Alex and the Hunter

“Home is where the Bear is.”

Players :

Kairi (

Charlotte (IMVU – Carrendar)

Kairi: ~:Alex smiled happily, going through all the items she had retrieved from the bag. Picking up some of the objects and studying them closely.
She found a pouch in amongst the clatter of items, opening it up she looked inside. The smell of tobacco was the first thing to present itself to Alex, from inside the pouch.
She stood up slowly from the bed and walked over to Johnathon, handing over the pouch she said to him in a happy, carefree voice, “Can you use this?”.

Placing the pouch on the arm of his chair, before going back over to the bed, she signalled Ben to come over. She sat down and began to open each of the parcels of dried foods.
She revealed dried bread and biscuits, that still seemed fresh enough to eat, this must have been the last bag she had retrieved, not long before Johnathon found her.
Wrapping the parcels of food up again, she went over and set them down on the dinning table, next to the smoked fish.

Looking over the bed, she studied what else was to be sorted. Her hand as she walked around the side of the bed, gently glided across each item, until going over the win bottle.
Picking it up, she took it over to the dinning table aswell and placed it down. There was enough sitting there, for the trio to have a full meal and enough for left overs.
She seemed quite happy with herself as she went back over to the bed, and sat down. Scanning over the items, she found a set of hair ties. She took one from the small bundle and began to tie her long hair back into a pony tail.:~
Ç╫âr┘ò╥╥£ ¢.: The pouch of tobacco was indeed a surprise, for Johnathon had bought his stash some time ago, and was trying to make it last as long as he could. When it was placed on the arm of the chair, he was fairly slow in picking it up, and setting down his own pipe in its holder. “Hmmm.” he mused, opening the pouch up and then reaching in with two digits, to pluck out a morsel and rub it between his fingers.

It wasn’t that old, either, and Johnathon found a reason to smile. This was a gift, in anyone’s language, for Johnathon loved nothing more that smoking his pipe. It calmed him, and helped thim to relax. Hehewuti remained on the floor, sitting cross legged, and continued to meditate, as Alex fussed over on the bed, motioning to Ben to follow her over, where she had a small stock pile of biscuits and other treats.

Setting the table with many of the cans and tins of food, it was like they could have a banquet, for all to enjoy, and no more racing out into the snow, which was a blessing. The tempreture outside the cabin had dropped rapidly, and you would have to be crazy to venture out again. But for now, all in the cabin were as warm as toast. <3>

Kairi: ~:Alex sat on the bed and started tidying away all the other items, apart from a pair of scissors. Once the bag was packed up again, she moved it aside and picked up the scissors. Studying them closely to see how sharp they where, with a smile on her face.
Rising up from the bed, she walked through to the toilet and closed the door. Going to the basin she began to slowly strip down until she wore nothing, picking up a wash cloth from the side of the basin and slowly dipping it into the water.
She sat down on the toilet and slowly began to wash her legs and feet, making sure not to miss a spot. Slowly moving the wash cloth up her legs to her thighs and around her waist. She was in the toilet for at least half an hour, relaxing as she cleaned herself of all dirt and dried blood.
Once it came to her hair, she walked over to the basin and slowly lowered her face and hair into it. Taking the bar of soap from the side she lathered it up in her hands, then into her hair.

After washing her hair and rinsing thoroughly, before getting dressed again. Once ready and clothed she walked out of the toilet and went to sit on th bed once again to relax.
Her hair still soaking wet and her skin damp, she layed back on the bed closing her eyes.:~
Ç╫âr┘ò╥╥£ ¢.: Johnathon eased back in his chair, the warmth of the fire place, was causing him to grow tired, and his eyes started to close, whilst he placed his hands upon his stomach, settling into a comfortable position. It had been a long time, since he could just rest, and not have to go racing outside to deal with predators for his livestock, since many had gone into hibernation, much like Ben should be, as it was the start of winter. He knew the bear would leave him and Alex, thought Johnathon was not sure on how the girl would deal with the bear going off to hibernate in a cave, as opposed to the comforts of the cabin.

But that was neither here nor there, all Johnathon wanted was to sleep. Hehewuti finished her chants, opening her eyes to see that Johnathon himself had dozed off. This was the right time, to go sleep in her bedding she had prepared earlier, and she tip toed past the sleeping Mountain man, going over to her rolled out swag on the floor. Stretching and yawning, she knelt down and then slid into her roll, curling up inside, not really paying much attention to Alex, as she had shown she could be trusted not to run again.

