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January 13, 2013 10:11AM

Toburt had been busying himself and his immediate charges with intelligence gathering. The Scourge Eagles were learning much of this world. Such an outlandish collaberation of Imperial and Native technology. Surely the Mechanicus would be pleased to find such STC evidence. A trio of initiates had taken to the southern most bunkers owned in the region, their Land Speeder Tornado shortly after Toburts talks with Taru and the commanding staff in Nixagris. It was now a mutual understanding that the Scourge Eagles were actually planetside to assist the population of the world in the fight against Chaos.

At the southern most bunker, a mere ten miles from the edge of the Northwestern edge of Wyrmwood Forest, a listening post had just handed over it’s latest findings. An advancing force that bore a planetary heraldry, something that appeared as an elite corps of the planetary forces. Initiate Minder Garruss had left with a handful of his Initiates at great haste the minute the forces began an advance. ‘Vestul kall als’ck, Brehr Toburt.’ (Planetary Forces are coming to, Brother Toburt.) He cried over the secured vox channel. “Shto?” (What?) Toburt replied. ‘Yits’ (Confirmed), “Darsketh, ert’les morur frun mior.” (We leave immediately, regroup with forces on mountains.) ‘Veuila.’ “Veuila.” (Travel well on safe paths.).

Toburt sighed within his helm, almost as if in relief. His eyes opened and he looked to the commanding officers all aorund him in the miniscule conference room. He had orchestrated astrategic fallback, gathering all survivors, all refuges, all military personell who were not on duty to the Starport to occupy the immediate area. It was at this place the world would be able to best rebuild, rapid access to new, recently delivered material and the sorts. This news was of great relief. “You have incoming aide from the rest of your planets kind. I recommend taking their assistance and rebuilding your lands.” Toburt looked to the group, the cities Mayor, the commanding officers all looked to each other as if mutely debating among themselves if they would speak against the giant Astartes. “I know you wish to seek battle, we have seen the vid-links and various feeds of the hell brought to your lands. It is great fortune they did not bring to bare their worst assets. These elements we believe to be in the mountains where the majority of my brothers planetside are. We will rout them, we will defeat them. It is merely a matter of time. What we ask of you and the world, two days to ready your arms and the stoutest volunteers of your military. In two days, follow in our lead with supplies and arms. We will plant your flags in the hearts of the enemy and in two days time when you leave, we will have much relief to have you at our side.” Toburt finished as he looked at the gathering again. The mayor was almost sulking as he watched the commanders nod in agreement. “You have the thanks of the Scourge Eagles. Veuila, as we say in my tongue, to travel well and on safe paths, warriors of Nixagris. We will be proud to do battle at your side.” Toburt turned and walked out of the room, onto a grav-lift and up to the flightdeck. His squad had rallied their after rebuilding and buffing up the Starports defenses. The immedate surrounding blocks around the starport had been fortified and manned in various ways to maximize lines of sight and the able to employ killzones. Short briefings and displays of tactics, sharing of little knowledge and wisdom taught by the Codex Astartes. These brave defenders would be ready to fight only this time, in a fiercer and more lethal manner than before. Booby traps, tarantula gun emplacements, various supply caches for medical and ammunition needs were at the ready. Then the call to gather was made.

Toburt had organized the handful of the remaining defenders of Nixagris, aa fraction of their former size, an impressive display of men and women at 1200 strong, vid-links had displayed image of the giant Astartes on massive screens all around Nixagris, the feed was publicly broadcast and over ruled most signals in the air.

