The Good, the Fat and the Foetus.







DomHazardSerenity: -Hazard cracks his knuckles slowly, the long sword sheathed on his right hip jingling softly, as he looks to his opponent with his crimson orbs, a grimace flickering across his features as he looks to Ivan. He reaches back with his left hand to take the elongated longbow from his back testing the tautness of the string with his right hand, and seeing that it was in working order, he reaches back to grab one of the feathered arrows from his quiver to notch it against the string, as he pulls back and raises the bow to aim the arrow at Ivan’s chest. He releases the arrow from the bow shooting it with the accuracy of a hunter, and reaches back quickly to pull another arrow from his quiver to knock it once more.

EmpIvanVonVinditus: At the sound of someone knocking something onto a string Ivan’s over reactive nature would kick in, something that he was all too common to dealing with became second nature, so before the man even released the arrow Ivan had already moved a foot to the side, leaning over into the throne as the arrow dug into the fine lining of his throne, now that just was annoying. but none the less Ivan would make a rolling action onto his feet as he stood tall, to his full height of nearly fourteen feet before the man as he cast his right and left hand out to the side, the dementia space leaking from his finger’s to form a bow and a four pronged arrow, this arrow was designed for one reason and one reason only, should they hit the man in an armoured place the prong’s would break off with ease, but there would still be enough force to dent quarter inch still in far enough to constrict the man’s breathing, if it hit bare flesh it would no doubt pierce into the skin, breaking the four tip’s off into his flesh as well feel like as if he just had a spear jammed into said part. Not a very friendly event. as the man came into Ivan’s sight he would knock the arrow as if he had been doing so his whole life, to the untrained eye it even looked slightly impressive as he bruaght the bow up, aiming for the man’s stomach as he twisted the string of the bow to add twist for accuracy before releasing the arrow from the two hundred and forty pound bow, sending the arrow towards the man at easily three hundred miles per hour.

DomHazardSerenity: -Hazard never really expected to hit the man in the first place, he was too scared of the fact that he might not win. He swallowed the lump in his throat as he averts his aim from the man to fire his arrow on a trajectory course to terminate the arrow that was flying at him, and releases the arrow with ease, as his right hand reaches back to grab the last arrow in his quiver and knock it in place, If he was successful with his shot, he would hopefully terminate the arrow heading towards him. He grins for the first time he had entered because he was having fun even though it would mean his life.

EmpIvanVonVinditus: two arrow’s colliding in the air would cause a violent shatter of the man’s arrow as Ivan’s was of a more sturdy build; also it was not just simple wood. although it would break the barbed tip’s off Ivan arrow in the impact, and even slow down the arrow to a rate that it was doubtful that it would even reach the man, not that this honestly bothered Ivan any. he would begin to make his way towards the man, leaving the bow in his right hand to his side as he let his rage begin to consume him, the rage from over five hundred soul’s fuelling his anger as his eye’s would glow a deep red that would shine out onto the area in front of him as he picked up his pace, almost at a full sprint towards the man as Ivan had no fear of the last arrow that the man had, it would be all too easy to catch it if the man didn’t shit himself from the fact that there was a fourteen foot beast rushing him currently.

DomHazardSerenity: Hazard watches the two arrows collide and the sturdier of the two that being Ivan’s would land two feet before him in the ground. He smiles softly to himself as he looks up and sees him walk towards him slowly at first and then start to charge at him. This wasn’t hazards first rodeo with a beast, but he was bigger and that was something that scared him. Hazard fires his arrow quickly at the oncoming beast, and then tosses the bow to the ground, as he grabs he grip on his long sword with his right the ruby jewel on the end of the handle twinkling into the light, and pulls it free from its sheath. He points the swords downwards and draws a line in front of him, and waits patiently-

EmpIvanVonVinditus: Ivan caught the arrow harmlessly and tossed it to the side as Ivan got within range of the man he would use his massively built leg’s to jump into the air above the man’s sword, considering how heavy the sword would be it would be iffy that he would be able to get it up in time for much of anything as by this point Ivan was moving quite quickly. as Ivan jumped he would kick for the man’s chest, using all of his force in the kick to make it to his chest, this whole action would take Ivan less than three seconds to perform, and more than likely resulting in collapsing the man’s chest as well as tossing the man back into the wall, at the very least this kick would break more than a few rib’s. Ivan had used the man’s fear against him, giving him a chance to get more then close enough to perform what he had wanted to easily.

