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Bellicus’s Jewel


LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Twisted Wood, a province in the foot hills of Emerald Mountains. A hive for scum and villainy when the town’s folk saw the last of the Knights of the Order. Following the near demolition of the Inn, the builders had been busy in restorations, so most which were left in the town, were having to have their ales out in the open market place. Lorelei, who had grown weary of the constant demands of office in the capital; Arachne, donned a disguise, and with a horse stolen from the stables, she rode out under the cover of darkness, heading for the besieged town. Through the forest glen, the heavy beats of horses hooves, foretold the impending arrival of the crimson haired beauty. With a black cape, that billowed out from behind her horse, she rode fast as the wind does blow, jumping fallen logs and skilfully averting from the large rocks that dotted the pathway cut through the foliage. <3>

IceTe3a: Eras come and go as time passes by with Bellicus watching over the realms, unable to twist their fate in any way possible, for he was stuck in his statue form. Never being to this realm he now finds himself in, it was unusual for his body to be frozen in time to a realm that he has not visited. But every twisted problem had a reason behind it, of course this was unknown to him, Bellicus was simply put and better known as “Wrath” one of the horseman, but he would never admit to this nor would he tell anyone of himself, as he freely came and left realms and era’s with ease. His body was frozen in statue form deep within the Twisted forest, nature had seemed to taken a liking to him as grass, vines and other sorts of plants and wildlife had come accustom to his being there and found it fit to utilize his statue form to grow over. Loosely hanging around his neck was his pendant, each horseman had one and each was special to the horseman. a blood red coloured priceless gem, if you look deeply enough one could swear there was a swirling red liquid in it, placed in a gold crest and hung upon pure gold links, forged by the two gods from heaven and hell it contains mass amounts of power, Gods forbid if it ever fell into the wrong hands, not only would they have the power over Bellicus himself, but also untold powers of the ages. This has never happened before, as he was very protective of his pendant, suddenly his pendant started glowing a dark red aura, around itself giving off a light that would cut through the dark depths of the forest. Emitting a pulse every 5.2 seconds like a beat of a heart, the skies around him darkened as it continued to beat faster and faster, sending its pulse across the lands. It was happening again. He was being set free of his prison, as small fractures in the statue started chiselling its way across his form. Suddenly it all went quiet; an eerie darkness was lurking around with a sudden crash of a sound that could only be thought to be loud thunder he was engulfed in an immense white light. He slowly gained movement back to himself as pieces of his statue form fall from him and onto the floor, wild life scattering from him as finally with one last attempt Bellicus screamed out with a mighty roar “Sum vivens!!!” ((Translate: I am alive!!) extending his arms upwards above his head in a rallying fashion, the final pieces of statue flying and scattering across the forest floor. Bellicus stumbles down to one knee as he is still physically weak from being imprisoned for all those eras’, holding him up with an open palm to the ground. His breaths were deep as he took in air through his nose, taking in the sweet scent of nature around him, this was a clean realm to be sure, and one he preferred to be in. Bellicus has been to many era’s in his time but prefer the old era’s to the new ones as he kneeled there catching his breath, his pendant swaying slowly as it started to dim to a small red aura within the gem itself.

