35PM
“Heh. I do not plan on moving along and let you get away with your actions.” Gabriel spoke dominantly then glared at Relic’s choice of moves, watching him bite into his flesh to only draw out blood.She held a stern but fearless expression on her face as another loud but deep growl sounded from her petite frame then dashed to the side at a faster rate than normal. Though Gabriel’s wooden sandals were heavy, she was taking steps that were like feathers landing on the ground for she had trained herself to be silent while hunting all sorts of evil entities and creatures. Her robes wildly flickered from her fast footwork as she ran closer over to the trio in the middle of the alleyway, holding the point of her katana down until the last moment. Gabriel then jumped into the air, her momentum had greatly increased then landed behind both Relic and Coraline, swinging her body around along with holding out the sharpness of her blade out towards them, piveting on her feet to help her move her torso and lower body. Her hair flared out and a wide circular shape as each strand had a small but thin trail of visible sound following them though the same could be seen with her katana but larger in size.

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October 26, 2013 01:57AM
-Arren watched as Charlotte downed the Tea as she said before Conan meant to much to her. He smiled as he said.- “I am glad that my son in law means something to you. He needs someone who is willing to be there and not use him.” -She would in fact start to feel weird as she did. The magic that was in that tea was something Arren has used once before. It would take Charlotte’s mind and soul into another state she would start to feel like she is being sucked into another dimension which was right her mind and soul was being taken to another place rather than her staying here to ask Arren the questions she would be sent to talk with another. Arren nodded to her as he said.- “You have two hours too get all the answers you want. It is not me who the answers you seek. I shall wait for your return Charlotte.” -Her mind and soul would be taken to a place this place would be the afterlife. She would appear in the afterlife one that had a special being there that she would know. She would notice the surrounding were that in a room such as like a ball room that had been empty if she looked around the room she would notice on the wall a very familiar symbol it had three triangles that were stacked in a pyramid style. She has only seen this symbol once before in fact on the same keep sake she wore around her neck. It was that of the Gorya. The ball room was in fact huge and grand with giant open window’s if she was to look at the middle of where the windows sit she would see a man facing towards them looking out into the mist of the afterlife. His hair was black as a winter midnight sky, his skin pale as low shine silk. He was different that what she could remember without his weapons and his normal clothes he was wearing a dress of a prince that was black and sliver having shoulder pads with tassels hanging of the side of them. The mark on his arm of that of his rank. It was that of the commander of the Goryan army. The man turned around as he looked at Charlotte.- “I guess I get to give you the dance I promised you so very long ago my dear friend.” -his face revealed only to show it was her friend that had died it was Shadow Eris Gorya. He smiled as walked towards her with his normal stride only for her to see his face in closer detail. This was by far a sight she would not want to miss.–While Arren would notice as he said his words he felt someone praying to him as he closed his eyes calling out to the person who prayed to him. “You have called on me give yourself strength and open your mind. I Shall guide you through this fight you seek guidance in.” he did not know who this possibly could be until she opened her mind he could not assist her till then.-

-Relic had thought the priestess to be harmless as she had gotten between them. She attempted to spin around trying to cut them. However she was not fast enough as Coraline moved her giant sword around to stop her motion from spinning. Only to allow Relic to move away from the back as he regained his position only to watch the priestess launch such a accelerated attack upon them he was unsure what to do as he looked to Coraline wondering if she could handle such an attack. Sarah started to tremble again thinking she should run but couldn’t move an inch from fear. At heart she knew she could help however she was hungry, tired and most of all out of energy. Coraline said to Relic.- “It seems we will need to stop this lady before we can grab the key Relic.” -Relic nodded as he reached into his jacket pulling out a vial of dark crimson liquid as he tossed it towards the priestess wondering if she would see this coming. If this vial would come near her within ten inches of her it would explode into a burst of tiny harden blood spikes. This was a test of her speed.–

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October 26, 2013 02:17AM
Everything was starting to go blurry, especially from the view Charlotte had after downing the tea. She can’t even remember setting down the cup. Like a vortex trying to pull her away from her own body all she could hear was the last words of Arren, before she faded away entirely.“You have two hours too get all the answers you want. It is not me who the answers you seek. I shall wait for your return Charlotte.”

From that moment, everything in that time went to black.

Colours like a kaleidoscope swirled and danced as Charlotte roused from her state of unconsciousness, only to find herself in a new place all together. Her green eyes darted around the room, as she started to get feeling in her body. Charlotte’s breathing was labored, due to the shock of the shift into the afterlife.

“Where am I?” She asked herself in a quiet voice, subdued by the magnitude of what Arren had done. The bebilith maid swallowed and touched herself to see that this was real and not a dream “I am never drinking tea again.” She thought to herself, as the sudden realization of where she actually was hit home.

An opulent ball room. Magnificent in size and grander. Must have been hundreds of years old. A vast expanse of space, marble floors and columns, with rich designs in the architraves, and cornices. It was almost fairy tale like, and Charlotte wondered when Prince Charming would step out from behind a door and try to fit her with a glass slipper.

Spinning around slowly, the image on one of the walls, was a picture of three pyramids. Narrowing her gaze, Charlotte recognized this, and wondered where on earth she had seen it before. Only when she looked over at the windows, did she see what could well have been the fairy tale Prince after all. With jet black hair and wearing a suit fit for a royal, she had to wonder who he really was.

But when he turned around, Charlotte’s heart almost stopped. It was Shadow Eris Gorya.

“No…no….it can’t be you.” Charlotte started to take a step back, and shook her head. “You’re dead. I got the letter. You can’t be alive. No…Wait…does that mean, I’m dead? I SHOULD NEVER HAVE DRUNK THE TEA!”

Poor Charlotte thought..she had died. But had she?


