November 01, 2011 09:34PM
Piss, Puke & Boogers

ShioriSayaka: – Maylion had crossed her legs in the backseat of the shuttle. Safety belts crossing her upper body. With her right hand she waves the card she had received from Charlotte In her face to cool it off a bit. The temperature in the shuttle was higher than normal, or it was just because of the coat she was wearing. Her outfit of the day was a black t-shirt with mud stains on it. Her pants was beige of color and also had a few dirty spots on it. Her clothes never got washed so it wasn’t a surprised she looked like a dog that just rolled through the mud. Her thick coat had an army green color and was plain simple but warm enough to make her forehead sweat a bit. Small drips of sweat ran downwards over her nose and over her cheek. With her left hand she wiped it off her face while staring outside the window. What was she going to do next? What was she going to do anyway? .. What could she do?.. She had been thinking all night while sleeping in a motel in Lorewall, but couldn’t get up with any answers. When she finally answered one of her questions allot of trademarks replaced it and made her confused even more. She stared at the card in her right hand for a moment thinking about Charlotte.. perhaps it was better to just take the offer of a guest room in her apartment and look from there on. The high buildings and busy streets of Lorewall was filled with people, regular.. business people.. And where did she fit now? She felt useless, pointless,. What was left for her? While staring outside the window she noticed the hall she first arrived and met Prime minister Charlotte, and Lord kaze.. Lillith.. And the others which names she couldn’t recall anymore. It had been several years. The building was damaged, broken almost.. a mess. She raised her left hand upwards and spoke with a raw edge in her voice to the driver. (Maylion) ‘’ Hold it.. I want to get out here.. now.. ‘’ The driver pulled the shuttle over just in front of the meeting hall. Maylion released herself from the safety belts and opened the doors, leaving the warm temperature in the shuttle behind and greeting the slightly cold wind in her face. As she shut the door of the shuttle, she already moved forwards towards the building. Men were at work trying to re-build the beautiful building that it once was. As she reached the main doors the guards stopped her for a moment to check her. She just flashed the card of Charlotte, gave them a big fluffy smile and told them she was a regular and had no harm, she was actually prepared to help. The guards passed her after checking her on any weapons. She wasn’t carrying any with her ever since she felt like she didn’t needed them these days. She opened the main doors and heard the known sounds of her shoes touching the ground of the main hall.. Only this time it was different. From the inside the building was even worse, broken pieces of ceilings laying deluded everywhere. The dust was incredible and it made her cough a few times. As she moved forwards she noticed two persons in the main hall, The prime minister and the man with her that she couldn’t remember what his name was. Maylion walked towards them slowly while looking around her. She coughed again to let them know she was here and after that she spoke. (Maylion) ‘’ .. Good day,.. what a mess huh? ‘’

ElilesMuiLuminarde: -Eliles approached the building where everything really began for her here, she had never thought, that realm jumping would have placed her on another planet entirely, but, there were a lot of things that she had never thought would happen; for instance, regaining her memories, having the ability to fly like her pure-blooded relatives, and being high commander of her race. That thought aside, because she really didn’t want to think of the state home could be in without her, she walked with wide brisk steps, towards the very building, the meeting hall was it, yes that was what they called. However, Eliles didn’t recall it being…in the state it was in. her sense of smell spoke volumes though, something had occurred here, and the lingering scents she could not stand, so she covered her nose with her right arm, burring her nose into her sleeve and approached the front doors, once more, encountered by guards, who she had a vague feeling weren’t going to let her in, so instead she remained in front of the doors held her breath and spoke, “I just gonna’ see Charlotte, tell ‘er ‘ello and all, ain’t gonna hurt a fly, I cry when da fly dies,” she said placing the arm over her nose as soon as she was done speaking-

