December 08, 2012 05:31AM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar DynastyDead Nation

Defeat or Retreat?

Players :


DarksiedtheLegend: -As soon as Raven mentioned about the staff would Rider was about to respond before listening on to Raven’s statement and realizing that she didn’t have a weapon currently on her-(Rider)”The weapon is to protect yourself hmm let me explain better… The weapons is so that we can lure the meats to us so that the Otyugh could grab them while the man you saw would be better example if he wasn’t too eager to be flung to the meats. Sure my claws are sharp enough to cut them but in the end it’s all about drawing them to the Otyugh. Let the crazy ones handle the bravery part, I am just interested in the prospect of having more money and while it might be a good idea to let the Otyugh go ahead and eat its fill that would clearly leave us unprotected and I rather not do that.” –The Otyugh would stop in its tracks on what appears to be a blue line as it waited for a few seconds before moving forward-(Rider)”Oh which reminds me the least we weight is sometimes better due to the weighting process…that’s how the payers determine how much to pay us…but sometimes the Otyugh comes back without its rider so the Otyugh is then sold to other flush men and women. Do you see the twisted logic in this job?”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Raven thought for a moment, since the type of weapon was not the kind you carry, but how to attract the meats. She didn’t have anything on her that she could class as a weapon, accept herself. The Otyugh stopped for a moment, and this is when Raven came up with her idea. “What if I get off the Otyugh, and go in first, like bait. Maybe sing, and then draw them to me. Then if the Otyugh can somehow snatch me back up at the last seconds. Would that be a good idea you think?”<3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -Raven would mention of using herself as bait as live bait this Rider would just respond-(Rider)”Oh you don’t know what those meats are capable of, some became experts at charging at opponents while other spit some sort liquid that sizzles the walls of the tunnels, I don’t want to know what will happen if that stuff hits a live person…Some even spit pieces of bone similar to an archer while others spit some sort of bile that attracts more of the meats around….Otyugh can only fight certain amounts but fifty and above meats, I don’t think we stand a chance but lucky we aren’t alone we got that crazy rookie over there and probably more expert flush men and women who might come late…Those experts take the term fashionably late too serious…now here” –At that moment Rider would reveal a wooden crossbow with a wheel crank and a small shield of forty five centimetres in diameter-(Rider)”Alright you use the crossbow to get in a few pot shot hits but don’t fire it too quickly we only got ten arrows. The cross bow has a trigger there and wheel crank is to pull back the string so that you can shoot another arrow again, I’ll use the shield for those who spit and if I am lucky I don’t need to lose this shield” -The meats then appeared it seemed like this horde was at least fifty large and the meats in a way had evolved due to the years being underneath the surface has made adapted to their surroundings making some of the meats to have an almost night vision as their eyes glowed red while other meats doesn’t even look they had evolve looking pretty much human in a sense while some of them had elongated arms and sharp teeth while some of the more normal human looking ones had some bloated humans and some very chubby ones that seemed to be slowing down the horde of meats while at the very back the bigger meats were coming. The bigger meats looked like a human on steroids no wait a gorilla on steroids a large almost hulking over the other meats in a way that seemed almost like it was the boss of the meats but keep itself at a close but yet far distance from the horde of meats in front of it. An over muscular being that is forced to walk in an a manner like a gorilla where it literally needs to support its own weight on its muscular arms-

