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September 24, 2012 03:23AM
((Well I decided to make a bio for him >.>))

Full Name: Evzen Bozidar
Nickname: Ed, Zen or Mr.Boz (from those who work for him)

Marital status: Recently engaged than seperated because both his fiance and him cheated on each other, found out same day
Age: 28 years old
Occupation: CEO of Lambourgini car dealers

Biology: Human
Origin: Liberac, Czech Republic (near the border of Poland)

Mother: Adela Bozidar- First housewife now co-owner of the Bozidar Wine Estate
Father: Drahomir Bozidar- Fifth in line to run the wine estate of his ancestors
Siblings: Erika and Ivona- Twin younger sisters still in high school and back home in Liberac with their parents

Tall pureblood Czech man with broad shoulders, square jawline, straight nose and smouldering hazel eyes underneath thick black eyebrows and tousled black hair that is normally slicked back for work or messy when he goes out to socialise. Toned arms and legs for he likes to do morning jogs before work, piano playing fingers but hands are rough over time.

Height: 6’0
Weight: Not disclosed with anyone
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Raven black

Clothing preference
A business man by default, Evzen tends to be wearing his business suit that are either black or navy blue and usually of the pinstripe pattern. If going casual he has ankle boots, straight jeans and a blazer of a simple tee. Jewellery is a double chain necklace, both his ears are pierced with bullet shaped studs.

Does not wear weapons, tends to have his own private bodyguard who is also his chauffeur around Prague, however on his own he tends to rely on just his fists if caught in a sticky situation.

Can run reasonably fast though he likes to jog and take his time, smooth and easy to escape out of sticky situations and prefers to talk out problems than fight it

He knows how to sell products comes off as charming and seductive, easy-to-like and someone to be comfortable around, if angry he goes cold and doesn’t show any emotion or cares. Prefers to not go violent unless its to defend himself.

Strengths and Weaknesses
Wealth, the family wine, his own red lambourgini diablo, industrial and trance music, likes to club when not working, beautiful women and their curvy bodies (also a weakness). Doesn’t like cheap impersonations of any sort especially when it comes to labels, easy lays and heavy smokers


September 29, 2012 09:00PM

Full Name: Miho Sakurabata
Nickname: Mimi or Miho-chan from her group, Sakurabata-san from her superiors/elders

Marital status: Very much single and enjoying it
Age: 26 years old
Occupation: Waitress in Opal Dragon Chinese Restaurant, Prague

Biology: Human
Origin: Osaka, Japan

Mother: Naoko Sakurabata- A nurse at Hoshigaoka Koseinenkin Hospital
Father: Hiroshi Sakurabata- CEO of Cherry blossom graphic designs
Siblings: Tomoyo Sakurabata

She is short with porcelain skin, toned arms and legs with a toned stomach (if you punch it, your fist will hurt) elbow-length orange streaked wavy brown hair that is normally out, pale pink lips and almond shaped eyes usually with blue or violet contact lenses. Nose and ears are pierced and french nail manicured hands.

Height: 5’3″
Weight: Not telling!
Eye Color: Originally brown but she switches between pale blue and violet contact lenses
Hair Color: Black but dyed it to dark brown with orange streaks

Clothing preference
Miho likes comfortable clothes, which means jeans, tracksuit pants and capris. Also has this addiction to arm and leg warmers usually wrapping them around her bouncy sneakers and likes layered tops over halter or singlet shirts. Her nose and ears are pierced as well as between her collar bone with three diamante studs.

Her fists and legs are her weapons being a black belt in martial arts, also got a kendo rack in her apartment just in case

She is short but quick on her feet can easily move out of harms way before delivering her own hit with fast reflexes. She isn’t very strong but knows the weak points of where to hit if that time comes to self defend and even possibly kill

Having lived a normal and good life with her family before she travelled, Miho is very happy go lucky Japanese woman who is also street smart and from her travels knows how ugly the world is. She doesn’t let it get to her preferring to shower everyoen with her positive attitude especially those that are in need for cheer in their life.