DomHazardSerenity: Hazard looks up as Ivan jumps up over his sword, the heavy handle making it difficult for him to raise it in time to block the man’s kick to his chest breaking some ribs and denting his armour plating upon contact, and sending him sprawling backwards into the wall, a resounding crash emitting as the wall cracks in a few places. He rises up and coughs up some blood spitting it to the side as he looks to Ivan, and starts to dash quickly at him his left hand curling into a fist.

EmpIvanVonVinditus: Ivan would already be rolling to the side on his back as he rolled back to his feet as he came up with the bow still within his right hand, as the man got close enough Ivan decided to use the bow as a club, considering the bow’s structure it would be lightweight, yet no doubt a painful hit if it landed. Ivan would swing this bow at the man’s head with a hard swing that would no doubt knock the man out cold, as well as break the bow if it landed correctly.

XxLordOdinxX: -Shadows and darkness, something feared by mortals for ages and something used by those who desire to set Death and Silence upon the world for just as long as that timeless fear. Darkness exists immortal side by side with all forces of nature, all forces of magic and life, Darkness leers from the corners where light dares not tread. The room would grow a bit colder, as if the energy was being sucked right from the atmosphere itself, and with this drop of a few degrees the shadows themselves would start to squirm, dance, and move as if a candles fire was set upon them from afar. Alas, the fires were not culprit, nay, the culprit was that of the shadows essence being toyed with from another dimension. The shadows would start to move outward, from every corner and piece of furniture in the room, where long snake like wisps of pure shadow would now travel against the light itself. These wisps would start to gather, gather and pool around a central focal point near the entrance to the hall. A black pool that looked venomous, thick, and putrid would be left from the shadows Sabbath. This thick ooze like pool would swirl a bit, and the air above would become even colder than that of the general atmosphere, Ice starting to form around the floor where the edges of the pool ended. Then as the air itself was lost of all heat, energy would start to radiate from its focal point, an energy deep, ancient, and powerful, so powerful in fact that the rift between Dimensions would start to become weak and fragile. Then with a loud thunderclap, a tear in the dimensional barrier would rip itself asunder, revealing a line amidst the air itself. The pool, responding to this ancient power would start to allow tendrils, black as death itself to rise, and slip into the rift like worms into soil. The tendrils would then rip open the tear in the veil, revealing a portal that swirled with shadows and the energy in question, an endless vortex into the unknown and into the heart of the very existence of all things. Purple, poisonous gas, known as Miasma, would seep onto the ground like fog along the graves of the deceased on a humid night. Finally, from the congregation of energy amidst the portal, a large hand with long fingers would emerge, grabbing hold of the edge of time and space, and then a leg stepped out. A large boot connected to a black leather that would ride up to meet a robed figure. As this figure stepped out of the Void, he could be seen clearly. He was seven and a half feet tall and dawned attire that made him look like that of an imposing being. His robes were black as the pool that was now rushing around his feet, and his exposed midsection revealed a well built, muscular man laden with tattoos, the black ink seeming to move fractionally, like it was a part of the darkness as well. His head was veiled by a hood, and a mask, the mask that of a solid ebony and onyx that revealed in its architecture jagged teeth and twin eyeholes. It looked like a demon, smiling before a kill, and it would have been incomprehensibly hard to see from afar, if it had not been for the ebb and flow of purple miasma seeping from the holes of the eyes. Behind that poison essence twin amethyst hues that burned like Shadow flame around twin slit pupils, both that looked around quickly, taking in any new information they would spot. Lastly, 5 orbs circled him like planets, each orb was an enigma, but from within them, the immense power could be felt. They were defiantly not of this realm, and their individual auras were perhaps as frightening as the darkness itself.

