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Dead Nation

The Procession of Masks


DarksiedtheLegend: -Larry would be more than happy to show them the internal compartments of the super heavy weight tank Tarantula as he then proceed up the second flight of stairs and walk on to the bridge until they are literally on the Tarantula’s back to which Larry would have some difficulty to get to the hatch as he turned the hatch to reveal a tight passage with a ladder going downwards as he entered this porthole until all three were safely inside the Tarantula did Larry start to explain about the internal compartments.-(Larry)”First off the side platform was supposed to reach all the way to the entrance but I had programmed it to reach nearly there to show that even if the men from the stars could land on the Tarantula they would have some difficulty walking on it and the fact that this was built with normal human specifications so even if they opened the hatch they wouldn’t be able to get in but the armour you are currently wearing would work for this situation…now follow me”

–As he took them through a long metal corridor with lighting installed on the ceiling as he first brought them to a metal door-(Larry)”First off door number one” –To which when Larry opened the doors by turning the doors hatch and then pushing it gently to reveal another long corridor as he explained-(Larry)”Door number one are blast doors just in case if anyone manages to get into the Tarantula the blast door would still protect the crews from some danger now follow me”-As Larry took a few steps before reaching a door on the right side of the corridor as he opened it up to reveal a medical facility room with one bed, a surgery table, two medical cabinets, IV machines set to the side of the cabinets and even a room with the words bathroom written on the door-(Larry)”As you can clearly see this is the medical bay though several funds went into making more important facilities such as turrets placements, blast doors and the spare generator instead of a fully stocked medical bay but in a way it has received enough funds to cover the essentials…moving along.”

–Larry moved out of the medical bay and continued moving forward before opening another metal blast door to reveal a small room with a monitor screen in the wall, a chair with a control panel on the arms of the chair but this control panel can be lifted and used like a joystick pad from the arcade and behind the chair was several ammunition boxes to which Larry pointed out-(Larry)”The scientists had crunched the numbers and decided that there be extra cannons positioned in the space between the Tarantula’s legs…It seems like they say that there are some weak points that if the enemy were to keep on hitting at that spots they might do some serious damage but with the placements of two turrets one aimed for the skies and one aimed for the ground as the legs move the turrets could be active but only in certain motions kind of like the guns on a single propeller plane…but since the top turret are twin link it allows the controller to fire a lot of ammo into a plane while the bottom turret is focus on attacking faster tanks that manages to avoid the front laser cannons…there are many more weapon consoles like this and the scientist in the labs hooked up this nifty device…now if the generator is on this room would be active and all one has to do is look at the monitor to find their target, activate the appropriate turret, aim with the joystick and press fire like a mad man.

The monitor has a direct link to an optic sensor so as to eliminate the need for the gunner to look outside and since the person doesn’t even need to reveal themselves and is safe from any unnecessary harm…while the guns are mechanical the loading has to be done in here thus the ammunition boxes well at least for the anti-aircraft turrets but for the tank turret its self-loading well we are working on it…Moving along” – Larry would lead them through the very long corridor passing a few more iron blast doors before reaching a single blast door to which Larry would turn the hatch before the blast door opened and revealed a room with two laser cannons connected to various wires and pipes and at the very front of this room as a see through panel to which Larry then explained

-(Larry)”This is the head of the Tarantula and these are the laser cannons…which are powered by solar panels hidden in key spots as the laser cannons need gunners to aim them just right they would need a observer to be able to pick the targets right and then the gunners get ready with the coordinates then they fire laser cannons as the laser cannons fires it discharges plasma which is then transported through the pipes back to the plasma generator which helps to power it…The scientists think that if we use the green way we would somewhat entertain the environmentalists but any plasma that is discharged from the generator it will activate the plasma cannon and the fun begins…so how do you like the some of the second floor?”

