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How Carrendar Started

How did it start? Where did it start? Pretty simple really. A bloody big spider…her name, was Lorelei.
On the 30th of November, 2009, the Carrendar Chronicles was born. A place that would be a teaching platform, for T-1, the metarules, and above all, how to roleplay, and have fun.
With Captain277, DarksiedtheLegend, LastRonin, and DrakonMacar, it would grow from small beginnings of about 300 members, to over 1000 now. Spawning Carrendar Dynasty in August of 2010, Lacardis Prime in November 2011, and the community group, Roleplayer’s Bio Central.

To this day…the Legacy continues.

Admin Note.  All works, writings are taken from the Carrendar Dynasty/Chronicles site on IMVU

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Watching the World

Soothing symphonies ring in my head

As the descent of the sun lies ahead

Skies of purple, red, and yellow

Personify my feeling of being mellow

I wish this moment would last forever

Twixt this world surreal and I, hath tethered

The leaves pick up, and sweep cross my feet

The dusk wind, last of the days heat

It crosses my face, so gently with care

Kissing away worries, happiness to share

The scent of freshly cut grass is in the atmosphere

With all the roses, daisies, buttercups growing here

As twilight shows its last waning rays of day

The night moves the world into its bosom to stay

I shall sit here and enjoy the passing of time once more

The world is my friend, forsaking others who come to my door

When All is Lost – Part Four.

When All is Lost

No man’s land

Part Four 

Re: (RP) CD – When All is Lost.
June 23, 2014 04:36PM

The thunderclap had been heard, and sent a shockwave throughout the command structure at the front. Garbled reports came in and various comms had died in the shockwave. Constantine would merely have to look over to his command staff to know that they had lost a good portion of the five miles. When energy readings had been picked up, the unlucky souls that where within the blast radius had become nothing but ash and sub-molecular matter. A quick death, sufficed his need to understand that the enemy made a very, grave mistake. They would pay, for each Krieger lost, or cooked within the armor of the tanks and siege weapons. He had a plan, however. Turning calmly, without a single shred of remorse, regret, or compassion for their attack, merely seeing it as an attempt to undermine the Guard, he calmly asked “Do We have a comms link to the fleet?”

“Yes, Sir. The EMP wasnt large enough to reach us down here enough to affect all communications inside the command bunker. Your orders?”

“I need you to send a mesage to Xith. The Order will State. ‘Establish Contact with the Captain aboard the Spear of Vraks. Send targetting coordinates to the Skycastle, and the Govermental districts. Long Range Orbital Bombardment, Initiate Operation Hell-storm. Phase 3 of our plan is coming together . Eliminate the Resistance. Send our Nixagris Auxilaries to replace the front lines. Any tank not melted by that blast, I want rearmed and remanned for Combat operations. You have no more than six hours.’ Relay these orders to Viper squad as well. I need a Recon team behind the walls. ” he paused a moment to consider an option that he had not thought of these many weeks. He then said “Send in an attachment of Death Riders to eliminate stragglers. Anyone who crawls outside of that floating fortress. I want their heads on spikes. Dismissed. For the Emperor and for Krieg.”

Charred ash flew to the wind, nothing ever salvageable from it. Tanks melted to slag, were salvaged to be repurposed for ammunition, armor, and battlement fortifications. The Nixagris civilians that had joined the Krieg in the first weeks of its arrival, were ordered to man the front line. A Rather grim visaged Commissar watched over them all, his hand always on the bolt-pistol, just waiting, like that of a hawk, to pick off each and every one of them at the first sign of retreat. Chief amongst these, went not by serial number or a birth name, but only one, which, he was called SturmFeurer. A rather deathly individual, who would rather meet the enemy up close with blades in their throats and grenades strapped to his chest, then to waste his time in a long war of attrition. A very rare circumstance for a Krieger such as himself. He was made, to inspire fear and terror, to make the enemy piss themselves in fear if they ever heard the cackling laughter that would resonate in the air over vox-casted cacophonies of hatred and malice. His baleful watch, with his glowing red lenses that stared demonically from the respirator he wore, stared into the very souls of the men and women who volunteered for this. He waited, patiently, for the enemy to come.

-Meanwhile in Loch Trollsbane-

Xith had become hunched over the spent munitions platforms that had carried the missiles to the desired targets, annointing the blessed machines with ungents and oils, blessed in the name of the Omnissiah. Xith meticulouslly pondered his orders as they were recieved via his own aural network, much like that of a highly advanced configuration of data-feeds that, quite literally, almost extended his reality on an information-based level thrice-fold. With a wave of his hand, his augmented brain scanned the orders, halting at the specific part on what he needed to do and send it where. Without hesistation, he finished his prayer on platform 7, before moving swiftly with his retinue of servitors, to descend into the depths of what was once the lochs lake. Upon arrival, he blurted out in a long screech of machine cant, an order, more or less, that the machines willing obeyed. He set out his servitors to adjust the cogitators, the thinking machines of the Imperium, whilst his mechandrites flushed from his robes in their vast droves to the main strategum table. Hololithic images of the battlefield, based upon current Imperial estimations, set forth in a fresco of multi-colored designs to elbaorately give, in almost precise detail, every inch of the field and the precise locations of enemy and friendly positions. He zoomed in on the vid-picts that showed the skycastle floating once more, barely. Xith would begin a long sequence of calculating a ships algorithmic sequences as well as the coordinates to where the skycastles defensive batteries were located, alongside its main reactors. On a secondary objective, he also produced coordinates for the estimated governmental sectors of which were detailed on the emphasis on their destruction.

-Defensive Astroid Belt, shortly after the departure of the Scourge Eagles Chapter-

The Captain of the Spear of Vraks turned his wisened features towards the communications technician of which she had brought on screen the order as well as the issued coordinates. His hooded eyes would stare softly before looking directly ahead through the reinforced glass that made up the bridge. His wrinkled hand came up to his lean features to stroke his white and gray beard.

“You heard the General. Lock targeting matrix’s onto the issued coordinates, keep a distance, be sure we do not break cover. Adjust cogitators to allow for estimated approach on projectiles, be sure the warheads are small enough to not take out civilian locations. Target their governmental districts, be sure I see black craters from here, otherwise you all aren’t fit for service on my ship.” A loud chorus of Aye’s and Yes Sir’s resounded throughout the metallic chamber built within the ship. The fleets ships began to turn sideways, allowing their guns to take aim. Within the bowels of the ship, slaver gangs pushed their workers to load the larger than life shells into their chambers. The defeaning thrum of the plasma cores within the ship shot out energy pulses, large enough to power an entire continent for several hours. The rounds thundered with a cacaphony of death that of which bellowed forth hatred and righteous judgement on thrusters hell-bent on destroying the Skycastle and the entire government sector of Lorewall. These munitions, from an orbital view, were black, looming masses, encased with fortified plasteel and ceramite to send screaming into the heart of the districts. It took only twelve minutes for the rounds to reach the lower atmosphere, by this time, the populace would see what appeared to be astoroids, burning up in the atmosphere. Little stars of light, glistening against the darkened sky of war. if the five munitions were to hit skycastle, it would cease to exist as a pyroclastic cloud of fire would consume the entire land mass, and envelope half of the sky with such concussive force, it would send tremors throughout the land surrounding Lorewall. If the other five mass-reactive rounds would hit the governmental district, the buildings would be consumed in a white light, and a loud cataclysmic boom would send a shockwave, breaking everything glass within a twenty five mile radius.

The Fleet, as soon as the shells were fired, would begin to rotate back to defensive positions, leaving a tight, inter-locked formation, much like a layered shield, behind the asteroid belt. The Captain watched the screen carefully, watching the orbital feed of where the rounds would hit and how far the explosions would decimate Lorewall. It was considered close to the friendly lines, simply for the fact that these munitions were made for the exact purpose of ship to ship, anything else, left holes miles wide and deep in the crust of the planet.

Constantine, only few seconds before the order was given to send a salvo of munitions into the Skycastle and the Government districts of Lorewall, would move to address his command staff. “They have not learned, exactly how far I am willing to go, to give them Salvation. It is my duty, and my honor, to grant them either the Emperors Grace, or His Mercy. This Planet will be the Imperiums, for the sake of all Humanity, Chaos will die here before it sprouts forth its taint. We are dealing with rebels who our initial estimation of their technological advances were under-estimated. We will not make the same mistake twice. Bombard their lines. I want gore sprayed fifty feet high, and if that doesnt work, put them to the torch. Send the Valkyries in, if they do not budge with our cannon-fire, to drop promethium tanks over their lines, then ignite them. If that occurs, I want you to shut down every other interfering transmission, and broadcast their folly.” He turned a moment as one of the screens kept flashing. It was a transmission, sent to him, and to everyone this side of the planet.

“In this time of war and death, you look into my eyes and see, not a man who is afraid, but a man who is prepared. I am prepared to release our people from the clutches of this menace who treads on our land, who treads on our lives, and who is responsible for the deaths of millions of souls. It is in this selfish endeavour that your fight is futile. What do you fight for? Money? God? Power? None of these is as powerful as the reason why I still stand before you. I fight because of Love, because of Hope, because of responsibility. I stand here before you now, truly, unafraid. Why? I stand here without fear because, I remember. I remeber that I am here, not because of the path that lies before me, but because of the path that lays behind me. I remember that for thousands of years, we have fought to preserve alive our people in the face of certain destruction. I remember that for thousands of years, armies have been sent to anihillate us. But after over these thousands of years, I remember that which matters most. WE ARE STILL HERE! We will shake the foundations of your core, from snowy mountain, to desolate valley. This is our message to you…WE ARE NOT AFRAID!”

He stared into the very eyes of the being that showed its face through the comnet. His icy blue hues, rumored to be the very eyes of death itself, took in the image of this particular person. He then stated calmly, almost humored by the bravado. “We now have our secondary objective. Make sure, his head is brought to me.”

“Sir?” Asked one of the adjacent lieutenants.

“This young soul, thinks he can shake the Krieg. Let us show him, what it means to be shaken to death. He says he doesnt fear, but in fact he does. He fears, losing, fears losing everything he holds dear to him. This shows his weakness. We will rend from his fingers everything he holds dear. We will keep him alive long enough to see it burn, and only then, does he have my permission do die.”

The Command staff would move to their respective posts, however Constantine would turn only slightly, his head turning to regard them a moment before he said “One other thing.”

They all stopped in their tracks turning to him again “Yes Sir?” said one.

“Our tech-priests have been picking up Xenos life forms over the surface of this planet ever since we landed. Gather a report and send it.”

“To Whom, Sir?”

“His Holy Inquistion.”

With that they were dismissed. He would move to make way to his quarters. He would begin the long process of removing his armor plating, setting each set upon the armor rack that he had made certain to bring with him. After a while, he would stare at himself in the mirror. Memories flooded his mind, his scars began to have the tug of long pain and suffering he had endured. He would stare long and hard into the glass that had shown him his reflection.His eyes could not stare into his own, choosing to gaze down into the sink. Would move to sit at a chair that had long since been empty, choosing to kick his feet upon the oak finished table, mindlessly toying with a data-slate he held in his hands. His Journal. He would move the stylus to select a voice-recognition sequence, by which he would state his name, allowing it to unlock. As it did so, he moved the stylus to record Audio-to Text, before setting down the data-slate. He would lean back in his chair, placing his hands behind his head, to stare up at the rockrete ceiling.

“Jounral Entry Number 57291-9. It has been two months since landing here on this planet. Seven months since departure from Base. And, seven years without…Incident…” he paused a moment before clearing his throat “In the time I have been here, I have done exactly, as I would have imagined my men doing. I have walked, marched, battled, and lay Siege to the people of this planet. They have proven to me formidible, rivaling almost our own methods. Its, almost disturbing, to see that we are fighting our own ignorant kin…A planet, a long way from Terra..A Planet where, it is as though they are our opposite…As if they cling so needily to their ideals of safety and love and freedom, but yet have no actual experience with what is out there. They are not like that of the Tau, nor as souless as the Necron..But, they are, Human..Genuine Human…Some times I wonder, exactly, how much we have changed since our origins on Terra..Sometimes I wonder, when we will achieve our final Victory to our birthright..I dream of it, I dream of standing on that final battlefield…And facing our last foe…I dream of one day, walking alongside the Emperor…A Human being, worthy of fighting alongside him, where millenia ago I could not..And though sometimes even then, I wonder..I wonder what he would do were it he walked from the Palace..Were he to, lead his armies again…” he paused a moment, he felt a tug at his heart, this, strange emotion. One could call it sadness, others, acceptance, but never desparity “Maybe though.. One Day…One day I will go and be by his side..And when that day comes…Well, I wish the best of my men, and for them to have the glory they justly deserve. And by then, I hope to be graced with the honor, of Leading them once more. From the ashes of my cowardice kin, rose the pheonix…The 901st…A Siege Regiment that shall reclaim its lost glory, with bloodied hands and beaten faces, to triumph over the fallen enemy…With this, I will make one last remark..”

“I pray to Him on Earth, that there will be an end to this war, where their ignorance is no longer there, and that they, will surrender peacefully, so that we may no longer slay our brothers and sisters…And that they, may become children of the Emperor..In both War, and Peace.”

With this, he would make the statement of End Script. The Data-slate clicking to confirm its memory saved the entry into the long line of logs. Constantine, for the faintest moments in his entire life, felt that he was Human, and not just another statistic waiting for the munitoriums charts of troops.


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Re: (RP) CD – When All is Lost.
July 19, 2014 08:28PM

Location : Scene opens – Below the Ruins of the Meeting hall – Lorewall.

Billy led the way down the shaft that was alongside the original nesting site for the baby bebilths to the JACK’s Hanger. This was specially constructed by King Carrendar who was Izu and Sora’s older brother. Few knew much about King. He was the son of Ergo and Lore in the early days long before recording. It was King that had altered the JACKs from the original steam punk workings that was used for the first ever JACK back in the days of Lacardis. The project was abandoned after King had decided to explore the stars, leaving the JACK army to sit idle while the years passed. Little did anyone know, that Billy had discovered the JACK hanger quite by accident and in the years of his youth, he came to learn a great deal about robotics and the JACK’s construction thanks to the many recordings that King had left behind. It was one of Billy’s favorite places in Lisega. One where he could be undisturbed amongst a massive steel spider army that had not been called into use, since the Meeting halls destruction. Now, the time had come for the JACK’s of old to rise once more. To defend Lorewall as it was designed too. The only thing was that many would be operated by Lore’s grandchildren.

Seven had seen the hanger before. When he and Luna were with Conan on their way to find Charlotte who had been on the trek to the Summit. So when he entered the massive hanger, a bright smile appeared on his boyish features. They were just the way he remembered them. Row upon row of gleaming steel. As far as the eye could see. Billy had ran into the hanger door first, and his first port of call was the observation deck and control panels. This overlooked the Hanger and gave a birds eye view of the entire JACK army. There were thousands of them. With only fourteen of Charlotte’s children, Billy knew he would need more pilots. It was a big ask, but he did it anyways. Turning to Seven, he asked.“Contact the spire. Get ALL the children here. I doubt the Spire is going to be able to withstand the Imperials for long, and if they find a hive of demon kind…it won’t be pretty.” Seven knew that Billy was right, and pulled up his sleeve where he was wearing a comms watch. Tapping in a sequence, one of his brothers came up on the screen.

“Seven…what’s happening? There are incoming reports from the Skycastle…it’s about Uncle Izu….and there is also warnings from the Imperials.” You could hear the urgency and fear in his voice, as the chatter of many children was heard in behind him. Seven knew there wasn’t much time. “Lance, inform all the kids that its time to evacuate from the Spire. Follow the monorail tunnel to the Meeting hall, then take the south passage and meet us at the JACK’s hanger. We are going to need everyone for this. All the kids. Bring the Ettercaps with you for protection. Seven out.” Seven took a deep breath as he could hear a cheer coming from his watch. Clearly the kids didn’t want to be left out, or left behind. Billy was already running through codes, as many of the terminals were coming to life. He ran from desk to desk, ripping off the protection sheaths to reveal an array of highly sophisticated technological equipment. As all the systems were becoming active, you could see row after row of lights coming on down in the main hanger. It was truly an amazing sight to behold. Seven came up alongside Billy, while the other children were taking places at each of the terminals, to learn as much as they could about the JACK’s through tutorials. “Close to four hundred kids are going to be here soon. This place is going to become something of a mad house.” Billy couldn’t agree more. “Then we need to select squad leaders and organize them into sections, to take on various parts of Lorewall.” His tone then lowered as he placed a hand on Seven’s shoulder. “You realize that the Imperials are not going to hold back. Many of us could die.” This was something that Seven knew. Fighting in the JACKs was not a game, it was a real war out there. “I’d rather die fighting for something I believed in, than being massacred in that Spire.” The older Carrendar patted his shoulder, and then went back to work on the terminals.

Within the spire there was a roar of noise as the children of Taru and Charlotte began to move on mass to the monorail tunnels. The fabled Spire would fall silent and be left to those that either conquered Lorewall, or liberated it. As the last of the lights faded the statue of Lorelei glowed in a strange hue that one could not describe. Was her presence still being felt within the bowels of the Spire?

Location : Carrendar Island off the Eastern Coast line.

Appearing out of a black haze was the first of the elder Carrendar sons of Izu. Orson being the first to arrive found himself standing in the kitchen of the expansive home. He immediately started to look for Lady Bunton; who had been with the family since their mother died. A long time friend of Izu’s she made her home on the Island so there was always someone to return home too.

“Janice?!” Orson cried out, as he ran through the house. Lady Bunton appeared from the communication room with tears running down her face. She had intercepted the messages that Izu had sent out to his loved ones – his sons. With all that was going on, it was clear the war had taken a turn for the worse. “Orson?!” Her voice was shrill as she heard him racing through the house. Right on cue, this was when Brock materialized – looking frazzled to say the least. Orson almost ran into him. He grabbed his brother by the arm. “Where’s the others?” He must have thought his brothers – Nigel and Billy would be there. At this point, Lady Bunton reached the pair. “Boys…your father…” Both Billy and Orson turned to face Janice, who looked stricken. “What about him? Where is he?” The words she was about to say, would leave each in a state of shock. “Skycastle.” Brock was the first to cry out. “NO!” He had been led to believe that his father was not on it. Racing off to the communications lab, he left Orson behind with a sobbing Lady Bunton. Orson brought her into his arms, and cradled her as she cried.

In the communications lab, Brock ran to one of the terminals and started to type in a code to access all messages and found the symbol for Sky castle. A new one was just being aired and Orson along with Lady Bunton came in behind Brock as it played.

“In this time of war and death, you look into my eyes and see, not a man who is afraid, but a man who is prepared. I am prepared to release our people from the clutches of this menace who treads on our land, who treads on our lives, and who is responsible for the deaths of millions of souls. It is in this selfish endeavour that your fight is futile. What do you fight for? Money? God? Power? None of these is as powerful as the reason why I still stand before you. I fight because of Love, because of Hope, because of responsibility. I stand here before you now, truly, unafraid. Why? I stand here without fear because, I remember. I remember that I am here, not because of the path that lies before me, but because of the path that lays behind me. I remember that for thousands of years, we have fought to preserve alive our people in the face of certain destruction. I remember that for thousands of years, armies have been sent to anihillate us. But after over these thousands of years, I remember that which matters most. WE ARE STILL HERE! We will shake the foundations of your core, from snowy mountain, to desolate valley. This is our message to you…WE ARE NOT AFRAID!”

“DAD!” Orson cried as Lady Bunton brought her hands up to her chest. The last she had heard he had gone down with the Skycastle. “How is that possible? I heard him give a farewell message to you boys. He’s alive?” She was stunned and then let out a laugh like a woman about to lose her mind. There was no mistaking that she had loved Izu for many years, and treated the boys as her own. Though not a bebilith like her charges, she was the next best thing. Brock turned to his brother and Lady Bunton. “Dad’s right, we are still here, and by Mazmezz we are going to fight. We are not going to be afraid. Time to suit up and join this war.” Orson didn’t need to be told twice, he was already getting ready to go pilot Arachnea Two. This left Janice behind with Brock. It was then she noticed the heavy scaring on his face and she looked confused. “Brock, what happened to your face?” She reached out to touch it, only to have him try to brush her hand away.“It’s nothing..please we don’t have time for this.” Janice wouldn’t budge on it. “You can heal, regenerate. These scars look old. Why? Something happen on that planet? What of Pandora?” At the mention of Pandora, Brock took Lady Bunton’s hands in hers. “I made a huge mistake, and this is the price for that. Pandora will be fine. I just hope I get to see her one last time…” You could hear the pain in his voice, as he hated having to leave her behind the way he did. Lady Bunton squeezed his hands tightly with her own. “You will, Son. You have too.” Brock bent forward and kissed the top of Janice’s head, before he himself ran for his own ship – Arachnea One. All the Carrendar children regardless of age and distance were joining the cause. All were to fight for the freedom of their world, to save it from annihilation.

Janice was left behind in the communications lab. She would be the eyes and ears of the Carrendar as the two elder boys prepared their ships for take off. Would this be their last ever mission? As Brock entered Arachnea one, he took out of his pocket a picture of Pandora and brought it to his lips. “I will come home to you, Pan.I promise.” he said softly, before putting on his flight suit. In Arachnea two, Orson was smiling. It had been a long time since he flew the ship created by his father all those years ago. “I’m home, baby. Let’s show Lorewall what you can do.” The intercom buzzed as Lady Bunton’s face appeared. “Good Luck boys….make your father proud. In Nemeaus, we trust.”