Soon, both Johnathon and Hehewuti were both snoring soundly, and the only other sound was the crackle and pop from the fire place. <3>
Kairi: ~:Alex was laying on the bed, with her eyes closed for a while before slipping off to sleep. With no covers over her, she curled up on her side and slept peacefully for most of the night. Her stomach occasionally rumbled, but was drowned out by the noise of Johnathon’s snores.
For the first time, it was all quiet with no fuss, just the trio sleeping soundly. The night went fast, or so it seemed because everyone was sleep. The snow outside didn’t let up for even a moment, she when the sun began to rise again in the morning, it lit up the cabin.
Alex slowly woke up for a moment, still half asleep and got up to go to the toilet. Her eyes where still half closed as she tripped over the bed and stumbled into the toilet.
Trying hard not to make to much noise, sitting down on the toilet, she rested her head against the wall for a moment until she was done. Once existing the toilet she stumbled back over the bed, before falling back into it. This time she grabbed the covers and pulled them up over herself, now feeling the cold.
She quickly fell back asleep, enjoying the peace and calm of normality.

A few hours later she began to wake up again, but didn’t want to leave the warmth of the bed. She stretched her arms and yawned, before rubbing her eyes, mumbling to herself about someone called James.
Her head rested onto the pillow as she looked around to see if Hehehwuti or Johnathon had woken up. She also looked over at Ben and smiled, her big cuddly friend seemed to look comfortable.:~
Ç╫âr┘ò╥╥£ ¢.: Hehewuti slept soundly, thanks to her chanting, that had lulled her into a relaxed state of mind. So to look at her as she was buried deep inside her sleeping roll, you would think she was hibernating much like Ben would be. Johnathon however, was up, and in the kitchen making himself a cup of coffee, staring out the window into the wintry snow covered landscape. It was going to be a long cold winter ahead, that was for sure.

The kettle on the stove started to whistle to show it was boiled, and Johnathon lifted it off the stove, to pour his coffee, which sent the smell of the coffee all through the cabin itself. There was nothing Johnathon liked more than a hot cup of coffee, and especially now on this cold winter morning, he could at least enjoy the simple pleasures. <3>
Kairi: ~:Alex curled up more under the covers and stared around the cabin, she was determined to just stay in the bed all day where it was warm. This was something special to her, not having to worry about anything. She eventually pulled herself up and sat on th bed, pulling the covers up around herself.
She watched the fire for a minute before looking over at Johnathon and said in a sleepy tone, “Good morning Johnathon….did you sleep well?”.
Alex smiled lazily, wrapped up in the bundle of covers. She yawned again, before shaking her head a little ot wake up more.

She wondered when Johnathon was going to cut his beared off and how strange he would look, trying to imagine what he would look like, even though she had seen a picture.
She laid forward on the bed, resting on her stomach and watched Johnathon for a moment before looking over at Ben, with a smile on her face.
The best thing about mornings these days, was she got to wake up in a safe warm cabin and the first thing she would see was Ben.
Resting her head onto her arms staring over at the bear, her nose wrinkled for a second before she sneezed and falls off the bed with the force.:~
Ç╫âr┘ò╥╥£ ¢.: A loud sneeze and then the thump as Alex basically blew herself out of bed, got this reaction from Johnathon. “Good Morning..”- not even bothering to look over at her, as she would be on the floor. Hehewuti popped her head out of her sleeping roll and frowned at Alex, who had created a bit of a din, in her unusual way of getting out of bed.

“Most people, roll out, not blow out.” Hehewuti muttered, smacking her lips and drawing her head back under to keep warm. Seemed that Hehewuti was not a morning person. You either are, or your aren’t and it was clearly much warmer in between the folds of her bedding than wandering about the cabin, so early in the morning.

Johnathon carried his cup of coffee over to the fire place, resting the cup on the mantle, as he crouched down and placed a couple new logs on the smouldering remains from last night. With a poker in his right hand, he jabbed at the coals, and moved the logs into position, so they would catch fire easy, and warm the cabin once again. Ben, who was also awake, thanks to Alex’s sneeze was waiting at the door to be let out- <3>
Kairi: ~:Alex slowly sat up, rubbing her head as she noticed Ben wanting out. Slowly she got to her feet and walked over to the big bear and kneeled down beside him. “Do you need the toilet Ben?”. She asked him quietly, while stroking his furr.
Moving forward she wrapped her arms around Ben and hugged him tightly, her hands wherent even able to make it right around him, but she still gave the best hug she could.
Slowly letting go, she rose to her feet and opened the door a little, looking over at Johnathon. The freezing cold air made her shiver as a gust of wind came in through the small opening of the door.
Her voice was shakey as she spoke to Johnathon, “I…i think B-Ben needs the toilet”. Goosebumps quickly covered every inch of her skin, as she began rubbing her arms.