-Back at Shangri-La Raven and Darksied were starting to eat when Raven first pointed out-“To me, it sounds like a real community, but here they all teach those in need. I wonder if we will meet more water clan people after lunch. Mmmm it smells good, whatever it is.” –As Darksied simply nodded to that comment before continuing to eat before Darksied heard her say something about Lorewall to which he was going to point out but then he noticed that she was having trouble eating to which Darksied responded-(Darksied)”You should try loosening the strings or straps of your mask so that you could pull it forward and allow an opening to let you put your food into your mouth or you could try getting smaller portions instead it could help…hmm maybe we should head to the headmaster…since he was the one who helped make this adjustment to my mask or did you already meet him and he forgot to do it?…Odd I don’t think he is that old but then again he is a bit out of it lately…maybe we should see him before going back since he could do it a few minutes and poof it is done…Hmm Lorewall so you came from Nemaeus just like me…hmm maybe I saw you when I wasn’t wearing this mask but anyway we should get your mask fixed after you have finished eating…I believe the journey to the headmaster is a bit further than here to the classroom…”

–To which Darksied would continue to eat some of the fish and rice as he noticed another kid in the black robes approached him and poked him at the side before running away as Darksied just smiled beneath his mask as he then continued to eat while in the Dead nation at Riders place would she be trying to rest as she heard them talking-(Baldrick)“Topsy turvey. I like it.”(Paige) “How can he carry a weapon with his toes? I don’t get it.”(Baldrick)“Your Grandmother could be like that, except the part about walking on her hands. But she had people nervous, and scared. Especially, me at times. Ooo…she was a right treasure that woman. Right, so what time do you think Marluck will get here? ‘I’m keen now.”-Rider had answered that question about Marluck arriving on the next day but was so tired that she didn’t bother asking Paige to go to sleep when she look out towards the direction of the dumpster as she then heard Baldrick say it for her.-(Baldrick)“Better get some sleep. Rider is right, staying up all night just make you tired for when he does train you.”

–And when Paige had drifted off to sleep did the procession of the masks began anew with various new skeletons in the procession, some carried what looked bells, trumpets, and drums as the procession of mismatched skeletons began to beat the drums, ring the bells and even try to blow on the trumpets to make an unorganized combination of sounds no union at all just mindless banging and ringing while carrying that black wooden coffin as the skeletons marched forward ever so slowly so as to not trip on each other or fall down but when the coffin and its procession reached the centre of town and placed the coffin upright did this procession of the death then turned to bizarre fight of strange and mysterious beings but as the fighting occurred throughout the town did a dumpster began to rumble and shake before something jumped out of the dumpster and onto the roof of the house closest to the dumpster before this being looked around a bit staring at the scene of battle before dashing through the roofs of various houses only so often to stop and admire the sheer strength of these battling creatures as the being from the dumpster looked on before running again through the roofs but this time instead of running on two legs he was instead running on his hands as he reached the edge of one house did he make the leap to another before reaching the end of the line of the roofs as he looked around before spotting Rider’s house in the distance as he then used his hands and feet to climb down the pipes back to the ground floor before running towards the house of Rider ever so silently and always evading the window sights but when this being from dumpster got close to the house instead of knocking on its doors did he instead climbed the house to reach the roof to where he then waited for the sun to come up and probably for the occupants to wake up so that he may began the training or was it retraining of some people…who knows other than Rider because Marluck himself has forgotten who was he supposed to train.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – It truly was a magnificent sight, the sheer magnitude of the Super heavy weight Spider Tarantula, had the Spider siblings, in awe. Larry was being incredibly hospitable in explaining and showing the inner workings of the Tarantula. Explaining about how the entrance was made to human specifications, it meant the openings would not easily allow the bulky armour of the men from the stars to enter easily. Sora, wearing the powersuit, that was fitted snuggly to his form, proved its worth, by entering after Larry, going in the hatch and up onto the first door, door one. The opening of the hatch, actually reminded Sora of submarine hatches, and the way you turn the wheel to open it and then lock it again air tight. The reasons that they were made this way were simple. Blast doors.

Able to withstand the rounds, fired by the bolt guns. The next door on the tour revealed the medical bay, and interestingly enough, it was rather sparsely fitted out, with only one bed, a surgery table, and cabinets, and an ensuite. Taru poked her head in, taking a quick look, before wanting to ask if there were mass casualities, how would they be treated, from one small bed.)”As you can clearly see this is the medical bay though several funds went into making more important facilities such as turrets placements, blast doors and the spare generator instead of a fully stocked medical bay but in a way it has received enough funds to cover the essentials…moving along.” Taru followed along, while Sora took a quick gander in the med bay. “One bed is okay….so long as its for me.”- he bobbed his head, and then went to catch up his Sister Taru and Larry, who had opened another blast door, and moved on through, very much the tour guide in a sense. Next stop would be a smaller room, that contained a monitor screen on the wall, and a joystick controller, along with a leather lined chair. Like some sort of home entertainment fun gaming station, it was deceptive by design, and its purpose truly remarkable.

