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DarksiedtheLegend: -As Rotal and Raven were running to get the waterfall would Raven then say out loud-(Raven) “I have my second name picked too. Just hope it doesn’t sound too silly. –At this answer would Rota respond to her as he jumped over some vines-(Rotal)”Your second name might be given to you by your master it differs from clan to clan but it’s usually the master that picks your name but on rare occasions the student gets to pick his or her own name, but that isn’t the case for me as my master from the clan of shadows named me since his name is Translator he decided my name should be his name in reverse Rotalsnart but he didn’t like how it rolled on the tongue so he gave me a first and a last name and thus my name was born Rotal Snart….Hmm that must be your teacher.”

–As Rotal pointed out a man dressed in black robes sitting on bank of the river underneath the waterfall as the waterfall would splash onto the rocky bank as soon as Rotal and Raven got close enough to him did the master pulled out a small tape recorder out of his robe and pressed the play button as a male voice began to talk-(Tape recorder)”Greetings young and lucky student of the clan of darkness…You had been selected by the mysteries powers of destiny to join our clan. And here I stand a humble teacher in the ways of darkness and for your information this is not my actual voice this is a voice of a lackey. HEY! I RESENT THAT MUTE, YOU COULD HAVE AT LEAST CALLED ME SOMETHING ELSE…OKAY I’LL READ THE SCRIPT….The voice is actually someone else but for the sole reason of not trying to confuse you I decided his name would not be revealed as of yet….The person who is holding the tape recorder is known as the Mute and over the duration of your studies he will introduce to other people so while this might not be the last time you hear my voice…you will in fact meet other members of the clan of darkness this way until your graduation….the first lesson mute will teach you and quite possibly me is a simple one, first step take a deep breath now I want you to clear your mind for other distractions like stress, worries and other things cause this very moment you don’t need to worry about anything for this is your time…Your very special relaxing time where nothing will distract you so just relax and let nature be one with you………Can you feel it?

The various energies flowing in the wind, the waterfall splashing, the birds chirping, your own heart beat….Can you hear it….I’m guessing he will stop the tape now so that you can respond to my questions…take your time…you are going to need it.”-At that moment the supposed man named Mute just pressed the stop button on the tape recorder before turning to look at Raven and Rotal, Back to the down the drains shop would Baldrick be the first to respond to what job he wanted to undertake.-(Baldrick) . “I would like to tackle cleaning the sewerage, since I am not afraid to muck about in the tunnels. I don’t think I am up to meat fighting, mainly due to my age, if I was thirty years younger, I would consider it. But that is my choice.” –To which the Boss of the flusher man respond immediately to Baldrick-(Boss)”Very well Mister Turnip Rider, I am going to deduct some job expense, I’ll ask one of the boys to hand you good sturdy shovel probably a gas mask too if we got any left hmm but what about you little Cookie?” –As soon as he finished speaking would Paige speak up as she asked-(Paige) “Well, if my name is Cookie, then…I want to learn to be a meat Fighter, like Rider.”

–As the boss was about to point out the obvious did Baldrick did it for him-(Baldrick) . “You what? But that’s dangerous. Are you truly sure?”(Paige) “Sure as sure. I want to be the best meat fighter the tunnels ever saw.” –To which the Boss chuckled before saying out loud-(Boss)”Well you are looking at the best…” –He let them time to sink this information that the best in meat fighting was the boss that sat right here before he spoke out again-(Boss)”Oh wait before you say anything its not me, it’s the pile of fish bones plaster on my wall….hmm let’s see a few years back there was this fish man…I believed he called himself Gill and boy was he the best, he could take down meats like they were nothing, big muscle meats, acid spitters, bone shooters, ambushing meats…the list goes on but boy he was the best. He stayed in the tunnels longer than anyone else could in years …but always when he came back he proved he was the exterminator of meats everywhere…Man he made everyone looked poor by the amounts he raked in but then…that day accorded….I told him and told him not to mess with a member of the Butchers crew but he didn’t listen, he just believed that because he could take out many meats that he was unstoppable well in the eyes of the meat probably…..He had to push his luck too far and thus he is now a decoration on my walls….but as long as you are sure of it little Cookie, I’ll sign you up….but Miss Rider you going to have to teach her.

