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A Pirate’s Wife



ZymoticFury: Edward Foster was dead, he was certain of it. He was dead and spending the first hours of his eternity in hell, Demons writhes in the noxious fumes rising from the hardening lava he was to walk on with a broken leg. The demons tormented him at every opportunity and sweat poured from his brow in thick rivulets his screams were drowned out by the screams of so many more souls, each facing the same fate that he was. The demons pressed white-hot pokers against his shoulder just to make him scream louder. His throat was red raw and he could taste blood. The sheer terror of what he saw struck him to his very core. There was no rest for the wicked here, no death, no relief just torment and torture. Slowly it began to cool a little, like there was a slight breeze in hell. His brow beetled in confusion. There was no breeze in hell. The breeze became more pronounced, it was actually more of a draft and it made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. He opened his eyes. He wasn’t in hell. He was in a cot, looking at the grey stone walls, the hot sun pounding through the window. His head thumped like he had a hangover but he hadn’t had a drop in… in… he didn’t even know how long he had been in this cell. He was soaked in sweat and he had no clue why. There was pain in his shoulder and his leg so he didn’t even bother trying to get up, he just laid there in his own stinking filth, wondering when there was going to be a meal, or water or anything. He had flashbacks of hell and was grateful to still be counted among the living. It was indeed a mercy of sorts. He reached a hand up to feel his shoulder. It had been bandaged up and the bandages were dry. The last thing he remembered was passing out after the redcoat had fired on him. Knowing the worst of the fever was over gave him hope that he would make it through whatever ordeal was now before him. He heard boots stomping down the hall and the jingling of keys. He feigned sleep which wasn’t difficult to do and hoped the person who was entering his cell would leave as soon as possible and leave him to deal with his traumatic experience.

FireStar32005: “What the bloody hell happen’ here?” the words flowed out of her rouge lips as she looked over the damage that had been done to one of the taverns. Debris still littering the streets some, her eyes catching on some people working on fixing up the damaged buildings and stands. Her brow furrowed some as she tilted her head watching the construction crews. Blinking some she wondered when all this came about, and why she wasn’t there for it. A twinge of fear trailed up her spine, where was Sam at and did he tell the man she was with that she’d be back in a few days? She couldn’t write, and had to give a word of mouth message. She shuddered some what if he hadn’t? She had been gone for five days. “Oy!” one of the construction workers whistled to her. She walked past not paying him any mind or any other man for that matter. She wasn’t hunting for purses now…. one male stopped her as she walked along the cobbled street. “Ahoy there lass…” annoyed by the interruption her brow furrowed some, but she softened her face looking up at him. “’aven’t seen ye around Lizzie… where ye been?” he asked his voice husky. “Been away fer me health..” she says carefully a gentle lilt to her voice. “What happened here deary? I never seen this much debris before…” she adds. “And I never seen ye look so pretty…” he notes eying her hungrily. It was true, the scratches on her face cleared up, the bruising had faded, and she was wearing a new dress and new boots, taken from a fine missus of a Barrack Stanchion that had passed on shortly after her husband did. “Where does a li’l wench like ye get a fine dress as that?” he asked. The dress she was wearing was simple, a rich dark gray color, and her new boots matched the dress. “From a kind missus…” she states. “After ye had her husband I take it…” his eyes probed her even more. “Damn yer eyes.” she hissed starting to walk away from him. He noticed she didn’t have a limp anymore and tilted his head as he chuckled at her. “Ye know that man ye were with, he be goin’ to Jack Ketch.” Stopping her tracks she turns to face him. “What?” she asked her voice catching in her throat. “Aye… what’s his name…?” he aked thoughtfully. “When’s he meetin’ the gallows?” she asks. “He be locked up then?” The man smirks to her revealing a few yellowed, rotting teeth. “What will ye be payin’ me…?” he asked. “Take me to him an’ I’ll show ye..” she smirks playfully, keeping her eyes downcast. Taking hold of the back of her neck he leans in closer to her, allowing her to take in the stink of vomit, urine and faeces. “I want the lot.” he whispered. “As payment fer me services…” she steps back and smiles looking up at him. “Take me to where he is first.” she states simply. Nodding his head he lead her to the prison hold. “He be in there…” She pulled him into the alley for his payment, but his payment would not be what he expected. As soon as they were away from prying eyes and what little light there was he groped her hungrily with his greasy, sausage like fingers. Immediately he started to lift her skirts, and quickly she jabbed her gully into his throat. “There’s yer payment ye filthy sea rat.” she snarled. He looked at her with wide eyes for a moment as he gagged on his own blood. Stepping behind him she tears the dagger out of his throat, wipes it off quickly on his clothes and takes the purse tied loosely to his person. Hiding the dagger at her thigh once more she hides the purse as well stepping out of the alley into the light. “Bastard.” she cringed. Making her way to a guard in front of the prison she forced some tears to muster it up in her emerald eyes. Finding a guard or two she looked up at them. “I be lookin’ fer me husband..” she manages to say through her tears. “I been away…an’ I was told he be here..please, may I see him?”