Sora was almost game to take a seat in the chair and try it out. Like a boy in a video arcade, he could see the potential for some fun. Taru picked up on it immediately, and glanced over her shoulder at him and said simply, “No.” Sora made a few but buts. And she placed a finger up to his mouth and he shrugged, so the pair could return their attention to Larry’s explanation of why the extra turrrets were placed between the leg joins. To ensure that any vantage point considered a weakness to the structure, would not be able to be exploited. Taru thought this was understandable, and explained why there was a lack of medical supplies and rooms. “The monitor has a direct link to an optic sensor so as to eliminate the need for the gunner to look outside and since the person doesn’t even need to reveal themselves and is safe from any unnecessary harm…while the guns are mechanical the loading has to be done in here thus the ammunition boxes well at least for the anti-aircraft turrets but for the tank turret its self-loading well we are working on it…Moving along” Again off and away through another blast door, to reveal the room where the fangs, or large lase cannons were situated.

On further advice, Larry instructed that they had in fact reached the head of the Tarantula, and that the lasers were powered by large solar panels, that were fitted in key positions around the body of the Super Spider tank. The mention of the Tarantulas’s plasma lasers being enviromentally friendly at this point in the war, did have Taru smirk somewhat, mainly since the armies and the men from the Stars have been doing the exact opposite, and the enviroment had been taking a hammering,. Why even the ozone layer had been punched through so many times by ships, it was a wonder it wasn’t swiss cheese. Coming to the end of the the tour of the second floor, Larry begged the question’ “So how do you like the some of the second floor?”-Taru would be the first to speak up. “The additional turrets were a good idea, in the more aggressive fighting situations, and having seen the Men of the Stars in the north, I know they have a lot up there sleeves, as far as technology and defence. I am impressed with the ingenuity.” Sora poked his head up from behind his sister’s shoulder and added. “I really want to try out operating a turret. Do you have crash test dummies, or something like a moving practise target?”<c>

Raven was still struggling with her mask and managing to eat her fish and rice meal. Obviously the straps were too tight, and pulled on the mask as she tried to slip it up to allow her to eat her meal. Darksied noticed this right off the bat, and suggested that they see the Headmaster, who could help with Raven’s mask. Raven grew hot, her cheeks flushing as she set down her fork on her dinner plate. Mention of returning to meet with the headmaster was in order, and Raven piped up. “I remember him, he was a tree. Okay, I have eaten as much as I can, lets head back to the Headmaster, after I clean away my plate. Raven was actually keen to meet with the Headmaster again, since she still had many unanswered questions. Raven fixed her mask back on and rose from her chair to take her plate and utensils to be washed, and then returned, setting down the clean implements, and plate. “I am not sure if we met in Lorewall, I spent a lot of my time underground. Whether it was the hall or the Spire. Its actually rare for me to be on the surface. Maybe Mum was trying to have us protected from the men from the Stars. I don’t know. My Mother and my Aunt weren’t around very much. I saw more of the Ettercaps and my own siblings. *she smiled at Darksied thoughtfully*.. I don’t remember you at all. And its hard to tell since you wear a mask like I do.” The young boy in the black robes that had come up and poked Darksied before running away, had Raven intrigued. “Special friend?” she asked, ready to start on the walk back to the Headmaster. Sometimes, going back was the only way forward. <c>

Rider by now, was fast asleep, as was Baldrick, who for once was not sleeping sitting upright propped against the wall of the house. Little did either of them guess, that the procession of masks, the nightly ritual was on again, and the coffin carried from the river of black, to have it opened, and all manner of skeletal remains of beasts and creatures not of this world, took up the fight, and what a fight it was. Having Marluck, going from rooftop to rooftop, on his hands instead of his feet. Its a wonder the skeletons couldn’t see him, bounding along, Finally he came to land on top of Rider’s humble abode, ready perhaps to train the young Cookie and Baldrick, if at all possible. The sun did start to rise, which would end the procession, but also waken Cookie, since she was eager to see what Marluck had in store for her. But one question was what she wanted to ask, when she could pull her aside. “Why did he walk on his hands, instead of his feet? Was he a rebel with a cause, or was he simply sick of trampling in other people’s messes. <3>