November 25, 2012 09:12PM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

On the Wings of Eagles

Traitors Within & Without


DrakonMacar: – The Astartes each looked to each other, the audible sounds of their Boltguns being clasped tighter than before, the small, rasping sound of the stone-like ceramite plates of their armour shifting against themselves. Toburt tongued his Comm-link on the secure channel dedicated to the Scourge Eagles. *Either this is the dumbest agent of the enemy or the most amazing case of target identification on record.* Then the sounds of hissing came from Toburt’s gorget. Small gears whining and a pnuematic seal breaking itself as he detatched his helmet to show his face. That of a man, two metal studs on the right side of his forehead, wrinkles from furrowed brows and hiding his age, short, crew cut, platinum blonde hair with stormy blue eyes. “You speak their name so casually, tell me of the incursions. Set’ulo…”, staring at the dripping substance from her nose, he motioned with his hand as if to wipe his own nose. “I dare say there is a great deal of information you might share with us before proper efforts begin.” Back on the Thundereagles however, the servitors were busy breaking into the comms-systems of the Starport, over riding the relatively low tech security they employed with already mimiced codes. The other part of their job, in case something happened like another fleet showing to contest the world, was to jam potential hostile signals to better secure the starport. The other Astartes in the Command Center disengaged their helms. Each of them exposing their very real, human faces. Dozens of battle scars, burn wounds, weathered, leathery skin, Bulol was bald save for a scruffy beard and a large circular scar on the right side of his skull. “In times like this, it may be in everyone’s interest to at least know that the Astartes are indeed of and for Humanity first. Now enlighten us of the incursions and please, tell us how you know they call themselves Chaos.”

TaruCarrendar:- The great men of the stars. Their armour built to make them into walking fortresses. So much needed to protect the human that lay beneath. Taru’s eyes shone, like the depths of a tar pool, watching on fascinated at the spectacle of seeing thefirst one, Toburt’s helmet virtually come apart. Her face showed one of curiosity. Seeing them truly for the first time. The black had now overtaken the demon beneath, who struggled within a self contained cocoon within her body. The human side of Taru also visible. What efforts in self preservation this….creature would do. “You speak their name so casually, tell me of the incursions. Set’ulo…”, Toburt said, and then appeared to act out wiping his nose, as if to say..”I think your nose is running.” Sora was well back, but had never seen this side of his younger sister before. She didn’t act like that of a Carrendar, nor a spider. Taru was something else entirely. The Chosen. To confuse him even further, the black started to speak, “Men but not, travel the stars in search to lay waste to the Chaos, but there are those that stand against….the Father of the Sun. His wraith is great and there shall be no mercy. Child of Arachnid travels the dark tunnels of Fjelding. Man of eyes, the beast, the King speaks the name….the…name….the King of the mountain….cometh…..BUT…the black sees all, and fears not the ones againest Chaos.” her voice was like an echo. Like listening to doubled over voices, rising up from a grave. “So much…you do not understand. Chaos want all this…*she gestured with her hand, to emphasise the planet*….they wheel and deal, bargain and plot. Then turn all to slavery of sin. Man alone cannot defeat….can they? It takes ….Gods of men.”-<3>

Drakon: Toburt shook his head and sighed, “Bulol cha ouldes taen.” ‘B’rlauhg.’ The nullifier turned back on as the bald Astartes with his heavy weapons curled a lip. The aura of his blankness passed, faded away almost instantly. “It is understandable that some are not quite themselves when in the presence of the Adeptus Astartes but I can assure you that you and your people will be free of the taint of the enemy. However, we need you to focus and give us the information we requested. We know their nature and of what they would do all to well and then some more than many of you could even being to fathom. I need you to help us help you now. Give us all you have on the incursions so we can understand the full picture.”

