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IstoDarkBlade: [ Pain narrating ]= Another night of the nights of LOREWALL city, To Me it with just a bitch ass city who deserves nothing, What did it give Me? I am a 20 years old who is poor and have no work, I get My living by picking pockets heh a man must use His own gift, When My parents were alive I was trained on marshal arts and stealth skills, But it was from the past, but it was all about to change without Me knowing it, It was all that day when I decided to enter that fancy restaurant. [ Flashback to the past ] = the bus moving around the city with people inside it as

IstoDarkBlade: Pain is inside it with His old cloth, He was standing between 2 men, The first was bold about 40 years old fat man, wearing fancy cloth with large brown coat, the man had His right hand up catching the bar so He doesn’t fall down with the movment of the bus, The other was yellow haired 30 years old man , Wearing a black suit. Pain choose the older man because of His position and His fancy cloth showed He had money. Once the Bus stopped Pain throw Himself a bit toward the man as if He is going to fall down, In that moment He had His left hand inside the man’s pocket as He took the walet from inside the coat inner pocket [ The man] = “” Oi watch it boy “” = He said as He felt Pain leaning on Him [ Pain ] = “” Well, Tell that to the driver “” = The man smiled at the comment then shook His head a bit [ The driver ] = “” Next stop Hot restaurant “” = SAid the driver as He begain to slow down the bus movment while turning the wheel a bit to the right with His foot pressing on the brakes slowly . Pain would move from between the crowds and make His way to the door, Once the door is opened He jumped off to land on His feet. Pain would turn around while looking at His victory. [Pain] “” The old fool “” = He starts to search the walet and all He found was 20 bucks and nothing, He felt angry for all His affort is gone for nothing, He took the money thrown the walet, He looked at the shinning restaurant that He dreamed to go in it once. Pain jogged across the street toward the restaurant till He came to the door, The door was large with 2 black buffed up guards in black suits [ guard one ] “”” Where do you think you are going? “” = Said the guard at the right as He raised His left palm and put it on Pain’s chest, The guard kept looking up and down at Pain and His cloth, [ Pain ] “” Going inside “” = Said Pain as He raised His right palm pushing the hand of the guard down by the wrist and moved forward to go in. The other guard stood infront of Pain [ Guard two ] “” Not tonight nor ever “” = Pain looked up at the guy who is much taller and wider than Pain, Pain’s eyes showed no fear in them, He pushed the guard at His chest and tried to go in , The other guard caught Pain from the back and pulled Him and thrown Him at the middle of the road where Pain landed on His right side=

NatashaNarishnakov: -Natasha’s meeting with Kane concluded, she would walk outside the compound and see that she was pretty much well outside of the city limits. She kicked the toe of her boot in the dirt, and when she thought she was going to have to either steal a bike or leg it, she turned to see the glimmer of chrome and jetstream silver paintwork. IT WAS HER CAR!…If ever she was pleased to see it, it was now. One of the clan members threw her keys towards her, which she caught effortlessly, and striding towards it, she pressed the button on her keychain. Dramatic theater lighting is activated as Natasha approaches the car; phosphor blue electro-luminescent wire lights illuminate the perimeter of the cabin and the turbines. Its a real work of art and craftsmanship, with a 580kW (778bhp) propulsion system combines powerful 145kW (195bhp) electric motors at each wheel for outstanding performance. At the center of the car sit state-of-the-art, mid-mounted micro gas-turbines. These can either generate 140kW (188bhp) to charge the batteries and extend the range of the car to a remarkable 900km (560 miles) – enough to drive from London to Berlin on a single tank – or when in Track mode provide supplementary power directly to the electric motors. The four electric motors provide torque-vectored, all-wheel drive traction and grip, essential in a car that produces 580kW (778bhp) and 1600Nm (1180lb ft) of torque. Opening the door, she slips into the molded racing seat, and sticking her key into the ignition, and when the car is started, additional blue LED lighting gently floods the door and bulkhead speaker cavities, highlighting the car’s lightweight construction. The lights flood the road in front of her as she tore off into the night, racing along the bitumen, the car possessing remarkable poise and grace as it hugged every corner and would reach speeds of up to 330km/h (205mph) with blistering acceleration. Soon the bright lights of Lorewall would be seen in the distance and she pressed the petal to the metal, the delicious roar of the engine as it brought her into the business district through to the downtown precinct were Natasha’s High tower apartment was. But it was as she was coming around the corner into main street, that a man would be flung out into the middle of the road on his right side, causing Natasha to do a hard break, turning the steering wheel in full lock as the car slide across onto the wrong side of the road, barely missing the Number 92 bus to the East side- (Natasha)”VVVVVVVVVVVUUUUUUCCCKKK!”- the tires screamed as the car blew up smoke finally coming to a stop just outside the De’Rah Jewellers. She sat in the seat a moment, her hands locked onto the steering wheel, as patrons came out of the HOT restaurant to watch the scene unfolding. Natasha was panting, then threw open the door of her car and leapt out, marching across the road towards the man that was on his side. She knelt down as one of the bouncers came near and realised who it was. (Bouncer 1. )”Awe..shit its Natasha.”- She rose up and then grinned slyly, her elongated fangs appearing as she strutted over to the jolly dark giant. (Natasha)”Youz…throwz ‘im…in front…of myz car?…”- The bouncer looked like he was ready to piss his pants- (Bouncer 1.)”Miss Natasha….he was trying to get in and look how he is dressed….a bum”- Natasha turned back to look at the man on the road, and shrugged as she slipped out an electric shock device like taser from her pocket and then smiled as it was concealed by her sleeve- (Natasha)”E couldz ‘ave zcratchedz…my carz….I dhink…you zhould elp…dhe manz…not drhow ‘im in frontz of my…*and at this moment her right arm rocketed around and she would slam the taser into the man’s neck, sending a massive jolt of electrical current into his body*…..CARZ! -The bouncer’s legs would turn to jelly as he crumpled in a heap on the street. Natasha then grinned at the other bouncer, who suddenly was running towards the fallen man in the street to help pick him up. Natasha pocketed the stun device and then absently waved with her hand, as she headed into HOT. (Natasha)”Bringz ‘im insidez…I getz him dinner”

