Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

Trek to the Summit

Zombie Land


CharlotteCarrendar: – The toad like creature, let his spectacles slips down further as he observed the enormous Conan, and his lips quivered, while his tongue lapped along the bottom of his downturned lip. “Conan…Silverfang? Eh…Sound wolves of the Cherokee? Grrrrribbeett. I haven’t the foggiest what you are..or..what you are. Don’t wolves have..big…sharp teeth and big ears…for biting off the heads of children? Or was that some mouldy old Granny in a fairy tale about a girl from the Hood? Gribbbittt”. Luna could not stop smirking, for this Professor did talk a lot of nonsense. “Mister Conan is helping us find out Mum, not eating Grannies.”- Seven was getting bored with the adult conversation and rolled his eyes. Conan had warned him not to tell him too much, but Luna kinda ran away with herself on that one. “Mister Conan wants to know if the Droids work. I found this one in my Mum’s apartment.” He then picked up the small mechanical spider and showed it to the Professor. Course, the Professor was shocked to see it. “Where…where did you get this? Your Mother’s? And of course they work. Grrrriiibbbbbittt! Or why else would I be down here doing maintenance. Just not been called to service. Been waiting on Lady Carrendar. But…we haven’t been given word. Griiiibbbbittt. So sad…so sad.”- He wandered over to the work station and then picked up an enormous remote control unit. You could hear him mumbling and cursing, as he tried to remember the start up combination. “Gah…that is my PIN for the ATM…Grriiibbbitt…er…er…Ah yes..that’s it!” He quickly tapped in a few digits and then there was a low hum, followed by a massive eruption of sound, gears, motors, hydraulics, as one by one, the droids, row after row all came online, their large red laser eye optics, staring down at the children and Conan. “I give you…the JACK army!…All two hundred of them.” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan blinked at him as he glared when the professor was mumbling on still trying to make sense of what he was saying. He could start to feel a pain on his chest as he rubbed inside of his jacket. His chest was starting to burn again feeling uncomfortable. He was listening trying to keep his mind off of it as he rubbed he looked like he was starting to feel the pain. He was also being impatient wanting to start moving again. Conan looked to Seven as he shook his head as he didn’t even faze him interrupting them of course naturally he could see that this toad in fact knew Charlotte. He somewhat was relieved that this odd person knew her. He of course started talking about the Jacks as he said that they ran. He questioned it in his own mind seeing they were covered in dirt. Conan only saw junk in his eyes as he listened to the toad mumble again he really did say a word since the pain in his chest started to sooth itself. It was like it was disappearing his first thoughts of what this was from was in fact the fight he had no just hours ago. Then again it could be his mind playing tricks on him. As the Toad started typing on a key pad as the Jacks started up. His eyes shot open amazed they worked as the toad said there were two hundred of them he cocked an eye as he replied.- “Isn’t two hundred a bit much for such a small group of people?” –he was of course thinking it would be kind of noticeable with Seven, Luna and himself riding out with over two hundred of them out in the streets on the way up to Charlotte. He sighed as he stopped rubbing his chest as he looked at the professor.- “Well I mean it would be nice if we could take them out a back way out from the city not in the line sight of over thousands of people in Lorewall right?” –he was hopping he wasn’t the only one who thought it would be a bad idea having so many travel through the city. He waited for someone else to speak up any other ideas from his point of view.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The toad Professor came out with a slapping of his webbed feet, and sneered up at Conan. He was wondering, why he was of the size of the JACK army. “The army is not for you to just take and play with…GRIIBBBIITTT! They are to protect Lorewall. That small one you have with you is a beacon bot. Yes, it sends alerts, distress to the remaining army to come to the site of impending danger, and war. Be silly if you were all riding them. I would never let you take them all without consent from the Lady Carrendar…WHICH YOU ARE NOT! Griiibbbbitt!” He was clearly getting flustered, and waved around the controller, muttering and spluttering. Luna thought it was time to intervene, and approached the small Toad Professor, asking politely. “Well, if we can’t take two hundred…can we take…that one?” She was of course, pointing to the one with wings, the JACKV2FKR. “We are after all, searching for our mother to return to Lorewall, so you can…put these droids to work.” –Luna then batted her eyelashes. “Please? We will bring it back…Pinkey Promise.”