December 20, 2012 09:30AM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

Dead Nation

Why don’t you get a job?


DarksiedtheLegend: -At Rider’s house would the census being would gain entry into Rider’s house as the being looked around before taking note of the two little girls as he turned his head to face Rider–(?)”Your nieces, I presume?”(Rider)”Yes those are my nieces and also my grandfather”-At the mention of a grandfather would the armored census being looked around and saw Baldrick to which the census being pointed out-(?)”Let me guess why he couldn’t come at the registration office…Sick or long lines?”-At this point Rider would announce to the census being-(Rider)”Very long lines…”(?)”Alright so I am going to ask you family about your relations, age and working possibilities and yada yada you get the whole idea so which one of you wants to go first?”-Now in Lorewall as the board meeting went on would of the heads speak out-(?)”CEO and master of the Fuyu no arashi clan…I bring some bad news….Your ferryman has been…. Killed…” –To which the master would just laugh before speaking-(Master)”That ferryman doesn’t die easy and no matter how many times he is killed he comes back to life….eventually hah hah hah” –As some of members of the board would nod their heads before another spoke out-(?)”And the next issue to discuss would be this war, it’s troubling since the presence of various… factions….suddenly appear and so far no word from parliament as of yet and the prime minister hasn’t been seen for awhile has made my group very suspicious to where the prime minister could be and let’s not forget that floating abomination in Lorewall air space one as myself is worried that it will eventually drop upon the people or soldiers and cause us to lose this war. As a proud and noble citizen of this fair planet my pride compels me to want to manufacture more weapons for our boys at the front.”-At the mention of helping out the boys in the front would the board members of the Fuyu no arashi clan started laughing before another one replied-(??)”Why should we do that? Even if we give them the best weapons we could make and for some reason they lose who you think the new ruling party would hang?….Us that who. It would make perfect sense to get rid of the person who made the weapons to begin with…”-The master stood up once again as he circled the board members as he started talking to everyone-(The master)”While that may be true we must never forget that we were once proud noble families of the old kingdom of Lacardis, we may not have been consider high nobles or well known nobles but nobles none the less…And when we left that planet, most thought of gathering clothes, memories and food but we thought of bringing any bit of wealth we could afford to hide and then we came to this world and together we used our combined wealth to make our bank and then slowly we created a well oiled machine first in Lorewall then next the whole nation….We learned from the merchant guilds mistakes in Lacardis and we expanded on that, strengthening our grasp and power just so that we may recover the wealth we had lost but when we got our wealth back we circulated it back into the markets…one fine example is the Lorewall military factory where we produce weapons and armor at cost efficient methods…while most black military projects has been scrapped because of the military saying that its impractical and quite useless on the battlefield little do they know that we are using them…Isn’t that right Mister Sand? –Sand would just smirk before nodding and at that moment Melinya would raise a flag which had a drawing of a cat on it as Melinya would wave the flag around a bit before anyone would notice. Before the master would then go to the head of the iFinister family the so call Finister first-(The master)”Isn’t that right Finister?” (Finister the first)”Of course after all…all the brightest minds in Lorewall had their scholarships paid in full by us and all we ask is that they do their best without the worry of financial problems.” (The master)”Marcus Winterstorm….I have you to thank for giving me the pleasure of meeting Natasha”-A man on the monitor screen would bow his head to the master before speaking- (Marcus Winterstorm)”It is an honor that the Winterstorm family can even offer support to the Fuyu no arashi clan in any way possible.” –The master would go back to his chair before pointing to a screen above his head which then broadcast several images of the excavationof Lorewall meeting hall as the master began to speak again–(The master)”Rather than continue our boasting of our achievements and I know you are all watching this excavation with gleeful eyes but to our newer members may I remind you all that we were citizens of Lacardis and even then we had plenty of spies watching the meeting hall for something of value when we noticed a certain carpenter going in and out…we followed him as far as we could but alas we never could find what he was doing but then a certain fortunate events one of those involved blowing up part of the dungeon we were able to peek into his secret vaults and thanks to an attack by out worlders on the meeting hall….It gave us the time and opportunity to harvest everything from those vaults and so we will began production on what we have dug up…especially harvesting that rare alloy.” –In Nixagris a man would walk up at what seems like a psychic backlash at the certain moment Taru said-(Taru) “E kaf’s nfaq waq uai ras ajyl swyly, xis E ot xlefrefr uai xopn.” (translation: – “I don’t know how you got over there, but I am bringing you back.”) –The man who had woken up in a cold sweat as he repeated the words Taru said over and over again trying to fit in the blanks before muttering-(?)”I don’t know how you got over there, but I am bringing you back….ahh ahh ahh ahh what does that have to do with anything…who was it that said those words?” –The being stood up and started to pace in his apartment before coming up with an answer-(?)”