IstoDarkBlade: = Pain would lay there for a second in the floor, He turns to lay on His back feeling some pain in His right shoulder, He had a glimps of the dark blue sky of the night, Pain wouldn’t mind to lay in the middle of the street since it was where He lived for the last 4 years. Out of everything all that caught His own attention was the sound of the Engine of the fast car [ Pain thinking inside His head] “” Is it the end of My life “” = He questioned as He saw the lady driving the car turning the wheel hard, All He knew next was the sound of the tires as they are trying to get a hold of the floor, Pain would spin Himself fastly toward the sidewalk But He noticed the car going the other side. Pain would raise His own upper body up a bit to look at the driver and the car, Once she got out He saw some beautiful female, Pain would sit still at the side walk watching the scene as she tortured the guard . Seeing the other coming to run at Him, Pain would stand fast in a defending position, Once the man was near Pain enough , Pain would make His right palm into a fist and swing His body to the left while raising His right fist to the man’s abdomen, Once the guard took The hit He gasped for air as He flied up from the ground about 20 CM high then landed on His knees with back bent forward a bit, Pain would bring His own right knee up to the guard’s chin, The guard’s head would be titled back hard followed By His own body that He is laying on the floor on His back with one knee bent under Him and the other leg is straight front of Him. Pain would stand there panting for a while [ Pain] “” That is what your ass get BITCH “” = Pain screams the last word as the guard is passed out, He then turn to look at the female for a moment [ Pain] “” Ummm…. Thanks for not running over Me “” = Pain said with a half smirk feeling a little pain in His right shoulder, People around was standing to watch the scene of the young man beating the buffed up guard [ Other guard from inside ] “” Oi What is going on? “” = He said looking at the passed out guard and at Pain, While running toward them=

NatashaNarishnakov: -Natasha’s dagger tipped boots would click clack along the pavement as the crowd that had dispersed from the HOT nightclub restaurant would part to allow her through. Her platinum blonde locks bobbing on her shoulders as one of the other bouncers would run past her to the collapsed chap, that Natasha had zapped with her stun device. She would look back to see that the man who had been thrown out into the path of her car, was making a rather spectacular scene, in giving the other bouncer what for, by doing a double fist punch to the man’s body, and abdomen and as he fell to his knees, bringing up his right knee up to his chin and sending him flying. Natasha now was interested in this sudden burst of self defence on the young man’s part, and he certainly gave her food for thought, as the bouncer was soundly beaten. She would clap twice and smirk- (Natasha)”Bravoz….Comerade….very nize voot vork” -she would extend her hand to him as he approached in offer of a greeting and introduced herself- (Natasha) “Natasha….Narishnakov….nize do meetz zomeone vho knowz ‘ow to ‘andle dhe baboonz….dhat guard dhiz club. Comez inzide….I buyz you dinnerz….maybe zome decent clothez.” -She would gesture towards a spot by the wall inside the HOT restaurant-

IstoDarkBlade: = Pain would look at her hand then back to her, He never trusted someone but He slowly raised His own right palm and shook her hand with His [ Pain ] “” Pain… My name is… Pain “” = He said slowly while looking at her with narrowed eyes, Her own language and accent are strange to Him, He didn’t care much about as He looked at the place she is pointing at . Pain would look from the corner of His eyes at the people whispering about Him and what He did, He prefered to be with total stranger than standing to bare with their own eyes and their whispering, He nodded to her slowly, As He waited for her to go first before Him=

NatashaNarishnakov: -Pain would seem reluctant to shake her hand at first and she tilted her head the other way, and smile as he finally obliged. Good, she was used to getting what she wanted and since he hadn’t scratched her precious ride, he was alright by her. She shrugged as he was looking at the gaping onlookers that were standing out and around the HOT nightclub, and she hissed, becoming menacing as she waved the crowd to move. (Natasha)”Vhat iz dhiz….a circuz?…Get out of dhe vay”- she waltzed into HOT, finding her favourite table was being used by some horny hot couple where the man was feeding the woman a cherry. Natasha picked up the bowl and then opened the woman’s top and poured the cherries down between her cleavage- (Natasha)”Dake dhe bitch ome and findz er cherriez….MOVEZ” – Natasha dropped the bowl as a waiter picked it up from behind her and the couple quickly got up and left, a trail of cherries on the floor in their wake. Natasha then sat herself down as the manager brought her the wine list and snapped his fingers for the table to be cleaned as Natasha would pick up a bread stick and point it to the empty chair opposite her. (Natasha)”Zit….I gotz my vavoritez dablez….”-she would then wink at some young lad sitting at another table with his family- (Natasha)”Mmmm I love the vood on offer in dhiz place”

