Role play : Group : The Carrendar Chronicles

Trek to the Summit

” Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

Writer: CharlotteCarrendar

The words of Fung Le, were powerful, powerful enough to stir within the mighty Zhu. Captured by the lines of the fallen gnolls, she had struggled violent for her spear like legs to be freed from captivity. The frozen blast, the sphere of ice that had engulfed the gnolls, had also had an effect upon the lines, and caused them to become brittle against her black armoured legs. One leg at a time, she slammed each into the cave floor, the lines breaking, snapping and flicking back into the rock walls of the tunnels. Shadow Wolf, had made it back from the entrance of the Kingdom of Gnolls, and argued with Fung Le, over the protection that the Dragon Master should have kept in place, and never allowed her to be captured by the Gnoll King in the first place. (Li Xiaoyao)”You were supposed to protect her…and lead her to the Temple…..YOU PROMISED!”- He snarled, barking in between the bursts of human words. “Now you send armoured felines to save her? Have you lost your mind, old Dragon?” Hearing this outburst, the powerful Bebilith finally rose up to full height, and then reared up; more of the lines breaking, till she slammed down again, showing the anger of the enraged Bebilith. But there came a second powerful explosion, deeper within the tunnels, that rocked the very mountain range itself to its core. The wurms, were on the move. And there was a reason for their movement; Valyn.

Earlier in the attack of the Gnolls, one had thrown vial of green goo upon him, the glass breaking and the substance spreading over his wings and lower body. Was it the Zombie goo, that turned the earlier Gnolls into the face eating parasites?? Far from it. It was Wurm Pheromones. The sexually attracting scent, to lure the wurms for mating. The constant shudder, the earthquake like trembling of the rapid movement of the rock eating wurms, meant one thing. To stand still at this point meant to be overrun by the colossal wurms. Zhu’s entire body shook, as she roared loudly in protest, cracks appearing in the cave wall above, and the sides of the tunnels, were also showing signs that they were going to be breached very soon. The chilled and partly frozen Gnolls bodies, crunched and spewed blood, as Zhu trampled them beneath her massive spear legs, one even became stuck, her leg having gone straight through, and she raised her leg, trying to shake the disgusting creature off her. Flicking it away, it whipped past the head of Valyn, who at this point was bashing away left and right with the pair of maces he wielded, to finish off the last of the Gnoll horde. Zhu’s head spun around, with her mandibles opening wide, sickly green toxin dripping from the tips as she roared again, seeing Valyn’s body morphing into another form. He became cat like, his weapons becoming spikes and taloned gauntlets, changing; altering into a faster and more agile creature, than the lumbering half ogre, half dragon form. Valyn’s plan; if he was covered in the pheromones, he was going to lead the Wurms right back into the palatial den of the Gnoll King himself, for a surprise party that no one would ever forget.

Without sound, or farewell, he turned and ran down the opposite path, leaving Fung Le, Shadow Wolf and Charlotte behind, to end what gnolls remained. Within the many catacomb like tunnels of the Mountains, it was almost like you could hear the vibrations coming from a different direction. It was no longer coming for the site which they all stood, it was chasing Valyn. The Shadow Dragon, had become the hare in a race to the centre of the mountain. The wurms now gave chase, and this was the opportunity that the others needed.

In another tunnel, the officer Katerina and Atriz the white cat, were trying to flee the clutches of the Gnoll King, who had kept them imprisoned within the rock cell of his palace. The hole created by the passing Wurm, not only frightened the Gnoll King away for now, it had allowed Katerina and Atriz to make a bold escape. Running down a freshly made Wurm tunnel, carved out just moments before, the wily cat was sprinting, as fast as her furry legs could carry her. Her destination; to catch up with her Master, Fung Le. Katerina appeared to have renewed energy, after the weeks in captivity at the hands of the Gnoll King. The Brave woman with one eye, ran on behind Atriz, where up ahead, they could hear the baying of the Shadow wolf, which was recognised by Atriz, and the mighty roar of the Spider beast, known as Zhu.

