Alex and the Hunter.

Players :
Kairi (
Charlotte. (Carrendar rp)
A young girl no older than about 20 sat down by the lake side, her hair gently blew in the gentle breeze and shimmered blue as the moonlight reflected of it. She sat with her knees pulled up to her chest and her torn muddy dress barely clung onto her body a sword still stained with blood lay next to her imprinting into the grass.

Scarrs covered her arms, legs and through the rips in her dress… a mixture of what looked like old bullet wounds and blade cuts. Sighing softly she looked out over the not so still lake and the reflection of the moon sparkling off the water lit up her dark blue eyes.

Lifting one hand up she pointed a finger lazily towards the water and moved it round in a circular motion causing the water to move in the same patteren, as she lifted her hand slightly a small amount of water came up into a small sphere, a small smirk came across the young girls lips as she made this small ball of water dance across the lake causing ripples.

After a small amount of time the girl’s eyes slowly changed into a grey colour and her attention was drawn to movement that she heard behind her, not flinching or making any movement to let the presence behind her know she could sense and hear them. The ball of water continued to dance across the water until she curled her finger in drawing this orb closer. Very slowly and without trying to draw attention to what she was doing the girl moved her spare hand towards to sword.

Sensing this presence getting closer, from what she guessed about maybe 4 feet away, eyes turning blood red she gripped the sword by its hilt and in one swift movement she used the orb of water as a distraction, throwing it in the direction of the presense and quickly dashed towards them. The water hit a strange figure in the face but by time they had gathered themselves she had already got her sword pointing at there neck, her eyes still crimson red she examind the strange figure and noticed the badge on the arm of his uniform..”E,R,F”[Elemental Research Facility]. Without any hesitation she drove the sword through his neck and pulled her body round ripping the sword out of his neck at one side.

Quickly after though the sound of a gunshot echoed around the valley and a expression of pain came across her face, the only words able escape her lips, was a soft quiet “Fuck…”. Collapsing to the ground she held her right side as it bled and looked around, she had been paying to much attention to the presence behind her she had not picked up on the second one. Her eyes darted around the dark scenary trying to see where it came from, as she heard a faint clicking noise coming from her right she dodge rolled to the left and cringed into pain, as she stopped rolling she quickly gathered herself a threw the sword with all her strength in the direction the shot came from.The last thing she heard before blacking out was a thud, like a large object falling from a tree.
-The crunch under foot, the sound of footsteps approaching, the man walked forward, being followed by a large brown bear, whose stomach moved to and fro. The hunter, dressed in skins came across the bodies, of the two dead operatives of E.R.F. “Hmm..more of these bastards, Ben.”- the hunter said, shouldering his rifle. The bear sniffed one of the dead bodies, which still had a sword sticking out of its chest. The bear placed a clawed paw on its chest and rolled it back and forth effortlessly, whilst the hunter noticed that there was another in amidst the long grasses on the bank of the water’s edge. “Ben..leave that, come here.” The Bear raised its head and let out a throaty growl of protest, obviously keen to play with the dead man. The hunter knelt down beside the girl, and placed his hand to her throat, to try and feel for a pulse. There was a steady heart beat. So, she had survived the attack, and put up a good fight by the look of the two that remained. Not one to normally get tangled in the affairs of the E.R.F. He hated the idea that those that experimented on folk would have their hands on another. Placing his hands under her, he pushed up to standing, holding her in something of a fireman’s lift, and pivotted on the ball of his right foot, starting to make his way back to his cabin. The night sky, was illuminated by a full moon, which made it possible for Addams, to get this girl back to his abode, safely. No more hunting tonight, that was for sure. A few kilometres, and he soon took the final few paces to his door of his timber built cabin, deep in the mountain side. Many folk did not dare to come this far up, and he also had a reputation, for not being to kindly to strangers. Using his boot, he kicked the door open, and then took the sleeping girl to his makeshift bed in the corner of the room. Her sword, brought back by the bear, remained near the door. Addams looked down at the sleeping girl thoughfully, then went to boil a jug on the fire pit, so he could make some tea, and enjoy the rest of the evening, by the fire, with his bear just a few feet away. <3>

