December 26, 2012 08:16AM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

Dead Nation

The Captain and the Moon Boy


CharlotteCarrendar:- The statue, that gave off a strange glow, though its exterior was weathered from the years. Like a Mother, that knelt with arms outstretched, to welcome a child home. For she was presented, as an object would be drawn too. Course, Raven was set a task. To take the goblet, and fill it from the lake. First and foremost, this was her mission, and she could not look back, even though, the sound of one coming from behind her, niggled at her. Raven lifted each foot high, as she pushed on through the mist covered waters of the lake. For some reason, she felt in her heart, like the statue was bringing her in. Welcoming and warm. Like a Mother. Raven even thought of her own for a moment. Taru. The mother she barely knew. As one of two hundred, it is easy to miss out on the one to one contact that a child needs. In fact, she could not remember the last time that her own Mother held her. No…free her mind of her Mother. The mission, don’t look back. Up and out of the waters, she reached the statue, and heard the trance like singing. (Statue)”Listen, my child,……..Be not afraid…………Answer my call, and I’ll set you free” But it was not freedom that Raven sought. But understanding of what she had within her. As Raven reached out for the goblet, she would hear the growl that came from nearby on the same bank. Swallowing hard, she took the goblet, and then with head bowed, she made her way back to the shallow lake edge, near the statue, and filled it with the waters as she was instructed. ~Do not look back.~ Eyes to the ground, she turned and headed back to the statue, where there would be a bowl. She tipped the contents into the bowl, pouring it so it splashed just up the sides. Raven would make this same trek a few times over, till the bowl was full of water from the lake. Raven would go for the final time, and fill the goblet, approaching the statue. Slowly she moved her mask up enough, to sip from the goblet, drinking some of the water, and then setting the goblet back on the statue’s hand. At this point she stopped, for she knew. She was being watched. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -The sounds of growling were ever so clear each time Raven went back to the lake edge but every time she went back to the bowl would the growling stop but for some reason it felt like every time she turned her back to the lake as if an out stretched hand was just about to touch her…to grab her…to take her away. But once she had turned around from the bowl that strange feeling would dissipate but when she made that final trek that presence was ever so strong but it stopped when she drank from the goblet that was the moment when the creatures moved back to hide within the smoke and fog as if to avoid her sight but then after she had finished drinking she could hear a voice calling out to her –(?)”Raven……” –It was at that moment the color in the bowl changed color to a color that only Raven could see but the voice got louder-(?)….Raven…. –If she tried to turn to face the where the voice was coming from she wouldn’t be able to see anything but if she turned her attention back to the bowl she would notice that there was a swirling vortex just next to the bowl and this vortex showed the missing eleven children, Sora and finally Taru right there in the vortex as the group was running to the spire of Arachne but what will Raven chose will she continue her quest or will she decide to go home? Whatever choice she decides to make the three creatures awaits to see what Raven will do.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Ever get that feeling, like a tingling that runs through your entire body. A shiver, that is like someone is walking across your grave, or touching your very soul. That growl sound. It didn’t dissipate. Raven’s heart pounded in her chest, for each time she turned, the hair on the back of her neck stood on its end. Keep strong. Keep going. Raven couldn’t turn back even if she wanted too. Dogged and determined. Raven felt like so much was riding on her passing this test. The final moment, she took a sip from the waters of the lake,and then place the goblet back in the hand of the statue. That task was now complete. But she could not look back. Nervously, she fidgeted with her mask, as she slipped it back in place and made it secure. The growling stopped. The tense feelings, seemed to relax, as though her drinking the waters appeased whatever it was that sought her out. (?)”Raven……” A voice, not known to her, was calling her name. Who could it be? Who else knew she was there, or even who she was. It was then the waters of the bowl, began to swirl and change colour. From the crystal water of the lake, it turned black. Raven held her breath in her lungs, holding it. Eyes not leaving the waters, as she could sense some foreboding of what was to come. It was then she witnessed the makings of a votex. But inside it, she could see, her siblings, her uncle…and her Mother, Taru. Raven started to reach out, she could see them running, heading back to the spire of Arachne. Home. She could go home, and forget all this. “Momma..” she cried. Temptation tore at her. What to do? She wanted to go home, but …..then she remembered. Baldrick, her grandfather. He could not even get employ here, for he would be recognised immediately and then carted off by the Butcher’s men. God knows what they would do to him. No one was more sympathetic to her family then he. Raven drew her fist back up and held it before the mouth slot on her mask. Raven had more responsibility to remain here, in this world and find out the truth of the black, and protect her cousin and Grandfather. So much on someone so young. Rotal’s words rang in her ears. “Stay strong.” Raven lowered her arm and then bowed her head before the statue. “I remain in this nation, my job is not yet done.” Raven then turned back to the lake for the final crossing, back to the trio of brothers.