Strengths and Weaknesses
Kendo, crab sushi, pocky sticks and American Hershey kisses, green tea and painting
Negative people who don’t really have any issue but just like to whine, kimchi, violence, cheap sake, very hot weather

Miho has lived quite the normal life born and raised in Osaka, Japan and the eldest of one younger sister. Her parents gave both their children a good life, educated in decent elementary school and high school. Rather than going to college and starting up a degree, Miho asked her parents permission to travel and her first stop was Europe learning more English while in the United Kingdom before island hopping around the Meditteranean and finally landing in Prague. Living in there for two years she has been the neighbour of Erik Zikmund ever since she arrived and has been looked after by the wealthy man. She is currently working as a waitress at the local Chinese restaurant.



October 01, 2012 10:00PM

Birth Name: Oksana Tankov
Parents: Yeva, a seamstress and Oleg, worker in a coal factory
Siblings: 6 brothers and 5 sisters, she is the 7th child.
Ethnicity: Russian
Marital Status: Single
Age: 28
Date of Birth: August 24
Place of Birth: Kashin, Russia
Occupation: Prostitue
Blood Type: O-positive
Height: 5′ 4″
Weight: Around 128.
Shoe Size: 7
Build: Slim
Skin Color: Deep tan
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Smoker: Heavy smoker; 3-pack a day habit
Dominant Hand: Right
Likes: Romantic movies
Dislikes: Drugs
Breast Size: 40D
Clothing Preferences: Whatever she can steal.
Residence: Currently staying in a run-down, flea-ridden hotel.
History: Born and raised in Russia, Oksana was the 7th child and the first-born girl of Yeva and Oleg Tankov, a low class working family living in the slums of Kashin. At a young age, she was forced to work along side her mother at the sewing house, making a meager 25 cents a day for her labor. She saved every cent so that she could go to school, learning to speak English by the time she was 12 years old. Deciding that times were hard enough for her parents with feeding 12 children, she ran away from home when she was 17, earning her living from whatever odd jobs she could get. When she was 18, she ran afoul of Russian pimp, Yuri Kazakov. It was while she was in his “employ” that she met Mercedes and came under her protection. It was Mia that kept the younger girl from Yuri’s more violent tendencies and Oksana considered Mia the sister she never had. When Mia disappeared, it was Oksana who stepped into her place, protecting the other younger girls from Yuri until she felt they could better protect themselves. One evening, while Yuri was passed out from too much drinking and drug use, Oksana made a break for it, stealing some money she found in his pockets and his desk and began the long, ardorous task of tracking down Mia. But she wasn’t as stealthy as she thought she was, completely unaware that she was being tracked…







October 04, 2012 12:09AM
I. Identity
Name: Candice Chisolm
A. Also Known As: Candi
Age: 23
Apparent Age: 21II. Origin:
A. Place of Origin: Whitehorse, Canada
B. Origin/History: The youngest of the Chisolm sisters, Candice was born just four seconds behind her older sister Corsica. In a way, her life became defined by this stroke of fate; while her sister usually took the more open and public routes, Candice preferred the quiet and secluded paths through life. While her sister joined the cheerleading team and went to parties, Candice instead painted and wrote stories. When the duo graduated and went off to the University, Candice snagged a job as the Librarian, to no one‘s surprise. When the tragic accident struck the two sisters, it was Candice’s idea to flee to Europe, and thus, it is ultimately her fault that they now work at the Death Club.
While she always appeared to be extremely naïve and innocent, the truth is that Candice has a lot more in common with her sister than it appears when it comes to kink.