GrayGooTheory: “But watcha mean that there’s n-…now I don’t make it a habit interruptin’ you, eh?” A pair of figures of course was making their way along the trail. Hazards and potential highwaymen be damned; none of it was even considered as a concern to the woman. The wide brimmed hat tipped as she peered down to the figurine that came up only to somewhere around where her knees should have been had the skeletal structure been more appropriate for a humanoid. Her own form had layers built up. Segments of patched in fur underneath–including a liner around her upraised collar– situated itself underneath waxed canvas to keep the moisture and wind out almost completely. The front likewise was buttoned up keeping most of her upper body almost completely tucked away. The lower body showed a set of chaps hung from one of her two belts for the sole purpose of hanging armour. Normally this would have been a set of boots and greeves and possibly armoured thighs hanging from the belt had she been able to wear boots. The issue however was the instra-tarsal joint (like a bird, satyr, etc) that ended in cloven hooves but without a bit of flesh exposed. In her right hand a simple engraved walking stick with a series of cordage wrapped around several sections of it. The little ‘man’ beside her little more than a crude sculpture. Its face blank and empty and hollowing with nothing but a gaping hole filling that space. It seemed to be made of clay and stone in a solid lump showing no joints at all. Despite all that it moved rather well. What’s more is that while she spoke with it and even responded no words were heard by anyone else. “Of course! D’ya think we were conned? We get to town, drop it off, and get our p– what did I say about interrupting me?”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Horse and rider were one; Lorelei moving in a fluid action, rising and falling from the saddle, her fingers gripped tightly around the reigns, as she guided her steed along the pebbled path. Ducking under low hanging branches, the subtle whip of leaves, that swirled in her wake, the hooves thundering along the path, till there was an unearthly sound, that broke through the darkened forest. Lorelei’s head whipped around to the right, as she pulled up hard on the reigns, to slow her mount. The horse reacted violently; not only due to the abrupt nature in which Lorelei tried to slow him, but also by the roar of a creature unknown. Rising up, the horse brayed, pawing the air with blackened hooves, snorting and showing its distress, as Lorelei used her thighs to cling to the horse’s sides, in case of being thrown off. Down the horse would come, with its rider adjusting in her seat, but still she had to regain control, as the horse turned to see behind it, and then Lorelei pulled hard right on the reigns, to have it face the path forward in the right direction. The sound was like an explosion that was followed with the ungodly roar. Had a beast been awoken from its slumber? Lorelei had ridden this same path hundreds of times, and this was the first time, she had heard anything of this nature. Well armed, with two long blades, and a cross bow, the spider maiden was not a simple woman wandering blindly and without knowledge of how to defend herself. Eyes of a violent jade, darted as she searched the undergrowth for the slightest movement that this “beast” could make in her direction. Lorelei’s chest rose and fell beneath the tightly bound bodice of her gown, skin of alabaster riddled with toxic green veins that pumped her venom throughout her being. Lorelei reached forward, to pat the horse’s neck, in order to try and calm her mount. Deciding to be somewhat daring, she sung out. “Thou may hide amongst the brush, but I kid you not, I know these woods, like the back of my hand. Do thee well to show yourself, Oh Creature of large lungs!”- There…that should bring the bugger out. <3>

IceTe3a: Coming to a stand Bellicus opens his eyes, allowing all to view his dark red hues as they scanned his surroundings looking at the trees and wildlife in this terrain, little to be said about this place as it was unknown to him. His body suddenly engulfed into flames as it was a natural thing of any horseman, showing they are changing to suit the timeline they find themselves in, He was now wearing black leather jeans they were dirty and torn as if they were battle worn, thick black leather boots, and no shirt for the time, as it was not needed. His hairstyle was a dark black colour with red strains going around his head, a more young looking style to be seen, his age could not be older than 26 even though he was a man of limitless time, following these changes his two weapons appear onto his self, his long blade that was made of runic stone, it had a red hilt and a stone looking blade, Red runic symbols ran down the blade simply saying “Singulis humanae fatum est sua” (Translate: Each man’s fate is his own”) the blade was called “Iudicium” (Translate: Judgement) A fitting name for any weapon of a horseman, hitched to the front of his jeans was a chain and sythe called “Messorem” (Translate: Reaper) Also fitting as it is well within his rights to do so. Standing a tall 6’3 he flexed his arms, along his entire upper torso and arms he was covered in Runic pictures and symbols, this was an old language that looked to the naked eye as markings or tattoo’s but in all reality they dictated his lore and the horseman’s rules. If anyone could speak the old tongue they could see his past history, lore and rulings of the horseman, not a common tongue to have but their where those in life that could understand it. Finally extending his right hand upwards he dusts himself off, picking off any foliage and plants left on himself as he came accustomed to this realm “Quare sum adducto excitavit” (Translate: Why have I been awoken and brought here…) his voice rumbled lightly. Taking in a deep breath he exhaled as a cold mist cloud formed around his dry lips and flew outwards, this was normal for a man of his statue. Raising his right arm in the air his lips parted “ NEX! Venire ad me!!!” bellowing from deep within the forest, from out of the darkness a flame emerges, in the shape of a horse, it was his trusty steed known as “Nex” (Translate: Death) it stood 18 hands tall, a big horse to be sure, a dark black brumby, on its forehead it had a dark red runic marking to show the bond between the two, Nex’s mane flowed freely down his neck as it was also dark black in colour, a matching pair these two galloping towards Bellicus, he reared up on his hind legs letting out a piercing sound, calming down as nex came to a full stand, his breaths where short and strong, puffing small amounts of mist from each nostril, Nex was a gentle beast and a beautiful one at that. Bellicus climbs up on top of Nex with ease, leaning in giving nex’s neck a slight kiss before sitting upwards and patting nex’s back “Let’s go boy, let’s find out where we are” with that Nex stomps his right hoof in agreement as Bellicus clicks his tonge and taps his heels against Nex’s sides stating he’s ready to press on. Gripping onto Nex’s Reigns he smirked slightly as he took in the scent around him “Deinceps!!!” (Translate: Forward!!) he bellowed as Nex took off in a flashing gallop leaving hoof prints behind him as trails, Nex’s prints were hot to the touch and scorched the land as he galloped along “Quod opus est Nex, Quod refert” (Translate: No need for that nex, Lets fit in) Obviously the horse understood the old tongue, Bellicus was referring to the burning trail of hoof prints left behind, Nex was a bloodthirsty beast to be sure, Excited to see battle once more, but understood why one would have to fit in, on special occasions as Nex’s hoof prints stoped scorching the ground as they galloped ahead only leaving that of normal prints behind, Unknowingly they pressed on who knew what laid ahead of them, only time would tell.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – “ NEX! Venire ad me!!!” Yes, that was what was heard coming out of the darkened forest. Lorelei went perfectly still, rigid as though she was the one that had become the statue. Her horse’s ears pricked, and with white foaming around its mouth, it snorted loudly in protest to the sound. Not exactly the response she had anticipated, Lorelei thought for a moment. Okay, so whatever it is speaks the tongue of gods. The spider maiden cursed herself for not paying attention to her scholars. What a time to need a translator. Listening carefully, she could hear the oncoming thunder of hooves. “Uh oh.”- She said under her breath, and quickly led her horse behind a large oak. <3>

