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Within the Stone Walls, our Memories layhttps://i2.wp.com/www.pantomusicals.co.uk/dracula/digital/0201_castleinterior.jpg

CharlotteCarrendar: -The crews had been working tirelessly now for days, to repair the damage that was caused by Ariko in his unannounced attack on the meeting hall of Lorewall. A black goverment shuttle rollled up the drive slowly, the sound of the stones set in the gravel crunching beneath the heavy set tyres. The number of trucks and cranes on the grounds, just went to show how much damage had been impacted by the ferocity of the attack. Makeshift tents had been set up in the grounds, and as the goverment shuttle came to a stop, workers were milling about piles of lumber and masonary being used in the reconstruction. Baldrick stepped out of the vehicle first, reaching in for Charlotte’s hand, and assisted her coming out. Charlotte was wearing a dark black mottled military coat, that flowed to the ground, her knee high boots in the finest calf skin, with dagger like heels making an impression into the gravel. (Baldrick)”And it only looks cosmetic on the outside….I say structurally there may be some problems.”- Charlotte sighed and placed her hands on her hips. (Charlotte)”Estimate time it will take to repair the damage, Uncle?”- she enquired, looking on with a frown. Baldrick placed a hand on her shoulder- (Baldrick)”Good six weeks at least…maybe seven.”- Together both would walk towards the damaged entrance-KazeCarrendar: “Ten minutes to landing, ETA TEN MINUTES”- the sound of the landing warning flares up in the main chamber of the hawk as the after thrusters on the ship slowly bursts into life. Casting up the dirt around the grounds as slowly gets sucked up into the air around the main engines of the hawk. Four large metal landing feet shot out as the craft slowly rests on it, rocking slightly as it comes to a complete stop. The large main ramp lowers down , hitting the floor as two teams of ten troops rushes out. Behind was a larger object as a twin auto cannon tank, heavy armour class, left the hawk. Its treads bit into the metal ramp as the sounds of the grinding of metal followed. One single form walks from the group as he looks around. This was bad. Who ever attacked must have been well armed. The commander shakes his head as he narrows his eyes. The great hall. A relic of the past, had been badly damaged from the future. It could have been a bad omen to them of things to come. He bellows orders to the troops and tank. Making them split up as they take cover in other buildings. They watched as the workers had repaired the hall itself. Tilting and watching. that’s all they could do. Enemies was fine. They could point and shoot but this.. This was some thing they could not have done or dreamed off. The commander walks towards the command bunker, three guards followed his wake as the commander enters. What he saw, no words was able to say… as the rest of the troops had left the hawk. A cloaked figure walks out of the hawk, his red warped eye met the hall as he grows to himself. Now what has that damn child got her self into now? He shakes his head as the hood fell from his head, bouncing behind him as he walks forwards. His eye fixes on to char as he tilts his head, no smirk , no sign of slight joy was written on his face. He stops, only talking to three guards as they nod. Rushing off to the hawk as kaze had ordered more heavy auto cannon tanks to be brought. He had to re enforce the area now or if there was another attack. He stops thinking as a smell hits his nasal passage . Growling lowly to only him self as only a look of rage hits his face. How dare he do this? He was like mad. Breathing slowly as he stops his anger and blood lust from escaping ,kaze walks towards charlotte once more as he comes behind her. His shadow looms behind . If she turns around, she would only see the red warp eye, his face was hidden by the shadow of the building-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Being blown back by the landing jets of the hawk, Charlotte places a hand up to shield herself from the rising debris and dust, caused by the arrival of the hawk. The large metal feet came out of the craft, destroying what was left of the front lawn, as a groundsman looks on and shakes his head, tossing his rake to the side and marching off to one of the tents. Baldrick’s toupee is blown back in the updraft and he madly pats it back in place, a crimson stain to his cheeks, his embarressment showing. The large metal ramp lowers, and with the two teams of ten troops running down the ramp, and naturally, behind them would be the massive armoured Commander. (Baldrick)”Better late than never, Charlotte.’ -he said, trying to ward off the frustration that he knew would be coming from his young charge. Charlotte knew that this sigils the arrival of one of importance, and most likely the very one that Ariko was after. Kaze. The single hulking form to follow his men, his cloaked figure would send a hush through all the construction workers, who laid down tools, partly from respect, but also from fear. Charlotte would not see him at first, only when she turned around would she see the red warp eye, for his face would be cloaked in the shadow of his hood. Baldrick could feel the ripple of tension in the air, and politely excused himself, leaving Charlotte to deal…on her own. Taking steps towards, Kaze, she kept her eyes squarely on his red warped one. Her shoulders back, her chin raised. The backdrop a scene of destruction, one she could not cloak or hide from him. Before coming to stand before him, she said quite plainly. (Charlotte)”Its not as bad as it looks…six weeks to repair the damages, there abouts. It could have been worse.”