CharlotteCarrendar:- The guard that stood at the gate of the Prison, sniffed the air, when the busty wench approached, belly aching about seeing her husband. Claiming to have been away and she was informed to go to the gaol to find him. Holding his musket in his right hand, and slung up on his shoulder, he regarded the woman with a savage expression. “Look ‘ere love…we don’t be needin’ none of your kind around ‘ere. The Governor will go right off. Now…get a move on.” A second guard, who was a higher rank, observed the Woman and then frowned, when hearing the first guard’s tone and harsh rejection of her request. Thinking he might get a bit with this damsel, he coughed loudly, and then opened the gate. “It’s your lucky day, Miss…this way. Take you down to dead man’s gallows. We got a right lot this week. Charged with all manner of things.”- If she followed him in, he would lead her down to the last row of cells, and then ask her to pick out her husband. “Right then, which one of these sorry sods, is your ‘usband?” He said, holding the gaolers key. <3>

FireStar32005: She did not appreciate the tone of the first guard to speak with her, but she guessed she couldn’t blame him. Wrapping her shawl tightly around her in a modest manner she smiles softly to the guard who regarded her with a sense of tenderness. She smiled up the “kind” guard and slowly walked down into the dead man’s gallows. Walking down the last rows of cells as he asked her to sort out which of the scallywags was her husband she finally found him, Edward Foster. Tilting her head some she rested her hand on the iron bars of the cell. “This be him…” she said turning to the guard. “My love…” she turns to Edward locked in the cell her brow furrowing some with concern as she studies him, sweaty and injured. “What happened to ye?”

CharlotteCarrendar:- The guard was not as bad as the one at the gate, and then undid the lock, and opened the cell, allowing the woman inside, before locking it again. “You got fifteen minutes…twenty if I have to take a piss.” He then marched off. <3>

FireStar32005: She blinked watching him open the cell door. Stepping inside she smiles to the guard and nods to him in regards to the time limit. “Aye… thank ye sir…” she says her voice soft and as tender as she could make it. Watching him march off she turns her attention to Edward and kneels down. “What happened to ye?” she whispers.-

ZymoticFury: As he feigned sleep, his thoughts went back to the wench he had saved and spent the night with. His chest churned in a way he had never felt before and he didn’t like it. He remembered fondly how her body felt pressed against his, her breath on his neck, her legs around his waist and his thoughts definitely showed around his loin area. He pretended to stir and sit up, trying his best to ignore the pain. His vision was blurred, hazy and had little perception of depth owing to the eye patch. There was nobody in his room but the door WAS indeed open, light shone in from the doorway and a silhouette of what he believed to be an angel given his fever dreams just minutes before. He heard her speak and he realised it was no angel but her voice was so soothing. “My love…” he heard “What happened to ye?” He tried to smile but it was difficult through the pain so it came off as more of a grimace. “Ah! Me luck went bad it did! First I was in the tavern as a cannon destroyed it and if that weren’ bad enough as I were to board me ship me crew were held at gunpoint as a prat rattled on about Piracy!” He leant in as she knelt before him. “It’s true o’course but I have me documentation that should get me off that charge if I be given a fair trial so in other words, I be a dead man walking.” He sighed and shook his head, leaning back against the grey wall that he had awoken to.

