How Carrendar Started

How did it start? Where did it start? Pretty simple really. A bloody big spider…her name, was Lorelei.
On the 30th of November, 2009, the Carrendar Chronicles was born. A place that would be a teaching platform, for T-1, the metarules, and above all, how to roleplay, and have fun.
With Captain277, DarksiedtheLegend, LastRonin, and DrakonMacar, it would grow from small beginnings of about 300 members, to over 1000 now. Spawning Carrendar Dynasty in August of 2010, Lacardis Prime in November 2011, and the community group, Roleplayer’s Bio Central.

To this day…the Legacy continues.

Admin Note.  All works, writings are taken from the Carrendar Dynasty/Chronicles site on IMVU

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