KazeCarrendar: -He tilts his head as a long “hummmm” left his lips. Kaze turns, watching the workers stop as he grows a threat at them-” back to work now or I gut you where you are”- his words was not to be answered back as he shakes his head. Only his eye locks back on charlotte as if he was looking into the soul she had. His power fist flexes as the power motors work, a slight whizzing of the fist.-” what happened to here?”- he sniffs again, the stench of that foul smell still in the air, the smell of decay, the smell of … he sighs as he looks up towards the sky, taking his eye off charlotte as he narrows his right eye brow. Fixed on a centre point in the sky as he starts to chuckle, the chuckle turns into a laughter as he looks back towards around the land. It was twisted , once a place to be proud, now just a battle scarred place. The hall was still there, it stood up against what ever happened . Like charlottes will, just like her mothers. Kaze shrugs his shoulders as he moves past charlotte. Not speaking to an other as he moves to the main door. Reaching to it, his left un covered hand , brushes against the door itself. -” what happened to you old friend?”- it looks like he spoke to the door but was speaking to one of the only people that he had respected . Sighing to himself , he turns around , pivoting on his heels as his cloak flaps around his body. Kaze looks back at charlotte, seeing a ghost like image surrounding her.. It looks like. He shakes his head as he spiked hair dances slightly around his face . -” the hall was attacked but still stand? By who I think it did it?”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Her right boot tip would be pressed deep into the gravel, bending her knee slightly, but with hands at her sides, she assumed a regal stance. Listening to the humm that left his lips, and his growl of warning to the onsite workers, she knew that he was not at all impressed by what had met his arrival. All the workers murmered and whispered to each other, the clink and return of construction sounds, hammering and the firing of pistons and engines revving as the site went back to work. None would stand idle now that Kaze had spoken. Charlotte swallowed, and took in how he sniffed the air. Yes, decay, death. The blood of the fallen was still soaked in the earth, the dust of the ones that collapsed and were destroyed by the staff Ariko carried evident. There was only one word, one name, that could answer the question, that Charlotte knew Kaze would be well aware of by now. “Ariko.” There, she said it. A large earthmover would crawl past and knock over one of the crumbling pillars of the main gates, for it was unable to be saved, and would need to be built again from scratch. The smoke of diesel fumes blew out of its stack, and the smashing of broken bricks a chorus when mixed with the jack hammering and other power tools. He walked past her, leaving her behind as he went to inspect the door. A swirl of dust blew up and around Charlotte, as she lowered her head, her coat billowing, and she clenched her fists tight, till the claws of her hands did pierce through her gloves. Feeling what she is doing, and it bringing her no comfort, she fiddles with the pocket flaps on her coat and jams her hands in, turning on the ball of her right foot, and marching up towards the main doors. “The hall has withstood many attacks, Lord Kaze.”- she stole a glance at him before heading inside. “Twas not the point of his visit.” -she walked down the stone corridor, her heels clicking as the echo of her voice would resonate off the cracked walls. “I can’t stay. I must make plans to return to the north.”- She was diverting the focus away, she had to. The game was not here, and there was nothing Kaze, or anyone could do.

