The Chambers of Lorelei.


Carrendar Writers of 2010.



LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Deep within the Emerald mountains, high on the edge of a sleeping volcano, lay the Castle of the family Carrendar. Surrounded by heavily fortified walls, it has stood the test of time for many hundred of years. Within the castle walls many dark secrets were kept away from the prying eyes of the populace of Lacardis. The people knew Lorelei as their diplomatic Prime Minister, but when in the solitude of her fortress, the truth of her existance, is revealed to her servants and staff. All are sworn to guard the secret, of how a beast from the abyss was able to pull off the most cleverly woven web of lies and deciet. The night was frightful, black clouds blanketed the night sky, the stars did not shine through, and only partial rays of moonlight did escape. From a top a tall tower the screams of madness would echo, the chilling crys of the Bebilth, the sounds that few ever heard. She descended the twisting staircase, her claws bloody, her cheeks stained red with tears shed. Torn paintings littered the walls, of a beautiful woman, her face slashed. The cruel and undeniable truth, of how this wretched creature truly was, was about to be unmasked-

GrandDvEmpressRoze: *A mild heart beat is heard though out the room, growing stronger after each beat until it started lightly rattling objects within the room. One of the walls starts to crack, as the stone falls to the ground, making light thumps with clouds of dust as they hit. The cracks start to bleed, lightly at first, but quickly getting thicker by the moment, forming into a full waterfall effect of blood. As the blood hit the ground, the blood faded into the floor leaving not a trace it was there. The rushing sound of the flowing blood almost became deafening. A small ripple started in the center of the blood flow, growing and begning to pulsate as if the heartbeat was in the blood flow. A small foot stepped out, slowly followed by the rest of the small framed Empress. Taking a few steps farther in, the wall quickly mended up, as if nothing happened to it. Her brow arches to the sounds of the screams, than quickly furrows to seeing the screams were coming from the large Bebilth. She takes a step back unsure if she should approach farther in to her friend, or flee quickly.*

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Lorelei’s ever faithful man servant, Baldrick rushed out from the sitting room in the main hall, and spotted the Emperess. He ran up to her, panting hard, his eyes wild as the screams of insanity turned into echoses of dark laughter. (Baldrick)”Oh dear….M’lady..*he bows and scrapes, wringing his hands as Sebastian runs past towards where the screams were coming from- (Sebastian) “I will calm her….tend to the Emperess..Baldrick”- Baldrick bowed again, his face flushed and he was in a state of panic as the sounds of paintings being slashed were heard- (Baldrick)”My….my…you look *sounds of glass breaking*…lovely, M’lady”

GrandDvEmpressRoze: *Roze took a step back with a light tilt of her head to Baldrick, she began to speak when she heard Sebastian yell out, then watched him run towards the screams. Her crimson eyes shift back to Baldrick, as she gives a light bow of her head* “Thank you. I am here to see Lore..thus i take it, the screams are from her?” *her eyes shift towords the screams as the sounds of things being distroyed echoed out. she gives a shake of her head and looks back to Baldrick* “perhaps i should come back another time?”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: (Sebastian) “Lore…put down the Ming vase….now…its expensive…and imported….Lore…put the…*sounds of fine china smashing*….Oh no…not the ming….Lore ….calm down…I *he ducks as a plate goes flying past his head*…~SMASH!~…Lorey….thats enough….gahhh not the Renoir…anything…now….don’t you dare….~RIPPPPP!~
LoreleiRoseCarrendar: (Baldrick)”Goodness…lovely weather we are having…*smash* (Sebastian)”No….thats enough…please…”

GrandDvEmpressRoze: *Roze couldnt help but to let out a faint chuckle hearing Sebastian trying to calm Lore down. she smirked looking back to Baldrick* “Indeed, it is nice weather.” *she pauses only to hear another smashing of china and a ripping sound of paintings* “hmm perhaps i should go talk to her? ya know, woman to woman” *she starts to walk around Baldrick with her hands behind her back. her eyes locked to where the sounds were coming from*
LoreleiRoseCarrendar: (Baldrick)”Eeeek are you insane?”