Location : Lorewall City streets above the Spire.

A black hooded being pushed off the sewer lid and tossed it across the road before emerging from beneath. The face would be obscured by the cloth but her voice was unmistakable. In the time from when she and Sora had left the Spire to go out in search of the Tarantula promised by the War factory, she would be unaware that her and Charlotte’s children had abandoned the Spire to join the JACKs army with Seven and the others. Not even looking back, Taru sung out. “Come on, Brother. We don’t have time to waste.’ The streets were already deserted, and there was a heavy stench of smoke and ash in the air from the downing of the Skycastle. Raising her head, she could see the Skycastle was once again airborne.“Well I’ll be.” she said, with something of an amused expession. “And here I was thinking that ship was toast. Seems our brother and his crew weren’t about to give up and die.” Once her brother made his way up and out of the sewer tunnel, they would make tracks for the last location of the War factory. “Larry better have that Tarantula ready or we are already the walking dead.”

Location : Skies above the battle field of Lorewall – North

A loud humming sound would be heard followed by the errie noise of gears and pistons before the outline of a massive air ship would come into view over the Imperialist held land of the Lorewall borders. Captain Fairweather’s timing couldn’t have been worse. Coming up and onto the deck, she could see the devastation below, and in the distance, the fires of Lorewall where the city had already come under attack from a ground assault. Glancing up at the sky, she could see the tear. Why to God could no one else see it? Holding onto her feather plumed hat as she righted herself after the ship was jolted by the sonic boom of yet another missle exploding; Amelia checked her row of clocks on the front of the deck. All the clocks showed that this was the point in time that she aimed for. Her only hope was that the Master had not gotten here first. One of her clockwork machinations chimed as it buzzed about her, speaking in a dialect only she could understand. She nodded as another set of droids lowered the rope ladder into no man’s land. “I know what I am doing, crazy as this sounds. I have to find Constantine…before it’s too late.” Giving her droids a send off, with the tip of her hat, she jumped over the side of her ship, as it soon became cloaked with an invisibility shield cover. The last thing she needed was for her TARDIS to become a target. Slowly, she climbed down into Imperial territory.


Re: (RP) CD – When All is Lost.
July 20, 2014 11:51PM

Writers :


KingFalthosHellbore: The battle raged with an unbridled fury. The very earth trembled beneath the guns of the Krieg. Behind miles of razor-wire and mine laden expanses of no-mans land, stood gun-nests that stared out across the fog that rolled across the battle-field. Infantry, armed with either their las-rifles or trench-shotguns, moved almost casually amongst the lines. Hydra flak-cannons scanned the air, seeking targets to shoot down with such fury that it would pepper the sky in darkness. Constantine stood to the open air, the skulled visage of the Krieg General glared almost ominously across his lines. He had made sure to errect rockrete fortifications, almost maze-like in their design, to confuse the enemy and to discourage a land assault, for fear of great casualties that would most certainly give them the advantage. He stared out a moment, before his rasping voice thrummed from the vox-unit in his mask “Its quiet. Almost too quiet. It appears we have the advantage, they have allowed us to dig in and fortify. A mistake, that will cost them dearly. What do our squadrons report?”

The box officer next to him chimed in almost in sync “No movement. Seemingly an evacuation from Lorewall. Civilian’s mostly.”

Constantine raised his head a moment as if in sudden realization, only to be replaced in deep thought “Evacuation. Why…What do they have…They are abandoning their entire city…For what purpose? Is their fear so great they would rather flee? No…No…Something is amiss. I smell treachery…”


The Sturmfeuer would skulk across the ranks of conscripts, like a stalking vulture awaiting for the moment that they decide to retreat or die, to go and do his duties. His crimson colored lenses stared out through the mist, his tattered robes fluttered to the wind, a silent statue, a guardian of war and death. He, alone, executed thirteen conscripts, on charges of cowardice and means to desert ones post. He took the rigged explosives from them, handing the burden equally to the rest.

-Command Center-

Officers scurried about, moving between panel to panel of communication screens, arrays, scans, stratagem feeds, stellar pict-feeds from the fleet, and above all, perimeter defense arrays. A siren began to ring out, blaring red lenses flared angrily as a drone resonated across the rockrete bunker. Many of the officers stopped, staring up at the screen. A lieutenant came into view, his grim scarred features gnarled into a permanent feature of anger and hatred, disgust and revulsion. His voice growled out “On screen.” What came into view was the face of a pilots feed, snapping a shot of what appeared to be a rather primitive craft, floating towards the Kriegers lines.

“Are our cannons in range?”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Any known ordinance carried upon the vessel?”

“No Sir!”

“Life signs?”

“One, Sir!”

“Only one?!” at the mention of this he turned to regard with cold steel eyes towards the officer that spoke to him.

“Yes Sir! One confirmed life form, origin, unknown. The Auspex is unable to detect Human or Xenos.”

“Are you sure? Be damned sure. Because if not, I will sprawl your innards across the command bunker and have the tech-priests make sure you are alive, writhing in pain for one standard terran year. Now, Are you sure?”

“I would stake my life on it in the name and service of the Emperor of Mankind.”

With a grim nod he would speak once more “Alert the General. Tell him he may have a visitor.”

-Topside, near the Bunker-

“This is Constantine.”

“Sir, we have sightings of a primitive vessel, one confirmed life-sign, origin unknown, auspex readings are off the charts. Hydra cannons are on Stand-by. Awaiting your orders, General.”

He stared upward, instinctively moving his hand to adjust his power claws a moment before he said “Brave, or Foolish. We will find out soon enough. Give the being permission to land, on my location.”

“As you command, so shall it be, General.”

“Constantine out.”

His communications officer turned towards him, almost questioningly. He did not even have to look towards him as he answered the unasked question.

“I do not know. However I doubt the enemy is stupid enough to try this petty suicide. They are smarter than that. This, is merely a delegation. The least I can do is hear the words spoken. And maybe then, I will be entertained.”

A communication was sent in the direction of the craft. “Unidentified Craft, you have clearance to land at these coordinates. Be warned, you were dead when you entered our sights. Make the best of your life.”


No mans land – North Lorewall

CharlotteCarrendar: – Captain Amelia’s boots hit the broken earth with a dull thud as she released the rope ladder that she had used to alight from her vessel. The clockwork droids up on the main deck reeled in the ladder and it soon vanished from sight. Adjusting her hat so it sat on a jaunty angle, Amelia surveyed her surrounds. It was far worse than she had imagined. Black earth, tumbling clouds of smoke and ash. The air was ripe with the scent of death. Charred and disfigured bodies littered the ground along with that of many a horse. Tanks that were blazing wrecks and towers that were nothing more than broken and bent shards of metal. Amelia’s face crumpled at what she saw. Was she too late?

It was clear that the war had taken many lives on both sides. Starting to walk northward, her boots would crunch down over the bones of the deceased. Some had been blown beyond recognition, fire having eaten away at their flesh. After walking a few more paces, she spotted a burnt cloth that was still fluttering from the ground. Crouching slightly she tried to pick it up. It was a Neumauen flag, half of it having been burnt. She smoothed the fabric with her hand and then raised it in the air, before letting the wind catch it. As though an unseen hand took it, the remnant simply floated off into the air. A symbol perhaps.

A buzzing sound came from Amelia’s wrist, and she flicked on the comms. “Incoming…”

“Unidentified Craft, you have clearance to land at these coordinates. Be warned, you were dead when you entered our sights. Make the best of your life.”

Amelia’s head was bowed as she heard the communication. The voice was unmistakable. Lifting her chin ever slightly, Amelia responded.

“What is life? What is death? All I know is that time is eternal. I wish only a brief few moments of your time, Constantine.” Yes, she said his name. Her voice had a certain British sound to it. She kept walking as she lowered her arm, and no doubt she believed he could still hear her.

“You think the enemy is on the ground. I hate to say this, but what you are about to face is far greater than anything the Emperor has come up against before. Not Xenos, nor demon. I come with a warning, one I hope you will heed.”

She then stopped in the middle of the field of death. Dressed like that of a Fifteenth century pirate maiden. Tall knee high boots, and a fancy frilly bustier and petticoat, covered by a crushed velvet coat. Curly red hair sat upon her shoulders. She wore twin steam punk styled revolvers, and in her hand…a simple looking metallic screw driver.


KingFalthosHellbore: – As the craft came to land, his eyes had stared hard and long at the primitive vessel that he had allowed to live. His boots crunched beneath the earth, indiscriminately stepping onto the bones of the dead. He halted short. His six foot, broad muscled features were seen beneath the armor he wore, as well as the gothic regalia he wore. What she would find lacking, would be medals, perhaps a laurel to distinguish rank and office, but no commendations, nor medals, awards, nothing. Stripped as if almost bare of anything more than rank. His hands remained at his sides, the metal gauntlets thrummed with power, as if waiting to unleash the power-wreathed talons that remained dormant in their casings. His voice resonated first with a click, signalling that he was to speak.

“You are brave, to come here. Life is in the service to the Emperor, and only in Death, does Duty End. We have seen the enemy, and we remain vigilant. I will hear you out, merely for humor of your brave decision. You clearly have not come to fight me, therefore I have the right to not execute you were you stand.” he turned his head, with a nod, letting his retinue know to withdraw a respective distance. As they withdrew silently, their eyes never leaving the stranger, they vanished into the fog. He turned his head back to regard the woman.

“What, Great enemy, seeks its Death this day? And being as you seem to know quite a lot about what we have faced, then prey tell, What exactly is more fearsome, then the Demonic, or the Xenos that corrupt this soil?”


CharlotteCarrendar: – Watching with eyes the purest shade of green, the man she had traveled across the spanses of time appeared before her, his own boots breaking the very bones of the dead just as she had done. This was no man’s land. It was a place where the leaders of sides could discuss the battle plans, but this was not about the battle for a nation, but rather….for the very universe itself. Of course, Captain Amelia bore no medals, or ribbons of honor. She had not ever taken anything from the worlds she had visited but knowledge. She regarded the oncoming figure of Constantine with a somewhat gentle expression. While he was intimidating, with both size and the ever present hum of his metal gauntlets, Amelia kept her own feeling buried, for this was not about her.

“Be it bravery or sheer stupidity, it is my duty as a time lord to warn the unsuspecting when danger has reached a point that is obviously beyond their level of understanding.” She was not trying to belittle the Commander, but more or less exercise her point of standing in such a precarious position. Listening to the man speak of what possible great enemy could be far greater than the demonic or Xenos, the Captain merely raised her arm and pointed with her finger to a large black halo image in the sky.

“I understand that you have a war to win, Constantine, but what if I were to tell you, the war was lost far before you had even begun.” If he had seen the tear for himself, be that this may have been the first time he took notice, he might take the Captain more seriously.

“I have been to this same planet many hundreds of times, Constantine. This planet or what you are experiencing now, is actually not at all what it seems. The very same planet exists on another plane of existence that is not suffering war…or the threat of invasion. A tear in time, my friend. There is a man…or rather one that seeks to destroy…all of time. That tear…is the beginning of the end of your universe.”

Amelia stared at the Commander, and waited for his reaction. Would he believe her?


KingFalthosHellbore: – He heard her speach. Granted, his stoic expression that lingered behind his mask, unamused and unimpressed would simply stare, as if a machine to the same monotonous task repeated time and time again. He would move to remove his mask, the skulled visage falling from his pale features, as duel-scarred and yet as stoney as they appeared, his features were hardly a grim expression. His blue-ish grey eyes, almost as mirthless as the surface of the planet he hailed from, stared to her. He would begin to walk closer, almost coming within arms reach with her. His voice uttered out in, what a primal, unbridled force would speak as, like that as if the very elements themselves communicated through his voice “Look around you. War, is Everywhere. You speak of separate planes, alternate universes. Madness. However. I am not in a position to not believe ones madness. I have fought, and killed both enemy and kin. Do you know, the debt we all carry from birth? We owe the Emperor a blood debt. You dare come to me, to tell me there is a greater enemy than those that betrayed us millenia ago? You come to my doorstep, proclaiming apocalyptic madness, and expect me to believe it?”

He stared long and hard into her eyes, as if a predator seeking its prey. He then would say “Who are you? And what Enemy do you speak of. What man, is capable of such power and why hasn’t he been destroyed?”


CharlotteCarrendar: – The Captain approached the Commander, with her head held high. She had lived a long time, met with all manners of men, leaders, Gods, or those who proclaimed to be…and had even met the Emperor himself. Amelia listened to the Commander speak at her as though she was being disrespectful, even though she truly wasn’t. When he had asked her the question she knew was coming, she then stopped bare inches from his face.

“I am Captain Amelia Fairweather. I am…a Time lord. I existed long before you, and will so, long after you are gone. Even the Emperor knows my name, as I do yours.” She stared him down, no trace of humor or even emotion on her face. He would see her for exactly what she was; a guardian of time.

“The man I speak of is known simply as the Master. He has been to the other planet that carries this name, and he seeks to bring about its end. Why? Because he is the corrupt. He has no leader, nor does he care for the whims of any people or government. He seeks to watch worlds burn, regardless of who is responsible.”

Pointing up at the tear, which in behind had nothing but a sheer black discolouration, the Captain then looked back at Constantine. “That is what he has been waiting for. The rift has been opened, and it is getting bigger. While you wage war in the Emperor’s name, the Master is waging war on you all!” The last part was said with an almost impassioned plea. Amelia’s face became grim. “I came simply to make you open your eyes, Constantine.”


KingFalthosHellbore: – With her last words he turned on heel and began to walk away. He had heard enough of her prattle to last him a life-time. However, he stopped. Almost as if ordered to a halt. He turned his head slightly back to regard her “You met with the Emperor…” he said, his voice, for a moment, softened. His head bowed slightly, however, not so much as to regard reservation. “Tell me then, Amelia. Do you think, that he could forgive my kin, for their misdeeds, during the Heresy?…Do you think, that were he here, standing with us, to lead us into battle..Do you think, he would smile upon us?” His question was personal, however, He turned more to regard her “We have fought. Endured for thousands of years, by Faith alone. The only thing we seek, is to die in his name. To repay the blood debt we owe, to use our lives in Service to Him Enthroned on Earth. You came here, to open my eyes. Tell me then, Captain..Why do you call upon his Sons?” He would stare at her, as if they were the only to people here on this planet. His stature still stood strong, but rather, he felt humbled, almost touched by the mere thought of this being, this woman, whether her words proven blasphemous or truth, told him of the Emperor.

“We came to liberate this planet. Called upon by the Scourge Eagles to serve in glorious battle, to free this planet from its Demonic taint and to restore balance and order. This, Master you speak of. He is a threat if what you say is true. If a power like this is to be taken down, then through unity it will have to be brought. As much as I loathe this, and as much as my very blood seems to revolt against what my very soul tells me to do, I will stand down and unite against this Master. And I will be ready, with his death in my hands.”


For this piece: 

CharlotteCarrendar: – At first Amelia was dissapointed to see Constatine turn away from her. Had her words all been for naught? But as she was about to just let him walk back to his units, he stopped. Her brow creased as he looked over his shoulder. A second thought perhaps. “You met the Emperor..” Amelia nodded twice, and her face remained unmoved. Was he now beginning to understand that she was far older than she looked. Few are granted audience with someone like the Emperor. Constantine then had a series of question, his curiosity had been heightened now. This was a moment in his life he may well not forget. She listened. Like a child, he opened up to her in the way that was almost endearing. Genuine about what she knew, what she felt the Emperor would feel about his Krieg, his children. In effect that is exactly what they were. They lived their lives to die for him, to fufill the blood oath, and to be of service to see the Emperor’s right to rule live on through the ages.

“You ask me why I call upon you, Constantine. It is simple. You are a son of the Emperor. If there is anyone on this earth that can fight against a true evil than it is you all. While the Xenos would easily be tricked by the Master’s games and offers to appease to their core values; debauchery and corruption, the Krieg would see through such attempts.”

At this point, Amelia approached Constantine in a totally different light. He wanted to know what the Emperor would think, what his reaction would be to the countless battles they had fought in his name.

“It would be wrong of me, to say what the Emperor would think. However, knowing him as I did he would smile upon you. You have lived and died in his name for thousands of years.. The ultimate gift to the Emperor, without question. You honor him. You and your brothers.” She said simply.


KingFalthosHellbore : – Constantine stood for a long period of time in silence, whilst the guns thundered and roared in the background, the dull hum of such power, was only a whisper to his ears. Her words, struck in him a soft point, perhaps the only soft point he ever had known. Though he never saw the Emperor in person, but perhaps in dreams, in thoughts and in prayers, he had longed to fight by his side. To show him, that the 901st had been worthy enough to fight by him, that they, in the end times, would stand with him, and loyally battle the forces of Chaos that sought to consume all known existence. He looked up, and the years seemed to not look so kind upon him. He said, in a voice that was more menacing then when he would shout. He spoke, his voice calm, almost father-like.

“We have Endured. For ten-thousand years, besieged on all sides, from within and outside the Imperium. From Heretics to Xenos, to the Daemons of the Warp. The Imperium of Mankind has endured. From the men I have led, to the lives I have taken. I am reminded of exactly why we fight, and what we fight for…Amelia. My men and I will stand by your side, not for your sake…But for the Emperor. I have faith, that were he here now, He would think of the lives of many, over the selfishness of the few…” he paused a moment, clenching his jaw a few times, almost as if collecting his thoughts. “We will. Take this world. Peacefully, or Forcibly. But we will give it a brighter future, than to fall to the darkness we endured, millenia ago. We will give it a fighting chance, to be a candle light in the darkness, to make way for a future, that the Emperor gave his own life to achieve. We will march to the very end, and achieve the dream the Emperor forsaw. A United Galaxy, Free of the corruption of Chaos and of the Barbaric Xenos.. And I promise, by my hands, and my successors…We will keep, these people safe, from the dangers, Within, And Without…” he would turn his back to her, moving to seal his mask over his face once more, the very same grinning skull visage he wore to battle countless times before. His voice, amplified through the vox-speaker of such a mask, roared into life with his next words.

“Stand down! Reconsolidate within the Command Bunker!” The fog that had surrounded them, came to move way to the massed bodies that all held their las-rifles at the stranger. Hundreds of Kriegers, their very skulled masks glinting in the light with a dull hue that could have only come from fighting as hard as they did. The dark lenses that made for their eyes, peered like that of statues towards the figure, only at the command of the General, did they move to stand down, becoming at ease before shuffling back into the fog of war. Constantine had marched no further, than six feet before he said “If we are to make war with the Emperor’s enemies, You might want to tell our neighbors that they should likewise, understand the importance of this cause. Otherwise, We may very well repay our blood debt earlier than anticipated.”


CharlotteCarrendar:- From a field on which many a dead man lay with the pounding sounds of artillery and rocket fire, there stood two souls. Both had seen and lived many a life though really it was just one. Amelia could understand without a doubt that the Commander spoke with honest truth to what he had endured and seen over the many years, no..the ten thousand years that the Imperium of Man had fought and won. All in the Emperor’s name. The strong held belief that they paid their blood oath on the rise and fall of ever sun. They did so without regret or ounce of thought for self. It was actually quite profound to hear the Commander speak so openly. Had this been a different time a different place.

She watched him with a touch of melancholy as he turned away and replaced what was his own scarred face with that of the grinning skull mask. All trace of humanity vanishing within the blink of an eye. That was the face his foe would see before they took their last breathe. To be haunted till reaching their maker or cast into the void from which they came.

The Captain had achieved a small win for now. The Imperium would fight along side her when it came to the threat of the Master and the rift in time. Now she had a bigger job ahead. Informing those that were bunkered down in the city and foothills of Lorewall. No doubt they would be harder to talk to. She knew that Xenos existed beyond the trenches, and she also knew that they would be reluctant to just lay down arms after all they had lost so far. Tugging at her hat, which had fallen back slightly due to the gusts of wind and debris that swirled in from the north, she heard the parting words of the Commander as he returned to his post.

“If we are to make war with the Emperor’s enemies, You might want to tell our neighbors that they should likewise, understand the importance of this cause. Otherwise, We may very well repay our blood debt earlier than anticipated.” 

“Understood, Constantine. I only hope they are wise in counsel as you have been. In the Emperor’s name.”

She had respect now for him, and for his cause. Hearing the loud whir of her TARDIS as it flew overhead, she reached up and caught the lower rungs of the rope ladder that had been lowered. With a bounce of step she lifted off the ground, and started her climb back up to the massive air ship with large Chinese like sails. On reaching the sides, she swung a leg over and her steam powered droids brought up the rope ladder from below. Taking a deep breath, she put in the order.

“Lorewall… we come.”



Dixie FINALLY gives birth!

Who am I? – By RazukenCarrendar.

I was there when you were in the womb,

I’ll be there when you’re in the tomb.

I’m always there when the moon is not,

yet run away when the sun burns hot.

I fondle you closely when you are asleep,

I’m where you go when you start to weep.

I am your beginning and I am your end,

for to me, your eyesight I will rend.

I move to and for at the cry of the lark,

forever holding my place as the DARK.


