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Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty.

Dead Nation.

The Master and the Apprentice


DarksiedtheLegend: -At soon as Executioner heard a gasp even one so quietly he tunned his head to Jester who was half way in a make shift portal with only his head and arms still in the room before going all the way in the portal as the floor would shift and turn before opening up another portal this time one in front of the door as Jester would jump out of it before looking as who gave the gasp and who was attempting to reach the door while Jester preferred to meet whoever was coming to the door, he decided that in the off chance he might let whoever it was get past him did he slam his fist to the door thus casuing the door to slam shut but while that might have been enough the door would grew latches to seal itself tightly shut to the wall of the Axe, Dagger, Eye shop as Jester looked to see who was the being that entered their shop and might have over heard something only to see a small being in a tattered robes with a mask…A mask he remembered putting into the files of the town hall record room as Jester then announced-(Jester)”well well…aren’t you a curious cat?” –The Jester would then spin his mask in clock wise motion before speaking again-(Jester)”Hum hum hum must be Executioner needs a ear cleaning or some help from Seer to clean those ears of his. –As Jester placed his hand on his mask to stop it from spinning as the mask stopped spinning would it just hang from side to side showing that Jester face behind the mask was a heavily bandaged fore head and chin while the rest of his face was covered behind the mask, a mask which its eyehole winked at her before spinning in a counter clock wise motion before Jester forcibly stopped the mask spinning and made his mask with eyes on the chin and the mouth on his fore head before saying to her-(Jester)”Five seven five a set of numbers I do not care about…Now now little birdie tell me what you have heard?” –Back to the meeting of the Society of masks a being in white stood up it then spoke-(?)”Didn’t the clan of darkness wiped the last of the cultists off the planet?” –The representative of the darkness clan stood up, a being in a black mask then spoke up-(?)”We of the darkness clan have never failed to uphold the traditions and way of the one True Sied, we had hunted every cult group that dare use the black liquid for their own nefarious plans and so far we have never failed to wipe out the cult groups even if our champion falls in his or her mission to wipe the cult out we send another to replace the first.”-A man in a grey mask stood up and spoke-(?)“To those who are new to the Society please be informed there were many cult groups who had successfully got hold of the black liquid and had done various unexplained torturous experiments to their test subjects in hopes to replicate out powers and due to the wide spread influence of the clan of darkness, they were selected as our agents to show our wrath to those who dared abuse the black liquid for their own plans…and those who does not give offering to the black liquid.” –The being in the white mask quickly stood up-(?)”But that doesn’t explain how a child got the black liquid in her!!! Didn’t the clan of darkness initiate a string of rescues of those sort of children?! Weren’t there records of large rescue of children and rarely adults! What’s more worrying is that didn’t the fire clan used rituals like those to empower their ranks?! Who are we not sure that this a plot by the fire clan to topple us?!” –But then a man wearing a grey robe and mask entered the chambers of the Society as the being first bowed as the representative who was talking noticed him and said-(?)”What is second rank?” –The being who was called second rank spoke up-(Second rank)”Ladies and Gentlemen of the Society a representative of the fire clan has decided to grace with his or her presence.” –The man walked away as the members of the Society started to murmur among each other.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Raven scrambled, tripping on the corner leg of the meat stall table, her hands going forward in an effort to stop her from falling flat on her face. Thankfully, she was swift enough to recover, but not swift enough to make it to the door, where Jester had made it there first. Frightened, Raven looked for alternate escape routes, but there was no windows, just one door out, and that had grown latches, which sealed the door shut. Trapped, she spun around to see who was behind her, but the voice of Jester, made sure she paid him attention. -(Jester)”well well…aren’t you a curious cat?” Raven shook her head from side to side vigourously, not uttering a sound. Jester wasn’t finished. His mask started to spin. Creepiest thing she had seen. How can a mask spin like that? Then he spoke again. -(Jester)”Hum hum hum must be Executioner needs a ear cleaning or some help from Seer to clean those ears of his.” Jester had to use his own hand to stop the mask from spinning. When it stopped, the bandaging on his face was partially visible, and Raven could not help but notice this. Like a scared rabbit, she fidgeted in the sleeves of her robe. The black thankfully was asleep, due to the vial given to her by the man in the gray robe. Panting hard, her heart pumping, she was about to say who she was, when he spoke again. -(Jester)”Five seven five a set of numbers I do not care about…Now now