November 30, 2012 08:08AM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

Dead Nation

The Mysterious Mister Digger


DarksiedtheLegend: -Rider would stop to ponder on the thought before saying-(Rider)”Back to my source.”-Rider would get on the Otyugh before helping Raven on to the Otyugh as Rotal went deeper into the tunnel until he was at considerable distance would he place the box of vials at the back of a cart at his small encampment along with other grey robed beings, he then approached the fire place of the camp where other men and women as he sat down one of them asked him-(?)”What took you so long Rotal?” (Rotal)”Unusual circumstances…” (?) “And what are they exactly?” (Rotal)”I met a girl that held black liquid in her body.” (?)”Impossible, those who have the water transplanted are either dead or became something else.” (Rotal)”I know that but she said that her mother passed it to her” (?) ’How troubling indeed, let alone the fact that it’s in her but also someone of that era survived to pass it to their offspring. Should we tell the master?’ (Rotal)”No, I don’t think so I think we need to tell an elder or someone like that.” (?)”Not the master? Why?” (Rotal)”This little girl isn’t one of us and doesn’t even what we are let alone knows what is inside of her.” (?)”She isn’t a descendent of our kind…. Yet she has black liquid in her. This is really troubling circumstances.” (Rotal)”That’s the reason we need to bypass the bureaucracy and get to the top so that we would be allowed to issue a test.” (?)”I’ll inform the translator of your decision.” (Rotal)”While you are there shouldn’t you check on your sister Zag?” (Zag)”She would rather have been here rather than in the hospital but I will tell her of your concern” –As Zag would enter their own makeshift portal into the hidden underworld that is underneath Nemaeus.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Question answered. It was now time to return to the source. Raven took one last look at the tall grey robed man, who had started his own journey down the opposite direction of the tunnels. With the helping hand offered by Rider, Raven was able to master climbing onto the back of the Otyugh. Seating herself securely, she drew her hand up and pulled the hood down, to cover her hair line. The mask now fixed back in place, she kept quiet as Rider would start the trip back to the source. “What exactly do the black wrist bands do?”- A child is naturally one of a curious nature. It is how they learn of the things and the world around them. Raven was still only 12 years old, so there was much about life and the dangerous world she had entered that she did not know, or understand. “Have you met that man before? Why do I feel tired…what was that stuff in the viles?”- Questions questions questions. She rocked back and forth, as the Otyugh made its way through the sludge and dirty waters. Again more questions. “Why was he nice to me about the black?” <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -Rider would attempt to answer her questions because as little as Raven knew so did Rider knew so little after encountering Rotal it had opened Rider’s mind-(Rider)”I don’t what the wrist bands do but all I do know is that there is a buyer on the surface who was willing to pay big just to get one of these things, my source said no one knows where one can get this item but apparently he had some guesses on where it could be but I remembered coming here with a man named Mister Digger and I recalled he had one of those wrist bands on him. The price alone got me worried that it might be an impossible job to accomplish but when we met Rotal…I’m beginning to worry that this wrist band is a weapon or even something to do with the black liquid. As for those vials I have no idea and I have never met Rotal till this day and to be frank I have no idea why he was being so nice to you but maybe he knows way more than what he is telling…I think we haven’t seen the last of him. ”-upon returning to the source would Rider just hand her source one black wrist band while keeping the other one hidden from her source to which the source would just make some more grring-(?)”Grrrrrrr grgrg gggggr grrrr grr grrrrrrrrr grr gr gr gr gr.” (Rider)”Snarl bark grr” (?)”Grrr gr gr grg grrrrrrr grrrrrrrr gr” –Rider would tip her hat before patting on the Otyugh to continue moving along as Rider and Raven would be making their way back to her home as she said to Raven once they were far from the flush men and women hub-(Rider)”I’m anxious to see if the trio of brothers made your papers and your sister… I am going to need a lot more help in making the payments for the rest of your family.”