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Book of Phoenix


CharlotteCarrendar: – Morning, or so it would seem, for the underworld tunnels made it very hard to tell. The sleeping bodies of eleven Children and their grandfather, Baldrick were strewn about the small hut of Rider. Most were leaning against their siblings, rather than sleep face down on the floor. One child though, was awake. Raven. She had risen early, and was standing at the window, looking out at the tunnels of this strange world. The young bebilith felt responsible for this mess, and she knew the situation was grim. Knocked back in her efforts to pay the way, she was wondering, what was truly safe to do. Take the staff, and then find the gateway home? She had countless brothers and sisters on Nemaues. Here she had nine brothers and sisters, and one cousin, that no one could forget. When Rider woke, Raven would be asking how to help. Not herself, but her kin and Rider <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -Rider woke up bright and early to the sounds of her Otyugh running around in the garden as Rider woke up from her bed before getting up to her feet, she would notice eleven children and an old man living in her home as she was about to scream and or yell. She remembered that she decided to help these people against her better judgment…. Now what do for the day? Oh right back to the usual grind of things, back to work well at least some work. Bad enough one has to stay in the deep dirty filth of the sewers but it was also her job to clean it up at least a bit. As Rider started to make her way through the sleeping children and old man on her floors would she notice that one of them was awake, the one called Raven at least that’s who Rider remembered. But rather than speak with Raven would Rider instead put one finger to the mouth of her mask before putting to the door as Rider would make her way to the door as she opened the door gently then exiting her own house before waiting for Raven.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Raven saw Rider coming through the crowd of children that were still sleeping on the floor, and at first, didn’t know if it was safe to go outside, during the day, without her face covered. Rider placed a finger to her mouth hole on her mask, and Raven pointed to a pile of robes, and quickly tiptoed over and place a robe on, then grabbing a black mask and fitting it on securely. When she thought she looked like she would blend in under the sewers, she headed on out after Raven, to where her Otyugh, would be running around in the garden. Raven couldn’t see anyone else about yet, but rather than put Rider as risk, she fell in beside her and awaited the orders on how to assist her cleaning the sewers this early. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -Rider would wait for Raven to come out as Rider would then nod to her before pointing to the Otyugh as Rider made her way to the Otyugh expecting Raven to follow as Rider patted the Otyguh’s head to which the Otyugh kneeled as Rider would then mount the Otyugh once on the Otyguh’s back. Rider let out a hand to Raven-(Rider)”Riding is better than walking in the dark sewer parts of this place so tagging along or what?”-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rider was patient, that was for sure. Waiting for her to put on the robe and mask, before heading outside to where the Otyugh was standing in the front yard. Rider didn’t speak, all communication was with hand gestures. This was a good way to communicate, since it would not raise suspicions. The Otyugh knelt down and when Rider held out her hand, for Raven to take, Raven jogged over to come in range. A good piece of advice from Rider was that it was indeed better to ride through the sewers, than walk. Raven took up Rider’s hand and climbed up to sit in behind Rider, and get ready to start a day’s work. Raven was actually pleased to be out of the small cabin, and the only one awake, since it would making the job of following me, difficult. <3>

Kunshiro: Closed eyelids shut the doorway to the mind of a young man, as he stepped out on a path that was to determine the rest of his days. Mental images of blade and blood floating through the abyss underneath his skull. His departure from the clan had brought Kunshiro on a journey of constant bloodshed. Roaming from village to village, offering his services as a mercenary in help of the locals. But those days had come to an end, there was no more he could learn by himself while fighting bandits. Today he was going to show what he had learned, as he arrived in a strange place unknown to him. This would be where he was going to make a name for himself, the white warrior of Lions…Kunshiro. A few days of travel had brought him to the mouth of a cave and he could hear voices from within. ” Hmm. ”