- The Toad Professor sighed and patted the leg of the JACKV2FKR. “Many years ago…your grandmother said..the same thing. Promised she would bring it back.”- He looked upon Luna with sad eyes. “Oh…she kept her promise, he came back….in bits. She didn’t fair so well.” Luna’s face fell, when she realised that the Toad Professor was speaking of Lorelei. With a gentle hand, she patted his leather skull capped covered head. “It’s different this time. We won’t fail.” The Toad Professor let out a sigh and said. “She said that too.” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan’s eye started to twitch as the toad started going out of control as he started growling under his breath about read to stomp the toad in the dirt. Then again he remember about Seven talking about his anger at the moment he smirked as he looked at Luna who had already jumped in between him and the over grown Toad that had brains coming out his long tongue. He quickly watched Luna as he pointed and asked for the big one with wings. Conan was relieved to see Luna step in one more second the Toad would have been shredded by a sound pattern to match his attitude. Conan of course wasn’t used to people talking back to him like they could tell him that he wasn’t going to take them. He knew that it would be helpful to him if he at least had something to throw Seven’s menacing behaviour ass in during the time of battle only knowing that Seven thinks he is a leader of course Conan didn’t see any of them as leaders. Luna was too sweet and to kind to make harsh choices of a party. Seven was to hollow headed to see a Leader isn’t selfish. As for himself he does really see himself of making choices for a group he is more of a solider he is a being that follows the way of the sword. I noble path yet it can be a very dark one if taken by the wrong side. Even so Conan could see taking one in the picture of what Luna was after the JACKV2FKR would be the better choice. Conan could only help himself from laughing at the parts of this droid coming back to him as if he was talking about his baby. He couldn’t help himself as he stated out loud.- “The only way it would come back in shambles is if I use it to bash Seven’s head open. To be honest I don’t think we will hit too much trouble out there. Even so I don’t think that whatever we will face will even be strong enough to destroy it.” –he crossed his arms over his chest as he glanced down at Luna smirking as he knew she had a good idea going. Whether it was as good as it looked was the bigger question. He crossed his arms waiting to see if this toad was for real about at least lending a hand.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Professor adjusted his stance, and his slimy webbed feet smacked the metal floor, as he weighed up the options of letting them take the JACKV2FRK, out of all the armoured battle droids in the unit. He drummed his webbed fingers across his bottom lip, making an interesting sound, like smacking an old tyre tube. “Grrriibbbittt…I don’t know…”- Course, Conan had to mention the fact that the only way the droid would come back in a shambles, was if they used him on Seven’s head. Seven was disgusted. “I’m telling my Mum…I am.” Indignant as he was of the situation. He wanted the droid too, but was not about to show his colours yet. “Please?”- Luna asked just one more time. “Gah…fine!”- he quickly tapped in a new combination and one hundred and ninety nine of the droids powered down, with the exception of the one at the front, the metallic spider with wings. The toad professor hopped over to the work station and pulled out a smaller remote control. Taking out a screw driver, the toad professor, started to take off the back, and then reached for goggles, putting them on, and you could hear a sharp crackling as he rewired the controller to suit the big JACKV2FKR. Once completed, after much mumbling and spitting, he faced Luna and said. “Come..Take this. You can either ride in the JACK or…you can operate it much like a remotely operated droid. Either way…it’s yours. GRIBBBITTT!” Now..use the red button and green go, and he will get a lock on you, and then with this..*he handed her a special ear wrap receiver for her ear, and she would be able to hear requests from the JACK. Placing the ear piece in snugly, she went to pick up the bags again, while Seven wailed. “Why does she get one, and I don’t?” The Toad Professors, smirked, with big ugly green lips and said. “You never asked.” And with that, he hopped back to his office, slamming the door, while a huge doorway started to slide open from the walls, revealing an underground tunnel to lead back up to Central Park; Lorewall. Luna brought down the mic, and in her ear, she could hear excited electronic chatter coming from the Droid. Luna smiled at her brother and Conan, and said “Let’s go.” There was a light streaming from the other end of the tunnel, so they could see, it would not be long before their trek was underway again. Luna changed the toggles on the remote, and there was the great pounding sound of the many legs of the JACK. Inside his office, the Toad Professor, picked up a phone and made a call. “M’lord…they are away.” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan watched the toad with an interest as he finally let Luna have the droid. He watched Luna as she was excited a bit he could see that, he smiled at her as the professor powered down the other droids that all seemed to just turn off at the same time. After Luna had grabbed the remote and the head piece as she was smiling only to hear Seven a complain as he looked over after the toad said to him cause he didn’t ask he made a add on statement as they started out the side entrance that was hidden.- “That’s the last thing we need you to have.-He did think to himself how they got all of the spider droids in there and his question was answered with that as he directed Seven alongside his sister. Conan didn’t like Seven for the simple fact he was a kid that needed to learn to grow up and mind his elders. Which he knew it was over a thousand years too soon for Seven to even understand what Conan was talking about. They were off on a new journey and finally to the distant land of where he might full Shadow’s wishes as he vowed his sword so many years ago.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- The tunnel was built by something of enormous size. Big enough to house a monorail at least. The thundering sound of the droid along behind them, made Seven and Luna both want to walk faster. Seven was a bit curt about Conan’s comment that the last thing they needed was for HIM to have a battle droid. “Oh…see, this is what is called favouritism. I know, you like Luna better than me. Well I got one thing to say. *Seven blew a huge raspberry and ran off up ahead of the tunnel. Rounding the corner, he was no longer in sight. Luna walked alongside Conan, and offered. “He needs manner lessons. Sorry about him, Mister Conan.” The smaller mechanical droid found peace on Luna’s shoulder, and settled, while the grinding gears, cogs, and the hydraulics of the Super winged spider kept up the pace. Coming out into the light of the park, its beams showering through canopys, and illuminated their skins. There were the large golden gates, both opened still, that lead to the Mountain trail, and this is where Luna stopped. Concerned on what she was letting him get involved in, she sighed, and reached for Conan’s hand. “Are you really sure you want to come up here? There have been some stories.”<3>

TheGorya: -Conan listened to Seven as he glared as he spouted off his words to him telling him he liked Luna over Seven. In theory he was right but not about choosing favourites he likes Luna for her image of almost a exact copy of his daughter when I came down to personality. Seven on the other hand was a copy of a spoiled brat who loves to act like he is touch shit. In the end Seven was the opposite he was more a coward when it came to battle than his own sister. Yet Luna more at this moment was less of a fighter, her bother on the other hand seemed to take advantage of her kindness. Conan could see in Seven’s soul and path he chose at the young age to be reckless as he knew one day he might find it to be his biggest flaw as a self centered poser. Luna on the other hand had one flaw in Conan’s eyes her kindness and willingness to help other. He breathed as Luna said to him -“He needs manner lessons. Sorry about him, Mister Conan.” He chuckled as he said to her in a calm tone.- “Seven is a reckless selfish kid Luna he is to blinded by his own desires to see what life is really about. He will one day find he can’t be everything at once….” –he started to walk out into the light as he finished his statement.- “he calls himself a leader yet to leader one must be selfless and make choices that benefit everyone not just one person.” –they finally walked out the doors as he looked out at the mountain trail. He felt Luna’s hand on his has he looked down at her again as she said asked him if he was going to walk away as he smiled.- “I am sure the stories are true or false. However we will find out one or another.” –he closed his hand around hers as he could see Seven was not sight as he sighed saying- “So Seven thinks he can make it on his own eh? Well we shall see how long it takes him to run back for help…” –he looked up at the trail ahead as he said- “Come on Luna lets go we should keep moving and not waste time” –he started walking forward as he smiled knowing they were one step closer to the end of the line for his journey.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Up ahead, Seven was running up the track, the same one his mother and her crew of trekkers had taken. Every so often he would strike out at a low lying branch, clearly angered by all the positive attention that Luna was receiving from Conan. Having never really known his father at all, he was badly in need of someone to care for him, in the art of raising him to one day be a fine man. “Adults…are…PIRATES!”