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Dead Nation
Welcome, to Shangri La
DarksiedtheLegend: -Raven would be transported into a plain of stars and planets and it seems like she was standing on a meteorite as Rotal seems to be in front of her floating around as he spoke-(Rotal)”Don’t worry we aren’t in space this is one of those protection charms or whatever they call those things. It’s like a defensive barrier that prevent casual portal jumpers from entering certain dimensions, portals, worlds the whole nine yards…each special protection is different from the last one while this gives the illusion that the portal jumper or user accidently made wrong turn or something like does that know about the charms and what not knows there is a certain code to getting into these places so don’t worry just stay put while I get this whole business taken care of…” –As Rotal would be seen swimming through the stars to retrieve a planet as he got close to Raven before revealing to Raven that the planet would open up to a control panel as he starts to press a few buttons on the control panel before looking to Raven-(Rotal)”Now we wait for a bit….might I remind you the doors are pretty ancient so the mechanisms in place will take a while got any questions about school or something until the mechanisms click.” –Now back at the Fuyu no arashi clan financial headquarters would Sand looked on as Taru began to what he thinks might be her supposed transformation into the famed Beblith did he take his sweet time to recap his words as he realized he made a grammatical error as Sand would then say bluntly to Taru and Sora-
(Sand)”I believed I had made a slight error in words…What I meant to say those walking tin cans the so called Astartes…would be the ones losing a planet…I believe they have a home somewhere and I plan to attack that planet if and only if they dare harm a single hair on my precious Melinya….in my fit of rage I must have pointed my finger on the wrong humans…I intended to kill the place of origin of these Astartes if I’m lucky enough to capture one…But onto different affairs, how daft can you be? I keep asking and asking you what you want..but you do not want to say it argh why does everyone who comes to me say they want something but are afraid to spit it out already…I am going to keep this simple, I believe in your words that a fight is inevitable and we have to fight against those Astartes but I cannot involve the Fuyu no arashi clan as whole in my endeavour. If you need guns I would hand over all the prototype weaponry in my own laboratory…weapons that should rival the weaponry on today’s market. The Fuyu no arashi has refused to act but I want to act, members of the board some closer to the war prefer if such wars were removed…while they can’t raise their arms to do it, they will allow me to help them but the Fuyu no arashi as a whole must remain neutral but if I Sand were to go rogue they will accept my choice and if we fail to get rid of the Astartes in their invasion then the Fuyu no arashi clan would wash their hands clean off me and sent to my executioners…Do you know how much I am risking meeting you? A lot more than anything you could imagine but if you could then it’s the equivalence of me losing all my patients on the old planet…Something I never want to see again…So I believe that if to save lives you must snub out others than yeah let’s kill some Astartes but remember this the Fuyu no arashi clan isn’t helping you but me Sand leader of the black military projects of Nemaeus and head scientist of weaponry and armory…So speak now Miss Carrendar what is it you need from the head weapon smith of the land?
”CharlotteCarrendar: – Sky, black of night with stars dotted as though sewn onto a black velvet blanket. Planets, and suns all around, while Raven herself was standing on a meteorite of all things. She teetered precariously, back and forth, waving her small arms, as though to hold balance. Oddly enough, Rotal was just lazily swimming about, not having a care about the lack of gravity. It looked truly odd indeed. As Rotal floated about, he explained that the plain was not in fact real space, but a was described to her as a charm. Course, this was very hard for the young bebilith to understand. Her mind was full of questions, but before she could ask any, he was off and away, swimming through the air towards a planet, which opened itself up much like an egg. Raven had thought she had seen everything, and had to rub her eyes and focus once more. Nope, she wasn’t dreaming, this was truly happening. Rotal enquired if she had questions about the school she was to attend, and she did have a few choice ones. “Is this school just for children and teens, or is it for older people too?” She asked, still trying to keep her balance on the meteorite and not fall. “Do the Masters know about me, and the fact I am a Carrendar?”- that was another thing that made her wonder. Would she be treated different for her lineage? Was it seen as a bad thing to the Masters? So many more questions needed answering. :: Sora helped gather Taru up off the floor, who was still a seething wreck. Sora attempted to brush Taru down, but she shrugged him off, and pulled tightly upon her cloak.
