December 20, 2012 01:07AM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

On the Wings of Eagles

A life without PAIN


Thecyberbully: -The voice just laughed at her comment as the song played loudly. A decoy was placed with the suit case as it walks forwards. As the light hits the form, it showed a rather large form. The Shirt was stitched around its bulk. Here and there, was a tell-tale sign of skin as the form laughed at all of them. Its shadow had grown to twice itself as two demonic eyes looked at MERCY and the other forms. Tilting its head, it studied MERCY more as its right hand moved forwards. In it was the suitcase as it fakes a huge yawn. It was safe to say it was a male. But, its face was as if it was a leather style.. Plastered on a skull. The music suddenly started to play louder. A song of the past, “White cliff of Dover” started up” .. The male looks at each gang member as they drew their weapons. Firing their P-90’s as they form a protection shield around MERCY. The bullets pierced his body as he stands there. Grinning. Blood jets from his mouth as he shrugs his shoulders. “You’d think the system would learn what it in heh. Oh well”.-He looks at the guards shooting. A sly wink before the air turns dark. Only such power would allow this. The song grew louder, masking the gun fire that was emitting from the “gang”. The bullets ripped into the bulky male as he moves left and right. Each one finding a new home and opening a new hole in the body. Jets of blood shot from the body as the male stands there. His face looking bored as he growls” oh come on. Use better weapons babies.”- The lights suddenly turn off as the gang members look around. They didn’t expect this to happen. Here and there was a short lived shout of pain as a thud followed after wards. The light shone back one as the form, covered in blood, stood there looking at MERCY. He grins at her. Still holding the case as the music played slower and slower. Little did anyone know [save from the male] two red orbs was behind him. If she advices to the male, her speed and reaction time would drop as the same rate as a human.- [Outside] SYSTEM ERROR….401.. SYSTEM FAILURE…BACKING UP…BACK UP FAILURE….SYSTEM CAN NOT RESTART. COMMAND 4526…… SIGNAL LOST.-

Carrendar:- This was no party. There would be no reason to celebrate. The song that was playing; the White cliffs of Dover, was actually something that had played at the beginning, and now, it seemed, something that was playing at its end. The form was not one she recognised, her eyes adjusting. Laughter, bold and sickening. A twisted game was what she had just entered  But there was something the being had, that she was told to get. The suitcase. The shadow was now twice the size of its first form. It was growing; and with eyes blazing. Red. She had seen those eyes before, and recalled the pianist. The gang members, who were trying to protect MERCY would all fire on this being, but to no avail. How can you kill something that was technically….already dead. The bullets did nothing, but make it grin. Blood spurting out from the many entry holes. Spewing out all over the floor. Natasha/M.E.R.C.Y did not thirst for it. Unusual, but the smell made her sick. M.E.R.C.Y knew, she had to get the suitcase. It was then the lights went out, and each member of the gang would fall to their end. Lights came on to illuminate the male, holding that damn case, but the eyes behind, larger than ever. M.E.R.C.Y bowed her head, as from her back, she tried to bring forth the tentacles, that she used to aid her in fighting. But would they come? Right foot toe planted, she made a bolt straight for him, head first, with her right hand out to snatch the case. But the outside world, beyond the Matrix of M.E.R.C.Y…something had gone horribly wrong. [Outside] SYSTEM ERROR….401.. SYSTEM FAILURE…BACKING UP…BACK UP FAILURE….SYSTEM CAN NOT RESTART. COMMAND 4526…… SIGNEL LOST.- Everything slowed, like she was no longer an aniplas…no longer a cyborg….she had become human. <3>

Thecyberbully: -The male, slowly, walked to MERCY. Even in her own world. She cannot stop this form. The deamonic look in its eyes had stopped her as he grins-“Well now. You want this eh?-“Even with her speed, it wouldn’t be too hard to hit her with the suit case. The music wasn’t stopped. Something else had hit the room. More power to the processers, that MERCY, had now. The case, if hit, would cut he face hard, leaving a deep scar. However, this did not stop at that. The outer body would be scarred too.”Ahhh… I can’t wait for a pet like you. You see. PAIN is dead. Can’t you sense this? You killed him yourself cutie.”-The form stands there. Growing each time, as if he was feeding off the conflict around. His eyes became a mini sun. Bursting with passion or lust. The male leans forwards as if it wanted her to damage him. He was taunting her.” Ya couldn’t protect any one. Even your creator. Shame he be dead soon. Like I said. YOU killed him”- He baited her more and more. Wanting her temper to be lost in the words. As soon as she does, he would be able to overrule her command codes and make a slave out of her for his master. “ You see. When you killed those poor people…. They manage to evolve. You know able to kill most viruses. But that includes Mr PAIN. Oh well… Good job”- He laughs as the music kicks up. It made the air heavy as a sudden voice bursts from the speakers. With one command. “Run now”- A large blast hit the shutters as the large male looks at them. His eyes look wide as he shakes his head. Knowing the plan of this was not working to what his Master had said. Another voice followed it. This time. Deeper “ Leave my wife alone”- This threw the guard of the male as a stream of black fire bursts through the metal shutters. It danced around. Making the room darker as it became “whole”. The lights burst into black fire as a form appears. If MERCY remembered, as Nat, a younger version of PAIN appeared. He grins at the male as he tilts his head. “Play time is over. Now, you are going to see how hard you ass hits the floor”- He shoots forwards. His left hand covered in black fire as he aims a shallow punch at the male. The male was too slow to avoid. The fire had leaped on him as he blinks. Only three times before the fire exploded over the body and engulfed the male. The large male fell to the floor. Rolling to put it out as it fails to do so. PAIN looks at MERCY as he smiles. Thumbing back to the new made exit.”Ya need to go now. No use you here. Go back to where we came from.”-He grabs the case from the burning male as he throws it at her. “GO”.- When she does leave, PAIN falls the floor. His wound had increased from the fights . He breaths slowly as he looks at the burning body. Knowing it won’t be the end of him-“ Remember, I am now in her system. You will have to deal with me “shadowswithin”…”-PAIN falls forwards. The black fire leaps from the male and upon him as it burns it fast. He smirks, knowing this was the end of him. But…. He had save some one he cared about.. Even for a fleeting moment.