IstoDarkBlade: = Pain would follow her slowly inside the restaurant , Noticing the horny couple Pain would look the other side from them. Then at the sound of the female screaming He would look at Natasha putting the cherry inside the female’s cleavage , He would stand there with His own eyes widened a bit as He was suprised by her own act, Looking at the female walking away with her BF cursing at Natasha. Pain would look at the place from the inside, It was the first time He saw the inside of the restaurant. It was nice and beautiful, Relaxing as well. Pain would take the seat infront of Natasha and watch the Waiter giving her the list of wine, The waiter would look at Pain from the corner of His eyes, Pain could read His thoughts= [ Waiter’s thoughts ] “” Anyone would enter this place these days “” = Then the waiter left, Pain would hold His own head with both palms and shake His head a bit . He then look up at Natasha [ Pain] “” How can I help you ? “” = He asked looking at her for a while studying her=

Guest_DarksiedtheLegend: -After Natasha left the garage compound of the Red Ravens with what would seem to be one of their better models, Kane would recieve a phone call to which the only answer was quick and to the point-(?) Community college…. Bring your boys. -Kane would then hang up and pick up a global positioning system which had the exact coordinates of Natasha car, he would then head down from his office and head to a tool chest down at the mechanics work room as he opened the tool chest would he then start to take out an AK-47 would then other mechanics around stop what they were doing and started putting their uniforms. They would dress themselves accordingly red bandanas on their heads, leather jackets with two red RR stitched into the right, leather pants and leather boots about ten to fifteen men suited up as they approached Kane to take either an AK-47 or an Uzi while also picking up istols, brass knuckles and Knives. Kane only brought with him a pistol and his trademark pole staff he then approach his good old trusty motorcycle as he reved up his engine many of the other Red Ravens also reved up there engines-(Kane) Roll out! -To which he would drive out of the garage along with all the other Red Ravens following. Meanwhile at The Avenging Angels territory Helmet recieved a phone call with same instructions to which some of the Angels were playing pool and drinking in their bar.-(Helmet) Man up! Sober up and get off your asses. We are riding. -Most of the men there were wearing leather vests, black pants and were metal helmets and most of them were hurrying to their bikes already with weapons already on their bikes from the standard old shotguns to the deadly combat shotguns. Mounting on the their bikes and following Helmet up front leading the motorcycle line, He seemed to be wearing the same clothes of yesterday the only addition is that he has chains on his wrists . While somewhere in the Telsa Teknos loud techno music was boomig from the stereos then music from Daft punk started to boom from the stereos the musice playing was Harder Better Faster as this was going on members of the Telsa Teknos was busy mounting and connecting wires to a van a mountable twin GAU-17/A miniguns. This would be the time when the call would come to which the music sound started to decrease as Silver boy woud shout out- (Silver boy) Any of you seen my cell phone?! Please tell me its not with Nicky! (?) No we haven’t seen it! But she has car! (Silver boy) NOOOOO! NICKY DON’T START THE ENGINE! -He would be running to his silver 2009 Porsche 911 Carrera where Nicky was about to turn the key as Silver boy flung himself over to the hood of the car,Nicky a brunette girl wearing a purple jacket and gray pants-(Nicky) You never let me have any fun…Why can’t I take it out for a spin? (Silver boy) This is my last car that you haven’t crashed. (Nicky) Yet…(Silver boy) *ggggrrrrr* Get out of my car. (Nicky) Sheessh ok. -Nicky would go back to the work area as Silver boy would find his cell phone in the car ringing once he answered it, he would rush to the work area in which it was a mess and several bullets decorated the wall.-(Silver boy) Nicky…. you are coming with me to college. (Nicky) What you flunked again? Thats got to be the sixth time…when are you going to pass from being a fresh man? (Silver boy) Get in the car Nicky! you two yes! two! Does the gun work? (?) Sure it does didn’t you notice the bullet holes? gosh no wonder he flunks (Silver boy) I heard that! Get the van we are going to down town…. -The two mechanics that were working on the twin guns would enter the van and follow Silver boys’ Porsche with Nicky in it and still bugging Silver boy about letting her drive the Porsche-

