October 16, 2012 09:42AM
I. Name: Derick SelenA. Also Known As: “Master Derick or SG”

II. Origin: American but his father was from england

A. Place of Origin: Washington, USA
B. Origin/History: Born St. john’s kelso Washington his mother was Lisa Selen and his father was of course Darren Selen being born American his father returned to England for post money and his work. Lisa was to raise derrick for most of his life till he traveled to his father at the age of 12 years of age. Living in the shadows of his father he was brought up how to survive as he lived his life under his father at the age of 16 he became a sponsor for The Devils Advocate LEMC or just know as LEMC and at the age of 17 he was patched living in the life of club at the moment. Upon the age of 24 by then he was already well know among the club. Most of all he was to be feared and seen as a great ally for being so damn ruthless. After his nights learning about the lifestyle he dreamed of BDSM D/s he was in love with it he had been practicing and learning form a young age his father looked at it in disgust. Meeting lucy he fled never to turn back on the club forever disowned by both his mother and father. He now lives the night a free lone wolf as someone might say.

III. Biology: Human

IV. Physical Characteristics: 5 foot 10”, Black with read highlights spiked back hair, blue eyes, pale skin but a little tone. Built body but still only about 210lbs.

1. Preferred Clothing. Biker style but more towards rave punk style more or less creates his own style as he sees fit.

A. Language(s): English, Russian, Italian, Japanese, French and biker code

B. Religion(s): doesn’t care for but will put up with it

1. Marriage: in a relationship under D/s rules and creeds

D. Training of Youth/Education: GED, has training his dirty fighting, combat weapons training

E. Workforce: Sells rare parts for choppers custom b