KazeCarrendar: “THERE IS A TREE.. OH LOOK THAT IS A BIRD..IT IS PRETTY… I WANTS TO KICK ITS ASS.. WOW, A WINDOW, OOOOSHINEY”- a cloaked limped male stands around the city of lore wall as the male staggers around. He was shouting at objects as he slowly touches himself the cloak moved up and down as his left arm moves. It was a fine day, the folks around just look in shock as he turns around. A youngish male, aged around 28 mortal years, tanned skin with black eyes, looks back at them as he blinks-” I CHARGE YA KNOW. NO FREE SHOW HERE”- He beams happy as he kept touching himself. Damn his arm was itchy. Brining out his right arm. He kept scratching it as the onlookers sighs. What you thinking? That he was going to fap at the objects… sick ass holes. The young male sighs as he turns his back on the group as he looks forwards. Sounds of rebuilding flowed through the air as he smirks to himself. His lord had done well to damage the hall. Shame that he would have to be the guild in the games. But, as his lord said, he had to meet and await for five days before the games had to begin. Man he didn’t want to wait. He rather just do the things now but.. He wasn’t dumb enough to speak against his lord. He had seen the organs of the last one just..shrudding to himself as he grumbles. Damn these vessels, it was tighter around his own hidden form, demonic soul caster. He sighs as he walks forwards. His shadow ,not matching the form, its horns brushed against the walls as he walks again forwards. On his right hip was his kanta hell blade, infused with a rune that was allowed to numb the skin of his target and possibly stop it working. He tilts his head as he keeps looking to the right side. What the hell is that? He watched the lights of a club flash as he grows wide eyed. -” holy shit this place is like slaannash bitch or something”- his voice flows out as he shakes his head once more. Was these lot REALLY non chaos. The females look like whores. As one female came up to him in a sluty red number , her make up heavy on her face as it looks like a clown as the male chuckles. A smoke hung out of her mouth as she cough, her voice raspy.” hello..-cough cough- wana good time hunni. Saggy Aura at your pleasure”-cough cough- – the male tilts his head as he pulls a face. Moving his right hand to his hilt as he draws it out of its sheath, smirking to himself as he aims a slice across her neck. The blade connects as the head rolls off, still the smoke burns as he looks down-” my gawds, you look like mc Donald himself”- he smirks as he re sheaths his hell blade, bringing his right foot back, he kicks the head as he bounces down the street-” thank fuck I didn’t touch it. Might have got some STD or some crap.”- he walks forwards as the hookers body lies on the floor , not caring as he made his way towards the hall.. Reaching the main gates. The place looks battered as workers raced around. He waited as he speaks to the guards-” yo charlotte? I am here for the games sweetie”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Baldrick swatted his pants with his hand as the golden trickle had made a puddle at his feet, causing Charlotte to gag. (Baldrick)”Aye…that be right, the old waterworks just aren’t what they used to be. Good gag too. Excuse me whilst I go find me some clean pants….fresh boxers. Gotta let the apples swing free beneath the tree.”- Charlotte more or less dismissed him with the flick of her hand, and snapped her fingers, as a cleaning lady in curlers and a cigarette hanging from her bottom lip, arrived with a mop and bucket to clean up after the former Lacardian Lord. She slopped the mop in the bucket and then gave the stone floor a good wash, remarking (Sadie the cleaning lady)””Ere…I recommend investing some man pads for ‘im, poor old codger, eh?” – Charlotte nodded, and then spun on her heel heading back to the main table, as another staffer handed her a cup of coffee. (Miss Griggs)”Damn shame about the hall, always attacked, yet never seems to fall. I sometimes hear them. Here. I stand so still, and the voices…*she made a wave like motion with her hand as Charlotte regarded her with a raised eyebrow*….the voices, Lady Carrendar…its like…they are right here. -Charlotte took the cup and had a sip, smacking her lips. (Charlotte)”You really should learn to turn off the television, Griggs. And there are no voices here, or ghosts. Seriously.”- Charlotte went to sit as a cup suddenly moved across the table while Charlotte wasn’t looking. (Miss Griggs)”Err….Prime Minister?”- Charlotte set down her cup and turned to look at Griggs, as the cups started to dance, sliding around the table, doing the figure eight, like a pair of bees. (Miss Griggs)*who can see the dancing cups, points at them*…then how do you explain that?” – The moment Charlotte turned her head back around the cups were motionless. Charlotte reached down and picked up her cup and said. (Charlotte)”Its called white with one…really Griggs, need to get a wiggle on, the day is getting away, and your having delusions. PMS?” -she suggested after setting the cup down, which bounced slightly, as if whoever was playing silly buggers, was enjoying making Griggs look daft. At this point, Maylion arrives and Griggs takes a step back, nervously rubbing her temples, before muttering something about needing glasses. Charlotte reaches for the wrong cup and takes a sip, looking at Maylion. (Charlotte)”Thats not all, you should see Baldrick’s pants.” Baldrick had now pulled up, and snapped at his suspenders. (Baldrick)”My pants, are just fine. Hmm. Ahh Maylion, pleasure to see you again, young Miss.” Baldrick sits beside Charlotte and reaches for her cup, whilst Charlotte is still holding the wrong one. Out at the gates, some loud mouth chap, is singing out “Yo Charm I am here for the games Sweetie.” The two guards look at each other and one says in a loud voice- (Guard One)”What’s today’s password?” (Guard two)*sees Elile and smiles*..”You don’t need a password Miss…but can I have your cell number?”

ShioriSayaka: – Even before she held her step she heard a voice coming from behind her somewhere at the main doors. Calling for Charlotte and something about a game?.. Maylion raised her eyebrows thinking it was just a crack head drinking way too much, a person who doesn’t remembers this the next morning when he wakes up with a bad headache and a hangover. Also she heard another voice coming from the main doors, a female voice, also asking for charlotte. What’s up with these people? .. Get yourself checked by the guards and you can pass them easily as Maylion did.. of course they would for sure refuse the drunk guy. She turned her head back towards charlotte and the other male. (Maylion) ‘’ .. I didn’t bring him ‘’ She placed the card in the pocket of her coat while spreading her legs a bit to take a stable pose. She slightly moved back and forth while listening to charlotte and the man. Aw crap he knew her name,.. How come she didn’t knew his. She faked a smile while greeting him back. (Maylion) ‘’ Nice to see you again also sir’. And.. nice pants.. do you mind if i?… ‘’ She points at a seat while already walking towards it assuming it would be okay if she just dropped her ass down on a chair at the table. Maylion placed both of her hands in the pockets of her coat while crossing her legs again. (Maylion) ‘’ .. I wondered if the offer was still available,. It’s getting a bit bored to just walk around doing nothing, or watching business guys with their leather suitcases walking around with their heads held up high ‘’ She couldn’t believe herself she said it, she actually admitted she had a boring life. She took a glance at the pants of the man now sitting next to charlotte wondering a bit why he had to change them anyway, guess she missed it again. She turned her head around again towards the main doors trying to listen to the guards and to the drunk male if he had to say anything else or just dropped the case and went to bed to get sober. –