Thecyberbully: …. When MERCY leaves, the building would implode. PAIN had been channelling his own life into this to happen. She would get basic hits from glass but not enough to kill her. As soon as she reaches the truck, a light would shine on her to recall her back “online”… Meanwhile, in real time and space….. PAIN’s system had shut down. Not even a signal sent as the rain hits his left and right eye. They fell down slowly as his eyes kept open. Just long enough to allow MERCY to see as a gentle smile was frozen on his face. He struggled to move his right hand to her right cheek as he falls forwards. Power failure in his system had hit him hard. In simple terms, it had fried him. PAIN fell forwards… Past MERCY’s body as his fingertips tried to gently touch her face. Hitting the ground hard.

Carrendar:- “Wooooah…caught in a bad romance…Rah rah roomaah…Rah mah mah…” The song….it started to go off in her head. Flickers…images….Time slowed, and the suitcase was not a suitcase. M.E.R.C.Y….Cyborg…machine…”WHO AM I?!” Spiralling screams. A large explosion and confusion now reigned supreme. WHAT’S HAPPENING? Error….Error…Error….Error…Close down. Shut down all. M.E.R.C.Y was hit flying by the suitcase. Thrown back, she is cut and bleeding. Impossible. A shaking hand reached up to her cheek, as she stared on at the being who was trying to feed her bullshit. .” Ya couldn’t protect any one. Even your creator. Shame he be dead soon. Like I said. YOU killed him”- M.E.R.C.Y spat out blood on the floor. “LIAR!” she screamed at him. But she then could recall the massive explosion. No…she couldn’t have done that. Horrified, she tried to scramble to her feet. “I’M GOING TO END YOUZ!” The anger, rage, and hate all swelled inside of her. But then a command was heard, and what was to follow, would have been unimaginable. “Run now.” The blast shutters were all blown open, streaming light into the building. M.E.R.C.Y put her hand up to shield her eyes, as another was entering the building. “ Leave my wife alone”- M.E.R.C.Y turned to see….PAIN. M.E.R.C.Y’s eyebrows knitted together as she switched her gaze from PAIN to the being SHE wanted to kill. “PAIN?” No…he wasn’t dead. They would be okay. But instead, he throws the case to her and tells her to go. Catching the case on the full, she thinks he is going to follow, and nods, making a beeline for the hole he had made. Running, she barely makes it to the truck, looking back to see if PAIN had followed her. ~KABOOM!~ The entire building explodes, in a massive blast, that sends shards of glass and metal flying at her, cutting her body to ribbons. She continues to hold the case, her head down, but the sheer force of the blast blows her back, smack bang into the truck. Sheets of paper, concrete dust rain down from the skies, the smell of smoke and dust fill the air. Death. M.E.R.C.Y shakes her head, glass tinkling down around her like crystals, her own blood flowing from multiple wounds. Her fingers curling around the handle of the suitcase, she uses it to help her stand. But all she could see in front of her, was the twisted and broken remains of the building. She staggers a few paces towards the wreckage. Her jaw seems tight, and she lets out a blood curdling scream, as she realises that PAIN had used all of his life force, to save her from the being, Shadowswithin. Shaking her head, tears in her eyes, she screams in anger. “NOOOOOOO!” It’s not to be this way. “PAIN!!!!” This world…this world…It was her. Spinning around she tore at her own cheek, as her other hand gripped the suitcase. “AAAAAAHHHH!” <3>

Carrendar:- The world around her starts to turn into digital blocks, much like the game Tron. She holds out her hand, which is blooded, and instead of blood, she sees flashes of electrons, bright, so bright. The sky, the sun, everything starts to slowly disappear, for the final call from PAIN, was to take her back. To finally leave the Matrix of M.E.R.C.Y’s mind. Her own image, and that of the suitcase, starts to form a bright red glow about it, as high above, there is an opening in the sky. She then breaks up into digital code, and is beamed back out. :: Blinking slowly, she awakens in the real world. Standing before her is PAIN. He’s alive! They are standing together in the rain. Smattering down on her and she sees him smile, but only as his eyes are kept open. He reaches out to touch her, as the life does drain from his form, and he collapses in front of her. PAIN hit the ground hard. In the real, she was unable to save him, just as she could not save him in the Matrix. Slowly, Natasha lowered to her knees, and took his body up in her arms, cradling him in the rain. It was over. <3>