TaruCarrendar:- At the words spoken by the Astrarte, the danger in the room passed. The aura of blankness subsiding, and so to the black stopped running. Taru’s eyes began to clear, as the black slithered back inside, and she immediately grabbed a chair on which to steady herself. Sora ran to her side, and shot a look at the one known as Toburt, who spoke of some not being themselves. “Damn right she isn’t.”- He placed an arm around her as if to comfort, and she shrugged it off, pushing herself to stand. “i’m fine.”-she said with clenched teeth. Her head turned with the subtle movement of a viper about to strike its prey. “These Chaos Lords….there are two. One, is Ariko. He…he is the one that brought the taint here. HE is the one that caused the war in the east….HE is the one you seek. My father told me enough about this….bastard *she spat*…and he is here…I swear it. In this place. There is a …a…”- Sora rubbed her back, to try and get her to spit it out.- “Come on…tell him…” <3>

Drakon: Toburt lofted a brow rather lazily at the name. “Ariko is here on the planet you mean? Tell me EVERYTHING that you know about him and the traitors with him.”

TaruCarrendar:- As Taru got her breath back, Sora decided it was time to set things straight. Pushing up his sleeves, like he was about to enter a fighting pit, he made his way over to Toburt, and decided to say his piece. “There is a portal….here, somewhere in the mountain. Lord Kaze…THE BASTARD…He done killed himself, and its Ariko that brought him here. Ying and Yang…fucking…Never would have happened if Mother was alive.”- Taru lifted her head, and felt a stabbing like sensation in her heart at the word “Mother”, the woman she never knew….the woman whose very name brings about the darkest nightmares. Blinking, she pushed back from the chair, and then faced Toburt again. “Lord Kaze…Ariko..all this. Its one big trap. The north, here is the bait. We are all pawns in some sick game.”- She kicked a chair, and frowned. “And the Father of the Sun…HA”- a moment, where she seemed to lose it, then recovered. “The mountains, just east of here…you will find your source of chaos. The cave.”- she finished. <3>

Drakon: Toburts eyes narrowed as the Astates lined up, helmets being pulled back on while they formed a straight line across the width of the Command Center, standing Shoulder to shoulder blocking their entry. Then their weapons leveled as if they were tracking, training their aim on Taru as Toburt spoke. “You are very forth coming and conveniently knowledgeable in these regards. What and who are you?”

TaruCarrendar:- All the Astartes did exactly as was expected, lining up and pulling their helmets on, in aid to protect themselves. Sora immediately went to jump in front of Taru to protect her, but she shoved him clear out of the way. Sora tripped on one of the command chairs and fell, as Taru stood tall and proud before the gathered throng. “What I am….”- she took a step towards Toburts, eyeing each Astrartes in turn, and then Toburts, straight on. “I am an abomination…a child of Black. I serve one. The planet. My mother. This world you come to protect from Chaos, as the blood of humans trickles down into the sewers, and joins with the earth. Its blood cries, can you not hear it? For I am a ghost that walks between worlds.”- she showed absolutely no fear. In the face of their guns. “I am the Chosen.” <3>

Drakon: “Then you have vid and audio of the incursions.” Toburt said as the other Astartes looked around the room as if expecting the others in the room to try attacking them. “We showed our faces once as only a courtesy to show you that we are not some xenogenic threat, nor are we tainted. You and your people are afflicted by their sickness which can be cured by means of cleansing them from this land. Give to us all available data and records of the Enemy so we may properly discern and eradicate the threat.”

TaruCarrendar:- Sora got to his feet, and wiped off the dust, before coming back at the Astartes with…”What the hell makes you think we are afflicted?”- Taru smiled and then said softly- “You would need to be a man to figure that one out, Sora.” The General came out of hiding finally, and coughed loudly, handing a report with the latest satellite communications and weather mapping. The mountains. “Its all there. Comm scan has detected movement, large movement in the North eastern summit.”- breathing hard, he looked at Taur, who was waiting to see what the Astartes would do. <3>

Drakon: “What of the battles fought in and around this area? Surely you have something we can analyze?” Toburt took the dataslate and looked over the reports. “As usefuls as this may prove to be, without knowing the direct alligence of these traitors there is only so much aide we can offer.

