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Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

Dead Nation

Left Behind


DarksiedtheLegend: -Suddenly in the centre of town a man shouted to those around-(Z)”HEY! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS PLACE? SOMEONE ANSWER ME OR I SWEAR TO GOD, I WILL BURY EACH ONE OF YOU.” –This caused most of the masked citizens to turn theirs to his direction, well what Z doesn’t know is that common or gothic or English pick your flavour was actually a language not used often and in fact is a language used only by surface dwellers and not so many sewer citizens and then the citizens heard a set of heavy metal steps to which various of the citizens started to move aside as a black armoured being stepped forward before saying to the citizens.-(?)”Nothing to see here now go along your daily routines.” –As the citizens continue to go with their lives would the black armoured being shift his attention back to Z before just bowing and replying to Z-(?)”Welcome to this humble town of ten thousand strong…umm give or take a few digits some family may be expecting a newborn…Now I expect you to be a surface dweller since you could speak common quite well now for what this place is its just well… a of many and I am one of the five deputized sheriff of well this fair town now I expect that you will enjoy your stay here and if you have any more questions come and visit me at the mayor’s office only during the day at nights I am at the sheriff’s office…”-The so called sheriff of the town started to leave before stopping a few feet away from Z before turning around and simply saying-(?)”If you are lost then at least allow me to give a tour of this fair town”-Back at Rider’s house she would listen to the story of Bela- (Bela)“Our brothers and sisters all hatched around the same time. We were all born beneath the Meeting hall in this special cavern, our Mothers had built. But it’s not about who the Eldest is, but more, who is the biggest. All up, there is four hundred of us, many of our brothers and sisters are back at the Spire of Arachne, which is situated below Lorewall, the big city that we are from. Raven is the lead Girl of the Children of Taru. Taru is our mother. She was known as the White Spider, because she has beautiful white hair. Paige’s Mom is Charlotte, and the Eldest of the children of Charlotte, is actually Seven. But last I saw Seven was when we were about to head off into the Tunnels to find the one that had damaged the Squids.”-As soon as Bela finished that sentence did Paige tell a story-(Paige) “I was with them, when Seven had the staff. There was this big tall creature try to attack. He had long tentacles behind him, and no face. The other man who had damaged the squid, even he was shocked by this….Slender man, I think he called him in some sing song. Seven, my brother, gave me the Staff, and told me to take it to Raven, cause he knew that Staff had powers. I have seen it too.”-And at this moment Raven asked a question –(Raven)“What is it about the surface that made the Butcher’s men decide to need armor? I mean, if they were able to fight the Meats single handily, with no armour, then all of a sudden, they are dressing like Knights, and leaving the fighting to the workers down here, then who are they fighting on the surface? Is there something about the surface, you haven’t told us?” –At this question Rider would answer simply-(Rider)”I really don’t know much about the surface…In fact I have never been up there in my entire life, I was always down here listening to the ramblings of a crazy man named Digger…He used to say that the world up above was a world of lights and the kind made from natural source and not artificial never knew what happened to him after he decided to go up…Who knows what happened to the man named Digger?” –At that moment there was knock at her door to which Rider quickly sprung from, her bed to her feet as she said to them-(Rider)”Weird I wasn’t suspect anyone…keep quiet I am going to check the door.” –As Rider made her way past the children before opening the door just a little bit to peek who was outside only to see the gleam of black armour to which Rider quickly shut the door and said out loud-(Rider)”Why is Butcher’s men paying me a visit?….Why now of all days and especially with them?*Gulp*” –Rider would then open the door once again but only enough that the person on the other side of the door could see only Rider’s head –(Rider)”Yes what is it?” –To which the being in the black armour just said to Rider-(?)”Excuse me Madam I have a few questions for you…are you the person registered under this name, mask and lives in this house?” –To which he showed her a clip board with some details on it and Rider needed to open the door a bit more so that Rider could get a closer look on the paper on the clipboard.