DomHazardSerenity: -As he continues to run at his opponent, he would watch as he swings the bow at his head, and roll under his swing and use the man’s momentum against him to thrust his fist upwards aiming at his stomach once he rolled right side up and hoped upon connecting with the beasts stomach that the tiny metal prongs on his knuckles would puncture through his clothing and into his skin to leave a nice welt-

EmpIvanVonVinditus: Ivan’s body would jump slightly at the hit as black ooze would leak from the puncture wounds as Ivan froze and looked down to the man, then to his ripped kimono. now that pissed Ivan off, the little shit fucked up his kimono, did he had any idea of how many people ivan had killed before getting the outfit just perfect. Ivan released fully this time, dropping down onto his knee as he curled up his left hand, attempting to bash the man’s head with his elbow through the helmet.

DomHazardSerenity: Hazard pulls his arm back watching the black substance ooze from the wound the stink getting to him, as he diverts his attention to the fact that the man had dropped down to his knee and lifted his left hand up to smash it downwards. He leaps to the right to avoid the man’s elbow and gets up slowly, his right hand closing into a fist, as he starts to run towards Ivan’s foot-

EmpIvanVonVinditus: Ivan would turn once more at this point, into something that would basically guarntee him a solid hit, rising up his foot and kicking once the man was well within range towards the poor shit’s face, with the momentum of the man running towards Ivan, this would no doubt be a bone chilling hit when it happened and if it happened.

DomHazardSerenity: As the foot hits hazard full on in the face he would be launched back and smash into the ground, his breath escaping him in a ragged gasp as stars appeared before his eyes. He rolls onto his side and struggles to his feet, as he grasps the long sword in his right hand and kneels down on one knee in front of the beast. He grasps the blade in his left hand, as he painfully raises his right and offers him his sword- You have fought well Ivan and I therefore yield before your power

EmpIvanVonVinditus: he let out a soft laugh as he motioned Odin over to himself. “get his bent armour off, leave him naked in the room, and make sure that his hands and feet are broken, wouldn’t much care for him trying to damage our surprise.” Ivan said in a slow tone as he ignored the man before him, not even turning his head to the sword as he began to make his way to the cage in a far off corner of the room.

XxLordOdinxX: -Odin’s eyes fell to Ivan and then to the sorry sod, and with a nod, Odin would speak- Yes sire -and with those words Odin would calmly meander across the room, leaving loud footfalls to echo in the chamber as he approached the now defeated man. he looked down, and attempted to grab his armour that stuck to him so boldly. If the man didn’t move, Odin would hold the breastplates collar, and rip it straight from his body, sure to leave bruising from the sheer force. After that, Odin would tear his clothes from his body as well, and leave the man stark to the cold room. Once that was in place, if the man didn’t move even yet, Odin would then take one of his large hand, and grip both the naked mans wrist, digging his sharp thumbs into his skin, and eventually through the muscle, and bone, only to rip his bones apart from the inside out. He then would focus on the man’s feet, lifting a giant boot, and ready to slam them down upon both his ankles one before the other, with the force of a sledgehammer. Should all this be successful, Odin would back away and stare at Ivan awaiting further orders-

DomHazardSerenity: -Hazard would stare at the retreating back of the man as Odin approached him. He would turn his head towards the man, and hold his hand out before him, as he starts to take off all parts of his armour. Hazard had some dignity left in him and once finishing taking off all his armour, he would rips his clothes off and stand before him presenting his stark nude body to everyone, as he presents his wrists to Odin. He feels him break his wrists and ankles with the force of a sledge hammer, and collapses before the man not a whimper or scream of pain escaping him as he continues to stare at the man.-

EmpIvanVonVinditus: Ivan smiled as he reached the cage, lifting the latch that kept the man that he had in reserve in there before opening the door slowly, letting whatever happened next, happen.