little birdie tell me what you have heard?” Slowly her chin moved and then she spoke. “I heard the man in the crystal. I didn’t mean to. I just came in to see if you would employ me. I want to help Rider and my kin. The man in the crystal spoke of the true sied. I swear, I don’t know who that is.” <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -As the members of the Society whispered and murmur to each other as some of their voices could be heard-(?)”Didn’t the fire clan stop sending representatives when they presumably disbanded?” (??)”Wasn’t their champion imprisoned? ” (???)”No I heard, their champion escaped and entered this year’s tournament.” (?)”How is it they are still a clan?” –Then the representative came a large being that seemed almost well built one could even say tank of a human because rather than it wearing the usual robe it was heavily plated with bits and pieces of various armors and this beings mask s seemed more like an actual crocodile jaws and on its shoulder was a lady in red armor from head to toe and imitation dragon wings at this moment the white masked being stood up and asked a question –(?)”Why did the fire clan send two representatives?” –The female in red armor spoke-(?)”Because the last representative we sent was too stupid to realize the situation he was putting our clan into so our clan master decided that sending the strongest was a very bad decision so they sent with the strongest…a better brain and I do mean it when I say I am the better brain.” –The white masked being would then start his questioning –(?)”What is the meaning behind your clan return? And while we are on the subject did your clan have anything to with embedding black liquid into a child?” –The lady in red armor spoke-(?)”It is not surprising to hear that one of you would declare that we have anything to do with embedding black liquid into beings, while it is our rite of passage we never do it to any being outside of the fire clan and even then only to those who are willing as for the meaning of our return weren’t we always welcome in the Society after all we are faithful servant of the one True Sied.” –Just then a being would speak up from the shadows-(????)”Silence all of you, all this bickering is getting us nowhere and this is just driving us further apart, we need to have to unite with each other…For the time being this girl with black liquid will be have an evaluation to find an appropriate master and the one to issue the test will be the one that found her…the being known as Rotal Snart of the Translator’s group….This meeting is adjourned and we will restart when the air cools down.” –Being in the black mask spoke out-(?)”What about the wars shouldn’t we at least discuss that?” –The being in the shadows would just say-(?)”In due time as for now we will rest and later we should have a cooler head.” Back at the Axe, Dagger Eye Shop, Jester seemed to be processing the words of Raven- (Raven)”I heard the man in the crystal. I didn’t mean to. I just came in to see if you would employ me. I want to help Rider and my kin. The man in the crystal spoke of the true sied. I swear, I don’t know who that is.” –Jester thought to himself that she saw their meeting and heard the name. Now what to do to the child…maybe no one would care if she just vanished…maybe the other two would agree with his decision if he only had fabricated a well made lie…its not like they can tell if he is lying…or maybe they would agree with him if he told the truth…a chance to use that weapon again? Or maybe I could use something more ….CREATIVE….oh the beautifully dark dreams I could live out but then Jester’s thoughts would be interrupted by a voice that was in the shop-(?) That wouldn’t be necessary. –Now as Jester turned to look at the owner of the voice and if Raven were to turn to see only to find the being known as Rotal Snart dressed in his grey robe and not even wearing a mask showing his face of white skin, blonde hair and green eyes wait a minute in fact he was never wearing a mask to begin with. As Rotal seemed to be sitting in the corner before standing up and walking to Raven-(Rotal)”This child is under protection by orders of the Society, I am her… handler.” –At the saying of that one word a smile showed on Rotal face while Jester would just say-(Jester)”How did you enter this place?” –Rotal responded with a smile on his face-(Rotal)”Most call it my unnatural ability but I call it a skill.” –Just then Executioner and Seer would enter back to the main room as Seer was the first one to speak up-(Seer)”Jester what is the meaning of this?” (Jester)”The girl she heard everything and I was about to ask her to be silent about it when this stranger appeared.” –As the Executioner and Seer looked at Rotal before Rotal spoke again-(Rotal)”I was informing … Jester…that this girl is under my protection until an evalution is done right, it seem that she has black liquid in her and the Society has deemed her and probably her family in need of our assistance if you may.” (Executioner)”Are you telling me that her entire family has black liquid in them? Seer what you make of this?” (Seer)”I felt a strange presence when she, her sibling and aunt visited this shop but I was unsure about t until the stranger over there confirmed my suspicions. ” (Rotal)”The stranger would rather you call him Rotal and until she gets her evaluation she is under my protection.” (Jester)”This child has black liquid? ” (Seer)”Pay attention Jester. You might learn something …So Rotal