SothisRaWintersunII: As Cinder lay in bed, his eyes pointed directly at the cieling he would begin to thank Syl ((Etherician version on God)) for his blessings. He huffed and threw his legs over the edge of the bed and stoof up to his full hieght, not even bothering to stretch or anything like that he headed straight for the huge black curtains that seperated the bedroom from the rest of the structure. He sauntered out and went straight to the spiraling staircase that led to the tallest tower were he looked out on the frozen landscape. The black snowclouds were faning out, all across the continent, the entire continent would soon be the victim of one of the most deadly winters. Cinder walked up to the railing and wrapped his fingers around it then leaned forward against it, the blackclouds had reached Lorewall but the Ethra had not, now blocking out the moon the clouds began to produce a heavy snowfall that would prevent your average person from seeing atleast five feet infront of them. In the distance the distorted howls could be heard, a earsplitting high pitched shriek from above, and a booming roar from further out. The beasts had spread, reproducing just as their humanoid Etherician counterparts did. A pack of Drashok (wolves) came flying over the tops of a group of skyscrappers, they decended upon a group of pedestrians as a plauge of white fur, tearing those people up they scattered but still kept within close vecinity of eachother as they attacked others. Next came the (bears) Fado, these were much larger than the Drashok their entire body was covered in a thick white fur coat from head to toe, a short snout, and glowing chrome eyes. It let out a booming roars and charge at the buildings with about five of its mates behind him, they would burst into the buildings and slaughter those who where unfortunate enought to be stuck in there, they made their way to the top floor then hopped over to the other building where they would continue with their hunt,hey…even though they were animals…they had to eat something…last but not least were the (birds) and probably the most effective of the three monsters. They were the mikil, creatures that strongly resembled dragons no less, their organic metal scales glistened in the dim light of the blocked moon. there were three all together, each of them would swoop down, picking up anything that would get caught in their talons then bring it to high altitudes then just throw it at the ground, the most popular thing seemed to be newspaper or hotdog stands, the second bieng actually people. Each of the Mikil had a little camera stapped onto them, one on their head, one of their stomach, and one at the tip of their tail. These devices would feed video to a group of video crystals right next to Cinder, he watched all the mayhem with a wide grin on his face and his hair blowing across his face, his grin would soon turn to maniacal laughter that would echo out all across the lands and eventually, within minutes. Reach Lorewall….

NatashaNarishnakov: -Natasha would pick up the knife and then check out the reflection of her elongated fangs in the shiny metal as Pain would sit opposite her, holding his head in his hands and shaking his head slightly. She perked a brow and then placed down the knife gently upon a folded napkin, as the musicians started to play some acoustic version of “Hot Chilli woman” in the background. The restaurant was packed out, and there was a fair size line up of workers at the bar, and girls bumping and grinding on the dance floor. Natasha bobbed her head in time to the music, seemingly oblivious to the worries of Pain. His voice finally carried to her a question about how he could help her. Well that was new, not normally was she asked something like that.- (Natasha)”Helpz mez?….I ‘ate to eat alonez…you knowz. Zo..you eat a mealz….ve dalk.” -it seemed simple enough, and Natasha was somewhat distracted as she would snap her fingers for the nearest waiter- (Natasha)”Menuz….Menuz” (Waiter)”Yes Miss Narishnakov…and might I say you look exquiste this evening.”-(Natasha)”‘Cutz zhe crap…I vant dhe zpecial, and…err….dhe pork…it lookz gut…and a bottle ov..1787 Château Lafitte. Oh…and vhatever dhe young man vantz….”-she then picked up her cell and checked her messages, whilst outside the restaurant, strange beasts were coming from the North….

AidenArius: With Jim and Greer out of their hair, Mouse rushes into his room and packs up his clothes, stuffing them into a bag while Javid merely looks at him. [Mouse]”Well? What are you waiting for o’ good sir? A chariot with white horse? Pack up, we’re leaving for Fjelding Mountains as soon as we can. Your good friend’s money depends on us.” Mouse said whilst stuffing his belongings into a rather tiny bag, with Javid shaking his head, having no retort for Mouse due to his worries about Jim traveling alone with the doctor. Javid didn’t really need to pack, seeing as most of his stuff is still in the bag he took from his home so he just zip up and hoist the strap over his right shoulder. Out of habit, he reaches over for his usual small piece of cloth and tying it around his head to keep his long hair from being blown away by the wind, or worse; poking him in the eye. Just as he’s done, Mouse rushed into his room and knocking on the opened door loudly as a signal before speeding out of the building. Javid watched and grit his teeth, slightly annoyed by Mouse bossy nature which hadn’t surfaced for a long time since he was never obligated to follow Mouse before. Javid glances to the side of the door, reaching behind the wooden door and pulls out a metallic rod to use as a staff. [Mouse]”Javid! Hurry the hell up!” Urge the tiny male outside, and Javid complies without much hassle due to his worries and jealousy about Jim and his traveling partner. The two then hopped up on Mouse’s rundown cheap jeep.. Does this man own ANYTHING that doesn’t look like old as crap? The two men drove up to nearby airfield, hopping onto a.. another cheap transportation; a helicopter to transport them to the Fjelding Mountains. [Pilot]”So.. Not to be nosy or anything but what exactly do you need that you’re heading for the mountains? It’s dangerous you know.” The pilot asks, worrying about two frail beings landing in the middle of the dangerous mountains, since not many people actually go there for honeymoon. [Mouse]”Well that’s why I brought an elf with me; he’s good with this jungle and nature thing.” Joke the Mouse at Javid’s expense, before the pilot muttered something in disbelief.. [Pilot]”What the hell..?” [Mouse]”That’s our secret project. Now land us on that landing pad.” Reply the Mouse as the chopper hovers above something that looks like a camp, still in progress but a camp nonetheless. The pilot sweat nervously as he land the piece of machinery as the sun began to set, fearing that he just aided an anti-government group because he saw the security measure that includes turrets surrounding the camp. Mouse then suddenly pulls out a gun from his bag, pointing it at the pilot. [Mouse]”Sorry, but I need this place to be a secret, and considering you don’t work for us, you’re a risk that I can’t take.” Says Mouse, threatening the pilot after he had delivered them safely to their destination. What an ungrateful rat. [Pilot]”oh god.. I knew it.. Please man.. I got kids to feed, just let me go! Don’t kill me! Please!” Beg the pilot with his hands placed behind his helmet as a sign of surrender. [Mouse]”Whoa whoa nobody’s killing anybody here. I just need you to follow me, and stay here until my business partner safely arrives. Can’t have this place found before that.” Mouth says just before Javid lunges his metal rod towards the Pilot’s head, knocking the poor guy out. He then pulls the unconscious pilot out of the chopper and dragging him down as they step down to the camp. [Javid]”It’s night.. Better get underground.. Fast.” Says Javid as he stated the obvious, the workers setting up the camp too had already begun to move into a cave that held a passageway to an underground shelter. When everyone was safely inside the shelter, Mouse heads further into the underground shelter till he reaches something like a control room, activating the security defenses outside whilst Javid lays on the top bunk of his bed.