ElilesMuiLuminarde: -Eliles smiled softly and tilted her head, “I’m sorry, but…what is a ‘cell phone’ I ‘ave a rock,” she reached into her pocket and pulled out a decorative stone with rune’s carved into it, “me brother said, it can call ‘cell phones,’” she said then slipped it back into her pocket, her ears turned as the man shouted, her nose still covered, she felt unease, and for some odd reason, she felt ease closer to the giant spider in disguise inside, so Eliles ignoring the guard rushed inside, heading towards the big round table, she was looking around at all the work being down, she was in shock, and the deeper in she got, the stronger the smell, until she had finally reached to round table, managed to wave, then hurled all she had eaten onto the floor, with a painful groan, “what da bloody ‘ell stinks,” she said with a teary eyes and a cough as she stands back up, rubbing her belly-

KazeCarrendar: -The male smirks as he watches the female walk in with a raised eye brow. So is this a brothel he had heard about. Might be a chance to just main a few just to hear them cry to be killed. Shaking his head as he gets the idea of out his own head , the male walk behind them, if any guard tried to stop him, he would simply flip them off and show a form of ID card that he was given by his lord. The smell, oh hell, it was heaven to him. Death, was in the air as he sighs to himself with a smile on his face. If he had a tail, he would wag it. A comment about the smell made him growl as he looks at it-” oi, the worse smell around here is you. So shut it furfag”- he moves his right hand towards his right side of his nose as he taps it, winking at her as he whispers, if she hears it-” can smell ya sort of shite from here”- the male chuckles as he nods to the guards. Smirking once more as a few was heavy tainted in their soul. He could use them if things got “heated”. the male follows , watching around as he laughs to himself. He knew what happened, he got informed. Idiots, dimple lower life forms that cling to their souls like a drowning male trying to grab hold on something to hold him afloat. Little did they know that sharks was around these waters.. He had to wait until that ass kaze was gone or he would have been.. Stopped and the games would be in their favour rather then his lord. He leans to the right hand side as he looks past. Still moving to where the rest was as he stops a female form. Whistling inwards to himself, the male grumbles, he needed a smoke and none was around. Narrowing his eyes as he thinks. Now, what was he meant to do again? Some thing had caught his eye when he walked past the hall, the mark was still there. Ah his lord will be happy that it is. Means he can come and go in here. The male side tracks before he was stopped by the rest as he moves to the mark. Moving his right hand into his pocket as he smirks, pulling out a small glass tube, a red substance was in it as he coughs. Faking to drop as he speaks-”oooops”- now the summons was open , his lord could now come in and out of this realm better as he mask the summons again. Turning his back, he walks back to the group as he awaits to be spoken to-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The second guard looked at Elile oddly. and then reached down, picking up one of the rocks that was in the debris, from the crumbling building as Elile shot past. He holds the rock up to his ear, and says (Guard two)”Mum….mum…I think we have a bad connection, I will bring home milk after my shift.”- The first guard knocks the rock “phone” away from Guard two’s ear and it clinks on a small pile of other rocks. (Guard one)”You idiot, where the hell did you get sent in from, Nixagris?”- The second guard shrugged and said, “Harstens…don’t have techy up there.” Charlotte set down the wrong cup, as Elile skiddadled in and promptly threw up her lunch all over the floor, just as Sadie had cleaned up the piss. (Sadie the cleaning lady)”Lass….loo….LOO!”- but it was too late, and Sadie took out a peg from her pocket, clipping it to her nose, and set about cleaning up the cat’s vomit. The room now was reeking and Charlotte went crosseyed from the foul stench. (Charlotte)”Great, from piss to puke, what’s next? Now your going to tell me your not house trained?” Baldrick was admiring Maylion as she spoke with such elegance and grace. (Baldrick)”Been a long time since we had a right lady in the Hall.”- Charlotte snarled under her breath as Baldrick recanted- (Baldrick)”I mean….lovely weather, wouldn’t you say? And yes, new pants, trying to start a trend. The tartans are so underrated.”- He snapped his suspenders again, actually hurting his nipples. (Baldrick)”Ouch…bit too tight.” -he half smiled at Charlotte and then nodded to Maylion. “You would be seeking Lord Kaze and his former wife no doubt. Hate to say this, but Lilith has not been on this plane for some time. As for Kaze, well, you just missed him by, half an hour or so.” The cleaning lady does not miss a trick, when the newer arrival does drop a glass tube on the floor, that contains some red liquid. (Sadie the cleaning lady)”You…you stop that…you stop that I say…I just cleaned over there. You cheeky whipper snapper, in tarnations and hells balls with a wrench, that will stain the floor!”- she rolls her bucket over and then her left eye pops out of her head and rolls in the red stain on the floor, as she bend down, knees cracking to pick up her eyeball, holding it in her hand, the eyeball looking at the strange new arrival. (Sadie the cleaning lady)”Bippity boppity goo…my eyeball looks at you…you wonder why, I have a glass eye…bippity boppity goo!”- she then cackles and cleans up the red liquid, after jamming her eye back in her head-

