November 17, 2012 06:41AM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar Chronicles

On the Wings of Eagles

Man…I feel like a Woman!


Thecyberbully: -Now, what to do? The “Shadow” pondered. Its fingers danced on the keys as if it was a lover. Tenderly caressing each key as the two red orbs locked onto both MERCY and PAIN. The enjoyment of seeing the scene. The confusion didn’t last for long but still. It was enough to make a point as the “shadow” watched MERCY with some intent. So, she had guess it was the music? Very clever.. Very clever indeed. But sadly, he would not allow her to touch it. “Shadow” stops the music as it just chuckles at her attempts to run forwards and touch. “Good guess but… issue is this. How can you touch what is not there?”-A larger shadow, slowly, over takes the piano and the red orbs.” We will meet again.. Very soon.. MERCY”- Whispers of temptations, pain and screams flown out of the larger shadow as it turns into a huge deamonic head. Only the red eyes locks down onto MERCY as it opens its jaw and screeches out. Blasting air in a huge amount of pressure as it tries to knock MERCY back. But it wasn’t aiming to hit her.. No, it was aiming to knock the lightings out of the room. As soon as it hits the lighting, the room became dark. A few tinkles of glass smashing to the floor were only heard. Ten mere minutes later..

The lights turned on by themselves as they glowed a darker green. Smaller shadows, danced, under the lights. Extending them to it as if it was trying to mock the lights itself. The room became still . No music, no sound. The other forms had vanished too. Only leaving MERCY and PAIN, who was still beaten on the floor, in the room alone. PAIN’s eyes was just opened, his battered form clung to the floor as the damage to his body was visual to the rest. A single code was glowing nearby him. One small red light .

Back in the real world,+“Fatal error..Warning Warning… system damage to main systems. ….Command code… 35602… Error… cannot repair.. System failure.. System shut down to weaponry systems for body repair…+ …PAIN’s system had found damage to the main unit to the “brain”.

Carrendar: – M.E.R.C.Y’s mad dash across the room, to close the cover over the piano keys, seemed like an ideal plan, however, not all plans…go to plan. As she got in range, the Shadow, was keeping well trained eyes upon her. Great red eyes, and he had clearly anticipated this from the wiley Russian. The music stops, by his command, and there was a grand shadow, that was overtaking where the piano stood. So, this being, rather than face her head on, would engulf the piano, and issue her a lasting goodbye. ” We will meet again.. Very soon.. MERCY”” Screams, violent and terrifying filled the air, as it all seemed to be drawing into a vaccum, before expelling a large gust of wind, or it was a build up of pressure, forced her way, to hopefully knock her off her feet.

M.E.R.C.Y was blown back, but managed to keep her footing, and remained standing, while all around her, the lights flickered then dissappeared. ~crash…tinkle tinkle~ the breaking sound of glass, but where was it coming from exactly? M.E.R.C.Y grasped a chair top, that was near where she ended up, surveying the room, in its errie silence.

When the lights returned, it was not the same, at all. The lights had an errie greenish tinge, and there were smaller shadows, that frolicked and played chasey, under these same lights. M.E.R.C.Y called out. “PAINZ..?…..PAINZ?….vhere are you?” -she then saw him laying crumpled in a heap on the floor, and ran to his side, getting down on her knees.

“Youz dry to attackz mez…..vhat iz vith youz?….Amz I reallyz dhat annoyingz?” She was full of questions, but most of all, she wanted to know.