KazeCarrendar: -kaze smirks as he nods his head looking at her as the sounds of around, each one working as kaze looks still at charlotte. The north? Now why would she go there. All he knew was that she had been busy around but hardly knew she had plans in the north-” you will stay for a moment and look at the hall. You will learn why it was important to inform me of ANY new warp or markings. Ariko can not get back here unless he created a warp portal or used a form of rift or hell.. Was summoned.”- he walks towards her as he looks back down at her-” have I not helped you enough child? Has my work been but a joke to you lot? I warned you about the dangers of what awaits for you in this era. Now, you will explain to me WHY my ex battle brother, Ariko, has returned back to this realm. The gods must have been called by your people, all the chaos space marines was away in the west to carry out my orders for the new planet we are going to be taking as I promised you child. Space is a web that you will have in your grasp. But you failed to even inform me in such manners. I left coms , I left enough means to call me but you… you refuse to use my powers? Am I not good enough for you child? Have I not acted like a father to you?”- kaze growls as he narrows his eye at her. The days had gone that she was under any one spell in a way but still she was a child to his age. She was going to talk.-” now, you tell me why I shouldn’t go to the north myself and check it out child?”

CharlotteCarrendar: – His baring down on her, as though she a small child being scolded by her father, Charlotte had to feel the wrath of his anger, that perhaps he thought she was running away again, to hide from the responsiblities placed upon her in her office. But how wrong he would be if he knew the truth. How can she dare say to his face, that all this time, it was he that Ariko sought to destroy, and that if she did not play the game as instructed, Ariko would unleash the virus upon her world, his world. Her beloved Nemaues. She had to think and think fast, to evade from leading him to the right conclusions. Looking up, she said “A commander, he….was somehow mad, mad enough to bring tanks and try to destroy the hall, And anything that stood in its way. Someone, something here, summoned him, I am sure of it. But the answers do not lay at my feet.” -she spoke quickly, her eyes darting, her mind going into overdrive, as she knew that time was of the essence. “What you have of me, to call you at the moments notice, to drag you from your affairs?” -her eyes darkening, flickering with a gold hue set in the pools of jade. “You have been a father to me, but there comes a time when the daughter must protect her father.”- the words spilled out, and she smacked her forehead, in anger, the gaffe now escaped. She threw her hands out, fingers wide, and then stopped still. “I must pack…I must..go north.” – Baldrick came up alongside the two, his head lowered in marked respect of Kaze. (Baldrick)”He called her his “toy” Charlotte’s jaw fell open and then she gave him a sharp elbowing. (Charlotte)”Not now…please, not now.”- Baldrick rubbed his side and shook his head- (Baldrick)”I be damned if your going to run off on a foolish escapade like your mother did.”

KazeCarrendar: -kaze looks as he watches the reactions from charlotte. She was holding back, it was more or less on her face. Her tone in a hurried fashion alerted him more as he shakes his head. The sounds of her heart beat. Everything pin pointed to a horror that happened, he had reports of ariko speaking to him. The chatter of the vox com had alerted him more as he was planning to wage a war against those that who wanted it as he walks forwards. One small statue stood at the right side of kaze as he narrows his right eye again. To be protected? It was a insult to him. He worked hard, to become the perfect killer the perfect fighter. Many had fallen to him, and more will still fall as he growls. Slowly sighing to himself as he looks to the one that he had met once in the past. A relic like himself as he smirks- “you, I seem to have forgot your name . old age it seems , but you was with Lady Lore a few times when I met her in the past. You seem to have that honour in you to tell me what is going off. Seems this one”- he looks back at charlotte with a cold stare-” does not understand us old timers. They think they are better then us .. To think I use to call you a lunch box”- he laughs as he sighs once more. Remembering some what of his past. A figure of a human had entered his mind. Who was that? Was that him? Was that just who he wished? Kaze didn’t care much for the past. Only to learn tactics of beating some one .