DarksiedtheLegend: -As Rider would lead the Otyugh to the sewers in an attempt to do her job at least for the day no need to draw out working in the sewers mostly because of the usual filth one could find there. The Oyugh would enter through the labyrinth of sewers before Rider would speak again-(Rider)”Do you know why I took the job as a flush woman? Well apart from the crazy amount salary…” –Rider would seem to wait for a moment before saying the reason to Raven –(Rider)”While the tunnels are plentiful down here it gives me options that other people don’t know about. With just as many tunnels there are here, there are just as many secret tunnels too… One could hope to find bits of furniture lying about here and there…But more so I wish I could find a hidden exit to the surface.” –While up on the surface, the Butcher’s men would be mobilizing gathering weapons and putting on their issued armours. As the Butcher’s men started mobilizing among themselves would their leader Butcher just stare at his men mobilizing. As one of his men approached him-(Soldier)”Everything is ready Butcher.” (Butcher)”Begin patrolling the sewers and the surface.” (Soldier)”What are we looking for sir?” (Butcher)”We are looking for spider henchmen.” (Soldier)”Understood sir. All hail the Butcher” –As the soldier bowed before leaving the Butcher to whatever plans he is calculating.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Raven sat in behind Rider, trying to hold onto the mighty back of the Otyugh. It was no easy task, and the creature lurched in an unnatural pitch, that had Raven nearly fall off. Raven kept her eye out for security forces, or the Butcher’s men, but so far, much of the underground tunnel world was still asleep. Rider began with a question, she thought the younge bebilith could answer. Rider went on to explain, that in the tunnels, there is always something of use being floating down the many tunnel streams.There were many tunnels that the town folk knew little about. Plus, with so many uncharted tunnels, th chance of finding the hidden portal, was possible. <3>

vampireboichris: -Sardis had a horrid week.First there was some insane creatures along the Gazza trail towards Arachnea, that he thankfully conjured up a smoke screen to pull his cart and make a run for it.The guards and archers along the fortress shoot down the assassin and most likely drove off what ever creature was after him.He made his way into the great empire, finding his way across the cobblestone road to the centre of the empire town square.Gathering what he could with the savings of gold coins he had, he made his way to the central town inn, and made arrangements to have his own room and a storeroom for his wares and such to be protectively placed under.It was all about 1000 gold coins which took more than half of his earnngs sadlly. But Sardis finally made his way to the capital and would possibly make his way living here as a possible new alchemist and white mage. The next plan was to possibly try and get to the guilds around town and get his lessons on white magic and alchemy.He needed to hire a mercenary to keep him protected while he would get some more gold from local bandits. ~Hah, Bandits, always god to get coin from them. Thankfully most of the ones I find and meet are amateurs at fighting, easily killed off thanks to hired mercenary. Sadlly its not honest work to get coin….Maybe there is work in the towns? That would be better planning on my part, but for now sleep…..~ He lay there, in the green soft blankets in the wooden room, the candle light by the desk, full of quills and papers.The window open to hear the soothing chirpings of grasshoppers and the warm summer winds blowing in….Off to sleep young Sardis went.~e~

