December 25, 2012 08:54AM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

Dead Nation

I am the Voice


DarksiedtheLegend: -Once Raven knocked at the door would the door open by itself slowly and with a loud creak, if Raven were to enter the shop and take a few steps forward would the door shut itself and with a loud bang. Raven would discover there was no light in the shop for there were no windows and not even a candle light but then suddenly a big flash of bright light as a blond haired man with a gray robe and a mask position on the side of his head as the man smiled before whispering to himself-(Rotal)”Showtime.” –Rotal would first bow down low to Raven before saying outloud-(Rotal)”Welcome welcome honored guest of the council of masks…the society of masks…the inner hidden sanctum of those in masks…and et cetera and et cetera…I will be your guide the ever humble Rotal Snart follow me Raven if you wish to see what the fates have in store for you this very day…” –At which Rotal would move to open a door at the back of the room, the same room Raven spied on the brothers of the shop. As Rotal would then wave her over to him-(Rotal)”Follow me Raven, follow…” –As Rotal entered the door he would wait for her now if Raven were to follow would she see a supply room filled with cupboards and various materials as Rotal was standing next to a stone wall as soon as Raven came to him would Rotal tell her something-(Rotal)”The liquid that is in you has very strange properties that no one in this world can explain exactly it can move with its own will entirely but certain masters and mistresses have honed their skills to almost taming the liquid but even then no one can honest tell you it’s components even through extensive research…the answer itself maybe more magical in nature rather scientifically so if one believes in magic than this shouldn’t be a surprise.” –Rotal would knock the stone wall at the sound of the knock echoed would the pieces of stone vanish one by one until it opened up a pathway that might be leading downwards as Rotal would use his index finger to make an almost seductive method to ask her to follow him and if she were to follow one could that it was a spiral stair case with no hand rails but stick to the walls but in the center of the spiral stair case there was a stone pillar that had windows opening that showed a near endless darkness that seemed to go on and on as he began to walk step by step as he then say-(Rotal)”If you slip I will catch you but be warned if you slip and I fail to catch you it might be the end of your journey before it even began…” –As he continued his descent down to through the spiral stair case as so often a torch light lit by itself but then during a certain couple hundred or so steps would a bright blinging light flash in front of Raven after a few seconds Raven would regain her sight but oddly nothing happen as Rotal continue to go downwards in this spiral stair case. –

CharlotteCarrendar:- To think the trio of Brothers would be in the shop was what Raven had in her mind, but oh how wrong she was. She did exactly as she was told, to attempt to gain entrance, but what awaited her was none other than Rotal. Raven took a step back from the door, her fingers still just gracing the handle. So this was to be the moment? Her chance to meet the Council, and learn once and for all, just what inhabited her being. Raven was determined. She virtually had no choice now, with her siblings gone, the staff missing, and the fact she needed to provide for Baldrick and her cousin, Paige. The mask was bound tightly to her ears, so there was little distance, between her face and the shell of the mask. Her small hands, curled into fists, showed she was not afraid. With much pomp and pageantry, Rotal welcomed her to the shop of the trio of brothers, but as this was the site of the Council, the one of the Masters. Raven bowed respectfully, to match Rotal’s movements. Leading her to the back of the shop, a doorway to a part of the building she had seen before. -(Rotal)”Follow me Raven, follow…” He said, opening the door. Raven checked around her that the coast was clear, and she ventured over to where Rotal stood, and entered the doorway. The supply room, held many cupboards and boxes of supplies. Nothing out of the ordinary really for the back room. Raven would not have given it a second glance, till Rotal approached a wall made from stone. He then began to explain about her about the properties and uses of the black liquid that was inside her. All this started to make sense. Her abilities were not of the normal range of a Bebilith demon. “So it’s magic. Dark magic I imagine.”- she said just under her breath, as though speaking it loud would be a curse. Rotal started to tap at the bricks, which started to tear away, some crumbling at Rotal’s feet. So much she wanted to know, needed to know and understand herself, Maybe this will help her back in the home nation, Nemaues. But right now, she was literally in the care of Rotal, and she had to follow him. Rotal gestured to her to follow. Down the spiral stair case, much like Alice falling through the hole and turning up in Wonderland. Each step that Raven made, echoed throughout the spiral stair well. One looked down and you would want to be sick, for the view was amazing, and simply had you in a vice grip. Press on Raven….Not long now….She had voices speaking in her head. Was It the Black? Would this council accept her, or hand her over to the Meats.-

