Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

Trek to the Summit

Boys will be boys


CharlotteCarrendar: – “But Mister Conan?” – Luna sung out, as Conan let go of her hand and decided to go and help Seven. “Stay here with the Jack your brother has found something he shouldn’t have” Well that was nothing new. Seven was always the seek and destroy kind of boy, and if there was danger to be found, Seven had a radar for such things. Within the blink of an eye…*ZOOM!* he was off, one minute there, next minute, gone. Luna stood quietly, while the large JACKV2FKR stood in behind her. Large red laser optics scanning the foliage for signs of movement. Luna placed down the holding bag, along with her backpack, the tiny spider droid leapt off her shoulder and crept around, making a low whistling sound. A quick chirp and it scurried off into the bush. “JACK!” She shouted, as the lumbering monster Spider battle droid reared up behind her. Gasping she spun around and brought both her hands up. “No…down..Not you…I meant the other one!” The large droid started to chatter in her ear piece and then slammed back down to earth with a resounding thud. The shock force nearly knocked Luna off her feet. Staggering slightly, she patted her hair nervously. “That was close.” But then a squirrel raced out from a bush and Luna squealed, only to have a large red laser fire out from one of the JACK’s large eyes, and incinerated the squirrel instantly, leaving a smoldering pile of ash. Luna froze, not taking another step. “” The large battle droid chittered happily and Luna realized, this was not going to be an ordinary day in the mountains. :: Over at the mine entrance, it seemed the first zombie was going to make its attack, when Conan appeared out of nowhere. “FACCCCEEE” the zombie roared, only to be hit full on in the spinal cord, by Conan’s elbow. Seven’s jaw hit the floor, as Conan made light work of the Zombie’s spinal cord, A crack, then snap and that was it. Conan finished the job, and then appeared before Seven, arms crossed and scolding like an angry parent whose kid got lost at the Fair. “That will teach you not to run off by yourself now wont it?” Seven scoffed and then with an inflated chest, he said in a voice that was defiant. “I almost had him!! One fire of my web and he be…wrapped up now.” Seven folded his arms to mimic Conan, and finished with. “Well if you’re here with me, who is looking after Luna? Hmm?” Good question. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan’s eye twitched again as he balled his fist as he stomped his foot right in front of Seven as he balled cocked his hand back to try and knock some sense into Seven aiming right on top of his skull as he said- “Why you little shit! Do you understand how fast I had to travel to just save your selfish ass! God!” –he snapped at him biting his head off like he was his father as he continued to chew Seven out as he said.- “Oh webbing you really think that would have held him down for very long?” –he looked at the zombie as he shook his head while looking back at Seven again.- “It’s a zombie of course webbing would have held him down but what would you have used to snap the spinal cord to take off the head boy? Zombies don’t stop walking after being tied down they have the urge to feed. A simple thanks and respect is in order.” –he looked back at how far he travelled seeing bent trees from his path and in the distance he could see Luna she was a little dot in his line of sight as he turned back around to Seven saying one last thing.- “Seven! Pay attention to what I am about to say next…….” –he exhaled as he pulled out a cigarette lighting it up looking into Seven’s eyes as he kneeled down.- “you listen to me and what I say we are in a dangerous place now. I don’t give a shit if you are a leader you listen to me if you want to stay alive. Otherwise I will let the zombies and whatever goes bump in the night eat you alive. So grow a pair of balls and start acting your age.” -he inhaled on the cigarette as listened to Seven while he asked about Luna as he said to Seven.- “she is with the Jacks I’m going to call her over to us” –Conan weaved a hand sign as he tap the ground as a blue line from his path of travel shot back over to Luna its path was long yet it was more like a flame that hand no heat. While this line was traveling it made letters in the same blue color that was flame like spelling out over in front of Luna. “Come here Luna follow the line to us and be quick about please. Signed Conan Silverfang” he stood back up as he was smoking his cigarette keeping an eye on Seven completely annoyed that he is being so arrogant and childish hopping Luna would understand.