GrandDvEmpressRoze: *Chuckle deeply as she keeps walking and looking over her shoulder to Baldrick* “ive been told i am..a time or two, or a thosand.” *she stops* “real fast, what pissed her off?” *she turns looking back to him*
LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -The sight that would confront the Emperess, when she would go into the next room, would be one that she was sure to remember for a very, very long time. The massive bebilith was on a rampage, with torn curtains, broken porcelian, smashed plates. Sebastian was hugging a rare japanese vase as Lorelei picked him up and held him by the ankles, shaking him furiously. (Sebastian)”ppppppuuutttt….mmmmmeee…..ddddooownnn!!…*shake shake shake*…yyyyooouuurrr…nnnootttt bbrreeaakkiiinnngg thhhiiiisss vassssseee” -Baldrick put his hand up to his forehead- (Baldrick)”This always happens….she does this whenever she goes visiting and people are abusive to her and she comes home and well….*he points to Sebastian, who is now having his head pounded on the floor*

GrandDvEmpressRoze: *Blinking a few times she bites her lip to keep from laughing at how Sebastian, spite getting his head pounded on the floor, clutched to the vase as if it were his child. she looks over to Baldrick and nods* “i see. people are stupid to fuck with her like that” *Roze takes a few more steps in and leans on the door frame and looks to Lore* “Need help, or do i just get to watch the show?”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Lorelei sees the Emperess and suddenly releases Sebastian’s ankles- *bonk…smash!…tinkle tinkle*….(Sebastian) “Oh my head…and you broke the vase….there is not enough glue in the world to fix this”
GrandDvEmpressRoze: *Roze lets out a giggle and covers her mouth. she looks down to Sebastian and smirks* “should have just let her do it in the first place…but hey maybe she knocked some sense into ya.” *her eyes shift back to Lore. so, want me to put out a kill on someone, or did you do it yourself?” *she gives Lore one of her soft smiles as her arms cross over her chest*

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Lorelei looks down at the tangled heap that is Sebastian and then she looks at the destruction in the room, as Baldrick comes back in with a small pan and brush and rather pathetically tries to sweep up the great piles of broken crockery. (Sebastian)”Oh the makers of hell, she stopped…Oh be praised”- Lorelei had a tear stricken face and she ambled over to Roze, the sound of broken china under her pointed legs. Lorelei looked down at the petite monarch and said in a voice that was layered, with her feminine voice and that of the demon she was- “Qwu?…” (why?)

GrandDvEmpressRoze: *Rozes eyes softend and she let out a soft sigh* “why what, hun? whos the asshole that made you cry.” *Roze walks to her, as she pulls out a hankey from her dress pocket handing it to her* “you’re to pretty to cry hun. but tell me what happend. for if hes not dead, i’ll make sure he gets that way soon”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: (Sebastian)-he gets up onto his feet and simply drops the last parts of the expensive japanese vase he was holding. He comes over to Lore’s side and gently rubs one of her right front legs, comforting her and he looks to Roze- (Sebastian) “I am Sebastian, Lorelei’s assistant…you could say I am her personal secretary” -he holds out a hand to shake, as he leans againest Lore’s massive leg, still carressing it. “Poor thing….so few understand her….do they, Lorey?”- Lorelei looks at the devastation and sighs- (Lorelei)”I lost my temper..”- (Sebastian)”Yes yes…but we know that we can have this all fixed in a jiffy…Baldrick has already started the clean up…” (Baldrick)”I should have this room spotless….in…a week”- he goes back to work and Lore sighs- (Lorelei)”Roze…no one understands….I am the beast”

GrandDvEmpressRoze: *her dainty hand reaches out shaking Sebastians hand firmly with nod* “It is nice to meet you. i am Grand Devine Empress Roze, of the Demon Roze Empire Pride.” *she pulls her hand back and looks around the room then to Lore* “I really dont see how any one can say your a beast. and if they do, they are stupid. you are kind and loving, and sadly i think that to many may take advantage of you, to hurt you like this.” *her eyes shift around the room again and down to Baldrick* “well Baldrick, if you work twenty four seven, yes, maybe a week” *she chuckled and looked to Lore again* “and its okay if you lost your temper. the things you broke are mear objects. better than breakin some poor innocent person. thus, i think Sebastian about got it though.”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Sebastian rubs his head and nods- (Sebastian)”Got it…definately…lucky for me, I have a head like lead.” -He looks up at the great Bebilith adoringly, and gives her leg a pat. (Sebastian)”I will go make some tea…and uhm…I think the main hall is unscathed. Might have to get the restoration crew in on the paintings though. And such a nice one of Captain…you had to slash that one”- he bowed poltiely and hurried off to the kitchens, while the sound of his feet going through the broken crockery would eventually fade. Lorelei looked embarressed,and Baldrick had his ass in the air, as he swept up great pieces of plates and cups- (Lorelei)”I know what I am, Roze…this is what I am…but people want to see the humanoid….and I go anywhere in my true form, its the same thing….I want to kill them, Roze….I want to hurt them” -she starts to growl as one of the paintings falls off the wall and she lowers her voice-

GrandDvEmpressRoze: *nods* trust me hun, i do understand, im actually more comfortable in my other form. but for the public eye and upholding the image of an Empress, well this tiny frame gal is what all gets. and Lore, you do have every right to want to hurt or kill them. but if they cannot accept your true form with eight sexy legs, then they dont deserve you even being around them. let alone, share the same air as you. rise above em hun, an prove you are better than them and always……” *her words cut short as the sound of a painting falling makes her jump a bit. she blinks and looks to see Baldricks ass sky high. shaking her head she turns back to Lore* “i suddenly have the urge to play feild goal kicker” *she chuckles hoping to get a smile from her dearest friend*