ShioriSayaka: – – Maylion now even more raised her eyebrows when she noticed the girl running in with her nose hidden in sleeve. Maylion sniffed a few times trying to discover what smell must have been so horrible and unbearable for the girl to handle, but she couldn’t find out. It might could be the drunk man at the main doors,. That would be logical.. or maybe it was Maylion herself, she knew she didn’t smelled like roses and flowers, but.. it wasn’t that bad .. was it? Maylion opened her mouth already to ask the question that was burning on her lips from the moment on the girl ran in and dropped herself on the floor whining about the smell and puking all over the place. But Maylion kept her mouth shut for once, this wasn’t the time for being a jerk and lecture someone on being kind of disrespectful to just run in with that attitude and mess up the shiny floor that just had been cleaned . Maylion lowered her eyebrows again while keeping her natural facial expression.. blank. Madam griss or at least that was the name she heard came back with a cup of tea neatly holding in her hands. As griss placed the cup down Maylion nodded a few times at her as a thank you and picked the cup up to take a sip. Griss removed herself from the room again, and Maylion drove herself nuts with another series of questions about Ma’am Griss. Wasn’t she a odd lady? .. she raised the cup to her mouth and placed her lips on the cup. Just as she was about to take a sip of the hot tea, she glanced sidewards to the man speaking to her. (Maylion) ‘’ .. I know Lillith hasn’t been seen in a long time,.. and .. ‘’ She stopped. Wait what? .. Could she press some sort of playback button and hear those words again just to make sure she heard it well. Lord Kaze was here? .. half a hour ago? Maylion stared a bit confused while the girl that puked on the floor got up and rubbed her belly. Maylion babbled some words (Maylion) ‘’ .. Thanks for the nice .. ehh compliment.. eh,,. Mm.. ‘’ It hardly reached her that the man thought if her as a ‘lady’ he shoulda have known her a few years back.. the trouble some pain in the butt she was. She shook confusing her head while taking a sip, as everything else happened around her, she didn’t quiet noticed it that the man screamed about something and that the cleaning lady shouted at the girl for puking.. surreal almost, Lord kaze was in Lorewall, or at least.. he was here half a hour ago. She rubbed the back of her head while spilling some tea. The tea was supposed to get inside her mouth and then swallowed, but instead it dripped back out of her mouth down her chin on her t-shirt which already was dirty anyway. She quickly wiped the tea off her chin while her lips formed a grin. (Maylion) ‘’ Piss, puke, Drunk people, and persons who can’t even drink their tea normally.. sounds like a good old day in the hall .. ehhe ‘’ The smell of the puke almost reached her nose, and Maylion for one second was scared she couldn’t held her stomach juices back from coming up.. that would be a pain in the butt for the cleaning lady.. glad she didn’t choose that kind of work. –

ElilesMuiLuminarde: -Eliles felt bad she really did, and mouthed all sorts of apologies to the cleaning lady but held her arm up to her nose, Eliles ears turned to the man’s comment, and having heard him even commenting about her own scent stinking, she wanted to bare her teeth at him, but it didn’t stop her tail from turning fully fluffed and her ears from going back, arm pressed to her nose she looked back at Charlotte and her other guest standing around the group. to Elli, everyone had a particular scent, Charlotte, smelled like roses and the early morning surface of the water by the water fall in her hunting ground back home, the other guest, the woman, smelled like fresh grass in the sunlight, and the cleaning lady….she didn’t want to be rude, but, she smelled a little like dung beetles, but it was probably the cleaning supplies. Eliles face was turning red and she gave a weak smile, “really, I’m sowwe, please forgive me, it’s been awhile sense I smelled decay and death, aye,” she commented softly, then she remembered what she came back here for, “can I have that guest room? To stay in, I’ve had a time tryn’ to re find this place, again, and, I’m tired of sleepn’ with da strays, their nothing but meanie’s, and yes…I am house trained, I don’ wear a human guise and no’ be house broken,” Eliles finished with a giggle.-