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When All is Lost
Part Three
Skycastle Rises from the Ashes
Writers – RazukenCarrendar, CharlotteCarrendar as Lorelei.
Re: (RP) CD – When All is Lost.
June 17, 2014 07:01PM
RazukenCarrendar: (As Razuken Nekuzar, Commander Viet, Navigator Yok, Izu Carrendar, Private Milly, and Azamar Flint)

(The moment the Imperium of Man was upon them)


A soft digital tone sounded in the tight elevator, signaling that he had arrived on the bridge. There was numerous governmental air force officers and naval personnel working holograms, scribbling on papers, talking over comms, and arguing amongst themselves. Razuken had a mission, and that was to get to Silver, the one who summoned him. He stepped out of the elevator onto the grated platform. Because of his heavy ExoSuit, it made a small vibration, and a loud *clank*. This caught the attention of almost everyone in the room. He made careful not to look direcly at anyone in particular, but kept his step light. He simply spoke one word in a digitized bass tone, “Silver”. A nearby officer stepped forward and handed him a note, with crested designs of the governemental seal. Razuken flipped it open to find a short and sweet description, “Izu is in control, but your smarts are needed upstairs. Find Azamar.” The officer spoke low in tone as the SkyCastle Commander and Izu walked by, “Silver was a good friend to us all. You can find Azamar up in the battery banks and weapon’s division of the engineering quarter. Surely he is still messing with his solar cannon designs.” Razuken looked up to find Commander Viet being chewed out massively by a lady on the holo-screen. Surely the Commander was not aware of his arrival, and it seemed that Izu was now the Captain. Looking up, he began to download the internal structure of the SkyCastle into his HUD. Blueprints, x-ray designs, and engineering documents labeled with ‘Confidential’ flooded his eyes. He stood for a second, taking it all in. “This is surely beyond any mechanic work I have ever done…” Every little detail of the SkyCastle was before him. The entire structure was designed by a long-dead group of engineers and scientists. Such a floating structure had numerous fail-safe protocols to insure its safety and the safety of the crew. In the event of a thruster failure.

There were layers of hydraulic shock absorbers littered throughout the structure, and reinforced with springs and bumpers. Of course, if the structure were to fail, there would be intense damage throughout. Razuken simply was in awe of the massive ingenuity that was brought right into his headset. His attention was caught by Commander Viet storming through a door, and clusmily catching his jacket on the door. Razuken walked foward steadily, approaching Izu at the command holo-screen. (Raz) “Captain Izu. Its been a while…” Izu turned in his chair, holding another cup of coffee. When he saw Raz, he nearly spit it out. After swallowing, he looked up and laughed. (Izu) “Ho-ly shit… Raz? S’been a long time, man, for sure. Still driving the Ghost 4?” (Raz) “Naturally.. I modded it here and there at my days at the airway. Still doing stunt shows, ya’know…” Izu and Raz were both of the Ghost Command Air Squadron, and were both in the Alpha class. Izu retained a Division 1 subclass, whereas Raz continued in combat. Since that day in the graduation, Izu and Raz have not spoken much. (Izu) “Well hot stuff, man.. I see you perfected your ExoSuit design.” Just as Raz was going to reply, the holo-screen turned red and an alarm blared. A digital voice rang out clear. “Approaching enemy vessel in orbit”. Izu took another swig of the coffee and then tapped a few buttons on the holo-screen to bring up the report. (Izu) “Looks like one of the probes found something out of the ordinary.. Probe 7 scanned an unidentified spacecraft well out of range, but approaching.. looks like reinforcements. We need to prepare for an air battle. No doubt the Scourge Eagle is going to take air superiority. Computer: Initiate Defense protocol. Battlestations.” The whole room lit up blue, and the holo-screens brought up numerous amounts of data. Izu pointed at Yok. “Get me sector scans in a 2-mile radius. I want realtime updates on our position.” 

(Raz) “I’ll be heading up to the engineering department. I heard that there is some interesting weaponry up there. Toodles.” Izu waved off Raz, and returned to his screen. Raz slipped a small wireless broadcaster onto the control panel. This would allow him to communicate with the computer network if he needed to. Turning smoothly, he walked past the door that Viet stumbled through and back to the elevator. *ding* “Engineering” *ding* He was whisked away to the engineering deck. Hundreds of battery banks all meticulously interconnected was the first thing that Raz saw when he stepped out of the elevator. There was nobody there. Not a peep. Raz walked into the office near the elevator, a nearby wall sconce flickering weakly. When he opened up the unlocked door, the hall flooded with stacks of paper. Aparrently there was no janitors on this floor at all. He sifted his way through some papers on top of the desk until he came across an interesting looking blueprint. This one was not on his list of blueprints that he downloaded. “Interesting looking gun…” Of course, this was Azamar’s Plasma Ejecting Solar Cannon. It was written in a short section of the paper, a description of what the Cannon would operate like.

“The Plasma-Ejecting Solar Cannon, in theory, and when operated correctly will be the equivalent to a mini solar flare, complete with magnetic disturbance, UV radiation, and heat source. Essentially, the weapon fires with the thrust from an isolated magnetic force, initiated by capacitors. Once this magnetic force reaches the diodes at the end of the weapon, a particulate effect is created in the space between the diodes. This is the ‘pre-arc’ phase. Once the magnetic disturbance flows between the diodes, the arc will catch on the ‘magnetic wind’, and essentially travel in a straight beam with a thickness of about 800mm. The beam, with the help of mechanical means, can be manipulated by the direction of the gun. We have incorporated a means to move the gun vertically up and down, but not left and right. This beam was designed to have a magnetic influx equivalent to a large EMP. Of course, this is where we designed our magnetic diffusers, so we would not incur a power loss. It was intended as a planetary defense weapon, reaching from the sea level, to orbit level in less than a second. Due to the level of heat coming off of the diodes, we built large coolers into the diode machinery, and coupled it with an energy-absorbing re-allocation device to absorb residual power for maximum efficiency. Our source of energy would be from solar amplification panels that are scattered across the Castle itself, and along the hex-shield defense system. The charge time for a single shot is a full 8 hours. We were able to boost this from 3 days by coupling the solar chargers with a form of fission that is classified at this time. We con…” The rest was smeared in coffee and pizza sauce. Suddenly from above, near a set of ladders, Raz heard some commotion, and a banging sound. He went to investigate.

The Solar Cannon (In a visual idea)

Way up in the top of the old tower ruins of the castle, since modified with reinforced steel and alloy, was the lone engineer, tinkering with his prototype, the Solar Cannon, or as some have called it.. the ‘Sun Gun’. Azamar Flint had designed a specialized weapon that absorbs the sun’s energy in a magnified way, coupled with a form of fission. Hundreds of battery banks were on a single level of this developed gun, to help supply the power neccessary to fire the beast. Most of the power was charged into concentrated capacitors, with layers upon layers of fine dielectric material. Everything was meticulous. He had been working on it for a long time, designing, building, refining.. but he had a problem. He couldnt get the magnetic diffuser to work correctly. If the weapon were to fire, it would tear the ship apart magnetically and disable everything in the wave of the electro-magnetic pulse. Azamar knew what this gun was capable of. It was roughly half the length of the Castle’s height, and extended at an angle, just within the radius of the hex-shield defense system. It was designed with cooling in mind. Hundreds of mini magneto-pulsar cannons were at the base of the gun, supplying the thrust of the particles that would extrude from the diodes at the end of the gun. Amplifiers and diffusers were along the barrel, to ensure direct and accurate fire. “Curse this confounded thing…” Azamar tinkered with a handheld prototype of the solar cannon. It would fire when hooked up to the nearby battery bank, but make the nearby holograms flicker from its magnetic influence. Small welds and cuts were carved to and fro across the ceilng and walls of the hall. Hours had passed by, and he still could not get it right. He had no idea what was going on in the background. He had accidentally disabled the comms, and was unaware of the whole SkyCastle going into battle mode. He tweaked the magnetic diffuser, with a screwdriver, and then soldered a resistor to it, hoping that the change in frequency would allow him to get the correct voltage in the magnetic diffuser. He fired it again, this time with complete success. The beam put a hole right through the hull of the SkyCastle, the size of a pen. Azamar leapt up and hooted with joy. He had finally done it. Raz walked in at just the right moment. The hex shield was activated with its red panels, but the minature beam cut right through the red energy field. A warning icon appeared on Razuken’s HUD, signalling some sort of disruption in the energy field. A holo-screen appeared and showed the panel that was struck. A bar showed the power returning to the sheild. Izu came over the comms. “What the actual fuck was that? It took out one of our panels. It came from the inside.” Azamar whipped around and had a very concerned look on his face, but then complete shock as he saw Razuken standing there in his ExoSuit, looking foreign and fearsome. “I… I… was j-just working on my gun…” Looking up at the pen-hole in the ceiling, Razuken commed back to Izu. “Its alright Izu.. just one of our engineers making something pretty interesting.” (Izu) “Well stow that. We have incoming in a few hours.” Razuken kneeled down and looked at the weapon that Azamar was holding in his hand. “What is it?”[b/] Azamar’s eyes lit up as he loved to talk about his beloved weapon.

[b]”It’s a miniature version of the solar cannon…” Azamar pointed up at the large base that was the solar cannon, wires running every which way, and hydraulic shock absorbers lining the outside. “It is almost ready, but I have to alter some changes to the magnetic diffusers. I do not have enough time to do it. And… what is that.. is this an ExoSuit?” Azamar tapped on the metal, feeling its weight and vibrative whirring. “Interesting…” Razuken remarked rather frankly, “We do not have the luxury of sharing our affinity for technology. We need to get this gun up and working.. what do you need, Azamar?” Azamar looked around and started to gather his thoughts. Milly busted into the room, rear first, with a tray of coffee and biscuits. (Milly) “Hey Azamar, I do not think Viet will be bothering you anymo..” As she turned around, expecting to see Azamar, she was surprised to see Razuken standing there in his ExoSuit, so different from short Azamar.“Who is the tall guy?” Razuken stepped forward and spoke as level as he could, “My name is Razuken, Ghost Command, Alpha Class. And you are?” Milly was just about to open her mouth when Azamar screamed happily, saying [/b]”I have it! The drones.. the JACKv2 drones.. W-we can retrofit them for repairs, at l-least 6 of them. That way we can r-remotely program them to do the construction for us. That is how we built this s-s-sucker, but we do not have the luxury of the special construction drones s-since we had to drop dead weight before t-t-t-takeoff.” (Raz) “Then lets get started…”[\b] There was a lot to be done to ready the gun. It was charged and ready to fire, but would they be able to make the upgrade in time?


In the Country outside of Lorewall

(Playing as Fortuno Todd)

Fortuno was lost… again. He was good at getting lost. He grew up in Lorewall and had not been too far away from Lorewall ever before. The night skyline was afire with a sea of red embers dancing among thick black smoke. Trees burned in the distance, and the Northern portion of Lorewall was unrecognizable. Fortuno, with a sullen expression, dropped his tote upon the dusty ash ground near the edge of a small cliff, overlooking the city. He was miles away. Things had gone from bad to worse in a matter of a few hours. Planetary invasion was something he soon came to hate. He flopped himself down on the edge, his feet dangling over sharp rocks at the bottom. He sighed sorrowfully, twiddling his fingers and thinking profoundly to himself. “Oh Charlotte… I lost you again… I had hoped that we would stay together in our adventure, but I failed you. I am nothing but a bumbling fool.” He felt sorry for himself. He took out his razor and looked at himself in the reflection, just enough light from the flames far in the distance to show his features. His hair was mussed, and blood was dried and spattered across his face and clothes. He stopped for a moment to think again. This was, in fact, the first time in a very long time that he had feelings of true sorrow. “I did not even get to sing you the song I made for you…” With that, tears streaming down his face, he began to sing the song in the tongue that only few would understand, but Charlotte would especially understand. The bard raised his head slightly to allow for the passage of the words in a clear and sweet voice. The words fell from his lips like petals picked from a fresh red rose. His eyes glowed as the power of another world overtook him. His words were intermingled with a spirit that was beyond this world, to ring out in a paranormal way across the expanse of the planet. Anyone who would be feeling this same sorrow deep in their hearts would hear these words singing in their head.

“Ifpylsoefsu, yjed, xdaak, hoef.
Yjyf ifsa uai, uail zaid qedd kloef.
Xis swy zif zsedd patyz ih os kouderwsz xlyon
Qwedy swy xodofpy ab swy qaldk ez os zsony.
Daan sa swy afyz swos podd uai taswyl.
Qedd uai qospw swyt odd zsols boddefr ifkyl?
Fa, bal uail zslyfrsw ez ef uail xdaak,
Uai qaidk lezy, yjyf qwyf swlaqf sa swy tik
Deby hozzyz oqou deny swy rlyos qefk’z zerw
Uail zaid uai balzony, mizs deny taswyl wok keyk.
Es ez o zok zsalu, swy yfk swos tou paty
Xis bal faq uai zsofk belt, ef swy bopy ab swy zif
Zsofk ofk zsou belt, plu ais ef swy berws,
Deny o lou ab swy zif swos heylpyz swy ferws.
Eb uai wojy jepsalu, ra xopn qwyly uai xydafr,
Sa uai, uail hyahdy qesw swlafr.
Swyly ez fa patbals deny swos ab swy waty,
Tytaleyz ab xyssyl setyz, swyzy jezeafz wojy zwaqf.
Daan efsa swy yuyz ab swy afyz swos uai dajy,
Ofk lytytxyl swy effapyfpy ab swyt, deny o kajy.”


“Uncertainty, evil, blood, pain.
Even unto you, your soul will drain.
But the sun still comes up at daylights break
While the balance of the world is at stake.
Look to the ones that call you mother.
Will you watch them all start falling under?
No, for your strength is in your blood,
You would rise, even when thrown to the mud
Life passes away like the great wind’s sigh
Your soul you forsake, just like mother had died.
It is a sad story, the end that may come
But for now you stand firm, in the face of the sun
Stand and stay firm, cry out in the fight,
Like a ray of the sun that pierces the night.
If you have victory, go back where you belong,
To you, your people will readily throng.
There is no comfort like that of your home,
Memories of better times, these visions have shown.
Look into the eyes of the ones that you love,
And remember the innocence of them, like a dove.”

It came naturally… a magical kind of feeling came over him, amplified by the sheer anxiety and sorrow that he felt. It was heart-wrenching. He doubled over in pain, his head throbbing from the ache of his heart. All he wanted was to be an adventurer.. to help, to make pleasant. That song trailed on the air and hung heavy across the entirety of the planet, reverberating off of every cavern, alley, and tunnel. His eyes turned to their normal, dim color. The tears on his face shimmered off of the distant flames and provoked him to wipe his face clean. He looked around, feeling useless, picking up a handful of dust in his hand. He let it go into the wind, and saw it fly off into the direction of Lorewall. Another feeling welled up within him. Hope. Something was telling him that though the path before everyone in Lisega was one full of death and uncertainty… there was a ray of hope. His eyes glowed again, and this time he stood and shouted whole-heartedly. His voice thundered across the expanse with the power of the unknown spirit.

“Ef Fyitoyiz qy slizs, ofk sa wyl qy woed,
Ail xossdy qalf wyolsz poffas yjyl boed.
Ef swy bopy ab kyosw, qy zsoly xopn qesw rlyos pafzyviyfpy,
Bal qy zwossyl swy jylu baifkoseafz ab swy Zpailry Yordy’z pafbekyfpy.
Daan sa swy sety qwyf swy xossdy ez ajyl,
Wafal swy jodeofs kyok, xilu swyt ‘fyosw swy pdajyl.
Ef swy patbals ab Dalyqodd, qy zwodd lysilf,
Obsyl swy yfytu, ail balpyz qedd zhilf.
Swlairw zallaq ofk sloryku, qy qedd dejy af,
Deny swy tytalu ab swy wylayz, waqyjyl dafr rafy.
Dys iz roswyl sa pydyxlosy, afpy ail yfytu woz dybs,
Ef swy pathofu ab swyzy wylayz, ail zallaq xylybs.”


“In Neumaeus we trust, and to her we hail,
Our battle worn hearts cannot ever fail.
In the face of death, we stare back with great consequence,
For we shatter the very foundations of the Scourge Eagle’s confidence.
Look to the time when the battle is over,
Honor the valiant dead, bury them ‘neath the clover.
In the comfort of Lorewall, we shall return,
After the enemy, our forces will spurn.
Through sorrow and tragedy, we will live on,
Like the memory of the heroes, however long gone.
Let us gather to celebrate, once our enemy has left,
In the company of these heroes, our sorrow bereft.”

Fortuno returned to his normal self, finding a newfound sense of joy and hope. It was different. He was different. He cried out aloud, closing his eyes and embracing the moment, “WE SHALL SURVIVE!” With that he picked up his tote and made for the end of the countryside that would bring him into the courtyard outside of Lorewall, back where he originally came from. “We have not won yet, but I will be damned if we do not have a full-fledged party if we do. Time to cook up a celebratory feast.”

His figure melted into the darkness, the dense forest shading the flickering lights of fire.

RazukenCarrendar: (Playing as Razuken Nekuzar, Izu Carrendar, Navigator Yok Private Milly, and Azamar Flint)

Skycastle- A couple hours after retrofitting the JACKv2’s

Azamar was back to tinkering with the miniature Solar Cannon. “How does it work?” Razuken said, sitting on a cargo box next to Azamar. “The battery bank supplies the capacitor, and then the capacitor boosts the magneto pulsar cannon, making it fire. The resistor just helps harmonize the diffuser so that it works properly.” Razuken leaned back and thought for a moment, then got up and spoke a command, “Initiate ExoSuit exit sequence.” The suit came alive, little pneumatic hisses and warbles were heard here and there. Mechanical disks rotated amongst rods and hydraulics. The suit unsealed itself after depressurizing, and the panels lifted to allow Razuken to step out. Azamar looked on in interest of this new technology that was presented before him. (Azamar) “What does your ExoSuit do?” (Raz) “It is a Multi-role, All Environment Powered Exoskeleton. It is about two meteres high, and comes equipped with a multi-purpose pneumatic claw, a 20 barrel revolving cannon, a power gauntlet and manipulator, mini pulse doppler radar, a passive radar, battleLINK software with realtime battlefield updates, Infrared and thermal sensor arrays, a limited jamming capability, a fire tracking software to track incoming projectiles, onboard AI with learning software, minimum 4 cm NEOsteel plating, which is a special alloy that is meant for ballistic and explosive resistance, reinforced joints, augmented strength, and a fully loaded 48 hour life support system compatible with Nuclear, Bio-chemical, and vaccuum environments. Not to mention that it can fly… kinda like a fighter. Jet propulsion is integrated into the legs and back. That took years to modify…” Azamar was astounded at this expensive-looking piece of equipment. “So… what happens if you break it? What will you do then?” Razuken turned to the side, sporting his Sig Sauer attached to the black belt along his power suit. “I use this baby. Its all I trust nowadays.”

Razuken walked toward Azamar, his headset lifted out of his way so that he could see him well. “Let me see that little thing right quick…” Azamar handed over the cannon almost reluctantly. When Razuken took it into his hands, the sheer weight of it was almost soothing. It felt powerful. He disconnected the mini cannon from the battery bank and picked up a few tools and stuffed them into his pockets. He then dragged a welding machine over to his ExoSuit and started to work. As Raz began the process, Azamar shuffled up while poking his fingers together. “Uhm.. what are you doing?” Raz lifted his visor up from welding the cannon onto the arm of his ExoSuit, “Im fitting it onto the suit… I think I may be able to power this thing with the power pack on my suit. It may take a bit to use though. We will see what happens.” Razuken continued welding the cannon onto the arm of the Suit as Milly walked up with more coffee. “Here, this is my special brew. It is going to be a long night with all the fighting outside. Izu says that they are preparing to land small ships on the surface right now, and that the enemy is mobilizing air superiority.” Azamar took a cup gratefully and shook his head, sighing. “It seems that things have gotten worse, Milly. I.. I never wanted to see this thing used. But in the same token… I felt that it was needed.” “Get yer gut in gear, Azamar. We are at war. Face it. They are coming to kill us.” The truth was that Milly herself was in fear of the unknown, but she could not just watch Azamar sulk like that. “There! It’s done..” Razuken lifted the visor and wiped off his palms proudly. The cannon was wired up directly to the power pack, switchlegged through a part of the onboard computer module. It looked almost as if it were meant to be there.

“Report in, Razuken” Izu’s voice came over the comms. “I want a status report on that prototype.” Razuken flipped down his headset and checked the status of the JACKv2’s. “Looks like units 1, and 3-6 are complete, but unit 2 is still finishing up. The prototype should be fully functional in about an hour or so.” (Izu) “Good. Because we are running out of time. The enemy is moving forward and we are in their sights. Captain is about to be activated. We have the advantage at the moment, at least as long as I do not let Viet on the comms. -laughs- But we will see what happens. Keep your battleLINK on you for updates.” Razuken saluted smartly and chuckled. “You got it, Izu.”

(Moments before the downfall of SkyCastle)

The sky was red. The ground, like ash. A thunder of bombshells, and gunfire hung upon the air and reverberated across sand, snow, and grass. The Imperium of Man had landed. Dozens upon dozens of siege weapons in lines, protected by numerous means. Krieg moving and advancing on the capital of Lorewall. The SkyCastle moved into position by the order of the Command.