CharlotteCarrendar:- As Raven was still quite young, she had little experience in dealing with this sort of enemy before. When in the spire tunnels, she had the help of the Staff, and the black, that was within her. Now, the black was asleep, sedated by the man in the Grey Robe. Rider was very experienced with the Meats, and she was wise in her choice of words. Raven, though plucky in her idea to go ahead first and draw the Meats closer, was just putting herself and that of Rider in danger. The odds of a horde of say fifty Meats, versus a handful of Flusher men and women on Otyugh, overpowering the Flusher crews was a strong possibility if they did not co-ordinate their attacks correctly. Thankfully, Rider did have a weapon that could be used against the Meats. A crossbow, which would deadly accurate, but not to be overused, due to the limited amount of arrows. There were only ten. Raven took the crossbow, remaining seated on the back of the Otyugh, making mock aim with the weapon, as she got a feel for it, and how it worked. Raven had to be careful in winding up, and also when to fire. Raven nodded and fell silent suddenly, when the horde was seen to be coming. Fifty of them all told. “Oh no…” Raven exclaimed, bringing up her crossbow, and winding the crank back with the arrow firmly in place. “That’s them?” Almost incredulous about what they were about to face. Raven changed her target sight, from the front ones, to the fat ones, and then to the one at the back, who walked like a giant Gorilla. “It’s now or never. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -As Rider would raise her hand to almost shush Raven as Rider talked-(Rider)”Only shoot when they started climbing onto the Otyugh most of the fighting could be done would be the rookies charging …Shooting right now would only enrage them and I prefer it if we didn’t do that…Wait for it.” –Then two rookie Otyugh riders charged at the horde in hopes of getting more meats before the others as one of the two rookie riders would be tossed at the midst of horde while the other rider would be still charging at the horde as the horde then started to charge. The various hordes would begin to swarm around the charging Otyugh and its rider as the Otyugh large two tentacles swung left and right swatting down the various members of the horde while attempting to eat those meat unfortunate enough to come near its mouth and managing to get a few but the rider unfortunately wasn’t lucky as the horde took him down as the rest of flush men and women would begin their march forward onwards to the meats as Rider would follow suit as the meat charged the Otyugh’s would their arms go and pick up which ever got close enough to them before stuffing them into their mouths as the chomping would start. While some of the flush men and women seemed to have carried long spears to avoid any unnecessary contact with the meats while others seemed to have actually daggers and began tossing them at the incoming meats while some of the meats would fell by three or four daggers or impaled by the spears it was when one of the flush men tossed a dagger at the stomach of a fat meat would the meat literally explode as various bits and pieces flew around it seemed like of the fatter meats charged at one of the Otyughs as this Otyugh attempted to hit the fat meat with its tentacle only to see that once it hit the fat meat would it explode and take the tentacle right off as the Otyugh in response run away back to the town. One by one some of the meat started to fell by this onslaught of six riders and their Otyugh’s and yes that includes the rookie who is still fighting for his life that is until he met the large meat flung its arm at the rookie and flung him far away as the large meat would then stared at the remaining meats those who were feasting on the fallen Otyugh rider and its Otyugh before the large meat let out a roar as the various meats who were rushing to get the Otyugh riders would instead started a retreat following as the large meat turned around and began to run while the fat meats seemed ready to punch their own stomach the same type of meat that could explode as they waited for the rest to retreat once satisfied would the fat meats started to run away to which Rider replied-(Rider)”They have never done that before….it seems like it was planned.” –As Rider seemed really confused while her Otyugh was feasting one of the many meats that had fell. Somewhere in the depths of the sewers lots of meats had gathered silently waiting before a single meat almost human in size but with small boils on its face and almost a not as muscular as the rest stood up in front of all of them before pointing at a group-(?) “Argh!!! “–Then the strange meat pointed to a sewer tunnel as the group of meats lined up and stared at the strange meat who pointed at them before it spoke again-(?)”ROAR!!!!”-The meats both large and human complied it seems a leader of the meats is born.