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Oh you could see it. The way the soft light hit the bulging veins in Conan’s neck, the tension on his face. Hell, those crow’s feet were more prominent when he was angry. If ever there was a person, to have gotten under the Warrior’s skin, it was Seven. The twelve year old terror, the bebilith junior menace, was proving to be quite the handful. Trying to show a false sense of pride and self worth, the youngster was all show, and his voice was getting higher. “Whaaaaaaat?” he reacted to the foot stomp, which shook the ground, and the raised fist, arm drawn back, ready to knock some sense into the lad, for his misadventures. “Why you little shit! Do you understand how fast I had to travel to just save your selfish ass! God!” When a brat like Seven is cornered, does he snivel and cry like a girl? Errr nope. “My name’s Seven, not God, thank you very much, Mister Conan.” His eyes did reveal though, that this almighty brute before him, might just carry out his physical threat, and he was intimidated…very. Seeing the broken and battered Zombie on the ground, Seven gave it a little kick, and made a nasty face at it, while Conan went on to explain that Seven’s webbing would not have done the Zombie in had he been trying to fight it himself. Course, Seven knew that, but…he had to appear tough. “I have a rep to protect. An Image. I’m a Carrendar, like my Mother before me.” He said in response to Conan’s barrage that he needed to grow some balls and act his age. And that last part, brought an odd reaction. “I’m a KID..I’m Twelve. Not a freaking adult midget.”- Oh this kid was going to take more than a brow beating to get him to yield. Pride was definitely what held him back from being more accepting of others. The minute that Conan started to mention Luna again, Seven went to sit on a crate, folding his arms. Could it be, that Seven was jealous of the relationship that Conan had with Luna? Back at the other end of the forest, Luna received the message to go to where Conan was with Seven. But of course, the little mechanical JACK was in the bushes. Biting her bottom lip, she picked back up her backpack, and her holdings bag, before whistling for the micro JACK. The major one, lowered and was ready to follow Luna along. A shrill tweet sound, and then the micro JACK ran out from the bush, excited about something and ran up Luna’s leg and then up up to her shoulder, perching again. Happy that he had returned, she waved her hand forward. “Move out!” – taking on a John Wayne voice and laughing to herself. It would only take about ten minutes to reach Conan, and wandering into the camp, Luna glanced around. “This place is deserted.”- Staring at her brother and then Conan she asked. “What I miss?” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan was annoyed at Seven’s response but for a moment hearing him talk about an image it reminded him a lot of himself. He was like that so much pride as he looked at him finishing his cigarette he put it out as he exhaled sighing. He looked at Seven as he said- “you hold to much pride whether or not you’re a kid Seven you are still a young adult. Start acting like one you will get further in life” –he knew from experience since long ago Conan’s pride got in the way of a mission. At his young age back then he had skill but no common sense of team work. He could see that in Seven pride was his biggest flaw if he couldn’t figure it out soon he would hurt the ones he ones he cares about. He looked back over to Luna as she had walked in asking about what she missed. Conan sided as he looked at the zombie kicking the stomach over as it rolled on its back as he said- “this is why you don’t run off alone. Your brother found a zombie so in regards. Let’s take this as a life lesson to not wonder off alone.”-he looked at Seven and then to Luna as he finished- “Got it?” –he crossed his arms as he waited for a response.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Seven pointed his nose in the air, as Conan said that Seven held in too much pride, for a lad so young. It was clear, that Conan wanted the boy to man up, grow up and show respect for his elders, but Seven had some pretty ill feelings about the way the adults of his world, had stuffed everything up. The boy was a tough nut. And it would take a great deal to crack him. He had after all managed to get under Conan’s skin and that was a feat in itself. Luna arriving only compounded the bad mood, that Seven had. “What I miss?” She asked innocently, while the massive spider droid behind her, turned its large head, scouring the area for movement. On high alert, it could be a help and a hindrance at the same time. Seeing the body of the zombie, Luna took a step back, gasping. “A zombie miner?” Luna said almost breathlessly. “So, this is a mining camp….and the people are all zombies?” She stared at the various dongas and empty bungalows, with torn curtains, doors that creaked