“Vho vas dhe..piano manz vith dhe reddish eyes?” <3>


Thecyberbully: -PAIN just stared at the floor. His body was damaged in more ways than it should have been. His body ached from the attack as he knew a few more ribs were broken. However, he was gone. This was not how it is meant to be. No way was this in the logical plans. He wonders why he is really here. But, finally, they had gone. Just leaving both MERCY and PAIN alone. Now, he had to plan something out. PAIN tried to move but the injuries made it hard for him. As MERCY came to his side and knelt down, he permitted smirks. Just a small one as he watches.” Strange, one person I thought would never be on their knees was you.”-It was a failed joke but still. He had to come out with something before he sighs. –

“That… is called Creation or shadowswithin. What you saw was a part of some power it beholds. It has no form but cannot attack with weapons.. However, to be able to stay in this or any realm.. It has to project itself in other forms. Using them to become stable and visual. It normally has another form with it.. But, I wonder where that one is? Remember… when they say “emotions are a weapon. “.To it, they are. But, it can only use it on one person/form at a time. However, as you seen, it not really there. The amount of energy used was high so, that is why there was more than one other forms with it….Just beware …the shadows. Of the heart. It has no sense of loyalty. So, in a way, Darkness of that created it. But it is neither evil nor good. Just don’t EVER charge at him again!”-

-PAIN coughs as he winches, struggling to get up as his body refuses to take any heed to his orders. The music had stopped though, but with the damages and the other effect of the music still. PAIN had to keep moving. He looks at MERCY as he narrows his eyes at her, moving to his knees as he slowly stands back up and wipes the blood off his right side of his face.-“ Geez, can’t you do something that doesn’t result in you getting into trouble?”-he shakes his head as he moves his right hand to her right shoulder to pat it.” But… thank you for doing that”-Turning away, PAIN slowly limps forwards to the stairs. Not showing her the pain he was in. “A feeling I missed a lot but I cannot submit to it ….not now”- He thought to himself as he looks back at her. “Time to move out. I have an idea.”


Carrendar; – PAIN, was in a right mess. And I mean, he was obviously suffering major internal injuries, probably broken a few bones, maybe a rib or two. Blood trickling down his face, which smelt…rather nice. Course, ever the joker, he had to have a go at her being on her knees. ” Strange, one person I thought would never be on their knees was you.” M.E.R.C.Y shrugged, as she tried to assist him to stand. “Vrom very earliyz, Russian voman taught…’ow do pleaze…you knowz…but er…vy vaste dimez….ha!…Comeonz…Zluggerz and getz up…Oooo vhat iz dat cracking zound? Oh, I dhink itz you.”

PAIN sighed audibly, when he explained just what it was that was playing the piano. Creation, or Shadowswithin. Sounded more like the boogey man, but he sure did know how to put on a show. “Zo…all dee peoplez vaz really ‘imz? Dat cheekyz zhit.” One thing was for sure, Natasha/M.E.R.C.Y had lost none of her way of thinking. The part that PAIN relayed, about emotions being a weapon, kinda had M.E.R.C.Y confused. “Don’t you ;ave do feel thingz…to ‘ave emotionz…cause, I don’t dhink I ‘ave dat.” As PAIN did got to standing, he did order that M.E.R.C.Y did follow one golden rule of engagement. Don’t EVER charge at him again!”- Well, he kinda yelled that part, and M.E.R.C.Y stuck her finger in her ear and wiggled it round, before pulling it out, an audible pop sound heard.

PAIN’s body stance,and the way he carried himself, suggested that he was not entirely fully functioning. Nope, he was definately walking with a pronounced limp. Following along behind him, as he muttered something to do with a feeling and missing out, she called out, ‘I’mz moving…and vhat idea? Cause, the idea to comez down here, vaz a fizzer.” <3>


Thecyberbully: – -He stops as he looks back at the stairs. Knowing full well of the plan will not go down well as he chuckles to himself. The chuckle turned into a laugh as he winches .Grunting through the pain, he walks forwards. Heading back up the stairs.” Well, this wouldn’t be ideal. Normally, I say stick together and work out a better one. But time is short and I need to get some new clothes. We are going to be doing some five fingers shopping first. I think I have some strange looks in this state. “-He watches her from the corner of his right eye, the dark stair case had slightly became lit up due to the lights from the room. He shrugs to himself. Ignoring the pain as he grumbles. “ and I was enjoying this suit too. Oh well. Time to get some weapons as well. I think I need to. Wash up as well. Well….. Looks like you be joining their clan or whatever they are.. I’ll be working on the outside while you get close on the inside. Seems more logical this way. If they want you, then you make sure you give yourself to them and no… Not in that way. More the way of “MERCY..SMASH!”-He muses to her as he winks.-“I have faith in you to do this .now come”

