December 19, 2012 03:27PM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

On the Wings of Eagles

Party man


Thecyberbully: -PAIN watched them all still come at him. His body ready, his mind was clear. He growls a low challenge at them as he leaps from the top of the building. The rush of sudden air, raced from below his falling form as his hair waved in the strong breeze. He wasn’t aiming to do a double back flip to win gold at gymnastic. In fact, he would have rather walked down to them but still.. He couldn’t allow them to get to MERCY. There would be no stepping back nor any land lost to them. His eyes picked up more of these damn fools. PAIN twists his body so that he could land in a crouch form and charge as soon as he lands on the ground. His right hand, slowly moving to the smaller weapon as his fingers loosen the weapon from the sheath itself. His left hand grabs the sheath too. Holding it still so that he could remove it and use it as a weapon itself. PAIN hits the ground hard as he grunts. He had forgotten about the injuries he had gotten already. But still. PAIN looks at them as he holds both “weapons” to face the side as he charges towards them. This is their last time in this world. …. A small flying shape moves across the sky. Scanning each part as it zips around in the air. Any buildings with signs of “live” were scanned. It was marked down for later on. As it zips past PAIN and the group, now in combat, a strange hissing sound escaped. It had picked up another form. One running from the buildings and battle as it gives chase to it. Its camera zooms in. Trying to pin point where this other form was. When it finds the form, the camera would just hover first overhead, Keeping out of any weapons or attack range as it would project a hologram. This hologram was an image of the main “gang boss” of the city. The message would be played.. “We meet, at last.. I think you should come to the tydome, located at the centre of my city. “ . Then the message would fade away. Now, the reason why this would happen, is because of the ID she has. The camera would only sense a certain coding on a few ID. The boss, himself, did not know the person who has it was MERCY. But knew he had new muscle in the city to work for him. The camera would, and then hover and try lead MERCY to the building. –

Carrendar:- Arms pumping, legs like a blur as she makes a corner effortlessly. Running on, and not looking back, her face with cheeks hollowed, and the steely appearance of her crimson coloured eyes, showed she was determined to get as far from the shop as she could. What of PAIN? Could she look back, should she look back. When far enough from the impact area, she starts to slow her running, only to have a strange flying object pass over her. An image comes to appear, projected like a hologram in front of her. M.E.R.C.Y pulls up hard and fast, panting and watching the image with curiosity, and ready to attack the camera, should it fly low enough. The image is of a man, well to do, dressed in a suit. Clearly he was one of importance. “We meet, at last.. I think you should come to the tydome, located at the centre of my city. “ The hologram dissolved more or less as the message was given. M.E.R.C.Y stares up at the camera and is tempted to take out her gun and blow it away. But it just hovers, like its waiting for something. “Vell?…Not like I knowz vhere it iz.”- she then slouches and folds her arms. “Avter youz.” M.E.R.C.Y then tapped her foot, waiting for the camera to lead her to the building. <3>

Thecyberbully: -The camera would zoom in and out at her. Scanning her data as it zips around the air like a playful puppy. Suddenly, it shoots forwards. Too fast for a normal eye to catch or a weapon to take aim at as it dances around her form before shooting past her. Stopping five foot away as it waits for her to move. It would keep moving forwards like this. Taking her by the roof top to avoid another group coming from behind. This wasn’t just any normal group though, this was the defence system. The defence program of MERCY, had been alerted by the mass surge of power and computed files merging and trying to damage one another. They marched forwards, just the sound of boots hitting the ground. No chatter. No other noise. The drumming of MERCY’s war had been awaking. Whilst one would expect them to hold and wear armour, these did not. Their image was the same as how MERCY is in her own world. Touching and killing those in that party, had changed the coding of the system slowly. Being in her own world longer than before, it had re-created “mini” MERCY in her true “Nat” state. Tendrills folded neatly behind the bodies as they kept their march to the mini war. They showed no emotions nor any traits of being an independent feeling. A true void of pure death was about to hit the war. The camera kept moving her, kept luring her with him as it zips to the right hand side. A large building had appeared as the sun hits the glass. It gave off an eerily glow as the camera flies down to the main door. It vanished into the building as three well-armed, rather bulky armoured, forms comes out. They raised their p-90s at MERCY as the lead male tilts his head. Scooping out for cover as he speaks – “Well.. What you want?”- He walks forwards again as the camera zips back towards him. Showing another image of MERCY and the codes for entry. The male just nods as he turns back to her- “I.D please”

