I. Identity
Name: Corsica Chisolm
A. Also Known As : Licorice
Age : 23
Apparent Age : 21
II. Origin :
A. Place of Origin : Whitehorse, Canada
B. Origin/History : Oldest of the Chisolm sisters, Corsica was born shortly before her sister, Candice. From the get go, Corsica was to be the girl to be first at everything, though there was a downside to her personality. She was diagnosed with ADHD and her parents declined to use the offered prescription of Ritalin. She spoke her first word at four months, and at the age of six months she said to her pediatrician; “I find your breath to be disgusting” and learned to read at the age of ten months. When she was four, she was given multiple-choice diagnostic tests for the John Hopkins precocious math program. Without having studied for the exam, Corsica achieved a perfect score. She attended Porter Creek High school in Whitehorse, and graduated along with her sister Candice, who was something of a book worm, moreso than the head strong Corsica, who never seemed to have to study in order to get excellent grades. Her true claim to fame, was that she had completed her master’s degree in biochemistry, at Yukon College, Whitehorse Canada, before the incident, that would change their lives forever.

From Cheerleader to chess champion, Corsica was on the road to fame and fortune, her path destined before her, and she intended to live it all in the spotlight that such fame would bring. She craved the attention, and would stop at nothing to be number one. She had all…and it was all to be ripped from her fingers. Of course, one of the two siblings had to have common sense, and that would be her sister, Candice. Whose plan was that they would alter their appearance, that no one would recognise them. And so, it is in the dark underground clubs of Easter Europe that we find them. Corsica, still craves the attention, and she loves nothing more, than to dress in her trade mark black leathers, and beat any man or woman into submission.

“Licorice is best to be sucked, not swallowed whole.”

2. Race: Caucasian
3. Blood Type: A-
4. Height: 5’ 11”
5. Weight: 140lbs
6. Shoe Size: 8
7. Build: Slender
8. Skin Color: Dark tanned
9. Eye Color: Green
10. Hair Color: Brown
11. Hair Length: Shaved
12. Facial Features: Soft corners, barely pronounced cheekbones, slightly sunken cheeks
13. Physical Features: Ample waist, C-cup breasts
14. Dominant Hand: Right

IV. Lifestyle :
A. Language(s): English, French, Italian, Czech, and Russian. She is a master linguist, and picked up many languages in her younger years. Now as she works at the deathclub, this has been something of a blessing, when dealing with the assortment of international clients.

B. Religion(s): Corsica is a strong atheist, also known as an explicit atheist or a positive atheist, and denies the existence of God or any other deities. Her views are based solely on what can be found to be true, using the scientific method. Since the existence of God cannot be proven using science, Corsica concludes that God doesn’t exist.

C. Gender Roles: Preffering a dominant role in any relationship, she simply doesn’t care, who is beneath her, so long as they just are. She is dominant over both sexes, and see each as failures, if she could find someone that was exactly like her, she may consider a relationship, otherwise, its not even on the cards.

Dominant over both sexes.

VI. Daily life
A. Dispostion : Known to have flashes of anger, she does have her moments, when she appears to be happy and content with her lot, but it is pretty rare, as her condition finds her to become irrational when set off, and the littliest thing can do that. From someone borrowing her clothes, or leaving the toilet seat up.
B. Food: Sushi, greek, italian, chinese, pizzas and mexican. But she does have a soft spot for white chocolate cheesecake.
C. Rituals: Wakes up 4.30am most weekdays, and goes jogging, for about 10 kilometres, to clear her mind from her dreams.

1. Marriage/Bonding; No…quite simply, no.
2. Birthing: Having had two abortions and a miscarriage, she is dead againest the idea of ever trying again. And even so, its highly likely that she would not be able to find a man that had seed worthy.
3. Mourning/Funeral: Hire a bobcat, and simply dump the body in. If she could have gotten away with that after the party in Canada, she would have done it multiple times over.

D. Training of Youth/Education: Porter Creek Highschool, WhiteHorse & Yukon College, Canada.
E. Workforce: After getting her Masters in biochemistry, she was to stay on and do lectures on her chosen field, as a Professor, with book tours and speaking engagments. Sadly, this never came to be.
F. Armed Forces: She fucked a Colonel once.