-” the word toy… ah that snake!”- he flexed his right power fist as he looks back at charlotte-” you do not speak until the lord here”- he moves his left hand towards the male at his side-” has informed me. For all I know, you will lie or with held info that is important. “- kaze turns towards the male as he weights him up-” and you lord, you will be given some of my best troops, ones that are can not be mind changed. they are blood bond to me and their weapons. Unless I give them orders to follow. They are the knights of olde”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Long having been in the shadows, the toll taken on the old man, the former Senator of the Carrendar Province, in Lacardis, the ever faithful right hand of Lorelei. Baldrick Fitzgibbon, devoted to the last, who stood on the bow of the airhip, that hovered over and watched on helplessly as Lorelei was slain, her head and spine torn from her body, left to rot by that bastard hunter. For years before, for much of Baldrick’s adult life, he served Lorelei with a devotion few could match. At every turn, no matter where Lorelei was, he was always right behind her. He loved her, she knew it, but they never consumated that love. He would have died for her, lied for her, he would have done everything for her. And yet, like the meeting hall itself, he stood still, and with the cracks that lined the walls, so to did the wrinkles on his weathered face. The hall as much as Baldrick were both testimonys to the age of Lacardis and now Nemaues. Forever standing, as another Carrendar stood at the edge of Chaos. (Baldrick)”Lord Fitzgibbon, M’lord, also known as Baldrick. I served Charlotte’s mother, Lorelei, in the first era of Lacardis.”- he would raise a shaking fist to his chest and then bow as he would have done to show respect. He was of the old guard, not one of the new ways. He was from a different time all together. Charlotte took a step back, knowing this was now between the men, the former guardian of Lorelei, and the Lord Kaze of Nemaues. (Baldrick)”Twas Ariko, that brought all this about, he spoke of a virus to infect the north, if she did not play…*he looked at her fondly*…his game. But she does speak the truth, Sir. Tis you he wants.”

KazeCarrendar: -he tilts his head as he smirks .he remembered the name. -” ah you, yes we had our fun in the past.. I am sorry that I could have not lend lady Lore a hand. She had my calling card but never used it. I only knew when I was on a “task” to collect the needed souls for the new troops that left for a war in my own ..old.. Realm”- he looks away, the fallen realm he was trapped from. He knew that it was dead now, everyone was including.. her. -” we seen a lot haven’t we old friend? Death seems to hit others then us. But here we are, fighting like old dogs of war. In one way or the other form.”- he looks at charlotte once more as his eye fixes on her. The games, his plot. Kaze sighs heavy to himself as he nods to her-” did he say he would send some one of his “slaves” or what ever he called it , to come and fetch you. The games will not start until he has normally. Last time I was caught in his game, the bastard trapped me into the damn portal and I had to fight those that I use to fight with”- a dark grin appears on his face as he recalls that day.-” scores of deamons, marines against a handful. Butchered every damn one we could but we had to retreat. Crafty sod cut our way back and “- he points around with his left hand-” poof , ended up here. don’t you think it was weird that some how I came to your realm and to that.. Other one where I saw you with the so called “master “. puppets always get my attention those days but now.”- he laughs , the laughter wasn’t a warm thing. Only of a sadistic killer would crave for this laugh-” but who knows, I am here now. Ariko and I have are to fight once more. Only one will live, the other will be send back to the eye once more. Depending on the amount of followers each have, the one sent back can come back but only after six months. There they lose some part of themselves. They become more twisted and only know a foe if they have a weapon or a certain power level. Think of hell as a happy camp “