GrayGooTheory: “What?” The little figurine finally lifted its stubby arm and angled it towards her hand held at her side. It was the only location with fabric thin enough for the tinge of both blue and red–somehow remaining separate colours and not mixing into the proper purple–flowed through. Ayla of course cursing herself for not noticing this earlier in her argument with the little man when the corresponding sensation was also the tingling of her skin that would feel much like sets of ice cold needles piercing her everywhere. There was nothing else however to provide details for her enchanted alarm system. Just the the runes didn’t like it nor did her staff as made apparent by its writhing in her grasp. No words from the golem but she spoke in response once again. “Yes, of course I noticed. It just wasn’t important.” A blatant lie to hide her apparent screw up. There was no bright flash of light as she armed herself. The staff simply changed. So subtly too and so minutely that had someone not been watching it intently throughout the process they would’ve never noticed the end towards the ground having been replaced by a steel point. One that was unnaturally sharp and bore the same engravings along its beaten and poorly shaped end as the rest of the implement. The figurine by now was turning and pointing in a direction somewhere behind them forcing the duo to change directions. “How bad could it be?”

IceTe3a: Galloping with ease Nex was getting worked up, as usual he was still urging for battle, Ballicus smirked slightly he had to admit he was also urging for battle, both Nex’s ears and his heard the sound of another horse in the near distance, a small smirk chiselled its way across his face “Primus Certami… PERAGEMUS!” He bellowed the last part quite loudly, (Translate: First encounters… ONWARDS!) Nex responded with a loud Squeal “Eeee!” as Nex picked up pace darting through the forest with ease. His pendant swayed and jumped with the motion of them both, leaving a continuing red glow around it, that could be seen through the darkness, slowing down Nex came to a trot as, Belicus’s hues flickered around scanning the terrain near them both. Coming upon a large old oak tree nex came to a stand and stomped his right hoof into the ground. “ Licuit puer ubi sunt?” (Translate: Alright boy, Where are they?) His dark red hues continue to look around deep into the darkness, as Nex stood still breathing heavily, allowing mist to come out of his nostrils once more, Taking in a deep breath through his nose, Bellicus exhales a small cloud of mist also, he could smell the scent near but how close were they? By now anyone within a 5 meter radius of Bellicus would be feeling the “Cold chill” ( Passive – Cold Chill: War, can control his body temp if he wish’s but while he is not, When he passes someone by the Temperature around him and them lowers to a bone chilling cold. ) “Ubi pontuerunt latebit?” (Translate: Where could they be hiding?) he said in a low tone as he cracks his neck in testament of the current situations. He could not know what or who he was facing, which forced him to ask the question aloud not expecting any answer “ Quid es exacte?” (Translate: What are you) Nex was becoming impatient as he reered up on his hind legs, violently thrusting his front legs in the air letting out a shearing “Eeeee” Once more, Holding on tight to the reigns with one hand Bellicus was used to this behaviour from Nex by now and smirked slightly as he calmed Nex back down, giving him a pat on the neck “Soon enough Nex” he said in common tongue.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- The equation. One large oak, one large horse. The answer, an easily spotted maiden on the back of her mount. That thing, whatever it was, could be heard getting closer. Quick thinking on the part of the maiden. There are two ways to fight, one is to face head on, the other is to take cover, and ambush. But the rider and his mount were faster than she had anticipated. To top it off, following words chosen in a dialect that was unfamiliar to her, she got the sense of a cold chill, that affected both her and her horse. Her ride had already come so far, as she left Arachne a short time before, and to try and outrun this being would bring the horse lame. Doing what she thought best, she alighted from her steed and smacked its ass hard, to have it run off riderless down the track towards Twisted Wood. This could serve two purposes. One; to give the one that sought her out, to think she had carried on, or two; just to give her time to find a better cover. But to her dismay, the beast sung out in that tongue again. “ Quid es exacte?” Lorelei face palmed, still not understanding the wording, but in her mind, it was more or less a taunt of some description. “Curiosity killed the cat…maybe the spider will get lucky.” –she said under her breath. Rising up from the follage cover, she wandered out in plain view. A cocky half smile and she gave a light nod of her head. “At last…Oh Creature of big lungs, you decided to show yourself. I admire that. Now, if you would move your walking keg on legs out of my way, I may continue on my journey.”- Talk about bold, but what did she have to lose…aside from her head. <3>