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Rider didn’t have much information on the man in the grey robe. Aside from the fact that he had the items that her source required. What were these black arm bands? As Raven listened, she sniffed slightly, but no black appeared. The vial had done the trick for now at least. Whatever it was that was part of her being, it was in fact asleep. Thoughts came to the one known as Mr Digger. A strange name, and he sounded so mysterious. He wore the black armed band. Could he be one to carry the black too? Thinking quietly, her ears pricked on one piece of information. That whoever wanted it, was willing to pay a high price and they were from the surface. Thinking back, she remembered what was said of the surface dwellers. Those left behind by the fleets. Raven’s head bowed for a moment. She had always the utmost respect for the settlers of Nemeaus. Those that started their lives again on the new world. But she had no idea of the people beneath, left behind. Though her own mother was not part of the Nemauen resettlement, Taru had told her daughter, of the underworld. But this underworld was not the same. Raven quietened on reaching the source, who made a lot of growling and such, snarling at Rider who handed over one of the wrist bands. Raven knew there was two, so why did she keep one and not trade? Raven knew her place was to keep quiet, and then when they had pulled away, and Rider spoke of needing more help to make the payments to help get papers for her family, Raven said. “Would the brothers three know of the black bands?” <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -Rider would be thinking about what could be the use of the black wrist bands before responding to Raven’s question of the trio of brothers-(Rider)”I don’t know but I suspect they might know something…They get food, water, shelter and haven’t even actually been bothered by any member of the butcher’s men. Isn’t that suspicious enough? Their shop is even made out of better quality material than other places and no one dares bother them if they do anything but even then no one has seen them do anything out of the ordinary or even come out to restock their supplies.” –As the Otyugh would be making its travel back to Rider’s little house.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – From what Raven had seen and heard of the trio of Brothers, they each seemed to have their own set up. One had good food, another had bad, the third, well he was somewhat mystical,and offered even to tell fortunes. This made them special in her eyes. Not only that, they had access to a great many things. She then recalled, how one of them used a portal. The light bulb went off over her head. “Wait…we came here via a gate. It was opened by the staff that contained the spider. And I know one of the brothers, was able to open a portal. Could it be…that these three have been to my world, or can access others? What if, they had more power than say…the Butcher himself? How else would they come to such good supplies?” Raven was thinking logically, from her small observations. She could wrong, but, she could could also be right. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: (Raven) “Wait…we came here via a gate. It was opened by the staff that contained the spider. And I know one of the brothers, was able to open a portal. Could it be…that these three have been to my world, or can access others? What if, they had more power than say…the Butcher himself? How else would they come to such good supplies?-Rider would seem puzzled by the mention of the word portal and even the mention that they might be stronger than Butcher himself made Rider think for awhile before responding –(Rider)”I really don’t know much about them other than the fact that only flush men and women enter their shops since most other shops refuse to give us food, weapons or even sometimes clothing… well except for the Down the drain shop. No one is really sure about them cause mostly these are rumours about them and it is quite questionable if they are more powerful than the Butcher. But it that could explain why the Butcher hasn’t even bothered facing them or sending his men over there…. But its odd at the same.” –As the Otyugh returned back at to the hoe of Rider as she dismounted from the Otyugh as she then offered her hand to help Raven down.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- The mask was rubbing against the surface of her skin, and she reached up to scratch, but her fingers came down on the mask surface. Raven had many questions, but sadly Rider didn’t have the answers that she sought. The three brothers were one of few businesses that did trade with the flusher men and women. To Raven, this meant that they were looked down upon by the society of the tunnels. She thought this was wrong, and that anyone should be able to shop anywhere. Refusing service to such kind people. Why were things like that? Raven lowered her hand, and gripped the side of the Oytugh. Raven’s deductions were on to something when it came to the Butcher and the three brothers. Course, there was only one way to find out. Raven had already offered to work for them. That had bore no fruit. Now she turned her mind to her kin, and her grandfather. Getting papers was paramount. She apologised to Rider. “Perhaps I am over thinking things. My mind seems cluttered, and no sooner has one issue gone, another piles up in its place.” On reaching the home of Rider, Raven was offered a hand to allow her to dismount. Swinging her leg over, she then dropped down, squarely on her feet, and waited for Rider to take them inside <3>