”(Rider)”I know.” (Boss)”Also make sure you get her weapon that is appropriate for the job not like most of the other idiots that just want quick cash…Also teach her the ropes, I’m not going to allow her to go and do this if she is ill prepared for the task I won’t have any inexperienced flusher person blood on my hands or conscience for that matter.”(Rider)”I get it now how about Otyughs?” (Boss)“You re kidding me right? I just lost a capable fighting Otyugh to an idiot who doesn’t know the procedures and make matters worse I had to sell my good Otyugh to the breeder so that there might be a slight chance of new Otyughs…Be satisfied that I’m jut deducting their pays for some necessities imagine if I deducted all your pay checks just for single Otyugh…Otyughs don’t grow on trees you know it’s going to take time and I had asked if the Breeders had anything to spare but so far no response but by the distance I might get a response in. two or three days depending on the speed” (Rider)”Alright, I understand Otyughs are rare in this town but what about my contact for that item?”(Boss)”Your contact is doing alright but the sun is up and your contact hates that so he is trying to find the right time to head to the surface.”(Rider)”So no extra paycheck?”(Boss)”As of yet.” -Back to Lorewall as a delivery truck passed the red light would they notice on the other side of traffic heading the opposite direction was a group of five motorcycles driving in a simple straight line formation through the streets of Lorewall as the one at the end of the formation had a flag connected to the back of his motorcycle with the flag flying in the air as the flag read Avenging Angels. –

CharlotteCarrendar:- Keeping up with Rotal’s pace, required some pretty fancy footwork, speed and sure footedness. The jungle like forest setting had a pathway cut through, but still many obstacles which you either had to leap over, or duck under. It was during this part of the journey, that Raven would learn of how the second name was chosen by the Master, and how Rotal, got his name from his Master; Translator. “So it’s backwards?”- Raven stated, but more like a question. Impressed by its simplicity, she now had to wonder, what her Master would call her. On reaching the waterfalls, a man dressed in black robes, awaited their arrival. He turned on a cassette recorder, and the voice that greeted them, was reading from a script, on behalf of the man in black robes. Raven came to an abrupt stop, her heart pounding, as she tried to gather herself, and calm, while listening to the recorded instructions.

When the voice on the recording got uppity over a name he was called. HEY! I RESENT THAT MUTE, YOU COULD HAVE AT LEAST CALLED ME SOMETHING ELSE…OKAY I’LL READ THE SCRIPT” Raven shot a glance at Rotal. This was truly bizarre, for it was like another spoke, what the Master wished, and could not say for him. Time came, at the end of the tape, for the first lesson. The young beblith was to breathe deeply, and clear her mind of thoughts, worries, and dreams for now. The task, was to allow nature, its calls and smells, the abundance of fresh air, and scent, lift her high, higher than she had ever been in her life. The songs of wild birds, brought joy to her heart, as the cool breeze toyed with her hair, and swirled around her, as though enveloping her into its everlasting embrace. “Can you feel it?… Can you feel it?”- Raven extended her arms, her masked face tilting back, for she opened her mind and body, to the nature that was all around her. “I feel it, Master.” Slowly, the bebilith child started to rise up off the ground, her shoes barely touching.

It would be a sight for certain, for the likes of Rotal. Look at what she can do. :: The look on Baldrick’s face, may have been obscured by the mask that he wore, but his eyes told a different story. He had success; chosen to do the work of a flusherman, who cleaned the tunnels with a shovel. “ Ah wonderful, to be useful once more. I know this is something I can do.” Next turn, was Cookie. Would her declaration to become a meat warrior, be frowned on, would she just humiliating herself? It was time for the Boss’s verdict. -(Boss)”Well you are looking at the best…” This was news to both Cookie and Turnip, that the Boss was by far, the best Meat warrior alive. Cookie bit her lip. Was this acceptance, or not? The talk would turn to Gill the fisherman. A warrior, a man that could take down meats easily and without all the mess and destruction. But like all that come to believe their own immortality, or think they will always have the upper hand, his came crashing down, and was now nothing more than a decoration in the Boss’s office. Taking another looks at the bones, made Cookie nervously fidget and tug at her dress edges. The Boss agreed, that she would learn how to be a Meat warrior, but for now with the scarce numbers of Otyughs, it meant that there would be some time before Cookie got one of her own.

Baldrick placed an arm reassuringly around Cookie’s shoulders, and gaze a squeeze. “You starting this war of the Meats, faster than your grandmother could ever do the same. Bless her black heart.” He said with a chuckle. Thinking of his past love, always makes him nostalgic. So there it was, the two now had jobs, and soon, Rider would be getting her share, to help with the living costs of owning your own house. :: In Lorewall, Sora was the first to see the flags of the Avenging Angels. “Look!”- he shouted, taking hold of the steering wheel, to get the truck to pull over off to the side of the road. “That’s the lot Sand said to find. Blast the truck horn, to get their attention, Sis!”- Taru didn’t waste time, quickly pounding her fist on the steering column, to cause the Truck horns to blast, so the AA and Sora with his Sister, could meet. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -The Avenging Angels were just cruising along without a care in the world when suddenly a delivery truck honked its horn at them a truck that seems to be going the other way as the leader of this group noticed the truck at his rear view mirror as one of the members of his crew pointed out the obvious-(?)”Why that truck honked at us boss?” –To which the boss calmly reply-(??)”Not sure but let’s check it out.” –As soon as he said that would he made a u-turn to arrive at the back of the truck as the other continued to follow him as he slowed his speed down so that the others would line up next to him on his left and right sides to which they complied driving near to him as two motorcycles were on his right as well as his left as the boss spoke to them all-(??)”Listen here see…if this is the truck with our shipment we don’t do nothing….but if it’s one of those honking tonking trucks then we get to have some fun….prepare the hooks in case but for now circle the truck…” (?)” You mean…. “ (??)”You heard circle the truck.” –To which some of the Avenging Angels laugh a bit before complying as the leader dressed in leather vest with an angel on his back, blue jeans, a simple one piece helmet on his head drove closer to the driver’s side of the truck with one other member tailing him as a third member drove next to the other side of the delivery truck alongside the passenger seat as for the fourth and fifth member they are driving in close behind the delivery truck as the leader would first say to Taru-(??)”What you want to do?”