Looking down at the bear, she smiled and stroked his furr again, gently and waited for Johnathon’s reply. From the small opening in the door behind her, snow was getting in and landing on her back. Causing shivers to shoot up her spine.
Quickly Alex was missing the warmth of the bed and just hoped that Ben was fast going to the toilet.:~
Ç╫âr┘ò╥╥£ ¢.: Here it came, the young Alex thinking that Ben needed to go to the toilet, when in actual fact he was going somewhere else entirely. Rising up and wiping his hands onto his jeans, he wandered over to the door, and then tapped Alex on the shoulder. “Best you come inside, and I will explain where Ben has gone…and no, he has not gone to the toilet, but to his cave.”- yes this was going t be hard to explain to Alex.

“This might be hard for you to understand, that Bears don’t always sleep inside cabins. They are wild animals, and have it in their blood, their purpose, their reason for go find a cave and sleep out the winter. Hell, if I could sleep all winter, and have eaten enough fish, I would be a happy man. <3>

Kairi: ~:Alex looked at Johnathon, slightly confused as she walked back into the cabin. Closing the door behind her, she walked over to the fireplace and sat down on the floor.
She watched him and listened as he tried to explain to her that Ben wouldnt be coming back. Pulling her legs up to her chest, she hugged them tightly and rested her head.
“He can’t go……nooo”, She sniffled as tears started to form in her eyes. Ben was there for comfort especially when she wasn’t well.

Looking around, she couldnt quite understand why the bear would want to go and sleep in a freezing cold cave, instead of in front of the fire.
She stretched over and picked up her teddy from where it had landed the night before, holding it close. Others may have found her reaction a bit far, but to only just have people and even a bear around for the first time, it was hard to see them go.
“When….will he come back?” She looked up at Johnathon with a teary eyed expression.:~

Ç╫âr┘ò╥╥£ ¢.: – Johnathon sighed audibly, knowing he would have to explain to her, just how things were in the mountains, especially with creatures like Ben. Rubbing his temple, with his right hand, he then lowered his arm and placed it on the arm rest.

“Ben is a wild animal, Alex. You can’t expect them to ignore their primal instincts. Its part of what they are, its how they deal with the winter. If I were not here, he would do the same, so it makes no difference now, that he goes to be in his cave. He wil return, of course, when the first flowers of spring emerge and there is good food ready, the rivers flowing and the salmon going upstream.”

Johnathon rested his left hand on her head, like an outstretched paw, from Ben himself. He knew she would be taking this hard, but the truth of the matter was, that Ben needed to be on his own at this time. To prevent him, would be cruel. And Johnathon could never put his real feelings, before the bear. <3>
Kairi: ~:Alex closed her eyes and held onto her teddy for another moment, before moving closer to the fire. She looked into the flames as she wiped her eyes, still feeling sad.
She sighed through a sniffle and looked up at Johnathon, “You’re not going to wonder off as well…are you?”.
She moved closer to Johnathon and cuddled into his leg, watching the fire burn brightly. Alex’s stomach growled loudly for a moment as she curled up, now was not the time to be hungry.
Looking over at the door, she wanted to run out and give Ben one last hug before he was away for the winter, but he was probably already gone.

Alex didnt like this, but she trusted what Johnathon had said to her. If Ben needed to go to a cave for the winter, then she would not try and stop him.
After a little while of thinking over it, she looked up at Johnathon. “You promise..he will come back”, She asked through a sniffle, her cheeks stained with dry tears and her eyes blood shot.:~
Ç╫âr┘ò╥╥£ ¢. – Her question, though said with a sniffle, was heartfelt. She was of course worried, that he would go wandering off into the wilderness. Course, this couldn’t be more farther than the truth.

“Now why would a man, go wandering off, into a damn blizzard, and ten inches of snow, to go sleep in a cave? Hell, I may be hairy in certain places I do not care to mention, but I ain’t got enough hair to keep me warm through winter. And besides, I got all this whiskey here to drink, not about to skip off on that now am I?”

Johnathon ruffled her hair and then withdrew his hand, and took up his glass of whiskey, as she asked again for reassurance.. “I promise he will come back. He is my damn bear, isn’t he? God damn you worry too much. Just go hugging the toy bear, and think of big Old Ben….out there, dozing like a hundred chainsaws, probably keeping the local possums awake with the din. You know he snores. Imagine that amplified in a cave.”