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Silenced by Rider, with the swift move of her hand, she was instructed not to fire, until she gave the signal. Raven swallowed hard, her trigger finger was itchy enough, and then it happened, the first charge in. Two rookies on Otyughs, took off as the Meat’s did so at the same time. But what was not understood about the meats, was of how, they were much more organized than first thought. The methods would prove to be costly to one Flusher man and his Otyugh. The severity of the attack, upon them, left little doubt, that the Meats had truly evolved in the art of war. The fat Meats, were nothing but kamikaze, blowing up themselves, in reaction to a strike, and by doing this harmed the flusher men and women that launched their assault. One rider who fell prey to the swarm, stood no chance, though his Otyugh ate as much as he could. The power of the exploding fat ones, had enough force to blow the tentacle arms of one such Otyugh, clean off. This poor creature turned tail and fled back towards the town. Raven was turning left and right, as Rider’s Otyugh put up a brave fight. But at no time did Rider issue the permission to fire. Sweat beads were building on young Raven’s forehead, her lip twitching. The carnage was great on both sides, but without warning, the bulk of the Meats decided to turn and start to make a retreat. As did some of the Flusher men and women, on their Otyughs. This was all orchestrated. The fat Meats, the last to leave, but not before punching their own stomachs. Raven slowly lowered the crossbow, panting like she was out of breath. Taking in all the bodies around her, she couldn’t believe what just witnessed. “They will be back won’t they, Rider?” <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -When Raven asked that question would Rider just say-(Rider)”I…i….I don’t know. This never happened before…they just usually charge and we slaughter them even the big one well not us for say but the experts but you get the idea…They have never attack and flew…it’s just attack this to unnatural. ”-Then another loud horn blast as Rider heard it she seemed shocked by it-(Rider)”Impossible they attack and now they are leaving just leaving…This is unreal, never in my life as a flush woman has that happen.” –The Otyugh had finished eating some of the meats before appearing full as it eye stalk looked at Rider and Raven before Rider patted its head-(Rider)”Okay let’s go to the scale and see how much we got.” –As The Otyugh would turn around and return back to the blue line and waiting for a few moments and then walking back to the home of Rider as Rider said-(Rider)”So what about the papers?”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Raven felt like she was recovering from a minor heart attack. When geared up to face such an onslaught, you expect that they are going to fight to the bitter end, not turn tail and retreat. Rider had no explanations either. To her, in all her days, she had never seen them behave like this before. Usually, they charge while the Flusher men and women went on the attack, eating many that fell before them, impaled on spikes, or riddled with dagger strikes. Their Otyugh was still munching away of a Meat, when Rider asked the question. -(Rider)”So what about the papers?” Raven, in all the excitement, had completely forgotten about the papers, and now was as good a time as any to explain the good news. “I went to see the Trio of Brothers, while you were asleep. And..*she rubbed the back of her neck as she went to explain the truth of what had happened. “I failed to knock, entering because I couldn’t hear anything. And….I found them talking to a crystal ball, in a back room.” -She took another breath, and then let the rest of the story come out. “The man in the Robe of Gray, he showed up, because I think I may have interrupted the brother in they’re….prayer?” Moving uncomfortably, she came to the conclusion. “As I am the young of the Master handler, and has chosen me to train under him, the brothers said, that since she was of the black, and that was enough for the Brothers to look out for her, and promised that she could have a job there in the near future, as well as the papers that they had offered to get for them all. “ I wanted to tell you earlier…” <3>

AncientOpsolaLowan: -Smelling blood seeping into the earth, the furry like creature would let out a soft purr escape it child like buddy. To signals draped its wings and a gothic adorn it head like a halo. Blood red eyes where it means to view the world. Often it would seek out different realms of existence and find somewhere dark and undiscovered to sleep, until disturbed by the current locals of the realm. What turned the creature what it is was now, was the massive genocide of it clan will it slept absorbing their blood and being transformed by it. Now he no longer feed on blood or much of anything else and simply would awake by a massive scale of death. Its wings spreading to seven feet it would take to the air, and projected itself so fast it would be blur to a normal humans eyes. Flying through sewers it would take the sharp turns with ease, until it come across a scene of utter devastation. Two armies would be separating from a very bloody scène. Hovering above both armies, for mere milliseconds. Before it landed between the two. Its wings wrapping around it body like a drape. Blood flowing up from the ground would surround it waste with a robe hiding it lower half. Black and red fur covered it head to toe, and a cat like tail protruded from it back and cat like ears, to make a cross between a angel, and some dark coloured cat. Looking to the human army that stood it ground it would have it back towards what to be somewhat mutated men who turn and fled. Its mind wondering why mortal creatures always had the urge to kill either, will surveying the scene itself and showing no care for either group.-