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CharlotteCarrendar:- The mountain of a man, Conan, regarded the children with something of disdain, since they were quite rude in their assumptions of him, due to his smell. He did however, have some questions in regard to initials, and asked the children, if they could help him. “ I am unsure if he is dead but his personalities have not appeared to who they were left to unless the letters C.C. mean anything to you both….” Luna and Seven glanced at each other and Seven said with a snort. “Only person I can come up with those initials is our Mother, Charlotte Carrendar. Unless the Captain has a name that no one knows about.”-This idea that Captain had another name had Luna questioning it as well. “Maybe it means Captain of Captains…but that brings in an “O”. I still say it means our Mum’s initials.”- Luna fidgeted with her mauve locks, and kept eyeballing Seven, who was getting tired of standing around. When Conan produced the letter, that was marked with C.C, both children leant forward, and Seven became confused. “So, you’re a messenger?” Seven asked with a quirky grin. The aging of the paper suggested he had had the letter in his care for some time. “A really slow one.”- Luna said with a chuckle. Conan, would explain that he had taken a vow, to ensure the letter be delivered, and that he would use his sword, to carry out the wishes of Shadow. On the offer of his hand to seal his introduction, the children were at first tentative to shake it. “I am Conan SilverFang Time ward for Cherokee sound wolves’ clan. Born 1500 B.C. at your service, and you are?” Seven, gave Conan’s hand a quick shake, then ran his hand across his Mohawk. “I am Seven, son of Charlotte, and this is my twin, Luna…we are both Carrendar, and we are about to search for our Mother.” Luna nodded in agreement, and then pulled on the edges of her dress. “Hello.” She was not too comfortable in shaking his hand. Conan was also trying to enlighten them….someone else, was speaking in a voice, that would reach into her mind. “And I am Brsinger voice and Spirit of The Gorya…….. Soundspell to my wielder soulbound to my wieldier.” Luna looked around and behind her, not sure where that voice was coming from. She then tapped her head twice, as if to rid the sound.

Seven shuffled his feet, and then said in a voice that appeared to be breaking. “We are on our way to our mother’s apartment. I have an idea…and *he reaches into a pocket and pulls out a key swipe pass.*..I stole this from Mum’s purse, last time I saw her.” – he held it up like it was a prize and Luna wanted to snatch it. “You had this all along?!” Her cry was a high pitch, and she growled like an angered kitten as he pulled it out of her reach. “Ah ah ahhhh. It’s safer with me, and besides, I been dying to go up there. *smirking at Conan, Seven chortled*. You want to deliver that letter, and then follow us. One way or another, you are going to meet, C.C.” Seven started to walk back down the street, as Luna skipped after him. “Think she has sweets up there?”<3>

TheGorya: -Conan cocked a brow at them as they were confused as he shook the young man hand as he nodded at the little girl- “well Luna and Seven all I can say is a pleasure to meet you…” –he looked at Luna as he noticed she could in fact hear Brisinger as smirked she didn’t know where the sound came from of course. he knew that these kids must be something else most humans can’t hear the pitch of Brisinger since it’s a higher melody than a normal sound it reaches to the higher limit as if it was a whisper of course most animals can hear the sound.

The melody it plays is soft a sweet tune normally enough to place someone asleep of course when speaking it tone of sound is that of a normal person talking but still plays at high tones. He knew they both could hear it the fact of the matter was he knew he could trust them for the time being. He watched as Seven pulled out a key form his pocket he kept quite as he watched them while he was interested as he watched them as Seven replied to him. “You want to deliver that letter; then follow us. One way or another, you are going to meet, C.C.” he pondered the words as he nodded while walking next to him as he left his sensor magic wide open to anything that might evil lurking around them or following him. His sensor ability is very vast for how much focus it takes he looked at Seven and Luna feeling something rather odd about them. He wondered is there something magical or demonic in them? He couldn’t quite place it of course he didn’t know the difference between different races or magic’s. That he was quite sure but he could sense the characteristic of a person. Finding out mood, intensions or even more so power level.