The Gnolls had been defeated in the wurm tunnels, but not in the Gnoll palace itself. But with the distance between the icy battle ground, and the centre of the Gnoll King’s court considerable, choices need to be made, on whether to punish the Gnoll King for his folly. Fung Le twirled his staff, then slammed it into the ground, to gain Zhu’s attention, as she was clearly still caught up in her rage. The tremor of the staff strike, caused her to spin her head around and roar angrily, her head not far from that of the much smaller Fung Le, who got a face full of green sludge spittle. Taking out a cloth, he wiped his face clean and then said.

“Ahh…her bark is worse than her bite.” Stuffing the sodden cloth in his pocket, he stared up at the colossal spider demon and raised his hand up to her, not in a threatening manner, but to try and calm her, in the effort to get her to morph back into the humanoid form. Zhu wanted very much to break his staff in half, for striking her repeatedly, to get her so enraged, that she would morph in the first place. Zhu turned to look for Valyn, and he had gone, leading off the wurms, in an effort to save the others from being crushed under their girth. Seeing this now, had an effect on the massive Bebilith, who knew in her heart, that Valyn could not outrun the Wurms forever. His selfless sacrifice, in the face of all, showed true character, and strength of spirit. Flashes of memory, from her earliest days, to that of being a young woman in the final hours of the End of Lacardis, had her slow her movements, and this was witnessed by Fung Le, who had now placed his staff upon his back securely. “That is right, Zhu….you calm now. Master Valyn has shown great courage. He rose again….He may fall….but his strength is his resolve. Now…it is your turn. While we have the chance.” – He moved in towards her, closer to the massive pinchers, that stayed wide apart, still threatening to be able to pierce his skull, and send his brain matter flying. Fung Le reached up to touch her armoured shell, and said. “Charlotte… is time. It is time…to finish the Trek, to right the wrong… save the balance.”

Within the many eyes of the Bebilith, you could see a change occurring, as her mandibles slowly started to close, her massive thorax lowering, and then she shuddered violently, as if going into a spasm. A terrible human scream came forth from the mouth of the enormous Arachnid, as her body became engulfed in the black mist like smoke. The demon was being taken back deep inside, the legs shrinking, as the gut wrenching cries grew louder. Fung Le stepped back slowly, and held up his arms.

“To a willing heart…..all things are possible”

As the bone crunching sounds continued, and the Arachnid sank deep into the black cloud, the cries became few and then stopped, till the mist evaporated and left in its place, a naked woman, whose raven coloured locks spilled out around the ground where she lay. Quickly gathering her backpack, that had a change of clothes; Fung Le stepped over and gently stroked her back, trying to get her to stir. “Get up…we need to get moving.” The Shadow wolf padded over and sniffed at Charlotte’s head, curious about this woman, who had just shifted forms from the massive Spider demon, to something far more human like. Charlotte stirred and groaned, reaching up to touch her head. The pain to morph back was alway excruitiating. The worst part, was that her clothes would never be able to be worn again. Feeling the wolf’s breath upon her, and the stroking of Fung Le’s fingers on her back, had her get up quickly. Gasping, as she was totally nude, she snatched her back pack, and tried to cover herself, though failing. “Can you both, turn around for a moment?” Fung Le rose up chuckling softly, and gave the Shadow wolf a nudge. “Turn around.” Both would do as asked, while Charlotte tore clothes out of her back pack, and hastily got dressed in the midst of the dead bodies of many a Gnoll. Fung Le whistled a tune, while the Shadow wolf chuckled, as Charlotte grunted and carried on, trying to dress fast. When done, she placed her back pack back on, and then she stopped for a moment, and said, “Can you hear that….someone’s coming.” Someone was…but who?<3>!BdvnGRg!mk~$(KGrHqMH-CcErfFMM1t5BK6P!q0FP!~~_3.JPG