Guest_DarksiedtheLegend: -The community college a very nice place full of commendations for the up and coming students with a considerable faculty of highly expert teachers, they got good reseach labs, great dormitories, neat classrooms and big lecture halls…everything needed to help mold the new students to fine workers and this college couldn’t have such nice facilities if it weren’t for the many generous donaters one of those generous donaters would happen to be the Finister family. Little do people suspect that such an old and generous man would be one of the heads of the Fuyu no arashi clan and not many would suspect that the valedictorian graduate would be employed by the Finister family to work in their laboratories and little do these valedictorians suspect that they will be helping to create one of the Fuyu no arashi clans greatest weapons and little did they know that they would help create such a fearful and gruesome creature…. the prototype weapon …Rahaghoul. But enough of the history of the college lets go now to see that the three gang leaders would be meeting up with the dean of the college when the three gangs and leader enter the deans office was Nicky the first one to speak- (Nicky) Please Dean don’t get expell Silver boy a few more years and maybe he will pass being a freshman. -To which Kane, Helmet, their gangs and the dean would all laugh while trying so hard not to laugh so hard or loudly-(Silver boy) Nicky…my dear…my most trusted and beautiful second in command. NOW WOULD BE THE BEST TIME TO SHUT UP! (Nicky) Trusted? you don’t even trust me with the keys to our own base besides we all know why we are here we are here to convince the dean to not expell you. -The rest would lose control of what ever held them back from not laughing out loud before and now started to laugh uncontrollably- (Silver boy) Shut it! Shut it! Shut it! -The dean would wave his hand to make some of them stop laughing before turning on a light to reveal himself to be Finister the Second-(Finister the Second) Alright alright enough laughing, lets get down to business about discussing…. Silver boys grades…Yee ha ha ha ha no no seriously seriously lets focus on the information I obtained about the three Russian theivies. (Helmet) What are they really that bad? (Finister the Second) Yeah they are worst than Silver boys grades ha ha ha ha ha (Silver boy) Enough shut it! shut it! (Finister the Second) Alright back down to it…my men have discovered their exact where abouts but we have discovered that they have ties with the Russian mafia…when the mafia found out those three were selling our medical supplies. They jumped to hire enforcers that will defend their asset. They got about fifty men each and within the days given to us we discovered exactly who are each and every man. Their routines, their daily activities and even unusual habbits. (Kane)What you mean unusual habbits? (Finister the Second) One of them used drugs. (Helmet) Drugs? You certain about that. What if its a one time thing (Silver boy) This is the master of intel we are talking about he never makes a mistake. (Finister the Second) Yes it is but we may need to move quickly if we are to obtain our stolen goods. So I propose we take out all one hundred and fourty nine and get back our products and after we kill them all we make them disappear. Then we hit the snakes head at the same time we got rid of the snakes tail, capture them before they call reinforcements. (Helmet) Hundred forty nine? what happen to the one? (Finister the second) We had an implication over a contract -A day before the meeting one of the men who had difficulty breathing broke into the apartment of Dimitri, as Dimitri tried to run the grey suit man hit him with a bat when Dimitri woke up he was tied to a chair-(Dimitri) Who are you? dalk! dalk you! -The grey suit man turned he was wearing a strange sort of gasmask with tubes would walk to Dimitri -(?) You ahhh are ahh going to pay. But first ahhh tell ahhh me ahhh about your nasty habbit. -He pointed at the drugs-(Dimitri) I dont howz it got dhere. (?)Hmm ahhh ok ahhh we try your way ahhh -The gasmask man removed a revovler before removing four of its bullets and leaving two in the chamber, he spun the chamber before placing the revovler on the Dimitri’s head-(?) Ahhh talk (Dimitri) No you Krazy. *click* (?) Lucky ahhh *click* (Dimitri) You Chicken. *click* (?)AHHH three left ahhh -The gasmask man aimed the revovler to the wall-*Bang* (?) hmm ahh shall we go again ahhh ahhh*click* (Dimitri) I no nodhing *click* Colombianz at Zlumz Zouth wezt Diztrict ahh ahh ahh we good? (?) Yes ahh now ahhh pay ahh *BANG!* Good ahhh organs ahh -He shot Dimitri at the throat before he began harvesting the his body parts-(Finister the second) But at the upside we now know of the dirty work of the Colombians and have inform to the proper people

