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Re: (RP) “The Dead Nation – Forum and Live Roleplay.
January 16, 2013 07:41AM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar DynastyDead Nation

A Spider named Cookie

A spider named Cookie.


DarksiedtheLegend: -At Shangri-La, Raven would bow down to the headmaster before announcing her name to the headmaster which only made him comment a bit-(Headmaster)”Raven a bird’s name to the house of spiders…don’t move for a moment” –As he said that did a bunch of leaves dropped from his right branch like arm as these leaves would then fly to Raven and traced her by moving around her for a bit then returning to the headmasters right arm as he continued to speak-

(Headmaster)”Ahh so that’s how you look like, such an unusual aura about you, Raven while I maybe the headmaster do not feel frighten to come and see me, I will always be here if a student needs me. Also don’t tell your name to anyone and don’t think the reason is because you are a Carrendar…the real reason to why you shouldn’t tell anyone your name is because to us…the masked beings…our names are sacred and holds a power unlike any other…it so sacred that only when two masked beings are united will the real names shine brighter than any light…thus the reason why every masked being to be born or to wear a mask has two names a real name and a name that is an alias or even fake…but a name you can choose for yourself.

In this world and the next they say that only when you are born can you receive a name that means something so important to you that you no longer need a second name, but our kind the masked beings we are the exception to that rule…now go and meet your teacher, he is waiting for you at the waterfall and he has much to teach you…the lessons that would be taught to you is patience, a lesson the former master of the darkness clan said was the most important lesson that should always be taught, another lesson would be the history of the clans next might the history of the liquid but then the next lesson is entirely up to your master…now go your lesson is starting, I must continue my commune with nature and those of the council.”

–The headmaster would move around to face the forest away from them as he then stopped moving and stood absolutely still as Rotal would nudge Raven as he spoke to her.-(Rotal)”Umm that means class has started and I learn that the hard way when I was here…come on follow me time to find the waterfall.” –As Rotal begin to leave hopefully with Raven following along now back to the dead nation the boss of the flusher people would just look at them for a moment before just nodding as he spoke-

(Boss)”Not the most unusual names I heard so I’m writing it down….ok Turnip and Cookie, I just hope this isn’t a jab at my diet so here we go and now the stamp.”-The flusher boss would just open up his table drawer before rummaging around in it before pulling out a stamp and an ink pad before placing It out in the table as he started to dab the stamp on the ink pad as he then stamped the names on his book as he said out loud-

(Boss)”Alright names accepted and on the off chance that you get lost or something like that I am sending your money to Miss Rider….So now what type of flusher person you want to be?” –Rider would then point out on the boss choice of words as she told Baldrick and Rider-(Rider)”There are various types of flusher people from just sewerage patrol, to clean up crews to even meat fighters… and due to the times I work as sometimes any job could get while other just wait for the sighting of meats…so it depends on what you want to do not the sewerage patrol while allows you to buy Otyughs it means you would need to also get into the sewers and clean up certain areas of filth and on the rare chance I find furniture but it’s rare while cleanup crews are the ones who would lose their sense of smell over time because due to the circumstances some meats sometimes die in areas that most cities had in the past used as well sewage farms…the old days didn’t knew how to clean up after themselves and the meats are somehow using it as a grave site of sorts…and then there is the meat fighters that once the first sign of a meat is discovered near the outer city limits and are somehow coming closer those the meat fighter well get ready to fight…Technically all jobs require Otyughs but the costs are different so it depends…oh yeah on the off chance we get requests from the people currently living in the surface to find objects…sometimes the object holds some sort sentiment value or is otherwise valuable so in a way we also act as treasure hunters or would the term tomb raiders work in this situation?”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Raven was in her bow, and about to right herself as she spoke. The Headmaster, spoke to her in a way that caught her by surprise saying “Raven a bird’s name to the house of Spiders, don’t move a moment.”- Raven stood perfectly still, unsure of what the Tree Headmaster wished of her. Keeping her arms down by her sides, she watched as a bunch of leaves fell, and swept around her, flying though the air to create her outline shape. Blinking, as this was most unusual, raven waited quietly, as the Tree Headmaster gained an insight to her appearance, by using the leaves.

The Tree headmaster spoke to her kindly, and with care, suggesting she not fear the Tree, if she felt she needed to see him. Raven felt using her name in her introduction was the respectful thing to do, however, down at the School, it was only the first name that counted, or a name as an alias. How Raven came to have her name, was an unusual event, as when she had hatched, a Raven had flown in and played up merry hell. The Ettercaps tried to shoo it, but it refused to leave the cavern. When Taru saw it, she recalled it from bothering her as a child. And so the name of Raven, stuck with the small red haired child. A spider named after a bird? Unusual, but then again, so was Raven. She did indeed have an unusual aura, as the Tree Headmaster pointed out.

At the suggestion, that Raven would require her name, and an alias, she thought for moment, on what alias would suit her best. A word that may also describe her in a sense, and she did come up with one, that she knew suited her. Excused by the great Tree Headmaster, she had already picked her name, that she would use to speak with her Teacher. Rotal was ready to lead the young Bebilith down to the waterfall, where her first lesson would commence. “I hope I am not late, Rotal.” – she said anxiously, taking care as she walked through the jungle, stepping over vines, and rocks. In the distance she could hear the roar of the water from the waterfall, hitting the rocks, and the freshness of the air, with the cool spray was a welcome relief. “I have my second name picked too. Just hope it doesn’t sound too silly. *she sighed for a moment and said* Wonder how Paige and Grandfather are going back at the Down the Drains store.”

The newly named Turnip and Cookie were officially registered with their names, by the Boss of the Down the Drains shop. It was truly a relief, to see him take out the inkpad and then stamp the approval. Perhaps now, with Raven off at School, the two remaining Carrendars could get the employment, that they needed, to earn their keep whilst staying with Rider. Baldrick was pleased, very pleased of the progress, while Paige had to adapt to being called Cookie. Whoever heard of a spider being called Cookie? Baldrick kept trying to be encouraging, patting her shoulder, even giving a little squeeze, just to let her know, she was not alone.

Right, so now it was time, to select what area that the two wanted to work in as Flusher people. This was not the nicest job in the world, and in fact it was one of the lowest. But as it was, this to be a profession that would truly test them, and take them far outside their comfort zone. Baldrick, didn’t need to be asked twice, and stepped forward. “I would like to tackle cleaning the sewerage, since I am not afraid to muck about in the tunnels. I don’t think I am up to meat fighting, mainly due to my age, if I was thirty years younger, I would consider it. But that is my choice.” Baldrick closed his speech with a firm nod, and then looked down at Paige, who was fidgeting and tugging at her mask. She truly wished Raven was with her, or her own siblings, Luna and Seven, who always seemed to know the way to go, or what choice to make.

But then…little Cookie said something that would shock even her Grandfather. “Well, if my name is Cookie, then…I want to learn to be a meat Fighter, like Rider.”- Would this shock those around her? Baldrick, was shocked indeed. “You what? But that’s dangerous. Are you truly sure?” Little Paige, stuck her diminutive chest out and said with pride. “Sure as sure. I want to be the best meat fighter the tunnels ever saw.”