He was right of course….he always was. <3>
Kairi: ~:Alex looked up at Johnathon and smiled, hugging his leg and her teddy at the same time. She closed her eyes and didnt say a word to him for a little while, she imagined Ben snoring that loudly that possums started throwing temper tantrums.
This made Alex giggle for a moment, before finally letting out a long breath. She still had her smile as she spoke to Johnathon again, “You said…you where going to shave” Her voice was calm and gentle, back to normal.
Slowly to stood up and went over to the kitchen, taking a glass and filling it with whiskey. She took a small sip and cringed for a second, before looking around for something to eat.

Unwrapping one of the parcels of dried bread on the table, she took a small piece and began to eat. Once finished she gathered some of the food together and began making breakfast for them. She had watched Johnathon and Hehehwuti cook, so she figured it couldnt be that hard.
She gathered up the dried bread and a few other jars, which contained different types of jam. Looking around the kitchen she tried to find a knife in order to make up sandwiches.

“Would you like a sandwhich Johnathon?” She asked happily, still looking for a knife, with no luck. She checked around in all the wrong places, before stopping and scratching her head confused.:~
Ç╫âr┘ò╥╥£ ¢.:- Perking up to the sound of the offer of food, Johnathon sat up slightly in his chair, turning his head in the direction of the kitchen, where Alex now was. She was scratching her head, and obviously looking for something, clearly wanting to make him lunch, but didn’t know where the implements were.

Johnathon pushed himself up out of his chair, and ambled over, stopping at the counter, when he answered her question.

“Hmmmm a sandwich? Very well, but don’t you need a knife?” -he pulled open a drawer and then handed her one, a large butter knife. He had few utensils, most were worn and discoloured with the age of time. Now that she would have the knife, he watched her thoughtfully. “I am dying to know what you plan to make a sandwich with.”- generally curious about her talents in sandwich making. <3>
Kairi: ~:Alex smiled taking the knife from Johnathon, “Thank you”, she said with a giggle. Going back over to the table she sat down at a chair and pulled the parcels and chars across the table.
Opening one of the bread parcels, she began to cut slices off the loaf and lay the slices on the table. Once there was enough bread cut, she grabbed a jar of strawberry jam and opened it.
Sniffing the jar made her smile as she dipped the knife into it, spreading the jam over the bread and laying another piece ontop. Looking up at Johnathon, she thought it might be best to make him some more.

Spreading jam over each slice of bread and then covering it with another slice, before long all the sandwhiches had been made. Taking the knife she cut them in half and then removed the crust from each carefully.
Standing up she went to the cuboard and got out some plates and placed 2 sandwhiches on each of the two and then for Johnathon’s plate she placed 3 sandwhiches.
Smiling brightly, Alex handed him his plate and then picked up the other two. Walking over to Hehehwuti, she kneeled down and tapped the bedding. “I made you some lunch”.:~
Ç╫âr┘ò╥╥£ ¢.: – And so she did. Jam sandwiches. Johnathon had not had Jam sandwiches in quite sometime, and as she went to a lot of trouble to prepare it for him, and her, he felt obligated to show that he was indeed pleased with her efforts.

“You know how you really make a jam sandwich? No? You take two pieces of bread…and then…you jam them together…HA!” Probably the worst joke in history, but he said the HA so loud, it woke Hehewuti. Hehewuti, stuck her head out of ther sleeping roll, and blinked at the pair. She was obviously was not prepared to be woken by Johnathon.

Seeing Alex kneeling beside her, offering the sandwich, had Hehewuti get up and accept the plate. “Thank you…Alex. What kind of jam is this?” -she asked, pulling up one of the bread halves, to take a peek. <3>
Kairi: ~: “Strawberry….it’s really yummy”, Alex smiled happily, having giggled at Johnathon’s previous joke. She went over to the bed and sat down cross legged, with her plate resting on her lap.
She picked up on of the halfs of the sandwhich and began to eat, savouring every bite. Looking over at the fireplace, she looked down for a moment and sighed before continuing to eat her lunch.
Looking around to see if Hehehwuti and Johnathon where enjoying there food, she smiled for a moment. This is the first time she had felt at home somewhere and had no intentions of letting it slip away.

Her head turned as she looked out of the window, at the fields of thick snow and wondered for a moment, before looking over at Johnathon. “Can we build a snowman?”, She giggled slightly and hoped he would say yes.
It was something she always wanted to do, but had no one to do it with. In the bags there where spare clothes to dress a snowman with and even some carrots to make his nose.
Looking back out of the window she smiled to herself. The snow had let up for the time being, leaving a thick blanket of white all across the land and trees. This was the perfect time to venture outside and have fun.:~