“Citizens of the land of Nixagris, you have been tried and proven in the harshed of colds and most fiery of battles. You have survived the horrors of a war that should have never been brought to bare on your world by the trecherous forces of the Great Enemy of All. We plea with you, rebuild your lands and homes. Know in and trust in your fellows. Your part in this war has come and where we tread, dangers that none of you could imagine or survive still dwell. Where we go, we will bring your banners,” Toburt was on a rampart at a parade ground on the western side of the Starport. He held high a trio flags, one of Nixagris, one of it’s military coat of arms, one of the world, the flag of Lacardis. “Where we will tread, we will bring the fury and vengence we all must have unto these fiends. Where we tread, there will be retribution. Be well people of Nixagris and be ready, on the dawn of the second day after our departure, you ride to war!” The crowd below saluted, cheered, some jeered, others wept for joy, pride, fear, sorrow. Toburt turned from the rampart and looked to the gathered persons around him at the starport. The mayor was attempting to make himself scarce. “Veuila.” Was all that Toburt said as he marched towards his sqauds. Stormeagles and their mighty Thundereagle had awaited their return eagerly. The Astartes boarded and made ready for take off. In an undisturbed five minutes, they took off. The Land Speeder Tornado used by the Initiates down south had taken off at top speed and minimal altitude due Southeast towards the mountains, now too did the battle brothers knowing the Starport secure and in the capable hands of the Planetary Forces and the people of Nixagris. Toburt sent his reports on take off straight to Captain Eyrem.

In the Fjelding Mountains, on a derelict road that nature slowly began reclaiming, the treads of Razorbacks, Rhino APC’s, mighty Land Raiders and the tires of assault bikes left a new path in their ponderous wake. The armored column stopped at a large intersection. It was obviously used for heavy land crawlers, depicted by an old sign displaying heavy vehicles with attached trailers. The advance halted near a waymarker to one, Jim’s Minig Co. Work Site, it was by this sign a tent was pitched and alone, in walked their Mystic and their Captain. Eyrem had just received the last of Toburt’s report. Nixagris would be held and the Starport was in good condition, the planet had it’s own forces in-bound and until otherwise given orders, the Scourge Eagles refused to engage anything but the Great Enemy. Eryem looked to prior reports from hidden, lurking servo-skulls and servitors that were littered about the woodlands, he did not trust the technology he saw, nor the figures he witnessed moving. However he would not deny his battle brothers their chance to do battle with the forces of Chaos.

“Brudr Mestuk Hes, yi’lyt dal Grand Eagle Drakon?” (Brother Mystic Hes, will you update the Chapter Master?) Mystic Hes bowed and went to one knee. A Codicer by rank and a powerful telekineticly inclined psyker began his meditations, his mind’s eye opening, reaching far across the veils of space and time, shifting through the Immaterium, far off an impossibly bright beacon of light, the Astronomicon, the essence of the Immortal Emperor of Mankind shone to guide Navigators and wayward vessels through the churning maelstrom of thought and emotion, the stuff of nightmares and daemons. He shifted through but a few strings of an infinite and incomprehensible void, his soul projecitng out and searching for a familiar essence, the soul of their Librarium’s leader, Draike.

Captain Eryem stepped outside the tent that was filling with various incense courtesy of a quartet of servitors that were ready to assist the librarian at a moments notice. He surveyed the warband around him. Skimmers, flyers, tanks, APC’s and warbikes, little did the gear matter as he did not look for those elements, instead he looked over the gathering of battle brothers. A trio of 5-man squadrons on their bikes, each with an attack bike side car holding another battle brother and a heavy weapon. Land speeders hovering close to the ground, Thundereagles and Stormeagles overhead circling low.

Then they felt it. The ground shaking, quivering underfoot. The astartes pulled inwards from the side of the mountain and road, ready to start hugging the mountainside. Troopers in their tanks remained but the bikers and those already on foot made motion and then beneath the feet of Brother Eryem, earth gave way for 3 meters all around him. Into a hole he fell, but the ground kept shaking. A wift of a foul, rancid breath tainted the air, wreaking of putrid decay and sulfur. Eryem was glad to have his helmet as he then realized, the native creatures had not yet been learned to fear man. A gapping maw engulfed the Captain and snapped shut as the long and slimey figure of a great landwyrm erupted from the ground. Immediately the Astartes reacted when it shown it’s presence. In the minds of the Battle Brothers who saw their Captain first there and then a mighty beak replaced him, it wasn’t even a second later they roared at once. “SHUO!” (Open fire!).