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October 26, 2013 02:58AM
-Jalal felt the power resonate within him and arc around his form as he used the material. It was a rebounding factor. He had felt the power here before and knew it was a powerful place but as he drew energy realized it was a higher nexus. One of the truly rare ley line access points. He wasnt sure exactly where they were now as he had begun the draw he felt driven to complete the final draw of energy. Luckily for the purpose he had in mind he was able to seal the final bit he needed within it easily without disturbing the nexus further. He was in a trance, dreaming, while awake…. he saw many things.

He heard in his trance state Imay say….

“Um before you finish you might want to think where you are right now.”

Jalal hopefully did not disturb to much the denizens here with his draw of the planes energy.
As he slowly came out of the trance he looked towards Imay and said..
” It is done. I hope I have not disturbed the powers over much Imay. “

He turned and looking seriously, was in an odd sense of calm.

The Crimson material he had already stored away for later use. “This particular spell would have wrecked havoc in a place like this had I used that crimson material. i needed to use only the purest energy in a pure nexus or else draw forth possible entities. That would not be well as we are guests. I fear I may have already overstepped my bounds but this may help our cause much and was done in but the purest of ways. I think we all should be pleased. “

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October 26, 2013 03:36AM
-“To be honest I was worried you might be trying to summon something without my uncle’s permisison. Though with those crimson materials, the most likely creature to be brought would be my goddaughter, especially since what you used came from her, and the rest from her uncle.” Imay spoke calmly as he stretched his arm out towards Jalal and removed his glove showing scars on his arms that matched the pattern of some of the crimson skin pieces. “Though if Nesuki did show up I’m sure uncle wouldn’t be to upset.” Imay said with a smile growing on his face, before he walked back to the crystal waving to Jalal to come take a look as Nesuki’s image still stood in the crystal’s center slowly dancing.
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October 26, 2013 05:50AM
She was taken by surprise by the voice within her head though she did not have had this experience before in her life. Her eyes darted to Relic who had jumped away to observe the magnitude of her speed and the attack of her katana caused the metal of the giant sword and the metal of her demonic slaying katana collide, making a loud clashing noise like thunder rolling in a bad thunderstorm but the voice had made her pause for a moment to process in her mind while she looked at the little one with the giant sword who had blocked her attack but with the speed she had reached caused Coraline and her giant sword to slide back towards Relic but it was only a foot though Gabriel had slid back away from the duo and towards Sarah who stood there in fear of what was happening right before her eyes.”MiLord, I am facing two Knights of Salvation and they are planning on doing something with a little girl named Sarah Daybreaker. I want to save her but the only way I could do such thing is to defeat these two. My mind is clear and open for you to help me with this event. I am in debt for such help since I have never prayed to you before in my existence,” her words were filled with gratefulness of the generosity that Arren gave to her andshe decided that she would be praying to him much more.


As soon as Gabriel cleared her mind, something stirred within her mind, body, and soul. A power that has been partially awakened though she felt it before when she had fought against strong demons that attacked her temple. And Arren could feel the power of a Sound Volfen stir within this woman. Gabriel closed her, her hair slowly fanning out though she was not moving but the sound around her seemed to vibrate faster than usual, causing it the be louder and stronger. A white aura started to appear around Gabriel’s feet, slowly making its way up her frame as if its fingers were crawling and digging into her body as more were being created as others disappeared into her flesh and bone. The silken fabric of her robes flapped violently as her power only grew in moments of her standing there. Her hands gripped the hilt of her katana while she moved back into her beginning stance to prepare herself for battle though she does not know the outcome if she takes on both Knights at the same time. Moments had passed and her body was now surrounded by this aura, her eyes slowly opened to reveal bright teal blue eyes that was glowing by the rim of her eye color. Gabriel smirked then looked up at the vial that was throw up into the air that was aimed for her. She took note of the dark crimson liquid, trying to figure out what the blood inside of that vial would do and how much damage it would inflict if it broke before her. Though she made the decision to dash toward the two Knights then change direction to only move around them. The air and sound of her running past them could be her but her movements were to fast for the untrained eyes then turned back around, gripping her sword more to ready an attack that will probably take Coraline and Relic by surprise.

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October 26, 2013 03:01PM
-Shadow notice Charlotte was in fact not believe her eye she was there he was the real man. She stepped away from him in disbelief he could see it in her eyes as he listened-“You’re dead. I got the letter. You can’t be alive. No…Wait…does that mean, I’m dead? I SHOULD NEVER HAVE DRUNK THE TEA!”

-Shadow shook his head as he said to her in a tone she would remember when they would talk in private.- “I am dead Charlotte. You however are only visiting me, I have been watching you since I passed.” -he stepped towards her again getting only a step away within arms length from her as he moved his hand forward towards her face. Shadow’s hand would attempt to touch her cheek to caress it as he did before when she was sad. He tell her heart might be filled with sadness of his death. He closed his eyes as he said.- “Charlotte I am sorry I could not have been there when you needed me. I took necessary steps that were needed, I thought I would have time to say goodbye before it happened. Instead I only sped up my death. I have only one regret for the things I have done. That is that I was not able to able to see you and my daughter one last time.” -he looked into her eyes as smile only to show his emotions to someone who knew him better than most. He saw that she was in fact wearing his pendant he left for her as he placed his finger on it the pendant.- “You have faced greater loss than anyone I have ever known Charlotte. Even so I know you have limited time here with me. I will answer any questions you have within the two hours. I wish we would have had more time.” -Shadow was happy to see her but in the end he was dead. He had a rest that most men would have wanted over five hundred billion years ago. He was old yet he was happy to see his best friend.-

-mean while Arren listened to the woman praying to him as he heard the words he would never thought to hear.-

“MiLord, I am facing two Knights of Salvation and they are planning on doing something with a little girl named Sarah Daybreaker. I want to save her but the only way I could do such thing is to defeat these two. My mind is clear and open for you to help me with this event. I am in debt for such help since I have never prayed to you before in my existence,”