He nodded at Seven as he looked over to Luna as he hear her say something about sweets. He wasn’t sure if the term had changed in the past years he had been in sleep but from what he remembered that meant candy. He quickly reached into his endless bag of goodies of course the magic’s of the bag surprised Conan. Since he placed so many things in it but always had room, he pulled out a candy rolled in a plastic wrapper the label read “Chocolate rose” he picked up a bunch of them yet it still was fresh since the bag kept everything fresh and ageless like his body. He said to her looking at the small little piece of candy.-

“Do you like Candy Luna?” –he smirked hopping she would say yes as it was meant for her as he offered it to her.- “it’s from a old candy shop made in about 1965. It’s still fresh that I can tell yea but if you want it you can have it.” –he smiled at her still keeping his focus on where they were going as. His sensor was not picking up on much but with in the 15 block radius he could pick up on anything bad. He didn’t know if anything bad would happen as he looked to Seven asking him some vital question.- “so what can you tell me of your mother and your family. I would like to know more than just of whom you are if you don’t mind.” –He waited for an answer from him as they walked down the street.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Seven, marched off down the street, a teen with purpose, kicking the odd can and humming to himself. The key now safely back in his pocket, and he knew exactly which apartment complex their mother lived in, when she was on the surface in Lorewall. High Towers; the skyscraper at the heart of Lorewall. The living quarters of the rich and famous, as well as some nosy politicians, and smarmy business men. “Just another two blocks.”- Seven called back, as Luna appeared to be bringing up the rear. Luna was imaging what fine foods her mother must keep up in her luxury apartment, and day dreamed of laying on a big couch, surrounded by boxes and boxes of sweets and chocolates.

Course, her comment was not lost on Conan, who asked her simply. “Do you like Candy, Luna?” Luna stared up at the giant of a man, as if he was a few sandwiches short of a picnic. “Course I do. Sugar and Spice and all things nice. And candy IS nice…very nice.”- Picking up her step, since Seven had put some distance between them, Luna was surprised to hear Conan say he had candy from some old shop, hundreds of years old. On seeing the Chocolate Rose, wrapped in plastic paper, she was intrigued, but still bawked at its age. “How can something stay fresh, if it’s over a hundred years old?”

-Good question. Did this mean it was enchanted? Luna continued to walk, but enticed by the magical confectionary. “Mkay…just one.”- Not half trusting the giant yet. If he gave it to her, she’d take off the paper and pop it in her mouth, to chew with gusto. Across the road, and there they were. High Towers. Conan was wanting to know more about her mother and family, and Luna replied, as Seven took out his card for the door. “Err. Mum’s…a traveler. And..she has a huge..*Luna was about to say Thorax, when Seven interrupted. “The door key works. Come on, slow pokes. Off to the penthouse.” Going inside the plush foyer, Luna spun around, drinking in the ambiance, as though it was a fine wine. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan looked at them as of course Luna took the Chocolate from his hand as she would taste the fresh yet sweet chocolate with cherry in the middle of it. He nodded as she asked him if it was enchanted as he said to her- “the bag I have is endless and ageless anything within it is kept in dimension that is separate from this one. It cuts off time itself, however the bag itself is nearly impossible to destroy and can hold anything no matter how big or how heavy it is….” –he looked at Seven as they walked up the street.-

“I tried once to burn it to see how durable it is the fire burned out before the bag did. What enchantments are on the bag are unknown to me. It was a gift from a student of mine.” –he waited for Seven’s response but didn’t get one of course hearing what luna had to say of their mother as she spoke he listened. “Err. Mum’s…a traveler. And..she has a huge..” he questioned what she was going to say but of course as she could finish Seven broken as they got to the door and walked into the door. As he followed behind them as foyer was vast and big. The inside the building it was completely bright and decorated highly he had never seen anything like this. The bright colors and changes of style in buildings were giving him a headache. He kinda was having troubles adjusting to change as he gave a glum face.- “it seems everything changes so much with time…..” –he sighed as he spoke that out while placing his hand on the bridge of his nose as he closed his eyes then looked back up.-