TaruCarrendar:- “The northern command post, not on this side of Nixagris, the other. That is where there was the first waves of tainted troops from the east. Its how this whole mess started. I can arrange a jeep to get you and your men over there, to do analysis runs.” – the General said, watching Taru, who was now folding her arms and staring at Toburt with no expression. <3>

Drakon: The Astartes stood motionless now like statues, their private comm-link channel bristling with activity now. ‘Threats minimal at least for now.’ ‘Infrastructure greatly damaged.’ ‘Armed forces disorganized, disorderly, disobedient.’ ‘Traitors within and without.’ ‘They know too much to have simply been so backwater and look at their levels of technology. Obviously not an abandoned or cut off world in the fringes.’ ‘We will report all findings to the Grand Eagle until then we are not going to create an issue until we are forced to.’. The Scourge Eagles waged their muted debate and exchanged all they took in from the situation. Finally they motioned again, their weapons lowered while Toburt tongued his external vox. “The Starport is priority as well as this immediate area. Send someone to gather all relevent data, explicitly audio and video, we need to see and know the foe properly before anything else happens.” He finally said, his helmet shifted as he turned his head and faced Taru. The ruby lens of his ghostly helm, their armours camoline coating blended well into the surroundings of the command center. “Is there anything else you would wish to share or say?”

TaruCarrendar:- “Does your God understand what a living hell is?” Taru said softly to Toburt.

Drakon: “Shto? Whets licas’tahelk.” Toburt looked over his shoulder as the other Astartes shook their heads. “You pry into a touchy matter and let us be reasonable about this, we know of worse fates. Some of us experienced them. Until the reports are in, we are going to sweep the area and focus on fortification and securing the starport from any possible assault. The Enemy is known to lie in wait and even when one thinks they are all gone, there are still many more ready to pounce. We can not let this planet fall, nor will we allow it’s people to waver before such disgraces. We have troops on the ground now, they bare the Aquila on their chest plates and they are not so easily seen as my Battle Brothers. Our Initiates were dropped in city and will be here shortly, our first goal is to make certain their field reports get back to us directly and from there, we will see what further coordination is possible.” Toburt turned as the other Astartes strode outwards and back to their vessels. ~Chaos Marines verified. Traitor planetary forces in their number. Las and Auto weapon discharges and impacts verified. Recon ten minutes from Dropsite, five from Destination.~ ^Stay clear until signaled for approach. These people are peculiar yet welling to cooperate, at least for now. Wait for visual signal, Aquila.^ ~Aff~. The scouts on the ground outside the starport crept silently, slowly, invisibly towards the starport. The Astartes, down to the ground level of the Starport as their Servitors gave the Scourge Eagles schematics and feeds from the starport, showing them the construction, layouts, corridors, lifts and occupants. The war was still heating up and the Scourge Eagles ground forces were split up already. Their mission relied on Brother Toburt keeping Nixagris a safe haven for the already war torn land and people but more importantly, a landing zone for when the Scourge Eagles took orbit again.

TaruCarrendar: – The Astartes spoke with all the air and refinement of a high ranking officer of his Elite forces. ~No surprises really.~ Taru thought. He obviously looked down his nose at those before him. ~Pity thy wasted wretches, cursed by the taint of Chaos. We should be thankful, rejoicing to be so blessed to have you save us~ “I believe we are done here. Sora, let us leave the Men of the stars, to do….what it is they do.”- Making her way to pass Toburt, she gives him one last look, before walking out silently. <3>

Drakon: “Scourge Eagles and I am Brother Toburt. You would do well to remember that.” He said, the words she said did not fall on deaf ears as they Astartes filled out. Toburt gave unheard orders across the private comm-link and the ten giants split into five pairs, two heading back to their vessels, the other eight fanning out to go about their new tasks.