~:Alex was lay on this stranger make shift bed, for most of the night, until she began to stirr slowly.
Her face twisted slightly in pain as she rolled over, holding onto her side where the bullet had penetrated.
Holding her breath for a few seconds she opened her eyes letting out her breath she tried to focus and look around the room but her vision was still blurred.
Closing her eyes for a moment she burried her head into the bed and moved to try and sit up, but the pain took charge and she let out a small groan in agony.

Lay on the bed she stared up at the ceiling until her sight was back to normal, turning her head she looked around and saw a strange man sitting by a fireplace,
she had no idea where she was, but new that this strange man had saved her. She smiled alittle spotting the bear and looked over him. This reminded her of a old stuffed bear she had a long time ago but sadly lost in the forest during a fight.
Alex stared at the man once again and in a small voice that sounded partly strained, she said .FTaking a breath she held onto her side and closed her eyes again.

She attempted again to sit up and managed to, but it came at the price of her side bleeding again, crossing her legs she kept looking around curious, having not been inside a building in over a year this was rathering exciting for her.
Each time she stared around the room, her concentration was always brought back to the strange man, looking over him slowly still waiting for a response.:~
-The flames, orange, red and gold, licked at the blackened logs, the light crackle, hiss and spit, a comforting sound, as the man took up his pipe, and stuffed it full of tobacco. Striking a match, he rest the flamed end in the bottom of the pipe, and made a few puffs, to light the tobacco. A quick flick of the wrist, and the flame was extinguished, and the hunter eased back in his chair, which creaked and groaned beneath his bulk. The bear closed its eyes, obviously tired after such a long day and walk back from the fishing hole. The slow and gentle movements of the girl on the makeshift bed, did not go unnoticed by the hunter, who exhaled smoke from his pipe out his nostrils, turning enough, to peer back at the young woman, who was now trying to sit up in the bed, and failing.

Moans and cries of discomfort, alerted him to the fact, that though she was now concious, she was in fact in a great deal of pain. Another puff of the pipe, and a voice, soft and weak, said unto the man. “Thank you..but..where am i?” The log fire place, continued to crackle, the only sound other than the snoring of the brown bear. Another groan, the girl now sitting up, and bleeding, the glistening of her wound now visible to the hunter, who rose slowly from his chair, and turned to his cupboard. Three paces, he opened a small door, and pulled out a wooden box, which was hidden in behind some linen. Setting it down on the table, he continued to puff his pipe, clenched between his teeth, and opened the medical box. Inside was gauze, bandaging, and ointments in a large jar, which he set down on the table. Closing the box, he returned it to the cupboard, then back to the table he went to fetch his supplies.

The hunter placed his pipe in its holder, and looked back at the girl, sitting up and looking disoriented. “My cabin…far from the E.R.F” The man brought over his supplies, and sat it down on the bed beside her, looking at her with a concerned expression. “That wound there is not going to heal itself. Looks like a bullet wound. Now…I be no doctor, but, I am going to have to take that out, unless you are planning on keeping it inside you as a momento.” <3>

~:Alex smiled weakly at the man who was now sitting next to her, she was known for having fun when she could, though she may seem to be ruthless she still had the heart of a child.
Looking up at the strange man still dazed and tryign to focus. She giggled alittle and said in a small voice. “Well it could keep my company in my side..but i have enough momentos from my encounters”. He gasped for breath again still weak.
Looking up at him she could baerly see his face, as the dim light from the fire behind him left shadows covering his face.