-Arren’s eyes shot open as he thought. “Sarah Daybreaker this is something that I can’t ignore” -his spirit would lift from his body becoming one with Gabriel as he spoke.- “You must keep her alive at all cost…” -when he became one with Gabriel his spirit would detect something as this girl was of his creation she was a Volfen of the Sound Clan as he said.- “You must listen to me. You are a Volfen of the Sound clan, you are of my creation you need to focus. I will guide however you will need to use sound through your sword. You are one of the last of your kind.” -he started to gather sound through her being assisting her to use sound.-

-Coraline was some how throw in Relic’s direction the small little girl would land on her feet just nicely as she looked to Relic as she questioned.- “Well what should we do?” -she did notice this would be hand full for both of them. This woman’s speed was incredible something that they normally don’t see everyday. Relic chuckled as he said.- “Go on Coraline have some fun with her. She seems a little on the slower side for me.” -Coraline gave a insane giggle only to reach into her dress pocket digging for something as she pulled out a small pill. She placed the pill between lips pulling it into her mouth with her tongue you could hear her bit down on the pill as it cracked. Nothing had seemed to change about her eating the pill as she giggled even more. Coraline spoke to the woman as she said to her.- “Well if you want to go fast I don’t mind. It always makes it fun to move faster.” -she gave a devilish smile as she moved forward at a blazing accelerated speed that even would seem to match Gabriel’s own. Coraline cocked back her blade as she swung it widely attempting to come across to the Priestesses right side in an attempt to cut her in half.-

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October 26, 2013 04:22PM
“I am dead Charlotte. You however are only visiting me, I have been watching you since I passed.”Charlotte’s face crumpled with the overwhelming sadness and realization that Shadow was dead, and that Arren had sent her to the after life to see him one last time. Few ever get the chance to see someone that they treasured so in the time after their death. This was a moment in time that Charlotte would treasure for ever, that is if she could ever get over the shock.

When Shadow attempted to reach out and touch her cheek, caress it like he used to do when she was younger, the bebilith felt the rising tide of tears, a ball coming up her throat, as she felt the sting in her eyes, the sharp pain in her nostrils. One thing that Charlotte had never been able to get over, was losing the ones she loved so early in her life. If she could have taken their place she would have.

Had Shadow truly been watching over her this entire time? Was it his voice that she heard in her dreams, was he the one that urged her to carry on during her darkest hours? The more she thought of it, the more she realized it was true. The anger in the Bebilith evaporated, lost to a wave of sorrow and regret for all the years they had been apart.

“Charlotte I am sorry I could not have been there when you needed me. I took necessary steps that were needed, I thought I would have time to say goodbye before it happened. Instead I only sped up my death. I have only one regret for the things I have done. That is that I was not able to able to see you and my daughter one last time.”

A single tear ran down her face, as she took all this in. “I needed you, Shadow. More than I even realized. Look what I have become.” The Bebilith felt the self hate welling and she sniffed brushing away the tear. The mention of his daughter had her bring up the back of her hand to her mouth, to stop a cry from escaping, knowing his daughter was with her own children now. She deserved to have her father at her side. Why was Charlotte given this chance at a last goodbye and not her? A cruel twist in fate?

Her eyes darted about, waiting for Arren to appear and drag her back. So he was the God that could control the world of life and after, and she turned around and screamed at Arren “You torture me through Heaven! He has a child. HE shouldn’t have died!” Swinging back to Shadow, her grief was considerable, as her brain was pounding, like she was experiencing a migrane.

“You have faced greater loss than anyone I have ever known Charlotte. Even so I know you have limited time here with me. I will answer any questions you have within the two hours. I wish we would have had more time.” Two hours wasn’t enough, she had so many questions. Raising her head slowly, as the madness edged away, she did ask a question, a very important one.

“Does your daughter have any idea how much you loved her? She is with my children right this minute, and there is someone after her, and I don’t know who.”

She reached to touch him, even though he was not real;

“Help me, help her please?”

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 26, 2013 06:20PM
-Jalal was tired from his exertions but understood what Imay meant. He probably would have felt similiarly if he was working from the other side of the coin. They each came from different understandings. His people were taught to enhance their bodies. Mentally they were far advanced and as such were noticed by dragons in ancient times but their bodies could not fight against those who would try to enslave them. They became easy meat So they were taught to make themselves less noticed to draw clean energy as the energy they would drw before contact with them was without care or concern. They learned to be efficent and careful. They learned the secrets of the magical tattoos, the pyramids had already vastly extended their life as had the understanding of ley line energy. The dragons expanded on that. They taught them to become even more connected to everything, to use the enrgy within the lines and portals to actually power themselves. They made themselves in many ways living weapons, yet they were still limited by their own race. imay was of the blood fo dragons his power was inherent, as such his attitudes were much like those who were dragon they would not fear inherent energies especially in a home plane. Jalal had learned to fear and respect all energies. their own world was destroyed because of their own pride

Atlanteans thought themselves stronger then that, in the end the pride had gone before the fall. Hence why they became as they were. They valued life above all and always sought to destroy the evil wherever he found it. It was the one way in which he could redeem his race.

However this gift Imay had given him was rare. To make a clean draconic pyramid might allow him to call a new dragon. One who might bestow a boon that would allow them again to fight against the spulgorth and reclaim Atantis.-

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 27, 2013 10:56AM
- Looking up from the crystal noticing Jalal had missed the guesture he motioned a chichiwaga over and asked “Well you see how Conan is doing for me please?” before he turned back to face Jalal. Imay sighed to himself as Jalal was hard to read for him, so Imay thought if he is so attached to the dragon race why not pick Jalal’s mind a bit. “So Jalal tell me aside from me have you ever heard of the Goryas before, maybe my father Kilik or my brother Shadow, The Gorya as many know him?” Imay asked with a not of innocent curiosity though not much about Imay could really be called innocent anymore. After a moment he then asked, already guessing the answer to that question, “Or would you rather meet a dragon for yourself?” Imay had waited paitently for what Jalal would do with such an opportunity, after he saw just how excited the dragon materials made him.