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Lorelei suddenly brightens, for she turns her head to see Baldrick’s rather large ass pointed high in the sky, and he is singing as he toils-(Baldrick)..”When I wake up..*sweep*..Man I know I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be the man that wakes up *sweep* to you” -Lorelei looks back at the Empress and lets out a small heh. (Lorelei)”do it ”
GrandDvEmpressRoze: *busts out laughing turning around walking over to Baldrick as quietly as she can. she lifts a small foot placing it to his ass and pushes*

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: (Baldrick) -sings- “Now I would walk…five hundred…gaaaaaahhhh!” -he gets kicked right in the ass and slides head first into the fire place, which thankfully, is not lit-

NeroAngelusNex: -Nero casually walks into lorelei’s chambers, His hair ragged and long from his journey away from anywhere. His skin was more tanned than people would be used to remembering as he’d been spending a lot of time at his outpost in the middle of the desert. He looked around the room for Lorelei, avoiding the massive spiders that were around the room like the plague. He reached his hand to his face and he pulled off his sunglasses so he could see better and he sniffed the air, trying to pinpoint her. He hears Baldrick speaking and he looks over to him- “Baldrick, have you seen Lore?”
GrandDvEmpressRoze: *puts her hands on her stomach which has a slight buldge to it as she keeps laughing. she shakes her head turning to Lore* “yeah i need to do that more often to someone. perhaps my jester will be willing to bend over for a swift kick on a daily bases”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Baldrick pulls his sooty covered face out of the fire place and points back towards Lorelei and the Empress, before he face plants back into the ash-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: “Your with child…” -Lorelei would say, bending down her front four legs and cranning her neck for a better look- “Either that or your eating way too much, Empress Roze”

GrandDvEmpressRoze: *chuckles deeply and arches a brow holding up her hand with two fingers*

NeroAngelusNex: -He merely nods once as he turns his attention to where Baldrick had pointed, He slung his rifle over his shoulder and he smiled over at Lorelei as though she were the first person he had seen since he came back, which, in a sense, she was. He’d lost any and all faith in people after his palace had been destroyed and he had to exile himself. He walked over to her and the other woman, he bowed his head low to the one he didn’t know, and then he pulled Lorelei into an embrace- “Lore, it’s been a while”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: “Twins?”- Lorelei looked surprised and then tilted her head, as Sebastian would wander back in with a silver tea service and a plate of scones, only to see Baldrick head first into the fire place. (Sebastian)”I thought she had stopped her rampage”-he then shrugged and set down the tea service tray- Lorelei would be hugged by Nero, who looked like he had been to hell and back, in fact he resembled her room…a shambles- “What happened to you?” -she would ask, and then Sebastian would call out. (Sebastian) “Manners Lorey…you have a guest” -Lorelei would nod- (Lorelei) “Yes, Nero, this is Roze..Empress of Demon Roze…and she is having babies”

GrandDvEmpressRoze: *Roze gives a light bow of her head to Nero, her smile still bright upon her face* “it is very nice to meet you.” *she looks back to Lore an chuckles* “would you by chance be willing to baby sit? and as for my hubby with this, for i know that would be your next question. well if he could have, he would have danced on the ceiling. it was kinda funny to watch a seven foot, two man do the jig.” *Roze made a quirky face and laughed*

NeroAngelusNex: “Congratulations, Lady Roze.” –He smiled once at her before returning his attention to Lore, He knew what she meant, but he decided to make light of things as he usually did. He let out a small chuckle and he grinned slightly- “Well, I decided it was time for a vacation, so, I went into the desert and sunbathed for most of the time I was gone”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: “You look orange” -Lorelei would say, barely able to contain her curiousity. She folded her arms knowing something was up, as Baldrick extracted himself from the fireplace and looking much like a chimmy sweep, he went straight back to cleaning the room. Sebastian was trying to keep a lid on Lore’s temper and was offering tea and how many lumps they would like, whilst making light conversation- (Sebastian) “My…twins….tea? lump of two, Empress” -Lorelei would lean down and kiss the top of Sebastian’s head as he fussed and tried to keep the mood light-

GrandDvEmpressRoze: *Looking to Nero she wrinkles her nose with the smile* “Thank you Nero” *she turns to Sebastian taking the cup from him” “Yup, two little buns in the oven. and i’ll take two, please”

