February 3, 2013 2:03PM
Full Name: Sabina Veaceslav
Nickname: Sab, Rina, Seb (by my accident) or Sabbie to piss her off

Marital status: Stays single means no complications particularly with her job of choice
Age: 25 years old
Occupation: Travelling Prostitute until she came across “The Death Club” in Prague
Biology: Human
Origin: Bucharest, Romania
Theme song: What it feels like for a girl- Madonna (Above and beyond remix)

Mother: Catalina Veaceslav- The most expensive courtesan of her time, bought out by Sabina’s father
Father: Stefan Veaceslav- Drug lord in ‘Ice’ and violent alcoholic
Siblings: Older brother Gabriel Veaceslav- Left the household when he was 15, wanting to improve his life and get away from his family’s reputation that was infamous in the city.

Dark olive with smoulder brown eyes covered by heavy black lashes, severely arched eyebrows due to waxing or being plucked and both are dual pierced with hanging silver crosses off each. Her dark hair is repetitively dyed a hot pink that reaches just underneath her breasts in loose waves. Full pink petal shaped lips that has a piercing on the left hand corner, tribal tattoos scrawling up each arm and a curved waistline with rounded behind. Ears usually adorned by silver hoops, left nostril is pierced with a silver stud, her long legs covered by the knee-high boots.

Height: 5’7
Weight: Not disclosed with anyone
Eye Color: Chocolate brown
Hair Color: Originally dark brunette but she has dyed it so many times, its a constant hot pink that falls in waves just below her breasts

Clothing preference
Being an escort/prostitute to the elite classes of society, Sabina is rarely seen with a lot of clothes on. In fact her usual attire tends to vary between bikini tops, boobtubes, nipple bling stickers, halter tops (any top that flashes cleavage and abdomen) with mini skirts lined up with gartered stockings and stiletto leather boots or hot heels. Black armwarmers usually cover her forearms, a black art noveau choker is wrapped around her slender neck

The weapon she has on her person, is a nail file that she uses to file her claw-shaped blood red nails, keeps it on the drawstring of her thong underneath her many different mini skirts. And now a tactical pen, but needs to learn how to use it.

Charismatic and seductive to her ‘targets’ that are willing to pay her big, flexible and agile in movements also an asset when it comes to her job, quick reflexes and slipping away when things get out of hand for her

A seductive minx naturally upon first meeting but also with an attitude streak that can progress to violent nature when prodded too far and not in the pleasurable way. She is fiesty whether passionate in the sheets or knocking off a man who will not pay up

Strengths and Weaknesses
Loves to drink particularly the heavy mixes, goes clubbing a lot, luxurious and expensive materialistic items, lots of sexual intercourse (anywhere, it IS her job) and smoking after a session with a GOOD partner

Revealed over the course of the roleplay

Sabina’s Men



Mercedes “Mia” De Luca
September 06, 2012 10:21PM Name: Mercedes De Luca
Nickname: Mia
Relatives: Only child, parents died in a fire while she was in college.
Ethnicity: 1/2 American, 1/2 Italian
Marital Status: Single
Age: 32
Date of Birth: May 15
Place of Birth: Manhattan’s Little Italy District
Occupation: Escort/Dancer at The Deathclub
Blood Type: AB Negative
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: Around 145.
Shoe Size: 8.5
Build: Slim and toned, stays fit and youthful looking through good eating and yoga
Skin Color: Deep tan
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Dominant Hand: Left
Likes: Techno music, horror movies, Italian food and dancing
Dislikes: Bullies and abusive people
Flaws: In direct opposite to her Italian heritage, she’s a lightweight when it comes to drinking – get a couple of shots in her and she’s drunker than hell.
Breast Size: 38C
Clothing Preferences: Black Leather and anything with Glitter or sequins.

Transportation & Gear: a 2013 White Kawasaki Ninja 250R, a 2009 Icon Women’s Hella Leather Jacket and matching helmet with a light filtering visor.

Residence: Hodek Apartments, 5th Floor with a window view of the city.

History: Born and raised in Little Italy, USA, the only child of Italian immigrants, Mercedes learned the family Italian restaurant business at her father’s knee. She worked her way through high school when she was old enough to help out and saved what money she could to put herself through college, majoring as a gourmet chef. She was in her final year of schooling when the restaurant her parents had owned and operated for nearly 40 years caught fire, the result of an undiscovered gas leak. Her parents, who lived in the apartment over the restaurant didn’t make it out in time and died when the building exploded. After the funerals, she finished her schooling, before deciding to head to Europe at the age of 20 to continue her studies and learn a bit of her family history. She got into a bit of a predicament when the lawyer handling her parent’s estate matters skipped town with all the money she had left in the world and she ended up stranded in Europe with no means of support. It was then that she met Yuri Kazakov, a sleazy underground pimp. He conned her into doing a couple of low budget European skin flicks, which then lead her to a small stint as a prostitue. She made good money that way for a few years before she stopped and managed to break away from Yuri’s control. She then started working a few of the clubs as an escort and dancer, and with her looks and legs, it brought in more money than she had ever dreamed. Unbeknownst to her, she had come under the attention of one of the bouncers of The Deathclub. He took her to meet the mysterious Helena Raminovic and was offered her a job on the spot. She accepted…

To be continued…
Theme Song: “Promiscuous” by Nelly Fertado/Timberland – []

-The sleek white motorcycle zoomed through the streets of Prague, breaking speed limits as it weaved in and out of traffic, it’s engine revving and echoing off the walls of the buildings as it passed by. People stopped to watch for a moment, wondering who would be so reckless and flaunt the police with their stupidity. No clues as to the identity of the rider, the white motorcycle jacket and helmet with its darkened visor hiding the person from view. The rider approached its destination, spotting a place to park directly in front of the building, noticing another car about to back into the staked-out spot. Putting on a burst of speed, bike and rider squeezed into the spot with a squeal of tires and the smell of burning rubber. The driver of the car poked his head out of the window, cursing the motorcyclist in rapid-fire Russian. White gloved hands reached up to pull off the matching white helmet and hair as dark as night cascaded down like waterfall. Eyes as blue as the sky glared at the driver of the car, who was still cursing in Russian. The person on the motorcycle smirked, flipping the Russian man a two-fingered salute before climbing off the bike, slipping the gloves into the helmet. Flipping the dark hair over one shoulder, the figure in white approached the doors that were being guarded by two large men. The man on the left, whom was recognized as Ivan, chuckled.- (Ivan)…”Pissing people off again, Mia?”…(Mercedes)…”It’s a gift. What can I say?” -the person, now known to be female, stated in a heavy American accent tinted with a smidge of Italian. She put a hand on the handle of the door, prepared to step inside when Ivan grabbed her arm. She looked at him in question, blue eyes sparkling with michief. – (Ivan)…”When are you going to marry me and give me strong Russian sons?”…(Mercedes)…”When your dick grows bigger than those brass balls you claim to have.” -she grinned, easily shoving away his arm and stepping inside the club. Ivan noticed Nikolai struggling not to laugh and flipped him a finger.- “Mu’dak.” (translation: Asshole) -he grumbled, causing Nikolai to laugh out loud.-