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- As there was an unexpected knock at the door, all the children froze in their place. Who could be at the door at this hour, and why? Rider’s reaction said it all. -(Rider)”Why is Butcher’s men paying me a visit?….Why now of all days and especially with them?*Gulp*” Raven and Paige both shot looks at each other. To speak out loud was a dangerous thing to do, especially that it would give them away. Looking at all the children in turn, Raven was first to use her ability to reach out and speak to each child, as all feared for their lives. “Dezsyf sa ty, E nfaq qy ka fas hlopsezy swez, xis qy poffas dys Lekyl sony swy bodd bal iz xyefr wyly. Hoery ofk E oly zihhazy sa wojy hohylz, xis swy lyzs ab uai ka fas. E qofs uai, sa odd, sony wofkz faq, ofk E pof’s xydeyjy E ot zouefr swez. Sony swy zsobb ofk E qofs uai odd sa zwebs sa swy hdopy qwyly swy rosy qoz ef swy siffydz.” (translation: “Listen to me, I know we do not practise this, but we cannot let Rider take the fall for us being here. Paige and I are suppose to have papers, but the rest of you do not. I want you, to all, take hands now, and I can’t believe I am saying this. Take the staff and I want you all to shift to the place where the gate was in the tunnels.”) Paige gasped as she heard in her mind what Raven was suggesting. Raven looked around for the staff and then up at her Grandfather, Baldrick. She whispered. “Where is the staff?” Baldrick could see the panic on the children’s faces and that they must have been communicating telepathically. He looked over to the doorway and then heard the voice of the armoured man at the door. -(?)”Excuse me Madam I have a few questions for you…are you the person registered under this name, mask and lives in this house?” One of the girls started to whimper, and Jira placed an arm around her as Raven was getting impatient with them all. There was a look of panic in her eyes. “Qy wojy fa sety!! Ka oz E zou…sony wofkz…KOTF ES!…ZWEBS XOPN SA SWY SIFFYD QESW SWY ZSOBB…WADK ES OS SWY QODD OFK PWOFS!!” (translation: -“We have no time!! Do as I say…take hands…DAMN IT!…SHIFT BACK TO THE TUNNEL WITH THE STAFF…HOLD IT AT THE WALL AND CHANT!!”) Baldrick was in two minds of what to do, give Raven the staff, or go to the door and offer himself up in their place. Paige then spoke to all in her mind. “KA QWOS ZWY ZOUZ….SWYU POHSILY UAI…QY POF’S ZOFY UAI!” (translation:- “DO WHAT SHE SAYS….THEY CAPTURE YOU…WE CAN’T SAVE YOU!”) Raven reached for her Grandfather’s coat, and then found the staff within, and pulled it out. She handed it to Jira and then urged them all to take hands, as her nose started to drip black and her eyes changed colour. Paige saw this and then hurried the other children to clasp hands. Terrified, they all started to chant, as their images began to shimmer. Baldrick slowly started walking for the door, as Raven tried to get Paige to put her mask on. <3>

ZeedusJrFrostBlood: Extreme pent up rage was circulating through his body at this precise moment, his bones were becoming tight and his face cringing ever so intensely. Intentions of pure destruction crossed his mind, but was he going to take up that offer. Highly doubtful. ”I do not recognise this place at all. Weird.” By that time, the shouting had disconnected from his vocals. It was a new approach to finding out where he was situated. A gentle and calm tone. Once more, his attention was caught by a male. This one looked slightly inconspicuous at times. ”Oh, right. Well, thanks for informing me. Ten thousand strong, you say. Impressive. Never knew you could fit ten thousand men, woman and children down into a series of tunnels. Oh, well.” A sly look surfaced onto his face as he was about to turn around due to the male’s departure, but without consistent rudeness, the male had offered to show him around. At least he could give him the pleasure of escorting big, old Z about for a while. It does pass the time. ”All right. I will take you up on that offer.” Saying in his casual voice before approaching the tiny male, well, tiny to him. There was not a big enough creature/being that could face off Z for over a hundred miles, down in the deep Northern woods. ”All right. Where to first.” Adrenaline kicked in, there were so many undiscovered places to check out first. Z, the destroyer of counties, became vigilant at the surrounding habitats. These people could be filled with murderers and such, something which Z is used to being in the company with. There was nothing else to say to the man, just to await for him to show him around. He hoped it wouldn’t be boring and all educational, he wanted to see if they had public hangings. That’d be a sight to watch. ”Public hangings.” Z drolled instantaneously before wiping it away, both hues returning to their despair-filled anger.