-Meanwhile back at the supposed Shangri-La would this master note that she was levitating as Rotal took a few steps back as he thought to himself “woah is this how the clan of darkness train” but before he could speak did he notice that her master would reach into his robes to remove another tape as he pressed a button on his tape recorder to which the current cassette with eject out of the tape recorder as he place another cassette tape in as the master lowered the volume before putting it close to his ear or where his ear is supposed to be before nodding his head pressing the rewind button then the play button as a voice of a man spoke but this seemed to have a deeper voice than the first tape altogether-(Tape recorder)”Ahem yeah totally man you can float? I believe….well let me say one thing that is just showing off…I mean great and all that even radical even man but that was not part of your lesson but Cudos man you are floating and not actually pretending….Thats a good thing you know. Alright Mute, I’m going back to surfing man…”-As the master would then stop the tape before removing the tape and putting back the first one as he pressed play-(Tape recorder)”Ahh an excellent thing indeed now let me you the purpose of all this, members of our clan have to feel the air of unfamiliar surroundings everyday in fact we have to be able to read others aura’s and body language without seeing them…If we can detect the aura of man with murderous intent before he even has time to act then we live another day with our secrets intact. Why fight an unnecessary battle when avoiding it is so much simpler.

We of the darkness clan must use this ability to sense at certain distance….in life many people have this ability but they don’t know it and they don’t how far this ability could reach to so everyone is different. This is training is to try and lengthen this special ability while I won’t say just doing this once is enough for even then the most gifted person need to use this ability everyday and train. Let this training dawn on you and consider it homework for now we are actually going to step two…The history…now since you can sense the various auras and energies around, its time you learn the history of the clan you the lucky student that entered into clan of darkness…come closer now for its story time.” –At this mention would Rotal and if Raven opened her eyes to look around would she and he notice that there was children hidden behind some of trees and they were coming out as well as Adults that hid in the river as well as some teenagers, it was apparent that this lesson of Raven wasn’t a private lesson but a group lesson for as one can see there was a group of various age, sizes and genders and if she looked carefully enough she would notice one of the teenagers had a torn shirt with the symbol of the moon on its back as the group got closer to listen did the tape recorder continue to speak

-(Tape recorder)”In today’s time and place we of the darkness clan had chosen to pick certain jobs like beggars, janitors, grave night watchmen, grave diggers, sewer cleaning crews, night patrol men, workers, gardeners, junk men, scavengers and yes even a cleaning crew we are the clan that works in the lowest positions ever, we are the people no one pays attention to, no one looks at us or bothers to care for us we are those that hides in the shadows and we are the clan that has access to anything or any place…People don’t bother giving us a second look while other people would insult us, humiliate us and eventually attack us but we don’t care what others think about us, there is no social standing for the likes of us…. some consider us as the outcasts but ironically we form groups, unions and even communities…In the old days we used to hid in caves and special hidden towns deep within the forest but nowadays in today’s advance technological world we understand the need to adapt so we hid in sewers and hand pick the lowest jobs available so that we won’t be looked at by other people and other people won’t even bother giving us a second glance we are fortunate for this and it is because of our ability to known who has it in it for us, who looks at us funny, which one of these people is mostly likely to attack us, who is following us and even the important question did they see me? In a society where we must stay hidden but remember there are chances that other people will see what’s behind our masks…..but its only because we want them to, we have obtained many various forms of items that allow us to become as beautiful and perfect as Elves, to appear scarred and bruised as war torn soldier and even ugly and horrendous as monsters but in the end we must above all else protect the secret of what we truly are behind our masks for it is the ultimate rule of the mask clans now who has a question? Anyone?”

–As for the dead nation would the boss of the flusher man started to put the finishing touches on his documents before saying-(Boss)”Alright you three get out of my sight, I got other people to deal with as well as make a visit to the town hall to officially register you as flusher people….oh yeah Rider get Cookie a weapon…Don’t worry your weapon would be free but only your first weapon try and find something useful that you would like to use and practical too.”-As Rider would lead them out of the boss office would she then go close to Paige and whisper to her-(Rider)”So what weapon you want?.”