Carrendar: – The camera’s behaviour matched that of something that was childlike and playing with her, taking up intel as it danced around her form. M.E.R.C.Y kept looking behind her, wondering if it was taking images of her behind. Zip..Zip..Zip. Up, down, scanning, watching…then off it went, like a shot, faster than the eyes can trace, only to stop five feet away, hovering, and its camera back on M.E.R.C.Y. “You vould be a vun doy, if you veren’t zo vierd.” M.E.R.C.Y chased after the camera, keeping up, as it stopped and seemed to be checking on her, seeing if she was following. “I’m comingz, I’m comingz.” Roof top to roof top, she moved like a cat burgler, to avoid detection On reaching the large building, she was almost blinded as the sun christened the glass panels. “Zo dhiz iz itz.”- M.E.R.C.Y had arrived. Without PAIN though, much to her displeasure. He would love this, she thought to herself, as she approached the entrance warily, seeing the three bulky armour wearing officers. The camera had zipped inside, obviously this was the way to go. “Well.. What you want?”- one of them said, as the camera came back out and showed him the intel of M.E.R.C.Y on the screen. Once the male read it, he asks for her I.D. M.E.R.C.Y slyly pulls it out of her pocket, her eyes darting between the camera and the man before her. “Dhiz vhat you vant?”- she held up the I.D, and waited to be escorted in. <3>

Thecyberbully: -They tilt their head as she came closer to them. The speech pattern was hard to understand but the camera started to translate her comments. The results were sent into the male’s ear pieces as they nod their head at the camera. She moves to give the ID to. Their weapons still trained in her as a large exploitation was heard where PAIN was left. The males looked at the ID in a rush as they kept looking at the smoke bellowing from where it came from as one just chuckles. “Shit storm just hit lads. Best get in now before we get the shower of shit”-He chuckles as the ID was checked out. “Seems legit. Now follow us”- Two guards went behind MERCY as the leader was in front. Their weapons still aimed at her as they slowly entered into the building. Marching in a perfect timing. They would lead her to a small door. Knocking on it twice, the door slowly opens as the light shines on them all. A red beam follows as it scans and pin points weapons and armour. Stopping at MERCY. It scans three times as a small “buzz” was heard. Noticing the weapons on her. The guards speak again. “Leave ya weapons over there”- they pointed to a small box.-“You can collect them after the meeting”- They would wait before moving again. Taking her to deeper into the tower as classical music was played. They stopped as the building went into lock down. Red lights flashed around, metal bomb proof shutters fell into place. They weren’t risking the mini war outside to hit them. “Now, when we inform our boss, you will go speak to hi-“ “No need to inform her or myself. I am already here”- A deep voice followed down the stairs as only the feet was shown. Penguin black shoes pierced out into the light.” Now, welcome to our little party”-

Carrendar: – Weapons trained upon M.E.R.C.Y, she turns her head slowly, to take in each armed man that was watching her for sudden movement. You could cut the tension with a knife, it was so thick. Her gaze finally returned to the one holding her I.D. He seemed to approve, though he was alerted by those within on their ear pieces. This was no ordinary picnic. A massive explosion rocked the area, coming from the site where PAIN had been. M.E.R.C.Y swallowed, hiding her reaction deep inside of her, knowing full well that PAIN could be in dire trouble. He would kick her ass though, if she did not fulfil her mission. The change in feeling, the hurry to get this done, was due to the shit storm that was to follow, whatever exploded. “Seems Legit, now follow us.”- M.E.R.C.Y shrugged, trying to show, she had no fear of these beings. With two guards in behind her, weapons trained on her back, she marched inside, and she was lead to a small door. The door opened, to reveal the strains of classical music, and more darn checkpoints, checking her with lasers for armour and other hidden devices. M.E.R.C.Y disarms, and places her weapons in the box provided. “There…okayz?”- she said, holding up empty hands, but still with a crooked smile. She knew deep inside….she was a weapon. Going in further, they entered some sort of tower. Bomb filled shutters, slamming into place. Whoever was in here, was scared of what could come from the outside. Why? This and other queries plagued M.E.R.C.Y. Finally the one that had summoned made his appearance. .” Now, welcome to our little party”- he said. Dressed with penguin black shoes. Odd, that that was all she could see. “’ad I knowns..dhiz vaz a vormal affair, I mightz ‘ave vorn the cocktail drezz. I am alvays overdressed. Zo…*she approached the man in charge*…”I ‘ope itz not your birthdayz…I vorgot your present.”<3>