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 27, 2013 12:32PM
“It will be my honour to protect her with all of my strength and will, MiLord,” she thought as a soft shiver ran up her spine once she felt Arren’s spirit become one with her as she closed her eyes then opened them back up. Her eyes went wide as she heard these words echo in her mind,“You must listen to me. You are a Volfen of the Sound clan, you are of my creation you need to focus. I will guide however you will need to use sound through your sword. You are one of the last of your kind.”

“What is a Volfen? How am I your creation? Why am I one of the last of my kind? I have so many questions that concern to myself and where I came from but that will come later, I suppose. And I will do my best to listen to your guidence, MiLord,” she thought then turned her gaze to the duo, her eyes seemed to pierce their souls through both of their eyes.

As soon as Arren began to gather sound within her being, she gripped her sword tighter for she was unaware how much potential she has and has not discovered. Gabriel tilted her head as she used her hearing to listen to the short conversation between Coraline and Relic and she did not like how Relic said she was slow. It enraged her but she kept her calm stature like she was taught as a child prodigy and kept her chi in balance. She drew a breath into her lungs, savoring the scent of the air though it had a musty scent and exhaled silently. She moved her gaze over to the little girl who gave an insane giggle which was at a frequency that was a bit high for her. Her eyes followed Coraline’s hand, watching her rumage around in her pocket for something though Gabriel did not know what it was. She watched her place a pill of some sort between her lips and witness her grab it with her tongue. ~Crunch~ Gabriel heard Coraline bite down on the pill, listening to her chew on the now broken pill. She stepped back a foot or two to only swing her sword in a downward diagnol direction as a visible soundwave was rapidly shot from her Wakizashi since the wave was aiming for Coraline.

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 27, 2013 03:25PM
-Shadow watched the single tear run down Charlotte’s face with the look of sadness her in eyes. She had not changed from his perspective, she said to him in words that he has tocuhed his heart just as she did all those years ago.-“I needed you, Shadow. More than I even realized. Look what I have become.”

-Shadow took his hand from her cheek as it grasped her shoulder firmly only to have him smile as he said.- “You Charlotte have turned into a fine woman and mother. However remember the words I told you the last time we spoke.” -he took his hand from her shoulder as he smiled only to place his finger on her chest directly over her heart. His eyes would gaze into her eyes deeply as if he was seeing straight through her.- “I will never leave you. I will always been in your heart when you need me in your darkest hours of life. Whether I am dead or living.”

-He was speaking nothing but the truth as he could feel his finger slightly touching the pendant he left for her in his will. He could only smile at her next words for a the brief moment as he heard them loud and clear from her.-

“Does your daughter have any idea how much you loved her? She is with my children right this minute, and there is someone after her, and I don’t know who.”

-Shadow’s facial expression went from the large smile he had to serious at the question to him as he sighed. He knew who she talked about and knew it was time to give Charlotte the full truth of who Anya and Sarah really were. They were much like his children but so much more they were apart of him. He too a deep breath as he looked into Charlotte’s eyes as he spoke.- “You speak of Anya I do love her with all my heart, She knows this better than anyone. However She is not entirely my child, She was not born through a woman. I created her and her sister from the essence of my own being. Long ago when I was but a boy, I was told that my heart was a gate way to the layers of Limbo where all evil is expelled.” -Shadow’s eyes did not waver from her as he was keeping his serious expression as his hand left Charlotte’s body while he continued.- “After being told such a thing, in case anything would ever happen to me, I created two keys that could keep that gateway from being used. Those keys were my weapons that were created from my very being, Anya and Sarah are in my eyes my daughters by they are not my blood daughter’s. Emiko is the daughter I spoke about Charlotte. However the person you speak about that is after Anya. Is the one who killed me.” -he knew this would a lot to take in yet he knew this was needing to be said to her. He heard words from Charlotte’s lips that one would make him think of what he had doen for her and family.-

“Help me, help her please?”

-He felt her hand touch his face as he closed his eyes as he looked at the pendant she wore as he smiled yet again as he placed his hand on her chest as he got closer to her feling her heart beat.- “Charlotte, I have helped you. I fore saw things that would happen and things that could happen. I saw my fate as I saw what would have happened if I stayed to fight this person. I could not bear to see my friends, my family, and your future be destroyed. I gave parts of my very soul to push the hand of a God. So that you and my Legacy may live on. I gave away selflessly to provide a hope for everyone. Charlotte I lived a long life it’s time that you live yours out just as I did but on a different path. I knew that if I did what I did to help prepare you and everyone for the fight ahead that it would mean my own death. I accepted this with honor as a Goryan.” -Shadow smiled as he felt the beat of her heart as he could only chuckled as he closed his eyes.- “You have the Heart and will of my family.” -he slowly leaned his head forward as he attempted to peck her on the cheek as he would bring himself back as he waited for anymore questions he could bring forth to her.-

-Arren heard the young female Volfen’s strong words and even her questions as he could only get frustrated as he listened.-

“It will be my honour to protect her with all of my strength and will, MiLord,”

“What is a Volfen? How am I your creation? Why am I one of the last of my kind? I have so many questions that concern to myself and where I came from but that will come later, I suppose. And I will do my best to listen to your guidance, MiLord,”

-Arren could tell she had many questions about her own race as he growled for where she could hear it within her mind. As he said.- “In due time young Wolf. Now you must be careful you are facing someone using enhancement pills. IT seems she uses them to allow her body to rapidly grow in the muscle and speed part of her being. Use sound to it’s full capability now become with nature become one with your strikes.”

-Coraline smiled and giggled insanely as Gabriel swung in diagonal strike as She blocked with her giant sword only to try and disable to the magic she was using as she held her ground giggling looking into the priestess’s eyes as she spoke in such a polite tone.- “You know my sword disables magic. Your sound magic wont touch me.” -she attempted to use her now gained strength and push her giant blade on top of her giggling in all respects only to try and keep her from moving any further. That sound wave that was directed towards Coraline was immediately disrupted by the big blade in hopes that she could not use sound. This was hopefully possible that the sound wave did not touch her. -

-Arren smirked as he chuckled only to tell Gabriel in her mind.- “Let loose the sound barrage”

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 27, 2013 03:56PM
~You’re the only one, that really knew me at all~

Charlotte coughed up a laugh, when Shadow said what a woman and mother she had become, turning her head away so he couldn’t see her cry. She opened her mouth and held her head back, as she tried to compose herself, cause this was really too much to believe, till he placed his hands on her shoulders, and she felt the force of his touch….so real. Her head snapped back around, but her chest was rising and falling fast, and her hands were now lowered and balled into fists. Nails digging into her palms so she could feel…..make this real.