- He shouted, and hollered and made monkey like sounds, acting out in rebellion. “I don’t need Conan…I don’t even need Luna….and I sure as eggs don’t need a massive walking alarm clock. I’m fine…I’m….just fine.” He marched on and then took out his mother’s pink vibrator, he swiped from her dresser, and then turned it on and did the sword trick again, only to soon bore of it as he walked along. Little did he realise, as he was heading for the base camp of the Jim’s Mining company, that he…was not alone. Beyond the buildings, and deep in the mine, there was this…awful sound. Haunting…hungry…”FAAAAAAAAAACEEE!” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan could sense were Seven was up ahead of course he knew the little brat was most likely just trying to get attention. He knew nothing of the boy’s history or his family’s history. He knew the more he knew would only make him attached to them. Yet he couldn’t help to notice he was sort of attached to them in a way. Seven did remind him of his younger brother Arano who was always looking to be spoiled. Even so Conan could see that Seven would need one day to look up to someone Conan couldn’t see that he might look up to him as someone to go off of. Yet Luna and he trailed behind as he pulled a cigarette out of his jacket placing it in his mouth as he walked towards were Seven was. He pulled out a match listening to the whispers in the wind as he kept a blanket face. Listening knowing something wasn’t right. Sliding his thumb across the match still holding Luna’s hand he lit the cigarette inhaling as he tossed the match a side as Conan was a bit more relaxed now. He was trying to calm his mind using the cigarette as a coping tool to deal with Seven’s childish attitude to keep his senses open to feeling anything evil that was alive. He stopped as he said to Luna hearing something as he asked her.- “Do you hear something Luna?” –he exhaled the smoke that poured out of his mouth as he listened again trying to make out a distant noise.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Luna held Conan’s hand tightly, and strained to hear the sound. “I..I’m not sure, maybe it’s a machine or something. Or..a wild animal. Bear?” She wasn’t terribly sure, but with the sound that the battle droid was making behind her, it was hard to make out what was up ahead. “But Seven is ahead of us, maybe he found something.” Or maybe, something found him. Reaching the abandoned mine camp, he could see that it had not long been used, and there was chicken feathers all over the concrete, still covered in blood. It was then he noticed something familiar, and raced over to pick it up. A small spider earring, and on closer examination, it reminded him of one his mother wore. “People here left in an awful hurry.”- He said, pocketing the earring and then just as he was going to investigate the office, he heard a low growl. Throaty and dark. “Hello?” Seven called out, wondering if it was a mining crew. “I’m looking for my M…M…M…*a zombie appears from the mine opening and starts to lumber along towards Seven. All Seven has in his hand is his Mother’s vibrator, and he turns it on. “BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!” and that’s about it, rotating on a fast speed. Realising the situation being grim, he throws the vibrator behind him and starts to run from the zombie, who is calling for his FAAAACCCCEEEE <3>

TheGorya: -Conan couldn’t tell what it was at first as he removed his hand form Luna’s grip as he inhaled closing his eyes as he hummed a sweet tone in the back of his throat that started to vibrate at a high rate. Conan was starting to channel the sound within his body to vibrate to cause sonic sound. As he was making the sonic sound using that to pin point Seven with his sensor of course being that he knew seven was just up ahead he looked to Luna.- “Stay here with the Jack your brother has found something he shouldn’t have” –with that he quickly started to use the sonic sound within his body as he hummed into a high octave as the pitch would make it run at a ultra sonic sound wave. That if compressed Into the body by channelling and released through the legs, arms and feet would make someone Conan’s weight basically blast through the sound barrier at a softer impact rate with no repercussion to Luna. As he bent down pointing himself directly in the path of Seven’s screaming with his elbow straight out as he pushed out releasing the ultra sonic wave from his body throwing himself at the rated speed of sound since of the slightly higher rating. Conan knew his body could with stand the compression of sound yet he also knew that his body could only with stand to much distance he could travel before slowing down. He launched himself directly in the path of the zombie as Conan’s elbow would come into contact with the Zombies spinal cord hearing the snapping of the cord in half. Most likely this would make the zombie immobile to move or good as dead. After connecting with his attack he caught himself before he lost balance as he stood right in front of Seven as he looked at him as he said- “that will teach you not to run off by yourself now wont it?” –he crossed his arms waiting for him to react.-