DarksiedtheLegend: -As the Otyugh would travel deeper and deeper in this labyrinth of sewers, Rider seem to have noticed that this girl who Rider recalled to be more of a talker had stayed quiet for some time now and while Rider would enjoy the silence that one would expect from such a job. Rider felt well a little disappointed because quite frankly she wanted but then she would have the unfortunate luck to bump into another Otyugh rider who had a different coloured Otyugh that looked oddly red skin while Rider’s Otyugh had more of a light green skin but it wasn’t like she bumped into the other Otyugh by mistake for if one were to look around it would seem like there many different types of Otyugh’s and with very different riders some ranging to full hooded robed beings like Rider while others were more or less seemed to show more of their bodies from a being who had a red skinned body and had triple horns growing out of his skull to another man or thing that seemed to have large boils on his body and he or it seems human enough and even a being wearing some sort of armor. But nonetheless all these strange looking beings and their Otyughs were all converging on a single area. This area when they got there might be considered the hub of the flush men and women as it seems to not only have various other Otyugh riders present but also beings who more or less fit the category of strange well if you don’t count the fact that Raven and Rider was riding an Otygh to be strange enough let me elaborate. Some of these creatures who just stood in the middle of this hub seemed to be more or less just standing there not moving or had moved at all. While most of these strange beings seemed to have covered up their heads with a red and white scarf well most of them wore that color scarf but there are other colors too, their clothes seemed to be more or less trench coats that hid their bodies and legs but couldn’t prevent anyone from seeing their unusually long arms that seemed to dangle all the way to their knees and they had hands that seemed more like thin sharp claws. These unusually strange creatures waited until an Otyugh rider got close before talking in what seems like audible grring sounds. While everyone seemed to go to one or another of these creatures, Rider would be going to a lone creature that seemed to have a sign posted on the ground next to him. As Rider approached would the Otyguh’s footsteps gave away her position that caused this lone creature to turn and look at the coming Rider and one could almost see the eyes beneath that red and white scarf as the eyes seemed to have an unnatural purple glow to them. As Rider got close enough would the creature began to speak-(?)Grrr grrgrr grrrrrr grr grrg grrrrrr. –To which Rider would reply with just one sound-(Rider) Gaaaakkk –The creature then began to speak a whole new grring-(?) Grrrrrrrrrr grrrggg grr grr grr grrrg grrrr gr gr gr gr grrrrr grrgrr. –To this Rider would just respond with Rider tilting her head up and letting out a sound-(Rider) HOOOOOOWWWWL!. –To which the creature would just nod and then Rider did the same before Rider lead her Otyugh to a different set of tunnels.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – If ever there was a time to get nervous, it would be now. Raven holding onto the back of Rider’s Otyugh, was having enough trouble just staying on, but a worrying site came up ahead. Many Otyughs. All different riders, and the colour of the Otyugh seen first was a distinct red, as compared to Rider’s mount, which was a light green tinge. Staring through the mask, the other flush men and women, were so unusual to anything she had seen before. From full hooded robed beings, to those that wore the red and white scarves. They had gathered into what can best be described as the hub. Raven could not take her eyes off the one that had the triple horns coming out of his skull. Trench coats, worn by most. Raven wondered why they were all standing there, appearing to be frozen. Raven whispered in Rider’s ear. “Something seems off here. Oh look, that chap over in the corner.”- Rider, spoke to the one that had garnered her attention. -(Rider) Gaaaakkk
-(?) Grrrrrrrrrr grrrggg grr grr grr grrrg grrrr gr gr gr gr grrrrr grrgrr. Raven thought she would never be able to master all the different sayings and clicks, the words made no sense to her, since she spoke a few languages from her youth. “What did he say?” she whispered in Raven’s ear. It sure wasn’t her mother’s language, not that of the Nemauens. Rider then made a huge roar,and they were off again, heading down into a different part of the tunnels. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -Rider would wait for a bit until they had passed any eavesdropping flush men and women before answering Raven’s question-(Rider)”Oh he was suggesting job locations and areas. He is more or less my go to guy for ripe pickings of areas… Well more or less flush men or women in my case would go to that town.. ” –Rider would use the hand gestures if quoting the single word town before continuing her speech-(Rider)”Well first off that town is more or less occupied by those creatures and before you ask what those are, even I don’t know. They just appeared from nowhere and started scouting and inspecting places…those things really are the best in what they do but their language is more difficult to understand. The grring part was their compromise to us if they spoke their language I don’t think anyone could answer them but ummm more or less he told me of ripe pickings of certain areas that his kind hasn’t found yet and occurring to him it might even be an old tunnel but how old I do not know.” –While in another part of the tunnel a group of grey robed men and women were ransacking a room hidden in the tunnels as each of the grey robed being would approach what seemed to be one man barking out orders to each of the beings who had brought something to him or showed him a hidden spot in the room as one approached him and showed them man a box with some vials-(?) “Take those vials and place in the vial box. Be careful with them we don’t what Darksied concocted in those vials.” –Another being approached the man with some scrolls-(?)”Hmm yes you what now?! You found some scrolls, put them all in a bag and make sure you label the bag. We want to be able to read some of the material.” –Another being would approach the man with some paintings and diagrams-(?)” Alright you what you got for me?….These are learning tools, tag and bag them but be careful with them those are fragile it’s been down here for about fifteen to forty years.” –Another being approached him and presented a book with a phoenix label on the book cover-(?)”Carry that out and no reading it. Remember people we are trying to cover up his existence, we are not on a field trip even though that Darksied got catacombs littered in unmarked locations and its really tempting to admire his work. We need to get rid of it from here. That’s what I get for hiring librarians even when I expected them to be eight feet high wearing armour like some big monster of destruction….I get beings in armour that are weaklings. Never trust one of those spacie people catalogues to get anything right…But at least I could hire these useful lot and fire those useless space librarians in all their preachy preachy way… Bah and all that nonsense of hailing this and that was quite useless. ”