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CharlotteCarrendar:- Taru fixed her gaze on Sand, and listened intently to his instructions, on exactly where to go, in order to get necessary weapons, to aid in the fight against the Astartes. He offere d a card, holding it out towards Taru, who was not quite ready to take it. Her right hand fidgeted, and Sora seemed to be pressed that she takes it from him. A simple glance, where the male Bebilith shrugged, to suggest he could not see the harm in it. Taru relented, and then took up the card, turning it over, as Sand went on to explain, that if they were to approach Larry, it would be with extreme caution, and good manners to boot. None of that stand over bullshit. Respect begets respect. Checking the address on the card, she was unsure of the exact location, and knew she would require some aid in tracking these Avenging angels down. “We will meet again.” Taru said calmly, having regained her composure, as she tucked away the card.

The doors to the building came back on, and then the Bebilith were free to leave. Making their way out into the city streets, Taru stretched her back and then smacked her brother’s arm. “Don’t ever tackle me like that again.” Sora responded with a mock sound of protest before smiling. “So…we need a truck. Got funds to buy one?”- Sora asked with interest. Naturally, Taru didn’t have a penny on her, or a Rend. But she then saw something of interest; a delivery van, moving furniture inside an apartment. Its back was practically empty, and the driver and his partner, were taking the last of the lounge inside the building. “I think….I just found our truck.”

:: In the back office of the Down the Drains shop, The owner, known as Boss, was enquiring as to the names of the the two Carrendar that were before him. Baldrick stepped up, keeping a hand upon Paige’s shoulder. “Err…Baldrick Fitzgibbon, Sir…and this is young Paige..Paige Carrendar. Her mother was Charlotte.”- Paige nodded slowly, feeling bad about being left behind with the old fart. Still, she was not altogether sure, she could of handle wherever it was that Raven was taken. “Where do we sign to work?” She asked, her voice a bitter higher than normal.

:: The light erupted before Raven, as she stood in what best could be described as a great jungle forest. There was the happy gurgling sound of a waterfall; pillars from grand temples, covered in vines and creepers. The rising songs of children’s voices, cries. This was a blessed place, far from the dangers of the tunnels of Dead Nation. Everything here, was alive. (Rotal)”Welcome to Shangri-La well at least that’s what we called it ha ha I am going to find the head master and probably a teacher…” Shangra-la…a place of dreams, beauty and truth. Raven marvelled in the spectacle, the sun pouring through the canopy covered tree tops, the sounds of abundant wildlife, that frollicked happily. Raven was still wearing her mask, and the tattered robes. She stood out like a sore thumb in this idyllic place. “Ill…wait right here then, shall I?” Course, she was now talking to herself. Who were the Masters, and could they show her the true path, to learning of the black? <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -The man known as Sand waited a few moments before speaking out loud-(Sand)”That conference was undesirable…do you have your results?” (?)”Yessss I got my ressssultssss” (Sand)”I hope that the result is desirable Finster.” –A creature would slither across the room staying always in the dark before speaking again-(Finster)”Itssss dessssirable I have obtain the data that bebilithssss posssssesssss.” (Sand)”So we begin the process of human morphing Rahaghouls?” (Finster)”Without problem but I need data from thosssse sssspaciesss.” (Sand)”You want an Astartes? That’s a lethal game you are playing can I at least known why?” (Finster)”I need their cellssss.” (Sand)”How so?” (Finster)”My creationssss need to be able to hunt them with doubtssss.” (Sand)”Isn’t the Rahaghoul perfected yet?” (Finster)”No to much dna needssss to be analyssssed. What about the gangsss?” (Sand)”The Telsa Teknos has begun with their own art of cyborg creation remember Buzzsaw well they are trying to create newer versions of cyborgs in fact some of the Telsa knights has begun the cyborg process in fact some perfect a technique called the Electrolauncher…while other members are going for the insect cyber parts… Avenging Angels are producing black project prototypes from the military black funds even the one known as Omega Rudy carries a fully operational prototype flying armor suit code named the Angel even the laboratory breed mutation Alex Dino appears to be achieving a new state of powers but that’s highly questionable due to his irrational fear of the doctor

…The Red Ravens are the only one silent due to the sudden shift of power and Shino’s domination of the territories and so far Kane is missing from the limelight…Natasha place is cleaned, her stuff returned to their place and her car awaits for her in the secret garage of the Hidden Oasis…Some of the agents has begun also creating cyborgs but others are given enhancements for missing limbs but some of them would prefer if we can get the limb regrowth process ready but so far no results…”