IceTe3a: Hearing galloping hooves tracing off into the distance he had thought this person had escaped him once more, until the form of a female appears walking in front of him. Bellicus could understand this tongue, it was the common tongue, and had to admit that was a smart tactic if only she had remained hidden, it perhaps could have worked for her. His dark red hues flicker down towards the female, as he studied her from top to bottom, hearing her insult Nex; he shook his head slightly with a smirk “Puellam fortem sive stultus fortasse” (Translate: Brave girl, Or stupid perhaps) his smirk widened as she asked him to move aside “One would be smart to hold thy tongue, If they are attached to it” he glances around for a mere moment and focus’s back on the young female “I am Bellicus, and you are? More to the point, what are you doing out here?” cooling his body temperature down to a normal so she would not be affected by his cold chill (Passive offline – No affects or feeling are felt by anyone until further notice) “Where am I to be exact” stating the words of a lost man, attempting to show he was a mere man lost in the woods and nothing more.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- So..that worked a treat. Lorelei had used cunning, to seem braver than she actually was. Calling his horse something akin to the barrels that they haul beer in, wasn’t exactly nice, but it was not meant to be. Men always used colourful phrases to woo a woman to the silks, so Lorelei thought, why not do it in reverse, though she could have been a little bit smarter, and not gone so wide out into the open. Again he spoke with that tongue, and she quirked a brow, having to judge by his tone, and the facial expressions he showed. Finally, he spoke common. Ah yes, one of those high and mighty types. Great. “One would be smart to hold thy tongue, If they are attached to it” How to make a comeback to such a threat. “Ah…yes well, I am rather fond of it, but it has a habit of running away on me.”- Shrugging her shoulders, knowing that bravado would not win extra brownie points, Lorelei nodded as light introductions were made. His name…Bellicus. “Mother not like you or something?” she asked, before knowing that might be appear to be a tad casual. “You are currently standing in Twisted Woods, in the plains of Lexios.”- Pointing to the looming shadow of the mountains that surrounded the valley, she continued. “Emerald Mountains…you must have made the pass through there at some point. Unless you just…shifted here.” Looking closely, she spied the crystal round his neck. “You are aware that there are highway men that…would fancy such a fine trinket as the one you wear around your…neck.” –she made a point to gesture casually with her right hand. “More suited to a woman, I would have thought. Oh…and I am known as Lore. I would say it’s a pleasure, but I was freezing my tits off here…some reason, the temperature had dropped earlier. Wasn’t you, was it?” <3>