NeroAngelusNex: -He laughs loudly and grins, looking at his arms and hands before looking up at her with a slight nod- “Yep, desert sun” –His face hardened slightly and he decided it was time to explain what had happened as he knew that Lorelei’s curiousity was rarely matched, except his own was sometimes as bad- “Well, I had formed an empire in secret until I could get the manpower and resources to get it running properly… Made some enemies along the way, everyone was slaughtered and my palace got destroyed so I’ve had to exile myself to the desert and create an outpost. Very hard work being in the sun all the time when you avoid it… But hey, I can pass for human, which is handy… and I’ve got an awesome beard” –He chuckles and strokes his chin and cheeks-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: (Sebastian)”Two lumps …coming up ~plop plop~ *he stirs the tea, and then hands the Empress the cup and saucer and then offers her a plate of scones- (Sebastian)”Cream…jam…butter?” -Sebastian is doing his darndest, and in fact, he is over doing it and Lorelei would nudge him lightly with one of her front legs, and he would turn round and poke out his tongue at her- (Sebastian)”Lady Lorey…naughty naughty” -he chuckled- Lorelei’s attention wnet back to Nero and she looked him over as he spoke of how things seemed to have gone down hill fast at his Empire. (Lorelei)”Suits you having a bit of bum fluff on your chinny chin chin, Nero” -Sebastian almost drops his tray of scones at Lore’s statement and looks at Nero’s chin- (Sebastian)”He looks like a hairy orange”
LoreleiRoseCarrendar: went*

NeroAngelusNex: -He chuckles and runs his hand through his hair, trying to get it into some form of decent and gives up everytime it just flops back into place. He sets his rifle down by the thrones with the safety on and he sighs- “Please tell me there’s a shower here”

GrandDvEmpressRoze: *Roze bit into her finger, than held it over the cup letting the thick crimson blood flow into it. after a moment, she brought her finger to her lips, and licked the wound closed. she turned slightly, leaning up against the wall, remaining quiet for a moment for the friends to catch up. she took a small sip of her blood tea, letting out a soft sigh to its delightful taste*
LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Lorelei would nod and then point to the hall- (Lorelei)”Down the hall to the left, you will find a bathroom, with a shower. Your free to use it, and there should be soap on a rope, and fresh towels”- She then lets out a sigh, and looks down at Sebastian who goes over to Nero- (Sebastian)”This way, Sir” -and he sashayes down the hall, his tight pants showing off his pert bottom-

NeroAngelusNex: -Within a split second, He has his kevlar vest and t-shirt sitting with his rifle and he’s almost powerwalking down the hall. Gods how he missed a nice hot shower. He chuckled and called over his shoulder- “Thanks Lore-Lore”
GrandDvEmpressRoze: *Roze watches the men walk away smiling shaking her head. she turns back to Lore* “yeah, we didnt wait long did we, to get me knocked up.”
LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Lorelei goes over and picks up the painting that has fallen off the wall, and attempts to rehang it, only to have it fall back down the moment she turns back to the Empress- (Lorelei)”So when do I meet this husband of yours with the fruity loins?”
DrakonMacar has joined the chat
GrandDvEmpressRoze: “actually, these little bundles were um..sorta made before the vow exchange” *she chuckles* “hopefully soon. hes been so damn busy. good thing im pregnant now, or it may never happen, and i would have to join some sorta convent.”
GrandDvEmpressRoze: (Happy birthday person i dont really know and who is just a few days older than my oldest ^_^))
LoreleiRoseCarrendar: “You should do what I do….just pop out your eggs in a sac and hang them from the rafters” -Lorelei says with a nod. “Its clean and damn easy”
NeroAngelusNex: -From down the hall, the sounds of the shower’s flow can be heard and then the sound of Nero’s loud and off key singing can be heard as he lathers himself up- “Rubadubdub, I’m in the Tub”

GrandDvEmpressRoze: *Roze tilted her head with a grin* that would be nice..but then again, feeling these little lives growing is awesome. its the labor and delivery im not to keen on. that shit hurts like..well hell.” *she lets out a soft chuckle*
LoreleiRoseCarrendar: “So much easier to just release a couple hundred eggs in two hours, then push a watermelon out of a key hole” -Lorelei would nod, thinking she had it better, but, she wondered what it was like to push out a baby like the humans did-

GrandDvEmpressRoze: yeah well that keyhole somehow becomes much much larger. bones break, flesh tears..yeah..hmm” *Roze scratches her head* “but then again, just letting a few eggs out would be nice too.”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Lorelei wrinkled up her nose at the description of all that bone crunching and flesh tearing to birth a baby. “And you have to push out two…….oh you poor thing” -Lorelei would tsk.