DarksiedtheLegend: -Back at the town the so called deputized sheriff would begin with his tour of the town showing off the various shops and places as the sheriff pointed out-(?)”That there is the bar I know most men go there first…Over there is the jewellery stores each competing with each other….Over there is an inn, which reminds me how did you get to this part of the town and also got any money for your stay? Besides not many enjoy the night here so friendly reminder don’t stay out when the lights go out quite literally and if you look up you could see the artificial sun courteous of our lord and master… Butcher…” -As this so called sheriff continued with his tour even pointing out the much obvious black smith shop where the black smith was busy pounding away at a sheet of metal-(?)”That there is a black smith shop and over there is the crafts men shop you know the wood cutters and such…And as I recall on the second floor of the crafts men or black smith shop is a historian or writer something like that really doesn’t matter to me…Hmm are you the type that prefers things for thought or more carnal desires? Cause I believe we got places like those here but they only allow entrance to those with money and lots of it so stranger you going to answer a question or oh we can do this I throw you question and you throw me one . My previous questions still stand you got money and how you got here?”-At Rider’s house would Rider take a look at the clip board before replying- (Rider)”Yes, that’s my name and I do live here…what’s this about?” –As soon as Rider asked this question would the being in black armor spoke up-(?)”I am from the mayor office you know I am census person…It seems like the people at the office want to confirm some suspicious you know how it goes…they go all paranoid and such…you know the same ridiculous blah blah stuff that they don’t pay me enough for…So here’s some of my questions…First off a day ago you and….your nieces…stood in line to get registered and somewhat your nieces got approved…and for some reason you also made reservations for other family members but at the time you couldn’t recall how many so the office guys sent me since they were too lazy to do it themselves…so how many family members? …and can you show them to me so that these reservations are not for someone else and all that…also bring forward the two known as Raven and Paige we need signatures and a confirmation of age…uhm yeah working age.” –To which Rider would turn to look at the children before saying to the black armoured man-(Rider)”Right now?” (?)”Please don’t say tomorrow that’s my day off.”

ZeedusJrFrostBlood: Fucking hell, this was educational. Both orbs’ eyelids were almost collapsing over his eyes due to the boredom. Why couldn’t it have been fun and destruction-like. BUT NO, it wasn’t. He was getting showed the shops and such. Something he could’ve found himself due to the fact that there are probably signs signalizing the names of the shops and their genres. Z did want to be polite, but the patience levels were decreasing due to the lack of excitement. ”Yeah, oh….that is interesting.” Nothing could be detected from his tone, it was in the middle of being a little bit rude and entertained. A combination of epic proportions. ”Well, I have money, yes. But I am not spending it. I do not need to live in inn’s or that. I will spend the night out here, I don’t need warnings or that. I have fought and conquered over some of the largest and most ferocious of beasts. Nothing has fazed me yet, so just bring anything you fear on.” Saying with such enthusiasm and pride, both hands crunching into wreckingball-like fists in the meantime —- ”To answer your other question, I was merely travelling the lands and stumbled upon the entrance to the tunnels. I sat inside/outside the tunnel, the breeze from the wind was smacking against me. But curiosity got the better of me in this case. I just walked down the tunnel until I reached here. Simples.” Nodding to the man in gratitude for showing him around, ”I personally thank you for showing me around. But now I shall head to the bar for a drink. I need to do something about this quenching thirst. Dehydration will soon kick in and I don’t want that. So, cheers.” A pat on the back was sent to the man before he turned around, began walking in the opposite direction. ”All right. I have a brain the size of a fucking peanut, where was the bar again.” Z’s memory wasn’t the best of things, but his brute strength made up for his brainless and mindless antics. Without further hesitation, he came to the bar’s door, and he wanted to make a impression