DarksiedtheLegend: -Oddly the trek back to the brothers was quicker than the trek to the lake bank with the statue but as Raven got closer to the bank she could see that there was already someone else in front of her and it appears to be a teenager boy and he seemed to be dressed in a torn shirt with the symbol of the moon on its back, black jeans and boots and he seems to be walking faster than her as the teenager vanished into the fog. As she would eventually reach the other side of the lake to see that it was night time and two of the brothers were present, the one known as Executioner seemed to surrounded with various pieces of wooden sculptures and he seemed to be cutting a piece of wood to make another sculpture not even noticing Raven but it was the other brother Seer that noticed Raven as he was busy staring into a crystal ball as he spoke to Raven while still looking into the crystal ball-(Seer)”Young Raven, you have returned finally. We had been waiting for you quite some time now…So it seems you succeeded Raven…Now what was the color in the bowl young Raven?….” –Seer would now stand up and approach Raven while Executioner would be putting down his carving knife and pick up his axe and before young Raven could even had a chance to call out or Rotal would she notice that Jester came out from the forest and cleaning his dagger on his sleeve and the dagger seemed to have blood on it. Back at Nemaeus in Lorewall at a newly acquired news broadcasting tower would a man dressed in a business suit and wearing a silver helmet stopped on his tracks in the building as he removed from his pocket a vibrating cell phone as the man turned his cell phone-(Silver)”This is Silver, speak to me.” –As the person on the other line would respond-(Nicky)”Silver, Nicky here. I am just calling to hear about how the development of the news station.” (Silver)”Ahh Nicky the news station is great, I have instructed some of the Telsa Teknos to begin placing hidden gun placements and turrents at certain corridors and stair case as well as to start secure the phone lines so that all calls are encrypted and some of them had begun making upgrades to the generators in the building while I complained that such upgrades might cause some short outs for awhile they say they could do it in a day that is without rest of course. While other members had begunplacing heat sensors, metal detectors, infrared scanners and also the usual motion detectors.” (Nicky)”………You are an idiot, I was meaning more on terms of employees and safety zones in the building. We bought that news station so that we could use it for our own needs and even to use it broadcast our music and to be finally recognized in the music business as an authenticated music producer not as…. MILITARY INSTALLATION FACILITY!!!” (Silver)”You don’t have to shout darling…Don’t worry I..I…I got some employees for the music room and the news room and yes I did not put them in the same floor and I have sound proofed the music room…ummm in fact I am going to an interview to get out first music group to see if they would sign with us…How’s that dear?” (Nicky)”You better not be pulling my leg…Okay some of our mecha boys had finished production on the prototype Jaegar or J001 is functional…also the Buzzsaw team has gotten Buzzsaw back on his feet, he is really trying hard to adapt to those rocket booster attachments on his legs…but the Buzzsaw team is still saying that the saws need an upgrade while it may be able to cut through the armor of the local armies and especially those walking human tin cans…well at least empty human tin cans. They are saying it takes him thirty seconds to cut through those armors they are complaining they want to go faster but though they agree that Buzzsaw saw’s are more suited to dealing with tank armor…maybe we should consider making Buzzsaw more anti-tank than anti-heavy infantry. ” (Silver)”We can’t so that as long as Buzzsaw is still alive in that cybernetic upgrade he will never agree to attacking tanks…he prefers splattering guts rather than oil…find a way to make him more efficient… call on Sand if we must…someone in the Fuyu no arashi military research team should be able to have spare weapons that could help increase Buzzsaw’s effectiveness on those military dogs in Lorewall…you know those heavy armored soldiers…someone got to have a better weapon to deal with them… Ok darling I got to go and take care.” (Nicky)”Bye Silver.” –As Silver turned off his phone would he go back to his office and began to look at various resumes and contracts while his crew of Telsa Teknos gang members are busy fixing up the building.