Saying that he was in her heart, and watched over her and the children. It was not what she expected, not at all. Those lonely nights in the caverns in the tunnels of Emerald Mountains, laying against the wall and wondering if they would ever get out of it alive, or even finish what they had started. He was there. The pendent around her neck, was partly a link between the two worlds, from Shadow to Charlotte. Only now did she realize its significance.

Charlotte reached up to wipe her nose with the back of her hand, not ladylike, but she was a mess, emotionally. Thoughts turned to his children, or at least what she thought were his children. Turns out…she was wrong.

“You speak of Anya I do love her with all my heart, She knows this better than anyone. However She is not entirely my child, She was not born through a woman. I created her and her sister from the essence of my own being. Long ago when I was but a boy, I was told that my heart was a gate way to the layers of Limbo where all evil is expelled.”

The spider demoness fell back. Wait, she always thought Anya was his flesh and blood, but hearing this had her recoil in shock. “She is with my children, and has that key you speak of…its what the bad people are after.” Charlotte’s face turned to one of shock and then she looked back up at Shadow and said. “My children are in real danger if that key is what you say it is. And if this man had the power to kill you, how on earth are my babies going to stand up to someone like that?” Her green eyes widened in shock, as her maternal instinct kicked in. Shadow was still talking, but it was like she couldn’t hear him as she tried to get a telekinetic link with her children, whispering in her mind in rhefugi, trying to hear something back, as she walked in a small circle with her fists up to her temple. But it was no use. From the afterlife, her children could never hear her. Slowly she dropped her hands to her sides, and looked back Shadow, her face darkening.

Shadow placed his hand on her heart, which was now beating rapidly. He spoke of his sacrifice to push forward the legacy for both himself, and his, as well as Charlotte. Though she was having trouble understanding any of this.

“You have the Heart and will of my family.” He said, pecking her cheek. Being so affectionate and accepting of his fate long before this time. She felt his heart, his love and this was cherished. But she was sent back for a reason, besides this heart warming reunion.. Only with his answers, could she hope to change what is destined to occur.

“But how do I find my own path…when I must fight to protect my children from this man, and not just mine…Anya and her sister?” She looked away a moment, then back up at Shadow. “Or…was this planned all along?”

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 27, 2013 04:50PM
-Jalal had already put the pyramid away as he knew he would need the sacred object upon this journey. He had been guided by something divine in its making. He was in awe of this place and its people. A place of dragon lore.Imay asked..
” So Jalal tell me aside from me have you ever heard of the Goryas before, maybe my father Kilik or my brother Shadow, The Gorya as many know him? ”

Jalal replied ” The Dragons I knew were named Siksta Svant Ith and Thurkear Welun Jaxo. I had never met them though as a child my father spoke to them and I did see them from a distance. They were revered. It was they who warned my father of the doom and allowed us to close the rift and spare the rest of the world. Though Atlantis itself was lost and my father perished in the fight along with many other brave warriors they completed the final design which closed the great rift. It opened nearly three continents wide as a result of the power we had been able to draw. The power we learned to control was vast with technique and design, the dragons always called us the little scientists. Then later the proud warriors when they made us what the darkness feared. Though I have never heard of the Goryan’s I was quite young.

Imay: “Or would you rather meet a dragon for yourself?”
When Imay asked boldly if he would like to meet a dragon for himself he was shocked by the question but also honored..-

” If there will would be to meet me I would like to meet one at that Imay, it would be an honor to meet any dragon’s of this land. ”

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 27, 2013 05:13PM
- Imay couldn’t help but feel a little surpised that Jalal hadn’t heard of his family, then again most who met Imay didn’t know him as anything more then “traveler”. A smile quickly grew on Imay’s face hearing the names of the two dragons, “Well I’m glad to hear little sun and moon had done well for themselves. Last time i heard those names for a dragon they would have been nothing but hatchlings, though i never got to meet them myself.” Imay said with a somewhat nostalgic smile, “I can’t promise a dragon of this land since we are in between of sorts, nor can i promise for the land Lorewall resides on. I can however make sure you get to meet the one that provided for your pyramid”. Imay motioned down to the crystal as he said, “Though i can give you a glimps of her for now.”
Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 27, 2013 05:15PM
Gabriel gave a soft jump at the growl that echoed throughout her mind but instantly calmed down while she listened to him speak, taking in the information that he had obtained while looking through though Gabriel’s eyes. In that moment, she witnessed Coraline attempt to block her soundwave but deep down, she had a feeling that she would not be able to block it since she did not chant any words to cast any spells. The wind whistled She raised a brow at the polite tone that Coraline spoke in but Gabriel only smirked to see the soundwave hit the sword and not be deflected. Though the power of the soundwave was weak but it was strong enough to push her back further from Gabriel. She then pulled her feet together, hearing Arren’s last command wash over her thoughts, her body tensing up a bit,

“Let loose the sound barrage”

Gabriels eyes went wide at the thought of releasing the stored sound within her body that she felt stir. She wondered what was going to happen to the surrounding area or to the people who are there with her. But with those words basically commanding her to let lose all of the built up sound that was stored within her, her body adjusted her stance to where her feet were shoulder length apart. Gabriel had quickly sheathed her wakizashi, balling up her hands into fist and crossed her arms over her chest as a loud and fierce growl had eminated from this petite form then she flung her arms wide open and ~Boom!~, sound rushed out of her body like angry drivers just getting out of heavy traffic as it screamed loudly like a ton of c4 exploding. The sound barrage rapidly rush in in the forward direction as she directed it to hit both Relic and Coraline. Bits and pieces of the black top that Gabriel was standing on also got flung toward the two Knights as well as other debris was thrown in their direction.