(Izu) “I need all available hands to get on the ballistics deck, we need to keep the SAM’s and AA batteries fed. Give me a report on the hex-shield defense network. Yok, what is the status of our thrusters?” (Yok) “Thrusters are at 60% and holding steady, Captain.” Izu tapped on the holo-screen watching the incoming waves of aircraft that threatened the SkyCastle. (Izu) “Keep at it, mates! We are holding up!” One of the enemy aircraft, shot down by a SAM missile veered hard into the SkyCastle, landing into one of the airdocks, causing an explosion and fire. (Izu) “Rescue team, deploy to section 12, Dock 4A. Fire and explosion.” Izu was trying to keep everyone connected and organized. His attention was fully upon the screen before him, showing realtime status of the SkyCastle, and the multiple enemy machines that lined the field. It was on the Western side of Lorwall when they made the advance. (Izu) “Razuken, we need that cannon up and working. We have no way to provide support to our forces on the ground!” Razuken was in his ExoSuit, programming the executable for the cannon fire. Patching it in right to the command screen, Izu saw the option to use the cannon. (Raz) “Just patched her in, Izu. Should be ready to fire. The computer uses the trajectory map and overthrows pilot control for steady fire.” An alarm wailed and a zoomed-in projection came onto the screen. Deathstrike missiles.(Izu) “Scramble all fighters! We have incoming! SAM turrets aquisition Deathstrike missiles priority one!” Razuken lept into action, screaming down the hallway, leaving Azamar and Milly dumbfounded at his speed. Azamar turned to Milly with a chuckle. “Well… lets hang out here and make sure this equipment stays stable.” Razuken was on his way to the dock where his ship was located when he got an update on his HUD, complete with the urgency of Izu’s voice. (Izu) They are preparing for launch! The rails are too low to be attacking us directly. *Gasps* The thrusters!”

(SAM operator) “Captain! We cannot lock onto the missiles! They are too low in range! We CFZZZZZZ~~~” The SkyCastle shook as a nearby aircraft tore apart a row of SAM’s. (Izu) “Raz, the trajectory predictions are indicating that they aim to take out our thrusters.. You have to do something. The fighters may not be able to get to them. They are going down like flies!” (Raz) “I have an idea, Izu… but if I do not make it out alive.. -pauses- Its been a good run, chap..” (Izu) “Raz, you never change do you…? Always doing something crazy.” (Raz) “Some things do change… but some things will never change.. Raz out.” Everyone on the bridge was holding their breath. For those few moments in the elevator, leading to the courtyard, it seemed like peace and quiet. Was this his end? The elevator sounded its soft electronic *ding*, and out stepped Raz into the open courtyard. Some hex shields partially destroyed, flames amidst green grass and majestic ruins proved to be a sobering sight. The HUD lit up as the passive and pulse doppler radar became active. There were 5 aircraft in the vicinity, picking off what defenses were lefts were left. Razuken started to break into a run, his legs whirring and hissing with a hydraulic noise. It was time to get into the zone. (Raz) “Play my battle track, if this be the end, I will make it such an end to suit my death. Juno Reactor, Navras.”

Navras Sound Track

The song began playing in his headset, making his pulse run deep, and course hard through his veins. The bloodwrath was growing within, the arcane powers starting to spark around his ExoSuit. The beast within was growing. (HUD) “Target acquired.” Razuken was at the edge of the SkyCastle, passing through an open shield. He lept into the air, toward a passerby enemy aircraft. *pop! WHIIIIIRRRRRR* So launched his multi-purpose pneumatic claw, a strong cord reaching out and attaching itself to the hull of the enemy aircraft.

Reeling in, and with much to surprise of the pilot, Razuken firmly planted his feet on the hull of the aircraft, like a cowboy riding a mustang, yet needing to be broken. And broke he did, for Razuken aimed his 20 revolver cannon at the cockpit and open fired, point blank killing the pilot, spattering blood all over the glass. It was time to take this pony for a ride. Using his weight, he steered it toward the direction of the incoming Deathstrike missiles, letting it freefall and glide until it grew too slow. He retracted his claw and brought his hands up, closing his eyes and falling backwards off of the aircraft, saying to himself amidst the song. “I live for this.” At that key moment between too long and not long enough, the jet propulsion engaged and he was off at the speed of 320 kph. (HUD) “Target aquired, multiple targets. Predicting trajectory.” The battleLINK forwarded the footage directly to Izu and the bridge. It was nerve-racking. (Raz) “Izu, now would be a good time to release the JACKv2 drones. Get me some cover out here.” Izu tapped the screen before him. (Izu) “All bays cleared for launch. Give the man some help!” Dozens of trained officers ran into a virtual reality bay and buckled in, ready to program the functions into the drones. (Izu) “Priority one. Take out those Deathstrike missiles, and cover Razuken.”The JACKv2 drones launched within moments from the right wing of the SkyCastle, maneuvering up, below, and around to meet Razuken at the end of the thrusters, but it was nearly too late. (Raz) “Take the missiles in the rear, ive got this one. We only have seconds!” He locked on, the song growing into its peaceful state, feeling the calmness flow over him. It was getting too close.

The JACKv2’s were already taking down others in mid-air, but this one was just too close, too fast. Razuken came to land on the side of a platform, several hundred meters away. “Time to use this baby, Charge the solar arm cannon.” All the power that was in the suit was diverted to the cannon on his arm. He immediately fired at the incoming missile… but nothing. “Shit! Not enough power!” With his urgent feelings, he rushed a powerful energy from within his soul into the suit and to the cannon. It finally fired, but too little to late. The missile was already at the main thrusters. The beam hit the missile, causing it to make an immense explosion, just before impacting the thrusters. The shockwave reverberated throughout the SkyCastle, and the thrusters… stopped. It was like the feeling you get when you travel up stairs at night, and your foot falls through the air, expecting that last step at the top of the stairs… The suprise in the darkness. That same gut-wrenching feeling was in everyone’s stomach. Razuken flew up into the air, hitting debris along the way, trying to regain control of his suit.

(Yok) “We lost the thrusters! They arent responding!” Izu, amidst the screaming of officers and crewmen starting to float into the air picked up the comms, hoping that anyone was hearing. His voice was grave, and it was deep. (Izu) “This is Izu Carrendar of the SkyCastle.. we are going down. Boys… if you hear this message, I love you very much. Charlotte, take care of them, please. I’ll say hello to mum for you..” Izu placed the comm on the holo-platform before him and simply sat back in the chair, crossing his legs and popping up another coffee, and sipping away, though it was splashing into the air from the increasing velocity of the fall.

Azamar and Milly were screaming as they floated a few feet into the air, with terror across their faces. The SkyCastle, a mass of floating land, was falling straight into the city. The impact was like a bandaid being ripped off, sudden, and painful. Razuken was clinging onto the courtyard grass with his claw when the land mass connected with the ground below, crushing buildings, and killing thousands upon millions of souls below. Razuken’s heart broke. He could hear their souls screaming out in injustice. The blood was like a nightmare in his eyes, the gallons upon gallons of blood that were simply spilled like a careless child spilling a pitcher of water. The universe was becoming imbalanced, and he felt it deep within his heart. He cried out loud as the impact finally reached him, his tears streaming with the pain of those lost below. Dozens of airdocks imploded, completely destroyed. Hex sheilds started to come apart, and the old ruins crumbled atop the land mass. The hydraulic impact-absorbtion system activated, and supressed the damage to most of the major portions of the SkyCastle. Hundreds of the lower thrusters were lost, but the main thrusters remained, but were damaged because of the missile strike. The railguns were solid in place, but there was no hope for many lost in the docks. Only a few remained. Thousands inside the SkyCastle were either instantly killed, or severely injured.

On the bridge, Izu was waking up covered in a pile of rubble and wires. *coughs violently* (Izu) “Shit…” Izu was pinned in the rubble. Cries rang out through the halls and rooms. Wails of men in their death throes. His left leg was in an immense amount of pain, pinned down by a large chunk of concrete that fell from above. Crewmen ran up to Izu and began to remove the rubble from him, careful to see to his leg. (Crewmen) “Are you alright sir? Let’s take him to the infirmiry, he has a broken leg. What about the others? Leave them.. there is nothing we can do.”

Izu drifted into darkness, passing into deep unconsciousness from the immense pain.

Next segment is played by CharlotteCarrendar as Lore and Izu:

~Dream sequence~

In the light fog that rolled across the wind swept mountain crest, stood a woman. Her robes were like that of gossamer, the very breeze from the sea lifted and filled the fabric to fullness, like the very sails of a majestic ship. Hair the colour of blood, flowed about her face and framed it in a haunting manner. Almost fluid like that of water that swirled and rose like a mist over the rocks below. In this setting, the grown man that was Izu Carrendar would find himself. As his own time was racked by wars brought by Chaos, so to did his Mother once stand to defend against a similar foe. Was she aware of his presence? Did he know that what he was witnessing was but a moment in time, that mirrored his own? A voice spoke from the silouhette that stood upon the cliff edge. In the distance, the fires of war did rage, and with darkened jade coloured eyes, Lorelei would give her son words, that he knew were meant just for him.

“No matter how great or prideful we are, there comes a time when we must make a choice in this life, Son. Grasp onto it tightly with both hands. Stare into death and then laugh, for the folley to even consider that we would surrender under distress is a grave miscalculation on their part.”

Turning slowly, Izu would come to see the burning light that blazed within the eyes and heart of his mother, while the background was a scene of devastation and war.

“As in my time, and in yours, we face a common enemy. Those that seek to destroy all, not in the name of Chaos, but rather they simply want to watch the world burn.”

Slowly she walked towards him, closing the distance between them. She reached out, her hand like that of a ghost – transparent. The way she gestured with her hand, the expression on her face, was one he would remember. Love – absolute.

“I have always been at your side, my Son. Through the years after my death, I walked the planes, and though while I could not speak to you as a physical presence, I did so project my undying love to you and your children.”

Lorelei paused, and then continued. “You have not yet fufilled your purpose, and until that day, your father and I await you with open arms.”

As the scene started to dissolve into that of a swirling mist, her voice would say the words, he would have wished for all his life.

“I’m proud of you.”

~End Dream Sequence~

(Meanwhile upstairs on the engineering deck)

Azamar and Milly, to be surprised, were just fine. The paper and junk that littered the floor broke the fall from both. (Milly) “Azamar…” (Azamar) “Milly? You are ok?” (M) “No… I… *gasp* I am NOT ok.” (A) “What is it Milly? Where are you? Its so dark..” (M) *gasps* “Gerroff-a-me you big oaf!” (A) “Sorry! I didn’t know I was on top of you!” Azamar removed himself from on top of Milly, and took her hand to drag her to her feet. After they both dusted off, the lights started to flicker back on. Azamar looked around, and saw the cannon and battery banks. “Wow, Milly, Look! The Cannon is still undamaged! The battery banks are ok too!” (M) “Report that to the Captain!” (A) “I cant.. the comms are down. Hmm…” Azamar went to a nearby panel and accessed the mainframe for the JACKv2 drones that were used to construct part of the cannon. He programmed a detail to repair the comnet and get a status on sheild repair and thrusters. Azamar turned to Milly. “We will find out what the damage is when we get the report here in a few minutes.”

Outside, the JACKv2 attack drones were still in defense mode, constantly roaming around the SkyCastle and covering the repair drones. To anyone on the outside, it would have seemed like this was the end of the SkyCastle. Yet, this was not the case. The SkyCastle was down, but certainly not out. Razuken stood up, his feelings still reverberating around him in the form of an arcane spark. The demon inside was growing, and he had to control it. His angelic side had to balance out. Everything that had happened up to this point was leading him to a path of destruction. It was time to shift gears. “So many lives.. simply snuffed out… so many potential lives.. all the happy memories… all of the future potential… gone. Children, Women, Men, animals, plants, insects, all destroyed in a mere few seconds. All that life… all this death…”Razuken felt that his power reserve was diminished from the single use of the cannon. “I need to recharge.. Computer. Do a scan of the hull and give me status of living crewmembers, starting with Izu.” The HUD brought up a hull update. It was worse than he had thought. Then Izu Carrendar’s file came up. (HUD) “Izu Carrendar currently in the infirmary with a broken bone, and hemorrhaging in his abdomen, currently comatose and in critical condition. Admitted 4 minutes ago.” (Raz) “Oh no.. Izu..” Razuken ran to the elevator that he used to get onto the deck, which was now covered in debris and rubble from the surrounding ruins. The elevator was partially crushed and inoperable. He scanned it for a second and then placed his hands on the doorway. Using his augmented strength, he quickly ripped them apart and jumped down the elevator shaft. He harpooned his claw to the side of the wall and reeled himself down to the infirmary level.

(On the infirmary level)

Nurses and a single doctor surrounded Izu, unaware of his comatose state being influenced by a visit from the other side of the planes of existance. There was no method they could use to fix his condition. Most of the medical equipment had been destroyed. Screams of surprise rang out in the hallway as the elevator doors ripped off, and made way to the figure of Razuken. A strong presence was felt here. Razuken felt that Izu was nearby, and went to him, stopping just before his room and un-suiting. He moved quickly to his side, pushing away the doctors and nurses. Razuken looked at them with sharp, red eyes, his face showing veins of black. In a two-tone bass voice he spoke urgently, “Leave him to me. Go.”Without a word, the Doctors and nurses made scarce. Razuken needed to empty his arcane magic upon Izu, in effect to heal him. It was a mutual balance. But the presence grew stronger. Izu’s head moved from side to side, as if he were having a nightmare. Razuken hovered his hands over Izu’s body, feeling the blood flooding in his abdomen, and the broken bones in his leg. Chanting in the demonic tongue, Razuken let the magic flow from his fingertips, small tendrils of red and black, mixed with a touch of white moved to and fro across Izu, and seemed to absorb into him. The bones and flesh cracked and moved as they formed back together. The blood in his abdomen scattering into other parts to be recycled made way for a healing of the wound. Yet he was still comatose. Razuken felt the presence very strongly now, the room beginning to warp around him, his vision becoming strained. His power was now balancing, but there was something else there. He closed his eyes, and there, for a flash, the face of a woman, hair of blood, and eyes of jade, dressed in the linen of pure white. At this point, the presence disappeared from him and Izu came to.

Izu awoke, slowly coming out of a dense fog and blurry vision. He looked up and saw a figure. Without thinking he spoke,“Mom?” When his vision cleared up, he only saw his friend Razuken, standing aside. “What did I just say? Wait.. my leg.. its better…” Izu looked at Razuken, who was still panting. “You are not too far from our kind, are you?” Razuken smiled and scoffed. “Now who would want to be a bloody spider? I am demon-kind and angel-kind… But enough of this… You need to take a look at this..” Razuken handed over the headset to Izu. What he would see is the SkyCastle from an outside view, crushing part of the city of Lorewall. Izu’s face grew to that of anger, and disgust. “I won’t let them defile this land… I will show them what fear is…” Izu looked up with a clenched fist. “I will bring honor to our name… Mom..”

(Hours later)

(Yok) “Captain… the thrusters are back online, but we can only utilize 40%. We will be flying low. The JACKv2 drones were undetectable during the repair. The Solar Cannon is at 100% charge.” (Izu)”Good. Azamar, is the status of the Solar Cannon 100%?” (Az) “100% and fully calibrated, sir.” Izu was sitting in the Commanding chair once again, the SkyCastle at his fingertips. Razuken had charged his suit, and the bodies of the fallen were honorably placed in the morgue. It was time to make a comeback. (Izu) “Yok, ready the comms after our next attack. Wide broadcast. Amplify it through our filters and have our largest dish focused on the ships in space. I want everyone to hear this.. Alright everyone.. battlestations.. For Neumaeus… For Lorewall…” The ship lit up blue where there was not broken pieces, and the hex shield came to life again. The thrusters fired up slowly and were giving the SkyCastle a massive heave to regain being level. (Yok) “Captain, we are floating. Turning the ship toward the front lines of the enemy.” Izu entered in the trajectory of the cannon fire, swiping his hand left and right, marking targets. Tanks, Cannons, seige weapons, infantry. Everything was there, and Izu wanted it all. A growl emanated from deep within his gut as he shouted in a lusty battlecry,“FIRE!” The angle was correct, the gun positioned low. The computers adjusted the trajectory, and the thrusters responded. Razuken stood behind the command monitor, his arms crossed, waiting to see the sheer beautiful precision of death itself. A sound of a train passing by is what it sounded like, coupled with an approaching storm. The thrusters began turning as the diodes reached arc capacity. The magneto-cannons launched. In this very moment, every living thing outside would hear the charge, sounding like a buzzing electical sweep, echoing in a hallway, eerie and fear-inducing. It was followed with exactly two seconds of complete silence. Not a single sound could be heard.

Then, just as quickly, a constant flash, like looking directly into the sun, followed by the warped sound of a behemoth thunderclap, constantly rolling. For 45 seconds, the beam streaked across the lines, from a distance of several kilometers. It moved from one side to the other. It was in hopes of destroying most of the ground forces that threatened. To buy time. To demoralize. The EMP resulting from the beam would effectively fry any electronic equipment within a waning diameter from the center of the beam.

Izu let it sink in. No doubt the enemy was watching all this unfold. He tapped a button on the side of his headset and linked him to the comms, then activated the camera with a gentle touch. He had the look of anger and madness in his eyes and face, smiling hellishly. (Izu over the comnet) “In this time of war and death, you look into my eyes and see, not a man who is afraid, but a man who is prepared. I am prepared to release our people from the clutches of this menace who treads on our land, who treads on our lives, and who is responsible for the deaths of millions of souls. It is in this selfish endeavour that your fight is futile. What do you fight for? Money? God? Power? None of these is as powerful as the reason why I still stand before you. I fight because of Love, because of Hope, because of responsibility. I stand here before you now, truly, unafraid. Why? I stand here without fear because, I remember. I remeber that I am here, not because of the path that lies before me, but because of the path that lays behind me. I remember that for thousands of years, we have fought to preserve alive our people in the face of certain destruction. I remember that for thousands of years, armies have been sent to anihillate us. But after over these thousands of years, I remember that which matters most. WE ARE STILL HERE! We will shake the foundations of your core, from snowy mountain, to desolate valley. This is our message to you…” Izu’s voice lept down an octave to a deep roar, “WE ARE NOT AFRIAD!”Cheering sounded in the background, millions of forces felt revived and motivated, to keep fighting until the end without fail.

Pictures of the Ghost 4, Raz’s spaceship



When All is Lost

An Ice Storm

Part Two



CharlotteCarrendar:- “Understood, Captain.” Charlotte answered before turning to see the many expectant faces of her many children. The two that had spent the last eight months with her on both the Trek and the visit to Arren were worldly in their knowledge of the nation, as well as dealing with those that were not of their own kind. The rest of the children had spent much of their time in either the Spire or beneath the main meeting hall being protected by the Ettercaps. Charlotte had barely had time to reunite with her enormous brood, but she knew that with the present dangers facing the city, that it was foolish to bring them all out into the open – regardless of their powers. Even Seven and Luna had yet to transform into full bebilith, and Charlotte didn’t feel they were ready to do that. With Charlotte delegated to the retrieval and dissemination of Doctor Galventstein’s technology, she knew she was going to have to place the retrieval of the JACK’s to one of her children. She walked up to her son, Seven – a bright boy of fourteen years, with his wild mohawk hair style and cheeky attitude. He had grown up a lot on the last few adventures, but this was no game they were playing. Millions of lives hung in the balance. She raised her hand to cup his cheek. Her eyes showed that she was in fact proud of him, and knew he could lead many of his brothers and sisters to do what must be done.

“Son, I am taking Luna with me to find the laboratory of Doctor Galvenstien. It means we will have to breach the surface, and by the sounds of things, the world above us is taking a hammering. What I want you to do is round up ten to fourteen of your siblings, and taken them back through the monorail line to the old Meeting hall ruins. There, you should be able to find the access to the JACK hanger below the monorail.”

Seven stared up at his mother, whom he had often regarded as being something as irresponsible when it came to the needs of her children. Now he was starting to understand her in a better light. She herself had to save a world at the age of fifteen and without the care and direction of her Mother. He was thankful that he at least had her, for the time that he did. He ran to embrace her – something he was not normally known to do, and he held onto her for a good three or so minutes, before letting go.

“I think we need cousin Billy on this, Mum.” Seven was right. Billy, who was Izu’s youngest son was well known in the family for his work with robotics over on the Island, as well as having a close association with the JACK’s creator. Uncle King. “I will send a distress signal to the space station, that is the fastest way.” Charlotte ruffled her son’s hair, as he set to go get on comms with Tyson, who happened to be Izu’s son stationed on the Space station. Whilst Seven was doing this, Luna came up to her Mother. The lilac haired twin of Seven looked apprehensive about going topside. “Mum, I’m scared.” She had ever right to be, since the sounds coming through the roof of the Spire showed that the battle had well and truly hit the city, or at least that was how it sounded. Charlotte brought her daughter close, and said. “We can’t sit here and do nothing. They are our people out there with little to no defence. Getting those suits is really important, as well as whatever weapons the Doctor made before going back to his world.” Luna tried to look supportive, but she simply had a bad feeling about the mission. In a way, she felt that Seven had the easier job, since he was travelling underground.

In another part of the Spire, Seven was at a large control panel, that was the communications network to the planet. Already he could see that Nixagris was offline, blocked somehow by the Imperials. As he scanned the many screens, the true horror of what had befallen the planet was now becoming evident. This was the first time that Seven had seen the sheer magnitude of the devastation, and he could feel a lump rising up in his throat. He was after all still only a boy of fourteen, and to see this…was a huge wake up call. Darson, one of his brothers who had been spire bound for most of his life came up behind his brother and sighed. “I come in here most nights, and every time I turn on the monitors…this is what I see.” he looked to his brother Seven and asked. “Why are the human’s doing this?” Seven’s eyes remained fixed on the screen. “I don’t think its just humans that caused this. I think everyone had a hand in it.” Darson agreed. “Can you patch through to the space station?’ Darson asked. Seven was way ahead of him, as the symbol for the Carrendar appeared on one of the left hand screens. Seven punched in a code, then sat down in one of the large module chairs.“This is Seven Carrendar from the Spire, trying to reach Arachna 5.” In orbit around Lisega, Tyson was manning Arachna 5 as his other brothers were all on missions in different worlds. Brock was on Earth along with Izu and Orson. The only three remaining was Tyson, Nigel and Billy.