FireStar32005: Hearing his words her heart sank a bit. Perhaps he didn’t get her message. Gently taking off her cleaned shawl she gingerly wipes his sweat covered brow. A shiver of fear ran down her spine. She remembered her night with him, and an ache started up in her at the memory of his touch and the feel of him. “I’m guessin’ ye didn’t hear the message I left fer ye with Sam.” she said gently. “An’ ye know they never be given fair trial fer the sea dogs…” she hides the fear in her voice as she speaks. “But don’t ye worry I’ll get ye out of here.” she smiles looking into his eye brushing her fingertips down his cheek. “An’ I won’t be chargin’ ye. They think ye be me husband.” she adds. “I be seein’ if I can pay to get ye out, I’m not about to let ye meet with Jack Ketch while there be a breath in me body.” she lays her shawl down on the cold floor of the cell. Leaning into him her lips curl into a coy smile. “An’ I have fifteen maybe twenty minutes alone with ye..” she whispers, her hot breath brushing over his ear. “Plenty o’ time to bring ye back to life if ye be a dead man walking…”

CharlotteCarrendar:- The guard had managed to take a piss out by the piggery, and then re entered the holding lot, where the “wife’ had been taken down to see her “husband” He came along and with the rattle of his keys, he started to undo the lock. “Time’s up, I’m fraid. If ya didn’t get a quick fuck in…I’m sorry. Me and the missus can do it in two minutes.” Another two guards were waiting to clap the Pirate in irons, and lead him to the courthouse, where he was to be tried before the Hanging Judge…Judge..Judith.<3>

ZymoticFury: He shook his head as she spoke about a message, Sam hadn’t mentioned anything but then again he dies before he could say much. He remembered the way the debris from the wooden support beam skewered him in the eye and how he had laid stock still afterward. He didn’t check the man’s vital signs but he did look dead. He looked up at her smile and he felt the lurch in his chest again and he had to take a breath. He had never been affected like this before in his life. He smiled at her and handed her the documentation that would get him off. “You’re my witness” He smiled a little as she spoke of him being a free man once again. He took a moment to think of him as her husband and it wasn’t nearly as repellent as he had imagined it. He smirked, thinking of what they could do in fifteen minutes when they were rudely interrupted by a guard. They clapped him in irons, not caring for his broken leg or wound, he screamed out in pain as he was dragged off, half hopping for his sentencing with the harshest judge in port royale. He was a dead man.

FireStar32005: Taking hold of the documentation in hand she winces hearing him scream in pain from the irons. At the mention of the guard only needing two minutes with his wife. She followed after him and Edward as quickly as possible, holding tight to the documentation in her shawl which she had wrapped around herself as quickly as possible. “Oy” she said to the guard. “Ye must be a very unsatisfied man…” she says gently to the guard. She had not stepped foot in a courthouse in a long time. She knew the trial wouldn’t be fair. Holding tight to his documentation and to the series of coin purses she had retrieved while she was away she hoped that she’d be able to pay off the judge, one way or another.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Judge, one Judge Judith Pennybottom, was one crusty old relic, who had spent way too long in the bar, and also appeared to have a moustache. Going over the court documents, she watches the guard bring in the latest prisoner, and she takes out her monocle and reads the court papers, before addressing the prisoner and his wife. “Mister Foster…you have been charged with Piracy, smuggling of illegal substances and 3 counts of assault on redcoats and theft and possession of standard military equipment, how do you plea before this court?” <3>