…..The old tunnels still live?….I must consult the rat king.” –The man would start to put on his socks, pants, shirt and even sweater before putting on his fore man helmet as he started to leave his building before saying to himself-(?)”It must be another spider….that’s the only logical reason…But why wasn’t I informed of that detail.” –The man would shut the door behind as he went to the sewers of Nixagris.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Rider was doing her best to keep her cool, as she answered the questions and queries of the Census officer. Pointing out that Raven and Paige were her nieces and that Baldrick was her Grandfather, brought a pained look from Baldrick, who still had muck smeared upon his face. When asked for ages, and working possibilities, Baldrick was first to speak. “I am Rider’s Grandfather as she has told you. Been a bit under the weather of late, think it was from something I ate. Err…I am sixty eight years of age. Still well enough though to do jobs involving physical labour, but I excel in …in…Public relations.”- Feeling the last part came out a bit odd, he then looked on hopefully at Rider, for her input. The two children, Raven and Paige, were still holding hands. Both wearing the masks, this disguised them from revealing their true identity. Raven, who had heard the whisper of her Mother’s voice was still upset, to see her brothers and sisters vanish, but she knew it was for the best. What she didn’t know, was that they had left Dead nation altogether. Raven was first to speak. “I am Raven and this is my …sister Paige. We are both twelve years old. I have done work with my “aunt” on the Otyugh, but the Trio of brothers, have said, that they may employ me in their shop.” Paige simply nodded and then piped up saying. “I’m Paige and I guard….the coins.”- It was a random thing to say, but she had no employ, other than doing that single task. All three fell silent, waiting for the Census officer to question them again. Little did they know, what was happening back in Lorewall. ::Jira ran to hug his mother, as she snatched the Staff of the Spider, and chanted angrily, smashing it into thousands of pieces, then tossing the end of the staff onto the train tracks. “Momma?”- Jira asked, seeing her, yet hardly recognising her. All the children gathered around her and Sora, their uncle, all speaking at once of the Dead Nation, the Otyughs and the Butcher. Till Bela, pipped up and said. “Momma, you broke the key. How are we to get back Raven, Paige and Grandfather?” This had Taru freeze. Wait…did Bela speak of her father, and her Raven? “What do you mean about my Father and Raven….and Paige?”- Jira sniffed and pointed back at the wall. “They are back there. In the land called Dead Nation.”- Taru was suddenly horrified at what she had done. Sora looked confused. “You mean, there are more over there? Oh Taru….”- Taru stared down at the remains of the Staff of the Spider. Sora came up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. Taru coughed loudly and then spun around in anger. “The Spire…NOW!”- she then marched off down the tunnel, her children and Sora in pursuit. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -When Baldrick was first to speak would the census officer started to take down notes on Baldrick, sixty eight years of age, gender male, seems to be one hundred and seventy two centimetres give or take a few centimetres, brags about physical strength… not going to check on that, do it yourself lazy blokes of the census department and seems to be good in public relations… caution: to current mayor a possible opponent. As he then heard the little girl called Raven began to speak did he pay attention to her words…gender female, twelve years of age…you liars at the census department you told me she was sixteen or eighteen at least dating material and you owe me a second day off…Has seen flusher work but may have another safer job opportunity with the Axe, Dagger, Eye shop… And even her sister Paige also female and twelve years of age…I am going to get you guys for this…And is looking for a job will inform the family of working options later –(Census Officer)”Alright…let’s see what else…are you infected?