December 23, 2012 08:22AM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty Walk through the Fire



DarksiedtheLegend: -At the mention of Baldrick going to the town hall would Rotal speak up-(Rotal)”Brave aren’t we? Heading head first into a den of Butcher’s men…quite an unsettling thought now? While the census officer not sure if it’s a man or woman inside that thing but at least you were lucky he or she wasn’t paying much attention otherwise he or she would realize who you are Mister Fitzgibbons, make no mistake Mister Fitzgibbons no one down here has forgotten about you and you might argue with me on that but unfortunately the people you should be blaming due to notoriety is well the Carrendar sympathizers that went to war with the Butcher’s man…So unfortunate that they used the portrait that has you and Miss Lorelei Carrendar, now why did I come here again?” –Rider would then continue with her own statement that was stopped by Rotal before-(Rider)”You are going to tell me how you got into my house then I’m going to throw you out onto the streets.” (Rotal)”Ahh yes the aunt of that little Raven…now how can I explain this? I think in a gentle manner it was the cosmoses doing that I am here…If the cosmoses so wished it that I be at the edge of the universe so shall it be…For example the cosmos thought it was dangerous for me to stay in the brothers three lair so it whisked me away and here I am in this humble dwelling…anymore questions?” (Rider)”Yeah just one more you want to hit the streets face first or back first?” –To which Rotal would comically say-(Rotal)”Even if you throw me out the cosmos would send me back in here …” (Rider)”Now that I want to see” –As Rider opened the door to her house wide open before grabbing Rotal by the scruff of his neck and dragging him to the door. Once at the door would she use her other free hand to grab the back of his robes before lifting Rotal of his feet and tossing him into the street only to see him vanish before hitting the floor and only to hear the familiar voice of Rotal hidden somewhere in the house of Rider as soon as Rider, Raven, Paige or Baldrick turn to look at where Rider was sitting at the bed of Rider–(Rotal)”I hope that satisfies your….curiosity…now why was I here?” –As Rider could believe her own eyes as she began to wipe the holes of her mask repeatedly while Rotal looked around the room before staring at Raven and snapping his fingers at her-(Rotal)”Yes….Raven, my master and the society has decided that due to your circumstances that a test be done…A test that tests your mental and physical capabilities with the black liquid so please come to the brother three shop for my master and their masters agreed it would be a convenient location as so far none of the masters can travel at will back and forth worlds…So you are invited to an once in a life time opportunity to meet the masters that inhabit the inner circle of the society not many are given that rare privilege as I recall the last being to ever get that privilege was a being called fox…so come by when you feel the time is appropriate for you because the masters are eagerly awaiting your presence…I shall be taking my leave before your aunt decides to throw me out again.” –As Rider was about to grab Rotal would Rotal vanish from his spot-

CharlotteCarrendar: ;- All of Baldrick’s best intentions, to go and gain employ at the Town hall, were cut down, when Rotal, made it abundantly clear, that Baldrick was very well known to those of Butcher’s men, and of course Butcher himself. Yes, he considered himself brave, but he wasn’t entirely stupid either. It was one thing, to get away with not being identified by the Census officer, but high chance he would be when he fronted up in town, mask or no mask. The portrait that Rotal spoke of, came into mind, and Baldrick could have kicked himself. He had to think quick, and then it dawned on him, that the safest job, as far as keeping his identity a secret, would to be to work with Rider and the other Flusher men and women. But would they accept him? Rider was getting very upset with having Rotal appearing out of nowhere, and in her home, no less. Baldrick sat himself down, slowly removing his mask, feeling useless, as Rider was trying to show Rotal the door. Course, Rotal was not ordinary chap. When he said that the cosmos would throw him back into the house, it bloody well did. Appearing back inside, with his dry wit, all would know that Rotal would not leave, until he had given the messages, which meant for Raven, that she was to be brought before the society and the Master. Whoever, that was. Raven rose slowly, letting go of Paige’s hand. “If I am to perform some test, to prove my ability to control the black, then I want it done as soon as possible.” –she knew that this meant going back to the Brothers shop. Not exactly the first place on lists of where to go. But she wanted to meet them. That was for sure. To discover just what it was that had been in her blood since birth. “I want to meet the Masters, as soon as I am able.”- She said with a heightened sense of urgency. If her Grandfather could not go out to work, then she must do all she can, to help provide for her and her cousin. Looking at Rider, as she went to remove Rotal, who vanished without a trace, she brought up her hands, and said. “Now what do I do? He’s gone.” <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -As Rider was about to throw Rotal once again only to see him vanished and Raven seemingly upset-(Raven) “Now what do I do? He’s gone.” (Rider)”Didn’t he say something about the three brothers…maybe you should go there if you are so eager for the black thing…and or whatever that is…all this talk about black is just giving me a headache…I’m going to lie down this is way too much for me to digest…” –As Rider to her bed while clutching her head little did anyone know that Rotal had reappeared in the Axe, Dagger, Eye shop where he would remove a small crystal ball from his robe pocket before wiping it and saying to the orb-(Rotal)”Have I done well master?” –To which the voice of an old man would respond as crystal ball worked hard to try and broadcast his image-(?)”You have done well Rotal Snart, I had only hope that your mission in that world was only suppose to be a remove and erase mission now that the discovery that there is a child with black liquid there has only complicated things.” (Rotal)”You do know master that little girl is a Carrendar offspring right?” (?)”I do…that only means the black liquid could have been passed by one of Lorelei Carrendar children…” (Rotal)”Did you think your friend rest his soul….had anything to do with this?” (?)”No Darksied in all his life always wanted to end the wars and bloodshed so that the new generation could have a clean slate…he would never had wanted a child to follow his footsteps even his apprentices….He taught them all to be different to live a life not like his…I remember what he told our during his dark days what he thought about war…” –A memory for translator but coincidentally is currently happening in the world known as Lacardis Prime where in the sewers of Archanea a heavily bandage man was sitting before the grandmaster of the time as the grandmaster calm fully asked-(Grand master)”Darksied, tell me…what drove you to this? At least tell me why after all this years we had hid that you decided that you were the one that was going to expose us all by walking around in the surface world without your mask or hiding from anyone’s sight?” –The heavily bandaged man looked at the grandmaster before speaking-(Darksied)”Why?