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Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar DynastyDead Nation

Crystal Ball.


CharlotteCarrendar: The mask was rubbing against the surface of her skin, and she reached up to scratch, but her fingers came down on the mask surface. Raven had many questions, but sadly Rider didn’t have the answers that she sought. The three brothers were one of few businesses that did trade with the flusher men and women. To Raven, this meant that they were looked down upon by the society of the tunnels. She thought this was wrong, and that anyone should be able to shop anywhere. Refusing service to such kind people. Why were things like that? Raven lowered her hand, and gripped the side of the Oytugh. Raven’s deductions were on to something when it came to the Butcher and the three brothers. Course, there was only one way to find out. Raven had already offered to work for them. That had bore no fruit. Now she turned her mind to her kin, and her grandfather. Getting papers was paramount. She apologised to Rider. “Perhaps I am over thinking things. My mind seems cluttered, and no sooner has one issue gone, another piles up in its place.” On reaching the home of Rider, Raven was offered a hand to allow her to dismount. Swinging her leg over, she then dropped down, squarely on her feet, and waited for Rider to take them inside <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -As Rider would begin to trek back to her house would she let out a yawn before saying to Raven-(Rider)”I really wished I could show you the other side of my job but it wasn’t in the cards for the morning shift….*yawn*…I really wanted you to see the deeper tunnels and probably the so called meats of the sewers…*yawn*…can you tell your or….*yawn* should I say our family to be a bit quiet if they wake up….*yawn*…I don’t know when they might call me again to go back to work or if I’m lucky no work for the entire day…*yawn*…But that depends on the task master of this town.” –Rider would attempt to open the door to her home as quietly as possible before trying to tip toe back to her bed as Rider attempted to lay her head back onto her bed. As the beginning of noon would come about as the hustle and bustle of the markets grew anew with the promise of new inventory for most shops and fresh food for others.-

CharlotteCarrendar: Rider was worn out from the morning’s work, yawning her head off, as she made her way to the front door of her home. Giving instructions on how she wanted the other siblings and her Grandfather to be quiet while she got some sleep. Fair enough too, since she had gotten up so early, and taken Raven out to work on the back on the Otyugh. Raven stood and watched Rider enter the house, whilst her brother’s and sisters, her cousin and Grandfather were still sleeping. When she closed the door, Raven turned around, the voice of Rider filling her head with ideas. Deeper tunnels, and the meat of the Sewers? Did she mean the slaves that were once the surface dwellers of Lacardis? Raven was still wearing her mask and tattered robes. Well disguised, but she could hear the hustle and bustle of the markets and this drew her, like a moth to flames. She took a few steps out onto the road, and wandered up towards the market stalls. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -Ahh the hustle and bustle of the town coming alive at the fresh new stock of goods being delivered by numerous trades and traveling merchants with their various carts selling their wares to the stores while some delivered their shipment to their employers and bringing various fresh fruit, fish and meat. While others brought materials and ores to the blacksmith to begin making new weapons, armors, chains, rivets and even hinges. The various pieces of wood being sent to the carpenters as the carpenters would be putting the finishing touches on a newly crafted door and even cabinets. While some cooks are even busy starting to bake some of their confectionaries and pastries it was almost like any other shop on the surface well except the artificial sky and sun on the sewer tunnels…Other than that most of the shops seemed normal in an odd sense shops with customers coming and going, some stuffing their mouths with some food, but while all this hustle and bustle was going on there was almost an odd silence coming from the Axe, Dagger, Eye shop not a peep or sound was coming out from that shop not even people were there in fact it seemed like a slow day for that shop for no one even approached not even the flush men or women but then again most of them are at the Down the drain shop using it as a boarding house but rather than rooms they actually sleep underneath make shift igloos of well cloths no one in this shop too bothered to open up their store and besides a badly made thrift store is still a badly made thrift store and who else would buy their wares well except themselves. As the various flush men and women slept underneath the piles of clothes only waking up when the time to go on their next shift comes around and who knows when that will be. –