GrandDvEmpressRoze: *smirks* well ive done three, but one at a time..this is going to be…well, interesting. cus that keyhole hurts like hell after one pops out. now i gotta get two out.” *laughs almost nervously*

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: “So how long before you get to put the key back in the key hole?” -she would ask, looking innocent-
NeroAngelusNex: -He shower shuts off and a few moments later, Nero walks back into the main chamber, his pants on securely though the belt was still undone. He was still in the process of drying his hair when he returned and he chuckles- “Sorry about that Lore.. but I thought you’d prefer my company if I didn’t stink of the desert and sweat”

GrandDvEmpressRoze: “oh, you mean after the door is ripped open? about six weeks

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: “I don’t mind what you smell like….but sand and sweat reminds me of the beach”-she chuckles to see Nero come out with his pants on but his belt undone, as Sebastian trots past and sniffs the air- “Mmmm he used the apple soap….lovely, he smells like a granny smith” -Sebastian leans againest one of Lore’s right legs again, gently stroking it, after her rather nasty episode, he didn’t want a repeat. He smiled at the Empress- (Sebastian)”The lock doesn’t get rusty from not being used, does it?”

GrandDvEmpressRoze: *laughs placing her hands on her buldging tummy* “oh hell no. once its been fixed, im sure it will get oiled again on a regular baises”

DrakonMacar: “We arrive Boss!” The half-troll grunted as it stopped hauling the rickshaw behind it. From within the inky contraption slide forth something far darker, the illithid Griulok’zil’nihilanth. He’d tracked his quarry well enough through portal and tempestusi only to end up where he was certain to find her. His strangely deformed body glided across the ground as the half-troll shuffled along behind him. Doors would open and close by themselves where he would go, his unnatural senses telling him what chamber in the maze he was desiring. The doros opened and in they would enter, unnanounced and quite possibly unwelcome.

NeroAngelusNex: -He laughs at her words and he quickly fastens the belt to his pants. He reaches into his bag and pulls out a new tshirt. He quickly pulls it on and wraps the towel around his head like a turban- “In the desert, they have hats that look like this, it’s amazing” –He grins widely as he shares his discovery with the rest of the room- “And yes, I used the apple. It smelt the strongest.” –He smiles and scratches at his freshly tattooed arm-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Lorelei bends her head down and Baldrick comes past with a bucket of rubbish, heading for the doors when suddenly it opens and the Illithid is there. (Baldrick) ‘Loooooore….a guest?” -Lorelei looks up and then realises it is the Illithid and immediatly descends with her front four legs, her head bowing as she waits to be instructed. She prepares to have her mind filled with the sound of his voice. Lorelei’s reaction would send Sebastian into a state of surprise. (Sebastian)”One minute your wrecking the joint now your bowing…why?….-Sebastian looks over at the Illithid and his jaw hits the floor-

NeroAngelusNex: -He looks over at the Illithid, whatever it was, with a deep curiousity. The discovery of the strange desert hats paled in comparison to the creature before him. Instead of reacting like the others, he merely shrugged and leant against a wall casually, folding his arms and putting his sunglasses back on


DrakonMacar: With a simple gesture he filled Baldricks head with a howling screech that would leave his ears ringing momentarily. He recognized him immediately as Lorelei’s minion and after a brief examination found the samples wanting. He left it be as George lazily eyed the place, a sturdy warhammer in one hand and a large round shield in the other. The glided across the floor where he should have walked, the unnatural motion overtly disturbing to most, even the undead would question it from time to time. He paused at ten feet from the bebelith, noting her immediate tithe he looked to the others very expectingly.

GrandDvEmpressRoze: *arching her brow lightly to Lore’s bowing, she shifts her eyes to see a figure standing in the doorway. she sighs slighty as she pushes herself off the wall she had been leaning on. she gives a light yawn as her eyes shift to the clock with the glass broken out unsure if was broken or not, to show the right time* “Lore hun, i am afraid i do have to take my leave though. Rai will be home soon, and well, i best not be caught out in public alone.” *she shakes her head*

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Baldrick drops to his knees, holding his head with the howling screech sends him almost mad, and he rocks back and forth as Lore keeps perfectly still, awaiting her turn to be mind blasted by the Illithid-

DrakonMacar: He noted the female leaving, fleeing more like it he decided. He might have nodded in approval at her actions as she up and left as he’d shown his self to them all. Then he saw the othersnot following sut. ~Explain.~ His dry and hissing voice pierced Lorelei’s mind as he prompted her.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: ~She is with child and was attacked at a kingdom, her husband does not like her out where she can be harmed~-Lorelei would explain, though the dry hiss hurt- ~The other is a failed emperor, who spent weeks in the desert after his kingdom was levelled and he was in exile….he just used the shower~ -she would explain mind to mind rapidly-

GrandDvEmpressRoze: *nods* aye, and i have promised my husband i would not wonder from our domains. he shall be home soon, and i rather not hear him yell. hes quiet loud and i dont wish for our children to be born deaf” *she chuckles*
NeroAngelusNex: “More like months” -He muttered quietly, raising a brow at Lore- “And since when did you bow?”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Lorelei could hear Nero speak and cringed for fear of what this would mean-

NeroAngelusNex: -He raised a brow at Lore, completely shocked- “Since when did you bow to anything, Lorelei?”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Lorelei remained in her pose, refraining from movement till allowed. She was not a higher being like the Illithid and knew her place againest him. His psionics could turn her mind to mush and he would be able to suck it out her eyeballs with ease-

GrandDvEmpressRoze: *Roze turned and walked to Lore, watching her bow. she turned slightly looking to the creature for a moment with an arched brow, then turning back to Lore* “gonna be down there long?”