KazeCarrendar: -the male watches the cleaner do her work as the holy crap he saw in front of his eyes had threw up. His comment was met by a simple look as he wondered how long would it take to annoy her. Her kind was vile, a ugly thing that was a cum stain on the sheets as he yawns. Ah the mark was being rubbed in. least he had not needed to do it as he looks at the others around the place. Nothing really good about them, just skin and bones to him. He couldn’t kill them, nor torment them as he coughs loudly . -” now, sorry to..”- he looks away as he shouts-” WOW A DOUBLE WINDOW!”- he smirks as he shakes his head. The hell is wrong with this vessel, it was like it was the first time he had seen these before. He had been in better halls, not some battered old fart as this hall but more detailed and beloved ones from the chaos gods. Sighing to himself as he pictures it, the twisted faces of horrors on the trapped souls, ah that was the day, he could just look at them all day and watch the pain just,.. Eat away at their souls, they was trapped for ever.. Maybe this is what will happen to most of the people in here, or that they would just be like bitches . He hoped he could torment their souls soon. It was driving him mad having to use this form. He grumbles , still wanted to smoke badly as he looks back to them. A comment about the times that ass kaze had been there made him growl, he hated the name. he wanted to kill that SOB badly but couldn’t. Only his lord would was allowed to as he shakes his head.-” now, I am here to speak to that one called Charlotte. Or as we know her, toy..”- he smirks, the sound of the word toy crept out of his mouth as his lips twisted into a form of a smirk as he blinks twice. They all had some form of powers but… he would play with them all later in his own pleasure. His hell blade slowly hums as he still waited for some one to speak to him more-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Yes another typical day in the meeting hall. Charlotte set down the cup again, the wrong cup and it went dancing off to the other side of the table, as her own cup slid to be in front of her, whilst she had ther head turned to Baldrick, Maylion and Elile. All seemed to be getting on famously had it not been for the dunking slosh sounds coming from the bucket and mop of Sadie. (Charlotte)”Yes, Lord Kaze was here, about half an hours ago. Seriously, haven’t you got one of his calling cards, Maylion. Be handy if your in a pickle. (Baldrick)”Then why don’t you use it more, lass?” -Charlotte slipped hers out from her pocket and waves it. (Charlotte)”I would have…I would….you know I would.”- Baldrick eased back in his chair and looked upon her with caring eyes. (Baldrick)”We have been over this, Lass.” But the cleaning lady finally did her worst, placing a finger to the side of her nose, and with a large snort she blew a booger clean out her right nostril just at the new comers feet. (Sadie the cleaning lady)”Aha….I done got a booger…I got a booger…ha…now its at your feet, chimney sweep!”- she pushes off her bucket and her large hips swing too and fro as Baldrick sighs. (Baldrick)”Only good thing about Sadie, when she dies, going to bend her over and make her my new place to park my bike.” At the mention of the word, “Toy” Charlotte instantly got out of her chair, and moved around to push it back into the table as her cup went dancing past on the table surface. (Charlotte)”I am Toy…I mean, Charlotte…who sent you?”

ElilesMuiLuminarde: -Eliles felt bad she really did, and mouthed all sorts of apologies to the cleaning lady but held her arm up to her nose, Eliles ears turned to the man’s comment, and having heard him even commenting about her own scent stinking, she wanted to bare her teeth at him, but it didn’t stop her tail from turning fully fluffed and her ears from going back, arm pressed to her nose she looked back at Charlotte and her other guest standing around the group. to Elli, everyone had a particular scent, Charlotte, smelled like roses and the early morning surface of the water by the water fall in her hunting ground back home, the other guest, the woman, smelled like fresh grass in the sunlight, and the cleaning lady….she didn’t want to be rude, but, she smelled a little like dung beetles, but it was probably the cleaning supplies. Eliles face was turning red and she gave a weak smile, “really, I’m sowwe, please forgive me, it’s been awhile sense I smelled decay and death, aye,” she commented softly, then she remembered what she came back here for, “can I have that guest room? To stay in, I’ve had a time tryn’ to re find this place, again, and, I’m tired of sleepn’ with da strays, their nothing but meanie’s, and yes…I am house trained, I don’ wear a human guise and no’ be house broken,” Eliles finished with a giggle.-

ShioriSayaka: – Maylion looked back up by the sudden shouting of a male apparently. She turned her head around just as soon as she wiped the tea of her damn chin. She narrowed her eyes as he spoke to words ‘Toy’. That couldn’t sound anything but negative. Was charlotte in some kind of trouble? Why didn’t she had her damn weapons with her? For her own safety and perhaps of the others she prepared herself already by placing her both feet on the ground. Her right feet already took a stable position. She placed the cup down and placed her right hand on the leaning of the chair also stable enough to be prepared to jump up any time when something would break loose. She could feel it, the atmosphere hanging in the air. The male showed off a twisted image, a disturbed image.. Danger was lurking and Maylion wasn’t sure what to do if indeed things went wrong. She observed the man standing there aiming his eyes on charlotte. From head to toe and backwards. Her eyes narrowed as she kept her eyes on him the whole time. The puking girl finally got up and apologized and stumbled with her words with her red face blushing from shame. The cleaning lady faded in the background. She glanced her eyes back to charlotte for just a second as she suddenly stood up and said she was the toy, or did she misheard it? .. She’s charlotte, and the charlotte she always knew and saw wasn’t that easily scared.. she guessed. She had seen the difference between several years back and now, and Charlotte was calmed down allot, having a more wiser appearance but also attitude.. it was strange to see her in this form jump up by the word .. Toy. Maylion Glanced her eyes back to the male standing there with his strange attitude. Was it to late to make a run for it? .. Mweh, she couldn’t leave Charlotte all by herself, even though she was capable of fighting good enough herself, and of course the man next to charlotte was still there, she would name him the bodyguard from now on. That would name him easier. (Maylion) ‘’ .. What’s this? .. ‘’ She had to clear her throat first before saying those words, even though the cup of tea had soften her voice, the sudden guest made her voice go raw again. (Maylion) ‘’ .. What’s that name for the prime minister? ‘’ Maylion raised her eyebrow while keeping her eyes on the male. She would label him as distractive creeper. –