on the people within. ”Tallyho.” Shouting as he kicked the door open, possibly rendering the the entire building to shake. A grunt forced through the thick layer of skin, empathizing the other people within the vicinity of the bar. A secretive nod was sent towards the barkeeper to announce him of his presence. ”All right, mate. Can I have a tankard of ale, please.” His all time favorite drink. The very stench of it drove him into hysterics. A few moments passed, a gold coin was placed at the left hand side of Z before the drink was placed down beside him. ”Cheers, mate. Appreciated.” The barkeeper obviously took the money and went away to serve others or something. HOW THE FUCK DOES HE KNOW. He cannot read minds. Grunting softly, his hand raised the tankard and shoved the containents of it down his gullet, each tricle slamming against his very tonsils.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The circle of children all bowed their heads, fingers interlocked, but Jira holding the staff of the spider. Raven managed to secure Paige’s mask, and as both looked toward the remaining children, they would shimmer out of sight, leaving the room bare, with the exception of Baldrick. Raven closed her eyes, as a black tear could be seen, as it escaped and trickled down her face inside her mask. “Oly swyu raefr sa xy anou?” (translation: – “Are they going to be okay?”) Paige asked Raven, in her mind. Raven shook her head, then grabbed her sister’s hand, ready to follow Baldrick to the door. :: A shimmering happened, deep within the tunnels of the Dead Nation, as the children reached the same place that they entered that world. Tar was the first to break the circle. “I want to go home. I hate this place. I want Momma.” The other children trudged about in the putrid waters, the boys tapping the rock. Jira fiddled with the Staff, and kept pointing it at the wall, trying to remember the chant. Trena and Cera were looking for markings, anything that could help them find the gate. But there was something about the gathered children, that few would realise, they were all the children…of… :: In the tunnels near the Spire, a flash of light and then two dark cloaked beings walked out, one with white long hair, and a dark halos around her eyes. “I heard them….I heard them here.”- Taru said, trapsing through the tunnel, and looking left and right. “Are you sure?”- Sora said, following along behind her. “Wait, these are train tracks. We must be…under the city.” Suddenly Taru stopped dead, and strained to listen. The faint echo of a child’s voice. “I want to go home. I hate this place. I want Momma.” Taru shot a look behind her at her brother. “My children!”- Sora appeared stunned, and he approached the rock wall. “What are they doing behind a wall?” – he ran his hands over it, just as the children were doing the same on the other side of the gate. Taru closed her eyes and then focused on her children. She held her hands forward, fingers apart. “E kaf’s nfaq waq uai ras ajyl swyly, xis E ot xlefrefr uai xopn.” (translation: – “I don’t know how you got over there, but I am bringing you back.”) Sora could hear her in his mind as well. In fact, all the bebilith children in the Spire could hear it. And on board the Skycastle, as Izu sat drinking his coffee, he heard it. In Fjelding mountains, the mammoth Bebilith, Charlotte, who was fighting off the Gnolls, suddenly stopped, as she broke a Gnoll’s neck, and it fell to the ground dead. She heard it. It was like a call to all Bebilith in the nation. Back at the house of Rider, Paige and Raven heard the whisper of Taru, barely audible, but it was her. “Tatto…” (translation: – “Momma..” :: In the tunnels, the children all fell silent, their eyes turning to black, each and every one of them, as Jira slowly raised the staff of the Spider. The spider began to glow, as Taru raised up off the ground on her side of the tunnel, holding her hands outstretched at the rock wall. The wall started to bleed black, peeling….and you could see the children on the other side, as Taru connected with the Staff. Sora looked between Taru and the children and yelled to them. “COME ON…RUN!” – The children didn’t wait another second, making the dash through the gate, the last one to come was Jira, who ran straight for his Mother, who ripped the staff of the Spider from his hands, and snarled angrily. “WYL TOREP QEDD FA DAFRYL WOLT AIL NEFK!!” (translation: – “HER MAGIC WILL NO LONGER HARM OUR KIND!!”) And with a mighty swing, she smashed the staff against the wall, and the gem shattered into a thousand pieces. The gate sealed instantly…..never to open again. <3>