DarksiedtheLegend: -After walking down the steps they would eventually come across a stone floor the so called hidden basement of the Axe, Dagger, Eye shop where there is a large wooden archway and in the middle of this archway was a swirling blue vortex as Rotal would point to the upright swirling vortex in the archway.-(Rotal)”I have lead you to the testing hall and to show that chivalry is never dead…Would the lady care go to through the archway and into the vortex first?” –Now if Raven were to attempt to walk to the vortex would Rotal then said to her-(Rotal)”Do not worry I will be behind you to catch if you fall…” –Now if Raven dared to enter this swirling vortex would she be sucked into the vortex and flung into the darkness passing glimpses of various masks and beings walk around until she came out of the darkness and what awaits her beyond this darkness was two large stone pillars where there birds flying in the sky and the ground she walked upon was very grassy in fact it was soft and if she looked around she would various birds flying about and various bird calls and a tranquil wind would come upon her skin almost calming but then Rotal would appear from behind her as he looked around before saying to her-(Rotal)”Well now welcome to the…umm the sacred garden…well at least we called it that…Now where are they oh there they are…” –As Rotal would begin to hop and skip while repeatingly say-(Rotal)” La la la la la oh my we are late indeed….we are late… we are late….odd that sounds familiar.”-As Rotal would continue along his merry way until he reached a small campsite with a tent and where the three brothers were sitting in a triangle waiting for them as soon as Raven would catch up would the third brother known as seer spoke-(Seer)”The masters had deemed you worthy to see them but in order for you to see them you must pass a trial of cleansing and a simple but dangerous task…but first cleansing…your turn” –At mention of this the second brother known as Jester spoke-(Jester)”Inside the tent you will find a bathtub of water, clean yourself using water…there is a towel to wipe the water off but you cannot put on the clothes you are currently wearing….a spare robe is present for you in the tent of course…remember to also clean the mask with the water from the bath tub…and when you are done cleansing yourself…the big guy would explain the task…” –To which Rotal jumped in on the conversation-(Rotal)”Remember to close the tent flap, otherwise one of these bozos would peek in” –At this notion the first brother known Executioner spoke up-(Executioner)”We are not that kind of men and we have a certain decency.” (Rotal)”Either way if any dare to look or try any funny business they will have to deal with me.”-As Rotal would approach the tent and open its flap to reveal a screen and a table with grey robes and a towel while behind the screen was a bath tub already filled with water and if she entered would Rotal close the tent flap behind her before standing guard in front of the tent as soon as she is inside did Rotal speak again –(Rotal)”The act of cleansing is something quite rare so please remember that your old clothes must be given to me, keep your mask as that is an artifact to these people…It represents more to them anyone than you can understand also I will make sure that your clothes are safe…so cleanse yourself Raven.” -Rotal would then remain silent as he guarded the tent while the tree brother would stay seated in a triangle formation as they wait.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Raven listened carefully to the instructions by the trio of brothers, Seer, Jester and of course the Executioner. To bathe in the bath, and to not put back on the same old clothes, they are to be handed to Rotal. The mask, it to was to be washed, and worn again, when she was clean. Raven blushed beneath her mask, at random suggestions that the brothers may peek if her tent flap is not closed properly. Rotal assured he would guard her and she became uneasy at the idea, that someone may try to see. Course, the following argument, meant that would be highly unlikely. Raven made her way to the tent, opening the flap, and then on entering, she closed it back behind her, so as not to let anything be seen. Slowly she disrobed of her torn and tattered cloak, her under clothes, socks, shoes, Raven slipped them under the tent flap to Rotal, and then went in behind the screen and placed one leg over into the bath. The heat of the water, was like a rush, that had her skin turn pink. The other foot in, and she descended into the waters, taking up the soap and cleansing her entire body, rubbing off all the grime, dirt and muck. Placing the soap on the side, she then reached up and undid the mask, pulling it off her face. Her face showed marks of the black, and her own tears, that had long since dried. Drawing up her knees, she started to wash the mask thoroughly and with extra care not to damage it. It had a great deal of significance to those of the tunnel worlds, and she treated it as though it was the most precious item in the world. Resting it on her clean knees, she took up the soap again, washing her face, and then descending into the waters, so even her hair would be cleansed. When all was done,she rose up out of the waters, and took up the towel, drying herself, before placing the mask back on, and stepping out onto the ground, reaching for the clean grey robes, that she was instructed to put on. Raven looked completely different, in fact, she smelt so clean. Fresh. With the hood up, and mask secure, she exited the tent and approached the trio of Brothers and Rotal. “I am cleansed.” She said softly, awaiting the next part of her instructions. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -The moment she said she was cleansed did the three brothers stood up and nodded towards Rotal to which Rotal said to Raven-(Rotal)”Raven dear you will be following them for this path of the journey…” –He looked at her before saying-(Rotal)”Stay strong little one now go follow them…And remember be strong” –The brother would begin their trek as they travel a few feet away from the campsite before stopping in front of two pillars which was near a lake and the pillars seemed to continued towards the other bank of the lake from where the brothers stood as Executioner pointed at a staute of a lady wearing a mask on other bank as he spoke up.-(Executioner)”Your task that you must complete and you alone have to travel to the other side of the lake bank while the water is not deep in fact it so shallow that one does not need to swim…you are to go to that bank once there you will see a goblet on that statue’s hand take the goblet go to the shallow lake near the statue and collect the water and pour the water into the bowl near the statue…the bowl would be on a pedestal of sorts…fill the bowl until it is filled… that is the time when you use goblet to get a drink…drink a bit from the goblet and place the goblet back onto the statue’s hand…then look into the bowl after that return back here and tell us what you see.” (Jester)”Sounds way too easy if you ask me brother…are you forgetting something?” (Seer)I believe you forgotten the most crucial part of the task…I’ll tell her…While the task seems to be easy Exe forgot this part…Never and I repeat never look back when you step into the lake while it may be shallow and you can’t drown because of it stay in the water until you reach the other end…you make one mistake and turn your head to look back before the task is done and or during the walk to the bank and back here….how did the master put it?….I remember now you will never be heard from again” (Jester)”Also one cannot tell the time in that lake so it could be for day you are in there.” (Executioner) “Or a month.” (Seer)”Even a whole year…but if your will is strong and your resolve is true then it might only take you a few hours or so…I believe that is how the master put those philosophical strengths.” (Executioner)”The masters would be watching ever so silently…so your actions are going to be evaluated quite harshly. I can’t imagine one so young taking this test…” (Jester)”Just remember came back when you saw the color in the bowl….if you come back with the incorrect color then you might just fail…” (Executioner)”The lake waits for you.”-Now if Raven were to step into the lake would she get the usual feeling that the lake that was small had somehow grown in length but the lake water was still shallow enough to walk across.-If she were to continue walking along the lake would fog and smoke begin to set in but the close she got to the other bank would she begin to hear footsteps as if she wasn’t alone in this test…maybe there was something to her right or left but would she risk turning her head to look and quite possibly failing this simple task? But if she were ever to reach the other side of the lake would she be able to see how the statue looked like?or would smoke and fog that wasn’t there before cover her vision of the statue?-

