December 27, 2012 08:30AM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

Dead Nation

Clan of Darkness



CharlotteCarrendar:- Dazed and bewildered by Rotal and her sudden departure from the banks of the lake, to their arrival in the forest, Raven was in shock to see that Rotal had been injured by the Brother; Jester. “I failed….but I said what I saw. The water in the bowl turned black, Rotal.”- Seeing Rotal on his knees, struggling to breathe and obviously in pain, she went to place her hand on his neck, to see if he indeed had his throat cut. “Why did they try to kill you? The Executioner, he wanted to kill me.” Thousands of questions now raced through her mind. They spoke of the clan of Darkness. Was that what she was a member of? Everything all happened so fast, and now she wanted to know what the growling was near the statue. Why the Statue sang to her? Why she could see the vortex, showing her Mother, Uncle and siblings? Temptations; to lead her from her chosen path. Raven did everything she was told too, but above all, she obeyed Rotal first and foremost. Looking to Rotal’s eyes, searching for answers, it finally dawned on her, that she may not ever be able to go back to the tunnel village of Rider. “The brothers want me dead now. If I go back, they will harm my Grandfather…my cousin Paige…and Rider.” -Raven was trying to hold it all together. But she was now looking on at Rotel, wondering if he was going to be alright. “We must tell the Masters. Where are they?”<3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -Rotal would breathe deeply first before explaining to Raven what he thought of the situation-(Rotal)”You didn’t need to tell them what color you saw, it was just important that they know you saw a color…Wait did they say something like you have to tell them?….Maybe they were trying to thin the herd or something like…I am going to guess you have no idea about the masked beings history…I wouldn’t blame you the masked clans have done everything to remain a secret but I guess since they tried to attack you, that you must be a part of the darkness clan…well lets skip the boring origin story that would be repeated over and over again…sometime ago when this planet was different you full of life and what not and stuck in the medieval times too…There was this usual tournament that various clans participated in at the time a being that my master called Deep Red won this tournament…that’s when he started to commit taboos, you see Deep Red wasn’t satisfied with his win in the tournament he wanted to prove that his clan is the strongest and toughest of the other clans so he challenged every creature under the sun from humans to Dragons but that wasn’t enough after all those victories it didn’t satisfied him so he commit that taboo…summoning demons using live sacrifices…My master speculated that Deep Red had summoned too many demons and had thought this might be disputed that Deep Red succeed in slaying those demons…That is when the council put their foot down, Deep Red crossed the line literally so the council elected the clan of darkness to carry out the council judgment, at the time the clan of darkness was strong and plentiful so they were elected naturally that is when the clan of darkness was successful in disbanding the clan of fire and banishing the creature known as Deep Red into a dimensional prison…But because the clan of fire members were forced to disband many of their members hold a deep grudge against the clan of darkness. While grudges would end with the killing of those who had forced the disbandment of the clan of fire but the clan of fire grudge runs deep and won’t stop until the clan of darkness is forced into either extinction or disbandment…But its rather rare to find members of the clan of fire who still holds that grudge…As for those who are actually members of the clan of fire well they are crazy in a way but also crazy strong…While they might be crazy they prefer to fight strong opponents because well quite frankly crushing an insect is not the same as taking out a fully capable and strong opponent is another thing entirely while they would try to bring you out of hiding they wouldn’t dare to blatantly a non member of the mask clan. The masters wouldn’t care much of this grudge…to them this is just a minor affair that would resolve itself eventually they are more interested in reinforcing their laws and doctrines ever heard the saying we are all humble servants of the one True Sied so I believe they would just consider this part of some master plan…besides the masters only cared about their laws, doctrines, and those who would dare break one of their taboos and or sometimes the fear of being discovered…Why else would the man known as Darksied take the meeting hall? ”