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 27, 2013 06:18PM
-Shadow could see without doubt Charlotte was having troubles taking this in at once as he closed his eyes only to smile as in his mind he knew she was his successor without at doubt. He opened his eyes hearing the words of his dearest friend.- “She is with my children, and has that key you speak of…its what the bad people are after.” -he heard this from her and could only think to himself as he corrected her in very soothing tone.- “The key she carries that is gold is not the key are looking for. Anya is the key itself.” -only to hear her words further he could feel her concerns grow even more greater than before. It was as if she was worried of her family yet Shadow could do nothing for her position another than reassurance.- “My children are in real danger if that key is what you say it is. And if this man had the power to kill you, how on earth are my babies going to stand up to someone like that?” -Shadow closed his eyes again smiling again as he said in a very a stern voice that sounded like his old war cry.- “Simple! You have more than just your own being that will protect them. I man who swore an Oath to me once. A man who promised to keep the secret of their true existence. I believe you know who I speak of. He may be wounded but his spirit is stronger than you would think Charlotte. As well my Uncle would not break the promise he made to me.” -he opened his eyes as he looked at her hair as he reached for it running his fingers through its fine silky touch that made her unique. He had forgotten that he was dead for the moment. Shadow could feel inside himself the urge to fight by Charlotte’s side yet again. However this was impossible for the old Kiyrin he would not be able to do as he once was.-“But how do I find my own path…when I must fight to protect my children from this man, and not just mine…Anya and her sister?”

-Shadow paused at these words for he did not know of her path. He could fore see after his death other than there success as he looked down at the floor for a moment trying to find words to tell her what he knew. He could feel her worry, her concern, her sorrow, and most of all he could feel her pain of being in his presents. Shadow turned his head to the windows of this grand ball room they were standing in only to think of words.- “Charlotte I do not know what awaits after you leave here. I see the success you will have. Your path is just a blur after this battle. You will find a way, But you must not forget….” -he lifted his hand only to place his finger on the pendant that hung for her neck as a small fire lit on his finger one that was of multiple colors that had no heat to its touch. Charlotte had nothing to fear from the fire as he continued.- “You will always have assistance from me. I will never leave your heart nor will I ever leave you defenseless. The remain power that was not destroyed from my being has been left with you. My greatest gift I could give to my greatest friend I was given. My daughter may be in the home world of Gorya. However she will look for me Charlotte.” -Shadow’s head would turn towards her as he smiled like he was happy to have her carry out his final request.- “I want you to tell her that I love her. Tell her of my choice, as well make sure my legacy to my grandchildren is never forgotten.” -he looked into her eyes as his gray thunder eyes were focused on her. He knew that time was running short as he asked her.- “May I have that last Dance Charlotte? Before you descend? -he had heard her last words.- “Or…was this planned all along? -He smiled taking her left hand as he pulled her closer to him as he whispered in her ear.- “My death was planned for the moment I saw the vision. The aid to help you was all done from my own sacrifices that I did for the soul purpose of giving you a fighting chance.” -he waited for her only to respond to his question and to his request for her to dance with him as a final goodbye.-

-as Arren disconnected himself from the young female wolf he pondered in his mind of how to go about this since she would soon be left defenseless as he grinned thinking of sending two being only to get up leaving Charlotte’s body for the moment. He started making his way towards the Gardens in hopes of catching his nephew in the moment.-

-As Coraline saw this blast she was flung from her ground as she screamed in a loud tone relic was thrown back only to catch Coraline. As he struggled to keep his ground he slowly thought to himself.- “it’s time for a retreat at this point. Oh what a waste of time.” -Relic quickly moved after being thrown across the street. He quickly disappeared from sight in a quick jump into the air as he said.- “We shall return for her. Mark my words you have chosen the wrong side Young lass”

-Sarah who was behind her was able to quickly absorb the sound and direct it away from her as she rotated the molecules of the air particles to travel passed her. However this was making her unable to move as she collapsed instantly as she tried to regain her figure. She looked up and wondered if the lady was alright. She was safe for now.-

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 27, 2013 07:02PM
~One last dance~

If only Shadow could read her mind, for although he could feel the beat of her heart, and see the worry in her eyes, he couldn’t imagine all the thoughts rushing through. Wanting to embrace this moment, this chance to spend a last dance with Shadow, and worrying about her children and Anya back in the live plain. But the more questions she asked, begged, the more complicated it was all becoming. Anya was not carrying a key, she was the key. Essence of his very soul formed by his hand. Now it all started to make perfect sense.

Charlotte feared for her children against the monster that had taken Shadow’s life, and with good reason. She knew her children were not yet of age to use their full powers, so much she needed to teach them. Charlotte even started to question herself, why she hadn’t started their lessons sooner. Her eyes darted around, as Shadow took a firm tone and sounded off at her, to make her snap from her haze.

“Simple! You have more than just your own being that will protect them. A man who swore an Oath to me once. A man who promised to keep the secret of their true existence. I believe you know who I speak of. He may be wounded but his spirit is stronger than you would think Charlotte.”

“You speak of Conan, the one that came to give us the message of your death. He is the one,. isn’t he? Course, she knew in her heart this was true, for he had made the vow of guardianship over the children and mourned the loss of Shadow as greatly as she did. There was no one else as close to them, by bond of friendship or spirit.

Shadow’s smile and the way he ran his fingers through her hair, had her reach for his hand, to nuzzle and hold to her cheek as she closed her eyes tight. Eyes that were now red rimmed from holding back the wave of tears that threatened to flow down her cheeks. His gentle touch had not changed, and she tried to hold this memory, hold it as tight as she dared. Was it selfish that she wanted just to savor in being in his presence, though all the emotions pulled and tugged at her.