“Yo, Seven. How you doing dude? I got that you are at the Spire. Man, you should see the view I got from here. The Imperials look to have downed the Skycastle. Kinda glad Dad wasn’t on it.” This confirmation about Skycastle brought sighs and gasps from the children that were all in the communications room watching on. Seven looked up at the screen of his cousin, who was a handsome looking lad of about 20 years old. “What do you need, kid?” Tyson asked, his eyes darting to the different screens at his disposal. Seven responded immediately. “Billy, we need him in Lorewall. He is one of the leading operators of the JACK’s and Captain has ordered they be brought into the urban fight.” Tyson grinned at hearing they needed Billy. A gamer by nature, he was a master of all sorts of combat games, but never ever did it for real.“You need Billy. Well Shit, that’s a first. Let me put the call through and have him meet you guys at the JACK’s Hanger. Hehe. Bought time that kid showed ya’ll what he was made of.” He started on putting the call through to Billy, who was left behind on the Island with his brother Nigel.

Billy was working on a rocket project of his, when the beacon came on from Arachnea five. Tyson’s face showed up on the huge monitor in the lab. “Billy!…. Charlotte’s kids need you in Lorewall. Better suit up bro. They are in the middle of a war, and it ain’t looking like they are winning.” Billy’s face looked to be one of shock. “But they have Skycastle. The Sun gun…that thing can melt a space cruiser like it’s butter!” Tyson nodded, knowing full well the capabilities of the Sky castle. “Yeah, well its been downed. Not sure on the stats report, but if you ask me, its in no shape to be used for defence. This war is turning into an Urban warfare squirmish. Seven and his siblings need you on the JACKS.” Slowly Billy rose from his chair, and placed his hand across his chest. “In Nemaues, we trust.” It was the words said by his father Izu in times of war. “I’ll go get Nigel, and tell Seven we will be there in an hour.” Billy left the lab, and Tyson switched back over to the kids in the Spire. [b”Billy and Nigel are on their way. I suggest you guys start making a trek for the Meeting hall ruins, they will meet you there. Arachnea five out.”[/b] The screen switched back to the Carrendar symbol, as the kids all started to make a run for the monorail tunnels.

KingFalthosHellbore: – Treads crushed broken and torn bodies beneath several tonnes of ceramite and plas-steel. They had reached the walls of Lorewall, the marvelous citadel-like walls, crumbled beneath the heavy payloads of the Baneblades, Leman Russ Tanks, and the various heavy munitions used in the Basilisk Cannons. The very earth, trembled at the onslaught. it was only when now, that an order had been sent to withdraw. The Tanks veering back towards the ten mile trenches, located not thirty miles from the very walls that crumbled beneath the hammer stroke of the Emperors Finest. The kriegers, in all of their own bodies, after being stripped of supplies, food, clothes, armor, weapons, and likewise the soldiers of Lorewall, stripped of their uniforms, weapons and clothing, until the field lay witness to nothing more than the bare, burning bodies of the dead. The Kriegers had made sure to be absolutely thorough in maintaining a war of attrition, sending this spectacle as a sign that, they were not to be trifled with.
It had been four hours since the ending of the Siege. Constantines armor scored a few scorch-marks and deep gouged grooves that littered his breastplate, some still radiated heat and glowed from where rounds had tried to strike at the very flesh beneath the armor. He had it removed to be taken to be repaired. He then moved to sit down at the conference table, where assembled there, the command staff had met, only Xith had not been present, as he was attending matters in the Loch. Constantine rubbed his scruffy features a moment, pondering his next move and advances. This had only been a test, a brutal test and a jab at the morale of the very people of Lorewall. He sought to instill fear, to instill doubt, to cause a mass panic and watch the very city tear itself inside out. He wondered if it was working, the mere thought of the cowarding masses, pissing themselves as the very guns of the guard came hammering down the very private, safe portions of their lives they so foolishly thought to be safe from anything. He stood up, fixating his helmet and his regimental unifrom. His silvery breastplate, a replacement from the battleplate he wore, would be strapped to him beneath the long stormcoat he wore. He would say “We need to broadcast the aftermath. We need to show those fools exactly what we do. We must make them fear us. Fear to face us. Fear must spread like the promethium fires we will set to their city, as a testament to the very lives they lead. We must show them the true error of their ways.” A comms officer piped up “Which one sir?”

With very grim look he turned and said “The Error was Following Chaos. Their sins, will know retribution.”

A broadcast was made, the power amplified that, if any other station intervened, it would fry circutry in all televisions, computer networks, and any cellular devices. First, there was blackness, then upon the screen, showed the grinning skulled visage, of the General Himself. The monotone, metallic drone of his speaker-grille would utter the last speech he would give to the enemy.

” Your Troops fought bravely. And much like they lived, they died shamefully. Wasted. They burned and screamed, scratching at the ground for salvation from the promethium fuel that consumed their bodies. Look, at what their sacrifice granted them.” At that moment, there was a livestream video, of the entirety of the battlefield, the naked bodies, without any form of clothes, weapons, or anything to distinguish them apart, burned. Naked, like a babe recently born, now they lay in their death beds, already atop their funeral pyres, of which the flames licked and roiled for miles and miles. This footage was shown for approximately one minute before it flickered over back to the same skulled visage that plagued so many an enemy before.

“This, is the price of Chaos. They were granted the Emperors Peace. This is the Fate of all who worship Chaos. We will Cleanse this land. We will Purge the Unclean. Pray to whatever flase gods you worship, for I assure you, we will send you screaming to them in the void. Join the Emperor, or Die. We will be waiting for an answer, Soon Enough.” With this, the broadcast ended. Constantine would emerge from the broadcast room, awaiting him were the command staff, his personal retinue, and the subordinates of the staff. He turned towards the staff, his look cold, calculating, and with the stare of a man who was ready to set the very heavens aflame. “Dig In. Dig Deep. Lay traps. There are those who wish to kill all of us. Let us make sure they never get the chance. Make sure the trenches are secure. I want full status updates every thirty minutes. I want live bio-feed of every troop walking those trenchworks. I want my gun-emplacements operational.” he paused a moment, a thought had occured to him. “I want the conscripts on the front. Keep the Nixagrisian Auxillary at the front. Keep watch of them. We are assaulting their relatives, one could only imagine the feeling of betrayal. Maybe enough for them to turn traitor. Be sure they set an example, if necessary.” With that, the Command staff dispersed, seeking to continue their duties amongst the panels, comm-channels, as well as studying the battlefield, outlining the camp emplacements for their forward base of operations.
Constantine pondered a moment, what it was like, for just the briefest moments, to be in their shows. He sought to understand his enemies next moves. Perhaps even the rumors were true, that this so called, Captain, had withdrawn to surprise them. He would never get that chance he thought. He withdrew his men back to their lines, and within the next few hours, would rain more fire down from the heavens. He folded his hands across his back, moving up towards one of the monitor screens that survied the area. He stared intently, as if searching for something. A thought had occured, one that would send him into a state of disbelief. A warning rune had been displayed, flashing its angry glowing red hues. Just as it had showed up, so to did a chart that showed energy fluxuations within the Warp and Reality, usually an instrument used to detect interstellar ships entering or exiting realspace. He could barely register what it ment, without missing a beat however, he turned towards his comms officer “Get me Xith. Now.”

<E Pt. 1>

CharlotteCarrendar: As the small group of boys and girls lead by Seven go off down the monorail tunnel towards the JACK’s hanger. Charlotte is left with Luna, whilst many of the other children are begging to come too. Knowing the dangers topside, Charlotte has to insist that she can only take one with her. The risks were simply too great. This brings a large chorus of sad voices, to which Charlotte tries to pacify them in saying that they would all be together one day soon. But for now, she had a job to do. Taking Luna’s hand, she leads her daughter out of the Cathedral of fiends, and towards the outer sanctum of the Spire. Luna, naturally is nervous. “Is it easy to get into the laboratory?” Luna inquires, as Charlotte is getting her barings under ground. “It shouldn’t be too hard, just depends on the defenses he left in place. I just hope it hasn’t been hit.” This truly was a growing concern, with the noise above becoming deafening. Charlotte closed her eyes and let her mind go to that of Doctor Galvenstien’s lab, and then she squeezed her daughter’s hand.“Here we go.” she uttered as the two beblith shimmered out of site from the Spire and to the world above in Lorewall. The two would appear right in front of the Laboratory, but not before they came to witness the magnitude of what had become of the city. Towering clouds of smoke and ash were block out much of the sun, and the clouds were in fact toxic. Car alarms, ambulance and police sirens, along with fire and rescue teams sirens were blaring across the expansive city. Charlotte’s eye were rimmed with tears, feeling her heart ache from the sight of the devastation. “Are we too late?” She uttered feeling so helpless as it was like watching Lacardis all over again. Luna squeezed her Mother’s hand. “Mommy, we have to get the suits. This area looks okay…for now.” Luna seemed to be more determined now that they get the suits and do what they were suppose
d to do. “Captain is counting on us.” Luna was right, and Charlotte squeezed her daughter’s hand. “You’re right, come on.”

They mounted the steps that lead up to the warehouse like storage facility and workshop of the good Doctor. By the look of all the mail and newspapers on the door step, the Doctor must have returned to his world on matters that were of great urgency. Charlotte kicked the mail out of the way and then looked up at the door, that had a DNA imprinter locking mechanism. Luna looked at it and wondered how to open the door. “How does that work?” she asked. Charlotte took off her glove and then pressed her hand up to the strange imprint device. There was a strange green light that ran up and over her palm before the text printed that she was Charlotte Carrendar and access was granted. Letting out a sigh of relief, she pushed the door open and took her daughter, Luna inside.

The lab and the store rooms looked deserted and at first Charlotte was afraid the place had been cleaned out. She remembered having been to visit the Doctor, two years before, and now, the place seemed in ruin. Luna stepped over piles of rubbish on the floor, and she questioned her Mother. “Are you sure this is it?” Charlotte was starting to wonder that herself, until she stepped on a pressure point on the floor, and a holographic image of Doctor Galvenstien appeared.“It is good to see you again, Ms Carrendar.” The Doctor was smiling and looking directly at Charlotte’s form. “Forgive me for not being here to show you the finished products and suits myself, but alas, duty called in another world, so I did the best next thing, and left you …well. me.” The Hologram chuckled, while Luna and Charlotte glanced at one another.“If you are wondering why the lab looks the way it does, I did this on purpose, so to dissuade looters and or the enemy. Clever, huh?” The Doctor let out another laugh before turning and then you could see panels starting to activate, as hidden panels started to open up in the very walls, and expose the real jewel to the Doctor’s work. “Yes, I managed to complete over five hundred suits. Not bad, I must say given my limited resources, and…-cough- funding. But enough with politics. Each suit is crafted to mold explicitly to the wearer, regardless of size. A clever little addition I put in there. Now, before you go putting them on, I must explain one thing. These are bio suits. The highest tech that your world has ever seen. Each suit is linked to a network and over on the bench is the main controller. Guard it with your life.”

The Doctor then activated another panel and this opened a room with walls covered in the specialist weapon, the AR-2. As Charlotte walked into the room and picked one up off the rack, she looked at the Doctor and asked. “Have these been tested?’ The Doctor chuckled, “Oh, have they ever. Rather proud of those I might add. If the enemy are wearing power suits, these beauties are going to give them a real jolt. Hehe.” He seemed to find the whole thing humorous. Sadly, with the war raging outside, Charlotte didn’t feel like laughing, or joking.

“The Captain wants them all, for the cause. I need to take them. Do you have…”

“There is a massive truck in the basement, and equipment to get all this on board. Special trolleys that make lifting all this effortless. So long as you have worked out where you are taking them too.”{/b] Charlotte had a fair idea and smiled at the Doctor. [b]”Thank you…for everything.” The hologram smiled at her as the transmission was about to end.

“As in the old world, as in the new….In Nemaues you trust.”

The Hologram faded out and left the two Carrendars standing there. “What are we waiting for. Let’s get this stuff loaded!” Luna squealed with enthusiasm, as Charlotte and her daughter got to work.

In the air over the sea between the mainland and Carrendar island, Nigel and Billy are flying in Arachnea four. This large plane was equipped to take extra equipment in a large detachable cargo hold, as well as be able to do rescues. You could describe it a flying truck. In the cock pit, both brothers are suited up in Nemauen uniforms, emblazoned with the Carrendar symbol of the spider. Billy was nervous, which was understandable. “I don’t think I have flown into a war zone before…unless you count that game I played last night.” Nigel glanced at his younger brother, knowing of his apprehension. “First time for everything, bro. Let’s just hope the kids made it there safely. The city is coming up on the scanners, and it’s not looking pretty. Lorewall was a vast city. Three times the size of New York, and with as many people inhabiting it. On the radars Nigel could see that Sky Castle had fallen. [b]”Never thought I would see the day that something could take that vessel down. Dad’s going to be pissed.” It was a shame too. Izu had been made Commander for a short time, but there was a new one in charge of it, and to those that were in it as it fell Nigel could only imagine the casualties. The ship continued to spirit on toward the capital, with time now being of the essence. “Billy, jam missile locks should any of the Imperials try to shoot us down out to the sky. Billy was on it immediately. “Rodger that.”They were at least another ten minutes away.

Icetea – He head heard the news of his king and long time freind’s struggle, Ice had gone missing along with it thier home turned to chaos once more. The tavern closed for the night he knew time had come for him to fix the balance of the realm, Ice needed his help and having Ice owe you a favour was indeed a rare treat one he was most certainly going to collecet on when the time was right. It wasn’t hard for him to locate the missing king, with his contacts and who he was it was quite easy really ” Ya tink we should go get the poor lad, aye boys?” he spoke in his thick irish accent as he was addressing his two Hell hounds who laid on the floor tired from a hard day’s play. With a smirk on his lips he clicked his index finger with his thumb, a puff of smoke covered him as his atire changed back to his usual. Hand stitched suit, pure black as the night sky with a pair of dress shoes to follow, a long sleeved red dress shirt underneath as he sported a thin black tie, as usual he had his trademark black ivory walking cane. Striking the cane onto the floor with a rather loud thud in front of him, both palms came to rest on top of the cane’s silver headpiece. ” Right now ye bastard were ya be hidin’ “ His red hues pulsed a glow throughout the room, as he located which realm and Ice’s location, there was no mistake of the power given off this person, it had to be ice. with a two finger salute to his pet hounds, his cane raised up and came to rest under his right armpit. Disappearing in a flash, it was only moments before he appeared in a open field surrounded by tall grass.

CharlotteCarrendar: – In the monorail tunnels beneath the city, Seven and his team of fourteen brothers and sisters, were racing along the tracks to make it to the old Meeting hall ruins. This was where the children were originally brought up, so the kids knew it like the back of their hands. Few though ventured into the JACK’s hanger since that was considered off limits to children. With Billy on the way however, (who had the access codes), they would be able to unite and get the army into the thick of the battle. Darson, Blaze and Trix were running up the front with Seven, all excited to be able to take a part in the war. Having been cooped up in the Spire for so long, the chance for adventure, as they saw it was a welcome escape. Little did they know just what was in store for them. “How far is it, Seven?” Trix said, huffing as she ran along, trying not to trip on the tracks. Seven, who was using his night vision senses to see, scanned further up the track. “We should make the side gate in about five minutes. Just keep up the pace. Come on.” The kids all raised their voices in unison as they hurried to get down further into the tunnel, till finally a red shining light could be seen in the distance.

“There it is.” Seven chortled, his smile widening. “I remember this!” It had been a long time since the kids had been there, but once they approached, it became terribly familiar. The Ettercap guards, who were lumbering giants, were struggling to keep up with the energetic group of teens. They grunted in protest and their large bellied bodies made running for them awkward. As protectors to the young Carrendars, it was their job to watch over them. But times like these it was a big call. Seven was the first to make the gate. He looked back at his siblings as he pulled on the lever, the door sliding sideways, and showing them to a stair well. “Lets go up first. I want to watch Arachnea Four land.” The children all followed Seven up the stairs.


IceTea:- His hues glance around the open field, taking note of the terrain ” What a bright world.. he thought to himself as his daemonic red hues continue to examine and judge this new realm, what on earth was Ice doing in a place like this? A smirk casually chiseled its way across his face, his right finger’s gripping the silver headpiece on his cane as he casually spun it around in the air on his right side as he started to walk, his shoes kicking up patches of dirt with each step. He knew Ice was close.. around here somewhere, he could feel Ice’s power.. but where was he? Pursing his lips slightly he started to whistle a repetitive irish tune, as he walked through the grassy fields finally coming up to a rather large mound of grass and vines, with a smirk he raised his cane to point the end at the grassy mound “Ter ya are ya bastard ” poking the cane deep into the grassy mound it hit solid form, *Knock Knock* giving it a few good jabs for messure ” Time to wake up lad ” he said out loud and clear, raising his cane he started to hack at the tall grass and pull off the rather thick vines as a statue figure started to appear in view. After a few moments he was finally clean of any grass or vines ” Always gettin ya self in trouble there, aye ice?” he smirked as he placed his cane in between his armpit, his right fingertips searching through Ice’s memories looking for someone.. or something that could help it took awhile for him to find someone but soon he found someone who would fit the bill. “Alright.. where are ya, young lass..” rubbing his palms together as a devilish grin appeared across his face. with a clap of his hands both him and the statue disapepared from this realm.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Up on the surface, a massive storage truck was coming down the main street of Lorewall. Much of the roads were now deserted, with only Neumeaun army trucks and tanks rolling by. All civillians were off the streets and indoors or bunkers if they had access. Charlotte drove the big rig as her daughter sat along side her, both were wearing the power armour suits that they had picked up from Doctor Galvenstien’s lab. Within the cab, they each had an AR-2 assualt weapon as well. Up ahead, Charlotte could make out a group of children that were exiting the old Meeting hall underground – much to her annoyance. “I thought I told them to go to the JACK’s bunker!” she said angrily, as she pulled the massive rig over to the side of the road. But the reason for the children all appearing was not for what Charlotte thought. All the kids were looking to the sky, and sure enough you could make out a massive ship that was coming in from overhead. Of course. It was Nigel and Billy in Arachnea four. The ship had a cargo hold that was more than big enough to accommodate the big rig, and this was when Charlotte had an idea. “Soon as they land, I want to talk to Nigel, about getting this truck on board it and then get it away to Captain.” Luna loved the idea. With the truck’s engine turned off, both Luna and Charlotte got down from the truck cab and joined with the other children as they watched Arachnea four descend. With massive blaster rocket jets it sent up a huge cloud of smoke and debris. Thankfully, Charlotte and Luna both had helms on. The pair looked totally like they had stepped out of a movie. Even Seven had to admit, he was impressed. “I want what Mum has on.” Charlotte shook her head at her son. “You are helping with the JACKS.”

Arachnea Four landed, and from the ground you could see Nigel and Billy in the cockpit. The children waved for their cousins to come down, and Charlotte made sure she was one of the first to greet them. When the ramp lowered, Nigel came down first and beamed as he checked out his Aunt. “Woah..Aunt Charlotte?” She flipped up the visor and he grinned. “Nice suit. Billy is here, he can take the kids down to the JACK hanger. You need anything from me ?’Charlotte explained her plans with the truck, and Nigel loved the idea. “No problem. I think the roads out are going to be chaos anyways. Let me get the ship ready to accept the truck into the hanger bay and we can get these armaments to Captain for the war effort.”

With that taken care of, next it was Billy who came down the ramp. He saluted when he saw his Aunt Charlotte and then looked at the gathered group of kids. “So you guys wanna come see the JACKS or what?!” The kids all cheered with excitement, and Billy winked at Charlotte. “Don’t worry Aunt Charlotte…I got this.” It was what he had been born to do. Work with the JACKs after spending his life dedicated to learning as much as he could about them. With Billy leading the way, the kids took off back down into the stairwell, leaving Charlotte and Luna standing outside the old meeting hall. Charlotte was staring at it, almost whistfully. Luna tugged on her arm. “Did you wanna go inside?” Charlotte felt like this might be the last time she ever saw it. “Yes. You go get ready with the truck. I won’t be long.” That said, and with her AR-2, Charlotte entered the meeting hall for what may be the last time.