CharlotteCarrendar:- All Raven knew of the masks, was that they were to be worn down in the tunnels, to hide their identities from the men of the Butcher. Raven also knew that each mask was significant, for a reason, to do with registrations. But, she had no true understanding of the importance of the masks, to the Masters, nor did she know of the Masked societies, in either Nemaues, or Lacardis. It was just something she had never been taught. Her own mask was special, for reasons that were yet to come to light. Keeping her hand on Rotal’s neck, in case he was bleeding severely, she listened to a quick version of the history of the clans. And in particular, the one known as Darksied, and The True sied. Eyes of black pierced through the small holes of her own mask, as Rotal told the history, which enlightened the young bebilith. The warrior and champion known as Deep Red, who was exiled for his calling of many champions to face him, for his never ending lust to prove himself, to all all that he was the greatest that had ever been. In Raven’s minds mind eye, she tried to imagine, what he looked like, how he presented himself before battle. Fierce, and intimidating. A juggernaught, who was virtually unstoppable. But up would rise the Clan of darkness, set by the Master, to bring down the clan of fire, and thus send Deep Red into a dimensional prison, thus ending his reign to bring in all manner of creatures to fight. Raven felt a knot building in her chest, when she realised that the members of the clan of fire, though disbanded, would continue to hold a grudge to this day, against those that were of the clan of darkness. “So there is no point telling the Masters of the brother’s actions? They won’t do anything.”- Raven stepped back, wiping her own hands together. At this point, she simply didn’t know what to do, or where to go.<3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -Rotal would simply responded to Ravens’ question-(Rotal)”That is correct but I doubt that they would try to harm you now and I don’t think they would attempt attacking you family…that is unless they are strong.- Rotal would get back to his feet as he would then rub his neck a few times before saying out loud-(Rotal)”It’s odd that they haven’t attempted to attack the Butcher if rumors are true he is the strongest in the lands…That is unless the three brothers are planning something…We should be heading to the portal, you have been gone for some time now I think it was about fourteen days or so.” –As Rotal would begin walking back to the forest in an attempt to find a way back to the first portal that brought them to the sacred garden while avoid the three brothers. While somewhere in the underworld of Nemaeus a teenager dressed in a torn shirt with the symbol of the moon on its back, black jeans, boots and a mask was running through the tunnels, as he jumped over some pipes and traveling through the various tunnels before entering a second portal and appearing in the grassy fields of the city beneath Nixagris as the teenager would walk through the fields before stopping and noticing a man covered from head to toe in a black robe as the teenager just gave a nod to the man in black robes would the man respond with simply by showing his metal gauntlet arm and tapping on it twice to which the teenage nodded back before running into the city beneath Nixagris as the teenager made his way into the city would he pass two men, one dressed in black robes and the other dressed in a brown trench coat, pants and a helmet as the teenager passed these two men, the one with the helmet as if the man was staring at the boy in that second as the two would move away from each other while the teenager ran into the city the man in the helmet stood there staring at the teenager before shaking his head and continuing his walk with the man in the black robes as the two men would then meet the other man in black robes as to which the man in the helmet spoke first-(Digger)”Mute I need your help…I need to find a way back into the other world.” –At which the man in black robes and had metal gauntlets begin tapping on his gauntlets as the other man in the black robes spoke-(Rat King)”No I don’t believe it’s another hallucination or bad dream this time Mute, I believe Digger might have heard a telepathic conversation but by what I ain’t sure…and yes I know Mute that there is got to be a thousand reasons that could point otherwise and yet Digger’s reasoning might be one of the more unusual ones but it’s a possibility.” (Digger)”Can you help me get back there?” –At the question of Shovel would Mute begin tapping away on his own gauntlet before Shovel spoke-(Digger)”I understand the ramifications of it but what if there is something at the other world or even if it still exists….I want to know,” –As Digger finished his statement would Mute begin tapping away again-(Digger)”You can’t do it……wait what you mean not today?…….What you mean you helped someone else go to the sacred garden?…..What favor?” –Now at the same time but at Lorewall Slums at Rose’s Mansion would Lin enter Madame Rose’s room as she is dressing herself up behind a wooden dressing screen as Lin spoke to Rose while she is changing-(Lin)”Madame I don’t mean to pry but are you sure it is wise to send the boy to your grandmothers training dojo?” (Rose)”He has reached the age necessary for one to take the trials.” (Lin)”Are you sure that was wise? We could have easily have hidden him from that may come.” (Rose)”My grandfather never knew about the autocracies the Fuyu no arashi clan committed in order to eliminate the traces of my grandmothers clan but when he found out, it hit him worse than anyone when he realized the truth and in a way he tried to repent by asking forgiveness and oddly grandmother’s clan forgave him even though grandfather did nothing wrong…This is our way of helping grandmother’s clan when it is at its nearing its end…You remembered what that lieutenant said right?” (Lin)”Yes I remember but why was he eager to help us?” (Rose)”He might not look it but he is a part of grandmother’s clan just not in her clan.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Raven watched Rotal get to his feet, still concerned that he may be bleeding from the attack. Rotal’s words, that the trio of brothers would not try to attack her now, did not exactly rest well with her. They knew what she was, even if she didn’t completely understand herself. Her hopes that the test would give her an insight into her true purpose were for naught. Rotal, went on to say how he was surprised that they had not tried to take on the Butcher, for he was indeed the strongest in the world of tunnels. They may be holding off for a reason, but for what? Rotal started to make his way back to the forest, to find the original portal that he brought her through to do this testing. Raven would follow after him, but not before she said. “I saw someone, in the mist of the lake. A boy, with a tattered shirt, and he had on his back the shape of a moon. He then vanished into the swirling mists, but I wonder if he was real or some sort of hallucination,” Did Rotal see the teenager too? It made no difference at this point, for the choice was made that she go back, after being missing for fourteen days. Raven still had a lot of unanswered questions, that she desperately wanted answers too, but knew that Rotal would not providing easily, and even if he did, there was a wide chasm, between this reality and the next.<3>