GrayGooTheory: A bit of whispered singing begun as they trekked back in the way they had come. The figurine flaunting what could only be perceived as an odd bit of bravado. Moreso than it’s casual gait that it had taken up; odd for an animated object to express such emotions. Regardless it made virtually no noise at all as it strode given its relative size and weight and relative agility. Ayla on the other hand was actively trying to be quiet if not for the hushed singing. Which was little more than a fluctation of air being forced out for a few few moments? Enough to cause a flicker of dim red light in the air in the shape of runes not unlike those on her flesh and on the staff and stitched into various bits of clothing. As quickly as they existed they were gone and she was silenced again. Left to stalk along the trail and through the woods to draw closer.
IceTe3a: Lore, she said her name was lore, so be it than quite a interesting name indeed, as he glanced back towards where she was pointing, and talking about some mountain ranges “”Ahh yes… the glass mountains of course” he said trying to keep his tracks covered “ No I did not as you say shift here, Whatever you mean by that is beyond me, as for my name it suits its purpose quite well.” His red hues glance down to his pendant and back up towards lore, the pendant started to glow a slight red aura once more “And they would find themselves weight, judged and found wanting. Nor is this for a females possession to be shown off as if it were but an accessory, an old family heirloom as it were” adding the last part, as he did not want to spark an interest in the pendant itself, that was a dangerous subject for anyone. He was trying very hardly to mask what he really was and his intentions, but had to admit to himself that he knew nothing of this realm or why he was here. Simply put he needed information on this place and it was hard to get when one had to keep a low profile. “You have yet to tell me why you are out here so deep in the forest and now without a mount. Perhaps there is war in these lands?” He asked trying to get a sense of understanding of this realm. “What are you to these lands? Farmer’s wife? No… your affects are to clean” he said as he examined her closely leaning down closer towards her to get a better view. “perhaps a rich lords wife” Taking note of her small armoury she had on herself “ One should learn how to use such tools otherwise one may hurt oneself” he smirked slightly taking punt at a female with weaponry.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- The being known as Bellicus was well versed in the art of common language, and she had to admit, he met her wit, with a heightened sense of worth. So, he didn’t shift here, that discounted the ideal he was of demonic descent, but he did smell oddly of sulphur, or was it something else. Keeping from showing any signs of amusement, to not antagonise the being further, she kept her lips pursed, her arms at her sides, but fingers twitching, as though she would reach for arms, at a slight inkling he would turn on her. Bellicus spoke of how any who dared tried, to relieve him of his prized jewel would be found weighed, judged and not wanting. So sure of himself, she had to admire that at least, be it from lack of intellect or he had proved himself in battle. Ragabond highway men would be no match for a Knight or Death Lord. Course, he put the microscope back on her, seeking to know why she ventured this far out without chaperone, nor companion. “Right…why am I out here, on my own. Good question. I…saw the full moon and thought, nice night for it.”- she did something of a strangled laugh, for it was not exactly the truth. “And since your bellowing in the forest upset…my steed, I had to let it…go on for me. Good thing I wore my boots.”- she slapped her knee high leather boots, as if to say…”yes, I am wearing them” Next he asked of her station. Bugger. Dare she say that she was in fact the Prime Minister? Not on your life. So…she made up a title. “Actually, I am the wife of the …Chamberlain. He…is uhm..very well known up at Arachne Hall in the capital. Was snoring when I left him.”- she had hoped this would suffice. For now. <3>

GrayGooTheory: Ayla had finally drawn near enough to hear a portion of their conversation. Not that it was particularly difficult by now either. The little man was speaking up to her and relaying both sides of the conversation. To her own bit of perception it included the tone and accents as well when it fit into the conversation. Of course this was still something that Ayla alone heard. The way she figured it however was that if she could hear them they could hear her. Thus, she halted and crouched leaving the earthen figurine to continue the rest of the way. Her senses extending beyond herself allowing her to accept what it was that this little guy both saw and heard. Something that had made her throw up the first few times she attempted it given the peculiarity of the sensory overload.