(Finster)”Do you think you give too much information to thossse Carrendarsss?” (Sand)”It doesn’t matter how much information I gave to her it would be useless if not given to the right people. As long as the master rules the Fuyu no arashi clan than we will stay neutral but that is if the Astartes are foolish enough to fire the first blow then we start with all the secret offensive and defensive measures.” (Finster)”And the Rahaghoul will rissssse again once more”-Back at the down the drain shop would the boss just shake his head as his heavy fat chin as it followed him before he spoke-(Boss)”Every flusher person hates being known that they work in the business kind of like Miss Rider over there and some others have names that can’t be written even if I tried so they got a normal name…. heard the term fake names, alias…besides the name Carrendar is like painting a bulls eye on a house and that goes for you too Baldrick…So care to give me a fake name and pick wisely most names down here are pretty much stick to you for life well at least in this business ”

-Back in the supposed Shangri-La as Rotal was about to start his search did he just point out the obvious-(Rotal)”Nope you’re going to be following me deary its not that far anyway…I could guess where the headmaster is so come along now.” –As Rotal begun his search for the head master walking through the jungle passing through various trees and vines as he even passed through various ruins before stopping in front of a tree well a medium sized tree as Rotal just spoke outloud-(Rotal)”Head master are you awake?” –To which the tree spoke-(Head master)”Yes I’m awake graduate student…was it Rotal? Yeah its Rotal.” –At this notion did the tree move to look at them or what appeared to be a tree was actually a man of decent height of seven feet, brown arms almost like branches as various leaves covered the sight of his hands, his body was in an old hallowed out tree, his legs were covered with various vines and leaves while his face was hidden by the hallowed out bark it would be clear to see that two holes were made to allow this headmaster sight as anyone could see his green glowing eyes and what appears to be a long bread made from leaves and on its supposed head was a bird’s nest with three eggs as this headmaster looked upon them did he speak-(Headmaster)”Rotal you brought me a potential?” (Rotal)”Yes headmaster.” (Headmaster)”Isn’t she a bit small than what you have told me?” (Rotal)”I told that she was of intermediate age not height” (Headmaster)”Hmm now come child let us get a closer look of you….don’t be afraid for I’m one with nature…” –The headmaster would raise his long arm towards the direction of Raven but wouldn’t move any closer to her as if he was waiting for her to come closer to his hand.-

CharlotteCarrendar; – The delivery men,were awkwardly trying to haul a sofa up some stairs, when the driver heard the sound of the exhaust, then the next thing, his truck pulled out and away from the curb, the bold letters on the side reading “Frank’s removals” becoming obscured by the other buses and vehicles, that were joining rush hour. The driver dropped his end of the sofa, and it landed solely on his foot. “HEY! Come back with my truck!” Taru, was behind the driver’s wheel, trying to dodge and weave in and out of the lanes, as many a motorist honked their horns. “This is fun!”- she squealed, never actually driven a vehicle before. Sora was clinging to the door, being taken on one hell of a ride.

A double take and Taru barked. “Address on the card. Where do we have to go?” Sora released a hand from the door grip, then tried to read the card, as the truck lurched across the road. “I remember him saying it was for the Avenging angels member, to lead us to the factory. Uhm…I wonder what part of town that is on?”- Going through a red light, Taru grimaced as she had not gotten clear directions. “We head for the Industrial area, South Lorewall.” The truck would swerve another smaller car, as it continued on its way, in search of the Avenging Angels hideout.

:: In the Dead Nation, Baldrick and Paige, were having to come up with new names, since using their original ones, may well cause them to be recognised by the men that worked for Butcher. “Names, names….names.”- Baldrick thought out loud. I know…Turnip.”- Paige glared at her grandfather and face palmed at the name, as he came up for one for Paige.. “And this little one will be known as Cookie.” So, the names of our duo, would be Turnip and Cookie. Delicious, but would they do the trick? Only the Boss, could agree. Baldrick looked on thoughtfully, wringing his hands, and Paige, simply folded her arms. “Cookie…hmph.” Baldrick leaned over and whispered “Could have called you Cup cake.”

:: Deep in the forest world of Shangra-la, Raven found herself in front of a great tree, who was actually a Master. A Master of nature. The Headmaster, gazed down at the diminutive Raven, who was small for her age. She raised up a hand of greeting, but was in awe of the strangely coloured fellow, who was brown skinned with leaves. ” (Headmaster)”Hmm now come child let us get a closer look of you….don’t be afraid for I’m one with nature…” Raven glanced at Rotal tentatively, then made the short steps across to the Headmaster, and bowed from the waist, only coming up to try and adjust her mask in his presence. “Salutations, Headmaster, I am Raven..Raven of Carrendar.” <3>