November 27, 2012 07:21AM
Roleplay Live : Group : Carrendar Dynasty

Dead Nation

No Two are the Same



DarksiedtheLegend: -Rotal would just shake his head before replying-(Rotal)”I cannot give you the help for the help you need would be from an official master…and I am obviously not one of those. I am just one of the many many pupils that knows well certain…things… I could just give you another vial but then that wouldn’t solve anything in the long run…While I could just bring you to my master it would mostly depend on what the black liquid inside of you is like…Not every black liquid is compatible with another brand of black liquid, each master has put in many varying chemicals and ingredients into their form and to insure it can’t be duplicate but could be replicated….Right all I could offer to you is another vial to calm the pains besides the rest of the vials would be used in a vain attempt to replicate something that can’t be replicated. At most I could try to contact my master who may or may not be there at the moment…You know how some old people like to out in the town doing well I don’t know what he does but it keeps him active and happy…or maybe I could just give one of these.” –Rotal would push his robes sleeve down a bit to reveal a black wristband-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Raven would appear disappointed, when Rotal shook his head. He had his reasons, of course. He was not an official Master, but one of many students. Rotal knew certain things obviously, but he was not authorised to handle someone like Raven. Placing her hands on the floor, she pushed herself into standing, and then dusted herself off. The fine lines of black eased, probably due to her not being threatened or agitated. Talks of bringing her to his Master, also was offered, however, that would mean Rider would be on her own, to look after Raven’s cousin and siblings. Then of course, there was her aging Grandfather, Baldrick. No, she hadn’t thought this out well at all. A small sigh, you could see her small shoulders heave up then down. Releasing the breath, she knew that now ,the black inside of her was most likely different to those that may dwell and serve Masters below in the tunnels. Suggestion was made that he could try and find his Master, who was old and probably off somewhere, quiet and far from the tunnels, but who was to know. Raven finally spoke up. “Keep the vial, I will make do down here. I have caused enough drama for Rider as it is.”- she placed her mask back on, over her dirty face, and then pulled the hood down. Yes, she saw the black band, but she dare not ask for it. Rider would know if it was significant. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -When Rotal showed the black wristband would Rider exclaimed-(Rider)”That’s what we are looking for!” –But then Rider realized she had made a beginner’s mistake of announcing to anyone around that she wanted it and she knew that if the person has knowledge that you want something the price for it would also double. But oddly enough Rotal just removed the black wristband from his hand and tossed it to Rider as Rider caught the wristband would she be a bit confused and she had to ask-(Rider)”Why are you giving it to me for free?”(Rotal)”That piece in your hand doesn’t mean much to a pupil who has passed his test but if someone were to use it then I am just interested to see what kind of trouble it could cause to whoever wants it.” (Rider)”Come again??” (Rotal)”How to put it simply… I want to see what a little trinket like that could do in this world…Oh yeah before I forget” –He then tossed a second to Rider before saying to her-(Rotal)”That one is for your niece.” (Rider)”Are you the kind of guy that has quick mood swings?” (Rotal)”You could say that but in a single day I could have so many emotions and yet not care for a single one of them.” –Rotal would pick up his box of vials before walking out the door to see the Otyugh who oddly enough didn’t try to get in the way of Rotal as Rider looked to Raven before saying to her-(Rider)”That might actually top my strange list.”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Raven was about to step out the door, when she heard Rider exclaim loudly, that Rotal had exactly what they were looking for. The masked child turned back around, her arms held to her sides, and she appeared smaller somehow, against the Gray robed man. Rotal and Rider, both got into something of a discussion, about the wrist band just being handed over for free. Seems that Rotal was in a good mood, one of many emotions he was capable of displaying. Raven walked up to where Rider stood and asked. “Is this what we have been after?” Silly question really, but she did feel out of the loop when trying to match it with adults. (Rotal)”That piece in your hand doesn’t mean much to a pupil who has passed his test but if someone were to use it then I am just interested to see what kind of trouble it could cause to whoever wants it.” Well that had Raven stop and think. To have the band, meant there may come some sort of curse, and Raven was already cursed enough. Rider held onto the first band, when Rotal threw down a second. Waiting without asking, she then said. “Rotal seems to want to help us. That is rare in this day and age, even I know that. And I agree, this definitely is strange, but fascinating too. Okay…so when do we go?” <3>