“I’m fine.” –she growled behind gritted teeth. Sand, it turns out, was not finished his speech, on what lengths he would go to to stop the Astartes if they even so much as harmed his cat girl friend Melinya. His passion he displayed for her, that he would go as far as to destroy the homeworld, said a great deal for his feelings against the men from the stars. Taru found the drive deep inside to face Sand and be blunt about her true feelings. Though sick and affected by the Black, she still had a maternal instinct, and wanted to see her children prosper and thrive in the future. Her face showed little or no emotion, as she approached him.
“Lorewall is in danger, and without the ability now for my children to escape via teleportation, that means we have to fight. I have a base of operations beneath Lorewall, in the Spire of Arachne, built by my half sister Charlotte and her twin Laertes. The tunnels leading to it are guarded by the squids, as well as the Ettercaps and phase spiders. But I have seen how the Astartes seek the demon and impure out. They are..they have devices. Boxes, that are able to harm and cause them great fear. I only managed against them because…*Taru tried to catch her breath, and then she slowly raised her sleeve and showed off a mark on her arm. It was the mark of the cult, the one that had infused the black into her body when she was just a baby. The mark looked like it had been carved into her at a very young age, and to top it off…it was the mark of a slave. Taru’s hand shook slightly, as her eyes met Sand’s. If he stared close enough, he would see the swirling of the black. Whether he even knew what this was, remained to be seen. *….I am not true Carrendar. My father was Baldrick Fitzgibbon….a human, my mother, Lorelei..*Taru swallowed and slowly lowered her sleeve*..I am a hybrid, who weeps black tears.”
Sora walked up beside his sister, and then he reached for her hand. “The army of Mazmezz…destroyed the hall. I know they built another, which my brother Izu commands. Since it is a floating fortress, run by a government with no leader, aside from Captain, I now want your help. With your weapon tech, and that battle fortress, along with the tunnels of the Spire, I want to defend Lorewall against the Astartes. Will you help me?” <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -In the Fuyu no arashi clan financial head quarters Sand would be staring into the eyes of Taru as he saw that mark on her hand and the words she spoke ah the words she spoke seemed to be the ones he had wanted to hear but alas he kept thinking how long does he have before the master of the Fuyu no arashi clan is finished with his analysis of the situation on the ground before he slowly returned to his seat with new knowledge it seems this Carrendar had an ally in that floating death trap and who knows what weapons are up there and even with the knowledge that these Bebiliths were underneath that meeting hall that accursed meeting hall which the Fuyu no arashi clan had scavenge in an effort to find remnants of a weapon that no one knew of only for their attempts to bear fruit as Sand sat on his chair thinking of the ramifications of his actions did he decided to do one thing as he reached into his pockets to pull out a business card as he also pulled out a pen to write on its back two simple words Sand allows before he attempted to hand the two Carrendars the card over to them as Sand talked-

(Sand)”While I can’t help you by sending men, I can instead send you to my weapons production facility take this card and go to the factory district go to a factory with the number four hundred and thirteen…The card will grant you passage into the factory look for the Avenging Angels member that control that area. Umm the Avenging Angels are one of the three gangs I hired to place law and order in the criminal underworld…I believe the man in charge of that area is called Larry at least that’s his human name…his real name and what he is, is a mystery to me. But I beg of you do not go around the bush for this one and whatever you do never raise your voice to this one not even a higher pitch. I know its much to take in but while the other Avenging Angels would try and pretend to be a tough person…He is one of the core members and he isn’t afraid to put in your place…As long as you are on his turf you follow his orders without hesitation I’m serious on this matter…Don’t mess with him and don’t try to pretend you don’t come there to get weapons…You tell him straight you are there for weapons and Sand allows it. He will show you he is in charge so don’t act all high and mighty on him, don’t try to dominate him, don’t try to show you are superior to him, don’t be hostile with him and whatever you do don’t point a weapon on him not even if he handed the weapon to you and you aim it at him as a joke…Don’t do that. But its ironic the Avenging Angels are one of the groups that will fight if the Astartes start to attack them and for a bunch of misfits who pretend to be Angels they are actually everything the Astartes stand against heretics, mutations, witchcraft and finally demons, but they wait for the first strike before letting loose the guns of war…Remember don’t try to be hostile towards Larry, he may act like a calm gentle and joking type of guy but he could just snap at the first sign of hostility…even I hate that about him but I’m lucky that Helmet is there leader and not him…Remember my words and oh if you are going there bring your own truck cause I can’t afford to allow other members of the Fuyu no arashi clan to know I’m helping you…They are very strict about their neutral position.”