She smiled weakly and pushed her long blue hair back, as she stared into the fire for a minute almost entranced by the burning embers dancing around in the fireplace, the longer she stared her eyes changed colour slowly into a golden colour.
Once she had managed to break her concentration of the fireplace she moved her hand away from her wound slowly, looking down as the blood trickled from the hole in her side, down her torns dress and onto the bed. She felt bad for bleeding over his bed and twitched her nose slightly before sneezing.
She giggled and looked up at him with a small smile, but in her eyes where a small hint of guilt. “I’m sorry if i am intruding and bleeding everywhere.”.

Sitting next to him she began to sway slightly, not being able to stay sitting for long, but she tried her best. After watching the strange man for a minute she stared at the tired bear and tilted her head smiling.
“You have a lovely bear.” She remarked before falling back onto the bed dizzy.:~

-For someone who had been the victim of a shooting, she sure was acting mighty friendly. Trying to smile through the terrible pain, and even crack a joke. This was not exactly unusual, since being delirious from the loss of blood, a common occurance. Trying to gaze upon him, in the low light offered from the fire place and oil lamps, would keep him pretty much a mystery to her, till the true waking hours. His weathered skin, deep blue eyes, and fine mouth, were shrouded by the shadows, that were cast over him. Her body movements, slow, trying to move her hair back for a better visibilty of what was around her.

Another touching of her wound sparked more blood to flow, now staining his sheets, as the aura around where she sat grew bigger. A sneeze. First sign of sickness on top of her injuries. This just wasn’t going to do, and the man stood up, and went back to his cupboard, needing more than simple ointments and bandages. The box would be pulled out again, and he rifled through its contents, till finding the instrument he needed. Fine set of tweasers, but they had seen better days. He held it up to the light, studying it closely, before going to get the pot off the fire, and pour some boiling water over the tweasers, which splashed into a fine china basin. Steralised and now safe to use, he turned back to see that the girl had lost balance, after remarking the bear as being lovely.

“Thats a matter of opinion.”- he stated, not being one for small talk, and approached her, urging her to lay down on the unaffected side, so she could have the bullet removed. Placing a stick between her teeth, to stop her from screaming, he made quick work, sticking the tweasers into the wound, and digging about to find the bullet. <3>

~:Alex cringed and bit down hard on the stick in her mouth, as she felt the tweasers move around in the wound shark stabs of pain tore through her side, taking deep breaths and closing her eyes tightly.
Tears rolled down her cheeks as she stayed as still as possible, the only part of her body she moved was her arm as she grabbed onto the bed sheets tightly.
The more he moved the tweasers round in the wound is the more it bled, Alex tried to fight the pain but after a few minutes it became almost unbearable as she bit down hard on the stick causing it to splinter in her mouth.

She looked around the room trying to find something to concentrate on until her eyes gazed onto the fireplace again, tears still streaming down her cheeks and blurring her vision she watched the fire burning, letting out muffled cries of pain from behind the stick in her mouth.
She waited for it to be over, each time she tried to cry out whiles focused on the fireplace it sparked up into a roar of flames and then dimmed down again, as the minutes passed seeming more like hours to Alex she grew weaker and as she did the fire seemed to dim down.
Looking up at the strange man with her eyes still soaked with tears and an expression of pain and tiredness, she smiled faintly before passing out through the pain. Her breathing was stable and her heart could almost be heard beating fast in her chest but the rest had given in to the pain and knocked her out.:~

-Its not easy, to have to work without anesthetic in the middle of no where, the nearest doctor, many miles away. The hunter did what he could, closing his eyes, and feeling with the tweasers, making sure not to look at the girl’s tear stained cheeks. No, that would just make it harder to do. Her clutching of the sheets, made it clear, she was at breaking point, as far as her ability to cope with the pain, which would have been execruciating. Muffled cries, the timber doing its job, to keep her from screaming out and waking up the bear, the last thing either of them needed. More blood seeped from the open wound, which was aggrivated by the prodding. But its job near done, as he felt the touch againest the tweasers of metal. Bingo. That was it, a few more seconds, and he retracted the tweasers, the bullet being caught and removed sucessfully. He dropped the bullet into a small dish, and then set down the tweasers. Worst was to come, and thankfully, she had passed out due to the pain. It was for the best, and he wasted no time, going to his sewing kit and getting out a needle and thread. The needle steralized the same as the tweasers, and he started to stitch her wound up, so the bleeding would stop, and she could start the road to recovery.