Necroforce: -Garex walked on, his white fur-like flesh kept him warm in the the colder months though his inate ability to channel fire in his body also helped a great deal as well. He smiled a sharped tooth smile and moved his arms behind his head gently, as the 11ft being looked up into the sky. Though he had no broken bones, his upperbody was covered in bandages underneith his traveling/ceremonial chain-mail armor- “I wonder when the first snow-fall will stick to the ground.” -he said in his unique voice. That was Garex though, as care-free and laid back as inhumanly possible since he technically wasn’t human. He wore his hair down for now to help retain heat energy and his knuckles cracked without him moving a whole lot. He walked on, noticing a building in the distance and figured it would be as good a place as any to rest a bit-

ElilesMuiLuminarde: -Eliles didn’t have much here in Lorewall, and the most she had, was whatever she was wearing on her back or in her backpack…well if she had her back pack. Eliles couldn’t stop it, and she let out a low leveled hiss from behind her sleeve and moved away, circling the table to stay beside Charlotte like a loyal pet, though Eliles would never in a million years claim herself as a pet, she dropped the tittle when she discovered her past, no matter how many times someone could tell her that the celestial cats were made to serve the angels. Eliles ears remained flat and tail swung wildly, but she swallowed, forcing this hisses forming in her throat to go away, her star field eyes spun wildly, until they almost whited out. Thoughts were filling the feline’s head, and one of those, why the bloody hell did she have to puke, now she had no energy stores, and to use any of her abilities would be like starving herself million times over, snuffed out the thoughts and stared at the man who said she stank, “death reeks more than wet dog,” she commented through her sleeve, just cause she could, not that she had a problem with dogs mind you.-

Necroforce: -Yawning slightly, the Acerian walked on and stretched his arms a bit as he continued to walk towards the castle, now that he was close enough to identify the building. He wondered why he had been invited, though only the sword around his waist was carried for protection. He liked to give people the benefit of the doubt when it came to invites, even though it was a naive practice-

KazeCarrendar: -he smirks as he watches the toy jump slightly out of the seat as he sighs to himself. These mortals, morons. He kept watch on them all. Marking each one in his mind, between one upwards. He gave the furfag number one as he smirks. Picturing her being chained to the wall as three deamons slowly eat her organs as she still breaths. More he thought about it, the more he enjoyed it. The male slowly turns towards the toy once more as he over hears the other female comment about the name as he watches charlotte answer to the toy more then her own name-” gawds, why on earth would I care about her name for? I mean hello, only here to guild her for the fun and games and maybe grab a bite”- he looks at ,what he name called number one , as he winks at her. Turning his head back towards the group, he tilts his head as he crosses his arms in front of his chest. He gave off a lazy look hiding his style of fighting as he still hid one more glass tube with that red substance. That will be explained later, the male walks forwards ..closer to charlotte as he smirks still. His eyes never off her as he smells the room.-”gawds, its vile in here, you need more skinned human drapes and a better walls. “_ he cared less for the whole place the more he was here. Only wanted to get this over and done with-” new rules, we don’t start until in three days toy. Gota make sure buddy boy.”- his face turns into a animal snarl as he thinks of the real persons name before carrying on-” gets his ass back to try stop the games or make us play his games. My lord wont be happy if he gets in the damn way as you lot cant seem to keep ya mouth shut”_ he smirks as he winks at her-” you think you’re the only ones that use spies and what not, yes some of our men over heard your chit chat with him and now we are going to play with a twisted rules. in my pocket is a small thing that my lord had mentioned, “_ he leans forwards towards charlotte. For a deamon caster, his Oder was not vile, more or a luring smell to the weak minded as he humms-” wiggy wiggy?”- he winks as he leans back. His arms still across his chest as he looks around-” attack me now and I will release something that you wished not come to the realm AGAIN”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Charlotte held her ground, eyes burning as the creature, currently unknown approached her, his lazy way of talking, swanning as though drunk after a night at the local. And he spoke of the place reeking. Well, maybe it did reek, but not the same way he did. But then Baldrick popped out from behind his chair, the aging relic from a bygone era, had learnt a thing or two from the commander, and hell, its why he wet his pants earlier. (Baldrick)”Oh I say, Governer, look this way please.” Baldrick held in his hand something that looked like a grenade, and he lobbed it fair and true, so that the water balloon should hit its mark. Yes, a bit of a lark, but the old man figured, that if the joke could make him pee his pants, it might work on the man standing before Char. Charlotte would step back, as the man said, Wiggy wiggy, and tilted her head. (Charlotte)”Loose lips? The walls have ears? Your master must be scared if Kaze is to return, that he needs spies to do the eaves dropping. I thought this was a game, but what game is it if you cheat. Go back and tell your Master, that I play this game with him, and its one I intend to win.”

