Re: (RP) Planetfall, On the Wings of Eagles new
GrayGooTheory – Writer.
January 11, 2013 08:35PM


Even before the figure in the darkness had completely solidified Kyle’s attention was already elsewhere. Next to him was a simple and nearly inaudible pop. Nothing major; a little displaced air from what was approximately human sized as a figure. The issue however wasn’t the fact that there was a new arrival but who exactly the new arrival was.

It was Kyle. Or more appropriately a second Kyle. This one standing straight up, healthy, without any wounds or otherwise leaking fluids, and in a set of clothing that looked like it belonged on the big screen alongside of Frodo and Samwise instead of on the back of a man in the sewer tunnels of a futuristic metropolis. The two of them peering at each other. The localized and comparatively sickly looking Kyle the more shocked of the two as he pointed at the other before looking his cleaner and healthier self up and down once or twice.

Even with the very apperent differences with all the advantages and perks belonging to the new arrival Kyle 1.0 still smiled and jokingly pointed to 2.0’s waist region. It wasn’t until 2.0 looked down and back up hurriedly clearly angered that 1.0 started to bust up laughing. The joke obvious between the two of them and happening while everyone else in the tunnel was occupied. Neither of htem cared however.

“You don’t have any pockets!” The hilarity of the situation likely lost on any but the duo. Kyle 2.0 grudgingly accepting the fact and smiliing in turn. His hands waving back and forth to dismiss the whole thing and to hurry the entire thing along.

What wasn’t seen was a whole other conversation below the surface. As soon as Kyle 2.0 had arrived it had begun at the speed of thought. Messages jumping back and forth. Less of a language and simply an interpretation of the biochemical impulses between the two bodies. Or more accurately a literal sharing of thoughts over the distance of two to three feet. A perfect harmonization that went beyond the surface thoughts of the sentient mind but also delving into the metabolic functions of each other’s bodies all the way down to the individual cell.

All in all the wordless conversation would have ended in a fraction of a second using this method. It was everything else that forced the conversation. And even with this quick speaking they were forced still to act out one thing physically that could not be duplicated mentally.

“Two out of three.” Cited in unison as they both raised on hand to each other. The closed fists shaking up and down three times in unison before unfolding. The first revealing a flat hand to Kyle 1.0 and a closed fist for 2.0. The second with 1.0’s fingers to form a V while 2.0 held out a flat hand. The game had been won decisively as they had both withdrawn from each other’s minds. Kyle 1.0 had won the game of rock-paper-scissors.

The following moments were already decided by this without any argument between the two. Kyle 1.0 was sending a signal outward on various wavelengths. He had contacted what little mind the Squid drones had previously through a method of technopathy and was attempting to do the same thing again. Contact just a single Squid drone and force it literally to his feet like a pet dog.

Kyle 2.0 however was preparing for something else all together. His clothing peeling away until he was down to nothing. All the while his skin gaining more and more of a sheen like a layer of moisturing gathering along it. This of course was deceptive as it wasn’t gaining moisture but rather being converted into fluid. Which inevitably rose into a column that would come crashing into Kyle 1.0’s body unceremoniously as soon as he had stripped completely.

Kyle 2.0 completely encapsulated the local Kyle. Kyle 1.0 having since fallen to his knees in the mostly opague fluid. The two masses entwining themselves at the cellular level. Biomass getting accepted as fuel. Genetic information exchanged readily between the two. Direct deposit of cells from one to the other apparent as Kyle 1.0’s wounds were completely sealed and his bodily fluids replenished in the process.

It was during this somewhat lengthy process that the next Squidward would have shown up. Just as its programming had been commanded it had succumbed itself. Its main body moving to rest itself relative to Kyle’s knees with his tendrils held around it in a wild mane going every which way. Sensors and receptors pointing around habitually but its primary eyes never leaving the encapsulated man. Especially as the mass grew smaller and smaller until only Kyle 1.0 was left covered in what could only be compared to uncolored watery gelatin.

His eyes darting over to the kids and anyone else there only after all this. Assuming they would even stick around of course.