FireStar32005: Seeing the judge was a woman her heart sank a bit more, but the woman appeared mustached and crusted beyond words. She inwardly cringed standing near her sea dog. Holding on the documentation and the heavy purse filled with the coin of others. Her eyes turning to Edward for a moment she looked back up to the judge. –

ZymoticFury: He was dragged into the courthouse and shoved into a caged stand where ironically he sat owing to his leg. He was short of breath and rivulets ran down his forehead again. “On the first count of piracy, I plead not guilty, on the second count of smuggling, I also plead not guilty, I am an importer and exporter of LEGAL substances, mainly sugar, wheat and potatoes. On the third count, I made no threatening gestures toward anybody nor did I assault anybody and on the fourth count, I was given it by a redcoat captain as a walking aid as I had broken my leg, he removed the shot and the powder.” He tried his best to talk professionally in queens English but his accent slipped through a little bit. His eyes scanned the crowd that had amassed to see a hanging but somehow he felt confident as his eyes found his ‘wifes’.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Well, seems that the Judge was flying the red flag, as she scowled fiercely at the prisoner in the docks. He may have had a firm grip on the English language, but his namby pamby ways did not sit with her at all. She grumbled, as he continued to speak in his defence, that he was not guilty, on all counts and charges. “Do you have documents or witnesses to back up your testimony….Mister Foster?’- she said harshly, not expecting him to have a soul to speak up for him. <3>

FireStar32005: Hearing him speak she holds up his documentation for the judge. She dared not speak. She could not speak the Queen’s English. Not at all, she was never brought up in a classed home. Hearing him speak in the queen’s English surprised her and she hoped the judge believed his words. Feeling his eye on her she gave him a small smile looking up at the judge once more. Hearing the judge speak she squeaked out small “Yes madam” she held the documentation forward keeping her shawl wrapped tightly around herself to appear as modest as possible-

ZymoticFury: His eyes continued to lock with hers as she spoke for him, he was calm, but he could see the judge already had it in for him. He didn’t seem to care, in fact, he smiled, smiled in defiance as his ‘wife’ produced the necessary documentation that could have set him free. He watched her closely and his heart skipped a beat as he realised she wasn’t actually speaking, just handing the documents over. He was deathly afraid for the first time as his smile faltered.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Handed the documentation, by the ‘wife’ of the accused, the Judge reads through all that is presented, and though she would love to hang him for the guilt alone, and the spectacle, she finds that his papers are in fact in order and that his story marries up. Folding up the papers once more, she hands it to the bailiff and then declares. “By the order of this courts, I hereby find you not guilty on all charges, and while I would love more than anything to see a hanging today, it shan’t be you. This court is adjourned, bailiff, remove the shackles. Mister Foster, you are free to go. –she then bangs the gavel and lets off a tremendous and noxious fart.<3>

FireStar32005: Taking in a slow breath she steps closer. “My husband…” she thinks of her wording before speaking. “Is a fine man. He is brave and a importer of legal goods. He has no dealing with pirates or piracy, and is a token of bravery and prestige.” she says gently. “He is a great… asset to this port, without him pirates would be running through the port, gambling and making trade difficult.” waiting a moment, she blinks, hearing the judges words. She should have spoken up sooner. Smiling some she looks up at the judge. “You’re honour you are a true beacon of justice in this court…” FireStar32005: **she smiles more turning to Edward her face pale from the strain it took her to find the words of Queen’s English**

CharlotteCarrendar:- “Yes yes…I am sure he is fine and all that blathered cockermaney cahoot canerversnips. I need a drink.”- She then rises and trots off to the pub. <3>

ZymoticFury: His heart was in his throat as his papers were given to the judge, he watched the judge like a hawk as her eyes scanned the documents. His ears twitched as he heard a voice speak up, realising who it was before his eyes had managed to flick over to her. It was strange hearing her speak ‘properly’. He smiled in her general direction and his head snapped back to the judge. Her lips seemed to thin and a frown was evident on her face, he knew she wanted to send him to the gallows to meet ketch. Her voice was hard to describe but it seemed to come out in slow motion as he was found not guilty. His heart hadn’t thudded harder than it did that day. He looked at his wife and he grinned beatifically as his Irons were undone and he was set free. The bailiff escorted him the back way out of the courts and he was given a spare crutch. He hobbled to the main entrance, waiting for the woman who had saved his life.