Another ten minutes, and the stitching complete, he got out the special ointment, given to him by a medicine man in a neighbouring village. A few dabs over the stitching, to seal it in nicely, and hopefully stop further infection, that could cause her to fall seriously ill. With gauze, he covered the wound location, then used bandaging, to bind it around her, being careful to lift her, but not damage the stitching. He was not a man of medicine but knew enough to get by in a remote location. His work done, he took the last of his supplies, back to his medical box, his tools he would steralize again for next time. Watching her doze, he placed a blanket over her, then stroked her head softly, and went over to his small kitchen nook, and began to prepare some soup, for when she woke. Nothing fancy, but it was all she could probably stomach, till she improved. The soup, chicken and vegetable, was placed on the stove, and he stirred it, standing quietly, as the fireplace continued to make its delightful sounds. <3>

~:Laying silently on the bed Alex rested, her breathing was slow and quiet only disturbed ocassionally as the pain reached into her dreams, her faced would occasionally cringed but only for a few seconds.
Before long she began to wake up slowly, drowsy and only for a brief moment without pain, which soon reminded her it was there. She let out a small tired gron and kept her eyes closed for a few minutes, the taste of timber still in her mouth along with a few splinters.
Eventually she opened her eyes and looked around the room until she saw the strange man. She smiled lightly and curled up more under the blankets, each movement though however small still caused her considerable amounts of pain so she didnt move much.

The cabin was filled with the smell of the soup that he was making and it caused Alex to smile more, as she rubbed her eyes and began to cough a little which caused her pain.
Looking around again she lay and watched the bear sleeping peacefully, her only thought at that moment was how did the bear sleep through it all. Resting her head back again she listened to the fire crackling which soothed her the more she listened and the smell of soup caused her stomach to rumble, causing her to giggle softly but also made her cheerks flush a light red.

It had been an all to interesting night and it was taking it’s toll on her, but Alex was determind to stay awake, she felt bad for taking this strange mans bed but if she tried to move all of his hard work on her wound would be undone.
She took a deep breath and looked over at him and said in a weak voice with a slight croak “My name is Alex…whats yous?”. Finding it only right to alteast introduce herself to the strange man, also hoping it would make things in the cabin less awkward.:~
-Slowly stirring the soup, the man kept his eyes cast downward, watching the broth, the pieces of vegetable and chicken swirling round. The aroma would be one that you could not ignore, especially if you had not eaten a proper meal for sometime. Made from his own chickens, and vegie patch, he used a few secret herbs, to make the soup tasty and easy on the palate. Taking out a bowl from his small cupboard above the stove, he set it down, and with a ladel, he half filled it, thinking his guest may not be able to stomach a lot in one sitting.

Overhearing a light giggle, coming from the vicinity of the young girl, he turned his head toward her, and noticed she was now awake. Though she was not a loud talker, her voice was able to be heard, and she asked him a question. “My name is Alex…whats yous?” The hunter approached the bed, and there was a small bedside table, that had upon it, a book, lamp and a pair of reading glasses. He set the bowl down there, along with a spoon and napkin, and then took a seat on a dining chair, so he was sitting before her. Rubbing his bearded chin, the hunter replied. “Addams. Johnathon.” – Again, he gave not to much out about himself. Saying his last name first, and then his first name last. He gestured to the bowl of soup, and stared at her for a moment. Something ticking over in his mind, but he was not about to share it. Rising to standing, he went over to the door, and put on his jacket and hat, whistling to his bear, who woke up groggily, and then followed the Hunter out the door, which closed with a light click. <3>