CharlotteCarrendar: – Baldrick watched on, the words of Lord Kaze speaking of the times of old, and how much he would give his soul, if he could step back from his withered body and change the past. But that was so long ago, and now the past seemed to be relived in the future. He cast his gaze back at Charlotte, and for a split second, he could see her….in her eyes, in her face….the simple curve of her lips, her cheeks. He whispered, as though he was caught in a spell for but a moment. “Lore..” -it would go unheard, to those who did not see the pain in the old man’s eyes. He could see flickers of images in time, those captured and burned into his memory. She had the same spirit, he knew it, as young as she was, she had the makings of her mother. Now it was his turn to step back as Kaze shifted his focus back to the child. He took out his hanky and then pretended to blow his nose, but the feeble shake of his hand, it was but to mask the tears that were welling in his eyes. He excused himself, and turned, the sniffle and then blow of his nose, as a worker came up and offered Baldrick a cup of tea. Baldrick was adored by those of the hall, as much as the hall itself. Charlotte often failed to see what others did, for she was so young, when he tried to keep Lacardis on track in the absense of her mother, but he could not stop the end of days. Not even Captain could. Charlotte now had the floor, and she nodded. (Charlotte)”He has this set up like some sort of sick game, that he will send those….numbered and I must kill them all, but If I kill the wrong ones….”-her voice broke up as the cup slipped from Baldrick’s hand, smashing on the floor-

KazeCarrendar: -he shakes his head as he looks at the one he would nick name the lunch box for ever, move away as he sighs to himself. The pain that fell on charlotte of all what happened , finally maybe this would wake up her slightly to the world around her. Maybe just maybe he could kick her ass in to the right path. He looks to the hall as he returns back to look at her once more.-” you know there is a way to end him… it does not take much really. Just need to find some one with the same power as him really. Like a counter against the counter . Blabla bla. You get what I am saying I hope”- kaze ponders as the game of the numbers and the marks-” one will always be last but its master is always the first one you face dear child. But you haven’t heard this off me”- he smirks. Even kaze likes to play a game. Most games ended him messing up Ariko game. But how would he manage to bring what he said in? more things was needed to be answered to . It was not just Ariko game kaze worried about, it was more the other things-” I heard that you have a brother to return with you? I am glad the family is still here. It does, in a sick way,”- he pulls a face at the news of joy-” that you found more kin. Glad that they are working better and faster. Soon you won’t need a old man like me or the young lord over there”- he points to wards the Baldrick as he speaks louder , more aiming his next comment at him-” when the time has come, there is a place for you to join me in a great quest young lord. I could always have such a skill as you with me. The time for us relics will be over but still. The shitlings need a kick in the ass to work faster. Hate to have to do all the work. I could have been a farmer. Oh yes, growing useless things in my garden and drive my tractor. -” he grumbles. The peace was not his things. His life , his story will always seem to be more war, more planets , he was to be perfect in his skill. But, he always worried if there was not enough to test him. The one called captain would be his test, if he was beaten, lest kaze had something to aim for more and more-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Now Charlotte was center stage, and Kaze was about to give her a good kick up the pants, a spoonful of something nasty, to shock the girl into a rude awakening. Baldrick would as always, stand in behind her, but this time, in this age, his help to her would be in lessons learnt from the past. Like a wise old owl, he would be there to perch on her shoulder and whisper in her ear, once Lord Kaze effectively cleaned her ears out with a scrubbing brush dipped in acid. When Lord Kaze referred to Baldrick as Young, Baldrick actually chuckled, and you could hear his false teeth clatter on his gums. You see, technically, Baldrick was young, when compared to Kaze. Kaze just aged better is all. Baldrick then croaked a cackle at the image of Lord Kaze wearing drill overalls, and a beaten farmer’s hat with straw hanging from his bottom lip. (Baldrick)”Old MacDoogle had a farm…Ha!…grew rows and rows of corn…far as the eyes could see…Stupid old bastard, he got diddled by some bagger selling seeds, claiming to be the best of nature’s harvest. Aye. those days, I ate so much corn, I could have planted a field with my shit!”- he slapped his knee with his right hand and then helped one of the meeting hall sevant’s clean up the broken cup. Charlotte stepped up to Kaze. “Then I must find one that is equal to him, and if that means going beyond this world to do it, then I will.”

