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January 02, 2013 06:45PM
Expecting that the vile vial of noxious fluids was the wurm-piss that had transformed the gnomes into face-eating zombies, Valyn was determined to destroy as many of the gnolls as he could before he either succumbed to the malodorous malady or bested it. Stomping forward into the mass of chilled gnolls, many of which had suffered immediate frostbite of their extremities, dropping their weapons from numb hands and been slowed by the sudden lowering of their body temperatures. Bashing away left and right with the pair of maces he weilded, Valyn laid waste to the five gnolls closest to him. He snarled as he dropped the last of the gnolls within his reach. The rest he would leave to Charlotte and the others… he was angry. Glaring at the tunnel the attackers had appeared from, Valyn gave Agnost a silent command as he dropped the purloined gnollish mace. Agnost obeyed immediately, its form again seeming to melt and flow, splitting and settling over both hands when Valyn brought them together. Then, he again used his alternate form ability. Shifting into a felinoid humanoid he had encountered in his travels, he would be able to move much quicker and therefore he charged into the tunnel to follow it, hopefully to the den of the foul gnolls. Agnost shifted and solidified into a pair of taloned and spiked gauntlets… Valyn wanted to rip his new enemies to shreds with his hands. His dragon-nature coming through, he was thinking, planning and scheming. He wasn’t going to charge blindly in, no.. he was speeding toward the den planning to wreak havoc.

Valyn had travelled no more than a hundred yards when he felt a familiar vibration in the tunnel floor. He had resided in the tunnels and caverns of the undermountains long enough to be familiar with the signs of a tunneler wurm approaching. Valyn ran on, the best idea when one of the wurms was approaching the area you were in, was to no longer occupy that area. He kept a portion of his attention on the tremors in order to ensure he was not charging into the beast’s path, and the rest on the tunnel ahead. It would not do his machinations good to stumble into a trap. It only took a couple seconds for Valyn to be sure the wurm was behind him and would pass somewhere back there, probably not even intersecting the tunnel he was in.

Valyn ran on.

Something was odd… the tremors and rumblings had not faded. The wurm seemed to be pacing him. He was concerned by this development, but didn’t get paranoid, it was probably a coincidence. Or so he thought until the vibrations altered. He slowed to a halt for a moment. The wurm behind was closing as he paused, but the difference was… ANOTHER WURM! This was no coincidence, the great beasts did not congregate, they seemed to avoid each other, perhaps as a matter of feeding so that they did not strip an area. Maybe for safety sake, for if a pair of the behemoths collided, the speed they travelled at would most likely create a fatal impact for both creatures. Both were closing on him, the newest from his right. Staying still was definitely not an option. Valyn growled low, kicking off into a run again beginning to slowly pull away from the original wurm. The newest threat seemed to be shifting it’s direction, following Valyn’s progress. A part of his mind was intrigued by how the beasts tracked him through solid stone. But only a small part. He moved as quickly as he could without stumbling, sniffing deeply of the air as he did, following the gnoll-stench, it grew stronger… he was closing on his prey as his predators tried to close on him.

A worrisome sound echoed from behind him, the first wurm had broken into the tunnel Valyn ran down… he was no longer outdistancing the massive menace. It would be gaining slowly on him, the lessened amount of stone it needed to consume to travel allowing it to increase its own velocity.

Sounds of wheezing and running boots could be heard ahead. Valyn grinned, his own footfalls catlike soft and quiet… relatively. He muttered a spell now as he ran… the words quietened. His speed doubled as the incantation was finished. The Haste spell doubled all of his movement abilities, his running speed, reaction time… everything. The next thing he did was trigger his innate shadow-blend ability. This allowed him to blend seemlessly with the shadows he was so attuned to, granting him a level of concealment equal if not superior to an invisibilty spell. Valyn, now moving at exceptional speed, intended to bypass the gnolls he had been tracking from the scene of the attack, allowing his pursuer to hopefully render them to paste while he moved on to locate the lair of te canine curmudgeons… the gnolls.