DrakonMacar: ~Explain to them and I will show them mercy.~ He commanded her.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Lorelei spoke very quickly- “He is the Illithid….you must bow, show respect, or ……his powers are unmatched by anyone….I insist” -(Sebastian)”Now……do as she says….bow bow bow….quickly, or your in danger” -he drops to his knees,and urges them to follow as Baldrick lay on the ground twitching-

NeroAngelusNex: -He smiles slightly at both Lore and Sebastian before looking to the Illithid- “I’ll make you a deal. I won’t bow, but I’ll respect you for having even the mighty Lorelei on her knees. Fair?”

GrandDvEmpressRoze: *Roze sighs and reaches down rubbing one of Lores legs. she closes her eyes a moment to not let the rolling of them be seen* “i’ll catch you later hun, when you dont have so many…balls danglin out around here. love ya gal” *she turns to walk out*

DrakonMacar: The massive half-troll stomped forwards. “You want me smash?” His voice harsh like nails on a chalkboard, the feared Warhammer, Killy, in his hand ready to go. ‘Issss of no maaaatteerrrr…” He croaked verbally. His own voice sounding of a horribly dry composition. The tentacles of his face twisted and coiled with bitterness. Simply he would make his power known, perhaps this one would be a decent lunch? Though it never hurt to have thralls. He began building up arcane and psionic energies as the Illithid Sorcerer perpared a mind blast. The ringing would stop in Baldricks ears by now as he sent a final warning to the bebelith. ~He regrets.~

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Lorelei would turn her head slowly to Nero and say one word- “Kneel” – she then prepare for the mind blast she knows he will do with his psionic energy building…she brings her claws up to her ears, ready to hold her head-
NeroAngelusNex: -He looks up at the giant creature in front of him and he raises a brow slightly, a morbid curiousity fills him, but he decides against poking the bear like he usually would. He had balls, but he wasn’t stupid. He sighs once as he hears Lorelei’s words and he knew better than to go against her advice at the present moment. He knew that if he didn’t, it would mean that it would not just be him in danger, he didn’t care about that, but he’d be putting his friend in the shit too. He lowered himself onto one knee and lowered his head slightly, though keeping his eyes and ears alert-

GrandDvEmpressRozeGrandDvEmpressRoze Whisper: *Roze shook her head and rolled her eyes once more.* “odd, and unreal” *she would mutter to herself. glacing back once more to look at the creature. she bites her tonuge, looks to Lore once more, turns and heads out the door*

DrakonMacar: ~You will be spared the fullest extent.~ His natural voice, moist, hissing, domineering and bone chlling tone rang within Nero’s head as the mind blast came. It would be like being hit in the temples with bags of bricks and having them continue building pressure as he spared Nero the wrenching experience that poor Baldrick had. The illithid would look down and await to see the damage if any…sometimes it was infact possible to be too stupid to be effected.

NeroAngelusNex: -He clenches his teeth and lets out a feral snarl from the pain in his head. He used all his willpower to try and push the pain away from him and he growled once more as it snapped back. He grinned widely as his eyes flashed crimson behind his sunglasses and he chuckled, highly impressed with the pain-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Lorelei waited and waited but the blast must have been aimed at Nero and she slowly lowered her claws from the side of her head, peeking at him as she hear the growl come from him. She wondered if it was the same as what she had suffered, but knew better than to ask, and she waited quietly, for the Illithid to instruct her once more. Her large thorax would be raised behind her and be quite a sight….well, if a male bebilith was around….

DrakonMacar: The illithid might have nodded if it were content. Instead it made a gesture to Lorelei. ~Approach~
LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Lorelei rises up to her full height and makes her way before him, each step poised till she was in range and then bowed her head- ~Griulok ….what do you wish of me?”