SothisRaWintersunII: Cinder’s manaical laughter had made its way to the bustling city, one that now had a sheet of snow over it. The bears had made their way out into the streets along the side hte wolves and the birds where now perched up on the birds. The occasional high pitched shriek could be heard from one of the birds. By now the killing rampage was over and the animals were roaming the streets like stray dogs, one wolf even stoped to pee on a fire hydrant while another rested on a snow covered plant licking his…”tool”. The video of this scene amused Cinder, so much to the point where he decided to take a trip to see his little furry friends. A cyclonic vortex of black and platnum freezing energies swirled around Cinder and he was whisked away into the air headed for Lorewall. After an estimated time of thirty minutes or so the black and platnum energy slammed on the street and exploded in a non lethal manner leaving Cinder in its wake. Several of the animals trotted on over to Cinder, some licked him, some nibbled on him, and some rubbed up against him. HE chuckled softly. He normally hated animals, but these he had a soft spot for, Cinder looked around, all the dead bodies were covered and just looked like a little piles of snow. “Oh dear…” He said as he ran his fingers through the long white fur of one of his animals. “Perhaps you should stay in the forest….” the snow began to fall once more and Cinder’s figure was now a shadowy sillouette to most around him. The people where still hiding inside the buildings but watching Cinder like a fuckin hawk, he made his way over to a bench accompanied by his furry friends and ploped down on it and watched the snow fall occasionally glancing up at the moon.

NatashaNarishnakov: -Just as the waiter was bringing over Natasha’s first course, there seemed to be a steady stream of screaming people running past the entrance of HOT. The steaming plate would be set down in front of her as a pack of white snow wolves were running rampant after the crowd of terrified people. (Natasha)”I dhink dhe pork iz a little bit pinkz”- (Crowd of terrified shoppers)”AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” *running the other way past the entrance. (Waiter)”Miss Natasha, you said before you like it under cooked and bloody”- (Snow Bear beasties)”RRRRROOOOAARRRR!!!”*coming thundering past the entrance, one trying to bite the leg of a woman who was beating its head with an umbrella* (Natasha)”Anyz chanze deh Chef couldz givez itz another goez on dhe panz….I meanz really…itz very pinkz”- (Crowd of terrified patrons now run out of HOT as a large wolf chases them past Natasha)”AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!” (Snow Wolf)”HOOOOOWWWLLLLL…GGGRRRRRRR…RAWWRRR…SNAP!” (Waiter)”Very well, Miss Natasha”-Suddenly another wolf comes past and knocks over her botttle of ultra expensive 1787 Château Lafitte and it spills on her fightsuit. (Natasha)”VUCKING JEZUZ…VHAT IZ VITH ALL DHE ANIMALZ?”- she tossed down her napkin and marched outside into the street, only to see dead bodies everywhere and wouldn’t you know it…….Cinder. Natasha smacked her forehead and then stomped over to Cinder with her finger waggling at him- (Natasha)”YOUZ…Zince vhen you letz out dhe zoo?” -she was not at all impressed to see him-

AidenArius: Javid lays on his top bunk, pondering on Jim and Greer on their private getaway. Of course Mouse said he hired some mercenaries to accompany them but to Javid, all he sees is Greer taking advantage of Jim. Who knows what that evil manipulative doctor would do to Jim without him around; she may even steal a kiss for all he knows. ~Snap out of it Javid.. ~ he thinks in his head whilst lightly shaking his head on the hard cheap pillows. Before he had finished shaking his head, a female voice calls for him. [Karen]”Sir Javid? I am Karen, I manage the operation here during the absence of Sir Caiden. Sir Caiden calls for you, he’s in the control room.” Says a woman who looks rather well dressed in a place filled with poor people from the slums who obviously have trashy and cheap wardrobe when compared to this Karen person. [Javid]”..I’ll be there in a minute.” Javid then sits up and turns around, hopping off his top bunk with ease and make his way to the control room which houses the computers that monitors the outside, control the security systems and scans the surrounding area. [Javid]”Caiden huh? I thought you like ‘Mouse’, Mouse.” Javid says as he enters the control room, only to stand in silence to see the place is well equipped. He never thought that Mouse is capable for such feat, but now he knows that this rat means business. [Javid]”so.. Nice place.. And did you used Jim’s money to buy that girl new outfits?” He enquire while giving him a rather threatening look, he does not tolerate betrayal; especially not one that involves Jim. [Mouse]”Alright before you hurl something that taste like metal at my cranium, let me defend my life with another explanation. She’s a smart girl, and I do mean smart. She’s a smart slum girl; you see where I am getting at? She can’t get good stuff and she can’t get a government loan to continue her studies to get a better life. So think of it this way, I am investing Sparky’s money, for someone who can run a company, and make us more money. She’s even better at this job than The Mouse, so I think it’s a great investment, which will be beneficial for Sparky in the long run. Okay now you may swing something at my head if you think that isn’t good enough. Javid just stands there again, a bit pissed but he knows that Jim needs every insurance he can get and Mouse got a point, with Jim being a being from another world and all.. [Javid]”Fine. But that didn’t justify why she gets new branded clothes while the rest of these people eating a canned sardine” Mouse chuckles at the question before answering, [Mouse]”Well you may not like girls, but I do.” Mouse retorted, and ends up with a swift metal rod hitting the side of his head. [Mouse]”ouch.. Should’ve kept my mouth shut.. Anyway.. Back to business.” He says, rubbing his head to feel a bulge from the hit. [Javid]”What business? I thought you had everything covered?” [Mouse]”Well I got the equipment ordered and delivered, our trusty Miss Karen got the operation supervised, buuut we need extra precaution.” Two badly dressed men approaches Mouse and Javid, carrying a heavy-looking bag filled with spear-like objects. Mouse dismisses them as soon as they dropped the bag next to Javid. [Mouse]”These are our fences. I need you to get these planted around the camp early morning tomorrow. I’d ask the guys but they can’t really navigate through the jungle as well as we need them to be.. So it’s up to you to sneak around and plant these around the camp. Just jab them into the ground—sharp end down and you’re done.” Mouse instructed Javid, being bossier than his usual self. Of course, the large investment at hand, Mouse can’t afford to screw it up and it’s Javid’s cross to bear. Javid gave him an angered glare, and swiftly landing his metal rod on the top of Mouse skull but not as hard as his previous hit, just enough to hurt the bloody rat. He then picks up the bag and head for his bunk and just because he had to do it, doesn’t mean he got to be happy about it. Just as Javid exited the control room, a panel lights up as if asking for Mouse to press the button, which he did only to sigh in relief. It was a news feed about massive animal rampage around Lorewall, something he expect where he is now but NOT at the city. The two operators in the control room gives Mouse a worried glance, and Mouse immediately terminate the news feeds. [Mouse]”What you just saw.. Don’t tell anyone okay? These people are going to worry about their family and we can’t afford them leaving. I’ll have my contacts in the city to check out on your families, and theirs. So.. Keep this news to ourselves.” Mouse instructed the two operators while he wipes his sweat off his forehead, clearly troubled by the news. The two operators gives him an acknowledging nod, taking his words seriously while Mouse make his exits from the control room.