KazeCarrendar: -Kaze laughs as he shakes his head. Looking back towards the hall with a half smirk as his armour, the faces of souls looks at charlotte with a twisted grin on their face as kaze huffs. -”farmer jack ya can ram that up ya white ass. We have a lot of work young one. You always was the right guy to find new weapons for the army. That I will leave to you. But tell me this young one, why is there a damn disco place around here. Us old ones need sleep”- he laughs once more as he looks at Charlotte , a puzzled look appears on his face as she spoke of trying to find out one-” you need a stronger things to awake charlotte up young one.. She hasn’t heard anything what I just said” – kaze moves his left hand towards his face as he face palms at her-” CHILD YOUR ARE YOU DEAF? DO YOU NEED A HELPER TO MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS THAT ARE COMING FROM MY LIPS?”-He shouts at her. -” maybe my voice can not blow planets up, or what use that be, I wont be able to shout at you if it did but you do not need to search for that. “- he waves at her with his left hand-” hello…Kaze here is the same level child. Didn’t I say that not long again?”- he sighs as he mutters.-”thought the old people was deaf not the shitlings too.”-moving his left hand towards charlottes head. He tries to ruffle her hair as he rolls his right eye.-” again like I stated char char, why do you not ask for my powers?”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Charlotte went fire red in her cheeks, wincing as he bellowed at her about not understanding what he had just implied earlier. That it was he that was the equal to the Chaos Lord Ariko, and that she didn’t need to go zipping off in a Seal to the Citadel to get the likes of Lord Az. Course, that was not what she was thinking of doing, surely. Those two had done enough in the North, last time there was a miscommunication. She wiggled her right index finger in her ear, and let her mouth drop open. (Charlotte)”Well if I wasn’t deaf before, I sure as hell am now.” She shook her head and then gave Lord Kaze a sly grin. “Sorry, but we had a self confessed planet killer who could blow up half the universe when he hailed for a cab, already last month.” -Yes that sounded ridiculous, but…you wouldn’t believe what blew in the door somedays. He ruffled her hair, and as she felt like a pet store puppy being fondled at the state fair, Baldrick ambled up. (Baldrick)-to answer Kaze’s question- “Cause, she is a woman and naturally thinks she has to do it all on her own. JUST like her mother. If she had only listened…*he was now speaking of Lore, then corrected himself*….You listen and you ask for help. No shame in asking you know. He’s right there, for god’s sake, child…bloody ask him.” – Charlotte bit her lip and then said quietly. (Charlotte)”Would you please…help us fight Ariko?” Baldrick patted her back softly- (Baldrick)”See?…not so bloody hard, now was it?”

KazeCarrendar: “about time she pays attention .damn kids. You think that they would learn in a way but OOOOOOH no. they just go on and on about junk “- kaze wondered about that form . He sighs to himself once more-”great a chance to kill and no one calls me. What is wrong with you people? gah feels like a bike that is good to use but you buy a car.. I mean come one, I could kick half your planet ass in a single day and still have tea ready.. But..I don’t drink tea”- he thinks for a moment as he wonders if tea would have been the perfect word. Hell he didn’t care, he was gawd damn kaze. Fuck what others think of their so called powers. They would have broke under what he faced. What he had done. Did he not walk up to his own god and told him to go fuck himself.. Granted the god did it in the end, but that’s not the point. Kaze was going to play her up for a bit as he looks at Baldrick. Giving him a look only to him that kaze was playing now-” to help you child? What NOW you want my help?I mean I been around here for… how long? Well seems like along time and seen you give up my help when you had been with Mr “I am too cool for the law so I just pwed the leader into being my bitch” Az. I lost men due to you lot. Men still hate him they hate the north. What was the comment you said” oh yes the spoils of war” I try to remember but it seems that you will need to learn your lesson. If I help, one of us dies. Meaning Ariko or I die. We do not fight to say “what ho, that was rather good old chap. Spot o tea”- he mimics a posh British accent as he yawns to himself, showing his fangs as he returns to speaking-” we fight to kill, unlike you guys. You want me to throw away my life for you not telling me this before hand about how he was summoned. I mean you still have not even told me. And I did ask many a times. I could have stopped this or told you how to but oooo noo, kaze can you do it? Like saying, I have a body of a feeble female but a mind of a fighter”

CharlotteCarrendar :- Oh how this was like the days of old, Baldrick could feel the old spark igniting in the tired warhorse yet. Why the look from Lord Kaze and the tone of his voice, it was all too much. Baldrick tapped the side of his nose, knowing exactly what Kaze was doing, why he used to stir up Lore just the same when she got into one of her daft moods, or was suffereing PMBloodyS. He could see on Charlotte’s face that she was finding Kaze’s mocking to be a bit over the top. She folded her arms and pouted as he continued on with his delightful tirade, of not being called upon, when he himself had the balls…well we think he has balls, to stand before his own god and tell him to go fuck himself. (Baldrick)*Pipes up*…You listen well, child. Why, I bet Lord Kaze done flashed his god a brown eye too. Gods need to be put in their place…Only God that ever ventured here was Captain of course. Hmm…never did get why your Mother loved him as she did.”- Charlotte muttered under her breathe, as the two old farts were putting on this comical farce. A staffer would wander up with a silver tea service as if on cue, and Baldrick could not help himself. (Baldrick)”I say old Chap, why not before going off to bust Ariko’s chops, why not have a nice cup of….*he grinned at Charlotte who was rolling her eyes*….tea. Before you go throw your life away.” -he then held up a plate and said- “Butter scone?”