…looking at you and from the way you talk I’ll just write that off as no…Hmm let’s see what else…living conditions are adequate just needs extra beds…hmm oh yeah Madam before I forget you attempted to get a visiting permit to visit the surface world is that right miss..” –Rider would interrupt him from saying her name in front of the Carrendars-(Rider)”Yes I did, did it got approved will I be able to see the light?” –At this notion would the census officer replied-(Census officer)”Unfortunately no, the current political arrangements and the visiting permits have be halted till further notice and you are missing some paper work.” (Rider)”What paper work?” (Census officer)”Unfortunately I don’t know due to the current change up of policies and what not…go to the mayor office for more information on the matter…sorry madam for that bit of bad news…Also if you are looking for a job go the bulletin board inside city hall and also working permits would be distributed only at city hall and can be acquired by coming down to city hall and or sending a family representative. Good day to you all and I’ll be taking my leave”-The census officer would then make his way out of the house and marched his way back to city hall but as soon as he was far away from Rider’s house would she slump down to her knees and let out a gasp as she still couldn’t believe that the Butcher’s man would make a personal visit for something like this but as Rider would regain her composure would those in the house hear the voice of someone familiar. –(Rotal)”Thank goodness he left, I thought he would never leave…”-Rider would shut her door before looking around to see Rotal Snart the grey robed man with blonde hair sitting in the corner of her own house but away from Baldrick, Paige and Raven and Rotal even had a cup of tea in his left hand but he wasn’t even there to begin with and before Rider could ask how Rotal got into her house and how long he has been there would Rotal talk first –(Rotal)”Politics has really changed down here don’t they?”-Somewhere in the sewers of Nixagris would the man who had woken from his sleep knock at the door of the rat king only for the door to open by itself as the man entered the rat king’s home where coincidentally the rat king was experimenting with the black liquid in an almost make shift chemistry set as the black liquid would travel down a set of tubes one of the set led the black liquid to a small flask which was on a tripod with a burner underneath it while the other set of tubes led the black liquid into a cauldron where the rat king was seemingly placing various ingredients into the cauldron and without even looking away from his work the rat king spoke beneath the countless bandages that covers the rat kings face and body-(Rat king)”What has awoken from your slumber Mister Digger?” –Yes the man who woke up in a cold sweat was the speaker of the union, the union of construction workers, carpenters, masons and various engineers as Digger spoke-(Digger)”I heard the language of demons…” (Rat king)”With the number of chaos soldiers running around who knows how many other demons and daemons are running amok in these lands and how many of them speak to you this time around?” (Digger)”Only one this time…” (Rat king)”I don’t know if you are lucky to hear only one or very unlucky…what makes this one so special?” (Digger)”The words it mades was I don’t know how you got over there, but I am bringing you back… what does this mean? And does it mean what I think it means?” (Rat king)”You tell me…” (Digger)”I think someone is in the old tunnels…and they found a way to this place.” (Rat king)”Impossible, no one has used those tunnels nor have they dared open a portal to that place and besides there is only one person who can open a portal and knows it better than you or I and his name is the mute…let’s if we can contact him.”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Baldrick and the girls stood quietly, apprehensive about the answers they gave to the census officer being wrong, or not to his liking. Each had answered politely in turn, and even Paige, who was usually one that spoke her mind, she kept her introduction short and sweet. Though the census officer grumbled a bit while gathering and writing down his notes, the trio managed to stave off being arrested. Course, when the officer turned his attention on Rider, about to say her actual name, she seemed to barrel in, cutting him off. It was in regards to a pass to visit the surface. A place many longed to see. However, her visiting permit had not been approved, and so with all best intent, she would not be visiting the surface, any time soon. Rider seemed disappointed with the rejection that hardly made any sense. When the census officer left, Baldrick patted the girls’ shoulders, and knew they were still upset about losing their siblings and cousins. He urged them both to sit down and rest, while he approached Rider. “If they want a family representative to go to the hall, then I am more than happy to do it. If I get a job there, it will make all the difference. “- He let out an audible sigh, checking on the two girls, who were sitting close together, looking forlorn. Baldrick was worried about the other children, and was contemplating going out into the tunnels on his own and helping them. Raven sensed that the children had gone back, but she could no longer hear her mother’s call. The smashing of the staff had broken the link between the two nations. All seemed dismal, and of course the timing of the arrival of Rotal, was only going to add to the confusion. –(Rotal)”Thank goodness he left, I thought he would never leave…”- Holding his cup of tea, he hardly regarded the trio. Who he had sat far away from on purpose, then Rotal said something rather profound. –(Rotal)”Politics has really changed down here don’t they?”- Baldrick knew a great deal about politics, and in fact he began to think he experience may help them. Finding a mask and fastening it to his face, he placed his remaining clothes in another pile. “Grandchildren, I will be off to the Hall, I believe that they may want someone with my skills. Seeing Baldrick about to leave them, Paige waved half heartedly, before turning back to Raven. “We need to find out about the others. What if they went back? What if…we are stuck here permanently? <3>