…It’s because of these meaningless wars…countless of us died in a vain attempt to keep what little principles and ideas we held dear…and even if we strive to save every being in this wretched planet the instant we show our faces…these very beings we save, curse us, stone us, hunt us and even kill us…wars are inevitable but why do we have to suffer worst than those who live above ground…why should we even fight….even if we were given that martyr moment they would dig us from our graves and make it seem like we started these wars…I wanted to be free…to live without this unnecessary hatred….I wanted to live a life of peace but when those beings pushed me to that limit…I did unspeakable things…and all I ever wanted was to return here where at least something made sense…in this crazy world. ” –Back to the dead nation as the old man reminisce of the words his friend said before Rotal shouted-(Rotal)MASTER! MASTER! YOU STILL THERE?! (?)”Continue with your report Rotal” (Rotal)”Yes master Translator.”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Raven walked over slowly to her Grandfather; Baldrick who had taken off his mask, and was rubbing his eyes. He was tired, and frustrated, that his ideas to gain employ could well see him picked up for being so well known in the old world of Lacardis. Raven reached out and patted his shoulder gently. It was hard to face the facts, that the rest of the children were gone, Paige, was left behind with them, and had no true skills that would help her find work. Paige had heard the sound of Taru, right before the arrival of the Rotal, and she knew that by the tone and declaration, that something had happened to Raven’s siblings. Paige piped up. “I can’t hear them here anymore. I heard Aunt Taru, but now silence. I think they made it back to the gate.” Baldrick fumbled with his mask in his hands. “If the children did make it through, then Taru must know we are here. But it’s too dangerous here, even for the likes of Taru. This world is not how it used to be.” Reflecting on past memories, he heaved a sigh. “Can lightening strike twice?” Baldrick asked of the children, knowing in his heart, that he feared for the tunnel dwelling beings and the rise of the meat. Raven had made up her mind. “I am going to back to see the trio of brothers. Paige, you stay here with Grandfather and Rider. “- Paige started to complain. “Left behind again? Do you view me as not worthy in this fight?” That was not it at all, but right now, Raven had not time to argue, fixing on her mask and tattered robes. ‘Please Paige, just stay here…I be back as soon as I can. OH and don’t forget to guard the coins purse of Rider. Last thing we need to do is upset her.”- With that, Raven left the house, and started her long walk up to the shop of the Trio of brothers. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -Unbeknownst to most but at the underground tunnels a group of excavation crew were trying to make a machine stand upright after a few attempts before they successfully got I to stand up right while one of them tapped a code on the device before it started up and then he inout another code before jumping back as the machine came alive it would encase itself with a purple barrier before one of the excavation crew would get out his radio and spoke into-(?)”Mister Finster, the anti-teleportation machine has been activated. What are your orders?” (Finster the fifth)”Go back to your jobs and make it look like nothing has happened.” (?)”Understood sir.” –As the excavation crew would be busy returning back would Finster the fifth stared at the screen of active anti-teleportation machines before saying outloud to himself-(Finster the fifth)”And with the latest machine in place the underground tunnels are protected from those pesky interlopers who uses teleportation and portal magic and or devices…huh as long as the master orders it so shall it be.” –While in the old nation of Archane, Raven was heading to the shop of the three brothers would Rotal be watching her from the roof of a house before saying to himself-(Rotal)” ‘Cause she is…drawn to the fire…some people never learn..and she will…walk through the fire and let it…will this do a thing to change her?…Am I leaving Raven in danger?…Is my little bird too far gone to care?…… –Rotal would be jumping building to building following Raven as she made her way to the brothers shop before stopping on top of a house with people in it-(Rotal)And she is…caught in the fire…the point of no return…So she will…walk through the fire…and let it burn..Let it burn…Let it burn…Let it burn! –At which the occupant of the house a little child would bring his father to his room and point at Rotal as if saying see father there is a crazy person singing on top of our house, as the father rushed to get his axe or anything lethal to throw at Rotal would Rotal simply vanish as the Axe, Dagger, Eye shop was down the corner and its doors seems to be waiting for Raven to knock them-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Using her ability to tap into the kin of her birth, she sent out signals, but alas they would go unanswered. All she could hear was Paige back at Rider’s house. Raven expected that the children made it back. As for the staff, it may have well gone with them. Without the key, there was simply no way back. Trapped, that was exactly how it felt. Raven felt like she was back at square one again. How many times must she ride this game to prove her worth? Gritting her teeth, partly for the simple fact, she may have given away their last chance at freedom, Raven walked up the all too familiar path to the shop of the three brothers, and having learnt last time, she knocked, and loudly- <3>