~:She watched as Johnathan walked outside and looked down at the floor for a moment, she did not want to impose on him and felt bad that she was, she moved overly and slowly took the bowl from the bedside table and rested it on her chest.
Slowly picking up the spoon in her shaking hand she held onto the bowl with the other, taking a spoonful of the soup she watched the steam rise gariously from it for a moment, it was like the steam was dancing from the spoon and bowl before she gently blew on it.
Taking her first mouthful it burned a little but tasted like heaven to her, the hot liquid slid down her throat and gave her a warming sensation through her chest and stomach, she had almost forgotten what it felt like to eat stomach hot and that tasted so good, She could only managed a few moutfuls before her stomach stirred unpleasently.
Placing the bowl back onto the bedside table still half full she curled up again under the blankets, it was warm in the cabin but still she shivered slightly, a cold clearly setting in but it had been coming for a while.

Looking out of the small cabin window she stared out at the tops of the trees and the dark sky which was slowly breaking into dawn, her eyes slowly changed to a dark blue asshe sensed a stormed coming, a few minutes later the almost silence in the cabin was disturbed after a flash of lightening was soon met with the roaring sound of thunder ripping through the sky, moments after the sound of terrential rain battering off the small cabin.
Alex smiled and watched the rain through the window, the sounds of the fire crackling and the rain pelting off the windows soon soothed her back to sleep, at this point she was curled up hugging the covers and her nose twitching ocassionally, a faint smile of her lips was concealed by her hair which had fallen over her face.:~
-Cracks of lightning, jaggard through the sky, its shards piercing the very clouds, that were cloaked by the lack of sunglight. Thunder rumbling through the air, finally reaching the ears of the hunter. The first pitter patter, the smacking of the raindrops, as they christened the earth, sending up small plumes, parching a dry earth. The Hunter and the bear, had not been out long, but long enough for both to relieve themselves. Heavier, and heavier. A torrential downpour, that saw the Hunter’s hat droop, so it nearly covered his face. Pants, now soaked, jacket too, all the way through, as he trudged back to the cabin, the bear plodding along silently behind.

Reaching the porch, under the shade of the awning, they both shook, especially the bear, who only got Jonathon even wetter than when he was out in the rain. Opening the door, both ambled in, the Hunter removing his wet hat and hung it on a hook to dry, his coat, well that was a bit harder to remove, and he made his way over towards the fire place, where he had a line strung up. Piece by piece, he disrobed, from his jacket to his shirt, then his pants, and his boots and socks, each part being hung up. Soon, he was as naked as the day he was born, but just as hairy as the bear. A real ruggard mountain man, who obviously had no idea what a waxing session was. He then grabbed his soap and marched back outside and went to wash in the rain, not even looking at the girl. Clearly, he was not one used to company, and not meaning to be mean, he acted like she wasn’t there. A good…ten minutes and you could hear how hard the rain was outside. Soon he came back in again, this time, smelling a lot fresher, butt naked though and went to get his towel, standing by the fire, drying himself down, even bending over to make sure he got between his toes. <3>

~:Alex stirred silent, hearing the movement of johnathan in the cabin, she stretched a little but not much because it hurt, opening her eyes slowly the first thing she saw was the wet bear and smiled, as she rolled over onto her back she rubbed her eyes before looking over at johnathan only for her eyes to be met back his naked backside.
Her eyes widend and her cheeks flushed bright red as she pulled the blankets up over her face and hid in embarrassment from seeing him naked.
She stayed hidden under the blankets with her eyes open, it seemed everytime she closed her eyes the image of his rear end was in her head.