CharlotteCarrendar: – Her identity hidden behind the mask, and wearing the tattered robes that were acquaired from one of the down the drain store, Raven seemed to be able to become almost invisible to those other tunnel dwellers, that were going about their lives. The market thrived, with all manner of produce being bought and sold. The scent in the air, of food cooking, in one direction, then in the other, the smell of fresh timber, having being cut and made into either doors or finely crafted pieces of furniture. Crowds passed Raven, and gave her wide birth. Maybe she smelt the same as an Oytugh. Who knew? But the important thing was, that she bring no attention onto herself. So she kept her head down, her hood covering the sides of her face, the mask obscuring people’s view of her. Raven was just another mask in the crowd. But it was not the shops doing a roaring trade, that sparked her interest. No. It was the Axe, Dagger, Eye shop, that was oddly quiet. For all the people that were doing their morning shopping, none seemed to want to grace the Axe, Dagger, Eye shop with its patronage. Raven quickly looked left and right, before crossing over a small water outlet and then made her way towards the shop. ~Maybe they are inside asleep~ she thought to herself, entering the front doors, and looked about. Where could the brothers Three be?” <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -Somewhere in the back room of the Axe, Dagger, Eye shop just beyond the counter of the meats and food counter of the Executioner, right next to that open door was the back room and there the trio of brothers were gathered and huddled together over a crystal ball as the third brother known as The Seer spoke-(Seer)”Our master is free…” –The second brother interrupted the third-(Jester)”And finally the age old promise is fulfilled that means…” –The first brother then took his turn-(Executioner)”That means we can challenge the ancients…” (Seer)”The risks might be too great” (Jester)”But it’s getting boring down here.” (Executioner)”Anything worth doing is has its risks.” (Seer)”Our power will finally be drawn out through our artifacts..” (Jester)”Our enjoyment” (Executioner)”And even through our carnage.” (Seer)”Will our power enfold but the time is too early” (Jester)”But we must act cautiously to act to soon will seal our fates” (Executioner)”Before we strike at them,” (Seer, Executioner and Jester)”Now and forever we are loyal humble servants of the one true Sied.” –And at the crystal ball was the image of a being in red armour-(???? ???)”Yes, We are all servants of the one true Sied even those who doesn’t even know the one true Sied… Our power would be revered among the other clans once again but only if we can complete the ritual.” –Somewhere in the heart of the underworld a meeting of masked beings has gone underway, this group of msked beings are the higher echelons of the masked clans this group is also known as the Society or better yet the inner circle of the one True Sied as one of the beings wearing a black mask would stand up and declare to its comrades its findings-(?)”Turmoil on this planet has been going on for far too long and it seems like certain clans are planning to aid this planet’s inhabitants while my findings are hasty; I must inform that we should not draw attention to ourselves to is our way, our tradition our life. Even though this planet’s inhabitants are at war and it is a direct conflict to our beliefs so I am requesting an order to be issued to all the clans on the planet that is currently in a state of war that none of them should act the hero or even be the savior of these beings.” –Another being would stand up this one wearing a blue mask would speak with a feminine voice-(???) “You are not suggesting that one of the clans on this planet is in direct violation of our way of life are you?” –The black masked being stood up again to respond-(?)”I am not suggesting that, what I am suggesting is that some of the clans has started forgetting their roots and might do something foolish.” –The blue masked being stood up to speak again but this time in a masculine voice-(???) “Surely you must be mistaken for how does one forget their roots especially when our roots are one full of hardships and misery, that in itself is hard to do.” –Then a being in a green mask stood up to speak in almost a Hindu accent-(????)”Enough with this bickering, we must go to the latest order that has been presented to us.” –The blue masked being with return to a feminine voice as it replied-(???)”And why should we move to a new topic when we have yet to settle this one?” –The green masked being would then reply in the same Hindu accent-(???)”Because it involves a child named Raven born with black liquid in her and she is on the dead planet Lacardis.” –This made both the blue and black masked being take their seats while other members would being shouting among themselves while others were in disbelief, others were questioning it-(???????) “IMPOSSIBLE!!! A CHILD?!! HOW DID IT END UP IN HER?!!!”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Taking cautious steps, Raven enters the shop of the three brothers, Axe, Dagger, Eye. With her mask well secured, and her hood up covering her hair, she is able to continue to keep up the disguise of who she is. There is a reason why she chose to enter the shop now. Raven had not given up hope, of finding some sort of employ with the Three brothers. There was something about them. She could not put her finger on it, but part of her thinks that they know more about the surface and the planet than they let on. Raven made her way in further, and then she overhead a voice. -(???? ???)”Yes, We are all servants of the one true Sied even those who doesn’t even know the one true Sied… Our power would be revered among the other clans once again but only if we can complete the ritual.” Raven stopped dead in her tracks. That was not the voice of any of the brothers. She didn’t mean to over hear it, but curiosity drove her further, towards the open door. Fingers on the frame, she peered in. There she saw the three brothers, huddled over a crystal ball, that contained the image of a being in red armour. It was that image that spoke. Raven gasped, and then turned near tripping on the end of the meat stall table. Fearing she had been heard, she made a mad dash for the door to the shop <3>