–If they take the card would the elevator doors begin to open up as the elevator lights lit up to show its working and ready for them. While back in the underground tunnels of the Dead nation would Rider be shocked to see that Raven and Rotal went through some sort of portal as she went to try and get close to the portal did the boss of the flusher people simply say-(Boss)”You wouldn’t be able to enter there Miss…” (Rider)”Don’t say my name.” (Boss)”You really hate it when others say your name so okay what do you prefer to be called? So as to avoid the mud slinging” (Rider)”Just call me Rider.” (Boss)”Ok Rider”-As the Boss said that name would he wave his jelly arms in the air as the fat on his arms swayed left and right before he placed them both down again–(Boss)”Why you came over right now?” (Rider)”I’m hoping to find some flusher work for the Carrendars.” (Boss)”So those two, you got a name you two or do you prefer me to make your sign an x so if you get lost I send the paychecks to Miss Rider.” –And one could easily catch that Boss was being extra sarcastic when he said Rider while in the cosmic plane of the protective charm in did little Raven asked two question to the man known as Rotal-(Raven)“Is this school just for children and teens, or is it for older people too?” –And as Rotal thought of an answer did Raven asked her second question did he calmly listen-. “Do the Masters know about me, and the fact I am a Carrendar?
–As Rotal thought of an answer before speaking up clearly to her to hear-(Rotal)”Little little Raven, I have news for you… Potentials come from every age possible to every size known for a potential is sometimes already a member of a clan but has yet to see her or his color some might be lead to believe that they are already a member of that clan and don’t need to see their color thus stay for years on end…the ritual you went to used to be a rite of passage for some clans but times has changed so has the number of potentials…why in fact a child could be teaching the adults and vice versa…though its open to many ages it sometime hard to tell the teacher from the student while we might not be able to teach you everything you need to know we will get you through the basics…As for the masters knowing what you are, I haven’t got a clue but it doesn’t matter what you or who you are everyone treated equally here though some more than others due to them being the next line to replace their master and yadda yadda you know all that nonsense of succession and what not…”
–As the gravity would return slowly allowing themselves to return back upright into standing position would the stars, sun, moons, and planets faded into darkness as a loud audible creak can be heard coming from the front of them as light begins to pour and open up to a room, a room which had pillars with vines wrapped around the pillars, grass grew out of the stone floors, sun light seems to peek in through certain cracks of the ceiling as Rotal began to lead the way through this vegetation until taking a turn to the right to pass some more pillars with vines wrapped around them as Rotal lead Raven to a jungle where one could waterfalls in the distance and the cheerful cries of children…as the sun was in its full glory as Rotal looked around to see if he could find some person would he return back into the temple as he looked at Raven-(Rotal)”Welcome to Shangri-La well at least that’s what we called it ha ha I am going to find the head master and probably a teacher…”