“last time I was in a building I saw a man asking to carry my bags with bright red and golden lined clothing. Makes me sick that someone would even stoop to such a deed in this world.” –he was in fact very old fashion do it yourself kinda of guy at times of course he couldn’t really say much since he had to follow these kids around. Though the reminded him of what kids could be at this age. He knew if he had any luck he had to follow them and play along. He was more for adults but if these kids were a chance of him doing his duty he vowed to uphold so be it. He would of course go along with them. However he was quite annoyed he was being ignored his questions not yet fully answered as he knew they wouldn’t be answered right away. He growled as he only knew this woman traveled. He looked back up as he placed his hand back down to his side as he walked along with Seven and Luna. He knew maybe they would snooping in this woman’s house of course that’s how it has to be to figure out anything. His target was to find Charlotte Carrendar if it meant digging in clothing drawers so be it. –

CharlotteCarrendar: – Seven liked the idea of staying in a swanky hotel like this. With such opulent fittings, and the fountain, with a piano bar in the corner, it was the high life for the rich do well of Lorewall. Motioning for Luna and Conan to follow, he reached the lifts, and madly pressed the up button, bouncing from foot to foot. “So this is where she took her lovers. Hur Hur Hur.”- Luna rolled her eyes, and folded her arms, still chewing the ancient candy.

“Mom is not like that. She is a lady.”- Luna said almost wishing her own words were true. The doors pinged and then slid open, as Seven chuckled. “Yeah, we will soon see. Come on Conan.” Inside the lift, the doors would close, and Seven found time to comment on the bag. “Ever hid yourself in it? Like, put it over your head when with a girl?”- Luna nearly choked on her candy. “Seven!”- Seven mad some sick chuckle, as they reached the penthouse and stepped out into the darkened main room. It looked like she had left in a hurry. There was even plates with old food still on them. “Wow…must have been one hell of a date?” Seven said, picking up a piece of chicken bone, and tossing it back down. Looking about he then spotted a desk, covered in maps. “Hellllloooo Adventure.”-

But what had caught Luna’s attention, was a glass box display, that held a very interesting object. “Why would Mom, put a plush toy behind glass. Eww…looks ancient. I wonder what it is?” She lifted up the glass box and placed it on the ground. On the top of the display stand, sat a very weathered plushie. A doll that belonged to a woman who lived years before; a doll that was held as a teenager wept for her dying planet. A doll that had travelled with her owner, through the making of the nation. It was Charlotte’s plushie, it was her Grandmother’s. Luna picked it up gently, and then turned it over to see its string pull was missing. She asked Seven. “Ever seen this before?”- she extended out her arms, holding the doll. Seven picked up a map, and eyed Luna. “It’s just some relic…pay it no mind. “ Luna on the other hand, liked toys and so she placed it under her arm, and raised a finger to her lips to Conan. “I won’t tell if you don’t.” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan listened to the kids as they talked of lovers and even so Luna wanted to make sure that Conan didn’t get the idea that their mother might be a slut. He chuckled as he paid no attention to it as they entered the dim but mouldy smelling room. Conan could tell she did leave in a rush as the food was mouldy but hardly touched from the look of it. His heightened sense of smell made it kinda of unbearable but he had smelled worse than this.

He walked in seeing that Seven found maps and Luna had picked up an old doll that was older than he had seen. Luna told him that if he didn’t tell she wouldn’t at all as he said to her walking towards Seven and the maps.- “don’t worry if it’s your mothers you might have rights to it being you’re her child….” –he looked at the maps as he could not recognized any of them as he looked seeing different land masses from when he was alive.- “I am I even on the same planet anymore? Or did the land mass of the world change in the past hundred years?” –he was confused seeing a few he wasn’t able to tell were anything was. Russia, Japan, and even England wasn’t even marked anywhere on the maps. He looked around as he was trying to find notes on the table of some sort. Something else other than a map that could tell him where they might find Charlotte. He looked at the desk seeing mostly pens as he stood there as asked Seven.- “what does your mother do for a profession exactly?” –he wondered with all the maps scattered weather she was a scientist or if she was something along the lines of solider. He didn’t know he needed to know more about her. So he could understand who she was and why is she so important to the Gorya. Was she some last lover? Or was she just a friend that he found. Who was this woman, it was running through his mind almost annoying him to the point that he was feeling lost in logic.-

Thecyberbully: -Yawning to himself, the male keeps driving around in the stolen army jeep. His right hand hangs out of the window as he, in a slump placement, looked bored out of the window screen. He couldn’t remember where he had been. One moment, there was limited army strength around and then BOOOM…a high mass appeared out of the wood work. Maybe stealing the jeep a few years ago wasn’t a good idea at the time? Maybe he should have given himself up? Yah and maybe he could be a farmer. He laughed at his own thoughts as he had decided to go “cursing “. Maybe find some cheap ass hookers. Or maybe find some party girls and crash their party?

