November 28, 2012 11:31PM
Roleplay Group Bio : The Death Club
I. Identity
Name: Kraus Zimmerman
A. Also Known As: Kraus, Pumpkin, and Superman
Age: 27
Apparent Age: 25
II. Origin:
A. Place of Origin: Prague
B. Origin/History: Born Kraus Shaun Zimmerman, in the Capital of Prague (June 5th, 1985), he was the adored son of Jameson and Nienna Zimmerman. A keen student from a young age, he took a fascination with comic books, which he liked to trade with his friends at school. Kraus had problems with his eyes, and needed glasses, which led to many a child calling him “Clark Kent, or Four Eye’. This stuck with him, as he delved more into his comic book world, after being shunned by many of his friends, that took up being with girls and games, rather than enjoy the comic books of yesterday. This is when he found his first Superman comic, a rare one : Superman Volum 2.
Though he loved this comic, he decided to trade it up, and this set him on a course, of how to make money buying and sellling comic books. Through the money he made trading comics, he then went on to figurines, action figures, lunchboxes and then discovered Ebay. In his pursuit of employement, he put his skills to the test and became a journalist with the Prague Post, whom he has been working for for the past six years, as a economist reporter, but also freelancing. His life revolves around his work, his collection, and his most treasured woman, Inga Snoggleblom
III. Physical Characteristics:
A. Male:
1. Preferred Clothing: Superman Tshirt, blue denims, nike air joggers, gold neck chain, black rimmed glasses. And on special occasions, a Superman costume.
2. Race: Caucasian
3. Blood Type: O+
4. Height: 5’ 8”
5. Weight: 180lbs
6. Shoe Size: 11
7. Build: Average with some muscle developement.
8. Skin Color: Olive nomally, but currently orange
9. Eye Color: Blue
10. Hair Color: Black
11. Hair Length: Short back and sides

12. Facial Features: Chiseled chin, square jaw
13. Physical Features: Broad shoulders, and good abs
14. Dominant Hand: Right
IV. Lifestyle: Collector who spends his time at conventions for anime and superheroes, also is a dedicated worker and writer at the Prague Post. Enjoys sailing, movies, cars, and dining out.
A. Language(s): Czech, English, French, Russian, German and Italian.
B. Religion(s): Roman Catholic
C. Gender Roles: Kraus for the most part is a submissive in his behaviour, but he does have his moments.
2. Female: Submissive.
VI. Daily Life:
A. Disposition: He has a bright outlook, though he tends to be shy around others that are loud and brash. He tends to enjoy a quiet drink, and not get in people’s way. Reserved is a good choice. He truly only shines when he is alone with his Inga. That is when he becomes her Superman
B. Food: Traditional Czech food is not exactly what one would call dietary, however it perfectly goes with the flavourful Czech beer.

It mostly consists of pork or beef meat with sauce and a side dish, the most common and liked being dumplings. Dumplings (“knedliky”) are the Czech traditional side dish made from wheat or potato flour, boiled in water as a roll and then sliced and served hot.

Other side dishes are: rice, potatoes (boiled, baked or fried).
Czech people love Svičková (read “svitch-co-va”) or Rajská (read “raiska”), a somehow interesting combination of meat with sauce and whipped cream.

Chicken, duck, turkey, fish, rabbit and lamb are also used in some very tasteful Czech dishes. A good choice can be the Guláš (read like in English, “goulash“), even though it basically belongs to traditional Hungarian cuisine.
C. Rituals: Can’t start his day without jogging before breakfast and a good way to do that is around the park closest to his apartment.
1. Marriage/Bonding: Hopes to marry Inga, his sweetheart.
3. Mourning/Funeral: Kraus has a hard time dealing with the death of others, which will be explained further as the roleplay progresses.
D. Training of Youth/Education: Riverside School, Prague, stands for quality education, values the uniqueness of individuals, and teaches mutual respect in a caring community and family atmosphere through a Christian perspective.

The school strives to set high academic standards for students. The school offers small classes, it fosters high levels of staff-student interaction, and staff are invested in the school – they encourage and challenge students to be high achievers. Riverside School celebrates learning and documents student success

The teaching staff are exceptionally dedicated, love the school and Prague, appreciate teaching small classes in a caring environment and within the Christian ethos, value student interaction, and feel a personal investment in the success of students
E. Workforce: Prague Post : When Prague Post founding Editor-in-Chief Alan Levy wrote in 1991 that “we are living in the Left Bank of the ’90s,” he captured the optimism of a new age.
In the past 20 years, much has changed, and many a late-night hospoda colloquia has convened over the relative merits of Levy’s bold claim. What is not in doubt is that Prague and Central Europe have grown a great deal since those heady 20th-century days.
Czechoslovakia no longer exists. The Czech Republic is part of NATO and the European Union. Flood waters have risen and receded, as have seemingly countless governments. One mustachioed Václav replaced another, and Škodas are in demand in Western Europe.
And while The Prague Post is two years older than the country itself, it too has changed, including a transition from a local newspaper targeting the expat community into a multimedia information source with global reach.
None of this could have been anticipated in 1991 when most Praguers were happy just to find a working pay phone. Much like the Golden City itself, The Prague Post has become thoroughly integrated in this globalized, still-young century and now counts paying subscribers in nearly 30 countries on four continents and is distributed in an array of digital formats – Web, PDF and Kindle among them. Our website is updated daily with news briefings and regular blog posts.
F. Armed Forces: Has never served in the nation’a armed forces.