As they reached the smaller room, at the top of the stairs, PAIN heads to the door they came in by. Slowly creaking it open as he peers out of the doorway and into the street. No police, no medics…no..nothing. As if it had become a dead town within moments. PAIN paused for a moment as he shook his head. “And best be prepared for any ambushes. Looks like we are walking into more than one trap. Next time, I am letting you take lead so you can set them off instead of me.”- Keeping close to the walls, PAIN scouted the area. Still nothing. Not even one single “form” on the streets. He knew something was going off but what? What going to happen now?

He turns right as he heads down the main street, keeping a close eye out for any signs. Not letting anything get pasted him. But then, he stops. His eyes had found something. “FINALLY.”-He shouts as he runs over to it. Ignoring the burning pain in his body. PAIN grabs at the door handle as he tries to open it. Locked. Never mind, he had a key with him. Moving backwards slightly, PAIN raises his right foot as he sidekicks the glass window on the door, his foot smashing through it as the glass fell to the ground before he climbed through the new door. Looking around in the lit room, he spots weapons of sorts as well as armour. He grins to himself as his head more in. Reading the companies name. “Mann Co”.


Carrendar: – Marching up the stairs behind PAIN, M.E.R.C.Y was using her fists, like she was punching the air, arms swinging, like she was doing it to the beat of a song. Hips were swinging from side to side, tick tock tick tock. Even in this reality, M.E.R.C.Y still behaved the same as she used to back in the day. PAIN, was like a reluctant teacher on a school camp for the criminally insane, and he was really in the wars so far. Talk was now of how time was of the essence, and that they may be splitting up again. Yeah, isn’t that how she got in trouble last time? We are going to be doing some five fingers shopping first. I think I have some strange looks in this state.” M.E.R.C.Y glanced down at what she was wearing, and flicked off the dust, before pulling on the lapels and saying. “Maybez you lookz gayz….I look gut….but eh. I ish girl…zuppozt to like dhe zhopping. We do dhe adultz ztorez?” she said hopefully, thinking a black leather jumpsuit with steel tipped nipple covers might be nice.

Continuing to follow PAIN, she did pay attention to how she would be joining the other clan or whatever they are. And if they wanted her she was to give herself to them. Course he interjected saying not how she USUALLY does things.but more M.E.R.C.Y SMASH!. M.E.R.C.Y shrugged her shoulders, and then whispered. “I never reallyz ‘ave luck vith dhe menz….I don’t knowz…maybez I zhould try vomenz….I do likez ze titz.”

Once they reached the smaller room at the top of the stairs, she followed PAIN, who was scouting to see if there was any chance that they could be ambushed. Course, M.E.R.C.Y walted right past him out into the open. Looking all around her, it was clear, they were very much alone. It was strangely quiet, like everyone was either at home watching the Grand Final, or…something more sinister. PAIN shouts out FINALLY, and starts running, He wasn’t bad, from having a creaking back, to getting up to running. M.E.R.C.Y took off after him and then when they reached the door, he couldn’t get it open.

Another dead end? M.E.R.C.Y was keeping an eye out as PAIN used his special key. His foot. The sound of breaking glass had her jump slightly. “You tryinz do vake dhe dead. Why not uze explozivez next dime?” PAIN climbed in the new door, and M.E.R.C.Y naturally followed. It was a room filled with weapons and armour. “Mann Co” written boldly on the walls.

“Why couldn’t it ‘ave been a voman’z zhop? Oooo lookz…GUNZ!” she said, picking up a uzi and pointing it at PAIN. “PAIN…look at dhiz vone?!<3>