what you suggest we do? Make the evaluation here and now?” (Rotal)”We can’t make the evaluation for you know only the society has that right and besides the black liquid is asleep in her…”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Raven did turn at the sound of Rotal’s voice. She got quite the scare, especially since it was he that had given her the vial, and put the black to sleep within her. What was surprising was the fact he didn’t wear a mask. Dressed in the same grey robe, but what was striking was his hair, blonde and green eyes. His skin was lily white, and a contrast to what he wore. Raven glanced between the two men, as Rotal approached her. -(Rotal)”This child is under protection by orders of the Society, I am her… handler.” this got Jester flustered, especially since the entrance was locked. How did he get in? Even Raven was wondering the same thing. But Rotal seemed to have an answer for everything. He smiled and said. -(Rotal)”Most call it my unnatural ability but I call it a skill.” It was some skill alright, but Seer and Jester, were now concerned, since Raven had overheard the most important things said by the being in red armour, who was inside the crystal ball. Raven stayed silent, as the men all got into a discussion over her, and the fact she had the black liquid in her. Even Raven did not understand the ramifications of what this meant. They spoke of an evaluation, and that onlu the society has the right to do it. But then again, the black was asleep inside her, and by the looks of things, would be dorment for some time. Raven didn’t know what to say, as the trio of brothers were agitated, and concerned of how to handle this. “I put myself forward to be evaluated. Sirs. I meant not trouble. I swear.” <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -Rotal would seemingly patted the head of Raven before speaking to Raven- (Rotal)”Ahh you are so eager to do it that you don’t know what it really means to do it and besides child if we were to do it now you would fail it so miserable all because you thought of passing it that the black liquid will not comply to your desire for you see the when we meet the liquid seemed all too eager to leave you and absorb you but ever since you drank that vial it has now be subdue for now at least…Besides the evaluation needs the black liquid to be awake and it can just wake up like that at will. So what has the three of you decided to do?” –The brother three looked at each other before Seer spoke-(Seer)”If she has black liquid in her, she would eventually need to open her eyes to the deeper meaning of life and realize the hidden truths that exist in this world by the orders of our master we will allow you free reign to do what you want but do not interfere with our personal affairs…Child tell your aunt that you and your sister’s papers are done and we await her payment and quite possibly your employment. Jester the door if you please” –Jester would slam his fist at the door which made the door come alive as the latches started to recede back into the door before opening itself as wide enough to allow anyone to come and go-(Jester)”It is done brother. ” (Executioner)”You may leave if you want but next time try knocking at the door first.” –At the mention of this the three brothers would then return back behind their counters and chairs waiting for another customer.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Raven felt the press of Rotal’s hand upon the top of her head, patting her like she was his young. She had not experienced anyone touching her in such affection, and she had to admit to herself, that down in this crazy place, it was actually a nice feeling. In the face of how scared she was, finding out now more about not only herself, but that of the three brothers, she has now become the student of Rotal. Raven did not know what the evaluation test would mean. Obviously it was to do with her use of the black that was within her. The black was very much alive within her, it had its own will. It wasn’t a case of her working with the black liquid, but the black liquid working with her to complete an objective. This still had her confused. Rotal had taken the brunt for Raven entering the shop without knocking and overhearing the brothers speak to the crystal ball. Each had something to say about the control of the black. She would need to be able to open her mind and her eyes, to the deeper meaning of life, and the hidden truths that exist in this world. Raven was free to do as she wished, so long as she did not meddle in their private affairs. Raven agreed to this term, nodding repeatedly. The best part of Seer’s speech was to bring a glimmer of hope to the child. “Child tell your aunt that you and your sister’s papers are done and we await her payment and quite possibly your employment.”- Employment meant paying back Rider for her kindness, and also supporting her family. Raven could feel her heart beat faster. It was not so bad after all. Jester slammed his fist into the door, so the latches would come undone. an the door opened all by itself, as though it too was alive. -(Jester)”It is done brother. ” (Executioner)”You may leave if you want but next time try knocking at the door first.” Parting words would be heeded. “Yes, I promise to knock first. Thank you all for giving me this chance.”- Raven quickly raced out the door, not looking back. Through the crowded markets she ran, going back to see if Rider was awake, and give her the good news. <3>