IceTe3a: Leaning back upwards he scratches his chest as he thought for a moment glancing up at the sky and then back at her “A night stroll indeed..” he said in a lower tone not attempting to press on with that notion as he glanced into the distance her steed was truly gone, but did the steed truly get scared off, bucking her to the ground? No scratch’s to be seen but perhaps it was not that harsh, more important matters were at hand as it seemed. “The wife of a chamberlain, carrying tools of men, on a night stroll alone? And you have mentioned something about highway men” leaning back in his saddle as he arched a brow “Not exactly the wise one are you.” He said bluntly as he glanced around once more, adjusting his pendant making sure it was secure on him, he extended his arm outwards towards her “I cannot allow you to freely roam out in these woods at night, one may get themselves hurt or worse” It seemed to be a gesture but in reality he was hoping for more information, giving her a ride to the kingdom would give him the location of the area and main city, and learn more about these lands, it seemed to be the smart thing to do at this point. “I shall give you a ride back to the capital” his red hues glancing into hers as he awaited her answer. His ears twitch slightly as he heard rustles nearby, along with other noises, Could there be someone else following the two? Perhaps these highway men she was talking about? Or could this be a trap she had previously set up, to have him surrounded? More to the point does he ignore all of this and take the chance? Or does he draw and ready to defend himself against what’s to come? For the moment, he would not rush into things too quickly but let things play out if lore indeed attempt to set a trap for him, he was about to find out in due time, as he glanced towards his back slightly and then back towards lore.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Okay, so she told a few porkies. Well, she told some king size whoppers, but all in all, she did not mean to lead him down the yellow brick road of her imagination. He was quick to point out that she bore the weapons of men, and to top it off, she was armoured as well. Not dressed at all like a lady of the court. That had slipped her mind entirely and the jig, as they call it, was up. “Seems the snake bite medicine made my mind cloudy. How very clever of you to take note of my arms. I could bore you senseless of tales of what I am not, but that would be wasting each other’s time. I fear I have done enough of that.” As it were, the beast man known as Bellicus happened to be a gentleman, offering his hand out to her, saying; “I cannot allow you to freely roam out in these woods at night, one may get themselves hurt or worse” So, he was to lord over her, and to be honest, she was not exactly keen to make it on foot to the next province. A ride back to the Capital then. Lovely. Seems her night out would be cut short. She took on his offer, and accepted his hand, climbing up onto the back of his horse. Adjusting her cloak, she made sure it was not caught up, and then nodded in the direction of Arachne. “Good thing your horse is so large, to be able to accommodate us both so readily. I must apologise for the curt remark about your horse being a…”keg on legs” Least she did say she was sorry. <3>

IceTe3a: He smirks slightly as he helped lore up on top of Nex, obviously Nex would not protest to this, as he knew there was a reason for everything that happened in the world. “This is my steed Nex” he gave Nex a pat and smiled slightly “We are more than that of Man and steed, but brothers. Best to remember that” Glancing over in the direction lore had pointed out to he nodded softly, “So you are not who you say you are, Perhaps in due time all will be revealed” With that Nex let out a screeching “Eeee” once more and took off in a gallop, speeding up. It was obvious Nex was an intelligent steed as well as fast, As was nature intended him to be, as they continued to gallop further into the distance he smirks slightly “One so easy to trust, Getting this close to someone is not intently safe, Either you are loss of mind or you are sure of your skills” he said all to bluntly towards lore. Nex’s speed seemed impressive as he freely roamed through the forest with haste dodging trees as they pass by eventually the clearing of the forest edge came into view as they slowed down right at the edge of the forest line. His hues flicker around as he studies the terrain; Nex needlessly gets impatient as always as he starts digging at the dirt with his right hoof. “Where to now?” he asked shortly.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- It was true, she had not revealed all that she was to the man known as Bellicus, but also, she was sitting right behind him, her arms wrapped around his midsection, claws retracted of course. But then her lips curled into a smile, so wicked and delicious, as she released her pheromones, that were something of a scented toxic mix, designed to lure the unsuspecting into her web of desire and deception. Her right cheek rubbed to the left side toward the back of his head, her lips just shy of his ear. Lorelei heard him utter; “One so easy to trust, Getting this close to someone is not intently safe, Either you are loss of mind or you are sure of your skills” The bebilith maiden’s irises swirled with a deep mix of the darkest jade. Pure. Cold. Deadly. “Let’s just say, I’m very good at what I do.” The horse powered through the forest, charging as she held on tight with both thighs and arms locked. When they broke the clearing, he asked her . “Where to now?” She answered straight into his ear, with the bewitching tone of the venomous spider. “Across the plains of Lexios, you will see the turrets of the Hall. Their silver spires reach up into the night. Flags at full mast can be observed. See for yourself, Bellicus.”