KazeCarrendar: “I heard about when they use to fight with fisty or what ever the Terra mortals call it. Rather funny. But”- he looks up as one of the builders had a cup as he raises his right eye brow. -” would I have to eat that as well. I mean the cup looks nice but it has no prune juices for my old system.”_ he smirks, the right fang hanging out of his mouth slightly as the comment about scones was mentioned by the young one-” moment on the lips life time on the hips. But the child must know about that part. Seen her try fit into smaller sizes in the past. Funny thing is, she blames the clothes “- as the comments died down, kaze turns to charlotte as he returns to his normal state.-” to be honest, it was a sickening thing to watch a god do that. I mean… like..”-he fakes a shudder as he returns to his comment-” what you ask me is possible. But I will warn you, if I fail you will need to see if you can get a large “goodie goodie” followers of the false emperor to come and clean up. You will not mention me, to you I am not even a member of the world. If they find you have been working with me, they will purge. I will make sure that the taint and weapons of chaos is placed on a planet and make it look like you was attacked by that planet. I repeat this once more child. I am their foe, they are my foe. We do not live together and peace with them from us will never come. They are blinded to that they call a corpse . They lie to themselves. They are the pest in my life. I a free from that chain but they are not.”- he looks around as he smirks , watching the army walk and guard-” these are not afraid to die for the planet. But they wish for that golden era once more char.. You made me a promise, now you are to keep it. This is going to be hard enough trying to not lure them here as the battle happens. One battle barge is not enough to stop their fleets and I can not risk the chances of bringing any more here. So, I will give you the order to make sure all trace of me being here to vanish when I feel like I can not do any more”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Baldrick had to pop a butterscone in his own mouth to stop the guffaws from coming thick and fast, from the talk of prune juice. Lorelei, had she been here, would have been eating him for breakfast, no doubt in his mind. Aye, the young Carrendar, she may not have the bosom of her mother, or the mouth, but there, laying deep beneath, was the spirit. How he knew? Cause she had the use to summon as she so pleased, for even if a coachroache crawled the walls upside down and it displeased her, she could have whipped out the calling card and summoned the world’s best exterminator. But, she always thought it was her fight, even if, it wasn’t. The battle between the Lord Kaze and Ariko was the stuff of legends, and she whether she liked it or not, was a simple toy in the game to help bring Kaze to the table to play. Kaze surely knew that Ariko loved the games as much as he did, and would not knowingly harm his favoured pawn before the game had even begun. No sport can come from that. A game of chess needs all the pieces, or it would be for naught. Charlotte finally heeded his words, when the tone of the conversation was serious. She lowered her folded arms and paid full attention, hanging on his every word as though law. “The golden era as you call it is here, and I will honor my word to you, as you expect. How do we bring about other battle barges if one is not enough?”

