December 12, 2012 07:27AM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

Dead Nation.

A Pocketful of Copper.


CharlotteCarrendar: – The flusher man had recognised Baldrick from the days before the End. He stuttered as he tried to convey that it was no secret to him, that Baldrick served those of the surface. The grand table mentioned, in between his stuttered words. Baldrick frowned, knowing this can’t be good. If the Butcher found out that he was there, it meant he would be rounded up. Course, it was Rider who came to the rescue, and used the language of those of the tunnels, to have the Flusher man back off. What she said, Baldrick could not understand, but the way she said it, did the trick. Baldrick was about to thank her, when she reminded him about the fact, he had not worn his mask. Kicking himself for having made such a huge mistake, in his rash decision to run out after Raven, he brought up the hood on his coat, so at least he could offer some disguise, from curious onlookers. Keeping his head down, he moved closer to Rider and said. “I’m trying to find Raven. She isn’t safe down here, without this.”- he then handed the staff of the Spider to Rider. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -At the statement of Baldrick saying that he was looking for Raven and that she isn’t safe without her staff would Rider just say in a calm voice-(Rider)”Don’t worry she is safe ….at our home. She doesn’t need to have that.” –Rider stopped to think for a moment and she almost thought to herself I called it our home not mine but ours. As Rider thought to herself as she saw Baldrick used the hood on his coat to cover his face she said to him-(Rider)”You are coming with me into the shop but please don’t speak in there…I am going to get my paycheck for my odd jobs and defense bonus.” –As Rider entered the Down the drain shop to an almost welcoming atmosphere well to the flush people at least as Rider looked around to see most of the flush men and women were beginning to settle down into mini hills of clothes and also igloo clothes as Rider looked around before jumping over the counter of the shop to head to the hidden second floor stairs so if to get her paycheck plus bonuses.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Baldrick’s heart leapt to hear that Raven was home safe and sound. His fear, that something could have happened to her, plaguing his mind. Now at least he could breathe a sigh of relief. But he was now in trouble. Rider refused to take the staff, and so he tried to stuff it into his jacket, rather than be carrying it out in the open. Looking left and right warily, he then followed Rider into the store, but not before stopping, to crouch down and place his hand in the dirt, bringing it up to his face, and smearing the muck on, to help aid in keeping his identity a secret. Rising back to standing, he moved along at a quicker pace, as Rider was well ahead of him. Inside the store, there were piles of clothing that were like rag igloos, made from clothes that had come down the drains from the surface. These contained the tired Flusher men and women, who had fought the Meats, and seemed to keep them out of the town, this time. Baldrick made sure, he kept his hood down as far as he dared, hunching his shoulders over, and staying silent, so as not to arouse more suspicion. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -While in the shop Rider seemed to have made her way up to the second floor of the Down the drain shop where she is busy talking with the shop keeper-(Rider)”So where’s my money?” (Shop keeper)”Like I told the rest its being processed by the accountants as we speak” (Rider)”Don’t you think it’s weird that we should only talk common up here and besides what will the others think if they knew you could speak common?” (Shop keeper)”They would think that I am branching out to the surface world and respectably to those masked beings from the underworld and besides no one can hear us speak this room is sound proof as long as the door is shut which it is.”(Rider)”So how much am I getting?” (Shop keeper)”Your number please.” –As the shop keeper held out his hand as Rider searched her pockets before pulling out a sheet of paper with a number on it as the shop keeper looked at the number before ringing a bell he then handed the paper back to Rider before asking.