Birth Name: Steven Douglas Mironi
Nickname: Steve or “Dougie”
Undercover Agent Name: Lord Stefan Mironescu, Viscount of Oradea
Relatives: The youngest of 5 brothers. Mother, Marianne is a schoolteacher, Father, Richard is a Homicide Detective with the Detroit Police Department
Ethnicity: American
Marital Status: Single, but currently pursuing a relationship with Deathclub’s Queen, Mia De Luca.
Age: 40
Date of Birth: August 27
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan
Occupation: Former CIA Agent; was fired for conduct unbecoming of an agent in a government’s employ.
Blood Type: O Positive
Height: 6′ 2″
Weight: Around 210.
Shoe Size: 12
Build: Broad, muscular – works out.
Skin Color: Deep tan
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Salt and Pepper Blond
Dominant Hand: Right
Likes: Dancing, Sci-fi movies, Italian food
Dislikes: Men who harm women in any way, shape or form
Flaws: Has a very big heart.
Clothing Preferences: Armani suits, casual jeans, blazers, t-shirts, casual jackets
Transportation: 1968 Dodge Charger.

Current Residence: Prague, Czech Republic – staying with Mia until he finds a place of his own or moves in with Mia permanently.
History: Born and raised in the heart of Detroit’s 8 Mile District, Steve had to learn at an early age to be a fighter. The youngest of 5 brothers, he was always picked on both in school and out and had gotten in trouble on more than one occasion, much to his mother’s horror. It was after spending a single night in jail, at his father’s insistence, with a few of the more hardened criminals that Steven began to learn to pick his battles. He did his family proud when he entered and graduated from the Police Academy in the top 10 percent of his class and went on to join his father’s precinct. Quickly working his way up to Lieutenant rank, he took time off to attend college at Michigan State, getting a degree in Criminal Justice. He returned to the police force and became an decorated Detective in the Homicide division, following in his old man’s footsteps. It was a short year later that he was tapped to join the ranks of the CIA, becoming one of the finest agents the agency had ever seen, taking down underground mobs and criminal elements rather easily. He was handpicked by the Director of the CIA to join the Russian KGB in a joint task force between the United States and the Soviet Republic to take on the leaders of the Russian mob. Together they had arrested nearly a third of the crime organizations before turning their focus to the untouchable Yuri Kazakov – it was then he came across Mia’s name in connection and began to investigate the woman. It was some months later before he met her in person, instantly captivated with her. And in doing so, he did the one thing the agency had drilled into their agents heads never to do – he showed his feelings for the woman, admiring both her strength and her beauty and got caught in his lies. He was fired from the CIA and decided to freelance the Kazakov case, working on his own while taking it upon himself to protect the woman he was starting to like very strongly. He just had to get her to see that what he was feeling for her was real. Will he succeed?

Theme Song: Sheena Easton – For Your Eyes Only

To be continued…