IceTe3a: His hues glanced over the terrain and the destination of where she has been leading them both, understanding which direction he is to go next, as he takes in another deep breath unknowingly inhaling the toxic pheromones. “Shall we continue then” he said as they pressed on galloping through the pains, as time passes by the pheromones start to take effect on him, slowing down his senses leaving him unaware of his surroundings, “ I suppose one must be good at their job in order to do it” he said as Nex continued to follow the path straight forward. His mind was clouded and loss of thought it was an unnatural feeling for him but he took no note of it, as he cockily thought he was the one in control of the entire situation. In the near distance as she said, there were the turrets daring to defy the laws of gravity, By now his senses were completely gone, if there were to be danger about he would not realize it until it’s too late. “Interesting structures” he said aloud as they came up to the turrets waiting for more directions as to where they were to head to next. “Perhaps you should hold the reigns and lead, it may prove to be faster” he said as Nex came to a tall stand.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Sure enough, the ploy worked, and as she rode on with Bellicus, her toxic charm was weaving its own magical web of malice. “ I suppose one must be good at their job in order to do it” Bellicus said, but she could tell how his body was less rigid, relaxing. Her hand strayed lower to “cop a feel” and see if he had indeed been seized in to her net. Grinning, she knew he was more than hers now. The turrets were ahead, and she took this chance, sliding off the back of the horse, and landing on both boots firmly in the dirt. Taking up the reigns, she leads horse and his rider in through the gates, only to be met by four guards and the stable boy. Lorelei hands the stable boy the reigns, as the leader of the command; Lord Ashton peers through his helm at Bellicus, then turns his head towards the Prime Minister. “M’lady, where did you abscond to this time? And…who the devil is that?” –his steel gauntlet pointed up at Bellicus. Lorelei smirked, chuckling low under her breath. “A leader of men, whom saved me just shy of Twisted Wood.”- The Lord scoffed and chortled. “Pull the other one.”- Lorelei shrugged, then offered her hand to Bellicus. “I have chambers ready, which would be a welcome sight, I dare say. Care to join me?”<3>

IceTe3a: Bellicus glances around in his newly found surroundings, as his hues flicker from one person to another, unable to study them properly as his senses were gone, he had thought there to be no danger but that could be an understatement, as he stood off his horse and towered over many, glancing over at the young kid handling his horse he grumbles slighty “ Watch him closely” he said making sure Nex was to be well looked after giving a light stretch as his pendant jingled with his movements, glancing over at the captian, he was sizing the man, it was not exactly a sense more of a male thing, finding the guard to be less than entertaining he walks up besides the one he knows to be lore as he glances down at her and nods “Shall we” he said unaware of his surroundings, never had he been bested before and still to date he thinks that, though under the current circumstances it may seem he is not the one in control of the situation something he has yet to realize.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- “Lets.”- Lorelei took up Bellicus’s arm, as her guards allowed both to pass, and she escorted the intoxicated Bellicus, down to her lower chambers, that could be accessed via a stone stairwell. The grand oak door swung open, as Lorelei brought him in. The interior of the chambers, was quite plush, a large four posted bed, kingsize, with red satin sheets, and black covers marking the centre of the room. The stone floors, adorned with furs and scattered cushions. The chandelier over head, was covered in lit candles, and swung lightly in a breeze that was ventilated from above. Allowing him to stand in the centre of the room, Lorelei waltzed behind a sheer screen, and slowly disrobed from her armour and leather strapped gown, only to replace it with finely spun silken undergarments, black of course. Her silky crimson tresses were untied, to flow off her shoulders, and down her back, and on coming out from the screen, she was every bit the temptress that she was famed for. Skin the colour of alabaster, set off my ruby red lips, and eyes the purest jade. Lorelei sashayed back over to Bellicus and then pouted, making doe eyes, as she reached up for the red necklace, that hung around his neck. “Give it to me…..please.” <3>

IceTe3a: His senses were gone to him, as he entered the rather lavishing room, his hues glanced around uncaringly as he looked around meaninglessly, as lore disappeared into the back and came back wearing a silk undergarments, his hues fall upon her as he watched her without care. Hearing her ask for the pendant, her soft voice trailed into his ears as would the song of a siren, he was helpless to defend himself as it was too late. As he reached for his pendant his runic markings across his body started to glow softly in displease, although one part of his was saying no, he had no resistance in her asking of it, as he continued to watch her lips pursing and her hues, looking deeply with in him, he was indeed stuck in a web one of which he has yet to come to realize it was an unusual feeling indeed, something he was not used to but felt almost normal, but that feeling was a lie and was meant to be that way. Pulling the pendant around his head he had it loosely gripped in his hand as it dangled there, glowing an immense red in the air. “As you say” he said in a soft tone, surely this was not going to happen, he could not be come over so easily right? If he had any self thought or senses to his self, perhaps he would have drew his blade by now. Unfortunately he was in a circumstance he had never been in before, Many have tried to calm the beast and steal the pendant but this could be a first achievement for it.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Green eyes mesmerizing, Lorelei watched him extend his hand, holding the necklace, barely gripping it. But Lorelei did something rather unusual, even for her. She studied the jewel, holding it in her fingers, turning it slowly to capture the light. Swirling contents. Every few seconds, she glanced up at the eyes of Bellicus, and then back at the jewel. “You value this trinket greatly. I dare say, it holds great power.” And as easily as she had held it, she let it go. “Congratulations, Bellicus. You may put it back on.”- she then turned away from him, and sat casually on the end of the bed, crossing her legs, hands flat down on the black of the bed cover. And there she sat, as her pheromones would wear off him. Now, you are probably wondering, why she went to this extreme, to almost take his prize, and then as easily let it go. With a slight tilt to the head, she watched him thoughtfully. “As I said, I am very good at what I do. You are free to go.” Was that it? <3>