CharlotteCarrendar:- As the Executioner pointed at the statue of the lady across the lake wearing the mask, Raven listened intently, her head bowed slightly, but her eyes peering through the slots in her mask. Dressed in the grey robe, and with bare feet beneath, she was now free of contamination to enter the lake, that seemed to stretch on out in front of her. A strange fog like mist rose up. Without back talk or argument, Raven knew she had to start to make her cross. Rotal’s final words to her, stayed firmly entrenched in her mind. -(Rotal)”Stay strong little one now go follow them…And remember be strong” She said them to herself, over and over, passing the columns, her robes rising, as her feet descended into the waters. She kept her eyes straight ahead. Her target, the goblet being held in the hand of the woman statue. ~Don’t question it, Don’t look back~ She kept telling herself, over and over. Going through her mind, loud as the beating of her heart. Further into the waters she went, the robes now floating behind her, like a mini train of wet fabric. The mist of fog, now rolled across the water, and she narrowed her gaze, trying to focus on the statue. It was then she heard it. Footsteps. Was something following her? Don’t look back…just don’t. Oh, the importance on keeping her head straight. Curiousity tugged and niggled at her, as a cold feeling ran down her spine. Walking on, the water splashing up, each time she placed a foot down. Water lapping up beneath her robe, tickling her, but she would show no sign of emotion, her face hidden well behind the mask. The further in she got, the longer the distance to the statue seemed to be. She kept on splashing, trudging on, but was this about to turn into a marathon? <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: –Now if ever Raven would find her way across she would see the statue that was made out of white stone but during the years the stone of the statue has turned almost grey in color due to age but yet it hasn’t lost its glow. The statue seemed to be of a lady dressed in… well a dress and she had long locks of hair that seemed to pass over her shoulders and the hair seemed to rest on her arms as the lady seems to be on one knee. The arms of the station seemed to be open and wide spread as if the statue was sculpted in a way that one could say like the statue wanted to hug a child that was running towards her but somehow the statue emitted a heartfelt warmth as if she was welcoming whoever got to this side and oddly enough the statue felt too familiar as if something inside of Raven remembered this statue or maybe the statue remembered Raven. Now one could almost hear like the statue was singing if one were to come close enough to the statue one could almost hear it say-(Statue)”Listen, my child,……..Be not afraid…………Answer my call, and I’ll set you free”-The statue would continue her song but one cannot hear it clearly unless they stay near the statue but would Raven forget the goblet in the right hand of the statue? But if she remembered and remembered what to do with the goblet would she hear growling but only if she touched the goblet. If she had touched the goblet would she see where that growling came from just near the lake on the same bank she was on but near the trees was a creature that was big as the trees and seemed almost humanoid in form but if she were to look closely she could see a large creature which had long arms and legs, a big head that had a mask on it that seemed to also have another mask on each side of its head but if she glanced at its body would she notice that its chest and stomach was a large mask even its legs and arms was the combination of various masks adorned on it. But then she heard another growl but this growl came from the sky if she looked up, Raven would see a large grey wolf in the air as if it was some sort spirit but rather than the usual fire spirits that float around the wolf and or follow it instead there was masks circling the wolf and it almost sounds like there was a short wail coming out from the masks that circled the wolf but if she were to approach the lake to try and fill the goblet would she see of in the distance but not touching the lake was a floating toy….a doll wearing a mask with a harlequin hat on its head with bells on each tip that held a key in its hand and from the noise it emitted the doll seems to be moving its head as it watched her movements but then again weren’t these three things watching her in the first place?-