FireStar32005: As she was escorted out of the courthouse she offers a playful smile to the guard. One of them stopped her at the main entrance whispering in her ear. “You ain’t a wife… harlot..” he growled in her ear. “You can play off the housewife look… but any man can see you’re nothin but a swindling little whore…” he didn’t turn to see Edward Foster outside the main entrance. She did not move her head to look at the guard, but her eyes widened just slightly at his words, her face growing pale. “If ye want to keep your lyin’ tongue you better meet me tonight, or I’ll be throwin’ you in the stocks myself.” He left breathing in the scent of her clean hair then walked into the courthouse. She smirked some at his final words, but her face remained pale slowing stepping outside she grips her shawl close to her, a smile spreading across her rouge lips seeing her “husband” waiting for her. Rushing over to him she smiles brightly. “You lucked out, Love…” she whispers, offering her arm to help him, and tucking the documents that had been returned to her away in her shawl-

ZymoticFury: He saw her coming and hobbled toward her on the crutches. The guard hadn’t spotted him at all but Edward heard every word. Conveniently the guard was now directly in front of Edward with his back to him. With a smile Edward leant forward, being a good six inches taller than the short, squat guard. “And you, sir, if ye be wantin’ to keep yer pathetic excuse for a life, I suggest you keep yer lips together, D’yer hear?” The guard literally jumped in terror as he didn’t expect anybody to be waiting for her. Edward growled at him despite the fact, he was trying hard not to laugh. He smiled as he hobbled down the steps, her by his side. “Lucked out? It was all skill I tell ye! I wasn’t worried for a second.” It was all lies and false bravado but he had to regain some of his ego back, he was a captain after all. His face fell as he looked out over the crystalline waters before him at the bottom of the hill. “I… I be needin’ to tell ye something Liz…” He didn’t look at her directly as he spoke. “I’ll be leaving port tonight, I was supposed to be doing it the night we shared together but I was… delayed and I won’t be back in Port Royale for… at least a year if not two…” He sighed. “I guess what I’m trying to say I won’t be seeing you for a while… unless o’ course ye be interested in coming with—no that be stupid, o’ course you wouldn’t…” He was fumbling with his words now as redness crept into his cheeks which had nothing at all to do with the fever.

FireStar32005: She giggled seeing the guard almost wet himself, but did not pay further attention as her saviour as she liked to call him hobbled beside her. Hearing his gusto she smiles sweetly tenderly wrapping her shawl around her more as she moves close to him. “Aye ye weren’t worried at all…” she says her voice sweet and coy. Seeing the change in his face however she tilted her head. “What is it Edward?” she whispers his name after he spoke, her body trembling a bit from the sound of his voice speaking her name. She listened to him about leaving and felt her heart sink a bit. A year or two, gone? Hearing him stutter about her going with him however her heart leaped for joy, and tightened. “Ye want me to go with ye?” she gasps in shock. Seeing the red creeping into his cheeks she asks him again. “Do ye mean it Edward?” she asks standing in front of him. Hardly able to contain her joy she smiles brightly her hands shaking with excitement as her heart tightened. She had been dreaming of the day she could leave this stinking cess pool. Even when she had left for a few days she was barely away from the port. She wanted to see new sights. She wanted adventure, and who better to be with than him? “Aye!” she gasps. “I’ll go with ye!”