Opening her eyes, she sniffed again, when Shadow told her that though he thought she was his successor he could only see her path to a point, the rest was a blur. Of course, that part of her life had not yet been written in stone, for only she could make the choices that would determine her destiny overall.

“You will always have assistance from me. I will never leave your heart nor will I ever leave you defenseless. The remain power that was not destroyed from my being has been left with you. My greatest gift I could give to my greatest friend I was given.” His words impacted on her so, she wanted to embrace him, hold him close to her. Friendship was indeed the greatest gift a person can give. Absolute trust, compassion and forgiveness for past sins. And she had made plenty. She felt the power of the pendent that rest upon her neck, and this she knew was the ever lasting link. Proof that he would never leave her side….to see him, all she needed to do, was hold the pendant and look to the night sky, to the brightest star, and know he is watching her.

One day, Shadow’s true daughter would come seeking answers, and it will be Charlotte’s place to answer them in full. Shadow’s wish, was that she tell her how much her father loved her. Charlotte heaved a sob and chewed her bottom lip, fighting back more tears. Saying goodbye for another, when they are standing right in front of you, is the most important thing you could ever ask someone to do. The spider demon nodded wordlessly, for she knew her voice was breaking up, and she had never been so emotional before. With her chin trembling she uttered.

“I’ll tell her that the dreams and your legacy must go on through to the next generation, of course. I would wish the same for my kin. To know that the sacrifice was done for them.”

To the right of the room, Charlotte could see a large ornate clock, and time…was running out. Arren had said two hours. Was time almost up? Would she be pulled away? Her eyes searched Shadow’s as he asked of her;

“May I have that last Dance Charlotte? Before you descend?” How could she refuse? Charlotte was drawn into his arms, and she nuzzled her face to his chest with his cheek, holding onto him as though she would never let go. His voice said everything…His death was his choice…so that others may live.

And so…they danced….one last time…


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October 27, 2013 07:21PM
-Jalal was surprised that they knew of dragons much less were of their blood or could summon one. A glimpse he said.
Jalal had not had a glimpse of a dragon since he was a child. There were few who had seen any in his people. Most had not been living during the time of Atlantis itself and were descendanats. He was old by the standards of his people. He had lived a full life and fought well and true as a warrior should. He would continue to for as long as his feet could carry him. The chances of him retiring were slim to none. More likely his sword would simply vanish from his cold dead fingers as the saying went. He would be glad of anything Imay wished to show him. he simply said in response..- ” Whatever you would like to show me would be welcome Imay. I have not seen Dragon’s since I was young. ”

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 27, 2013 07:38PM
- Imay had motioned once again for Jalal to look at the crystal as it still held the image of the young woman, though slowly another started to fade as she danced. The second image slowly became clearer tell the woman was dancing with an old wyrm. The wyrm was covered head to tail in the same golden scales of the woman’s tail, a flowing mane of the purest white circled its head much like the dragons of the Orient. It’s long slender body would easily wrap around the woman fifty times if it so wished while it’s wings flared and folded in flight. “Though you will see a woman and a dragon you must know that these two are the same creature. They are both forms of my goddaughter Nesuki, the last serving member of one royal bloodlines the dragons claim.” Imay said with a somewhat prideful tone, for he was talking about one of the few things in all the worlds he cared about the most. Imay lost focus for a moment watching the two sides of Nesuki dance in the crystal faintly hearing motion coming towards him and Jalal in the back of his mind though dismissed it as one of the staff moving about his uncle’s home.
Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 27, 2013 07:53PM
[]She let out a loud growl once again, her eyes brighter than before as she watched them retreat from her sound barrage. Soon, the sound subsided and disappeared while Gabriel’s aura desceased back into her frame as her chest heaved up and down at a rapid rate since she used alot of energy just to unleash the large amount of sound from within her body. She wabbled over towards Sarah, even though she was very weak from the amount of energy she lossed, she was still willing to protect the little girl with her being.

Moments later, she collapsed onto her knees in front of Sarah then looked at her, her bright blue eyes now to their normal color and held a gentle look. Gabriel smiled at her, breathing heavily still but soon gain her stature and calmed her breaths then fell to the ground, laying there unconscious but breathing slowly and almost silently. Her hair had circled around her face as strands clung to her face since she was covered in a thin layer of sweat, her arms laying on either side of her head. The breeze became gentle once more and began to play with her clothing. Gabriel’s subconscious began to wonder if they would be rescued by someone or if they were just gonna sit there and not be rescued.

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 27, 2013 09:19PM
-Shadow smiled even more when Charlotte had guessed the person he was talking about as took her closer to him pulling her to be inches away- “You speak of Conan, the one that came to give us the message of your death. He is the one,. isn’t he? -He chuckled as he placed his mouth directly near her ear as he gave a very soft tone.- “yes, I sent him for your protection.” -he could see her observations of words had not changed as he knew it would be time for her to leave as he listened to her words one last time.- “I’ll tell her that the dreams and your legacy must go on through to the next generation, of course. I would wish the same for my kin. To know that the sacrifice was done for them.”-Shadow smiled as she nuzzled her face into his chest as he could only feel happiness in his heart. He knew very well Charlotte would want this moment to last for her. He very well knew she was watching the clock but he knew it wouldnt be long before she had to go. They danced for over five minutes in silence as he had his arms around Charlotte. The sound of the clock chiming was loud enough to make someones heart jump in place.-

-Shadow had frowned as he said knowing she would be pulled away from him.- “I thank you my dearest Charlotte for the chance to know you.” -the clouds of the real world would start to wrap around Charlotte slowly pulling her away from Shadow. A tears formed in Shadow’s eyes as they fell from his cheek as he said farewell to his best friend that he had known for so long.- “I bid you farewell for now. You and your kin are welcome to follow me to this place of mine. When the time comes to passing on. I shall watch over you and wait for you Charlotte” -As she was pulled away Shadow had a tight hold of her hand as he didnt want to let go of her. Only to have his grip slip his hand extend the old warrior waits for her return when she has passed on to the afterlife. He will come for her when it is her time.-