Boltguns leveled off, flamers trained and as one the Astartes began firing on the great beast. The sky around them was filled with added fire power from their air forces, autocannons and missiles entering the fray at the base of the creature. It’s green flesh giving way to the hail of fire. It screeched and writhed when it realized what was happening, attempting to rampage it found itself trapped and unable to move on, then something inside of it erupted, bursting out from it’s gullet. The Captain Eryem Melar had pruduced his plasma pistol and combat knife from his side and backwards the beast fell. The Scourge Eagles ceased fire and their Captain crawled out from the beast’s rent throat and hit the ground faceplate first. Audibly he groaned his greivence on his external vox before picking himself up and turning to face the creature as it’s life force faded from it’s eyes.

“GESTHUL PER’KRESSH!” (Only my damned luck.) and with that his battle brothers broke into laughter as they preoccupied themselves with reloading their weapons. Eryem was covered in viscera and gibs of meat from the beast as it’s body lay there limply. The Astartes force had riddled it’s body with a multitude of holes and large portions of it’s flesh scorched, setthed and continued burning, all in a matter of seconds they brought the beast down. At least 10 meters thick they had already determined it was a burrowing lifeform, but something was so unnatural about it.

It was then that their Mystic cried out. “This beast came from The Enemy. This creature is tainted, remove it so I may continue updating our Lord.” Eryem sighed and the Astartes went to work. Grateful for the winches and tow wire from their vehicles, the Thundereagles and Stormeagles were teethered to the creature over the span of an hour and then they combined their engine might. For a breif moment the wire and cable now bounding the creature went taut and squeezed into flesh, yet did not give way. Then it moved. The aircraft had begun hauling it’s bulk from the mountainside, foot after foot, armspans, meters and meters of it were drug free until it’s weight buckled and it began falling free as the majority of it’s body out weighed what anchored it. The creatures corpse fell as the cables and wires were cut the moment the aircraft jerked under the shifting forces.

Down the mountainside did a massive wyrm fall, rolling and crashing down, trees and flora crushed in it’s wake. A beast of at least half a kilometer lay slain at the foot of the mountain and a new path now presented itself. Eryem stood there grumbling before he barked an order. “Make sure you add this to the report Brother Hes! Tell Brother Draike to inform Lord Drakon that we finally found something uglier than the Orks!” The warband again howled with laughter.

The Flotilla maintained outside of the Asteroid belt, still hugging it’s exterior for cover from the inner worlds. Drakon Macar had been planning a series of surgical strikes against Captain and his fleet, the Flotilla had begun breaking up into squadrons of Astartes and Mechanicus as Drakon began the coordination himself. Then there was a disturbance at the edge of the sector, then came very familiar frequency and comm’s codes, those of the Imperial Navy. Drakon looked up from what he was doing and ordered a servitor to bring up the hails from the Naval forces. The message came:
“Attention Imperial Vessels. I am General Constantine Iacton Kurze of the 901st Death Korps of Krieg Siege Unit. We are awaiting your orders.” 

‘Krieg? KRIEG?!’ Drakon’s mind mulled over the very concept. He hadn’t sent approval or request for aide. Then it dawned on him, yet again SHE went ahead without so much as a forewarning. The Grand Eagle looked up and began sending orders for a return hail.

“This is Grand Eagle Drakon Deritako Macar of the Scourge Eagles Chapter Adeptus Astartes. We are sending coordinates for your approach and destination, be there within the hour and launch shuttle craft to meet on the attached vessle code also containing verified docking priority orders.” Drakon made certain the message was sent. At least now the Imperial’s were promised a victory not only over Captain but in purging the world of the Chaos forces below.