-(Shop keeper)”So in gold, silver or copper bits and pieces you want your salary in?” (Rider)”How much I get for gold coins?” (Shop keeper)”You got five gold coins and the exchange rate for today is one gold coin for ten silver or one gold coin for a hundred copper bits and pieces” (Rider)”Okay give me one gold coin, exchange two gold coins for silver and rest for copper bits” (Shop keeper)”Hmm let me get this straight one gold, twenty silver and two hundred copper bits…”(Rider)”That’s it.” (Shop keeper)”You do know that every flush person in here asked for copper right? So I haven’t got enough copper to give you” (Rider)”What can you offer for today for copper bits?” (Shop keeper)”Best I can do you for is twenty copper bits, you could get the rest tomorrow but who knows with the market of metals going up and down. I might lose instead of gain.”(Rider)”And I may lose, come on I need it for my extended family.”(Shop keeper)”You got family?” (Rider)”Yes I have a family.” (Shop keeper)”You got married? Never thought much of you as a beauty but someone has to find you beautiful” (Rider)”I’m an aunt” (Shop keeper)”And the balance of the world is restored but still I can only offer you two gold, twenty eight silver and twenty copper bits take it or leave it.” (Rider)”…Fine …Give it” –The shop keeper would open his drawer before pulling out a sack and placing bits and pieces of copper, silver and then the gold coins before handling it to Rider-(Shop keeper)”Pleasure doing business.” –As Rider took the money before both of them started laughing as Rider then placed her sack of money into her robes inner pocket before heading back down as she passed Baldrick she simply give him a gentle tap as she went out the door before waiting for him outside. If he had came outside would she begin the long walk back home.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – When Rider jumped over the service counter and disappeared into the stairwell that lead to the secret back room of the Shop keeper, Baldrick was left to his own devices in rag igloo filled shop. It was an awkward position to be in. For starters, he was not allowed to speak, and he couldn’t go following along behind Rider. Chances of him leaping the counter, were nil at his age. What to do? What to do? He decided to take the staff out of his jacket, and then started to take a closer look at it. When he was inspecting the amber gem that sat at the top of the staff, he had to take a second look. The spider that was within the stone, looked awfully familiar. But it had been so long. So long since his Mistress passed, and he did not realise, that the spider was in fact, a very special one. It belonged to Lore. How it came to be in the gem, was a mystery. But one thing for certain, the spider did not belong in this time. It belonged in the golden age of the Old world, not the Meat infested one that he stood in now. Minutes passed, then Rider appeared, tapping his shoulder, and gesturing for him to leave. Keeping his head bowed, he followed her out of the shop, and then put the staff away again, back into his coat. Walking alongside Rider, he asked her a question, when out of earshot of the other Flusher men and women. “Did Raven do well with you this day? I know she is very keen, for one so young.” <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -When Baldrick came with Rider and they were away from the down the drain shop did Baldrick spoke-(Baldrick)” Did Raven do well with you this day? I know she is very keen, for one so young.” –To which Rider answered-(Rider)”She did pretty well though she was curious about her surroundings and situations…Quite honestly I don’t think children are fit to be down here….It’s so harsh and adult like makes one realize that anyone lost their childhood just being down here…So tell me”-Rider thought for a moment as she thought how to address Baldrick without making a scene so as to attract other money grabbers like the one Baldrick had to met near the shop-(Rider)“….Grandfather…what was the world like the one you travelled to with the others? ”

CharlotteCarrendar:- This was not a question he had expected to hear. Baldrick actually slowed his pace, falling behind a bit, as he showed sadness for the world they were from. “The world that the children and I are from is so different to this, and yet at the same time, there are striking parallels. It seems that wars of men and those that seek to bring Chaos to the lives of innocent happen in all societies, regardless of the best intentions of its leaders.” Turning his head just enough, so Rider could see his face; he let out a sigh, and then spoke quietly, not to attract further attention to himself. “When we arrived, there was nothing. Snow….far as the eye could see. No buildings…hell, civilization had not made its mark. A barren landscape you could say. The one known as Captain, provided ships, with all the necessities, to start again, and for the bulk of the refugees, that is exactly what they did. Building two great cities, Nixagris; the snow fields of the North, and then Lorewall; the new seat of power in the young nation. So much promise….so much.”- He said wistfully. <3>