IceTea: – Appearing in a flash he had phase shifted both himself and Ice into another realm, he knew she would be here, he had seen her in Ice’s memories and she was the one that could help Ice out, They stood in the middle of a great hall, Ice was smack centre in the middle of it as he glanced around for a moment it seemed like a meeting place of some sort, no doubt someone would find him here.. possibly her even. The walls were built tall and made from large stone slabs that were placed ever so carefully to support the slab next to it and above it. It was almost engineering genius the way these places were built. Turning around he looked at Ice with a smile, walking closer to him, his hues studied Ice’s face, it showed such pain and agony, he had never known Ice to feel pain even in the most interesting of fights but Ice’s face did not lie, what ever happened left him in sheer pain. The roar of a truck engine caught his attention as he glanced behind his shoulder, an even louder roar coming from the sky, it seemed people had arived already.. what timing he had as he smirked. Leaning up he pat the side of Ice’s left cheek “Just remember what I did for ya Icey boy. turning on his heel he walked over towards the noise to take a sneaky look, two people standing in suits of rather interesting armor, a few children and some flying machine that he had never seen before. This was the place to leave Ice in his statue form, someone would be smart enough to figure it out, walking back towards Ice he gave him one last look and a freindly nod as he heard footsteps echoing as someone entered the room. “Oh danny boy the pipes the pipes are calling he started singing softly as he walked away and faded into the darkness, phase shifting into his own realm he had left Ice behind in this new realm. It was down to fate to decide what to do next.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Hollowed footsteps from the metallic boots rang out against the stone, as Charlotte entered what was once considered home. Now, it was a shell. A painful reminder of the ravages of war. Yet, here she was again. Her people, her world were on the brink and and once again she was taking up arms. Wearing the specially modifeid powersuit, made for her by Doctor Galvenstien, she approached the inner sanctum. Broken tiles lined her path. Tattered curtains, and loose banners hung and waved slowly in the breeze of the night. Charlotte stopped for a moment. Almost like she could see it so differently. When everything was…perfect. Her eyes cast over towards the remains of the meeting hall table. The one thing that was a constant all her life, now nothing more than kindling. As she approached one of the weathered chairs, she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. A large statue. Now, she had known the meeting hall like the back of her hand, and this was the first time she had seen it. Turning full on to face it, she started to walk towards the statue slowly. It was of a man, or a very large man. As she got closer, she saw the expression on his face. Sheer horror. Tortured. What kind of sculptor would dare craft such a thing? Charlotte lifted off her helm and then placed it on part of the ruined table. What was it about the statue that seemed so familiar? She slowly walked around it, studying the form before her. In a way, the look on his face, was much of how she was feeling inside

Dread, terror. But she had to bury hers deep. She was not able to scream in frustration, for that was a sign of weakness. Stopping in front of it again, she heard her daughter Luna cry out. “Nigel is going to be ready for the rig, Mum.” Charlotte glanced back at her and yelled back. “Be right there.” One last look back at the statue, and something in her made her do an unusual act. She moved forward and then planted a kiss on the statue’s lips. That moment, she felt a wave of memories flood through her. She started to remember the pub in Nixagris. A man…A man named Ice.


IceTea:- His senses were off, so he had no clue as to what had happened.. How gambit had taken him from Nip’s realm and left him in this new realm. Nothing woke him until the touch of someone’s lips pressed against his, his eyes open as his sesnes once again woke, slowly he looked down at the standing female before him as he could feel his body starting to come alive agian ever so slowly. Cracks started to form in his Statue form, slowly small chuncks started to fall off as a bright orange glow squeezed through the forming cracks. He was coming alive again, the kiss that would bond him also freed him from his prsion.. his own personal hell, he had suffered over the years as he gave up all hope shutting himself down to wait and see what happened after an enternal life. The cracks got larger as stone fell off his body and crumbled on the floor, after a few moments his entire body was free from his stone form as he stood towering the female before him in his pair of blackened jeans, his upper torso bare and scarred from the previous fight he had with Nip. Finally able to move he bent his head to the side and cracked his neck as his spine re-adjusted. His daemonic glowing hues meet that of the females as he burrows his brows, he knew her but from where and when? It didn’t take long for him to get back to his usual self as his hues escaped hers and looked around his terrain, but there was something about this female that kept drawing his attention.. he could not pick what it was as he looked down at his collar and chain, it had not been attached to her so that wasn’t the reason. His lips part as his sharp teeth flash, tongue poking out as it licks it’s way across his upper lip “Remind me.. Who are you? He said in a low toned voice. Taking in a deep breath, as his hues venture behind her for a moment before looking back down at her. There were people outside, this place was in ruins.. as he arched a single brow finally noticing her choice of attire some sort of high tech battle suit, were they in some sort of war? He was curious to say the least, but more interested in the female that stood before him, there was no doubt about it though.. She was no Nip, she had a certain.. look about her.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The most astonishing thing happened, when Charlotte drew back from the statue. A simple act of affection in the middle of the ruined meeting hall would result in the statue reacting to her kiss. This was not expected, not at all. She stepped back as the cracks were forming in the very stone. Was this a trick? She glanced about her and there was no movement, or sound, except for the ship that had landed outside and was preparing to take the rig on board in the cargo hull. Chunks of the statue broke free and collected on the floor at his feet, while a strange orange glow came from within. Whatever this was, was alive within the stone, and little did she know her kiss was the key to freeing him. The larger cracks gave way to reveal a chiseled man, much larger than she. With dark jeans and a scarred torso, he moved slowly as his bones all cracked in protest after what had been years in captivity. As he looked about himself in wonder, he then spoke – asking her who she was. “I’m Charlotte…and if I am right, you are Ice. We met in Nixagris a few years ago. There was a war on…as there is now.” She said simply. Her green hues altered slightly, darkening due to the lack of light. She reached for her helm and was about to put it back on. “I don’t know what I just did to you, but were you imprisoned by a mage…or a wizard?’ Charlotte was always curious about such types of magic. <3>

IceTea- He listened as the female introduced herself as Charlotte and to his surprise she knew who he was, folding his arms into eachother on his chest firmly he listened as she explained they met in a previous war, as he nodded in agreement “Now I remember you, you tried to give me a order he smirked as he looked her up and down. he started to stretch as his body poped back into place, after being trapped as a statue for so many era’s it would take time for his body to re adjust to his movements as his bones cracked into place and his muscles flexed. His ears burned as she asked how this had happened to him, if it was by a mage or a wizard as he chuckled lightly and shook his head ” By my own magic more or less, but a wizard was involved.. dirty old bastard, bending over slightly he brought his eyes down to her eye level as he watched her hues darken, with a smirk he came back to a tall stand “Yes, I am Ice. Thank you for the kiss. Not always smart to be kissing a demon.. not very smart to be kissing a demon that owns hell he chuckled as he looked down at her helmet and back up at her ” Nothing stops you from the war huh? ” they had just met again, and like last time it seemed thier meeting was to be short.

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was as though time had stood still, The Ice she remembered had a mouth on him too and didn’t like to be given orders. In fact it almost cost Baldrick his life. Charlotte let out something of a sigh as she shook her head.“I was a lot younger then. Now days…I wouldn’t take no for an answer when I give an order.” she smiled and then countered him well as she was about to put the helmet back on. But one thing stopped her. He thanked her for kissing him. She leaned in and said. “Let’s keep that between us. I don’t want people to think I am into kinks like…kissing objects for fun.” She was about to turn around, when Ice happened to mention one very odd thing. He claimed to be the Demon that owns hell. Well this was interesting. She had not ever heard that before. Charlotte approached him and got closer as she sniffed him. “Well, I’ll be. So you are.” A strange look swept over her features, and as quick as a viper, she snatched his arm and brought it up to her lips. Elongated fangs dropped down momentarily, and she bit down on his arm, drawing blood then secreting in a special blod clotting agent. The act took less than a minute, but the demon within her was sated. His blood was potent. She wiped her mouth and then licked her fingers. “Very nice.” A quirky grin appeared on her lips as she had unknowingly sealed the bond between them. She moved to put her helmet on and then opened the vox grille to talk through the mic. Her voice now having a metallic sound to it. “And you’re right…nothing can stop me in defending my world. I have a truck to move.” she turned and started to make her way out of the rubble, throwing these words back over her shoulder. “You may be the King of Hell, but welcome to my own private one….Lorewall.” And with that she went out to join her daughter. <3>

IceTea:- Laughing lightly at her response to her giving him orders, she indeed was younger back than but her features had not changed, she hardly aged. It was expected, she wasn’t human after all; that much he could tell. So this world was in a war, it seemed like every world had its own little war going on these days, it made it more interesting for him none the less as he watched her with curious eyes. She had requested that they keep the kiss between them as she wasn’t known for kissing objects, taken back for a moment “Did she just call me a object?” he thought to himself and shook his head, she still had all the bite he remembered her for, but perhaps a bit more. He watched as she started to turn around and stopped dead in her tracks as she spun on her heels and walked over to him, she started to smell him.. “Ahh..?” His right arm was snatched up by her hands as she brought his bare skin to her lips, he felt her lips press down as her fangs sunk in deep piercing his skin. Blood rushed into her mouth, after a moment she pulled back licking her lips as she stated he was very nice. She.. just fed off of me? once again thinking to himself, no one has done that before, though many have tried and failed. A simple smirk came across his lips as he watched her explain her situation and then put her helmet on, watching her leave she said her final goodbyes as she walked away. Explaining this place was her own personal hell.. Lorewall, he’ll have to remember the name “Feel free to give me a summon if you need anything.. Beside my blood that was a once off he smirked as his eyes flashed a dark black, the light faded in the room as he exploded into a flock of black birds, they squaked as they flew out in different directions leaving the meeting hall behind.

He had vanished, but to which realam this time? Slowly the light came back into the room as the birds faded away. He was free from his personal hell but neither of them realized the personal bond they had just made between the pair, only time would tell if they would realize it.

CharlotteCarrendar: – As Charlotte ventured back outside, little did Luna realize what had gone on within the ancient hall.“Did you get to say goodbye?” Charlotte smiled behind her helmet and said simply. “ fact I got to say hello….to an old friend.” Together Charlotte and Luna headed to the rig and both climbed inside, as she saw the rotating lights of the interior of the loading bay in Arachnea four. Sounding out a loud blare from the air horn on the big rig, she drove it straight on board the vessel’s loading ramp and up inside. As soon as the rig was inside, the large shutters came down, as she ship lowered to cover the cargo hanger once more. With the two safely on board, Nigel gave the order for liftoff, and the ship blasted off from its place on the middle of the freeway and up into the sky, swinging for Captain’s location near Sol’s landing.



(RP) When All Hope is Lost.

(RP) CD – When All is Lost.
May 25, 2014 05:34PM
Carrendar Dynasty Live Role play – 2014

When All is Lost

Chapter One


Continuing on from On the Wings of Eagles Series

Location – Lorewall

~In our darkest hour
When all hope seems lost
A shining beacon illuminates the sky
The stars; they hear our cry~

CharlotteCarrendar:– The terrible roar that escaped Taru’s lips was heard across the cathedral. The slain body of Invidi was to become nothing more than black sludge that seeped through the cracks in the tiled floor like blood, escaping to the lower levels. Taru’s entire body was black, from head to foot and she cried as her children and that of Charlotte’s all sobbed and wailed in fear of all that had happened. But this was the start of the terror of the fall of Lorewall. High above the Sky castle was crashing to its doom as the enemy were now outside the city limits and about to go up against the surviving forces of the Nemauen army. The massive explosions rocked the very cathedral and Sora spun his head around as cracks were appearing in the cathedral walls. ”What now?” He cried, as he moved through the throng of teenagers that were all huddled in groups. Running out to the main auditorium, the Ettercaps were roaring in anger at what was coming from above. It then dawned on him. ”The city is under attack!” One of Charlotte’s younger children approached her uncle and tugged on his coat. ”I want my Mommy.” Her tearful eyes pleading with him, as other children started to echo the sentiment. Sora ran his fingers back through his hair as he tried to work out what to do. He had not seen Charlotte in months since she started that Trek to the Mountains. Coming up behind Sora, his sister Taru emerged from the main Cathedral, as shocking tremors were reaching the Spire. She was still coated in the black, but her demeanour had changed. Dust was filtering down from above, as more explosions were heard above. ”It’s all over.” She seemed to be accepting the fate of what was to come. Sora wouldn’t have it. ”Charlotte said this was a beacon.” He pointed to the large statue of Lorelei within the centre of the Cathedral of fiends. ”A way in and out. We just need to find out how it works.” Was he thinking of getting the children out to another dimension? It wasn’t impossible. He reached for Taru’s hand and yelled at her. ”Come on!” He dragged her back through the crowds of children, till they were back inside the main temple. ”Children…all of you. Form a ring around the statue. “ The children were in a disarray, and getting them to do as he asked wasn’t easy, many argued and some continued to cry from the fright of all that was happening. ”We don’t have much time!! He roared at them. Soon they had all formed a perfect circle around the main statue. Sora then directed them. ”Link hands!” One by one, each of the three hundred and ninety six children all started to take each other’s hands, with Sora and Taru to be the last. All of them looked up to the statue of Lore as their own nature came to the fore. A rising tide of voices that sung out through the very plains. The statue started to change colour and illuminate while all around the explosions continued to echo. Pieces of rock starting to fall. Parts of the walls were giving way. :: In another part of Nemeaus, Charlotte and her two children; Seven and Luna were sleeping in their beds, when suddenly woken by the chorus of voices being channelled through the spire. ”What is that?” Luna said sitting up in bed, holding her head. Seven sat up and smacked his ears. ”Sounds like…singing.” Charlotte rushed in from her quarters and reached for her children.”It’s a summons! Hold my hands!” Both children did as she told them, all in their night clothes, and then the three of them joined the chorus, suddenly vanishing from sight as they were drawn the Spire of Arachnea. Within seconds their shadow forms started to appear in the midst of the chaos of the ravaged city, but far below the streets in the Spire. The moment Sora saw the trio he released Taru’s hand and ran to his sister. ”Charlotte. Lorewall is under attack. Help us!” Charlotte had barely got her bearings when her brother ran at her. Seeing all her children and then she looked up as she heard the explosions, she looked stricken. ”They are attacking the capital?!” ~KABOOM!~ <3>

Captain277 There was something strange about this particular moment, he thought. At first, it was hard to tell exactly what it was. Perhaps it wasn’t even a something, but a somewhere, or a somewhen. As his body rotated and tumbled freely along its one entangled point in space, his mind rotated and tumbled along a nearby point in time. He had been Communing for a short few enternities, experiencing the lives of other Aspects as if they were his own, as he was wont to do. So it was that when he first noticed the anomaly, it was only as a small, blinking light amdist a roiling sea of flashing lights and burning braziers; each one a change in the Eternal Story that was only his to view. There were a trillion Keenings, and countless more noteworthy moments passing by in this void, and yet, one in particular screamed out in his mind more than any other. Slowly, with a practiced sort of caution, he let his mind drift to the particular flicker that continued to intrude. As he drew closer, his body felt something tug at its stomach. Hrm. His body? Not one he was visiting, no? His body. That would be why this little beacon could draw his attention so reliably, then. It was one he simply had to answer. This was his personal Keening. ‘Very well then.’ His voice shocked him, for the Gestalt Chorus did not join in with him. This moment did not occur for any other iteration of himself. This moment was purely his. For a moment, he felt something that his long-forgotten, human self would have called terror. Then, his mind and body merged together, disentangling from Tesser Space.

His eyes snapped open behind the upgraded visor of his armor as his senses snapped back together all at once, like a child’s building blocks. He pushed the physical sensations to the side, instead struggling to sort his consciousness out. He recognized the room; it had to be the Inner Sanctum of the Seal of Metatron. In the zero gravity chamber, he had begun Communing with Himself. His body danced in place like a piece of debris hurtling through space. With a thought, his suit’s subsystems connected with the room’s environmental controls. Slowly, dim lights began to power back to life, filling the room with a sterile white luminescence that seemed to impart the cold of the vacuum outside upon the chamber. As he began to rotate and initialize the gravitational systems, the Keening strobed out again, and this time finally found purchase on the sliver of his mind that had returned. The summons could not be ignored; he could tell it had already gone unanswered for far too long. Cramped, unfamiliar with his own body, and still reeling from the existential burden of being confined to one reality, he let the Keening take him. In a puff of black mist, the chamber’s only occupant disappeared. For him, the trip took a second. For the masses gathered around his destination, it must have been the space of perhaps a minute.
A few meters above the statue’s head, a strange sort of phenomenon began to manifest. The light seemed to bend at odd angles, as if something of immense weight were bending the very rays themselves. From some undetermined point near the center of the anomaly, a violent, downward geyser of black mist erupted, cloaking the statue in a tangible, moist sort of darkness. Reality itself grew heavy, the ground trembling and fluxing in some impossible way as the Fabric that held everything together struggled to accomodate something much bigger than itself. Then, all at once, it resolved itself. The lights grew back to their previous levels of luminescence, the mists evaporated so suddenly that they might have never been said to be there at all, and the assembly found itself with one new member.
Hovering four feet off the ground in the Lotus Position, sat Captain. “You have called me, Daughter?”

CharlotteCarrendar:– There was no time to explain, for high above the Sky castle was meeting its fate along with over a million people. Their voices crying out in terror then silenced. Waves of aftershocks were rolling through the very earth’s crust and the pain of suffering by those that could see the enemies forces on the horizon was being felt around the capital. Well below the now united family Carrendar, with the exception of Izu and his sons, were now assembled within the confines of the Cathedral of fiends. The Spire was built to withstand nuclear explosions, but nothing could ever be guaranteed. Luna and Seven grabbed hold of each other. Having awoken to the summons, and then finding themselves right back in the Spire of Arachnea. Sora gripped his sister’s arm and begged her. ”What is to become of us?’ But the answer would lie with another. Little did the bebilith know that their summons would be heard across the far reaches of space and time. No sooner had Sora begged his question, then there was strange light appearing near the head of Lorelei’s statue. All the children and their parents raised their heads to gaze at the phenomenon. ”What is that?” Sora asked, wondering if the summons had brought in one that was unwelcomed. Anything was possible. The voices of the children was rising, some pleased to have their mother back, and wanting to hold her, others wanting to flee the Spire. Little did they realize it was the safest place in Lorewall to be. From the centre of the strange light a fine black mist seemed to wind its way down from above, appearing before Charlotte and her siblings as it transformed into one solitary body. Charlotte recognised him instantly. ”Captain.” She could hardly believe it as she heard another explosion from above the spire. “You have called me, Daughter?” At this Sora stepped forward. The second eldest son of Lore. ”We all did. Lorewall is under attack from the men from the stars.” Taru kept her silence in the background, still well affected by the black. The children in the vicinity also kept quiet now, a hush generated by curiosity and fear. Charlotte finally spoke.”You heard our summons, Captain.” It was clear that the nation was on its knees in the face of the fight against the Astartes. The explosions above were getting louder. The look on Charlotte’s face would be reminiscent of that same young girl who was watching her former world die. She was truly afraid. ”The armies are fighting for our survival, but I don’t know how long the city can hold out.” <3>

Captain277: He saw them all with his Second Sight first. Charlotte gleamed like a beacon before him, and the others bled off from her light, forming a chain of eternally distant lanterns that blazed with the brilliance of life. Above, and for miles in every direction, he could see them all; everyone that was. Far above, motes of light were blotted out in massive patches. His sight presented other visions to accompany these flickers and dimmings; violet pulses that must have been energy detonations, orange and white waves of high-yield explosive devices releasing their payloads, the reds and blues of slugs meeting flesh and blades striking bone. There was a war going on overhead. Lorewall was under siege. Such should not have been possible. He had left the extent of his military might here to stop this exact event from happening. Where were his men? His massive war machines? Ignoring the collective gathered around him for a moment, he reached out, towards Sol’s Plain. What he saw disturbed him to no small degree. His forces simply waited, the fortifications completed, the whole of his might marshalled. Those soldiers which he had dispatched to protect the country had been called back. His people died and his world burned above, whilst his soldiers watched. Gravity took his hulking frame all at once, his new boots shattering the ground where they landed. Drawing up to his full height, Captain ran his suit’s diagnostics systems and began flexing his arms and testing the servos and hydraulics lines that kept his suit mobile. This would require a few minutes, and he would rather be ready when they were done speaking. Turning his attention back to the assembly, Captain listened to Charlotte’s explanation. As he spoke, the digital interface which had replaced the lower half of his helm, and its vox-comm, flickered to life, revealing a holograpic representation of a skeleton’s mandibles. The teeth moved in time to his words, their articulation an odd sort of affectation without lips to hint at exactly what was being said. “This is, unacceptable. I have failed my world a second time, it seems. I feel it cry out to me, even from this place. There is blood on the earth that should never have been spilled.” Captain turned away from Charlotte, his shoulders sagging as he stared off once more at Sol’s Plane. For a few, terrifying, seconds, he said nothing. Then, all at once, his head snapped up, and a strange sort of energy filled his form. “But, perhaps, this can be saved. Not untouched, no, of course not. Yet, hm. Yes. It could work. We have reached an agreement.” He turned to face her, his new, somehow more imposing bulk moving with an uncharacteristically silent grace. “What would you have me do, Charlotte?”

CharlotteCarrendar: – The diminutive woman that stood before him stared up at the hulking giant she had come to know at the worst times it would seem. Their paths crossed when the world was in dire need. Staring up at him, a flood of memories washed over her. From the falling ruins of the Meeting hall. The docks of the Wharf, and then the observation deck of the Seal of Metatron. Flashes of scenes, and yet they all come back to the two left to watch the death throes of a world in crisis. It had happened again. Only this time there was no rescue fleet. Already many millions had died. Charlotte felt a dryness in her throat, as her family around her stood in silence, when all heard the question that the Captain asked of her. For a moment, Charlotte stood silently, her green eyes flickering as she came up with the only solution she could think of. A vivid memory stood out from her journeys throughout the land of Nemaues. She remembered the Gnoll King, and there was another. The spires were somehow connected from this world to the next. Charlotte finally looked up at the Captain, as she said. ”You created this world as you did the other. The stars and the moons. We are all your children, each and every one of us.” Standing beneath the giant statue of Lore, her daughter spoke on behalf of all assembled.”Help us find a way to undo the damage of our mistakes.” She then said. Ask the Kings to help us turn back time.”Would this even be possible, and if so…what would the price be? <3>

Captain277: Captain blinked, and simply stared down at the woman. She seemed older, for some reason. This had weathered her beyond her years. Somewhere in his chest, his heart ached to see her reduced so much by what she had experienced. It was his hand that had built this world, and his hand that had allowed his old enemy to set foot upon its surface. His pride had allowed his people to suffer. His pride still wanted him to reject her plea. He would see this battle through to the end, and throw his men into the crucible until the whole surface was a blasted out wasteland. Yet, did he not know pride because it was his right? Of all beings, was it not his to be arrogant and proud? He found the answer in Charlotte’s eyes, and in those of the throng gathered about him. He had obligations that transcended his personal exploits. These people had relied upon him, and he had left, for other worlds and other adventures. It was such a…human failure. Even as he knew what was the right thing to do, his pride utterly rejected it. Captain would not make the choice. He simply could not. It was no longer his decision to make. Captain reached out to place his armored hand on Charlotte’s cheek, speaking to her as he made the move. “Charlotte, what you ask…it is no simple thing. You cannot understand what it will mean for you. Everything you have been through, all you have done, what you have become. Everything that everyone has become. It will go back to zero. I cannot rewind the world and maintain its people. This suffering will all mean nothing. Perhaps the suffering will no longer be necessary, but all of that growth must be cast away, a waste. If instead we fight, I can guarantee the survival of your people, and this place. It will be horrific, and there might not ever be a full recovery from the damage, but you will remain, as you are. It is not a decision I can make, for I would rather lose a thousand worlds, than see you all effectively erased. It must be your choice.”