Pulling the blankets up more it uncovered her legs which were covered in silver scarrs all across them which was illuminated by the light from the fire, after a few minutes she dared to peek her head out again and firstly looked at the bear before checking if the hunter had covered himself.
Slowly moving the blanket aside so only a little bit of her face showed she looked around, hoping her eyes would not be met by the same sight again.
She cleared her throat before saying on a groggy voice. “Did you have a nice walk?”. Her cheeks where still flushed red and felt like they where on fire, having never seen such a sight before it took her completely off gaurd.:~
-Standing upright, he wiggled his toes and was happy that he had managed to dry himself thoroughly. Striding over to the closet, he opened the doors, and withdrew a pair of denim jeans and a pair of boxers. He got dressed fairly slowly, not really in a hurry, he was not modest by any means. The bear had made its way to the fire place and yawned long and loud, before settling down once more. Johnathon finished dressing, his shirt he buttoned up and tucked into his jeans, then threading the belt through and closed the cupboard door.

Walking back over to where the girl was huddled under the blanket on his makeshift bed, he took up the bowl of soup and spoon, seeing she didn’t eat all of it. She cleared her throat, ready to address him again, and asked. “Did you have a nice walk?”. The hunter looked at her for a moment, and then rubbed his bearded chin, before finally replying. “No.” Turning away, he went to wash up the soup bowl and utensil, setting them to dry on his sink, before wiping his hands on a tea towel. It was now quite late, the storm was not letting up, and since she had his bed, he went back to his chair by the fire place and settled back down, folding his arms over, his feet up on a small stool, and closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep. <3>

~:Alex looked down for a moment, each time she felt worse for being there, she did not want to be a bother and now he was having to sleep on his chair. She slowly sat up and clenched her teeth trying not to make a noise as she got to her feet slowly.
Holding onto her side tightly she slowly bent down to pick up her sword, feeling really bad for this strange man she had decided it was best if she left him to his quiet life, undesturbed by her.
Heading slowly toards the door she stumbled alittle but managed to stop herself from falling, it was time for her to go, either way she was a burden to his day to day life and the longer she stayed there the more likely it would be that the E.R.F would find them and they would not take kindly to the hunter.

She whispered under her breath a small thank you to the hunter, before carefully opening to the door and quietly going out. She tried not to make a noise as she closed the door behind her and turned around, stepping out into the downpour of rain she shivered and cringed slightly in pain before walking off into the woods, the ground was soaked and slippery so with each step she slid and had to regain her footing.
Alex was not walking for more than half an hour before she was met by an all to firmiliar feeling that someone was there, through the thunder she could hear the faint crackling of a radio which made her instantly turn around. She scanned the forest quickly with her eyes before finding a figure in the tree line, pretending she hadnt noticed Alex turned back around and slowly made her way further into the woods, she could tell they were following close behind her as the sound from their radio got louder.
After 15 minutes of walk her body was to weak for walk and she colapsed nexted to a tree, making sure she had kept enough energy to use her sword if needed.

Only a few moments after she had colapsed the figure that had been following her had appeared before her, with a gun pointed at her head Alex smiled looking up at the armoured E.R.F trooper, this figure did not seem hesitant to grab Alex’s arm and pull her up.
With a gun still pointed at her head the figured hauled her through the woods, Alex sword had been left behind as she couldnt keep ahold of the soaking wet hilt in the rain.
Looking down as she slipped on the wet ground behind pulled along she noticed a knife in a holster on the troopers leg. A few brief moments later when the thunder ripped through the sky again Alex moved to grab the knife, whihc was successful but did not go unnoticed by the trooper to smacked her across the face with his gun, causing her nose and mouth to bleed.

Alex had no choice but to control the endless amounts of water around them, which had soaked this poor troopers clothes, her eyes went a deeper blue as she raised her hand up glaring at him, the man struggled but could move his arms, Alex was managin to control the water that soaked his clothing but the longer she used it the more she grew weak, the wound on her side began to re open so she had no choice but to move quickly.
Letting out a loud scream using everything she had, Alex picked up the knife and moved forward stabbing the trooper in the eye, as she did she fell to her knees and the control was gone, the last of her energy used Alex lay panting on the forest floor.
Looking up into the dim sky as the rain fell still as strong as before, she smiled softly and lay motionless and quiet for a while as the sky grew darker as night set in once again.:~