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Raven had known she was not alone in the waters of that Lake. She had heard the steps, but had no idea who or what it was that made the sound. Raven was instructed not to look back, and did all she could to obey this instruction. Course, she would come to see, who she thought was following her. A teenage boy, with a black shirt, that had the symbol of the moon. Torn, tattered, much like what she wore, prior to having the cleansing bath. Raven wanted to call out to the mystery teen, but no sooner had she got a good look at the back of him, he would vanish into the rolling mists of the lake. Was he simply a figment of her imagination, or was he real? Raven felt the urgency to hurry back to the trio of brothers, that would be waiting for her. The young bebilith wanted so badly to pass this test, that she was trudging through the waters, stirring up waves that heaved against the shore line. Coming to the shore, she would be met by Seer, as the Executioner had been whittling statues, out of wood. She must have been gone for much longer than she had realised. -(Seer)”Young Raven, you have returned finally. We had been waiting for you quite some time now…So it seems you succeeded Raven…Now what was the color in the bowl young Raven?. Raven nodded, and then said exactly what she saw. “The waters of the bowl turned to black, and I saw the vortex open. My family were in the vortex. My Mother, Uncle, siblings. All heading home.”- It pained her greatly to have to walk away from that one chance, to go home. “I have only started my testing, and I am not about to take a short route, and escape. My Grandfather and cousin remain, and I must help them. I won’t leave them behind.” Raven watched, as the Jester came out of the woods, brandishing a dagger, that he was cleaning blood off. The Executioner picked up an axe, and Raven didn’t know, if this mean trouble for her or not. She had done what they asked, she had completed this test, and she wanted to continue. But would they let her? And whose blood was on the dagger? Raven adjusted her mask, so it sat true. “Please tell me, what it is I must do next. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -If only she had remembered what the Jester said about the incorrect color might cause her to fail but how could she have known that the color black was sign of the inevitable answer that only Seer had the courage to say it to her-(Seer)”Poor poor girl, you have failed and the thing you must do….is die.” –At this motion would Executioner raised his axe up over his head and had intended to bring it down to the skull of Raven but at the same time it was Seer that put his
arm in front of Executioner to which Executioner looked towards Seer only for Seer to reply-(Seer)”No no…We won’t get any notches on our belt for killing one so young from the clan of Darkness.” (Jester)”You mean I didn’t need to kill that man?” (Seer)”I don’t believe I could have said anything that would have stopped you from killing him but I don’t believed you succeed in finishing him.” –At this motion would Rotal appear from behind Raven to snatch her up and disappear from the brothers sight at the sudden appearance of Rotal and his disappearance would Jester say to his brother-(Jester)”Impossible….I killed him….I slit his throat and felt his life taken away..” (Seer)”You fool what does the clan that Rotal comes from specialize in?” (Jester)”Linguistics?” (Seer)”Deception.” –At another part of the forest would Rotal and Raven appear as Rotal let Raven go before falling to his knees as he breathes hard before speaking to Raven-(Rotal)”Who told you to tell them your color?…Don’t you of all people know what they are? Or even the history between the clans of fire and darkness?” –In Nemaeus specifically of the coast of the Frozen sea a great ship is anchored there and a captain is fishing-(Captain Nighabi)”Yo yo a bottle of rum would be good but I would take a strong taste of scotch any day….Ahh not another boot why can’t I catch a single fish around here?” –The first mate would wake up and proceed to the captains quarters only to notice the captain fishing –(First mate)”Umm Captain why are you fishing?” (Captain Nighabi)”Cause I want to catch me some breakfast but so far I only get boots and a hundred pairs of them.” (First mate)”Captain that’s not what I…” (Captain Nighabi)”I mean seriously what are those land lubbers doing polluting their seas and losing a hundred pairs of boots who does that?” (First mate)”Umm Captain I was meaning why are you fishing when we got nets ready and catching fish, we even got cages to catch crabs and lobsters when the season is right…we even have meat and fruit in the kitchen ready to be made into food…We even have fish breeding farms…I still don’t get why you have to fish when it is completely unnecessary.” (Captain Nighabi)”That’s why you are first mate and not Captain. You don’t understand the need to relax and think. From all the news channels we picked up we know there is a war brewing inland which means fish sales would go down eventually…We even know that pirates may arise and so we stock pile weapons just in case but every so often you got to learn to go with the flow.” (First mate)”But Captain don’t we sail under the good jolly roger lag and are pirates ourselves.”(Captain Nighabi)”What’s your point?” (First mate)”Don’t you think the land lubbers would shoot at us?” (Captain Nighabi)”No me hardy…Land lubbers are stupid, all we go to do is change our flags and paint the boat name different and they think we are different ship.” (First mate)”Do you think they will catch on?” (Captain Nighabi)”If they do it won’t be in my life time ha ha ha ha ha” (First mate)”You are the captain.”