CharlotteCarrendar:– The Captain was right. For all the horror and pain, the people that stood before him now had become what they are through adversity. She had not given up before, and in the face of this; she shouldn’t give up now. Her head lowered a touch as the realization hit her. People that had sacrificed so much so that others may go on did so for a good reason. The woman before him seemed to have forgotten that in her haste for an answer to a quick fix. In truth there was no way to undo the damage that had been done. All there was left was to fight, just as those on the surface were doing. While her children may never understand what she was about to say in her heart she knew this was the only way. She let out something of a light chuckle. Almost like a sign of nerves and resignation. Charlotte felt the press of the armoured hand on her shoulder; he could not undo the past and erase all the struggles but he was here now and ready to lead the fight to end the war that had brought the world to its knees. ”Then we fight.” Three simple words, that brought a chorus of chatter from her many children. ”We can shift on masse to the ships at Sols plains, if that is where they still are.” Sora came up behind Charlotte and asked. ”But these are your children.” She looked back at him and said. [b}”I was their age when I watched Lacardis die. If they want a future as I did, then they must learn the same lessons. Already our armies are fighting for us, while we are here – safe but for how long. No, we fight. We fight because of who we are.”[/b] Charlotte turned back to Captain with a look of resolve. ”We are Neumauns.” <3>

Captain277: Once again, Captain was eternally thankful that his helmet obscured his face from the outside observer. He exhaled, and opened his eyes, proud that his daughter had made the right choice. His vox-comm switched channels, dialing in to the Amarok’s encrypted frequency. The holographic image that flickered to life on his HUD was not at all what he expected. Instead of Takiyah’s severe, familiar face, his dark eyes fell on CARI’s avatar. Within the confines of his suit, her synthesized voice echoed with its trademark cheer. ‘Hello, Captain. You have reached the private terminal of Vice Admiral Takiyah. Admiral Takiyah is currently unavailable, would you like to leave a message?’ Captain scowled to himself and shook his head.
“Takiyah, why are you never around when I need you. No, CARI, thank you. Find Takiyah and notify her that I require a connection immediately. Can you get me Corax or Chan?”
‘Directives and Query acknowledged, Captain. Scanning. Please stand by.’ A few quiet seconds passed, before CARI’s voice returned. ‘General Corax is currently available. Connecting…’ CARI abruptly disappeared from the screen, only to be replaced by the haggard countenance of Morghan Corax. ‘Sir? Is that you? Where have you been?’

Captain shook his head. “Nevermind that, Corax. Send me the current dispostion of our units. I’m transmitting my co-ordinates to you now. I should be somewhere underneath Lorewall. Coordinate with Thorpe. I’m going to need a sizeable force. I will trasmit the details.”
Corax’s face shifted into some mixture of disbelief and relief. ‘So we’re finall-er, Roger, Sir. Receiving the packets now.’ His eyebrows rose as disbelief took hold once more. ‘Sir, you’re sure this is right?’
Captain growled out his reply before abruptly terminating the transmission. “Positive.”
Reactivating his suit’s broadcasting systems, Captain turned his attention back to the waiting assembly. “Just what I wanted to hear, Charlotte. You continue to prove your lineage. Tell me what you have at your disposal here in the city.”

CharlotteCarrendar:– Oddly enough, it would be a voice from the back that spoke out about what was at disposal on the surface of Lorewall. Having seen it for themselves, she was more than an authority on the subject. “ The Tarantula tank, along with Baneblades.” The former white bebilith was now the colour black, as she embraced her true calling. She stepped through the crowd of her own children to approach Charlotte, and her brother to stand before Captain. ”From the sounds of the explosions, the ill fated Skycastle is no more. Not that I ever had faith in that technological floating elephant.” Taru was never one to mince with words. At this point, Charlotte cut in. ”Beneath the old meeting hall there is at least two hundred and fifty JACK droids, troop numbers I estimate were in the vicinity of 300,000 to 500, 000, but I dare say they are holding the front line.” The mention of the droids had Seven, Charlotte’s son speak up. ”Can’t we use the droids to help take back the city? Urban warfare? There is a monorail tunnel from here back to the old meeting hall site. That gives us access to them the enemy wouldn’t know.” Charlotte thought that was a good idea, then remembered the science Lab of Dr Galvenstein. ”There is a place in Lorewall, where this visiting Doctor was making prototype power suits. I know he had one there for me, and he was mass producing them. He also was working on a weapon known as the AR-2. From what I recall, he said that we were the few planets that had this type of technology since he started working on it. I remember him test firing an AR-2 on me, wearing one of his special suits. Knocked me clear into the wall, but I remained unharmed within. If these could be supplied to the troops in the city, that is sure to help our cause.” <3>

Captain277: Captain turned to regard Taru as she supplied him with the numbers he had been looking for. He listened with no small amount of interest, before turning back to Charlotte as she added to his understanding of the force disposition above ground. With a sigh, he spoke. “This, this is why I was furious to hear Imperials had come, Charlotte. They bring ruin to all that they touch, and will not stop until they have conquered whatever they want. All my forces, all of this death? I would rather burn it all then let the Imperium crush this world’s spirit. Yet, I see we profit from their technology. The Baneblades will be a valuable asset, but we can’t rely on them too much. What is the Tarantula? For that matter, what are JACK droids? We will, of course, need to mobilize them. The number of soldiers you have on hand is not nearly enough for a foe such as the Astartes. The Korpsmen alone might have been enough. Alright, we have a lot of assets that are just sitting around, being wasted. Perhaps that is for the best though. The Imperials will be caught off guard by the introduction of so many diverse new assets. Very well then. Charlotte, Taru, I defer to you. Select your champions. Someone must oversee the management of the Armor and soldiers already deployed to the world above. Another for the mobilization and deployment of the JACK units, whatever they are. Mm. Actually, Charlotte, since you are most famliar with this Doctor Galvenstein, and the suits, you will take a team to oversee the retrieval and dissemination of his technology. Taru, you will determine who will take charge of the other tasks. My forces will be here within three hours, Wyrd willing. There are other assets we will have to exploit before this is all said and done, but let’s focus on what we can attain for now. We need to buy time. The Guardsmen cannot breach the line and gain access to the city. Hold the line at all costs. Casualties are irrelevant. Those are your orders.” 

Skype Role play Presents

The Late Nite Show with Shank McGinnis

Featuring the talents of…

The Redback Spider
Guest star; Rear Admiral Floyd!

Please note, this has not been in anyway edited or had spell check. LOL 

[8:11:16 PM] Rear Admiral Floyd: It was 2:30 am on a wednesday night, like any other wednesday night for Canadians all over Canadia. In one particular small town, a little boy sat indian style, well I guess Indian style isn’t the politically correct term for it anymore. What is the term now? Criss cross…. racist sauce I think or something. Anyway, the kid was sitting criss cross racist sauce in his meatwad pyjammas watching the tv toob, when all of a sudden, his face beamed with a look of pure delight. “MOMMY! MOMMY! LOOK IT’S THE LATE NITE SHOW WITH SHANK MCGINNIS!” he shouted gleefully. His mother poked her head out of the kitchen, NOT CAUSE SHE WAS MAKING SAMMICHES, that just so happens to be where the wifi comes in best so she can watch her internet por…. uh… youtube cat videos. yeah. Anyway, NOT MAKING SAMMICHES. Don’t want any shit from butthurt Tumblr feminists. Anyway, she pokes her head out & replies, “Aint you supposed to be in bed you little shit?” Ahhh you can just feel the love. Or mabe that’s the bran muffin I ate an hour ago. 

[8:16:00 PM | Edited 8:17:12 PM] The Redback Spider.: -In the control room, the Producer – a balding man with wire rimmed glasses is sipping his fourth red bull as the director is leaning on the padded wall behind him smoking a joint. “Fuck, if we don’t get the ratings up…I won’t be able to pay off my debt to big Jimmy. DIRK…cue to camera five to close up…off stage left” The Producer fumbles with the script notes and then stares at the many screens in front of him before making a horrid realization. “Where’s Shank?” That was a good question. Down in the green room, wafts of smoke was filtering out of the half opened door, where the cackle of insane laughter was heard. (heart) 

[8:29:18 PM] Greg: Jesse was working on his make-up in room 3. The face contour of his foundation needed to match perfectly with every shade of blue eyeliner and eye shadow, the ones that glittered in the camera’s spotlights. Sooner or later Shank was about to be on stage, and as his advisor it was up to him to be ready for all the scripts and speeches that would be said. Of course Shank was a major hottie, and dare Jesse say brave for being on film naked, in front of audiences sometimes even. Just the ruby gloos lipstick to go… he thought as a knock sounded on his door. “Hookah what?! I ain’t in the helpin’ business no more. I’m in the fu-k off while I smoke a blunt and put mah mask on business… and business is about to pick way the fu-k up. “ 

[8:41:42 PM] Rear Admiral Floyd: In the green room, Shank was staring blankly at the wall while a cloudy haze wafted around him. His 1st guest had burnt up enough Indica to make an entire bus full of nuns fail a piss test. Shut up, it makes sense, just go with it. He was suddenly jerked from his stupor when a stage hand ran into the room & frantically yelled “THE SHOW IS ABOUT TO START MAN, GET GOING!” Shank giggled cause the stage hand’s nickname was pee pants. The reason why should be pretty obvious. I mean come on man. Then it sunk into Shanks brain that the show WAS about to start. “OH SHIT!” HE yelped, then bolted out the door, plowing through pee pants, who let out a girlish “Waaughgh” & fell flat, living up to his nickname in the process. Doug meanwhile chuckled goofily watching the whole ordeal between bong hits. “hah it’s funny cause you screamed like a girl & peed your pants”. he mumbled . (coffee) 

[8:46:26 PM] The Redback Spider.: The Studio audience which was made up mostly of a suburban bus tour from the Shady springs retirement home was clapping and cackling as Dizzy Dawn, the studio warm up guy was telling another one of his dreaded jokes. “…..And so then the barmaid said..luv, I been pulling for years!” The crowd was sure to soil a few of their kimbex adult sized nappies after that one. In the control box, the Producer was frantic, and if he had hair, he would have been pulling it out. “We’re live…in five…four…three…two…one…ROLL IT” Cameras are racing left and right as the stage lights swirl and the band starts up a cheeky rendition of “Baby’s got back.” But where is Shank? (heart)> 


[8:52:35 PM] Greg: “Alright, geez, I’m ready… It takes a lot of effort to get someone like me to look this cheap” ~Jesse flicked his hair and walked out of the room. “What?! The show has started and it’s main star is not on?” He gasped and placed his fingers to his mouth. “Well, this will be some fucked up intervention. OH SHANKY OH SHANKY WHERE MIGHT THOU BE?” He blinked a few times as he walked down the corridors, passing the camera crew and stylists. Looking out to the audience he held a gruesome expression. These people were such a drag. Business needed to be booming with flirtatious young men, and women… but men. His thoughts drifted ever so slightly as he walked, if not for the ugly no hair whatsoever person infront of him, he would have tripped. “Eww, what the fuck is that a freckle on his head or something?” Moving closer Jesse realized it was the producer of the show. . . . Oh…shit. 

[8:55:21 PM | Edited 8:55:43 PM] Rear Admiral Floyd: Meanwile Shank raced down the hallway, out to the back of the set & ran screaming like a yard ape. He plowed through the back of the set, then charged at the house band still screaming, plowed through the drummers bass drum & tackled the drum player knocking him through the screen behind him. He then began punching the drummer repeatedly in the face while set hands brought out a new drum kit. Shank then charged back across the set, climbed the set furniture & plopped onto his desk smashing it. The cameras panned to the band briefly then back to Shank who was suddenly nekked & was taking a tazer to his own balls, then back to the band, then back to shank. He was dressed again & bashing on a statue of a midget with a frying pan, He then wound down, threw a potted plant & plopped in his chair wheezing as a new desk was slid in front of him & stage hands replaced the stage furniture. 

[9:01:45 PM] The Redback Spider.: Well when the audience saw the anarchy that was the Shank McGinnis show, many were gasping, one women spat out her own false teeth in horror. The pre show comedian was holding up an applause sign and pointing at it as if his life depended on it, as the Producer hit the mic and announced to the audience they would get a weekend pass from their retirement home to the local Indian casino with $50 in chips if they clapped. AND CLAP they did. It wasn’t hard to convince the old ducks, I mean, when you are bed ridden, and someone offers you a chance to visit a reservation Casino with hot and cold buffet and all you can eat via a straw, you’d jump at it too. The control box was in meltdown, as the Producer noticed the strange lad beside him, flipping his hair like Paris during fashion week. “Are you a guest?” he asked, flipping through his show’s notes. “Throw back from the 80’s maybe?’ (heart)> 

[9:10:09 PM] Greg: Oh, so the producer didn’t even know him? That was a plus… although this first impression will forever haunt his memory. What a dick, frecklehead thought he was a GUEST? “Ummm.” He blinked and stared, his posture slanted as he looked at his shimmy like nails of pink glitter and then suddenly spoke, finally deciding to look at the old coon in his eyes. So smug this little fag thought he was. “No sir, not a guest. I am advisor to Shank McGinnis, and it’s a throw back from Queen Sheba I’ll have you know. ” He strutted away and stole one the crew-men’s tie, replacing it with a card and Jesse’s number. His fingers went to his lips and chin, as he silently mouthed the words “call me.” 

[9:22:20 PM | Edited 9:22:36 PM] Rear Admiral Floyd: Shank sat wheezing for a moment & couldn’t help but wonder if he was forgetting something. He looked at his legs. Yup, pants are there. Was it deoderant? This is TV, so what the fuck did it matter? It’s not like people have smell o vision tv. Do they? Could people smell him through their TVs? That’s fucked up man. I mean I don’t know what’s more fucked up. Smelling funky, or them with their noses smeared to their TV set wanting to know what people smell like. WERE PEOPLE FAPPING TO THIS? “I NEED DEODERANT STAT!” Shanks blurted out, then looked around baffled for a moment. “Oh yeah, monolouge” he muttered as it finally dawned on him. HE jumped up & ran over to the microphone standing closer to the audience. “So uh what’s the deal with old people? Amirite? I mean jeeze. They are the only class of people with their own pattented smell.” His routine clearly wasn’t going over well with the geriatric studio audience, who began booing. “& whats with senior discounts? I wish I could get half priced food for shitting my pants.” HE was about to launch into another joke when the soiled brief of one irate audience member splatted shit side to face on his forhead. & it was at that moment that the production intern in the booth froze the frame with the caption of “We will be right back” on their way to comercial. 

[9:34:00 PM] The Redback Spider.: Commercial time: You could see the set for what looked to be a car yard, and standing out the front wearing a full western get up was none other than Bill Murray. He stared at the camera with a dead pan expression as a show girl popped up beside him waving a shiny banner that read “$9,999 drive away!” Bill then got the cue from the onsight director and gave off a fake cheesy smile. “My accountant said I have dress like a complete dick and sell YOU FOLK one of these hunking pieces of japanese mass produced crap for…*he looked at the booby show girl and asked* How much again?” She appeared to be mute and kept waving the sign as her feather hat kept covering up Bill’s face. “Yes..god, I so want to die. one of these cars…kill the American dream, fuck Obamacare…Yes…only $9, one and drive it off the cliff..When are we doing Ghostbusters 3?” he said, walking off the lot, while the Show girl continued to wiggle and flash the sign. The commercial over it was back to the studio, where one of the makeup girls was trying not to vomit from prizing off the shitty nappy from Shank’s head. Could it get anyworse? 

[9:49:31 PM] Greg: Jesse looked over to Shank was standing, everyone trying to get his look back to normal before the break commercial was over. “Shank! Shank!” He called out.. holding the script in his hand. “SHANK YOU HOE!” He finally caught up, checking that his hair was not a mess from running in 12′ heels. “Bitch, these are your lines… Use them now before we run this show into the ground.” The desk and chairs that Shank had smashed were replaced, and this time he should be able to control his impulsivity. He saw the headlines before he even heard the words. “We’re brought back to you now, live with Shank McGinnis” The fake applauses could be faintly heard from the audience, as Shank would finally start Walking back onto the stage-set. 

[9:56:58 PM | Edited 10:07:52 PM] Rear Admiral Floyd: Shank sat at his desk while the make up crew worked to clean the shit off his forehead the best they could. What a way to experience the last meal that the old fart ate. “You sir, need to eat less red meat.” he thought to himself as he mused over the aroma that would be following his face around for the foreseeable future. “Why what’s that fragrance I’m wearing you ask? Beefy shit. It’s not really very well aged, but the guy whose ass it came from was.” Suddenly a very flamboyant drag queen ran up to him calling him a hoe & thrusting index cards with his script on them at him. “uh, are you a dude or a chick?” He asked bemusedly. “WE’RE COMING BACK FROM COMMERCIAL!” he heard someone yell. As the cameras focused back on him, he looked at the index cards. “Chicken, banannas, potato chips, gallon of KY jely, I think this is someones grocery list. He shuffled on to the next card & stared for a minute. “N****r well that.s just racist. Moving on to the next he stared reading it for a moment. “Is this just a bunch of Wham lyrics?” Then he went to the next one which was all discolored & ragged. He sniffed it & grimmaced. “Ghaa thats where that smell was coming from. Was this one in that diaper??” He started shuffling through the rest when another one of the audience members ran in from off set & smacked him in the head with their walker, which again was the exact moment the production intern froze the screen for a commercial break. 

[10:16:07 PM] The Redback Spider.: Commercial time ; Justien Bieber who was actually dressed as a school boy is rushed on set where there is a big sign behind him that says in bright orange letters “BEANZ MEANZ HEINZ” The star looks awkward and then stares at the camera, nervous about doing the ad. “When…I have had a hard day at school, my Mummy always makes for me…a big…plate…of…*he looks off camera and shakes his head, not wanting to say what is on the cue cards. He then starts the commercial again, and swallows hard. “When..I have a hard day at Mummy always makes me a big tray of…of..COCAINE…rows of fucking cocaine…COKE..coke..not fucking Baked beans!’ At this point, a big pot of baked beans which is ceremoniously tipped on the unsuspecting Bieber, coating him in thick gooey Heinz bean goodness. “WAAAAH I’LL SUE…YOU MOTHER FUCKERS!!!’ end commercial. (heart)> 

[10:33:29 PM] Greg: “I’ll be whatever you want me to be hunny, as long as you stick to the cards.” He waved his hands about as two large vans of Heinz Baked beans rolled into the garage sets, giving out free tins to the elderly, Justin Bieber fighting with the camera crew and associates about his advertising rights. “Someone get that pretentious little wanna be out of my sight. He makes us drag queens look gay, and that’s sayin’ something.” Jesse laughed at himself, as the commercials were almost ending. However Jesse needed something more, more viewers and more money. More money meant more lipstick and more strip clubs. Walking back over to the producer he demanded attention by taking off his silk top, coiled muscles reflected perfectly against his sun tanned skin. “Now look here, we need more young people listening to us, and if Shanky is not going to help, then we needa think of something. “ He twirled infront of the bald man producer and smiled. “Get what I mean?” 