CherryHomicide: Upon hearing the sound of the door being open the fat man pops his head up in excitement. It had been three months since he last left the cage and all the time spent sitting and laying in his own excrement had built up a nice layer of dried shit atop his skin. The fat man took his time to steady himself and gain balance. The act alone was enough for him to start working up a sweet. The moister mixed with the hair stuck human faeces, to create a cake batter like substance. The man was a sight to see, a glistening sloth of a man. He rushed out into the open room every step, creating a mini earth tremor. Fully naked the man’s half choke quickly approaching the man’s face, one could compare the sight the humid Amazon rain forest. Beads of sweet flying everywhere witch way, smacking loudly against the marble floor. The only thought going through the fat mans mind.. (RAAAAPEE.) The linger smell of vomit and Nob cheese began to make it’s stench about the halls of the kingdom. Mid run the man would lose his footing and slip on the marble, stumbling a moment before all 650 pounds would fall into the nude man. Scared as he descended towards the floor, the man would began to projectile shit everywhere, while accidentally landing his foot, and shattering the poor fuckers left testicle.

DomHazardSerenity: -He would watch the 650 pound male come out of the cage, his orbs narrowing slightly as he thought to himself(fat fuck), and watches him run towards him his every step creating mini tremors. He looks down perhaps an error in later judgement hiding a smile as the man loses his footing on the marble, and starts to projectile shit everywhere. He feels the man regain his footing on his left testacles , a growl escaping past his lips, as his head shoots upward to make contact with the man’s stomach-

CherryHomicide: The man who was very abnormally large, had very much kept one thing secret from Ivan, all years when caught at a circus. The male that Ivan believed to be was in fact a transvestite. And very much impregnate by the small Mexican man Ivan had thrown in the cage not 9 months ago. The he/woman now struggling and flails about atop the crushed nude man. Tries to stand up. But clinching its stomach in pain.  Begins to miscarriage into the man’s chest, the small orange tainted fetus flops out of the she/man blue waffle.  Drenching the man’s whole body in after birth.

DomHazardSerenity: -He would feel the small orange foetus hit him in the chest, and afterbirth soak him, his tongue running over his lips as he pulls back from the he/woman’s stomach. A smile breaks out across his face as he starts to laugh with glee and he snakes his head under the woman’s crotch to bury his face into her blue waffle to lick any more afterbirth up.-

CherryHomicide: The fat She male, tickled by the sexually advance of the man. Would quickly sit down onto the man’s head, absorbing the whole appendage into the cooter. All of her wait now pressed against his body pinning his head inside. The fat she males defences would now take effect. Seeing the unknown object as a threat, her/his body would release antibodies to start creating enzymes to break down the man’s face

DomHazardSerenity: -As the fat ass she male sat down on his face, a grin would spread across his face as his his was shoved into her cooter. He would feel her enzymes start to attack his face, and opens his mouth to push his forked tongue up her canal to brush against her cervix. He fidgets nervously, as his cock starts to spasm to and fro violently.

CherryHomicide: The shemales grip did not falter. And the foreplay only enticed her to crush down harder again on the man’s windpipe. The abnormal widening, and ballooning of a portion of the man’s neck artery due the vagina’s grip, weakening the wall of the blood vessel. Giving the man an aneurysm. The she male had no intentions of losing her cum dumpster any time soon. Foreseeing the long wait the shemale grabs the fetus off the floor and indulgences in a light snack.

DomHazardSerenity: -As he takes his las gulp of air, he closes what is left of his eyes, and remembers his friends what was left of them. He exhales his breath as the enzymes eat away his face and his windpipe crushes-