September 21, 2012 06:43AM
“Boobs Inga…..Boobs!”Location : Zimmerman’s Plastic Surgery Centre, Prague

Time : 12.10pm

-Sitting in the swanky plush reception room of one Dr Franz Zimmerman, Inga Snoggleblom is wearing a dark pair of sunglasses, broad brimmed black hat, and is quickly flicking through a large book of boobs. Fake boobs, to be precise. Sitting beside her, a nervous Kraus is fidgeting, and staring at the other patients, some with bandages still wrapped around their heads, others with some very strange expressions. The word, ‘surprised’ would be appropriate, as many come to see Dr Franz Zimmerman to have their botox injections. ~Flick…flick~ “Hmm bit too far apart, you could do a whole charter boatz down the middle, yah….Look Kraus…I think they too lopsided. What do you think?”- Kraus, who was still awfully orange, stopped staring at a woman that looked a lot like a panther, her eyes done so serverly, that she looked like she had her eyes pulled taught by fishing line. (Kraus)”But…Inga…your breasts are perfect now…why you want to go through this again? It be your fifth operation.”- Kraus was now genuinely concerned for his little swedish kitten, and especially after her expose on ET, she was keeping a fairly low profile, as she was being hounded by animal activitists for the sexual abuse of one bull named Shamus. Inga pouted, and then pushed her breasts together, saying sadly- (Inga)”I want to known for my boobs, not what a bull did to my face. You see? They see big Inga boobs, they forget about what happened, yah?” At that point, a curvacious nurse stepped out from the doctor’s office, buttoning up her shirt, and then patting down her hair. (Nurse Effy)”Miss Snoggleblom, the Doctor will see you now.”- Inga tossed down the book of boobs, and then said to Kraus- (Inga)”I want…BOOBS! Come Kraus…meet the Doctor.”- Sadly, Kraus got up and sighed, then escorted his Inga into the Doctor’s office, closing the door behind them.

Inside the office, Doctor Zimmerman, was chuckling as he was viewing something on his computer screen, then when he looked up, he smiled a bright toothy grin at his favourite patient. (Dr Zimmerman)”Ahhh if it isn’t the radiant Miss Inga….Oh and you have brought your benefactor with you. Guten Tag, Kraus, it is good to see you again. I was just watching ET, and saw the lovely Inga doing the commercial. Heh, it was funny, yah?” Inga plopped down in the chair opposite the doctor, clearly not amused, as the very orange Kraus made a motion with his finger across his own neck, as if to say, cut it out. Dr Zimmerman, quickly got the hint, and then brought out his big book of famous actors and actresses he had done work on. (Dr Zimmerman)”Now, lets see, last year, we did some liposuction…and two breast implants, since you want to go bigger. You know, I still have the samples of fat we took from your ass last summer. I have it specially stored, in case someone wants a piece of your ass. Get it…a piece..of your ass!…Ahaha. I make joke…”- Kraus started to face palm, as Inga took off her sunglasses, and showed she had actually been crying. Poor Poor Inga. She was still very upset about the infamy that she had discovered from that one act with a bull. (Inga)”I want..bigger boobs…HUGE…GREAT..BIG BOOBS and the world forget about the silly bull.”- The doctor could see that Inga was serious, and coughed as he started to show her a few pictures of celebrities with big boobs. (Dr Zimmerman)”This is some of my best work, but I can’t guarantee you will be happy, Miss Inga. I am a firm believer that these things happen to us for a reason.”- Just at that moment, Inga’s cell went off, buzzing in her pocket. Inga got up and walked to the window, taking the call. In the meantime, Dr Zimmerman looked at Kraus oddly. He tilted his head back and forth and then tapped his lip. (Dr Zimmerman)”Kraus…tell you what, I do a little work on you, take a few minutes and you can lose those wrinkles around your eyes. Be a surprise for Miss Inga. I even do it for free.”- Kraus thought for a moment, and then when he heard the Doctor say it would be on the house, considering how much Kraus had spent there on his Inga, he couldn’t really say no. Kraus nodded, getting up, and the good Doctor ushered him quietly into his surgery, while Inga was on hold.

Inga was staring out the window, tapping her foot, unaware that her Doctor and Kraus had left the room. But then the person on the other end spoke. (Philippe Hennessy, President and CEO of Pevonia Botanica)”Good Afternoon, Miss Snoggleblom, I am Philippe Hennessy, President and CEO of Pevonia Botanica, and I am calling to offer you a wonderful opportunity to be the new face for the Hair and Beauty ranges of our organic products.”- Inga looked dumbfounded, and blinked, trying to understand what was going on. (Inga)”What do you mean? You mean I be like..Kate Moss, or..*gasps* Halle Berry?”- The man on the other end of the line chuckled softly and said. (Philippe Hennessy)”Why yes. We did testing on the bull sperm from the shoot, and more from that herd of cows, and sure enough, it is the perfect product. You have already done wonders for us, by the commercials, and now we want to sign you on as our Cover girl.”- In the excitement, Inga squealed and yelled “YES…YES…I do it I get my agent to call you for the contract. Oh my god…thank you!”- Inga tapped her cell and did a bit of a dance…Gangnam style!!!


The nurse, the patients and the good Doctor all came out and filed in behind Inga, and started to dance along with her, but where was Kraus?

Ten minutes earlier
The good doctor had Kraus sit back in the operating chair, and pressed the foot peddle, so Kraus would go back and be at an angle, where he could be easy for the good doctor to work on. Opening up his fridge, where he stored his botox and other specimens, he reached in and pulled out a sample that was marked *Snoggleblom 2011/08/27* Chuckling, the Doctor turned around and smiled brightly at Kraus. (Dr Zimmerman)”Just close your eyes, and let Doctor Zimmerman work his magic. You know, they say that the Mick Jagger look is back in.”- Kraus suddenly heard his girlfriend going off in the other room, and started to sit up. (Kraus)”But…but” – The Doctor laughed, slamming his hand down on Kraus’s chest and thrusting him onto the table. (Doctor Zimmerman)”Hold still this take only two minutes.”-

At the end of the song, everyone was whooping and congratulating Inga, who was telling all and sundry she was the new face of Pevonia Botanica. The Doctor laughed and said, (Dr Zimmerman)”So you want to book in to do your boobs?”- Inga covered up her precious rack and she shook her head. (Inga)”Nein…they want to see my face now..not my boobs. KRAUS…we going!”- The door opened, and Kraus emerged….with huge lips. Inga’s jaw dropped and the Doctor laughed. (Doctor Zimmerman)”Now he going to be kissing your ass for the rest of his life!!!….Ahaha..” <3