[10:50:07 PM] Rear Admiral Floyd: “BEIBER?” Shanks yelled as he saw the commercial airing off stage, he sprang from his desk & charged at the whiny little douchebag yelling at the top of his lungs all the way. He didn’t even bother to pay attention to if the commercial had ended or not. He just ran full tilt at the little fucker & started punching the shit outta him. Litterally. He took the kid down & beat him till he shit his pants. The production intern again froze the frame while Shanks was in mid swing with the “We’ll be right back” message & then cut to a pre-recorded clip of a nudist colony where folks were just doing their thing, hanging out nekkid like all people who really should never be nude in public do. I mean really, why is it always the people who we would gladly pay to put their clothes back on who feel the need to be nude all the time? I mean what the actual fuck man? Anyway, suddenly Shanks runs fully dressed through the crowd yelling “I’M REVERSE STREAKING!!!” The clip ends & Shanks is sitting back at his desk. “Uh, please welcome my next guest, Doug Benson.” Then Doug walks out from off stage & sits in the chair next to Shanks desk. Shank took a large drink from the gallon of milk that he had been sucking down while the previous clip was running, & periodically throughout the show. “uhhhhh so do you think that American politics is imperialism?” He asked Doug. Doug was so baked though, all he did was just grin & giggle. Shanks sat for a moment then puked all over the desk. The camera zoomed in close on the guest while stage hands raced in & toweled up the puke lightning fast. “You ever get your balls stuck in swinging doors?” Shanks asked. Doug looked blank. They sat awkwardly for a moment. “MOTHER FU-” The intern again froze the frame with the “we’ll be right back” caption 

[10:59:20 PM] The Redback Spider.: The Producer got what the little PA to Shanks was saying, but at the same time, the Star of the show was taking to a Baked beaned encrusted Bieber with such gusto, that once again they had to run a clip about a nudist colony. One of the audience members actually chuckled and nudged her girlfriend Alice. “Remember that weekend, Ali?” The two laughed to see themselves starkers on the telly and all around them got an insight that they rather not have. “Her tits are smacking her knee cappies.’ One old coot blurted, whilst another was trying to shield her husband’s eyes. Then when the show came back on, it was none other than a half baked Doug Benson on the stage. “Who the fuck hired him?” the Director yelled into the mic, as the Producer threw up his show notes and started to bang his head on the teleprompter as the “We’ll be right back” imgae came to frame. This wasn’t a show, it was a three ring circus, with assholes and clowns, the kind that give you nightmares. The Director started popping heart pills while in the wings a new guest was waiting. But would Shank’s be able to keep going before the station manager pulled the plug? (heart)> 

[11:17:13 PM] Greg: Jesse rolled his eyes at the bald man. “You don’t get it do you? You’re so old.” Jesse turned around and sashayed onto the set shirtless and all, winking at the old people as his ass jiggled in the heels. How such a manly physique worked with someone as gay as Jesse people would never know, but it was hot and bound to get viewers’ attention. He looked at the chair next to Doug and Shanks and took a seat. “Well, it’s not a strip pole but I suppose it’s just as good. What is that? Jello… Ugh I don’t know what this strange obsession is with white gurls and jello. However if you guys talk any more shit you might just turn into a toilet.” Jesse giggled and waited to hear a laugh from the audience as well. Yet all he heard were the sound of sucking on false teeth and snoring. “Ooooook, old people have no humor.” He raised his eyebrows and turned back around. “So, Doug? Mind if I give you a lap dance for the lovelies watching at home?” He licked his cherry red lips and winked lasciviously at him. 

[11:27:36 PM] Rear Admiral Floyd: Shanks sat staring off into space & Doug was eating a sandwich he pulled out from who knows where while Jesse was talking in the next chair over. Doug got a startled look of his face when Jesse offered him a lap dance. “Uhhh I’m not sure what the opposite of a boner is called, but I have that right now.” Doug said. Shanks suddenly snapped back to reality. “Well for my next guest, I was going to bring out Dr. Steve Brule, but apparently he doesn’t really exist. Apparently I can’t interview fictional people. So we’ll just end with our musical guest, I accidentally double booked though so please give a round of applause for the Cheese willies & Donkey Punch. & Remember people, no matter how shitty this show may be, It’s still better than Jimmy Fallon. Goodnight everybody.” The camera panned over to the 2 bands that were trying to play over each other as the shows credits rolled. Shanks sat at his desk checking messages on his cell phone, then suddenly leapt away from his desk as some random guy on a dirt bike just plowed into it. 

[11:53:31 PM | Edited 11:54:16 PM] Greg: “OH! The opposite of a boner?” He tapped his finger to his lips. “So you have trouble getting it up? You could have just said so big boy.” Jesse moved his hand over to rub it against Doug’s thigh, before noticing the show had ended. “Oh, finally… time for sex, because let’s face it. We can, and it’s better to do without the population growth. Hue” He winked again and stood up, blocking out the sound of the two bands facing each other off as if they were playing a game of guitar hero. Luckily he did too, because moments later a bike came in and crashed Shank’s desk… again. “I do hope out equipment is free, because I can’t afford my lipstick otherwise.” “Who cares about your god damn lip stick?” A make-up artists had voiced her opinion, but instantly blushed when she saw his abs. A grin found its way to Jesse’s face. “You’ll care about my lip stick too hunny, but you can’t touch this meat.” He pulled out his phone and dialed in a few numbers. “Dani, baby! I need some interior design in the club back in L.A, I’ll be there tonight for some fun, thanks gurl.” “Yall black ass nigga, where you been? Hey listen.. If there was ever a time to listen to a white person, it would be now. I need some audience members, preferably men… hot, and early 20’s. If you do I’ll give you tc love for one day.” Runnign over to the producer he grabbed his Christian Dior wallet and threw a piece of paper at the producer. “There some people coming around to spice up the show, I’ll need you to escrot them around a bit while I head to Las Angeles to check on my club. And by that I mean.. “ He started singing Destiny Child’s “Check on it” as he texted his fangirl Miranda Kerr. “Heeeeyyy gurl, I need some of Victoria’s secrets… Thanks (cat).” Walking out he started belting. “If you got, flaunt it, boy I know you want it.” Yeah that’s right bitches, keep starin’ at this ass.

Re: (RP) The Gun-Metal Blues.
April 02, 2014 01:32AM
The Gun-Metal Blues

Chapter Four

Little China Girl



T1Legend – Sam’s nose was immediately assaulted by the smell of the place. It was a scent that was heavy on basil, fried chicken, and egg drop soup. There was the constant clatter of glassware—distant and muffled by the walls. He nodded to the woman that pointed to the stairwell. Something about her raised his hackles, though he didn’t know why.

Soaked to the bone, Sam followed Natasha into her apartment. The family living in the room below hers had the television turned up too loud—it was a news anchor bemoaning the rise of the liberal media. He could hear their voices coming up out of the floor; they sounded angry. Somewhere, a baby cried.

The place didn’t look like it was lived in—but it was more than the sheets that covered the furniture. It didn’t feel like it was lived in. There were no personal effects. There were no pictures hanging on the wall, no magnets hanging on the fridge, and the apartment smelled vaguely of mothballs.

Sam closed the door shut behind him, but didn’t step much further inside. He watched Natasha approach the window and the blinds lit up with alternating tints of red and blue as the patrol cars passed.

“I owe a guy some money I probably shouldn’t. Hard to pay him when there hasn’t been any work.” He said, shrugging cautiously. He had questions of his own—like ‘Who the fuck blows up an entire club’, for instance…but he knew when not to press his luck.

“Look, I’m going to go downstairs and get us something to eat. I have a few questions for you, too. We can talk over Chinese.” Sam turned the knob and stepped out. He considered that now would be a good time to get lost while the going was good. He could just walk down the stairs and forget he ever saw the crazy—and quite lethal—Russian girl. He could just—

That was when Sam looked up and Saw a man rounding the corner with an Uzi in his hand. The man was Chinese—dressed sharp in that businessman sort of way with dark shades—and Sam would have bumped into him were he not paying attention. There was a moment when neither of them did anything.

And then they both reacted at once. Sam reached for the man’s gun and grabbed it by the barrel. It went off, spraying a line of bullet holes in the floor. He heard a commotion coming around the corner. There wasn’t much time left. Sam reached back around behind him and pulled out his pistol. He thrust it beneath the man’s chin and fired once. The Chinese man’s black hair puffed upward as though blown by a strong wind.

The Uzi fell from the man’s hand and Sam grabbed it before it hit the floor. A trio of similarly dressed Asians rounded the corner, but Sam was ready for them with the Uzi. He squeezed the trigger and motioned the gun gently from left to right, painting the general vicinity with gunfire. The men tumbled over on top of themselves and Sam decided that now was a good time to get going. He took off running down the hall and rounded the corner to take the stairs.

Something rushes past Sam’s face so fast that he can’t see it; so near that his beard stubble prickles with the phantom touch of bullets that are too close for comfort. Wall plaster explodes in a puff of dust against Sam’s cheek, coating it in white powder that looks likes flour. His natural instinct is to dodge away from the gunfire even though the projectiles have already missed; he leans back at the waist while twisting both hip and shoulder—his momentum goes out from beneath his feet. The woman in the red dress is standing ten steps below him with a snub-nose in her hand—the kind that fits snug in a garter.

He had stopped too quickly and leaned too far; Sam has a moment of vertigo at the height of the stairs

(Should have taken the elevator, Sammy-boy. Mind that last step, it’s a doozey!)

where it is all too easy to imagine his body lying across that last step, crumpled and broken. Sam knows that he is going to fall—he is falling—there is nothing he can do to keep from tumbling backward as his momentum carries him forward.

And so he doesn’t fight it. He falls and his back slams against the rail. Laying against the railing for support, Sam’s back slides along the staircase while his legs high-step their way down. The gunfire continues—it had never stopped—but everyone was aiming at where he had been standing. With a gun in each hand, Sam stretches out his arms.

The left index holds the Uzi’s trigger down—it sprays bullets generously—while the right squeezes the 1911 in time to a rhythmic beat so that it discharges to the pace of an up-tempo metronome. Wood bursts into splintering fragments all around him, the sound of ricochets ring in Sam’s ears.

The Chinese woman’s body jerks with each gunshot so that she appears to be doing some strange, epileptic dance. Her red dress turns a darker hue and she teeters backward on her heel, tumbling backward with the gravitas of a falling oak tree. She bounces down the stairs like a ragdoll, bowling over the person next in line and setting off a domino reaction.

A man spills over the edge and holds his arms out, flapping them as though he might fly. Wind ripples along the fabric of his expensive pants and his tie hovers before his face, defying gravity. But he and his tie only defy gravity for so long before he splatters against the ground the crunch of snapping bones, the front of his skull flat and caved in with his body and limbs twisted in a shape that looks like a pretzel.

Most of the others die in a less spectacular way—clutching the wounds in their chest and simply sagging to one side or the other—but one gentleman in particular followed after his swan-diving compatriot, except he landed neck first on the rung of rails two stories below, ping-ponging back in forth head over heels until he too joined the pile of bodies at the bottom.

Sam never stops squeezing the triggers—not even after the Uzi has jammed and the 1911 is spent. He has both guns in a death grip, and by the time he gets to the bottom his legs are numb and there is a dull ache in his back. He just lays there, sprawled out on the rail with his guns pointed out before him. A sliver of blue smoke seeps out of both barrels, smelling like gunpowder and lead.

“Christ!” He said, slumping to the floor. He viewed the unreliable Uzi and his old standby with a dubious expression, twisting them this way and that.

“I need to get a bigger gun,” He said, only to be interrupted by a new squad of goon-replacements that came bursting through the door. Only these were wearing SWAT style body armor and he was out of ammo. Sam dropped his guns and lifted his hands into the air. The police pointed their hardware at him with a single loud, synchronized hammer cock.

Sam said, “If you surrender now, I’ll see what I can do about getting my partner to take it easy on you.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Natasha toyed with the zippo lighter in her left hand, while peering out of the shutter blinds at the passing traffic. For now it seemed that the immediate danger of being detected by the corporation had passed. The Russian lowered her head a touch, releasing the blind from the pinch of her fingers. This would be the last place they would think to look, right? I mean, the district was more famous for its egg fu young, than a runaway agent. Taking a step away from the window, Natasha pulled out a drawer from one of the uncovered pieces of furniture – a bureau. Inside, a packet of cigarettes, that wasn’t water damaged. She moved to tuck the packet into the pocket of her jacket, when her new companion had an attack of the munchies.

“Look, I’m going to go downstairs and get us something to eat. I have a few questions for you, too. We can talk over Chinese.”

Just as Sam turned to leave, Natasha blurted with a disgruntled expression; ”I hatez chineze.” But it went unheard, as outside the apartment, someone was coming up to greet them. It was then she heard it. The electric sound of gunfire, and not just single shot weapons, one of them sounded like a Uzi. Who the hell did this Sam piss off? The Russian didn’t wait around to find out the answer. Tearing down the blind which landed on the floor bent and broken, she snapped the lock on the sliding window panel and slid it back. Leaping out the window onto the fire escape, she could see the red glow of gunfire, as Sam went on the offensive. The sounds changing momentarily, before the rat-a-tat started once again in earnest. Was he taking on the triad in one sad rundown Chinese restaurant. This couldn’t be happening, not just after what happened in the club. The Russian wasn’t stupid, she knew that this was going to attract a lot of attention and possibly get them both taken in. She didn’t doubt for a second his prowess with firearms, but the odds were stacked, and it wasn’t looking pretty.

Inhaling sharply through gritted teeth, as she flicked at the zippo lighter, she spotted something that suddenly made her bare a malicious grin. The gaudy fluorescent lights that were on the warehouse across the street happened to be that of the Lucky Dragon Fireworks Factory. A silver fleck was set off in the Russian’s irises, a reflection from the steel construct of the Factory.


What was going through the Russian’s mind you might ask? Well, let’s just say that the fourth of july was going to have nothing on this. As she was about to reach for a clothesline rope that ran between buildings, and was on a downward angle to the house across the street, that was when she spotted the oncoming of SWAT team trucks. Great, it was the Calvary. This meant she didn’t have a hell of a lot of time. Sam sounded to be mowing down the Chinese like it was barrel shooting game, but he couldn’t hold on in there forever.

Gripping the rope, she sailed down between the two buildings, and over the top of the SWAT team truck undetected. Landing on the balcony on the other side of the road, she climbed up to the roof, and then made a run across, the dark of night creating a cloak for her movements. One of the top wind air vents was rusted on the Fireworks factory, and Natasha gripped the sides of it, teetering it back and forth until it snapped free. She set it down to her right, then gazed through the gaping hole. This factory was loaded. Every kind of firework and rocket imaginable, as well as drums of gunpowder, explosive charges. It was every kid’s dream, and right now, it was going to be Sam’s salvation.

Natasha dropped down through the air vent hole, and onto a top walk way, where she could see a lot better inside the factory. There was a truck filled with a load of fireworks parked just inside the roller door. Running down the metal framed gangplank, she took the stairs and slid down till reaching the bottom. The truck just so happened to have the keys in the ignition. Another lucky moment for sure. Time was now going to be critical, as the Russian set her plan into action. She picked up a small drum of gunpowder, punching a hole into it and then resting it on the back of the truck, after making a long line that led to the major holding of fireworks. That done she went to the roller door, and pressed the button for the roller door to open. Running back, she got into the truck – starting her up, she put it in gear, and jumped out of it as it started to slowly move on its own as she had placed a wheel lock brick on the gas. The truck was heading right for the SWAT team van, as the Russian raced across the road, only to come in behind the SWAT team, that were all armed and pointed at the man known as Sam.

“If you surrender now, I’ll see what I can do about getting my partner to take it easy on you.”

As they would turn around, the fireworks truck hits the SWAT team van, and there is a few seconds pause as a fuel line breaks under the truck. Fuel is pouring out under the vehicle as Natasha lights a cigarette.

”I never takez prizonerz.”

She flicks the cigarette back at the truck and that was when it the fuel caught fire, the fire tearing along to the falling gunpowder that was still pouring from the back of the truck. No doubt the severity of what was about to happen, was not lost on the SWAT team who were now all running for their lives as China town was about to have its biggest bang of the year.


In behind Natasha, it was like a massive array of fire and explosions – massive rockets going off, the truck and the SWAT van being blown sky high by the force of the fireworks pay load that was on the delivery truck. Natasha ran through the Chinese shop, leaping over bodies as she reached for her companion’s hand.


She had never been more serious in her life.

The fireworks factory then erupted in a blast that was akin to a small nuclear explosion, with radiant colours filling the night sky. The ground shook and tremored from the blasts, that continued to go off without stopping. Townspeople and pedestrians were blown off their feet, windows were blown out of cars, and alarms were going off at a dizzying rate.

It was apocalyptic.




Re: (RP) The Gun-Metal Blues.
February 19, 2014 05:52PM
The Gun-Metal Blues
Part Three

”Bar-Room Blitz”


Bar-Room Blitz [sic]

Oh I see a man in the back,
As a matter of fact his
Eyes are as red as the sun.
And the girl in the corner
Let no-one ignore her
Because she thinks she’s
The passionate one!
Oh, yeah! It was like lightning!
Everybody was frightening!

Water poured from the fire-sprinklers in a jet-stream of heavy rain. The siren is loud and jagged—it is a high-pitched blare that rattles teeth and penetrates eardrums. The long sleeves of Sam’s white shirt were damp and heavy, the fabric soaked and nearly translucent with moisture. All else is completely saturated; a shallow pool has formed on the floor that is deep enough to seep through shoe-soles.

Sam slides across the floor on his knees and lashes out for his gun with one hand. He has time to wonder why the shooting has stopped, and when he turns to look down the barrel he sees the table. It is marred by scorch marks that streak across in wide, black smudges. The men that had been shooting at him before were occupied by a curious sort of dance—they hop around while stripping off their jackets, patting themselves down and blinking shards of glass out of their eyes.
Despite the siren, a strange silence creeps across the bar. Except that it is not a quiet silence, but rather the silence of stillness. It is a loud, calm and motionless silence overwhelmed by the caterwaul of alarm bells. And then the still-frame is broken by movement at every turn that is both instantaneous and simultaneous, such that what happened next appeared to have been synchronized.

Sam didn’t understand why it happened—or how—maybe all the guys that come to a joint like this were spoiling for a fight and just looking for an excuse.
There was a man in a bowler hat sitting at a booth by himself; he reached into his vest to pull out a machine-pistol. At the same time, a woman at a table facing his stood up and upended the table she sat at. She wore a red sideswipe dress that matched the color of her ruby lipstick—her mascara was running down her face in blue rivulets like watered down dye. She was reaching for the pistol that was tucked away beneath her garter.

Joe came bursting through the swinging door that lead to the kitchen. He held an old-fashioned double-barreled shotgun in his hands—and antique by the look of it—and a roll of dimes had been poured down both barrels. He aimed the monster at no-one in particular and at the room in general. He squeezed both triggers and the hammers started to fall.

At the jukebox, the man in the baseball cap holds a grenade in each hand. The pins are pulled and his pitch goes wide, so that they are sent sailing toward the business men in the corner. They are mid-arch as Joe pulls the trigger, as the man in the bowler hat pulls out his pistol, as the woman in the red dress reaches for her garter, as the businessmen rise with their company issued submachine guns.

The hammers fall, triggers are pulled and there is busting glass and shattered wood; the sharp fire-cracker bang of gunfire and the whizz of ricochets. Dimes glitter in the air, shimmering in the sparkle of neon—bullets spray in a torrent that is consistent with the jet from the fire-sprinklers. There is the overpowering THAWUMP of grenades cooking off. A table and a set of chairs fly in the air, so does a hand.

Wordless, Sam looked to Natasha. She had been screaming for him to


But he had not realized it until now. His hand is grabbed by hers and through the exit they go.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Doors burst outwards with Natasha practically dragging a bedraggled Sam with her out into the dark alley. A blinking overhead street light offers an ominous glow to the unlikely pair that had just escaped a gun battle, the likes of which were reminiscent of the old western movies. It was not exactly what Natasha had expected on meeting her contact, but the city had long lost its innocence years ago.

The swirl of cool night air tossed about newspapers and rubbish, while an alley cat cleaned itself atop a dumpster, totally oblivious to the death and destruction happening within the small bar. No doubt few would survive to speak of the events of this night. Perhaps only corporation investigators would pick up any clues. Natasha simply couldn’t afford that to happen, and reached within her jacket, taking out a small sphere, which she simply slid back a switch and then tossed it through the open doors. There would be but a few seconds, but she made sure she got a good head start with Sam in tow. There was a loud click, then the vacuum of sound, like a jet engine in reverse as a pulse of sheer energy erupted into a blue fireball, that completely wiped out what was left of the bar, and much of the building above it. A warehouse. Thankfully empty.

As the pair ran from the crime scene, the distant wail of sirens alerted her that the Calvary was coming. Did nothing escape the watch of the corporate satellite eyes?


Running out onto the main strip, towering columns showed cheesy advertisements for products condoned by the corporation. Soda, cell phones, scantily clad women from the lavish fight clubs – their bodies perfectly sculpted and large neon letters enticing you to want to find out more about it. This was how the corporation did much of its propaganda; luring the unsuspecting on false promises of gratuitous sexual pursuits mixed with sports.

The streets were still teeming with pedestrians in a town that never sleeps. In a crowd like this it is easy to blend in, and this was when Natasha slowed her running, finally releasing Sam’s hand. She turned the corner and came to the back alley entrance of a Chinese restaurant, with a gawdy looking lion statue just outside its doors.

”In here.” She urged her companion, pushing through the gold lame string tassle curtain, only to see a small Chinese lady in a red ceremonial dress bow to the Russian. She pointed to the stair well, that went up, and Natasha wordless acknowledged her, before leading Sam up the stairs. There was a long corridor with rooms marked in gold lettering. Coming to the one marked 13A, she took out a keyring, and flicked through them, till finding the right one, and pushed it in the lock, while checking up and down the corridor for anyone coming. Thankfully, this place was off the radar. The lock turned, and she pushed the door open, motioning for Sam to enter.

Inside was a small apartment, much of which had white sheets covering the furniture, and at the far end a window with old style venation blinds. Natasha went across and peered between the slats at the street below. Sure enough, two patrol cars whizzed past on their way to the ruins of the club. The Russian released the blind with a snap, and turned on her heel, leaning back against the window frame. She took out her packet of cigarettes, only to tip the packet and have water dribble out onto the carpet.


She tossed the sodden packet in a nearby waste paper bin, and then folded her arms, staring at Sam. It was clear to see, she was riled about what took place at the bar.

”Carez to…er.. explainz about your…friendz?”


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