ShioriSayaka: – Maylion facial expression stayed blank, as far as she could tell she had missed allot. Also she heard Charlotte speak about Kaze, so it was true that Kaze was back, and already getting himself in trouble.. She smirked a bit at her own thoughts, kaze in trouble?.. nah that would never happen, though.. She kept her eyes on the distractive creeper while standing up slowly and wisely. She walked away from the table towards a window sill, as she reached it she jumped up a bit and turned around and finally landed with her butt on the window sill. She crossed her arms and kept watching how this would go. Creating space between herself and the male, would give a slight advance if he would suddenly went into attack mode. Where was kaze any way when you need him? Maylion went quiet the moment that creepy male spoke his first word, and she would keep herself quiet already planning exit’s or escape routes if things would go bad. For now she would keep herself quiet and clam, letting no expression in her face and especially don’t show off that she might be the one who could need a new pants. If she only had brought her weapons, she would feel allot more confidence than without. She sighed softly as she kept watching what was happening. –

ElilesMuiLuminarde: -bloody hell, did he wink at her, she let out another low hiss, and found herself taking a step to be a little bit more behind charlotte. Normally Elli might have stood her ground, but to many things were coming in play, that she had decided if Charlotte didn’t fight, and if she wasn’t attacked, then she wouldn’t sink her fangs into anything or release any of her holy fire onto anyone. Eliles watched the old man through his item, and her eyes widened slightly, enough that her wings twitched and opened the words wiggy wiggy met her ears, and what game, they talked about a game, and that seemed to only confuse her ever the more. His warning of attacking him, sent a little chill down her spin, and her fur bristled again on her tail, even her whiskers on her face were going flat, she bared her teeth then closed her mouth and went quiet-

KazeCarrendar: -he smirks as he watches her face change slightly ,not caring on the others and how they was reacting to why he was as he looks to what seems to be a walking bag of bones throwing a small object. Raising his right eye brow, he slightly turns to the left side ,only showing his right leg and weapon. It hit’s the sheath as the water leaves out from the pressure of the attack to against his form. The water hit part of his leg as the rest would flow outwards. Any one that close would also be hit as the male moves his right hand towards the weapon, slowly pulling it out of its sheath as the water droplets fell from the tip of it. The male smirks as he looks at the one that did it, moving his right hand level, he points the weapons tip towards the males throat as he yawns-” lets see if I can make you piss your pants now?”- his speaks with a twisted enjoyment if any form of slight fear came from the old male as he tilts his head towards charlotte , raising his head up slightly.-” fear, not toy. The games really didn’t have that much of rules. I am here to make sure you do as your told. I have a gift for the city from my lord, wonder what happens if I let the water supply become tainted with that virus?”- he smirks still as he looks around.-” eh what you expect? We heard your plans and what going to happen. But.. Sadly they seem not to have reached my lords.. Yet.. See here what we call fair play. You do what I want you to do, and just do my lords game, and I will help you with it. But you kill my lord for me, and I can over take his place-” he beams happy at her as he wiggles his nose. The stench in here of that damn holy thing, he growls as he kept his weapon pointed at the old male-” like I said, there are sharks around here. And my side of the deal is, I make sure you don’t have any issues with us again. Hell , might be nice and let kaze have his peace if it goes to my plan.”- the male laughs. Even chaos followers always try and out smart their lords to take their place. He doubt that his lord knew of his own plans to become a deamon lord himself as he looks slightly downwards-” TABLE!”- He mutters. Why the hell did he get given a blind mans body to over take, the soul was slowly being converted into his own but he felt like he had issues –