-The farewell of two closest friends. The bonds that will never be broken.-

-As Arren walked down to the Gardens he could hear the talk between Jalal and his Nephew. As he came in to the Gardens holding his bo staff as a walking stick with a non-threatening yet very serious look on his face as he said to Jalal and Imayaruk.- “I have a mission for you both. However I need your full focus on this task I am about to give you.” -he looked at both of them not paying attention to what had just taken place within the gardens moments before. Arren was not happy on the grounds that had just taken place.-

-Mean while Sarah and Gabriel had completely exhausted their energy. It seemed as if they were not completely defenseless entirely. A man in a black hooded robe was walking from the distance a spectator in a sense who had watched what had transpired. The man came close to the two as he saw them both passed out. As he smirked under the hood as he said.- “It seems I will have to asst after all.” -he picked up both of them taking them to the back of the alleyway as he smiled placing them both beside each other. The man towered over them shaking his head as he reached into his robe pulling out a small pouch of what sounded like pellets. He opened them up with both hands revealing a Victorian styled cufflinks as he pulled two small beans. He keeled down as placing the beans in both of their mouths as he pressed the jaws of both Sarah and Gabriel. Hear the breaking of the beans he smiled knowing there energy would soon start to recover with those beans. The man had a swift movement of placing the bag back into his robes. His hands would come back out of the robes with a small piece of paper. He placed the piece of paper into the air as he spoke in what would sound like the tongue of the Dragons.- “si relgr forth wer vers di wer zezhuanthi, nomenes svaust tepoha confn ghoros si relgr shafaer dout vers ekess vehafor vi seal vur buala nomenoi mekihlna drekimi persvek asta tairais di rigluin. si gracefully relgr wer lexri di juanth darastrixi protection” (Translation: I call forth the power of the ancients, those who have come before i call on your power to create a seal and cloak these defenseless beings in their time of need. i Gracefully call the words of old Dragons protection) -the moment the man gave his chant he threw the piece of paper towards them which stopped in midair as it slowly started to bleed with ink creating runes on the paper as their bodies would seen by cloaked in an illusion this would make them invisible to the naked eye. The man spoke again.- “I am sorry girls I cant take you with me. I have another engagement to see get to.” -he quickly turned around vanishing form sight as if he himself was an Illusion.-

-The winds have whispered the words of war in the silent night.-

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 27, 2013 11:18PM
~Better be home soon~

The sound of their hearts melded with the tick tock of the clock, which grew louder, as it counted down the last minutes of this dance of friends. Charlotte didn’t want to go home, not yet. There was so much left unsaid, so many things she wanted to say. Why had fate been so cruel to take him away from her? Yes, he sent Conan to protect her, and for that she was eternally grateful. Her children were safe and her own life he held in her hands in the rapid river. All the while Shadow was watching, guiding with an unseen hand. Ultimately, it was he that orchestrated her survival to this point. Now he had answered the questions that were most important….but one remained.

“Will you be waiting for me, when my time comes? Will you bring me home?” Her eyes implored of him, wanting to know that this will be her place for eternity..some day.

But as she asked the question, she started to hear the clock chime.

“NO…I’m not ready…please Arren…just a few minutes more.” Charlotte begged. But the clock continued to chime, as the black shadow hands started to reach for her, to envelope her, as she struggled to hold onto Shadow, gripping with all her might.

“I bid you farewell for now. You and your kin are welcome to follow me to this place of mine. When the time comes to passing on. I shall watch over you and wait for you Charlotte”

Their hands started to be pulled apart, as the swirling black of reality was trying to tear her away, the image of Shadow growing faint, like an outline….a ghost. Charlotte’s tears fell freely. She wasn’t ready. Charlotte tried with her other hand to grab at him, but the force of the real world was too strong, the enchantment was to be broken, as everything unraveled.

“Don’t let go!” She screamed, as each finger was pulled apart, and then the final chime of the clock.It was too late, she soon vanished into the mist of time, and was returned to her world.


Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 28, 2013 11:46AM
-Jalal had looked at the crystal with some wonder seeing the forms merge and the reform. It reminded him of his childhood in many ways. However his awe was soon disturbed by Arren when they were both addressed… “I have a mission for you both. However I need your full focus on this task I am about to give you.”

Knowing of the reverence of which Imay shown Arren and how he called him, his Nephew, he understood that there was much more to him than what he knew or understood yet. He bowed slightly and began to gather his supplies together knowing he would soon need to be ready for a mission.His bag was light but he needed to make sure that he had gathered all of his supplies together for whatever Arren had in store for them.

“Let us get ready Imay. We may have little time.”

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 28, 2013 09:50PM
-Imay was up and on his feet hearing the tone his his uncle’s voice. “What is the mission uncle?” was all Imay asked, as he quickly gathered up the stones he had been working on along with the crystal orb. Imay had gotten his things stowed away quickly as he nodded to Jalal, and turned to face his uncle with a grim expression and Sound Strike in hand. Imay knew something big had just happened since his family almost never called him to take on anything that wasn’t. This led Imay to start thinking about all that might be needed once they left and asked calmly, “Oh and if you are able, would you mind opening a portal to the hatchery cave back on the old homeworld, uncle? We might need Nesuki’s help for this.”
Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 29, 2013 09:46AM
With the rush of energy that scourged through her nerves and muscle tissues, Gabriel started to regain her consciousness. Her eyes fluttered open, her bright blue eyes retaining their brilliant glow but then faded to a soft but dull gleaming look. Her arms rose to have her palms rest upon the dry black top as she pushed her torso up off the ground and brought her knees under her. Gabriel straightened ber back and she was now sitting on her knees, turning her head to look at the little girl who laid next to her from the collapse of energy. She reached over to only brush her blonde hair out of the way of her face then looked around to see if there was anyone around them. She sighed in relief to see that there was no one else around then moved closer to Sarah, watching over her so no one can take her away from her sight.

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