NeroAngelusNex: -He looks over to Lore and in that instant, he knew he was well and truly fucked. He sighs to himself and thinks to himself “well, you’ve had a good run” as he tries to foce his muscles to move, every movement seeming to be agony to him and he gives up on moving and he just thinks about his family-

DrakonMacar: ~Bend down….and don’t scream.~

LoreleiRoseCarrendar : -She lowers down, so her frame is bent, the front four legs bending at the joints. Don’t scream….oh no…but it was beyond that now and awaited her fate-

DrakonMacar: His tentacles coils and shifted. They crawled along Loreleis flesh as they pried her eyes wide open. Like a fine gem, the tentacles caressed her eyeballs, their sandpaper like texture needlessly a hellish feeling for poor lorelei, though there would never be any true physical damage. They pierced her skull slowly, creeping along the optical nerves and into her brain. They crawled and slithered around her cerebellum, reading her memory and thoughts. Learning all that was Lorelei.
NeroAngelusNex: -He Pulled himself sucessfully to his feet and he moves to Lore, knowing that she must be in a great deal of pain and he kneels down next to her, gently and comfortingly stroking her leg, knowing full well that he might get his ass kicked for it-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -The great bebilth of the lacardis was virtually powerless to resist what happened as the tentacles would pry open her eyes. The texture of his flesh coarse and it took all her willpower to stop herself from screaming out loud. She inhaled sharply as as the tentacles would pierce her skull, her body shook violently, twitching as her head was invaded by the Illithid’s tentacles, reading all there was about her, all her memories and thoughts. He would know her better than she knew herself. Everything about Lacardis, her only love.

NeroAngelusNex: NeroAngelusNex: -He Pulled himself sucessfully to his feet and he moves to Lore, knowing that she must be in a great deal of pain and he kneels down next to her, gently and comfortingly stroking her leg, knowing full well that he might get his ass kicked for it-

BlissfulImpurity: Rushing into the room, she screams out, “Lore, I need to talk to- What the hell is that thing!?” Pointing at the squid like man. She misinterprets her steps, due to her perception being off from her missing eye and slips, falling on her face. With a loud thud, she hits the ground and groans softly. Her body was covered with bruises and snake bites, she was looking angry, hopeless and pitiful.

NeroAngelusNex: -He looks around at the girl and his eyes widen and he shakes his head franticlly- “Bow to it” -His voice was almost pleading, too much suffering had gone on in this room today and anymore and he felt he would snap-

DrakonMacar: The illithids tendrils dug further, even into her subconcious mind as they writhed within. Poor Lorelei would feel like she was having her skull scraped from the inside out as he finshed his task abruptly. A light slicken over his tentacles of cerebral fluid made things easier as the intrusion ended and the trauma would begin to pass. Each of the six tentacles recoiled inwards one at a time as he got a long and fresh taste of Lorelei’s brain. Telepathy would be out of the question until she recovered with a long nights rest that wouldn’t be interupted by the nightmares he secretly placed within her. A small rewiring took place as he’d removed the thoughts of her longest past problems. She woudl forget of hades and the abyss, she would see him standing over her through her life everytime she remembered something from the past. Be it repulsing the human hunters that tormented her as a child. The deaths of all around her. It was equally ingenius as it was insideous. He would steal her pain and stow it away, He’d turned her into something that would love and adore him solely as an other worldly protector and her unquestionable master. By the end of the week, she would forever be his thrall.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Lorelei’s body tremored as the shearing pain of the tentacles within her skull, was excruciating, and she was having trouble keeping herself in place. Slowly the six tentacles would be extracted, her mind left in a mess, as though she was short circuiting electrically. He would pull away from her, her knees trembling, her eyes soley upon him. She couldn’t speak, it took a few moments to register what he had done, but she could no longer seem to speak to him mind to mind…Lorelei just kept staring at him-

DrakonMacar: Had he a mouth he would grin, she would not remember the pain either, simply that his will was law. “Do you…not wish to speak to your massster?” He croaked again as he started at Lorelei
NeroAngelusNex: -He looks at Lore with wide eyes and he moves away from her quickly, officially feeling the fear that he had a few months beforehand that she had comforted him with. This was what he felt was coming, even back then. He fell onto his ass and he crawled away on his hands and feet, keeping his eyes firmly on the Illithid- “I knew I wasn’t going insane, I fucking knew it”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Lorelei shook her head slowly as she regained her senses and she spoke- “I lost my voice for a moment, Master” -her hands fell to her sides, and then turned her head to see Nero try to crawl away- “Why do you crawl from my Master, Nero?”

BlissfulImpurity: Glances up at Lore then to the Illithid. “Great. I need Lore’s help and she’s dominated by a squid. Just my luck…” Sighing, she lays her face down on the carpet. She shakes, trying to hold back tears. Starfire was winning, and she couldn’t do anything to stop it.

