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January 29, 2013 02:22AM
——————-The Slender Of the Seas—————-

Roleplay: A Pirate’s Life

Players: Vectormus And LuciL

Vectormus: In the middle of the open sea, a vessel named the Devil’s Mystery… One that carried a band of malicious pirates… one that would see something that was told in the dark ages… Something… out of this world. As they crew of the Devil’s Mystery had loaded up all the supplies needed; Ruby Li was unaware that she had become target for a creature that just wanted a hug… A hug that could very well end her life. As the ship drew its gang plank and pushed off in the open waters with a course unknown and with only the winds to carry them, the shadowy spindly creature leaped from his hiding place and latched on to the back of the ship. As the sun went down on the ship and joyous song and drank took place, the 11 foot tall creature stirred and began its search. With one arm coming up from the aft of the ship and gripping on the railing of the starboard deck, it drug its slender body over with is head popping over before this rest. As it made its way over the railing, the white featureless head looked around already knowing none were around. Standing at full now; the giant slender creature strode forward with silent steps, something to be expected given the age of this foul beast. Clocked in darkest garb and trousers, it blended in with the surroundings that to where shadowed by the night sky. Though it heard all kinds of hysteria and was curious as to what would be causing such a commotion, it didn’t let it get the best of its attentions, it just wanted to find this woman it had seen… something about her made it thirst for a hug

LuciL: It had been a day of nonstop activity for Ruby Li, besides the obvious event of being recruited to the Devil’s Mystery under the leadership of the mysterious and yet ruthless Captain Moon. Ruby Li had been assigned to be the lookout; she had a love for being on top midst the flapping sails of any ship so it was always her designation. This first night aboard, Ruby had escaped the rowdy crowds below deck and taken to the stern. Bowing from the waist to the bo’sun at the wheel, Ruby Li grabbed a bottle of rum from one of the large crates on the side all the while humming a tune that she heard back in Tortuga. Cracking open the cork, Ruby jumped onto the ledge and twirled about on her toes. The katana swinging about repetitively hitting her behind as her waist length raven hair whipped around with the sea wind. Taking a mouthful of the liquid, she closed her eyes and enjoyed it, being mindful to not topple over and into the raging ocean “A rollickin’, frolickin’, brawllickin’ life…Drink up me hearties, yo ho.”

Vectormus: It happened. Out of the corner of its vision, the faceless creature saw the woman it was after while sticking to the shadows cast from the ships sail. Though wind was blowing and he could hear the sound of if whistling and whispering around the mast and the ships many railings and many other things that lay out across the ships vast lay out. It didn’t feel the touch of it… this was due to the fact it wasn’t of this world… let alone this dimension. It was use to being in total darkness and back home in the 4th dimension where things were more defined and much more aware of his presence. He took it as a blessing mortals couldn’t sense him, it made things much easier to get away with and to stay unseen… well, almost unseen. He had been traveling back and forth between the two dimensions since he could remember and that was well over a few hundred thousand years ago. With silent steps and arms that almost reached the wooden planks he walked upon, the creature spread his arm our and gave a low drone that tore through the wind directed towards Ruby Li’s ears. Time had allowed him to master such a thing as voice projection even in the highest of winds. While the drone slowly turned into a hymn that sounded like that of a threat, ((Slender Man, Slender Man… His branching arms are for collecting…. Slender Man, Slender Man… His face is empty of expressing.)) His arms started to split in to silent whipping tendrils. They slithered and twisted around in the open space beside him as he kept creeping up on the woman with grace and speed… soon he would be upon her and there wouldn’t be much she could do unless she actually paid attention to the hymn that was sent in her direction.

LuciL: Caught up in the song that she had heard and now bouncing in her step, Ruby Li twirled around on the ledge before carefully dropping to the deck, the rum inside its glass bottle sloshing about and making the Quarter master look over his shoulder and chuckle “That be precious rum ye got Ruby Li” The Japanese lookout blushed, her cheekbones coloring the same red as her bandanna and she bowed towards him though her brown eyes were watching the tilt of the bottle “I be careful with rum good Quarter Master” Her red slipped into a cheeky smile before standing upright and continue her carefree twirl about on the deck. She would have kept singing the tune if she did not hear a terrible drone coming towards her along with a rhythm to it, chanting about a certain ‘Slender man’ Pausing mid step, Ruby Li stood tall and instead her twirling changed pace to dancing in sync to the dangerous hymn and bounced about on the balls of her toes. She paused at the top of the forecastle deck, her gaze glittering about before her “Oh come and show ye self…let’s dance!” Tilting her head back, she took another mouthful of the rum, letting the alcohol to run quickly down her throat.

Vectormus: Her request was granted… With extending tendrils aiming out to snare her by the ankles, The eleven foot tall creature followed in the precision of out stretched limps with a deafening drone that reverberated through the open air around the Quarter master and Ruby Li. With the force of the vocal assault being directed towards the male what was at the helm of the ship sending him flying over the railing of the Stern and crashing in to the pitch black waters below. With jerk of his body, the giant thin creature stared with no expression on its blank white face. “You interested me… I wonder what it feels like to hug you.” This voice of the creature was booming from all directions as the spot where the mandibles would have have been located on all human looking things had a thin black line run across it and started to widen as it opened in to a gaping blackness of a void that was the stomach of the creature. Screams of souls taken by its hugs rushed out as it stood before her with is “jaw” wide open laughing. With a surge of air rushing forward from inside it, more tendrils rushed out and whipped around them both… waiting… wanting… lusting for a “hug”

The story continues…