Necroforce: -Garex’s Eagle .50 caliber was holstered on his right side, it was his weapon of choice since his muscle-bound arms could easily handle the recoil, on his left side was Saiga 12 with a custom stock. upon his back were first an FN M249 SAW slung across his back as well as a P90. Both had Red-dot sights mounted on them and the P90 was holstered on the small of his back above 2 small looking pouches though each contained a miniature pocket-dimnsion. The right one contained pre-loaded ammunition clips and boxes for all the weapons he carried on him as well as magazines for various other ammuntion types and sizes as well as empty clips he happened to come across in his travels, not to mention some basic medical items like field dressing, syrettes of antitoxin, adrenaline and clotting agents and some other basic stuff that he had collected in his travels. The left pack contained all of his tools which ranged from wrenches, to hammers, to sewing kits and fabrics, to knives. Garex had lived for quite a while since his species was “age-less” as they couldn’t die of old age, and because of this he had picked up various knowledges about trades ranging from blacksmithing and fletching to diesel engine repair and all current vehicle operations. His specialties were helicopters and Aircraft, though he was also quite proficient with heavy weaponry operation and all forms of land vehicles. Pretty much, if it had a steering wheel or yoke, and an accellerator pedal or some form of hand throttle, Garex had experience with it and the liscence to do so. he was a jack of quite a few trades to be specific and his usefullness and desire to be usefull was what drove him. To top it off Garex, all 11ft of him was also quite strong, being able to lift over half a ton without any problem. He wasn’t indestructable by anymeans and just like everyone had his own personal weakness’s though he was durable even to those as his race were developed as a survivor class of species first and foremost-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The coffee cups that few seemed to notice, continued to do their merry dance, whizzing around the table, clinking on their saucers, and every time Charlotte glanced around they would instantly stop. An amusing game was being played by some pesky poltergiests, that Charlotte didn’t even believe in. Then again, who would believe in such fanciful tales of the Meeting hall being haunted. Why it was only the center point of Nemaues, and had been brought to the new world by the very conjouring of one Great Master, known as Darksied the Legend. But another thing about the withered and cracked hall, was its bond with Baldrick. Always standing always true, and so when the joke of the water balloon fell flat, and splatted against the sword of the messenger, and he then turned the sword tip onto the neck poised to slay the old man, Baldrick, started to laugh. (Baldrick)”Haha, dear sir, what is it with today’s youth I say, when one cannot take a joke. You kill me now you do me a favour, and for that, I would thank you..”- The point of the blade pressed deep into his flesh, but not pierced, as he eyed Charlotte for her reaction, and it was one to test her mind. Charlotte listened intently to the bargain dealing that the demon was making, if he helped her, he could become the new Lord seated at the table and to reign over all that is Chaos. Typical really, greed is one of the seven sins, so naturally, he could not resist. Charlotte took a new angle, and then ran a claw along the blunt side of the sword, approaching him with those flaming jade eyes of hers. (Charlotte)”So now you want my help, and to do as you say. You are aware why he calls me…*she would move closer and attempt to lick his nose in a provocative move*….toy.”- she grinned, tilting her head, and then licking her top lip. If this was a game, she was going to throw in a wild card. In a sensual voice she said- “What would you have me do?”

ShioriSayaka: – Maylion raised from the window sill to stretch her legs, not really normal for someone who was keeping an eye on the situation. They were too busy anyway playing some sort of game she didn’t understand to the fullest. She stretched her legs forwards while tilting her head to the right. Why the hell did she needed to see this. A few minutes ago she was scared, but now she didn’t feel anything. As if feelings were drawn from her body she kept watching, and listening. Perhaps because charlotte was calm under these circumstances Maylion could feel comfort in it, and relax. The questions popped out of her head and all she could do was focusing on the situation, being alert of everything that was happening. She planned already an escape plan, and was still busy working on a plan B if plan A failed. Plan C was already worked out, all the way in the details she had described plan c in her mind, her own death to protect those in the room, and give them some time to get control. Though it would only be set in action when the worst scenario popped up. Under her breath she growled a word or two, but wasn’t planning on opening her big mouth. (Maylion) ‘’ How troublesome.. ‘’ on a whisper tone her low voice due thanks to cigarettes was hearable. The old man laughed, and that made her relax even more. It was always a big help if someone was calm during these kinds of situations, it was proven that one persons state of mind affects the rest of the group. As she finally stood straight now placing her hands in the pockets of her coat again she moved back and forth to keep moving. The dancing cups on the table never even had her attention until now. She saw the cup of tea that she spoiled over her t-shirt dancing over the table. She tilted her head to the right again and watched the four persons at the table closely. She couldn’t help but to think about that lazy slowpoke Kaze. Why indeed didn’t she had a phone? Or some sort of device she could contact him right away? Was it even necessary? If she could concentrate deep, could she be able to send alarm bells to his head? .. her right mouth corner pulled up a bit to leave a small smirk on her face. Damn you Maylion scared cat, can’t you handle this without Kaze? Without any reinforcements?… It will be fine.. everybody will gets out of here alive, and if we don’t.. at least we die together .. in nasty style. She shook her head from side to side listening to charlotte’s word, and those of the creepy distractive weird male. She took a glance towards the other side of the hall, where it would lead to the main doors.. if she could get out she could go and find Kaze.. On the other hand, what if she did manage to get out and the rest would get fucked up, it was her fault then. Couldn’t that weird cleaning lady get some help from outside? .. She moved her eyes to her eye corners to watch the door that would lead to the cleaning lady’s position. Mmm.. what did she wanted to do ? .. kill him with napkins covered with puke? And boogers..? … That would be a grandiose death though .. –

ElilesMuiLuminarde: -she finally noticed, them, the dancing cups, and she had the strongest erg to chase them, like little toys for her to play with and she so wanted to chase them, around and around, they were distracting enough that her tail was thinning back out and next thing they know, oblivious to the group Eliles had released her magic the white mist dispersed from around her skin and she was in her true form of a small domesticated white cat with wings and she was on the table chasing the cups as they danced around the table making happy meowing sounds and ignoring the awful smell of decay. With that, Eliles was lost to the moment, and whatever was going to happen next until it pertained to her.-