SothisRaWintersunII: Cinder, still in his black silk jammy’s stood up as NAtasha marched at him ‘awww shit..’ he thought to himself, he looked down and noticed a severed arm on the ground, he quickly kicked some snow over it and acted like it wasnt there while he ushered his animals to get behind him, even though it was a futile attempt…how could his body…hide a bunch of bears and wolves…(Cinder) “Uhhh….ummmm….I dont know what your on about…what is this ‘zoo’ you speak of…” It seemed his violent mood swings had gotten the better of him yet again…he wasnt the demented maniac that she saw at the embassy, he almost seemed normal, but that could change at the drop of a hat. “And dont wiggle that finger at me…ill bite the summa bitch off…” Cinder snapped his jaws, blackfire pouring from his mouth as he bared his ivory fangs with a playful smile and chuckle, stil trying to hide his animals.

NatashaNarishnakov: -When Cinder threatened to bite off her finger she curled it back into her fist and then glared up at him as she saw he was standing in the street in his pyjamas. (Natasha)”Don’tz youz dhreatenz do bitez off my vingerz”-she said, and then peered at the animals that he was trying to hide behind him. (Natasha)”Lookz…you…*she stammered getting angry*…dhem petz…makez mezz of dhe zity. And interupttedz…my dinner”-she would stomp her foot in the..snow and then look up at him. She was now radiating a flame like aura around her….and it was almost like when she was angry, she flamed up…as another group of terrified shoppers ran past.

SothisRaWintersunII: “Dinner huh….hmmm…” Cinder shooed away his pets and they scurried off to lay in the snow, afterwards he licked his thumb and forefinger then pressed them on a flame that had formed on her shoulder, his saliva sizzled as it touched the flame. “You uhhh…seem to be spontaneousley combusting…” Cinder looked around the plaza and spoted a mens wear shop, he busted in through the doors and snatched up a suit, he tossed off his pajama’s and slipped into his little black and white suit then trotted on back outside and up to Natasha, where he gave a slight bow and held out his hand. “Well then if you wich to get back to you meal I shall like to join you….if you will let me…” Cinder smiled as his snow white locks fell over his shoulder and into his face.

AidenArius: On his way out, Mouse bumped into Karen who was carrying some files for her to oversee the budget spending, that is up until she dropped it because of Mouse and his distracted thoughts. [Karen]”oh! Oh! I’m sorry Sir Caiden. I-I didn’t see you there. I’m so sorry” Karen panicked as she picks up her file, thinking she might lose her job because she has low self-esteem issue. [Mouse]”You can relax. It takes two not to tango; it’s partially my fault too for not seeing you.” Mouse said before kneeling down to help her collect the files. The two looked at each other in the eye—by accident I assure you—and awkward silence fell in between them before Karen breaks away and stood up, covering her blush, followed by Mouse whose grinning like an idiot. [Mouse]”By the way, how’s our budget holding up? Can we make it till we find what we’re looking for? Because The Mouse doesn’t do numbers, at least not that much”. [Karen]”oh. Oh! Well, from my calculation, we have enough supply to last at least a month without the need to restock our food and power supply. But we can get our food from wild animals here, so that leaves power supply as our only issue. The workers agreed for our small payouts so we won’t run out of money that fast.” Says the woman before she fixes her glasses, nodding randomly and kept her eyes down. [Mouse]”Well we won’t have to worry about power either, I got friends who err.. Work with the power company—Sort of. Well.. Keep up the good work Miss Karen.” Mouse then make his way to Javid, climbing half way to Javid’s top bunk and whispers the information to him. [Mouse]”Hey, apparently there’s some kind of animal outbreak in the city, they went on rampage and stuff. You think Jim gonna be alright out there?” [Javid]”It’s Jim we’re talking about. He might just fry them and eat them. Now let me sleep.” Javid turns to the side, facing away from Mouse but his worries for Jim increases. Not only Jim’s alone with a predatory female in wig, but he also have to deal with Lisega’s finest wild beasts.