III. Physical Characteristics:
A. Female: Candice is a relatively slender girl, coming in at 5‘ 11“ and weighing 140lbs. She has been blessed with fair curves at the hips, but smaller breasts than her sister. Her nose is marginally less sharp and her complexion is much lighter on account of her always staying indoors to read or organize files.
1. Preferred Clothing: Candice has never been particularly fashion-sensitive. In her free time, she’ll usually wear sweaters and jeans, but for any other occasion she’ll put on whatever feels most fitting. Her only stipulation is that her clothing be mostly white, with black as a sparse, secondary color.
2. Race: Caucasian
3. Blood Type: A-
4. Height: 5’ 11”
5. Weight: 140lbs
6. Shoe Size: 8
7. Build: Slender
8. Skin Color: Pale white
9. Eye Color: Green
10. Hair Color: Brown
11. Hair Length: Shaved
12. Facial Features: Soft corners, barely pronounced cheekbones, slightly sunken cheeks
13. Physical Features: Ample waist, B-cup breasts
14. Dominant Hand: Left

IV. Lifestyle:
A. Language(s): In spite of her constant reading, Candice has always struggled with learning another language. She can speak English, and thanks to being raised in Canada, is fairly competent at French.
B. Religion(s): Candice prefers to label herself an Agnostic Theist, believing that there is probably a god of some sort, but that it doesn’t matter that much.
C. Gender Roles: While Candice seems to be considerably more subdued than her sister, she has some rather interesting ideas about how interactions between the genders should occur.
1. Male: Dominant
2. Female: Switch

VI. Daily Life:
A. Disposition: Altogether, Candice usually comes off as cheerful, if a bit quirky and withdrawn. She can be relied upon to answer a large number of trivia or otherwise obscure questions, and isn’t at all afraid of going out and having a good time; she’d just rather be reading.
B. Food: Candice will eat anything, but she has a particular fondness for white-chocolate coated strawberries.
C. Rituals: Aside from her obsessive wardrobe management and need to alphabetize everything she owns, Candice isn’t known for exhibiting any specific ritualistic behaviors.
1. Marriage/Bonding: As Candice sees it, her sister is all she has in this world, and because of that, she would prefer it if they never had to part. Due to this thought-process, she doesn’t even consider marriage an option.
2. Birthing: In spite of her questionable habits in the bedroom, Candice goes out of her way to avoid having children. This is most likely due to her poor relationship with her mother, and the fear that she will turn out the same way.
3. Mourning/Funeral: After the accident at the party in Canada, Candice has become considerably more hardened towards death. Though the concept of her own demise haunts her, she tries to forget the deaths she caused by burying herself in books, or at the bottom of the bottle.
D. Training of Youth/Education: Candice attended Whitehorse Private Academy, alongside her sister Corsica, and always tended more towards English and literary classes, as opposed to her sister’s tendency towards Science.
E. Workforce: Candice never worked a real job until she got hired on at the University Library; a career choice which wound up being unfortunately short-lived.
F. Armed Forces: Candice never considered joining any military branch, probably due to her initial belief that she could never hurt another human being.



Weight:: 244 pounds.
Body structure: Athletic, well toned.
Eye color: Stormy Blue.
Hair color: Black and buzz-cut
Skin tone: Weathered tan, accompanied by 5 0’clock shadow.Personality.
An amiable cowboy from Arizona, he is someone soft spoken and reclusive but sitll courtious to the stranger or friends and co-workers. He’s quick to assume a position of unleashed authority due to his time in various positions of power. He’s a leader more than a task master as he adheres to the examples he commands over others. Duke is moderately anti-authoritarian and has an extremely short temper with stupid people. He’ll be honest with you, weither you like it or not, lyin’ just ain’t in his nature.

Other information

Religion: Lutheran
Political views: Indepedant
Past Occupations: Sergeant Major, US Army Rangers; Trick Shooter, Maricopa County Sheriffs Deputy
Current Occupation: Head of Security at Deathclub
Favorite color(s): Black, electric purple.
Favorite book(s): Various,
Favorite genre(s) of music: Whatever that happens to play that he likes.
Smoking: Once in a while
Drinking: Once in a while

Background information.
(Coming eventually)