KazeCarrendar: -Kaze shrugs his shoulders as he slowly turns towards the hall once more. He watches it as if it would come alive with the past as he leans slightly backwards to look at charlotte once more. What she asked was impossible , more barges meant more chaos units . More chaos units meant more chaos lords . More chaos lords meant high chance of a full attack against them by the imperial forces-” we don’t. cant run that risk in alerting them here. They have ways to locate and find soooo”_ he looks back at the way to the west as he laughs-” the west has weapons to attack space bound ships or ground. But you need to find some one that can build a fleet up. Some one with half a brain cell. I mean surely you, charlotte carrendar, daughter of Lore, would be able to find some one or call some one to help? I mean you don’t need to tell them, just say its for the new space age project. Don’t need upstarts trying to be a form of mary sue now do we? Gawd forbid we get a mini you running around waving a sword . Makes all the fun “- he chuckles. He wasn’t undermining her, he was being honest with her.-” just make sure you don’t die, if you die, make sure of two things. One, don’t get blood on my armour, two, die not on your back okay? Good”- kaze looks towards the hawk as he smirks. He had to get back to the west to ready the new weapon, the grand cannon, a 8 shot cannon that had enough power to blow a large area up. He planning to use it against some one before hand when it was ready but still. Kaze hated guns, but least they left a nice mark on the grounds.-” contact me as soon as you can, keep me posted at all times. And for gawd sake. You are like a child being lured by a man in hopes for candy.. Always better to refuse. Sure the man offering candy isn’t a mortal but still a large demonic vampire with decay powers and could level the planet into a war and create hassle. But least he didn’t bite you. “- he smirks as he walks past her towards the hawk. Stopping once as he looks back.-” shame I might not see the new era we dreamed off child”- kaze began toward the hawk as he walks up the ramp. Few moments later, the ram shuts as the hawk slowly rocks. The engines come alive as a single com order came to the commander in the command centre. He smirks as he races out. In his hand it looks like a grenade. He shouts towards charlotte-” my lady, sorry but this is a order from lord kaze, punish him not me. “- the commander leans his right hand back as he throws it. What looks like a grenade was a water bomb that he had gave the commander in the west. The water bomb aimed at her face as the commander races back into the centre. ..in the back of the hawk, kaze laughs , wishing he could have seen her face as the hawk races backwards the west. Maybe just maybe, he could find the dreams he has had-

CharlotteCarrendar: – One thing about the Meeting hall in Lorewall, it was the same one that stood the tests, the plagues, the wars, the loves, the tragedies. At the grand rounded table that was in the centre of the room, if one was to look, they could see them there. Seated around, the nine Lords and ladies, the Captain, the Prime Minister, Lorelei, her blazing red hair spilling over her shoulders. Locked in debate, as high above them the banners waved in the soft breeze, that blew in from the coast off Arachnea. The Captain, sitting with his maps and findings, researching the spires, in silence, whilst Lorelei led the meeting, her voice, sharp and precise, as the Lords and ladies hung on her every word. The centre of the table held the glass dome, that housed the map of Lacardis. To the right, at the bar, the Captains of the Fleet of Man o wars, the men of the sea, who were able to weave many a tale, of the great batttle of the wharf. The pride in their faces, the resolution, to fight all that dared to steal from them…their freedom, their right to be. Baldrick was there, always, a fixture, standing behind Lorelei’s chair, his hand resting upon the side as he would gaze down at her with admiration. But all that is no more, for now, again, the Meeting hall is the place, where the descisions of the future are to be made. Yesterday….is today. The future is in the hands, of the young. The dreams of Lord Kaze, may well be realised, but what price will he pay? The commander came up towards Charlotte, when she was about to head to her office, when he held in his hand something that looked like a grenade, throwing it at her- -” my lady, sorry but this is a order from lord kaze, punish him not me. “- he shouted- (Charlotte)”What?” but all too late, she is hit front on by a water balloon….of all things, soaking her to the skin, and Baldrick near chokes of laughter, before looking down at his pants. The silly old codger had peed himself, so now…both were wet. (Charlotte)*parting her hair from her eyes* “ha…bloody ha”