IceTe3a: He watched helplessly as she held onto the pendant, he could feel himself losing control over his own body as he felt the strokes from the pendant. The pendant was glowing an eerie red, giving a warm feeling to the one that held it, it must have felt powerful for one to hold such a relic in their hands. Standing tall and unfazed as she continued to examine the pendant he laid in wait his dull red hues watching her with the upmost calm sense about him, these pheromones really did a number on Bellicus, obviously never had he come across anything like this so he had no idea who or what he was dealing with, nor how to defend himself against such an attack. Watching lore as she continued to caress the pendant only to give it back to him, he grabs it slowly as he watches her sit down on her bed. As the pheromones start to wear off slowly, his senses came back to him as he remembers what happened and what was going on, what she had made him do. His eyes fixated on the pendant as he completely came back to his senses. He was that close to losing it all, how was this possible? Never in all the centuries had someone taken one of their pendants, not willingly and not whilst they were alive. The same thing ran through his head over and over again, ‘How was this possible?’ he continued to think to himself as other questions arose in his mind such as ‘ what exactly was he dealing with and how much does she know about him and the pendant?’ He wanted answers and he wanted them now, he cared not what happened next as his hues burned a fiery red. Placing the pendant back around his neck as it sent off another beating pulse every now and then, it was clear he was pissed, more so because of how close he came to being lost to the world. Standing up tall as he braced himself his fiery red hues flicker over to lore as she sat there with a slight smirk on her face, His runic tattoo’s now clearly glowing blighting up the room around them, “Quomodo audes…” (Translation: How dare you..”) he said in a firm tone as he took a step closer to her gripping her shoulder tightly with his left hand not enough to cause serious harm but enough to get the point across, not bothering to draw his blade as it was not needed. Bellicus clenched his right fist, “What are you, what did you do to me and what was the purpose of that” he said in a threatening tone. “If you ever attempt anything like that again, you will regret that day, or would you care to die now?” He bellowed in a deeper tone, as the walls started to rumble, the structure itself was fine and unharmed, it was only the depth of his voice echoing throughout the walls. Obviously this had struck a nerve, there was indeed something different about his pendant that was clear to others now, but did she understand just what she had done and what she almost had in her hands? And if she did, what exactly was she going to do, such information was not safe to have nor share around freely with others, this could cause some issues in the near future for him, or so he had determined. He awaited her answers to all his questions he had previously bellowed out, just to see exactly what she knew and what she didn’t know so he could better assess the situation now at hand.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Oh, he was angry. His body positively glowed fire hot, eyes burning like embers as he stared down at the spider maiden, who was seated at the foot of the bed. Coming around from the dazed state she put him in with her pheromones, he must have realised, just how close he came to losing everything in this world. “Quomodo audes…” (Translation: How dare you..”) Yep, he mad. His tone was firm and full of fury, as he seized her by the shoulder and lifted her to her feet, so he could give her a right royal tongue lashing. “What are you, what did you do to me and what was the purpose of that” His breath, hot and heavy was in her face and she blinked twice, about to speak, as he continued on his tirade. “If you ever attempt anything like that again, you will regret that day, or would you care to die now?” Lorelei’s mood altered as she snorted back at him, her eyes a sickening colour of green, as he had now awoken the vengeful spider within. “Yes, that’s right, be a brute, use your gnarled digits to bruise my skin. Feel any more like a man now?”- she shook herself free from his grip and rubbed her bruised shoulder, staring back at him through a veil of crimson, her hair partially masking her face. “For all your power, and size, you seemed to forget that one rule. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Had I chosen, I could have kept your trinket, and eaten you alive, while you swam in the warm waters of my sexual scent. BUT NO, rather I wanted to teach you a lesson, you proud git. Never…EVER trust a woman. Now…get out of my sight.”- She then turned for her duchess, and went over, trying to find ointment for her shoulder. <3>