He thought about it as he pulls up the red light. Looking either side, he leans forwards as he narrows his eyes. He wondered how that bitch was, the one of that damn Lore. Well, time to go and locate the bitch and see how she was. Maybe she would let him get into pubs for free being the “ruler”. He grins to himself as another car pulls up beside him. “OI FUCK FACE”- The male in the stolen jeep tilts his head as he raises his eye brows, looking at the boys in a sporty red car next to him. “YA WANA RACE?” –The driver in the red sports car revved the engine up as the male shrugged his shoulders and nods his head.

Pressing down on the gas, he slowly revs the engine up as they both looked at the red light. Well this was going to be better than just driving slowly…Pretending to not be lost. …Both drivers still stared at the traffic light as it slowly changed from red to amber and then….green. Both cars shot forwards as the sounds of speeding cars racing down the empty streets echoed around the area. The jeep driver sees the corner first, hitting down on the gas pedal as he turns into the corner, easing up off the gas pedal as he slides the jeep around the corner. The red sports car does the same, power sliding around the same corner but just clipping the trash can on the side walk with right tail end. As they both straighten up, the male in the jeep looks up at some buildings.

Seeing some flashing lights as he had guessed there must be a party around there, he waves at the other driver as he allows them to overtake him. The passengers leans out of the window as they make gestures at him. He just laughs as he slams the gas pedal down. Waiting until it hits 60 miles per hour, the male opens the jeep door as he dives and rolls out. Sending the jeep into the back of the red car as it causes the car to spin out of control.. “Bang”. The male slowly stands up, dusting himself off as he yawns. Now, time to try finding where this party is-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Luna happily nuzzled the plushie with contentment, while Seven was playing Super sleuth in the den. Piles of papers, documents, and then there was a chinese scroll. The scroll had the seal of a gold Dragon, and Seven picked it up a moment, staring at the seal. “This looks important, going to keep this.”- He placed it with his backpack, and then rifled through more papers, as Conan had approached him in regards to what Charlotte did as a profession. Sighing, he replied; “She was the one that lead the resettlement of this world. Long before we were born. She wasn’t much older than us really. *Seven picked up an antique letter opener, that was made from bone, and then tossed it over his shoulder, where you could hear it go clunk on the floor.*

“She was Prime Minister, like her Mum was of Lacardis. Our Nanna. Lorelei Rose. She died in some big battle…in some far off world. So the scribes say. Luna held tight onto the plushie, and listened to her brother nodding as she did. “Mum was really important, but something happened. Maybe she got in trouble. I remember they said Grandfather was the Prime Minister, but he isn’t here anymore…he is with Raven and Paige, trapped in a portal.” Sadness was etched on her face, and she rested her head on top of the plushie. “Seven, I want to find Mommy. Can you find anything?” – Seven did finally unearth a map, it was of Fjelding in the East. The temple on the mount was circled in red pen and then words “Ritual of the Balance” clearly spelt out. “I have a feeling…this might be where she is heading.” Grabbing up the map, he stuffed the documents in his bag, and pointed to the stairs. “If Mom is hiding anything else, it will be in the closet. “ He was right of course, and Luna followed him up the stairs, tentatively. “I hope she didn’t leave a lover in there.” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan listened as they started talking about their mother as leader. She must be doing something important as he sighed trying to wrap his mind around a child being a leader. Then again he was just about their age when he was placed as ward of his clan. He knew that it could be possible for anyone to do great things in life before the age of adulthood. He watched them and continued to look through the papers. He looked at one of the maps as he thought maybe he sensed something in the penthouse as he looked around. He could feel something or was it just him to hype up over nothing. He was in fact an person who loved to rush things but then again research was key to finding where Charlotte was.

