Hey everyone have you heard about Gorya Designs? It’s a really cool Designs group that’s out of Imvu Shadow aka TheGorya has been over the past year been founding this Design Group its almost starting to grow into a small business out of his own home he is also one of many Creators for Carrendar Roleplays. He does picture edits, 3d product, Custom 3d designs, etc. Also I have learned a bit about what the Designs name mean really did you know the Gorya is a Russian word for Farmer? Some people in the past has even told me that Gorya is just another word for Goreans…..Well in my eyes I see why he pick the name cause if you think about it. He is starting from the beginning before what he have today we all were farmers at once point if not then you have learned that in olden days we had to grow out crops. The Gorya Designs has started from the beginning of creating and turned into a very successful Designs group. His group is also now talked on over 4 different chat sites than imvu alone lets give him the support he needs as well let’s check out his group pages and see the news of this Success persons events and milestones and  if you’re on imvu check out some of his products we all know about the JACKS being made XD


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TheGorya: Thank you i shall be posting some pictures along with some new products from imvu here. i also want to add a Thank you to the Carrendar Group really for all you readers out i hope you enjoy the Stories put out by the awesome group of writes in fact I myself love to roleplay with them and help the create epic stories. I also want to say i am Proud to be a creator for theese awesome writers helping make more products for them to express the chracter 3d and on paper 3d Products in my eyes are a gate way to help show the character and picture how the character is reacting towards something. But that is all for now i will post new photo edits, new 3D art/ products from imvu dont for get to like the Designs on facebook and soon there will be a twitter as well you can check out my pictures on my photobucket.


dont forget you can find me on TheGorya off of imvu and here ^_^ thank you for the Support