on their hinges, as they swung lazily with the breeze. The odd piece of paper twirled past, dancing on the light breeze. Now Luna was full of questions. “How do we know if Mum has been this way? What if the zombies got her?” Seven finally rose from the crate, and stuffed his hand in his pocket, retracting his fingers, and then handing Luna the earring he found. “Recognize this?” He said, moving in close to his sister, every few seconds, watching Conan. Luna turned over the earring, and then gasped with astonishment. “This is Mums…where did you get it?” Seven pointed over to the undercover area, where there was still a pile of chicken feathers coated in blood. “Over there. But she ain’t here now, is she?” Luna took out her stud and then put her mother’s earring on and sighed. “We know now, she was here. But which way do you think she went? How do we tell?” The two children then looked up at Conan for answers. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan sighed of course seeing that it was going to take a bit more to get into Seven’s mind and turn him into a man. He was clear it was going to be a goal within itself to turn this kids mind into a young adult. He watched the kids start talking as Seven pulled out an earring as they both said it was hers. He was trying to think of what he could do of course tracking her through sensor of aura might be out of the question in this situation he knew it was going to have to go with sense of smell this time. He sighed as they wondered how they were going to track her as he opened his hand wanting the earring as he said.- “it’s simple wolves can track scents for miles once locked onto the right one. However even so we need tread carefully there might be more out there than zombies. So if I could let me see that earring.” –he knew this was the only other way of following her trail. Finding her was going to be harder in this place since he would have to fight the wind with the forest area. He dropped his sensor magic to focus on scent this time around as he looked to both of them asking them carefully.- “do you know if your mother smokes? This can help my track her scent easier.” –he knew if she was a smoker it was going to be harder but not impossible to find her it would take longer than originally planned. He needed to know more info on her this time. He was tired of walking in the dark.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Luna was the first to answer the question as she took off her Mother’s earring and handed it to Conan. “No Mister Conan, she doesn’t smoke, not from what I have seen of her. *she flashed a glance at Seven and said* “You ever seen her smoking?” Seven didn’t really feel like being co-operative, but he didn’t want to hang around a zombie infested mining camp either. Just the scent of the air, made him gag. “Nope, not seen her with cancer sticks. So that kills off that idea, Mister Conan.”- Luna gave him a nudge with her elbow and frowned. “Give Mister Conan a break, Seven. He is only trying to help.” Seven jerked back, to see Luna become more abrupt, and he didn’t like her this way. “Yeah yeah yeah.” Luna knew that someone in the party was going to have to come up with a good plan,and Luna instantly went with her gut instinct. “We have the JACKV2FKR, and the micro, so…I say we go in the mine entrance itself and scour the tunnels. My guess is that she is lost in there somewhere.” It was indeed plausible, and Seven shrugged. “And my guess is that there are zombie miners in there. But, it’s your wish.” Seven got ready with his bags, and Luna adjusted her straps- “Let’s make a move, shall we?” <3>

CharlotteCarrendar:- The reading that Conan was able to get off the piece of Jewellery, was that she was indeed inside the tunnels. With that sorted, the trio with the massive arachnid battle droid, started their way to the massive entrance, that had been carved out of the rock by something that was not mechanical. Passing through the entrance, Luna actually went to stroke the wall face. “Look at these groove markings, Seven.” She said, feeling the texture in the rock. At first Seven didn’t seem to care, but with an outward sigh, he wandered over and took a much closer look at the rock. Teeth marks, really big teeth marks. Now taking in the sheer scale of the size of the tunnel, Seven suddenly became nervous. “At least Mister Conan is right about one thing. If Mum is down here, she is DEFINATELY not alone. I mean, what on earth makes teeth marks that big? What can possibly eat through rock itself?” The truth of what ate through the rock, would come to the fore deep within the mountain. As the group went further into the tunnel, the massive JACKV2FKR illuminated the space, by setting off massive flood lights on it front end unit, just above the head. It sure helped to see in the distance.<3>