He listened to the information as he said.- “maybe she felt that leading a world was not in the best interest to her path she has chosen in life….” –he knew that anyone can chose a path they want its whether it’s in their best interest or if the gods that they follow deem it necessary.- “however I do have a bad feeling something that even Arren might have foresaw. I am sure whatever the reason maybe I think there is a reason I was placed in the time and this world.” –he made a hand sign of his clan closing his lower fingers as he made a prayer slowly as he tried to commune with the energy around him as he said- “Oh great wolf spirit Dai Tsu Dai Arren please guide me in this quest that my sword had vowed to please give me a sign if I am doing wrong in your ways.” –he looked up as Seven had pointed to the stairs as he sighed trying to commune to his god of course he felt nothing as if he was doing the right thing. He nodded to Seven as he didn’t want to find anything that he was going to regret later as he followed them. Slowly keeping his wits about him since something didn’t seem right to him.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Charlotte’s bedroom, was much like the modern apartments, of the building, and showed little of her demonic heritage. Cleverly masked her true persona, and radiating that of a successful young woman. It was nothing, like the underground spire world of the Catherdral of Fiends, and this had even Seven somewhat surprised. “She lives like a human.”- he said almost under his breath. He was actually ashamed, and snorted, as he picked up a red lips cushion off her bed. Tossing it back, he started to search through the drawers and her shoe boxes from high class department stores. Luna was next to enter and was literally gobsmacked. “It’s like…some fancy magazine cover.”

Then, Luna did something of a double take. She spotted, what was every woman’s fantasy; A walk in closet. Carrying the Cap plushie, she entered, as Seven was pulling out stockings from one of the dresser drawers. “Seven..? *click* Seven…?”- Seven had his head down, as he pulled out a funny shaped vibrator, that had pink ears. “What? I think I found some toys.”- Luna shook her head. “No…put that down…*Seven by now had pressed the on button, and it whirred and rotated in his hand. “Nicccce.” Luna stepped deeper into the closet and then saw a wierd panel with a hand print. She reached up and placed her hand on it, and the computer panel, read her dna, getting a match, and then a loud hissing sound was heard, as a huge section of wall drew back, exposing a mini arsenal. “SEVEN!!” she cried, then looked back at Conan. “Jackpot!” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan walked in following them as he looked around the room as seven found a weird shape toy he didn’t pay attention to it as he looked to see luna pull back from the closet as he grabbed the hilt of Brisinger seeing a wall extend he didn’t know what to expect as he saw a room full of weapons the room was odd as it is but a wall to move on its own was different to him. words said the words “jackpot!” he lowered his guard as he let go of Brisinger as he shook his head.- “what next a bunny that speaks in tongue?” –he wondered why hide anything but then again he was a man to hide anything as he knew it was possible for anything to be triggered. He saw weapons on the wall that seemed to be clearing visible but something was off about what else laid inside. What could it be he wondered as he said to Seven.-

“I wouldn’t touch anything without looking to see if there might be any traps for anyone who would try steal what you mother owns” –he knew that even with hidden rooms or hidden supply areas someone is bound to place security measure in case someone by chance got into it. Then again it couldn’t be helped if it was some sort of lock that a child could open it must be something that Luna and charlotte share to open a hidden wall either that or it’s the DNA of the Carrnedars. He looked at Luna and then to Seven as he said- “I don’t know much about technology of this age so you want to explain. What is in there that’s important to finding Charlotte?” –He was in fact confused of what was so important in this mini arsenal of weapons.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Seven was now going through his mother’s smalls drawer and pulled out a lacey black bra, trying it on in front of the mirror, and then using the vibrator, like it was a light saber. Clearly, he was easily distracted, possibly ADHD. ~whoosh…Whoosh *BZZZZZZZZ*..Whoosh whoosh…Hehehehe~ Luna set down the Cap plushie gently and then entered the weapons room. It was astonishing, with guns over every description, com links, and even a few gadgets she had no idea what they were. It was like Spy World, had opened its doors in her closet. “Never knew Mom was into this stuff.”- she picked up what looked like a pen, and pointed it at Seven’s backside, since he was parading in a black thong over his pants, and still dancing with the vibrator.