NeroAngelusNex: “Do you not remember the time in the meeting hall Lore? When I couldn’t calm down?”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -She turns back to her Master and smiles- “I remember…..I remember everything” -she turns back to Nero- “You worry to much, Nero….you need a holiday”

NeroAngelusNex: “Lore, I saw something coming, Something more evil than I could imagine…” -He trails off out of self preservation and he growls loudly in fear. He thought he would be screwed if he pissed off Lore, officially, this was now the least of his worries-

DrakonMacar: “Cooommme chilld.” He prompted her, he rose a hand and brushed a bang from her face. The feeling Lore would get would be almost be a child recieving praise from her parents, as though Griulok was proud of her. “Your…fffriends…introducccce.” He said slowly.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Lorelei would raise her head and murmur softly as she felt the touch of his hand brushing away the bang from her face and then she would smile- “That is Olivia….Senator of Lacardis and….over on the floor is Nero, and he worries too much”

NeroAngelusNex: “Tell him nothing of me, Lorelei” -He tried to make his voice sound powerful and dominerring, but they came out more of a whimper than anything else. He looked over at the thrones, seeing the creature sitting there, right beside his rifle. the words “awh fuck” ran through his mind. He wasn’t about to use his L.A.W and risk blowing Lore and the other girl up, and all he had was his combat knife. He’d feel more comfortable if he had his kevlar at least-

BlissfulImpurity: Suddenly a familiar voice sings out behind Olivia. (Starfire) “How sweet. Can’t solve your own problems now, Olivia?” Olivia stands and turns to glare at Star. (Olivia) “Can’t get a man the old fashioned way, bitch?” Starfire grins beneath her mask and walks toward Olivia. (Starfire) “You’re not good enough for a man like Nicholas. He needs a real woman. Someone who can satisfy him and leave him begging for more.” Olivia snarls and throws a slap at Starfire’s face. Star’s mask flies off and clangs on the ground. Starfire’s head jerked to the side but before she could react, Olivia throws her hands around her throat, trying to tackle her to the ground. (Olivia) “Bitch!” As the two women fight, they can’t hear Olivia is being introduced.

DrakonMacar: “Of coursssse.” He said. The half-troll thrall, George, had bee nwatching Olivia carefully as Star showed up and a cat fight broke out. He grinned dumbly as he banged the warhammer and shield together cheering on the brawl. Griulok looked over bemused, these lands would be easy pickings. “Be about your busssinessss, Lorelei. We will see each other again…”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: “Yes Griulok….we will see each other soon” -and in the back ground Oli and Star were having a ding dong cat fight, but Lore didn’t seem to care, she was too busy staring happily at her new Master-

BlissfulImpurity: Starfire snarls and grabs at Olivia’s hair and throws a hair punch at her face. A line of blood trickles from her nose before Olivia throws a fist at Star’s jaw, impacting it hard enough to send the demi-goddess to the floor. Starfire hits the floor with a loud thud. Nicholas had the strength, but Olivia had the moves. She crawls over to Olivia in a rush, straddling her waist and grabs her by the head, slamming it down into the floor. Olivia cries out and lifts her legs, hooking down around Star’s shoulders, using the strength in them to send her at the floor. Star hits the floor with a loud thud and Olivia stands, sending a kick at Star’s stomach.

DrakonMacar: ~We leave. We will find a room to stay in. She accomodates…~ He prompted George who stopped cheering on the fight and follwed the illithid from the hall as they began searching for a cache in all the nooks, for a place to roost.

NeroAngelusNex: -He quickly pulls himself onto his feet as the creature left the area and he runs to the thrones, grabbing his rifle and his kevlar vest, he pulls the vest on and tightens it securely, he moves to a corner and sits down, keeping himself alert but not risking leaving yet, in case the Illithid was still around-

BlissfulImpurity: Star’s body bucked as the kick impacted, forcing a loud grunt from her lips. As Olivia growls, ready to land another blow, her leg is grabbed and Starfire forces her to the floor. She grabs at Olivia’s shirt, tearing it along with her bra. Olivia was forced to hold herself to keep her goods hidden from view. Star sends another punch at Olivia’s head, forcing her back to the ground. Starfire quickly makes her escape, leaving Olivia in a beaten pile on the floor. She felt humiliated. Punching the floor, she growls. “Damn it!”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Lorelei would bow politely as her Master, Griulok, and george went to find somewhere to roost, and she stretched and yawned as she suddenly felt the need to sleep herself. She looked at Oli, all beaten and bloody on the floor and smiled down at her. “Nero can show you to the bathroom to get all fixed up….I am going to go sleep up in my web”-and with that, she crawled up the wall and dissappeared into a long silver funnel created from webbing, and curled up her legs under her going to sleep. She would toss and turn suffering from the implanted nightmares, but all in all, by the end of the week unbeknown to her she would be the Illithids thrall forever-

NeroAngelusNex: “Yeah, Follow me” -He pulls himself to his feet, keeping his legs slightly bent so that if he needed to break into a run, he could. He made his way over to olivia and offered his hand to her-