NatashaNarishnakov: -Natasha in her moment of rage, had flared up, to the point she had flames on her shoulders, which Cinder put out with her fingers. She suddenly realised what she was doing and closed her eyes counting slowly as her body seemed to change colour and the flames were extinguished. (Natasha)”I don’tz knowz vhy I do dhat”-she shook her head and then the next thing she knew, Cinder had gone into a men’s store and had gotten hold of a tux, looking dashing as he wished to take her back to her meal. She leant sideways at the “pets” and said firmly- (Natasha)”Dhey ztayz outzide dill ve finishedz”- She would reach for his hand and pull him along behind her to the restaurant, which was now clear of patrons, and her pork had been recooked and was waiting. If he followed her, she would like to have him sit opposite her and share in a meal. (Natasha)”Youz probablyz…vonderingz vhy I amz in Lorewall. *she toyed with her fork in her meal*…I ‘ad do zee Kane about vork…and dhat in dhree dayz…zo….Zinderz?”- she would look up at him, the soft candlelight radiating upon her alabaster skin. (Natasha)”I knowz you lovez your new homez….but I needz do come homez ‘ere and vorkz. Vhat I amz drying do zay iz…do you vant mez in dhe Northz vith youz…I mean, reallyz…do I meanz enoughz….do keepz me?”

SothisRaWintersunII: Cinder nodded at Natasha “Of course…” He looked over his shoulder and waved a hand at them telling them to stay there. Moments later he was tugged into the restraun, his brow crinkled slightly at the smell of whatever was bieng cooked. “So what do they call these places…” He said as he looked at the slab of meet on her plate while sliding into the seat across from her. “Honestly ive gotten used to you walking out randomly…it doesnt come as a shock…” Cinder folded his hands on the table and blew out the candles, only to re-lite them with a glowing black and silver flame. “I know what its like to be dragged away by work and duties….” HE looked at her, his cold crystaline eyes penetrating through the mild darkness and into hers. “Also this place can offer more for you than my ‘ice kingdom’….im afraid all I do is sit and read…sometimes stare out into the land, and besides I dont see anything stopping me from coming here….yes you mean enough to keep…” Cinder reached over to the table across him and snatched up a glass of some sort of wine then began taking sips of it.

AidenArius: Whilst the workers are busy with getting their supper, Mouse lies down on his bed, the lower bunk underneath Javid’s. He pulls out his cellphone out of his pocket and dials for someone. [Mouse]”Hey Greg, you saw the news about the animal’s rampage? Yeah I’m alright; I’m out of Lorewall anyway. Look, I need a favor man. I need you to head to my place, find an envelope; it has copies of the workers name I hired. I just need you to check on their families, to know if they’re alright. We can’t have these guys running off, y’know. Ugh.. Yeah I’m alright; just a little stressed out. We hadn’t even begun searching out yet and this shit happens. Yeah it doesn’t affect me directly but I’m going to need the guys, and this bullshit is gonna make them run off home. Oh yeah.. I’m gonna need you to head to the airfield, and find a log about me and Jave paying for a chopper. Hm? Just erase it and every trace that points to us or the chopper. Can’t have them tracking this place right? Wait.. You’re with a woman now? God at least warn me you asshole. Go fuck your woman then, it’s late anyway. I’m counting on you man.” Mouse hangs up the cell with a press of a button after the long talk, with Javid overhearing the whole conversation—or at least Mouse’s side of the conversation. [Javid]”You know it’s not a good idea to hide things from your helps right?” [Mouse]”I know man.. But this is our break, MY break. We do this right, we’ll get rich. I’m selfish.. I know.. fuck it. I’m going to sleep man, goodnight Jave.” Says The Mouse, sounding a bit tired and unenthusiastic unlike his usual self and Javid silently acknowledged him. Javid closes his eyes to sleep because he got work to do in the morning.

NatashaNarishnakov: -She gazed up into Cinder’s cold crystaline eyes, as he would snuff out the ordinary flame and relight it with the black flame. He seemed to understand her more than she realised, and also, she started to think, that maybe in her mad rush, her crazy existance, that she should be more thoughtful of him. She cut a slice of meat from her plate and using the fork, she offered him a bite of the delicious meat, sharing her food, which in some cultures is considered an act of love. If he bit it off, she would smile, and say- (Natasha)”Dhen, I be yourz, Zinderz. Bez itz ‘ere…or in dhe icez kingdomz. I vill lovez youz” -Natasha had never said this to anyone before….the Russian, was falling in love with the Etherician-

SothisRaWintersunII: Cinder rolled out a fraction of his abnormally long tounge and wrapped it around hte piece of meet then pulled it into his mouth, he chewed it slowly for a moment taking in the flavor before swallowing “Interesting……and what I mean by I know where you are coming fromm…..back in the Ethraverse when my parents where away….I was the man of that place….I was declared emperor for a while and was constantly bieng pulled away from my family and friends to handle imperial buisness….” Cinder blew a lock of snow white hair out of his face and smiled at her before dipping his chin, a geasture that had many meanings where he came from “I’m glad…I will love you…” Cinder brought his glass of wine to his lips and took another sip.