Luna flicked the switch, and a beam of light rocketed out and started a fire on his pants. “YEOWCH!!!” He dropped the twirling vibrator and danced around smacking his ass, to put the fire out. “Bitch..what the hell did you do?” Luna quickly put the pen down and pointed to Conan. “It was him!” Luna picked up the Cap plushie and hugged it, as Seven finally saw the arsenal. “Okay…this is cool.” He walked through the closet and picked up an automatic assault rifle, which was way too big for him. “Now we know how Mum catches men. *CLICK CLICK*….she hunts em down.” He said, staring down through the scope. Luna nodded, and then asked Conan. “If we are going off on a quest for Mummy, do you think we should take some of these guns and things?” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan stood there as he saw luna going into the room as he rubbed his head trying to think about this as he thought. “We really don’t have time for this. We should already be looking on that map to go find her “he looked to see Luna as she pointed a pen that shot a laser out at her brother as he when she finally saw what it did placing it down and blaming him for it. He shot a smug glare at her as he walked into the room with her as Seven was already looking at the guns and supplies of course Seven was already over that his pants were on fire. He looked around inside seeing medic supplies and food rations. The guns seemed alien to him he never liked guns nor did he know how to use one. Luna looked at him as she asked him a question “If we are going off on a quest for Mummy, do you think we should take some of these guns and things?” he sighed as he knew Luna had the right idea as he said- “the guns I am unsure about the supplies yes for sure we need to stock up on food and medical supplies. However…” –he paused as he took off the endless bag as he handed it to Luna- “can you start taking the food and medical supplies and place it in here for me? I need a moment to look at the map Seven has so I can figure out the fastest route from here.” –he knew he might be asking to much of her but he needed to find the fast route and figure out how far it would take as he looked at Luna. With the look she gave him his glum yet smug glare he gave before was gone as he looked at her smiling a little. The look on her face reminded him of a very happy memory. His daughter he once held yet even though Luna was much older she still had features about her that made him smile, she was cute in his book. She started to grow on him as he looked to Seven as he said-

“OI! Seven stop sightseeing and hand me that map you have in your bag and show me where we are going. We need to start planning for travel. Not for an assault on a war banned.” –he had no idea what they would face so they needed to pack light yet ready for anything that the road might have. He thought maybe they could travel by sound wave but they are kids and they might not be able to stand the pressure. The picture in his head when he thought this was the image of them being crushed he tossed that aside quickly as he thought most likely a plane or a jeep. He still wondered if these kids would take him seriously or throw his ideas out the window.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Luna tried giving Conan her most adorable and innocent looking face, like butter would not melt in her mouth. She even swivelled her toe, and bit her bottom lip, turning her waist back and forth. Conan was getting impatient with the Twins, and who could blame him. You had Seven standing there, in his Mother’s underwear, playing with an assault weapon. We really don’t have time for this. We should already be looking on that map to go find her “ Seven exhaled heavily, much like Mr Bean, and set back the rifle, before stripping off the lacy bits, whilst his pants were still smouldering.

Conan handed Luna, the special bag, and asked her to load it up with medical supplies and food rations for the journey. She gave something of a mock salute, and started to take down the spare medi kits, and dropping them into the bag. “I might go down to the kitchen for food though, I doubt Mom keeps anything edible in her closet.”- Seven piped up as he was taking out camping backpacks. “Maybe, edible undies. *snigger snigger*..I jest..maybe *sideways glance back at her smalls drawer* Again Conan started on Seven, and Seven backed up a bit, at the tone of Conan’s voice. “OI! Seven stop sightseeing and hand me that map you have in your bag and show me where we are going. We need to start planning for travel. Not for an assault on a war banned.” Seven shrugged, grabbing a gun belt and then marching over to his Mother’s bed and took out the map, spreading it out, as Luna went past and down the stairs, to get food stuffs. Seven ran his finger along the main highways, and then stopped at Lorewall Gardens.

“This is the gate..see? And it leads you up the Mountains by foot. I mean, if you want to go that way, be harder to be spotted by the Men in tin.” He gave a sideways glance up at Conan and said. “You know there is a war on, right?” Luna came back in and plonked down the food. “Mum doesn’t keep a lot of food here, but there is enough to do us a few days.” – She said, hoping it was enough to make Conan satisfied. Seven stepped back so Conan could look at the map, and then noticed something on the window ledge, but it looked like a toy. Something made by a craftsman, and it was highly detailed. Seven couldn’t help but walk over towards it, and he picked it up. It looked like a miniature battle droid. And as soon as he picked it up, its lights came on. <3>

(to be continued)